they are married in hearts and that means she is foster

Damen/Laurent Rec List

Because @playingfetchwithdinosaurs was finally seduced into reading this amazing series and then she came to me because she needed more. Also, coincidentally, @notagoodplace4gods finished yesterday CP, but told me only today that she was freaking out over their love and she needed more so here I am giving more to them ;)

💖: my absolutely favorite stories about those Kings

Canon AU

In the Gardens by JustDrinkTea 2,101

“I doubt your disappearance would go unnoticed,” Laurent countered, head tilting slightly. He was teasing. Damen couldn’t get enough of it.

“Is that an excuse to not go?”

“It’s a challenge.”

💖 Sent Away by Josselin [Part 1 of Sent Away] 2,504

A series of vignettes of young Laurent’s life when he is sent to be fostered in the Akielon court.

Courtship by songofthe52hertzwhale 5,425

Damen just wants to court Laurent. Nobody in Vere makes it easy for him, least of all the man he hopes to marry.

💖 Dear Aledosia, by wendlaa 12,368

“Oh,” Laurent finds himself saying. Damianos has excused himself from his conversation, and has begun to make his way through the crowd. Here stand the Princes of Vere, after all. The ethereal Veretian Prince brothers. Laurent lifts his eyes towards the ceiling, arching his brows. “Heavens,” he says, voice tight.

Auguste chuckles. “You have a minute head start.”

Laurent ducks away.

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Maggie’s Drive to Midvale

“Alex breaking down while home and Maggie comes after her” prompt from @lastbestplace and “Eliza calling Maggie to check on her post break up. What if Eliza reveals she also never wanted kids (Jeremiah did) but her perspective changed when she had Alex?  Maggie shows up in Midvale to make things right and get Alex back.” from @crimson-archangel and “how maggie got through her first night without alex (i know. sorry.)” from @freewillandphysics

She’s drunk.

She’s too drunk to drive and she’s almost too drunk to sling words together, let alone put one foot in front of the other.

She’s heard through the grapevine that Kara whisked Alex off to Midvale. 

She would take her bike out there right now if she wasn’t sure she’d crash it. If she wasn’t sure it would be completely disrespectful of Alex’s obvious desire to not be with her. 

Completely disrespectful of Alex’s choice to leave her behind. To abandon her for the sake of something, someone, she doesn’t even have yet, might not even want for years now. 

She orders another round.

Her phone buzzes.

Her heart leaps, because maybe it’s Alex. Maybe it’s Alex, calling to tell her that she loves her, that she’s changed her minds, that we should kiss the girls we wanna kiss and she wants to kiss…

It’s not Alex.

It’s Alex’s mother.

Maggie fumbles to press the magical green button that will bring her a little bit closer to Alex. Alex’s stubbornness, her persistence, her brilliance. Her cold streak, her warmth, all mixed together. 

She fumbles to press it, fast, because god, no, please say nothing’s happened to Alex, that nothing’s wrong, that – 

“Dr. Danvers, is everything alright? Is Alex okay? Kara?”

There’s a slight silence on the other end, and Maggie frowns at her phone, like it’s offended her, like it caused Eliza to butt dial her, like – 

“You’re going to have to say that again, Maggie dear, I’m afraid I couldn’t understand you.”

Maggie puts her finger in her opposite ear like that will help Eliza hear better.


No, that’s not it. She must have been slurring. All that alcohol.


She tries again, repeating herself, slower this time, more intentional.

“Yes, yes, the girls are safe, no one’s hurt. I was… I was actually calling about you, sweetie. I wanted to see if you’re with someone who can take care of you. But you… you sound like you’re alone. With a bottle of the same thing Alex is glued to right now.”

She says that last part more to herself than to Maggie, but Maggie hears, and her heart shreds.

“You didn’t have to call, Dr. Danvers, you… you have your own kids to take care of – “

“Just because you and Alex don’t think you can work it out doesn’t mean you’re no longer a daughter to me, Maggie.”

She nearly starts sobbing at the sentiment, but something in the detective part of her brain slows her emotions. She squints. She tilts her head. She leans into her phone almost desperately.

“Don’t think we can work it out? Why? You… do you think we do?”

She hears Eliza chuckle softly, and she wonders if she said something funny. 

“Just as sharp as Alex always says you are, even brimming with alcohol.” She hears her sigh, and it reaches her ear like a loud gust of wind. She nearly drops her phone, but she hangs onto it like a lifeline.

“Dr. Danvers – “

“You’re the only person who knows what’s best for you, Maggie. And I respect you not wanting children. I respect it quite a lot more than you might expect. And I would never want to try and change your mind.”

“But…” Maggie supplies, not knowing if she’s annoyed, angry, or hopeful for the first time since she and Alex had made love for the last time.

The last time.

She nearly chokes on a sob.

“But,” Eliza sighs. “I didn’t… I didn’t want children. Alex was… well, we didn’t conceive on purpose, but Jeremiah wanted a child so badly, and when… I’ve never loved anyone or anything as powerful as I love the woman you’re drinking over right now. And I’m not… I’m not saying that to guilt you, Maggie, or to… I didn’t even intend to say any of this when I called you, but I… you fit together. Your values align. Your goals.”

“Our goals? She wants… she wants PTA meetings and brownies and… and mom stuff!” Maggie splutters, agonized, and Eliza sighs again, but softer this time.

“That’s not all there is to being a parent. And fostering is… taking in Kara was… no. No, no no no no, I’m sorry, Maggie. I didn’t call to convince you of anything any which way, I genuinely called to see if you need anything, if I can do anything. Where are you? Are you home? You sound like you’re at a bar. Can I call you a cab, please? Will you let me do that for you, Maggie dear?”

She does.

She does let her, because she suddenly feels an urgent need to be home. Well, on her work partner’s couch, anyway.

Because she needs to sleep off this drunken stupor. Sleep it off enough to drive.

Because in the morning, that’s exactly what she does.


Drives her motorcycle miles and miles and miles, coffee staving off a hangover and nerves keeping her alert.

Alex is on the porch with Eliza and Kara when she gets there.

Her eyes are red and swollen, like she only fell asleep come morning. Like she’s been crying. Like she’s been drinking as much as Maggie has.

She rushes her park job and she tugs off her helmet and she notes vaguely that Eliza is smiling and that Kara looks ready to throw her beyond Saturn, but she only has eyes for Alex.

Alex, who’s dropped her mug of coffee.

Alex, whose eyes are flooded with fresh tears.

Alex, whose jaw is nearly on the porch.


The love of her life.

The woman she wants to marry, the woman she wants to be her forever.

The woman whose name burns in her blood and whose laughter courses through her veins.

“I heard everything you said,” she starts, and Alex walks down from the porch, toward her, like she’s in a trance.

And maybe she is.

Maybe they both are.

“I heard everything you said, about how we can’t be together. About you wanting – needing – to be a mom. And I know you heard me. About how it’s not some trauma issue, how I’m not going to change my mind. And if… if this is crossing too many boundaries, if my being here is harming your healing, I’ll go. I’ll disappear, and you will never see me again.”

Both of their eyes burn with the memories of old words, new. Healed wounds, fresh.

“But if you give me just two minutes of your time, I – “

“Two minutes,” Alex interrupts her, her voice cracked, her eyes blazing, her arms crossed over her chest and her lips moist.

“I know how badly you wanna be a mom. And I respect that. I… it’s not what I expected, but I love that about you. That you want to… Alex, I love everything about you. But we didn’t… we got so wrapped up in what we can’t do that we didn’t get wrapped up in what we could do. You being a mom and us being together but the kid being yours, unless… unless maybe getting to know the kid… your kid… would get me feeling otherwise, and we decided… Or fostering. Maybe teenagers, or older kids, maybe that would feel different to me than raising a baby. I know you made your decision, and I respect it, Alex, I respect you, I just… I just wanted to ask one more time, if we could… I don’t wanna give up on us, babe, I – “

But the rest of her words are lost on Alex’s lips, on Alex’s tongue, on Alex’s hands in her hair and Alex’s tears on her cheeks.

“I love you,” Alex is whispering into her mouth, over and over and over and over, and Maggie is whispering the same, over and over and over and over.

Kara hugs Eliza, back on the porch, and when Maggie finally opens her tear-streaked eyes, finally glances past Alex’s face to those of her family – their family – all she sees are smiles that are welcoming her home.

anonymous asked:

hey, i saw that you accept prompts, soooo can you write a fanfic where killian asks emma for a baby after seeing david with neal or something like that? thank you sm (im sorry about the horrible english, it's not my first language).

I’ve done FOUR!!!! training modules today and my brain is turning into mush.

“There, that wasn’t so bad now was it?”

Emma’s ringing ears say otherwise, but she’s not her dad. Maybe this tantrum isn’t as bad as the others, but if it’s not she (thankfully) doesn’t have to be here all the time while Neal’s teething. David leaves Neal to the frozen banana and sits at the table with her. “Why not numb him up with a bit of whiskey?” Killian asks, still perched near Neal’s playpen.

Emma catches the scandalized look on her dad’s face and tries not to laugh as he says, “I’m not giving my child alcohol just because he’s upset!”


“Look, mate, you don’t dose him with it,” Killian explains, all too patiently. “Just dab it on with a finger, he loses the pain and sleeps like a–well, like a baby, you and the wife get some rest, and everyone’s much more cheerful come morning.”

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if i missed you, would you hold it against me

Summary: With Soryu and MC’s passing, it now fell onto Eisuke to be Ryusei’s legal guardian. Why Soryu and MC would think naming Eisuke, of all people, as legal guardian in their will was beyond him.

              You’re the only one we can trust, Soryu had told him. But that didn’t mean Eisuke was ready to be a father.

              Hell, he wasn’t ready for anything that came since that day.

              He wasn’t ready to be a father.

              He wasn’t ready to lose his best friend.

              He wasn’t ready to lose her.

Genre: Angst, Hurt and Comfort

Pairing: One-sided Eisuke/MC, MC/Soryu

a/n: I haven’t written a proper fic in so long lmao. this idea just popped in m head one day, and since then, i couldn’t stop thinking about it lmfao. 

@2bedroom-baddestbidderlove i hope you like it!! @maidofstars @bolt8826 @tsundere-eevee @alolan-lillie @themysticaldaydreamer here’s a fic after so long lol

               Dinner was a solemnly silent affair.

              In the stillness of the dining room, the only sound that could be heard was the clang of Eisuke’s utensils on his plate. Across him sat little Ryusei, who only stared at his untouched food with empty eyes.

              “… You’re not hungry?” Eisuke asked slowly.

              The boy shook his head without looking up from his plate.

              Eisuke sighed in defeat, putting his utensils down. “Do you want to go to bed already?”

