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Awesome tysm! (I'm a shit writer or I'd do it myself.) The premise is as you go through life you develop a "crack" on your body, like a piece of you has broken off and only your soulmate can fix it with their broken piece. The broken off pieces and the "cracks" can change more as life goes on so your soulmate may change too, or change along with you. Other people may almost be able to fix you but only your soulmate can completely close the "crack." (gd it sounds overly sexual but it's not)

Tyler knew the day would come someday. He at least hoped it would. the day he would finally meet his soulmate.

Tyler had a huge crack running down his face and neck. It looked like he was an old vase that was ancient and chipping. It was normal though but when he felt worse and worse the crack got bigger. Sometimes he thought that maybe his soulmate felt sad too.. He just had a feeling deep inside that this crack was getting twice as big because he would never see his soulmate.

It made him feel so bad and he just wants to hold his soulmate in his arms and feel the crack go away. Hopefully all the pain and sadness with it. All the heartbreak.. Those few times he thought he found that someone.. He felt at top of the world but then one day when he was with his ‘soulmate’ he noticed the crack that had started forming on his neck and now overgrew his face.

He knew he hadn’t found the one and he ended it. The feeling in his heart was an ache.

Craig was in the same boat. Craig had a crack running across his chest and shoulder. It got worse almost every second and it just caused a bigger deeper ache in his heart as he looks at his hands. He sometimes thought he could see his skin just chipping away like old paint. Like he was slowly turning to dust. But then he saw that it wasn’t happening that way.

Craig just wanted. To be happy. The sadder he got though, he felt like the more he hurt that person he so badly wanted to meet.

One day..

Tyler was walking down a sidewalk. His face up high. He knew people could see the crack. People believed that if the crack got bad enough.. Spread to far.. You just crumbled. People stared. He saw so many perfect un-cracked people that had someone close to their side. It made his heart race and hurt.

People whispered and he caught a few of the words, “Its almost his time..” “sad.. he hasn’t found his soulmate.” “I saw someone else that looked like they were falling apart a little bit ago too.”

Tyler stopped after hearing that. Who was broken.. So much.. That they were almost falling apart?

Then their eyes met.. It felt like the world just drained away and blurred.. They slowly walked closer to one another. Tyler felt himself shake more the closer he got. It didn’t feel right. He wished for this day for so long. Then here it was.

The person had nice blue hair, and wow.. Those eyes.. They looked like an idiot if he was being honest but.. He felt his heart stop when he saw them smile at him.

“Y.. You’re my soulmate huh?” Tyler spoke first and Craig laughed.

“Y.. Your face..” Craig said weakly and then his hand rested on Tyler’s face. Tyler felt like a sigh of relief exit his body.

When they touched. He felt the crack fade away. Almost a nice warm hug surrounded him and he drowned into it. He let his arms wrap around Craig and they just stayed like that for awhile. 

It was like their bodies were telling each other. All the good stuff they needed to hear. Then Tyler pulls away and he rest his forehead against Craig’s. Their hot breaths combined and he felt his crack go away and he.. Felt complete. 

“Y.. You’re really here.” Craig said and Tyler laughs at that. “Of fucking course I am.” Craig laughed at Tyler’s cockiness. Then Tyler smashes his lips against Craig’s. Craig stumbles slightly but he kisses back. Tyler’s nose slightly rested on Craig’s cheek. His hands getting lost in that hair. He had to bend down just to meet him. Their bodies were so close and yet they didn’t feel close enough. 

They pull away. Breathing heavily. “I’m Craig.” 

“The names Tyler.” 

Craig smiles at that. 

“I can’t believe my soulmate is so fucking hot.” Tyler said and Craig laughs at that. “I can’t believe mine is Bigfoot.”

“Take that back pussy”


I know I’m a couple of days late (Irma knocked out my Internet!), but I really wanted to post a doodle celebrating the 15th anniversary of the first Kingdom Hearts game’s release in the US.

Celebrating 15 years of my favorite sunshine dorkupine in his many forms! 

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