they are making me want to hurl myself off a cliff

“Maximum Ride” sentence starters
  • “Man, you weigh a freaking ton. What’ve you been eating, rocks?”
  • “Can I come in?”
  • “We will call you Little One.“
  • “I can talk to fish!”
  • “She doesn’t have a soul. Have you ever seen her dance?”
  • “You were designed to be very smart.”
  • “And yet I still can’t program my DVD player.”
  • “There’s nothing special about him at all.”
  • “Well… He’s a snappy dresser.”
  • “Pick a tree. I’ll carve our initials into it.”
  • “So there you have it: the extent of my charms.”
  • “I don’t damnsel well. Distress, I can do. Damnseling? Not so much.”
  • “I choose you.”
  • “Oh, God, I want to do this all the time.”
  • “Don’t ever leave me again.”
  • “I won’t. I won’t, not ever.”
  • “Come back!”
  • “Wake up! Snap out of it!”
  • “You stupid jerk! I’m going to kill you if you die on me!”
  • “I offered to pee on him, but they said no.”
  • “They call me, The Sharkalator.”
  • “I love you. I looooove you. I love you thiiiiiiiiiis much!”
  • “I once ate nine sicker bars in a row without barfing. It was a record.”
  • “I vill now destroy de Snickuhs bahs!”  
  • “Blending is out of the question.”
  • “There is one bright side to this.”
  • “You looove me, you love me this much!”
  • “You are avake, yah?”
  • “And you’re still a jerk, yah?”
  • “You stand out like a fart in a church.”
  • “Where was the catch? ‘Cause I knew one was coming.”
  • “Do you ever have dirty thoughts about spongebob?”
  • “You’re all the same. Count me out.”
  • “Oh great. Yoda captured us.”
  • “Dang, I’m good.”
  • “I feel like I’m going to hurl.”
  • “I feel like I’m going to HURL. Which, even if I wanted to do, I couldn’t do, because I haven’t eaten.”
  • “I can’t even drag myself out of my room.”
  • “You’re a diabolical little pyro, aren’t you?”
  • “If you’re ever feeling a lack of middle-aged white men, just pop into the Capitol.”
  • “Yes, let’s have more testosterone running the country.”
  • “Go to Germany and have kids together.”
  • “Oh. Was I not supposed to say anything?”
  • “I mean, this is pathetic.”
  • “You can help each other. You’re perfect complements to each other.”
  • “Shut up!”
  • “I hear voices, okay?”
  • “If you’re gonna be here, get used to it. Or else keep your distance.”
  • “No, I know. It’s just–”
  • “Their mothers were nobodies.”
  • “Well, you’re right there.”
  • “Yeah, you’re sitting in a tree because you’re fine. That’s easy to see.”
  • “All you need now to make yourself more pathetic is a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!”
  • “Excuse me? I’m alive too.”
  • “So the first thing we’re going to do —is push you off the roof.”
  • “I am a starfishhhh!”
  • “I don’t care if we have our house, or a cliff ledge, or a cardboard box. Home is wherever we all are, together.”  
  • “If you think I’m going to let you give up on us now, you’ve got another think coming.”
  • “ No! It’s different for you, you don’t know what it’s like…”
  • “You’re coming with us right now, or I swear I will kick your skinny white ass from here to the middle of next week.”
  • “Now get up, before I kill you.”
  • “Well, when you put it that way…”
  • “Is that one of those square ones, in the middle?”  
  • “What’s so funny ‘bout peace, love, and world destruction?”  
  • “I’m not going to die today.”
  • “Time to die.”
  • “Harden your heart.”
  • “Save your world. Love it. Protect it, and respect it and don’t let haters represent it. 
  • “It’s yours! It’s all yours for the taking!”
  • “Don’t leave the saving to anyone else, ever.”
  • “I’m human, do you hear me? It hurts!”
  • “When did they start coming after you?”
  • “I think it was the bomb. That definitely seemed to tick them off.”
  • “Just give it your best shot.”
  • “You know, it sounds like you guys didn’t really think this all the way through.”
  • “Well, I got news for you, nimrod.”
  • “I’m done jumping through your hoops.”
  • “You can tell yourselves that you’re doing all this to save the world, but really you’re just a bunch of psycho puppet-masters who probably didn’t date enough in high school.”
  • “You mean you don’t have one? You can get ‘em at Target.”
Thief (Part 5)

Pairing: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Swearing…. i think that might be it this chapter. 