Ryusei nodded in assent. Gingerly, the boy pushed back his chair and gave a little bow, leaving Eisuke alone with his thoughts.

              “I suppose it’s not going to be easy, huh?” he said to no one in particular.

              And it won’t ever be easy again. Not with them gone.

              Just three days ago, Eisuke was staring into Soryu’s and MC’s coffins. Both of them looked deceptively peaceful, as if they were only asleep—that anytime, they’d wake up from their long nap and mess around in the penthouse like always.

              But Eisuke knew better.

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#also he was a big bag of dicks #like he was s u c h a dick to his wife #she was his cousin too so fjfjhfuhd #and he got sent to prison in Australia #and she got herself sent too just to be with him #and she got lead poisoning from the water #and died #and her last words were something like i love you and ill always be yours #because she loved him s o much and still after he cheated on her #he was just a huge dick to her #and probably slept with washington just sayin

Hello, @tacticalbrilliance! I noticed your tags and I thought I’d clarify a few things. 

While it’s true that Lafayette did not initially make his marriage or his wife a priority, several factors should be taken into account to understand why. This is not to condone his behavior. I present these facts with the hope that they will shed some light on his motivations, which–in my opinion–were not intentionally harmful.

  • Lafayette and Adrienne’s marriage was not a union of love, but an arrangement. Adrienne fell in love with Lafayette from a distance before their marriage and had no idea that she was secretly engaged to him. Lafayette’s family and the members of the Noailles household found the marriage agreeable for the financial and noble achievement the union would bring. While Adrienne’s mother worked to foster her daughter’s feelings for Lafayette before the wedding, the Marquis’ guardians treated it as a business transaction. 
  • Lafayette was 16 and Adrienne was 14 when they married. Both families saw to the arrangement with very little direct input from Lafayette and without Adrienne’s knowledge entirely. Adding to that fact, Adrienne and Lafayette were not allowed to consummate their marriage for over a year per Adrienne’s mother’s wishes. Eventually, Lafayette broke that rule by sneaking into her room late one night when the two knew her mother would be sleeping. By all accounts, both kiddos were pretty happy when that restriction came to an end.
  • Lafayette saw the world in rose-colored glasses. By that, I mean that he constantly idealized everything in his life and whatever stirred his immediate zeal, he flung himself at headlong. He wasn’t known for his wisdom. Instead, we remember him for his enthusiasm, passion, and optimism. Because of this, when he involved himself with other women, it was by no means at the expense of his wife in his own mind. During his stay in America, he constantly sent Adrienne letters hoping to reaffirm his love for her in the hopes that she might not hate him when he came back to France. He sowed a few wild oats; it’s true. But he did not do it with the intention of hurting Adrienne in any way.
  • Affairs were not only commonplace in France during Lafayette’s day, they were expected. This does not change our modern perception of promiscuity and does not excuse his behavior. It was, however, extremely common for those raised in the circles of nobility and for couples that came out of arranged marriages to have lovers outside of the home. During his stay in America, there is no evidence to suggest that Lafayette ever engaged with anyone sexually or romantically. In France, there are two known women that he pursued rather openly. Adrienne presumably knew about at least one of them without comment. Again, this does not give the Marquis a free pass. It’s simply a fact. As an aside, the concept of marrying for love really came to a head in the Victorian era long after our favorite Frenchman had passed away. Marriage was practical–and love was learned.
  • One of Lafayette’s affairs ended in a possible suicide. Diane de Simiane–considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in France–carried on a love affair with the Marquis de Lafayette after he returned from the American War for Independence. Her husband, Charles-Francois de Simiane, is believed to have been a known homosexual. Despite his personal preferences, he often became jealous of the attention his wife received outside of their marital bed and this included Lafayette’s doting. Charles-Francois died in 1787 due to what was deemed an accidental hunting incident, but wagging tongues pointed to Lafayette’s affair with his wife as a possible cause for suicide instead. Speculation continues to this day. Regardless, Lafayette did not believe his actions caused the man to want to take his own life and would not discuss the matter after. His thoughts aside, his relationship with M’me de Simiane did not continue. 
  • Lafayette grew to love his wife dearly. During the tumultuous time of the French Revolution, Lafayette’s imprisonment in Austria, his exile, and his eventual return to France, the Lafayette family became a tightly knit unit. Adrienne’s sacrificial decision to stay with her husband in what was literally a dungeon strengthened their bond immeasurably. Once they were released, the family and extended family lived together. Lafayette lost his wandering eye. Adrienne wholly claimed his heart. He was away when she fell terminally ill and rushed back home to her immediately. He did not leave her side and was with Adrienne when she passed of lead poisoning on Christmas Eve (her son’s birthday) 1807. His letter to a close friend after her passing is devastating. He speaks of his ‘angelic and incomparable woman’ and goes on for paragraphs about what she meant to him.  “Until this moment you have always found me stronger than the circum- stances of my life: today the circumstances are stronger than I am. I shall never rise above them.”  Her last words to him had been, Je sous toute à vous“ (I am all yours). During his final moments, he kept an image of her in his hands and kissed it before losing consciousness. He was a man who, despite his failings in the past, loved the beloved wife of his youth and she was a devoted woman who loved him since the age of 14 and did anything in her power to protect him, his children, his reputation…everything she could. 
  • And finally, Lafayette did sleep with Washington: they were once found beneath a tree bundled up together under Washington’s cloak, snoozing after the horrendous mess that was the Battle of Monmouth. There was nothing sexual between the Marquis de Lafayette and George Washington, but they did love each other deeply and shared a unique, lasting bond. It was, and remains, one of the most unexpected and heartwarming father/son relationships in American history. Read their letters if you want a real case of the warm and fuzzies. It’s incredibly moving and genuine papa-to-son, son-to-papa stuff.
Come With Me.

Originally posted by mishasaurus

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Daughter!Reader with Sam Winchester and Castiel

Prompt: “Hiya I got a dean x daughter!reader request I hear you’ve been looking for these :) So like maybe Dean doesn’t know he has a daughter but she’s in potential or immediate danger (maybe with one of his former enemies) and Cas knows about her and is like dean she’s destined for great thing you have to save her blah blah blah and maybe she’s a resident surgeon and has goals of creating a hunter hospital so she’ll save lots of lives in the future or something? Thank you so much I appreciate it😘 “

Warnings: Little bit of blood and gore from a bullet injury and some demon killing.

Extra: I changed this up a little bit so it would make a tiny bit more sense. Reader is a college student that is majoring in Human Surgeries and has a small hunter hospital in the basement of her home. Some monsters find out and Castiel tells Dean that he needs to save her. Reader is also 19 years old.

P.S: There may be a part two? I’m not entirely sure yet. But I will write one if you guys are interested!

“What do you mean I have a kid?” Dean said sternly, staring at Castiel. Cas slightly shed back, trying to stand his ground, but failing miserably. Nineteen years ago, Dean Winchester had gone on a single case without his father, John Winchester, by his side. He had one hookup, and thought nothing would happen from it. But, alas, here he is, speaking to his angel pal about how he has a daughter, and she’s about to be in danger. 

“I think it’s pretty clear what he meant, Dean.” Sam said, just as shocked as Dean was. Castiel didn’t exactly break the news calmly-he blurted it out right when he stepped foot through the door of the bunker. 

“But why are you telling us this now?!” Dean yelled, resisting the urge to slam his hand on the table. Castiel let out a puff of air and looked at Dean. 

“Because,” Cas started, staring blankly at Dean, “I thought that if you knew about your child, it would distract you from saving the world all the times that you have. I’ve been keeping an eye on her since she was born. It was something that God had supposedly told Joshua to do before he left. I’m telling you now because she’s in trouble and needs protecting.” 

“So you’re telling me you’ve known about my nineteen year old daughter since the day she was born and haven’t even told me?” Dean asked with sass in his voice. Sam resisted the urge to roll his eyes at Dean’s childishness, but Sam’s eyes went wide at Castiel’s words. 

“Wait, she’s in trouble?” Sam asked, causing Dean’s face to go from angry to concerned. 

“If you would stop arguing with me and listen I can tell you how!” Castiel snapped. “Her name in (Y/N) (L/N). She lives in South Dakota near your friend Jody, but still far out. She runs a miniature hospital for injured hunters in her basement. Some demons found out and have teamed up to ‘take her out.’” 

“How does she even know about hunting?” Dean asked, suddenly confused. 

“Her mother died when she was a few years old.” Castiel explained. “She went into foster care, then suddenly disappeared from the system. A married couple that were hunters came and grabbed her before she got shipped out of state.” Dean felt a pang in his heart. His daughter had already been through hell and back and he hadn’t even been there to help her. 

“Dean.” Sam said calmly, causing his brother to look at him. “Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault.” 

“I could’ve looked harder.” Dean said, shoving his face in his hands and taking a few paces around the library. He wanted to say ‘Cas could’ve told me,’ but he didn’t.

“What you can do is make up for it now.” Sam continued, walking over to Dean and setting a hand on his shoulder. “So let’s go find your kid.” Dean removed the hand from his face and glanced at Sam, then Cas, then back at Sam.

“Yeah.” Dean mumbled, letting a tiny, crooked smile escape his lips. “Let’s find my kid.” 

“I’m almost finished!” You said to the man on the table, his girlfriend holding his hand as you held open the bullet wound in his arm with your fingers. Your free hand was using a pair of tweezers to dig around in the muscle of the man’s bicep, trying to find the silver bullet that was shot into him. “Just hold on a little longer!” 

You finally felt your tweezers hit something solid and you fumbled around a bit more, ignoring the man’s groans as you grabbed the bullet, pulling it out and taking your blood covered hands away from the man. He almost screamed in relief as you turned around and set the bullet and tweezers on a table, grabbing your needle and thread and hurrying to stitch the man up and bandage his wound. 

You were finished in a matter of minutes, glad that your college class covered stitching a few weeks prior so you knew what you were doing. You quickly bandaged the wound and gave the man a few pain killers, then sending him and his wife out the cellar door and away from your home. You knew the wound was fresh, but you didn’t want to be around if that vampire pack had followed the couple. 

You let out a sigh and turned to the wall of your muggy basement, turning on the sink and running your bloody hands under the cold water. That man was your sixth patient of the day, and your head was pounding and your body felt limp. College was wearing you out, and running a secret hunter hospital was even more tiring. 

There was suddenly a creaking sound above your head, and you froze, looking up. The creak sounded again, this time closer to the stairs of your basement door. You quickly turned the water off and turned to one of your many tables, grabbing a pistol and unclipping the magazine, making sure it was loaded, then clipping it back. You crouched down behind the table that you had just performed surgery on, hearing the basement door slam open and footsteps pound their way down the stairs. You took a chance, remembering your ‘training,’ and looking over the table. There were four females and a man looking around the room, and one of the females spotted you and her eyes flashed black. 

