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I’m totally gonna read it soon !!

My Sweetest Downfall by @icanhazzalou : Louis is a retired guardian angel. After the death of his last charge, he became jaded. Humans die—what use is prolonging the inevitable?He’s more than happy to forget about humanity altogether until one day, when Louis is pulled from his desk job for a new assignment: protect One Direction’s Harry Styles. It doesn’t help that there’s something about Harry that Louis can’t resist, and it’s making him question everything he’s ever known. Humans are strictly off limits, and breaking that rule means risking everything, but Harry just might be worth it. This is a story about forgiveness and discovery, featuring an angel who wants to be a little more human and a human who is so much more than he seems. (42k)

(also a fic named from a Regina Spektor song has already my vote tbh)

They didn’t burst through his skin or clothing. Instead, they seemed to unfold out of thin air, sprouting from Louis’ shoulder blades and unfurling like a flower in bloom. The ends were long enough to drag the ground at their full height. Louis rolled his shoulders, the weight of them grounding after going so long without letting them breathe, and he held them out to the sides so Harry could get a better look at them. “What do you think?” he asked meekly, spreading his hands in front of him. He felt as if he was offering himself up, somehow. Like Harry was some ancient god, and Louis was the best sacrifice mere mortals could come up with.

But Harry looked at him with shiny eyes and a slack jaw, wonder etched into every feature. “They’re beautiful.”

My Sweetest Downfall, by kiwikero

Author of ‘Til I Tasted You, Naked & Proud, Paint The Sky With Stars, and more! 

Coming April 26th to AO3 as part of the Big Bang Round 5.