Hope you enjoy this little chapter. If you want to read the previous chapters for thief they can be found here;;;;;
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Lincoln would heal that much was obvious with very little medical training, which was good because you had very little medical training, your skills obviously in other areas. As it was the most you could do for him was clean the blood from his wounds, bandage them and let him sleep. Regain his strength through rest.

With nothing else to do you for him you slipped from the cave only to come face to face with Octavia the young woman from before.

“You made it?”

“Clearly” you crossed your arms over your chest staring at her. “You have some sort of feelings towards Lincoln?”

She blushed turning an adorable shade of pink as she started to fidget on the spot. “He got hurt because of me”

“How exactly is this because of you?”

“He was looking after me, Finn and Bellamy they thought he was hurting me and somehow he ended up stabbed and then everything was just crazy”

Lincoln was looking after you?” Lincoln was strange in many of grounder customs but you never would have thought he would deliberately disobey them and help one of the sky people. Then again wasn’t that exactly what you were doing, you had been meeting with Finn, had been plotting against your own people. That was going to end. “Why was Lincoln looking after you in the first place?”

“I fell” she pointed towards the steep cliff near to the entrance of the cave. “I fell there and hurt my ankle, knocked myself out. Woke up in the cave. Lincoln had taken me inside and bandaged up my ankle”

“You like him?”

She was blushing again but this time not out of embarrassment. “I like him”

Sighing you rubbed a hand over your face. This could only go badly. A relationship between a grounder and a sky person. It would never end well. Ignoring the pang of your conscious that told you only hours before you’d been having very similar thoughts about this girl’s brother.

“Lincoln’s still asleep. He needs to rest but he’ll be fine. Watch him”

“You mean… you aren’t staying?”

You shook your head. “I have to go back to my own people, I won’t say anything about you Octavia Blake of the Sky people but I advise you to be very careful with this relationship whatever it is with you and Lincoln”

“Careful?” she questioned. “Why?”

“You know the answer to that already, it’s why you haven’t told your brother where you are or who you’ve come to see”

She avoided your eyes at that proving that she knew exactly what you were talking about. Moving around her she caught your wrist in her hand holding you still.

“Thank you”

“For what? Lincoln? He’s my friend there is no thanks needed”

“No not for Lincoln. For Finn, he would have died without you”

You swallowed tightly at that. He still might die, the antidote was not always 100% effective, a fact you hadn’t told to them. You hoped you’d managed to give it to Finn before the poison got too advanced into his system.

“For Finn also there is no need to thank me” you said softly, pulling your wrist out of Octavia’s grasp you melted back into the shadows of the forest.


“You’re looking better”

“I hear that’s thanks to you” Finn smiled at you from his position on the ground sat leaning against a tree. “Thank you Y/N, for saving my life”

“Did they tell you what happened?” you dropped down onto the floor beside Finn. Curious as to what the other sky people had actually told him about what happened while he was passed out.

“You mean the other grounder and you escaping again? Yeah they told me. Gave me a laugh if nothing else. Bellamy’s face when you vanished once more”

You were going to guess that Bellamy had failed to mention to his people that he had in fact caught you before leaving and that this time it was him who had voluntarily let you go, he had chosen to let you escape.

“Finn we need to talk about something… something is going to happen because of this. Anya is furious and I don’t know how long she’s going to hold herself back anymore”

“Can you stop her?”