You gasped and grabbed your knife out of your boot, knowing the Latin symbols on it by heart. You lunged at one of the females and quickly stabbed her, not bothering to watch as she fell lifeless to the ground. You quickly took out the other two females and the man with little trouble, only using your gun at a few points. 

One of the females had been hiding behind a table and you didn’t notice as she lunged out, her knife skimming your cheek as you dodged her swing. She backed you up against the wall, knife held at your throat. You suddenly felt terrified. You had never been this close t a monster before, even if you had been trained to fight them. You squinted your eyes shut as the cool metal of the knife pressed harder against your throat, fully prepared for your death. 

Then suddenly, the pressure was gone, and the body fell to the floor. 

You opened your eyes ad saw three men standing in front of you, and you tried to back yourself further against the wall in fear. The one in the trench coat simply looked at you while the tallest one glanced around the room awkwardly. The other man was looking at you with wide eyes and a concerned face, and you lazily cocked an eyebrow at him.  

“Are you okay?” the one that was staring at you in admiration asked. 

“Y-yeah.” You stuttered, looking at three. “Who are you?”

“I’m Sam.” the taller one said, lightly gesturing to himself. “That’s Castiel,” he pointed at the one in the trench coat, “and that’s my brother, Dean.” 

“Wait, Sam and Dean?” You asked in shock, knowing who they were. The Winchesters were here in your home, and nevertheless, you were scared. They were known as the most psychotic, crazy, and B.A hunters in the world. 

“Are you (Y/N) (L/N)?” Dean asked, still staring at you. You felt yourself shy away slightly. Were they here to kill you? 

“Um, yeah.” You squeaked, hand opening and closing by your side, itching to grab your knife from the ground. 

“We’re not here to hurt you.” Dean reassured, holding out his hand slightly. “I’m, uh…” Dean trailed off, looking back at Sam then back at you. 

“I’m your father, and I need you to come with me.” 

EXO Reaction Masterlist

EXO Reactions To…

Another Guy Flirting With You

Coming Home To Find You Asleep On Your Desk Studying For Exams

Introducing You To The Other Members

Kris and Luhan Meeting At CNY Rehearsal

You Coming Home Late and Tipsy From A Night Out With Your Girlfriends

Being Scared of Disappointing Their GF

You Carrying A Totoro Plushie Around

You Being The Big Spoon

You Frequently Licking Your Lips And Having A Habit Of Hugging Them From Behind And Biting Their Neck

Seeing An Old Picture Of Their GF When She Was Big With Spots/Acne

When Their GF Does Something Unintentionally Sexy

Losing Their Short Girlfriend In A Crowd And Then Finding Her

Having To Hide Love Bites/Scratches On Their Back And Then Getting Found Out

You Teasing Them At The Movies

When Their Parents Told Them It’s Time To Have Children

Their Kids Getting Bad Grades And Not Caring

You Putting Your Anime/Videogame Posters In Their Room

You [Badly] Singing/Dancing To Their Songs

Learning Tagalog

Walking In On You Cheating On Them

Comforting You When One Of Your Family Members Died

You Rickrolling Them

Dating A Noona

Their Rich Girlfriend Trying To Buy Things For Them

Their Favorite Artist Making A Comeback

You Being Sick And Not Resting 

You Fangirling Over An Anime Boy And Getting Jealous

Walking In On You Changing

Their Kid Coming Up To Them Saying ‘Mommy Is A Meanie’

Changing Baby Diapers

Having A Younger Girlfriend

Their Girlfriend Binge Eating

Another Member Asking To Marry Them

You Sleeping In Only Their Shirts And Underwear

Your Skirt Flying Up A Lot While Out On A Walk

Their Girlfriend Being A Vet With Lots Of Scratches And Such From Animals

You Comforting Them

You Harmonizing With Them On A Slow Song

Comforting Each Other

Their GF Cutting Off Her Hair

Playing The Pokey Stick Game With Their Crush On Running Man

The Princes At Disneyland Flirting With Their Girlfriend

After Making Love

Being Away And Thus Unable To Take Care Of Their Pregnant Wife

Finding Out You Still Work With And Are Close To Your Ex

Finding Out You Were A Fan From The Start

Their Girlfriend Wanting To Watch Action Movies Rather Than Chick Flicks

Finding Out Your Heartbreaker Reputation 

Meeting You

Getting Mugged, Then Recognized

Receiving Something That Belonged To Your Ex

You Being/Speaking German

Realizing They Love Their Close Friend That They Had Rejected

Their Girlfriend Flinching/Falling To The Floor While Play-Fighting

You Dropping Hints At Doing It Again Then Coming Home To A Special Surprise

You Getting Into Battle Royale

You Fangirling Over Seventeen

Their GF Having Bad Knees And Being In Pain

Their GF Slapping Them After A Fight

Moving In With Their Girlfriend To Find She Still Has A Box Of Her Ex’s Things

Coming Home To Find You Asleep Wearing Lingerie

Finding Out You’re An American Celebrity

Meeting DO’s 13 Year Old Sister

Seeing Their Girlfriend in Jay Park’s Mommae MV

Finding Out Their Crush Is Dating Seulgi From Red Velvet

Their GF Kicking Ass

Being On “Superman Is Back”

Their GF Wearing Make-Up To Bed

Meeting Their Girlfriend’s Parents

Seeing Their GF Dressed Up For The First Time

Their First Time With You

Making A Romantic Dinner For Their GF

Their Girlfriend being Close To A BTS Member

Seeing Their Girlfriend Do Gwiyomi Song On TV

Collaborating With Their Girlfriend’s Girl Group

Watching Mean Girls With Their GF

Watching Their GF’s Drama To See Her Death Scene

Meeting A Serbian Girl

Learning Their Foreign Girlfriend Was Actually Fluent In Korean/Chinese And Didn’t Tell Them

Finding Out Their Girlfriend Is Under Legal Age

Their Girlfriend Initiating A Tickle Fight

Their Girlfriend Have A Fear Of The Dark

Having A Language Barrier With Their Girlfriend

Proposing At Disneyland

Discovering You’re A Masochist

Their GF Killing Rapping Rap God

You Knowing Cantonese

Finding Out Their GF Is A Vigilante With Arrow

Getting Jealous Of Your American Friend

Their Kid Crying As They Leave For Tour

Accidently Slapping Your Butt

Seeing Your Old Self-Harm Scars - Slightly Triggering? Possibly?

Their Girlfriend’s Pregnancy Being A Scare

Their Girlfriend Being From Lithuania

Their S/O Agreeing To Foster A Newborn, Without Their Knowledge

Their Crush Blurting That She Likes Them

You Doing Aerial Skills While They Sing

You Finding Them Cheating On You

Rejecting Your Drunken Advances

Their Girlfriend Liking Horror Movies But Hiding From Them

Their Girlfriend’s Ex Wanting Her Back

Their GF Screaming Instead of Singing A High Note In A Song

Their GF Getting Down And Dirty In The Kitchen

Seeing Their VS Angel Girlfriend In A Show

See You Again By Charlie Puth

You Watching Magic Mike XXL

You Being A Pole Dancer And Doing A Trick

Having A Tall GF

Meeting Your Two Fathers

Realizing They Are In Love With You

Learning Their Wife Is Pregnant

Their GF Asking To Share A Shower

Liking The Same Girl - Wolf AU

You Dancing Along To Sexy Back

You Singing Hello By Adele

Their GF Telling Them She’s Pregnant

Losing You Then Finding You

You Having A Miscarriage

You Not Being Able To Sleep Without A Stuffed Toy

Accidentally Letting It Slip That They Have A Secret Girlfriend

You Having A Sadistic Side

Their Girlfriend Being Confused About Her Sexuality

Their Girlfriend Being Awkward With Intimacy/Asexual

Their Girlfriend Having Bad Back Pain From Dancing/Gymnastics

Meeting A Young Girl

Their Seemingly Dominant Girlfriend Being Submissive In Bed

You Speaking In English With Kris While They Listen

What They Sound Like During Sex

Getting Grilled By Their Girlfriend’s Friends

Their Girlfriend Surprising Them By Baking A Cake

You Being The Main Vocalist Of A Girl Group That Beats EXO

You Being In A Group That Makes Music Similar To The 1975

Their Girlfriend Having An Eating Disorder - Triggering

Based On Hotline Bling by Drake 

You Not Wanting To Share A Bed After A Misunderstanding

Their Girlfriend Getting An Undercut

Meeting Xiumin’s 12 Year Old Sister

You Trying to Dance To Dancing King

DO’s Friend’s Sister Staying With Them At The Dorm

You Walking In On Them Masturbating

You Having A Heart Shaped Birthmark On Your Hip

Another Celebrity Saying Their (EXO’s) Girlfriend Is Their Ideal Type

Scaring Their Girlfriend While She’s Watching A Scary Movie

Spending Spring Break In Denver, CO

Seeing Their GF’s Girl Boss Side

Their GF Not Telling Them Her Real Name Out Of Embarrassment 

Seeing Their GF’s girl Boss Side

Living Across The Street From An Amazonian Russian Woman

Seeing Their GF In A VS Commercial

Their GF Saying He Should Smile More Because She Loves His Smile

Their GF Being Very Clumsy

Liking Their Make Up Artist

Someone Making Racist Comments About Their GF While Their On A Date

You Pursuading Them To Go Bungee Jumping

Their GF Being Shy About Slow Dancing


Collapsing And Waking Up To Their Worried Crush

Their GF Brining Home Pastries And Treats

Being Paired With You To Perform Troublemaker

Their GF Getting Lost Because She’s New To Korea

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Day6 Reaction Masterlist

GOT7 Reaction Masterlist

Seventeen Reaction Masterlist

This is for the fix-it marriage for the #Emma Swan Deserves Better tag event.

