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If you call yourself a feminist, and then bash straight girls, then, I’m sorry, but you aren’t a feminist. If you put down a group of girls for a trait that they can’t control (being white, straight, cis, etc.) then YOU are part of the problem. Feminism is supposed to be about empowering women and girls, not tearing them down, right? (The same goes for straight, white, and cis girls tearing down lesbian/bi/ace girls, trans girls, and black, Asian, Hispanic, etc. girls but this post is in response to the discourse that was happening)

well this is my first follow forever on here and man i’m not big on doing these kind of things because there are SO many people who have made my experience on here just absolutely amazing. if you don’t see yourself on this list, it’s either because i’m a moron and forgot, or our interactions have just been seldom. YOU ARE STILL AWESOME BECAUSE YOU’RE FOLLOWING ME. please don’t ever think otherwise. this is for a pretttttttty awesome milestone but i’m not really about that number life so i’m gonna leave it off of here. 


@halysborn i mean lmfao i might as well just make a separate post for you. you’re the br to my uh. the du to my de. the caps to my lock. FOR REAL. who are you ? why do you even exist ? to cause me pain in 20k different universes of sladewing. that’s why. ANYWAY I BASICALLY HATE YOU AND THIS IS A CALLOUT POST IN DISGUISE BECAUSE JESUS YOU ARE SUCH AN AMAZING WRITER NOT ONLY DO YOU WRITE DICK WELL BUT THE WAY YOU TALK ABOUT SLADE IN YOUR WRITING IS JUST SO ADMIRABLE AND YOU PUT EFFORT INTO EVERYTHING YOU WRITE ANYBODY AND JUST GOD DAMN YOU ARE IMPORTANT BRUH. YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT. YOU ARE THE TIPPY TOP OF THIS FOR A REASON. 

@fuckheroics lulu i fucking love you. seriously you and @lazaruswalked were almost the downfall of my ‘serious slade wilson blog’. i still have those crack posts saved from back in the day when that was my whole blog. salads and salsa. but for reals thank you for inviting me to your ‘squad’ and introducing me to a bunch of cool peeps on here.

@optimisticrobin & @arkhamtoknight really my first serious threads on here. you both were such team players while i was still struggling to find a foundation for slade and you both are so awesome about your characters and ideas and i could gush about you guys forever. you both don’t hang around too much anymore but i think about you guys ALL THE TIME.

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            it’s that time again !

            please feel free to   smack that like button   if you are down to plotting out a type of relationship you’d like to have between   QROW BRANWEN   and your muse ? it’s all game too, whether you’d like   to develop a ship together, a family bond, friendship, maybe have them as enemies…   i’m for it ! if we’ve interacted, even if we haven’t ( yet ;] ) feel free to like this post and hit me up and i got you mates ! <3   i’ll be approaching people slowly   about this in a couple days, so i’ll be reblogging this a few times too ! ewe 

beejohnlocked: The whole point was that he didn’t love her romantically and that’s why he was used to say these words to her that he didn’t mean. Of course Sherlock loves Molly, but he doesn’t love her in that way and they both know it and that was the entire point of this game was to make him say something he didn’t mean in order to hurt her

I think he indeed loves her romantically. The show thinks he indeed loves her romantically. The fact that he went mad thinking he had been robbed of his choice to admit or not admit his feelings, and had destroyed Molly’s in order to save her (only to find out he had hurt both for “nothing”), while he barely flinched with all the shit he went through the episode, says indeed that he loves her romantically.

But I am sorry for your loss.


I have just been gif(t)ed with this masterpiece:

created by the wonderful @ptsdven (please don’t ever use without crediting the artist!!) and meant to mirror this:

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“I mean, say what you want about the tenets of Hollowification, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.”  

“That hat really tied the outfit together.”

“The Visored are not the issue here… also dude, Hollowified Shinigami, please “

“No, you’re not wrong Aizen, you’re just an asshole.“


^^last one is a bit meta, sorry


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