they are missing choi junhong though!


#HAPPYBIRTHDAE (Feat. Youngjae + Himchan)

Happy Birthday to the sweet loveable “Swag Hiphop Chicken” Daehyun~~ xD Even with the lawsuit, Daehyun never fails to put a smile in BABYz face with his updates and selcas and voice and even having a stream on his birthday!!! Daehyun, you’re da real true BABY here ;w;

I feel like though Daehyun isn’t my bias, he secretly holds a special spot in my heart (I mean, I draw him in almost every of my comics without me even realising tbh…) but who can’t love this cutiepie right?

Anyways, I included Youngjae and Himchan mainly because I miss drawing other members so…yeah keke~ xP

I hope you guys like it~ and Happy BirthDAE to you Daehyun~ :)