“I’m so glad you agreed to be my maid of honor,” Emma said to Regina.
“I’m still unsure as to what I’m supposed to be doing,” Regina replied, “especially since we’re now doing this today.”
Emma shrugged. “Just be here for me?”
Regina saw the nervousness in Emma’s eyes. She gave her a reassuring smile. “Of course, dear.”
Emma’s face lit up with a huge smile. “Thanks, Regina. I knew I could count on you.”
Snow burst through the door at that moment, barely able to contain herself. “Okay! We only have a few hours until the wedding!” She was carrying a large black bag.
“Mom? What is that?” Emma asked.
“Well I knew you might be busy with other things so I went ahead and picked up a wedding dress,” Snow told her. “David is getting Killian’s suit, because I’m trusting him with the job.”
“Oh, you didn’t have to do that,” Emma said, “I could’ve gone with Regina.”
“Nonsense,” Snow replied, waving Emma off, “no need to worry you on your special day!” Snow moved to unzip the bag.
Regina got up from her position on the couch in Emma’s living room to assist her. There was… a lot. Just a lot.
“Are people even going to be able to see Emma?” Regina asked, trying to take the whole dress in.
“Hush,” Snow scolded lightly, “it’s a dress fit for a princess.”
Regina noticed Emma shifting uncomfortably out of the corner of her eye.
“It looks great, Mom,” Emma said, though Regina could hear slight disappointment in her voice.
“I’m just so happy for you!” Snow practically squealed. “This is all me and your father have ever wanted for you. Your very own happy ending.”
“I would argue it’s more of a beginning,” Regina said. “She does have a life ahead of her with the pirate.”
Snow gave her a look, “you know what I mean.” Snow held Emma by the shoulders. “Now, I’m off to speak to Granny about catering. And your father found a bigger venue, as promised.” With that, she said her quick goodbyes, leaving instructions for Regina to help Emma with her hair and make-up.
“You really don’t have to,” Emma told her after Snow had gone.
“I don’t mind,” Regina said. “Shall we?”
The two ascended the staircase toward the ensuite bathroom connected to Emma’s room. Emma sat down in a chair, while Regina assessed the situation.
“You looked quite wonderful while we were in Camelot,” Regina mentioned, trying to seem casual, “would you like something like that?”
Emma merely nodded, seemingly lost in her own thoughts.
“Are you alright?”
Emma closed her eyes and sighed before opening them, making eye contact with Regina though the mirror’s reflection. “Why am I not excited?”
“Are you nervous?” Regina asked, slightly taken aback by Emma’s sudden candor.
“It’s more a feeling of I’d rather be spending a day with you and Henry than getting married,” Emma confessed.
“Well spending time with me and Henry seems like something you’d do to distract yourself,” Regina said, “you’re probably just nervous and we seem like the safe option.”
Emma turned to look Regina in the eye. “I’ve been trying to get excited about this proposal ever since I found the ring in his chest of things,” she said. “Before he got home, I sat on the floor hyperventilating for an hour.”
“It’s a big step-”
“I know!” Emma exclaimed in frustration, suddenly getting up from the chair. “But this is everything my parents want for me, so why am I not as excited as they are?”
Regina remained silent for a few moments to collect her thoughts. “This is what your parents want, but is this what you want?”
“I mean, I don’t know!” Emma said. “I thought so. He loves me and I’m not really going to get that anywhere else in this town. I have to hold onto what I can get.”
Regina was starting to understand. Emma had been through so many foster homes, but none ever bothered to make her stay permanent. She was never a part of a family for very long. This marriage, for her, was a guaranteed family because she was doing what was seemingly expected of her. If she did the right thing, she could stay.
“But do you love him?” Regina whispered, putting a hand on Emma’s shoulder.
“Enough. I love him enough,” Emma said, looking down at her hands on her lap.
“Your parents won’t love you any less if you decide this isn’t what you want. You know that, right?” Regina told her. Emma, sweet Emma, was going to marry a man for her parents’ sake. Regina couldn’t let that happen. Not to Emma, not to anyone. Not again. “You are allowed to make your own choices.”
“What if they don’t like my choices?” Emma asked quietly.
Regina brushed Emma’s hair behind her ear. “Emma, they’d be silly not to take your side. You’re their daughter and they love you.” Regina saw a blush creeping over Emma’s cheeks.
“What if they don’t like one specific choice I wanted to make?” Emma asked.
“What? Not wanting to marry Hook?” Regina asked.
“Wanting to be with someone else,” Emma said.
“I think Snow White and Prince Charming would be delighted no matter who their daughter ended up with,” Regina told her.
Emma pulled away and went back to staring at herself in the mirror. “What if the person I want to be with didn’t approve?”
“Then he’d be an idiot,” Regina said firmly, much more passionately than she’d anticipated. “He’d be an absolute idiot, because you’re… well, you’re Emma. Beautiful, brave, strong, confident, and a great mother.”
Their eyes locked through the reflection again, both women looking at each other in wonder. Regina was the first to break, clearing her throat.
“So how would you like to proceed?” Regina asked, fiddling with a brush.
Emma stood up and gently took the brush from Regina’s hands, setting it back down on the counter. “Regina?”
Regina looked up, meeting those beautiful green eyes. “Yes?”
“Why do you dislike Hook?” Emma asked.
“You’re too good for him,” Regina said.
“And? Anything else?”
“I just… he… you… you deserve to be with someone you actually love. You shouldn’t marry someone just because your parents want you to, just because Hook wants you to, and certainly not because the town wants you to. You should follow your heart.”
During Regina’s speech, Emma seemed to have drifted closer. “Should I follow it right now?”
“The sooner the better, I supposed,” Regina breathed, mere inches away from Emma.
Emma bit her lip in contemplation before leaning in and kissing Regina softly, holding gently onto her waist.
Regina was slightly surprised, but quickly recovered and returned the kiss eagerly.
When the kiss broke Emma leaned her forehead onto Regina’s and asked quietly, “what does this mean?”
“Whatever you want it to mean,” Regina told her. “It could mean nothing and you can continue to marry the pirate, or it could mean something and… we could move forward.”
Emma held Regina firmly, kissing her again with determination. “Does that answer your question?”
Regina chuckled. “It seems that it does.”
“I can’t marry him, because I’m in love with you,” Emma confessed, “and I think I have been for a long time. So,” Emma pulled back, “Regina Mills, will you go on a date with me?”
Regina laughed, “of course, but first you have to tell Hook. I won’t be a secret and I won’t treat him like that.”
Emma nodded. “You’re right. See you when the commotion dies down?” Emma asked, heading toward the door.
“See you when the commotion dies down.”
Emma smiled and exited the bathroom and out of her house. Regina knew she would probably go to Hook first and then her parents. She thought about going with her for support, but she knew this was something Emma had to do on her own. It would all be worth it in the end. The possibilities were endless and while Regina knew it wouldn’t be easy, she knew it would be worth it. Emma was worth it.

What’s Bred in the Bone: Part II

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

A 600 year nap and a 2.5 million light-year journey to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Rated M for strong language, some sexuality and violence. Alien-human pregnancy fic.

Spoilers for Jaal’s romance and loyalty mission, and end of game.

Part II of ??? Part I - Part III - Part IV

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Temperance Brennan represents lonely souls and misunderstood minds. She represents the children who find solace in their knowledge and curiosity. She represents the adults who yearn for something more. She represents the women who realised that their independence is not a reflection of their relationship status. She represents the women that put their careers first. She represents the women who do it all. She represents strength. She represents loyalty, love, and intelligence.

Temperance Brennan is a strong female character who has graced our screens with passion, determination, and emotion for the past 12 years. She has taught us that education is the best thing we can do for ourselves. She has demonstrated what it means to be a leader and how we can share our knowledge with others. She has showed us that unwavering faith and love in friendships is possible regardless of our interpersonal skills or lack thereof. She has made us brave to express ourselves. Temperance Brennan has made us better people.

Temperance Brennan has evolved majorly over the past 12 years. Not only has she grown, but we have grown with her. Every tear she shed, every smile that graced her face, every laugh that left her mouth… We experienced it with her. We were there for her highs and lows, her ups and downs. We watched with anticipation as she saw her father again after 15 years. We cried with her and told her we knew who she was when she didn’t know who she was herself. As her cheeks grew red with embarrassment when she kissed Booth under the mistletoe, we smiled. We were making our own new friends while her friendships with Angela and Cam were being established. We took what we learned from Temperance Brennan and we applied it to our own lives.

We have learned to be logical. To think clearly about our experiences and the situations we are in. We have also been swayed to act in ways that aren’t particularly helpful. This is because Temperance Brennan has learned many skills and lessons throughout the duration of the show. We have watched her make mistakes and say the wrong things. We have said similar things in our own lives. But it is with the patience and willingness to learn that Brennan and ourselves have been able to right our wrongs (or have the skills to do so in the future if we so choose). We struggle together and we flourish together. That’s what happens when you allow yourself to become emotionally attached to someone. Whether it be a real life person or a fictional character. For me, and for many of you, Temperance Brennan is the one person who has stood by my side and I owe every good thing in my life to her.

Temperance Brennan, a child who had been abandoned by her family, a teenager who had been abused by her foster families, a young adult who aged out of the system and supported herself through college, a woman who became the best in her field, a scientist who became a New York Times Bestseller, an accomplished author who became a mother, a mother who got married, a wife who loves and lives and learns and leads. She has experienced happiness beyond her expectations. She has been loved harder than she ever thought possible. Temperance Brennan deserves a good life and that is what she got.

May she live on through our future endeavours. May she stand by our side while we take risks and become the people we want to be. May she stay close to our hearts while we find the happiness that she was blessed with. May she continue to be our inspiration, our friend, and our favourite person.

Goodbye, Temperance Brennan.
I will love and miss you forever.

anonymous asked:

Hello!! May I request what would happen if the RFA (V + saeran if ya want) found out that MC has glow in the dark stars on her celling and shes kinda embarrassed about it?

Hi! Yes, of course! They’re a bit long, so they’ll be under the cut~!

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Supercorp Fanfic Recomendations! 27/09

Okay here it is! here is my list of all my supercorp fic recs! this is a lot longer than i initially thought it was going to be, but oh well, that just means that there is more for you all to read!

Bold - These ones are my absolute favourites


And they call me from beyond the stars - Kara is a ghost and Lena is the only one who can see her (Ongoing)

A Knight to Remember - Medieval AU where Kara enters a sword fighting competition to win the affections of Princess Lena (complete)

Offstage - The college theater club fic that you never knew you needed in your life (Complete)

Blocking Cupids Arrow - Cupids are determined to hit Lena with their arrows and Kara is determined to stop it (Ongoing)

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“Bones” is one of the most feminist shows I have ever seen, and yet I don’t remember anyone ever calling it “feminist show”.

It might end up being a long post but this show is so good just LISTEN.

2 out of 3 main female characters are WOC. But let’s start with Dr Brennan.

