they are married yes

One More Confession

I promised @numinoceur soft kisses BECAUSE BAE IS TOO GOOD TO ME and keeps drawing me the happiest, softest Promptis. This wasn’t what I set out to write, initially, but the idea stuck and here we go. I… actually probably like this enough to post on AO3. (also: everyone lives canon divergence is always nice)


Noctis knows, as the damn crown prince of Lucis, he has to be careful.

His dad does his best to keep him shielded from the public eye. Most of the newspapers are under the influence of the crown, to keep them from reporting on him. The seedier tabloids are afraid of the wrath of King Regis—or, rather, they appreciate the money that’s tossed their way. A little bribery pays off, and as such, Noct’s happy enough to live a relatively low-key life, for a prince.

Of course, as much as he tries to keep the image up, he’s got a best friend who sorely tests Noct’s self-control. It’d been okay, at first, when their transgressions had involved skipping class occasionally, or spending way too much money at the arcade. But then Noctis had realized just how much he liked looking at his best friend. Weird dreams had followed, and they’d caught each other staring, had exchanged flustered, flushed looks, and then one day Prompto had gotten brave—

Now, instead of cutting class, they’re spending stolen moments in the back of the schoolyard during lunch breaks, sharing bites of the lunches Ignis packs them, stealing kisses when nobody’s looking. And nobody ever is looking. Noct’s pretty sure there’s rumours about them, but as long as they’re simply that, rumours, he can live with it.

It’s not Noct’s fault, really. Prompto’s just so kissable. They’ve kept this secret for a while now. It has to be a secret. Noct’s the crown prince, and even though the whole political marriage thing is only necessary in times of war – and Lucis and the Empire have been at peace for some time now, miraculously – Noctis hasn’t even started to think about how to tell his dad, hey, I’m kissing a boy.

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Luciano still very much on the job of keeping on eye on his wife Thania’s great-grandchildren.  Yes, they are married now and I’ve been considering having Thania turn him so they can have a vampire baby!  I mean, she’s paid for what she’s done and she’s worked so hard to get her family back.  She kind of deserves to have a child that she can watch grow up….

Well, hello there Sylas!  I see you walking past Shauna’s house…  He’s pushing so hard for this, isn’t he?  He wants to make sure their Sim Goddess doesn’t forget that he and Shauna have already chosen each other.


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This was a two part request because I HAVE to do the SDR2 boys too :D Again, this is a fem S/O :D

SDR2 Boys seeing Fem S/O in Wedding Dress for fun

Hajime Hinata

  • Can we just say the poor thing didn’t realize what was happening when you sent him a picture of you in a wedding dress
  • With the message ‘Guess whose getting married?’
  • Panicked phone call
  • ‘S/O, when did you get engaged?’
  • Last time he checked, you were dating and everything was fine
  • You apologize and tell him that your mom had gotten her wedding dress out and was letting you try it on
  • You reassured him you were joking
  • But in a dead serious tone you hear
  • ‘Keep the dress on, I am on my way over”
  • Hangs up
  • He is at your house in record time and immediately is like a love sick fool
  • He compliments you and tells you that he wants to ask you to marry him someday soon and that he prays you will say yes to him
  • Precious thing
  • you feel so bad for making him worry

Byakuya Twogami (Impostor) 

  • He was so grateful to you for dating him as long as you had
  • And he never really knew how to react when you would do unexpected things
  • And one day you told him you wanted to dress up with him
  • It was something he was totally fine with and let you look through his assorted items and disguses
  • You found a wedding dress tucked away in the waaaay back of the closet though
  •  And you pulled it out and told him you wanted to try it
  • It was stretched and kinda worn though
  • But you wouldn’t sweat it too much
  • And as soon as you had tried it on, you noticed how huge it really was on you
  • And you stepped out in it with your bra and part of you tummy kinda showing
  • He was already flustered, but told you with a stutter that he was going to help you out with fixing it
  • And shaking hands helped you pin the dress into place properly
  • how magical he didn’t stick you with a pin during it
  • And after he stepped back to admire you…
  • Really really thinking about how he wanted to propose to you as he fully compliments everything about you that he loves…
  • except the dress right now

Kazuichi Souda

  • You weren’t really one for thrift shopping
  • Rarely did you ever do it
  • But you were learning to love it when he would come with you
  • And in the back of the store were a lot of dresses
  • New to old including wedding dresses
  • You told him you wanted to try one on for the fun of it
  • His heart was pounding
  • “How can I even handle that, S/O?”
  • And you grabbed the dress and headed to the dressing room
  • oh no oh no oh no
  • he didn’t even know if he would be able to contain himself anymore if you-
  • Out you stepped, swaying so the puffy skirt would twirl with it
  • kazuichi.exe needs to shut down
  • He is dazed, but almost immediately tells you that you are gorgeous 
  • and that he wants you to buy the dress so he can see you wear it again because of how perfect it is
  • No Souda
  • Let’s buy a brand new one that is even more perfect for our wedding
  • and now we blue screen of death