“Me?” you questioned in shock “No, of course not”


“Finn I don’t have that kind of influence over Anya. I’m not her second or even an advisor to her war council. Sure I can try and talk to her but that may just make the situation even worse”

Finn was looking more and more dejected of which you couldn’t blame him. The tension between your two groups of people had started to reach boiling point and it didn’t seem that there was any way of solving it.

“If only we could… maybe try and get Anya and Clarke in the same place. They could talk rather than just hurling attacks at each other” you regretted the words almost instantly because Finn’s face lit up in delight.

“That’s it! It’s perfect. You get Anya and I’ll get Clarke. They can talk, we can have some sort of peace talks”

“Finn that is insane” you shook your head again “I was just thinking out loud I wasn’t serious. Did you not understand what I just said about Anya being angry beyond all belief. The only thing that putting her near Clarke would achieve is blood shed”

“But they could talk”

“Finn” you cut him off once more “she doesn’t want to talk. She wants to kill, to destroy she want’s to hurt you all as badly as you hurt us”

“So what do we do?” he asked sadly “just sit around and watch our people kill each other?”

“I don’t know if there’s anything we can do”

You carefully picked the leaf off a nearby plant, shredding the leaves into neat strips and letting them flutter down from your fingers. Your brain felt fried, you really couldn’t think of any way to try and resolve the issue, or not one that didn’t involve mass amounts of bloodshed and possible death. That wasn’t what you wanted, or not truly anyhow. The idea of all your friends dying in a battle that could achieve nothing was devastating.

Out of nowhere the face of Bellamy Blake appeared as well, you didn’t want him to die either. The idea hurt on a level you’d never felt before. You didn’t understand your feelings towards Bellamy and didn’t want to examine them all to closely at the moment but that also didn’t mean you wanted him dead.

“I can… try and talk to Anya”

“You will?” Puppy dog eyes flicked back to your own as they lit with excitement.

“I can plant the idea, I’m not saying it will work but I honestly can’t think of any other option and your right. I don’t want a war”

“I can get Clarke to agree”

“I’m sure you can” you smirked at his sudden blush and inability to look you in the eye. “It has to be just you and Clarke though Finn. If Anya agrees to this and then there’s some sort of ambush that will literally be it, no more talking and no more waiting. There will be war”

You didn’t mention that if this did turn into an ambush against your people then you’d been killed for suggesting it assumed to be in league with the sky people. It was better that Finn didn’t know anyhow.

“I can get just Clarke” he insisted mouth set in a determined line. “This can work Y/N”

“I hope so Finn, I truly hope so”

It would unfortunately take more than Finn’s word to convince Anya that this would work and whatever she would demand from you was going to be bad. Was it worth the risk? You didn’t know but what you did know was that if you didn’t try you would never forgive yourself.

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Heyyy I'm sorry if you don't do these things but,,,, if you ever have time maybe could you write some more killugon with Ging involved?? Your writing it to good!!

No, its okay!!! I definitely do these things haha

I’m actually not too confident with my Ging but I tried my best ^^; I hope this is okay!

This is canon universe still, the boys are 18 here! This takes place a few days after the last part of this story. Previous parts of the ‘Gon and Killua deal with an intrusive Ging Freecss’ saga: one & two

It was supposed to be a peaceful evening, just him and Killua spending the night out exploring Whale Island like they used to when they were younger- just two kids with stars in their eyes and no understanding of things like spiders and ants and separations that left holes the size of canyons in the center of their chests.

Gon had wanted to go because there was going to be a meteor shower, and it was the first really clear night since they’d arrived here. Killua hadn’t said why he’d agreed to come along besides the undeniable fact that he would follow Gon everywhere and anywhere in the world.

But Gon knew the truth: Killua wanted to get away from Ging for a few hours. And Gon honestly didn’t blame him.