Dr Temperance Brennan. #1 forensic anthropologist in the world, literally takes no one’s bullshit. Lost her family, was in foster homes, but worked her ass off to be where she is now. She’s rich, famous, smarter than almost anyone. Aside from her job as forensic anthropologist working with the FBI, she also wrote successful books (awarded even, if I remember correctly?). When she’s not working for the FBI she helps identify victims of genocides. Temperance has a problem connecting with people, talking to people, but over the years/seasons she gets much better at creating relationships with the help of her best friend Angela, her partner (husband, later) and other people. She didn’t just wake up one day and suddenly wasn’t “socially awkward.” No. She still struggles sometimes, but it’s a part of her personality and it doesn’t make her any less of a good female character. Aside from her career, she’s also a mother. A very good one. She didn’t think she’d be, bc she’s a scientist and talking to children isn’t her forte, but her daughter looks up to her and they talk about science etc. And when her daughter said she wanted to sell cars when she grows up, Brennan and her husband were like “okay then” and bought toy cars for her! (this is so important to me, personally, bc I hated being forced to play with barbies as a kid) Brennan also speaks 6 (or 7?) languages and knows martial arts. Whenever someone says they’re honored to meet Brennan she’s like “I’m sure you are” lmao bc fuck false modesty that this society teaches girls, she knows who she is. She gives zero fucks about dumb social constructs, talks about religion, polygamy, gender roles, argues her husband that it’s nonsense that he doesn’t wanna use her money bc she clearly has a shitton more than he does, but still respects his feelings about it, and he respects her and admires her in every way. She also punched a meninist in the face.

Now, Dr Camille Saroyan. A black woman who is the head of forensics division, aka EVERYONE’S BOSS. The ultimate boss. She used to be a cop for 11 years, but now she’s a forensic pathologist at the Jeffersonian. Also a very smart woman, but unlike Brennan she has great social skills, she’s great. Has the best outfits 10/10. Pretends to be a strict boss but actually loves doing experiments at the lab. Aside from catching the killers (you know, nbd, just casual friday stuff) she’s a single mother. She adopted a child of her ex fiance who died. She proposed to her boyfriend. Cam is also religious but they don’t overdo that storyline, it’s well-written. She reads erotic novels in her free time. The reason I’m mentioning this is bc all the women’s sexualities are quite well-written. They talk freely about it, no one is called a slut, they date people etc.  And when a woman told Camille that she heard of her, Cam was like “from Booth?” and the woman said “no, from your work”.

Angela Montenegro, asian woman (mixed-race actually, her father is white and her mother is Chinese I think) she’s a forensic artist, she does facial reconstruction. She gives the victims their identities back bc she paints their faces to be able to identify them better. Angela is the heart of the Jeffersonian, she’s the actual human among all the scientists. At first she was a painter, but she needed the money so she came to the institute and then never left. She wanted to go to Paris later, but she came to love her work so she stayed. She’s Brennan’s best friend, she’s the heart while Temperance is the brains, so they’re a perfect match. That doesn’t mean that Angela isn’t smart, bc she really really is, but she’s guided by her emotions and sees deeper than just the facts. She has a degree in computer science, so she also does all the hacking for the team. There’s literally nothing that Angela can’t do. Her father is a rock star, so naturally Angela is also fabulous af. She takes photography as her hobby later on. She gives great sex tips and helps her friends get laid lmao. Speaking of sexuality, Angela is bisexual. Some would argue that it’s not really bisexual rep bc she marries a guy, but I thought it was worth mentioning that that part of her character is well-handled. Her old girlfriend comes back in early seasons and the storyline is so well-written. Some dude makes a shitty comment about her swinging both ways and Booth slams his head against the table and says “If you’re gonna hit on Angela, you should do it with a little respect.” She’s a romantic person and always sees hope in everything and is full of love and she’s just the best person, but don’t be fooled bc she’s also a badass. She also has kids in later seasons.

Aside from these main female characters, there are also so many side-characters who kick ass. Probably my favorite character in the entire show is Caroline. She’s the most badass, she’s also the funniest, she’s my fave ok I love her. She’s also a WOC, bless. And played by a woman in her 60s.

The relationships between these women are precious. They’re all supportive of each other. The conflicts between them are always professional, about work, and not about dumb things. And as much as Brennan/Booth is a very important and beautiful relationship and I love them, still, I’d say that the friendship of Brennan/Angela is probably the #1 important relationship of the show from the very start.

Anyway, Bones is very feminist and actually includes WOC, and if you’re not watching it you should, if you want to.

CS FF: Motherzilla

Summary: Emma and Killian want a small, simple wedding, but an overly excited Snow has some ideas of her own.

Rating: PG

Note: So I started writing this before I saw that sneak peek.   I didn’t expect Snow to want to have something simple at Granny’s and David to want something befitting a princess.  So I wrote this the way I think it should go.   Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Motherzilla: Part 1/1…

~Flashback: Emma at age 7~

Sarah and Rachel danced around Sarah’s room.  Sarah took a pillowcase and placed it over the back of her head as she pretended to march down an imaginary aisle.  

“I can’t wait to get married. It’s going to be in a big, beautiful church with lots of flowers.”

Rachel grabbed a bunch of fake flowers out of a vase on Sarah’s desk and spun around.

“I’m going to get married on the beach.  I’m going to wear a beautiful dress.”

Emma watched them from her spot on Sarah’s bed.  They were all in the same class at Emma’s new school, her fifth in two years.  Every time she changed foster homes, she changed schools.  She didn’t usually make friends quickly.  But Sarah and Rachel were nice and welcoming.  She had been excited when Sarah invited her over for a sleepover.  

That excitement was quickly wearing thin as she watched them dance around the room, excitedly discussing a future Emma couldn’t fathom for herself.  

Sarah turned to Emma. “What about you, Emma?  What kind of wedding do you want?”

Emma’s mouth opened, but no words came out.  She finally dropped her eyes to the comforter and shook her head.

“I’m never going to get married,” she whispered.

Sarah and Rachel stopped moving and stared at her in shock.

“Why not?” Rachel asked.

Emma shrugged, unable to meet their eyes.  "Because nothing good ever happens to me.  No one in my life ever lasts more than a few months.  I’ll never have a real family that loves me.  I’ll never have anyone who loves me.“

The little girls stared at her awkwardly, unsure of what to say or do in response.  So instead they returned to their game of pretend. And Emma returned to watching them do something that she believed would only ever happen in her dreams.

Emma rolled over and was met by the beautiful blue eyes of her new fiancé.  He offered her a smile.

"Good morning, my future wife,” he said.

Emma felt a smile appear on her face at the mention of being Killian’s wife.

“Good morning, my future husband,” she said.  

He leaned forward and placed a kiss on her lips, neither concerned with morning breath.  They were just so glad to be back in each other’s arms again.

Emma reached out and caressed his cheek as he pulled back, her thumb tracing along his lower lip.

“I missed you so much,” she said.

“I missed you too, love.  I feared I would never see you again.”

Emma blinked back sudden tears.  "A few minutes later and I would have lost you again.“

"Hey,” he said, taking her hand in his and kissing her palm.  "You’ll never lose me.  I’ll always be by your side, remember?“

Emma shook her head. "Until the next time something separates us.”

He shook his head, taking her chin between his thumb and forefinger. “And if that does happen again-…”

“When,” she corrected.

“If it does,” Killian continued steadfastly. “Then we will do everything in our power to get back to each other, just like we always do.”

A tear slipped down Emma’s cheek. “Until the one day when we can’t,” she replied softly.

Killian pulled her into his arms and he felt her tears wet the skin of his shoulder.  After a few moments, he pulled back and cupped her face with his hand.

“I know you have a tendency to expect the worst, Swan.  I know you have a tendency to believe that happiness doesn’t last and good things always go away.”

“Can you blame me?” she asked.  "I never thought I’d get married as a kid. While all of the other little girls were pretending and planning their future weddings, I couldn’t even imagine it.  I couldn’t even fathom a time when I could be as happy as I am now, that I could find a love like this.  That I could find love at all.“

Killian smiled gently.  "But you did, Emma. You opened your heart to your family and you opened it to me.  Now we are about to get married.  And I know that’s frightening because getting everything you’ve ever wanted always is.  It means you have so much to lose.  But we can’t focus on the what if.  We can’t live our lives like that.  We need to focus on the here and now and the wonderful future I know awaits us.”

Emma nodded, as his thumb swiped at a tear on her cheek.  "How is it you always know exactly what to say to make me feel better?“

He grinned. "It’s a gift.”

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MC wants to have a child

You didn’t really tell me who you’re requesting for so I just wrote for the RFA. I hope you enjoy :3


You’d entertained the thought for a long time before actually voicing it. It’s not like you were scared of the reaction, but more so the fact that life just got in the way of such talks. By the time the right moment came, you’d already been pondering the idea for almost a year. 

He didn’t outright refuse the notion – starting a family with you was definitely something he wanted – but he insisted that it wasn’t the time for it yet. He had a blooming career to take care of that wouldn’t allow him to be a proper father.

The worst part was, you understood where he was coming from. He was a rising star who barely had time for romance let alone raising a child. He wanted to do right by the kid after what had happened to him and you couldn’t fault him for that.

However the problem with basing such grave decisions on exterior factors tended to lead to disappointment. Before you knew it Zen had become not only an idol in Korea but an international star, years spend jet packing around the world.

By the time you two finally settled enough to potentially start a family, it was already too late. You still wanted a child, you just didn’t want to birth it at this stage in your life. Both of you were too old to start from the beginning, so you found a different solution.

You decided to foster, giving a loving home to not just one but dozens of children over the course of your life. It wasn’t what you’d initially planned, but it turned out so much better in the end. Fate had a way of handling things in the most unexpected ways…


The two of you were lying on the couch, Yoosung filling out some paperwork for the clinic while you read a book that you brought up the idea of having a child together. His reaction to the suggestion was surprisingly non-existent. 

You noticed his eyes freeze mid sentence, widening a little when the words finally registered in his mind. He swallowed, blinked rapidly a couple of times before finally putting the papers down and meeting your eyes.

It wasn’t like he didn’t want to have children. The two of you had been married for a couple of years, you had a little kitten you practically parented like a child and Yoosung had actually matured into something akin to a functioning adult.

You said nothing, observing Yoosung silently lulling the thought over. If you pushed him now, he’d only retreat further and it would be much harder to get him to open up again. Instead you watched as the wheels turned inside his head.

It was about five minutes of what must have been an intense inner monologue – you having returned to reading your book in the meantime – that Yoosung’s eyes finally cleared and he beamed at you with the realization that yes, he was ready to be a father.

However, he wasn’t in a rush and you didn’t push him. Instead the both of you continued down the path of life together, contented until finally two years later being content turned into being delighted when your child finally saw the light of day.


Imagine being in love with someone, only to find out that said person didn’t even register her own feelings for you, let alone yours. It had taken Jaehee ages to figure out she liked you as more than just a friend. It had been quite crushing…

So, you carefully planned bringing the topic up to Jaehee, making absolutely sure that it was not only the right moment to do so, but that the two of you were on the same page relationship wise. You didn’t feel like repeating past mistakes.