Nagito Komaeda

  • You would ever consider marrying him?
  • He laughed like a kid at the thought, not convinced
  • You demanded he come with you to go to a dress shop so you could show him that you wanted him to see you in dress that he would love
  • self depreciation the whole way to the shop
  • When you enter, a lovely shopkeeper helps you guys pick out some very pretty white dresses
  • He isn’t picky, saying that he wouldn’t want to soil how beautiful you truly are with the kind of person he is
  • Your eyes roll and disappear into the dressing room
  • Once in a beautiful curve hugging dress with a trail about 5 feet long
  • The shopkeeper announces how gorgeous you look
  • Nagito is immediately perked up at the curiousity
  • You stride towards him, the lady helping neaten the back of your dress before him
  • You were a queen above him
  • He kisses your hand and all the way up your arm
  • ‘What a beauty…and the dress looks nice too.”
  • Melting
  • ‘Are you sure you want to marry a fool like me?’
  • The shopkeeper answers for you pretty damn quickly
  • no one goes into a dress shop with a man and doesnt plan to marry them

Gundham Tanaka

  • He had been considering you to be his Lady of the Shadows for a while
  • You knew that you loved the thought of being his ‘queen’
  • You had actually had a prom dress in a lovely night sky black for a while
  • And you prepared to put together a little getup for him to see
  • You went to the store for a few supplies
  • a cheat veil, paint, and fake black roses
  • Creating the perfect dress for an evil Lord
  • And you invited him to come to your place for dinner and a movie
  • But you told him you had a surprise
  • And BOY did you give him one
  • He was utterly unable to speak
  • his scarf was up to the top of his hair
  • He didn’t know how to react
  • And when you held his hands and pulled the scarf from his face and kissed him
  • he finally hit earth again and cleared his throat
  • ‘For a future courtship ceremony…I would prefer you wear a white…and…”
  • He can’t seem to find the proper words to express anything
  • But all you know is that Overlord of Ice still wants a white wedding
  • thank goodness

Nekomaru Nidai

  • Ever excited for his cousin’s wedding, he is trying on tuxedos and suits for the ceremony
  • He looks so handsome and amazingly good in a suit
  • And you decide that you want to go shopping a bit yourself
  • Finding your way to a boutique that sells formal “after ceremony” dresses for brides
  • You want to maybe be a little less dressed up and show him one
  • Texting him the dress on the rack, he sends you a text saying that he is about to leave the shop and to try it on for when he gets there
  • No way to deny you want him to see you
  • You are finished by the time he enters the store
  • you can hear him come in asking for you in his excited voice
  • And when you step out of the room
  • He thinks it would be a perfect dress for you to wear after your wedding while he dances the night away with you
  • wait
  • Our wedding?
  • Tells you that he needs to see you in a REAL dress that day
  • He will carry you if needed
  • bridal-style

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

  • Wedding a yakuza is a dangerous choice
  • He would tell you that all the time
  • Through your relationship you knew that he was scared at the thought of marrying you
  • Especially the way his parents were
  • But you wanted to change his mind
  • Your stepsister was married over a year and you asked her for help
  • She had shown up to your mom’s house with her dress in hand and was totally willing to get you put into it
  • no idea you were going to show a yakuza
  • but those are details they don’t need
  • Loads of pictures are sent to him at all different angles and poses
  • He texts you back immediately that he is so afraid that you want to marry him that bad
  • But you tell him that no matter what, his parents life isn’t going to make you love him less
  • He makes sure to meet up with you that night and make your plans for the future
  • Holding your hand and telling you that he loves you more than words can say
  • and maybe marrying you would be the best thing he could do

Teruteru Hanamura

  • The boy has been saying he wanted to marry you from the start
  • Totally adamant in this
  • No answer could change his mind
  • And you wanted to give him what he asked for
  • He decided to cook you a lovely meal one night
  • but your intentions were not to just eat the meal and not shock him
  • You told him you needed to change into something more comfortable
  • but you are wearing a hoodie and sweats S/O
  • OH
  • But he didn’t think you would be coming out of the bedroom wearing your mother’s wedding dress
  • It was utterly beautiful and modern since she had just gotten remarried
  • the spoon is dropped and the face he makes…
  • “My my..S/O…I didn’t realize just how you could make yourself even more delightful’
  • He wraps his arms around your waste and gives you the eyes of a love-lost teenager
  • Does this mean you have to elope now?
  • the answer is yes

anonymous asked:

hi, i know this might sound weird and out of place but i've been following your blog for a few months now and i wanted to ask you if you think that harry styles and louis tomlinson are engaged? i mean like engaged to get married... or do you think they aren't at that stage yet?