Ging wasn’t…as horrible as Gon had been worried he might be upon meeting Gon’s most important person. But he wasn’t exactly making the visit easy either with the snide remarks and suggestive commentary that left both Killua and Aunt Mito shrieking.

So a change of scenery and some distance would have done some good. If not for Ging somehow magically popping out of the underbrush behind Gon and Killua’s makeshift camp halfway through the night.

“Oh.” Ging straightened as Gon gaped at his father. “Ah. Its you two…”

“Oh, god,” Killua groaned and pressed the heels of his hands to his eyes. His head was currently resting in Gon’s lap, starlight hair pushed off his forehead in a way that was just begging Gon to play with the silky strands.

“Please,” Killua begged. “Please, Gon, tell me I’m hallucinating and that’s not your father over there.”

Gon winced. “I, uh, can’t tell you that, unless I’m hallucinating, too. And I don’t think I am.”

“Then push him off the cliff.”

Ging snorted. “I’m taking it I’m not exactly wanted here?”

“No shit!” Killua spat out and Gon curled his hands in Killua’s hair to keep him from hurling himself at Ging. “Leave! How the hell did you even find us?!”

“If you think you know Whale Island better than I do, you’ve got another thing coming, kid. This place isn’t exactly a secret.”

Then, to Gon’s shock, Ging began to make his way over to their campfire. Gon watched as the older man dropped gracelessly onto the cold ground opposite them, folding his arms and legs immediatley. The disgruntled expression on his face told Gon that Ging would rather be anywhere than here.

So, why was he?

“This is a good place for star gazing,” Ging said in the tense silence.

“…that’s why we came here,” Gon said awkwardly. Killua hadn’t moved an inch away from his current position- Killua was kind of weird in the sense that he wouldn’t get embarrassed around people that irritated him, like Ging- and his thin lips were pressed together tightly. It was obvious he wasn’t going to acknowledge Ging’s presence from here on out.

Gon wasn’t too upset by that. It meant he could keep running his fingers through Killua’s incredibly soft locks without Killua voicing a word of protest. He liked it best when Killua was like this: pliant, easy, subdued. And the pink hue on Killua’s cheeks was more than enough to fill Gon’s chest with a bursting warmth.

Ging didn’t comment on their current pose. Instead, he just said, “Did you know that I used to bring Mito up here?”

Gon blinked. “You did?”

Ging nodded. He squinted up at the sky, saying, “She used to make a big fuss about it, too. She didn’t like going out at night. But she always stopped complaining the second she saw the view.”

“Did you explore Whale Island a lot with Aunt Mito?” Gon asked as he continued to play with Killua’s hair. He could feel his friend slowly relaxing under his touch and Gon couldn’t help the gentle smile that tugged at his lips. Killua’s eyes were closed, so he couldn’t see the look on Gon’s face, but that was okay.

Just being with Killua again was enough. And the fact that they were dating- that Killua belonged to him, that Killua had still chosen Gon after everything that happened, that Killua loved him- made everything ten times better.

“Nah, not too much,” Gon heard Ging said distantly in the background. “She was younger than me. That made it hard for her to do some of the things I would go after. Plus, I was stronger so I went off on my own most of the time. Still, she was pretty upset when I left.”

“Well, duh,” Killua spoke up suddenly, startling the other two. “Saying goodbye to someone you care about is never easy. How did you think she’d react?!”

Ging leaned back on his hands. “I never thought much about it, to be honest.”

“How could you not think about that?!” Killua snapped and Gon’s heart twisted. He knew what goodbye Killua was thinking about, and it wasn’t Ging’s departure with Aunt Mito.

“I just didn’t,” Ging said flatly. “I don’t think about stuff like that. I have myself and what I want to do in life; Mito has her own life, too. We’re different people with different priorities. That doesn’t mean I never thought about her, though.”

Killua seethed quietly. He looked like he was about to say more but Gon pressed his hand over Killua’s fist before he could open his mouth.

Blue eyes met brown. Gon shook his head slightly and Killua deflated with an annoyed huff.