Lucky for you, Jaehee was one-hundred percent on the same page as you. Not only was she excited to adopt a child with you, but apparently she herself had been mulling the thought over for some time. The both of you were ready!

Of course there was still a lot of planning and preparing to be done and Jaehee was determined to give it her absolute best. Everything from comparing orphanages to baby proofing the house and reading every possible parenting book there was.

Of course nothing really prepared you for the first time you met the child you’d soon get to call your own. Nothing prepared you for the unconditional love that would overwhelm you, the indescribable need to protect and cherish that tiny human being.

When the day of finalizing the paperwork and taking your child home finally came, everything fell into place perfectly. All the worries and fears of not having prepared enough or not being good enough died the moment your held the kid that was now your own.


The moment you suggest having a child together to Jumin he experiences what being overjoyed feels like. Ever since you’d met he’d always been the driving force of your relationship, moving forward and prone to rush into things.

He knew that you loved him just as much as he loved you, but eventually he’d grown anxious, fearing that maybe he’d been pushing too far, too fast. Having you be the first one to suggest the next big step in every couples relationship was like a dream come true.

In a sense it validated Jumin, making him feel even more secure in the love you shared. So much so that when you brought up the topic, for the first time in what must have been decades at this point, Jumin felt his eyes water up.

He wrapped his arms around you, holding you so tight it felt like he was scared you’d disappear if he didn’t. He replied without hesitation, followed by him pampering your entire face with feathery kisses as you chuckled happily.

Jumin also lost no time when it came to turning your plans into reality. Lo and behold, ten months later your first child was born. It was when Jumin held them for the first time that he experienced a feeling beyond even words like rapturous and exhilarated.

The second those little, chubby fingers wrapped around one of his, all the threads in his head disappeared with a heartbeat and his life found a new meaning he could have never anticipated. Bring you and your child – and all your children to come – all the joy in the world.


You’d been worried about bringing up the idea of having children up since the moment the thought had crossed your mind. Somehow you couldn’t imagine Saeyoung agreeing to it and as it turned out, you were right.

Saeyoung absolutely refused to have children. Not just for the time being, but for the rest of his life. Just the thought seemed to send a shudder down his spine and the realization hit you harder than you expected: you would never be a mother.

You knew seeing you weep broke his heart, but you couldn’t help yourself and he refused to budge on the matter. When you asked why he looked pained. As it turned out, there was much more to it than him possibly not loving you enough.

For one he explained himself to be an utter man-child, a kid’s heart locked in a man’s body. He might have looked adult, but he wasn’t adult enough to raise a child of his own. He refused to abandon his child or do wrong by him like his parents did.

Then of course there was the matter of his past. Not only had he enemies on his trails still from the time he’d taken down his organization, but he also had Saeran to consider who took up a lot of his attention. A child would have come shot.

The sincerity in his eyes and words made accepting the harsh reality even harder. Saeyoung would have made an excellent father, but you would never get to share that experience with him. Worst of all, it was sadly for the best.

Magnetic  Chapter 1: Life Turned Upside Down

Dean Winchester x Reader

1700 Words

Summary: After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Your life had never been normal, but you had never thought much about it. Your Dad was gone frequently, for work, he always assured you. But often times he would return, his face and body broken and bruised. Your Mom would just look at him, shake her head sadly, then turn back to her Diet Pepsi and cigarettes that she seemed to survive on.

At first you hadn’t noticed it much, too caught up in school, and when you turned old enough, boys. As the years passed by, your Dad was gone more and more, coming back even more battered and bruised than you had considered possible. When your Mom passed away from lung cancer, the two of you sold your small farm, moving into a small cabin far away from town. At first you had complained, hating the fact that you were so far away from your friends, and your life. But your Dad was adamant, and you were old enough to see the fear in his eyes. So instead of complaining, you would sneak out at night, letting your boyfriend Todd pick you up, and take you back into town to party.

One night, after a long make out session with Todd at the end of your drive, you crept up the pitted road, holding your heels in one hand as you stumbled up to your house. It was then you noticed the front door open, the lights flickering in the house. It unnerved you, but you moved forward, through the front door, calling softly for your Dad.

Your heart sped up as you saw the over turned furniture, the scattering of what seemed to be salt, and the blood. The blood had you holding a hand over your mouth, wanting to do nothing more than run out of the cabin and never look back. But you forced yourself to move forward, through the one main room, back to where Dad’s room was. The door was splintered open, the room dark, but through the moonlight you could see your Dad propped against the far wall. Rushing forward, you dropped to your knees, looking at the darkness on his shirt, and all the cuts crossing his face.

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My Favorite Performances of 2016

These are the 15 movie roles this year I most felt deserved highlighting. Man, there were some great roles this year, introduction, introduction, introduction, how many words does this have to be? You don’t care and I certainly don’t. On to the list!(Note: except for the top two, this list is in no particular order).

Glen Powell (Everybody Wants Some!!)
The entire cast of Richard Linklater’s spiritual follow-up to “Dazed and Confused” is one riotous bundle of joy (and a cure for the usually cliche portrayal of college kids), but Glen Powell’s Finnegan is by far the standout. The scene that makes his character comes at a party for the “artsy fartsy” crowd when, after encouraging a freewheeling spirit of sex, booze, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll throughout the film, he actually gets for real hurt when his proteges crash his chances with a girl he happens to like. Finnegan is on the cusp of adulthood and leadership heading into one of the most tumultuous decades of American history, but he’s not quite there yet…and it’s the leftover, subtle vulnerabilities of the kid during his last days of youth that make him so unbelievably endearing. If there’s any justice in the world, EWS!! will do for him what Dazed and Confused did for…well, most of the cast.

Tilda Swinton (A Bigger Splash)
The (in my opinion, overblown) controversy over Swinton’s Doctor Strange role sadly overshadowed her performance in this Fellini-esque story of beautiful people behaving in decidedly un-beautiful ways. Playing a major, David Bowie-esque popstar who has gone near-mute from the stress of living in public, Swinton has few lines but somehow manages to steal the show from a simmering Matthias Schoenaerts and a manic Ralph Fiennes. Being mostly robbed of the ability to speak, Swinton has to convey a massive range of emotions largely with body language—a task she accomplishes with all the skill you’d expect from one of the world’s greatest actresses.

Natalie Portman (Jackie)
Frail and tough, honest and veiled, open and censoring—Portman’s portrayal of the most famous First Lady in American history is riddled with contradictions that, in her hands, become a coherent character. She can sink to the depths of unbearable anguish at a moment’s notice, and five minutes later it is as if nothing very bad had happened. Yet, there’s always something boiling under the surface…perhaps an understanding that history will forever place “JFK’s wife” next to her name, whatever else she may do with her life. At times, Portman seems to barely hold it all in, yet when we leave the theater she is still a mystery. Maybe that’s how it should be.

Joel Edgerton (Loving)
Rarely does more go unsaid or understood than passes behind the face of Joel Egderton as Richard Loving, one half of the married couple whose simple wish to live in their home state of Virginia dealt a death blow to laws banning interracial marriage in the United States. Edgerton says little, and when he does it is in as few words as possible…every one of which speaks his entire mind. Key to the performance, though, are scenes of him simply sharing intimate moments with wife Mildred. At a time when the stereotype of the traditonal American husband and father of yesteryear is often held up for all the wrong reasons, Edgerton’s performance is crucial.

Emma Stone (La La Land)
Until near the end, the music is the driving force of La La Land. Then someone asks the character of Mia to “tell a story”, and Emma Stone delivers one of the best scenes of her career. The strength of the “Audition” number redefines what has come before for the character, and solidifies her as both someone we can really root for, and the personification of dreamers, however hopeless they might be. The final look she gives Ryan Reynolds in the film speaks more than a page of dialogue ever could.

Viola Davis (Fences)
Before the era of feminism, there was an unspoken agreement between married couples in the U.S.: a wife was to put up with her husband’s shit, even when he was full to bursting with it. It was hard to pick one of the two main performances in “Fences” to single out, but ultimately Davis’s simmering cauldron is the heart of the story, enabling her to both survive and love life with her deeply, deeply flawed husband. Unlike Denzel Washington, who gets to vomit forth an endless stream of anger throughout the film, Davis is tasked with saving her one great outburst for when it is most needed and has the most impact, creating a scene the trailers should not have featured; it should have been allowed to burst on audiences like water from a broken dam, rolling over everything in its path. Five minutes later, she’s calm again, but she’s also a different woman…or maybe just another woman who was hiding behind the first all along.

Sunny Pawar (Lion)
The trailers all emphasize the adult Saroo’s search for his home, but the bulk of the movie is taken up with a young Saroo getting lost in the first place, and Dev Patel is overshadowed by 8-year-old Sunny Pawar…not an easy feat. Like Quvenzhane Wallis and Jacob Tremblay, Pawar takes a role that could easily have been phoned in (since we have natural sympathy for kids) and makes little Saroo into an enormously relatable character, a lost boy whose stomping ground is no Neverland. It isn’t any wonder the filmmakers keep coming back to him in flashbacks after his character is grown. He’s the heart of the film.

Hailee Steinfeld (Edge of Seventeen)
I swear, my generation moons over the era of John Hughes High School comedies so much they seem to forget that being awkward, out-of-place and unable to wait for the day after graduation day isn’t unique to them. Every year we get a handful of largely unheralded comedies about that very topic, and Hailee Steinfeld’s performance as a morbid, confused and, yes, aggressive (bad female! bad!) teen who openly discusses her sex life, alcohol habits and dark, dark, dark humor elevates “Edge of Seventeen” to the top of the pack. With acerbic wit, pinpoint aim, and unflinching pessimism, Nadine Franklin manages to skewer not just every aspect of High School life but many of life in general. The only target she routinely misses? Herself.

Kate Beckinsale (Love & Friendship)
It is exceedingly rare that a woman in the movies can be aggressive and acidic at the same time. Kate Beckinsale’s Lady Susan is such a character. It is impossible for all but the most ardent feminists to actually like her, and you’d never want to be drawn into her poisonous circle of rumor, manipulation, innuendo and life-destroying gossip, but you have to admire her for taking charge of her own life at a time when women were tasked with hosting guests, looking pretty and shutting up. These days, she’d almost certainly be described as a sociopath, wrecking lives for her whim and amusement, yet you can’t look away. She’s the year’s best villain…or is she?

Ben Foster (Hell or High Water)
Chris Pine’s well-meaning father is our anchor to this story of two desperate brothers in hard times, but Ben Foster is the anarchic, destructive force that keeps our eyes glued to the screen. Whereas Pine’s dad doesn’t think of himself as criminal and Jeff Bridges’s sheriff has spent far too much time watching old westerns, Foster knows exactly what he is: a violent criminal whose psycopathy he might be able to turn to his brother’s aid in one last blaze of glory. There’s never really a question of him surviving the story; he’s not a man, he’s a storm, and he’s here to rage harder than he ever has before blowing himself out.