Yes, I think they have plans to marry and are “at that stage” after 7 years together (and were a long, long time ago) :)

The Avesnes Aristocracy - 102

Once back home from France, Celeste immediately found Justine to tell her the amazing news. “Mom, guess what! Herbert proposed to me in France and I said yes! We’re going to get married!”
Justine was incredibly happy with the news. “Oh my, that’s amazing my sweet Celeste! I always knew you two were the perfect couple! I’m so happy for you!” she replied, her eyes shining brightly like emeralds as she looked proudly at her wonderful daughter. Celeste had never disappointed her even once, and now she was going to put her successful life in stone. Justine felt tears welling up behind her eyes. Her sweet daughter was fulfilling her dream (Justine’s dream that is, though of course also her own!).

As promised, the wedding took place that very same day on the day Justine turned 90 simdays old. No one wanted to take the risk that she’d miss it, so a party was quickly arranged at the new wedding venue in town (the one where Ferdinand got rejected…). Even though the wedding was at a very short notice, a whole bunch of people managed to come! It was so crowded that everyone of course forgot to sit down and the entire wedding was one big mess of sims getting in each other’s way.
All of this didn’t matter at all to either Herbert or Celeste though. The two of them had their heads in the clouds while they gave each other their vows and solidified their marriage with the exchange of the rings. Both of them were gorgeous in their wedding outfits, though of course Celeste was absolutely mesmerizing in her wedding dress. All the girls were extremely jealous of her beauty that day. Though, plenty of girls were already jealous of her beauty every day…
Herbert ended the ceremony quite passionately by throwing Celeste into a surprise dip kiss, with loud applause and cheers from the crowd. It was finally official, they were married!

nixonnoel  asked:

Mark asking you to marry him :))

~ he doesn’t know what ring to get you so he asks Nixon, Toni, Candice and the guys for help
~ he knows he wants the ring to have your birthstone in it
~ he proposes to you by bringing you on stage on one of his gigs and telling you that you mean the world to him and he wants to give you the world by marrying you
~ you say yes
~ crowd cheers, his band mates cheer but your focus is on your fiancée who has you in his arms swinging you around
~ it’s such a busy week planning the wedding
~ the girls help you
~ you get your dress and it fits perfectly
~ you pick your favorite colors for the wedding
~ everything is going perfect
~ a week before the wedding, you find out your pregnant
~ it was hard hiding it
~ Trent walks you down the aisle
~ as your saying your vows to Mark, you let him know he’s going to be a father
~ he is shocked along with everyone else
~ he yells on top his lungs and tears steam down his face
~ he kisses you as the priest says “ you may kiss the bride” but his hands are on your stomach
~ the photographer takes this picture
~ this picture become an important moment in your life and in your home
~ as you go in for a check up with mark, you find out your carrying twins

anonymous asked:

MAgnus hands are dirty cause he got on the ground with Alec to say yes to marry him after Alec got down on one knee and proposed.

absolutely seems very reasonable 😌🥂

It’s amazing how a certain fandom refuses to accept that yes Mon-El married another woman and yes he loves her!
Also, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Mon-El will probably go back into the future with the rest of the Legion. They do not have a reason to keep the Legion in the SUPERGIRL show.
And do not forget, Brainic 5, Supergirl’s true love interest in comics will show up as well.
Stop with the theories of “it is a plan between the two to keep Kara away”. You are only going to hurt yourself. Did you not see Mon-El’s concern with Saturn Girl? That my friends is real love. Built without abusiveness and between equals. Over seven years.
Deal with it guys.


Jacob: “Hey Audrey…What a beautiful day it is today.”

Audrey: “Yea it sure is.”

Jacob: “It’s almost as beautiful as you…”

Audrey: “Aww that’s so swe-”

Jacob: **pulls out a proposal ring**

Audrey: “Oh my god.”

Jacob: “Audrey Luv….Will you marry me?”

Audrey: “Yes! Yes! Of course I will!”




(x)(x) An update for the wedding! Congrats Matt & Marisha <3.

Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble  

full offence I’m so tired of YA making girls end up with their childhood crush (who only recently even noticed them) rather than someone who actually suits/compliments their current ! day ! self !