“You’re crazy,” Killua said to Ging. “You do know that, right?”

“If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be a Freecss,” Ging shot back.

Gon laughed out loud at that as Killua scowled. Trust Ging to be brutally honest.

They spent the rest of the night like that, exchanging banter and random facts about their lives. Ging told them several stories of his and Mito’s adventures while Killua complained about some inconveniences during his travels with Alluka around the world. Gon didn’t say much for the most part. He simply listened to the grin in Killua’s voice, the obnoxious lilt in Ging’s, and kept brushing his hands through Killua’s fluffy locks.

He didn’t remember falling asleep. But when he woke up, eyes bleary from hours-long rest and muscles sore from sitting up all night, Ging was gone.

“Where did he go?” Gon asked as Killua crouched next to the spot where Ging had sat just hours earlier.

“Dunno…oh, wait. There’s a note.”


Gon lurched to his feet and scrambled over to Killua. 

Together, they read the words written in scrawly handwriting:

Its been fun. See you two soon.

“There’s no signature,” Gon said. 

“Well its not like there’s any doubt who left it, you know?” Killua stretched his arms over his head with a yawn. Gon had to tear his gaze away from the tiny strip of white skin that appeared above Killua’s waistband as Killua’s shirt rode up. “And its Ging we’re talking about, here. Out of all the crap he’s pulled, leaving Whale Island in the middle of the night isn’t the weirdest.”

Gon grinned, cheeks warm from his blush. “True. Last night was fun, though.”

Killua shrugged but Gon could still see the hidden smile in the corner of his mouth. “I guess it wasn’t too bad.”

Happiness bubbled up inside of Gon. He was glad. Killua hadn’t hated Ging in the end, and Ging hadn’t hated Killua. Not that it would’ve mattered much, because he wasn’t going to part from Killua’s side any time soon, but still. It was nice to know that his whole family knew each other now.

“Ready to head back?” Gon asked and held out his hand.

Killua’s eyes softened. He wrapped his fingers around Gon’s and squeezed them lightly.

“Yeah. Let’s go. Maybe your aunt will have lunch made by the time we get back.”

And off they went.

Title: La Douleur Exquise 
Word count: 2,403
Character: the Marquis de Lafayette

“Another sonata, Madamoiselle Y/N!” A familiar, teasing voice called out to you from across the room. You smiled, shaking your head, allowing your fingers to dance over the keys yet another time. The merriment and dancing swept through the room again, making the flooring of the chateau positively shake beneath the brilliant light of chandeliers. Night had long fallen beyond the tall windows, but French salons stopped for nothing, especially not those held in Paris; in fact, the darkness contributed to the often radical discussions that floated through salon rooms. You melted into the atmosphere well, considering the only job your mother assigned you was keeping the crowd entertained with harpsichord pieces accompanied by a popular Paris musician on the violin.

However, as your ears blurred out all the voices and focused entirely on the melody, your mind drifted somewhere else– rather, onto someone else. Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette was always invited to your mother’s salons, who adored him due to how he had always treated you amiably despite his position as an awkward orphan, albeit a wealthy one. He had so far not made an appearance anywhere in the crowd of thirty or so people, which was odd, considering he usually did his best to attend. Or maybe you were overthinking it because you had not seen him in two weeks, which had been suffocating your mood for the entire fortnight. 

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Post-Fall Hannibal

This meta is inspired by amarriageoftrueminds‘s post (x), which is wonderful and non-rambly and doesn’t need my novella length nonsense tacked onto it…but here it goes.

I must be just the worst kind of person, because whenever I’ve contemplated Hannibal’s reaction post-fall, the question for me is not “can Hannibal forgive Will?” it’s “can Hannibal believe will?” Lemme ‘splain…

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Friends; Chapter 5

It’s time for yet another time skip. It’s fourth year and Baz is an angsty little shit. It was 2011 tho, so cut him some slack. I lauged out loud multiple times while writing this one. Enjoy. 

(Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5)


I’m doing some homework in my room, and listening to music. It’s a playlist of avant garde classical pieces and 1980s punk. I listen to it when I’m feeling productive. You should see what I play when I’m sad.

All of a sudden, Simon bursts through the door, breathing heavily. I take off my headphones.

“What’s going on?”

His hands are on his knees, and he’s looking at the ground, panting. When he looks up, I can see a cheeky smile on his face.

“She said yes.”

He flops down on his bed, grinning at the ceiling.

I know exactly what he’s talking about, but I hold out hope that I’m wrong.

“Who said yes to what?”

He turns to me.

“Agatha to being my girlfriend, arsehole”

Even though I knew it was coming, it still hurts. Over the past year, I have conditioned myself to stay calm in these situations. I’ve spent so much time trying to control my feelings; I haven’t really had time to sort them out. So, I don’t know exactly why seeing Simon with Agatha makes me want to hurl myself off of a cliff, or why I sometimes get the urge to kiss him or pin him against the wall or see punch him in the face, but I know several strategies for bottling it all up.



“Come on Bazzy, you don’t have to be a dick about it.”

I don’t know why, but things have been different with me and Baz, ever since I started liking Agatha.

We still do out homework together, and eat lunch together and talk about stuff, but he’s more distant, especially when I talk about her. I think he’s jealous that I have someone and he doesn’t. It’s okay though. We can work through it.

He rolls his eyes and sighs.

“Okay, how did you ask her?”

I smile.

“Okay, so I saw her walking down from dinner, and she said ‘Hi Simon.’ And I was all like ‘Hi Agatha’ and then she started to walk away but I stopped and said ‘Hey, Agatha, do you want to go out sometime?’ and she thought about it and was like ‘Like boyfriend and girlfriend’ and I was like ‘Yeah’ and then she was like ‘Okay’ and I was like ‘Cool’ and then I ran back up here because I had to tell you.”

Wow, that was a lot.

He looks at me blankly.

“So you just… left her there?”


I turn, and run back out of the room. He’s right. After she had said yes, I immediately ran here to tell Baz. I’m such an idiot.


He’s such an idiot. I flop down face first on my bed, and groan into my pillow. Why can’t he be my idiot?


I somehow managed to work things out with Agatha. She had laughed when I explained why I ran off. I love it when she laughs. It sounds like bells tinkling.

I asked her “Hey, do you want to go out on a date Saturday night?”

She nodded.

“Sure, where?”

“I was thinking a picnic on the Great Lawn.”

She smiled at me.

“A little, cheesy, don’t you think.”

“That’s just what people do, y’know? You like a girl, you ask her to be your girlfriend, and you go out for a picnic on the Great Lawn.”

And then you kiss her and then you date her and then you graduate and get married. It’s what you do.

“Okay. I’ll do it.”

I told Baz about it. Obviously. He thought it was cheesy too, but he smiled after I said it, so I think he secretly likes the idea.

“I’ll be back by eight.” I said, and then he nodded and went back to his book. He looked kind of sad. I wonder if something unhappy happened in the story. He can get very invested in the lives book characters.

Now, I’m trying to pick out what to wear. I don’t have many clothes aside from my uniforms, but that doesn’t seem appropriate. I consider wearing my track pants and hoodie.

“Baz, what should I wear?”

He doesn’t look up from his novel.

“Something tasteful. A button down and slacks, maybe a blazer.”

I laugh, and he looks at me.

“I don’t have any of that.”

His eyes get wide.

“You don’t… Crowley, Snow, you really can’t do anything yourself.”

He goes over to his closet and pulls out some clothes. He walks over to me and shoves them into my arms.

“Here, you can borrow some of mine.”

I look. Black slacks, a matching blazer and a baby blue tie. I turn back to him, but he looks away.