Naomie Harris (Moonlight)
Talk about embodying multiple people in one role. Harris plays mother to a young, gay black man at three different stages of his life, but she’s not the kind of perfect mom the movies prefer. She’s a drug addict at a time when the War on Drugs refused to treat such people with any sort of humanity, and she’s got a temper to match the times; when she screams hurtful words at her own son, the decision to remove the audio from the scene makes her come off as near-demonic. Simplicity, though, isn’t really what Moonlight deals in, and there are layers and regrets to her revealed as the film goes on. Her final scene asks a rather important question: should any time be too late to be forgiven?

Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch)
For the most part, horror will forever be considered beneath the notice of those who hand out accolades, which means even if you turn in one of the most startling performances of the year, it doesn’t really count if it’s in this genre. That’s a shame, because unless you count a tiny, uncredited role from 2014, Taylor-Joy makes the most impressive film debut of any actress this year. Called upon to do things involving animal blood and demonic possession that a more image-concerned person might spurn, she handles the role of a teenage girl whose family is being assailed by the forces of hell by taking it all absolutely seriously, which is essential; any hint that she thinks anything she’s doing is silly, and the film falls apart. There’s reason to question whether anything supernatural is really happening in the New England wilderness of the late 1600’s, but no reason to doubt the strength of Taylor-Joy’s performance.

Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool)
Not everything has to be so serious, something Deadpool would probably remind you of right before delivering a kick straight to your kibbles and bits. As the star, producer and driving force behind the hilariously raunchy R-rated superhero flick, Reynolds is the most eminently watchable and entertaining a comic hero has been outside the suit since Robert Downey Jr. swaggered into the Iron Man armor. Mel Brooks once famously described his films as rising below vulgarity, and whether Reynolds is taking time out to break the fourth wall or making incredibly lewd comments at his blind, elderly, female roommate, he’s bringing the spirit of “Blazing Saddles” to a genre that sometimes really needs to get over itself. In a year where “Batman vs. Superman” took itself more seriously than a second heart attack, Reynolds’s Merc with a Mouth is the filthy, over-the-top cure the doctor ordered.

And my top two performances, starting with my choice for Best Actress:

Isabelle Huppert (Elle)

In arguably the most challenging role this year, which comes in certainly the most challenging film, Huppert plays a woman who, after being raped, plays a cat-and-mouse game with the rapist. Whether she is trying to catch him or get caught again is another question. The role was turned down by multiple more well-known actresses, before being taken by Huppert, who deserves to be more well-known outside her native France. Key to her performance is that her character is not altogether very likable, and if she were not a victim of a heinous crime, you’d have a real difficult time feeling empathy for her. That takes far more guts, I think, than playing out brutal scenes of assault, since we tend to demand our heroines be pure as the driven snow.

Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea)

He’s been turning in the best work he possibly can in every role he’s had, big or small, for two decades, always overshadowed in fame by his older brother, but this year is Casey’s. Angry, violent, adrift and bereft, Lee Chandler is a man with no purpose in a world that demands every man have one, not that he grasps himself on that level: he’s simply a man who has been struck over and over until nothing but armor remains. Forced to deal with the issue of custody for his nephew after his brother dies, he portrays a truth no man wants to face: not all of us are cut out for responsibility. Despite this, Affleck walks a fine line, making Lee simultaneously a jerk and someone you’d really like to see come out on top. Unfortunately, as Lee well knows, the world just isn’t that simple.

Honorable mentions: I limited my list to 15, and even after expanding from ten it was still difficult. There are lots of great roles that didn’t make the cut, and here are the ten that really gave the winners a run for their money, in one big list. If you don’t see your favorite, remember: it doesn’t necessarily mean they weren’t good, just that I can’t possibly list them all.

Kristen Stewart (Cafe Society)
The Cast of Don’t Think Twice
Royalty Hightower (The Fits)
Meryl Streep (Florence Foster Jenkins)
Lou de Laage (The Innocents)
Ruth Negga (Loving)
Lucas Hedges (Manchester by the Sea)
Jessica Chastain (Miss Sloane)
Pretty much everybody in Moonlight (Moonlight)
Katie Holmes (Touched With Fire)

Seth Rollins - Prompt #80 Part 3

Prompt: Part 1 Part 2 
Requested: I can’t remember sorry… Tell me if you guys want more and want to be tagged if I write more.
Warnings: Swearing? 
y/s/n: Your son’s name

*Seth’s POV* 

As I quietly closed the door to y/n’s hotel room, I leant against the door and sighed. I didn’t know what I was expecting when I showed up at her door. Honestley I kinda thought she would slam the door in my face. When she asked if I wanted to see him, my heart stopped. He was perfect. He looked so peacefully. He had one of his legs out from under his blanket, something y/n does constantly. 

I smiled as I walked down the hall to my room. When I originally found out y/s/n was mine… I’m not going to lie, I freaked out. My mind was racing. But now that I’ve had time to calm down and think and see him. I felt okay. It was still massive and out of the blue but I was okay. Y/n and I had talked about kids after we got engaged. She loved kids. She always babysat for family and friends from a young age. Me, kids weren’t my top priotiy. I didn’t care whether or not I had kids, until that night. 

She lay in bed findling with her engagment ring. It had been a week since I had asked her to marry me and she was still playing with it. 

“I really love it” she smiled as I walked into the bedroom drying my hair with a towel. 

“Now that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together” I said lying on the bed next to her “What’s your biggest fear?” 

“Geez going in deep. I thought you were going to say what my favourite colour was” She smiled 

“That yellow, because it makes you smile” I said rubbing her legs “come on… you always said you’d tell me when we were more serious. I don’t think there is anything more serious then choosing a human to spend the rest of your life with” 

“I don’t want to freak you out” She said taking a deep breath 

“Never” I smiled 

“….Not being able to have kids” 

“Really? I never would have guessed that” 

“Yeah. I’ve thought about it since I was like 15. I’ve always been surrounded by kids. I was the only girl my age in my family friend group. Like everyone else my age were boys and the girls were like 5 when I was 15 so I was always looking after kids when everyone got together. So I loved kids and it made think imagine if I wasn’t able to have kids” she said 

“There’s alaways other options babe” I whispered taking her hands 

“I’ve seen first hand how hard it is for people to have kids. Like yes there’s adoption or fostering but like…I want them to be ours. At least related to one of us. Surragacy can be horrible. I saw my friend go through so much heartache with surragacy and I can’t imagine going through it myself” 

We ended up talking about names for kids and I was really glad that she gave y/s/n the top name that we talked about together. She knew I liked the name, it at least means she was thinking about me when she was pregnant. 

The next morning I headed to the gym with Cesaro and filled him in on everything that had happened in the past 24 hours. 

“Is your life ever normal? Like can you just have no drama in your life?” Cesero asked as we headed to a coffee shop. 

“Apprently not” I shrugged 

“So what are you going to do?” Cesero said grabbing his coffee off the table 

“I’m going to be there obviously. I want to be in his life. I’m probably going to move to Florida. I want to be there. I’m gonna talk to someone to make sure we have the same schedules. I’ve missed heaps in just 6 months. I can’t miss anymore” I said 

“I meant about y/n” Cesaro said “It’s been what two years?” 

“Yeah pretty much” I sighed “I don’t know what to do with her. You know how I feel about her” 

“I know I just want you to say it” Cesaro smirked “You fucked up with her” 

“I know I did” I rolled my eyes. It was the worst mistake of my life. The only thing I can put it down to is having a crisis about the rest of my life but that’s no excuse for cheating. My friends and everyone around constantly reminded me how stupid I was. Dean ripped into me. He was like her big brother and since y/n and Renae were such good friends. “I love her. I never stopped. She’s my perfect girl and now she has my baby. I mean I’m tied to her for the rest of my life” 

“Or at least until y/s/n is 18″ Cesaro said 

“I want her. I want us to be a family again but I ruined that. I hurt her and I don’t think she would ever take me back” 

“You never know until you try” 

“You really want us back together?” 

“You made each other happy. You made her happy as much as she made you happy. I watched your relationship blossom. And it hurt me when you broke up” 

“I get it! I fucked up!” I exclaimed 

“I also miss traveling with her. She was great” 

“You realise if we got back got back together and she travelled with us again there would be a baby here” 

“I can deal with that. I’d be a great uncle. Just promise me you’ll try” 

“I’ll try. I’m gonna give her time though…She needs time” 

Hope you guys liked it

Stop. Pause your scrolling. Wait. I have a thing for you.

Actual Mummy Newt.

That’s it. Resume scrolling if you want, but know that I’ll be judging you - Graves will be judging you, because actual Mummy Newt is the most adorable thing in all of creation and if you hurt his feelings by ignoring him then Graves will have to eviscerate you. He won’t want to do it. It’ll make him sad. But he’ll do it.

Now how, you might ask, does Newt evolve into Actual Mummy Newt? Like this:

There’s a girl. The girl is desperate, the girl is scared, but the girl saw Newt save a Jengu spirit from a hunter’s net on the river banks and she thinks - she hopes - that he will be kind. She tucks her baby’s blankets more tightly around her and kisses her tiny fingers and says goodbye, and she leaves the baby on the doorstep of the tiny hut. She retreats - but not far, because there are wild dogs and wild cats and she is determined to see her baby safe - and waits.

The door opens. A man peers out, cautious, wand raised. Her breath stutters to a halt and her heart freezes in her chest, because it isn’t Newt, it isn’t the kind man - it’s Graves. Graves stalks around glaring balefully at the world and it’s easy to mistake him for an angry man. The girl knows angry men. She readies herself to move forwards, to take her daughter and run, to forget this plan and ignore the better future she hoped her daughter would have -

Graves picks the baby up, gently, nervously, as though she were something precious and fragile. His face, when he looks at her, is blank; when he looks up and sees through the girl’s pitiful illusens, there is sorrow and fury and careful understanding in his gaze. Remember, Graves was an auror because he wanted to protect people. Remember, Graves was an auror who saw all the things people needed protecting from. He makes to step forwards, baby cradled in his arms, to say something, perhaps - the girl vanishes. Her heart pounds and she’s crying and that’s it, that’s goodbye, she’s done everything she can do. 

(It’s not goodbye. It’s only until later, and later is sixteen years away when the girl - the woman - holds her daughter close and presses desperate kisses into her curly hair and smooths her hands over her perfect face. In the background the man she thought was kind and the man she thought was angry stand to the side and smile. The woman will be crying then, when she says goodbye for the second time, but they will be different tears and a different goodbye and her daughter will turn around and say I’ll write, mama, and I’ll bring you photos next time to show you where I’ve been.)

