they are moon and stars

ido100  asked:

I know that in your au, Moon passed away, but still, can you draw cressie talking to Moon? And hugging her?

Moon doesn’t have to be alive to meet Cressida.

And while Grandma pays a visit, she wants to know how her daughter is doing.

and please don’t ask me how it’s possible or why or anything else, i just want to see a ‘what if’ scenario.

Moon in Gemini 🌬️

The Moon has arrived in Gemini’s kingdom. Things are very different here from what they’re like at home, in Cancer, aren’t they? Here, the Moon takes Gemini’s crown, borrowing it from Mercury to reign over his realm, symbolizing the challenging union of mental and emotional planes.

Here, watery emotions pass swiftly, like clouds being carried all around in a mental storm; emotions are deeply connected to this individual’s thought processes and can be easily identified by the way they talk or communicate. Gemini’s mutable realm is filled with flexible dualities, and so one’s emotions dress themselves with these versatile and adaptable characteristics. One’s emotions vary greatly, changing rapidly in the course of hours, and tend to govern one’s will. Thus, this is someone who probably has a wide set of interests and is able (and willing) to do many things at a time, going from here to there in the blink of an eye and completing innumerable tasks along their way. This is probably a reflection of what was taught at infancy; as a child, the Gemini Moon probably saw their parents or guardians as witty and dexterous people who were able to be involved in many kinds of projects at once and that stimulated rational thought.

Gemini’s realm is one dedicated to collecting many tiny pieces of knowledge through study and curious talks, so these can be important habits for a Gemini Moon individual. When the Moon is in Gemini, there’s a need for questioning the origin of all things and discovering how everything came to be. There could be also a very strong urge to search for information in history, past events and in conditions of the family. Logical and rational processes are also tied to the Moon, and so the individual may feel that their sense of logic depends on emotional information or that their emotions need to make some kind of sense to be valid.

Here, a talkative Moon loves receiving friends and relatives in her home, a place where she can extract all kinds of information from their acquaintances. Communicating is absolutely essential for one’s emotional well-being through talking, writing, blogging etc. Those with a Gemini Moon can easily interact with all kinds of people and they are also able to easily identify the emotional states of others and, from that, change other people’s perception of themselves.

Witty and intelligent by nature, the Gemini Moon individual is challenged with the quest to find balance between reason and feeling. Like a raging storm, their mind brightens violently with emotional lightning bolts, illuminating the night and revealing hidden secrets of the mental realm.