But that is then and this is now, and now Graves goes down the ladder one careful step at a time and stares at the bundle held against his chest. Tiny grey eyes and tiny snuffling nose and tiny dark eyelashes blinking against tiny dark cheeks - she’s tiny.

“We’ll take her to Nairobi,” he tells Newt. “They’ll have an orphanage there, or a family who can take her in.”

Newt lays her down on his lap - she’s no longer than his thigh, she fits in like she’s made to be there and curls her legs against his stomach - and runs gentle fingers over the fluff on her head. “We can’t apparate with a baby,” he says. “It’ll be slow - a month, maybe?” The baby sneezes and Newt waves his fingers at her, distracting her while he wipes the bubbles of milk-spit away.

“It takes as long as it takes,” Graves says, and maybe he honestly deludes himself into thinking that will only be a month.

Because. That month.

The baby is two weeks old, or thereabouts. She can’t see, not really - she scowls at the world as it fails to come into focus and Graves scowls right back and makes Newt laugh. She can smell though, and for the first few nights she is miserable and howling because she can smell that her mother is gone; she tugs at the cloth of Newt’s shirt and scrabbles for milk that he doesn’t have and she wriggles against a hold that isn’t the right hold and she screams.

Newt bounces her and talks to her, always talks to her non stop nonsense words, and waits for her to get used to him. He mixes four different kinds of milk to make the best substitute he can (and sends Graves out among the habitats to collect them) and feeds it to her with a careful diligence while Graves hovers and worries about it being the right temperature. When she fusses and squalls, Newt rubs her back until burps and makes a face as he cleans away the excess milk.

There are a lot of cleaning charms involved. Babies make a lot of mess. Newt switches into old clothes, comfy clothes, over-large button shirts with the sleeves rolled up soft cardigans that he can wrap around the baby like a blanket and hug her against his chest. He bounces her and he babbles to her and he coos in delight when she looks at him and smiles, even though he knows it doesn’t mean anything at that age. He gets up in the middle of the night and shambles over to the cot on the other side of the room and stifles a yawn as he picks her up and tries to convince her to tell him what’s wrong.

“She’s a baby,” Graves grumps from where he’s trying to osmose through the sheets and become one with the mattress. “She can’t tell you what’s wrong. She doesn’t speak English, she speaks loud.”

“Can too,” Newt protests. “She says she’s hungry.”

Graves’ reply contains several swear words at that and Newt pointedly covers the baby’s ears. Graves’ reply to that is to offer a rude hand gesture on his zombie-stumbling way down to the kitchen to retrieve and heat up the milk. He hands it to Newt and stands behind him while Newt feeds her, Graves’ arms wrapped around Newt’s waist and Graves’ chin balanced on Newt’s shoulders.

“She needs a name,” Newt says softly while he’s tucking her blanket around her and setting her back down to sleep.

“It’s only three weeks to Nairobi,” Graves says back just as softly.

“I was thinking Claire,” Newt continues as though Graves hadn’t spoken, and the stubborn tilt to his chin says that Newt is prepared to engage selective deafness however many times Graves tries to raise the point.

Graves doesn’t try that hard. Six weeks later - because Newt and schedules? No. - they arrive in Nairobi and take Claire to the local centre for magical fostering. Ten days after that they leave Nairobi as the official, legally recognised adoptive parents of one Claire Mathilda Scamander-Graves, and by that point Graves has even learnt to keep the milk in a coolbox in the bedroom instead of falling down the ladder to the kitchen every night in search of it.

♡lion-squad’s Klance Fanfic Rec♡

As of January 6th 2017, these are my all time favorite klance fanfics. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did <3

My Top Favs™ (aka so good I cry thinking about them):

You Never Stood A Chance by Kagoshima

lance to hunk ♡
>i’m gonna fukin die hunk oh mygod i sent
>keith a work out selfie that i wan supposed to fcukin send to you and you know what it said

(Or, Keith is beautiful, Lance has a crush, and there’s lots of shirtless selfies)

Pepsi cola- by stalemateBecks

It starts like this: Lance looking up at the scoreboard only a few days into his Garrison training and muttering to himself, “What the hell kind of a name is Keith?”

I can’t help but want- by aknightly

Lance deals with the aftermath of being sucked into a black hole and stranded on an alien planet. When Lance wakes up, all he can see is blue.

Cause you’re learning me(WIP)- by Safra

Here’s what Lance knows about his mysterious flatmate:

1. His name is Kevin. Or Keith. Or something like that.
2. He’s studying astrophysics which, honestly, is pretty cool.
3. He doesn’t know how to use the washing machine.
4. He can’t cook. Like— At all.
5. And— Well. And that’s about all Lance knows about the mysterious Kevin/Keith because, after nearly two months of living together - after almost two months of sharing a bathroom and a kitchen and all the other things that come with being flatmates - Lance has never, not even once, actually seen him.

Call me beep me- by Safra 

(00:31) Do you think she gave me the wrong number on purpose?
(00:31) Or was it a genuine mistake?
(00:32) Like maybe she writes funny and I misread it?
(00:32) Some of the numbers do look a little dodgy…
(00:33) Cause, you know, her threes could very easily be poorly formed eights? And maybe she writes her sevens like her ones?
(00:45) What
(00:46) The
(00:46) Fuck???
(00:47) Oh good, you are awake!

where lance messages the wrong number and things kind of snowball from there

The little things- by fairietailed

On Friday Hunk can hear the two of them behind him as they walk to the control room, and he swears he hears something akin to a kiss, and Keith whispering.“That’s 10-7, Cargo Pilot. Try catching up.”

When Hunk turns around Lance is bright red, and there’s a foot of space between him and Keith. Or maybe he’s imagining things?

Nightmares- by trashness

Lance’s nightmares are getting out of control. It’s effecting his and the team’s performance, but he’s at a loss for how to fix this.Apparently sleeping next to a warm body helps.

In a hundred lifetimes (I’d find you and I’d choose you)- by ashtxns

It happens to him and he’s alright with that. But ever since Keith started appearing in the other versions, Lance can’t help but think that the universe is trying to tell him something.

Or, Lance travels to different versions of his life. The only constant is Keith.

Sight for sore eyes- by Writewild

Photographer!Lance’s deadline for the magazine he works on the side for is coming up really soon, and has to search last-minute photo opportunities soon. One boy catches his eye.

Altea school of witchcraft and wizardry (WIP)- by yeah_no_sorry

Some kids go to Altea (magic school) and learn a lot about both themselves and each other as they struggle through magical homework, detention, and battling the dark wizard Zarkon and his evil forces. (Harry Potter!AU)

The bruises and contusions will remind me what you did when you wake(SERIES)- by asexualrey                                                                              a series of one shots centered around the paladins and hurt/comfort

You Don’t Wanna Be AloneThe very last thing Keith wants is for anyone to make a big deal over this when he’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

My Head is Dizzy NowAllura had better get there soon. He doesn’t want to be responsible for Lance dying just because he’s completely useless.

Weak linkThe one thing he always wants when he doesn’t feel well is his mom, and she’s…god knows how far away she is. She probably thinks he’s dead.
In this moment, he almost wishes he was.

Other really good ones I like:

Whiskey (part ½ of Whisky)(smut)- by Redburn

What’re you drinking?” the sultry voice asked.

Keith glanced up, momentarily shocked into silence. The guy - not even kidding - was fucking stunning.

champagne supernova (part 2/2 of whisky)(not smut)- by Redburn

Keith tries to ask Lance to marry him. Then he tries to ask him again. And then he tries again-By the forth time he’s pretty sure the universe is just fucking with him now.

The greater enemy- by genericfanatic

Lance is displeased when he finds out his crush and childhood friend is dating Takashi Shirogane. Keith is displeased when he finds out his foster brother is dating Princess Allura. Both are equally displeased that this means they end up having to live together. So they decide to do something about it.

In the silence of a safe place- by sassively

When it all gets to be too much, Lance stops time. Keith stays with him until Lance feels ready to start the world again.

And I’ll keep you a daydream away- by ashtxns

But, I mean, y’know, am I gay for Keith? You – Wait. What?”

He stares at the camera.

“Oh my God. I am gay for Keith.” (parks and rec! Au)

Found in translation- by princevince

Lance and Keith are on a stargazing date in the Castleship’s smallest observation deck. The stars help to shed some light on a few things.

Squeezing my heart- morvish

5 times they kissed, and 1 time they talked about it.

Alternatively: Lance and Keith don’t start off with the best communication strategy.

3 words or less- by fairietailed

Keith,” Pidge says, resting their elbow on the table and their chin on the palm of their hand. “Describe Lance in three words or less.”


”Lance lets out a squawk of protest. “What are you even talking about?! You know exactly who I am!”

Keith doesn’t look at him. “I’m unfamiliar with the name.”

Sweet quiznak- checkeredcloth

You’re really into him,“ Hunk mutters, and wow, Lance’s face is on fire. Hunk is killing him.”

Look, read into how you like, Freud, just make sure that if I die Keith knows I totally would’ve mowed his ass like grass. That way, I can laugh hysterically at his emotionally-constipated expression from the afterlife.“

Or: Lance is badly injured and has a few skeletons in his closet. Or maybe just the one.

Eyes wide to you with wonder- aknightly

Keith doesn’t dislike his job, but he definitely dislikes Lance. Probably. Maybe.

“Coran thinks you’ll bang at the Christmas party but I think that’s giving you guys way too much credit,” Pidge says thoughtfully. “Hunk is a romantic. He thinks Lance is gonna ask you out any day now. I think he’s got a week or so before he owes me like a hundred bucks.”

“Pidge, what the fuck?” Keith says, flustered. He nudges them again with his foot, this time slightly harder. They scowl at him, swatting him away. “Why would you bet on me and Lance?”

Cut from the same stubborn cloth- by genericfanatic

Keith is keeping a secret from Lance. Shiro knows everyone looks up to him, but doesn’t feel that he deserves it. They both feel that they’ve been hurting their loved ones.

We don’t need to keep it hush- by jojotxt

snuggle muffin (6:38): haha i know right
snuggle muffin (6:38): i love you too

Pidge’s eyes widened, and she audibly gasped. No fucking way.

Bottle episode- themoistplinth

Everyone is sick of Keith and Lance’s constant bickering yet they still insist that they’re friends. The gang bet that Keith and Lance couldn’t spend three days locked in a room together without hurting each other, and they’re not entirely wrong

All we have to do- by aknightly

Keith gets hurt during a mission, and Lance is not sure how to handle that.

Lance wakes up on the floor outside of the medical bay, jerking wildly, body a mess of aches and twinges.

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