“It- it’ll set off your eyes nicely. You can fold up the bottoms of the trousers. They’ll be too big.”

He walks back to his bed and picks up his book, not making eye contact with me. He’s a weird bloke, but I’m glad he can help me with stuff like this.

I change into the clothes, but I can’t seem to work the tie.

I come out, and look over at him.

“Baz, a little help.”

He looks up and sighs.

“You really are useless, aren’t you?”

I nod, smiling cheekily. He walks over and ties my tie, inches away from me. He’s smiling, but he still seems sad. I’ll ask him about it later. He steps back, and nods.

“Okay. You’re ready.”

I fix my hair in the mirror, pick up the basket of scones that Baz had Cook Pritchard make for me, and turn towards the door.

“I’ll be back by eight.” I say again, for no reason in particular. Then, I walk out the door.


I almost slipped. I swear to God, when I was tying his tie, I almost leaned in and kissed him. When he talked about his plans for the date, I almost started crying. This is going to kill me.

I try to focus on my book, but there’s no way that’s going to happen. So, I just sit there, remembering what he looked like in that get up (I was right – the tie complimented his eyes beautifully) and imagining that I was the one having a picnic with him on the Great Lawn. The night crawls by, but eventually it’s eight.

I imagine him coming in the door, saying “Yeah, went on a date with a girl, wasn’t quite my speed. Realized I was pining for you instead the whole time.” If only.

But, he doesn’t. In fact, he doesn’t come back at all. The clock turns to eight o’ five. Then eight ten. Then eight thirty. My mind goes immediately to worst-case scenarios. The humdrum attacked again. He had gotten lost on the way and was now toughing it out in the Wavering Wood. There was only one way to find out the truth.

So, I put on my coat and went out into the night.

I walk quickly towards the Great Lawn, getting more and more worried as I go. Finally, I arrive, and look around frantically for Simon. Then, I see him.

He’s sitting back on the blanket, hair tousled and shining in the moonlight. Agatha is there too, wearing her flouncy pink dress. They’re kissing. She’s almost on top of him. My heart drops into my stomach. Of course, of course, of course. God, I’m such a fucking idiot.

I run, full speed, back to the room, and flop down on my bed. Of course. I put in my headphones.

When I’m sad, I play Taylor Swift, by the way. Specifically “You Belong With Me”.

I cry.

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ok but imagine: the boys getting ready for bed and Joe sitting criss cross applesauce in bed in his boxers, still chatting away about how amazing everything was, Caspar brushing his teeth in Joe's bathroom not really able to hear what Joe is saying but making loud URUH YAH noises through his toothpaste spit, and then hopping into bed in his marmite pants and curling his big arms around Joe's waist and pulling him so close, and Joe looking down at his boyfriend very fondly and doing the (1/3 soz)

thing where he pets Caspar’s head so gently and softly and slowly, and Caspar making a quiet Caspary cooing noise, and Joe leaning over Caspar to turn off the light and then wriggling down under the covers and tangling his legs with Caspar’s, their cold feet touching, and yeah like you said they just hold each other so so close, for body heat because they’re still /bloody/ cold, even hours later, and Caspar kisses Joe’s chest and Joe can’t shut up about how beautiful Zoe looked and (2/3)
how he thinks he lost his pocket handkerchief thing getting into the car leaving the cinema, and how he really hopes the viewers don’t think the director is that mean, and how happy he is that Caspar’s stepdad was able to come, and how he needs to buy literally everyone he knows a pint after tonight, and Caspar is 98% asleep but the 2% awake is used to nod in agreement to everything Joe’s saying, and Joe’s voice slowly trails off after a few minutes as he falls asleep smiling like crazy (3/3)

ok, first of all, i want to die. second, this definitely happened, and this sort of thing happens all the time. just soft touches and warm hugs and enthusiastic conversations and intent listening (why is the thought of the little chatty excitable joe and giant sleepy i-know-i-look-like-i’m-not-listening-but-i-am-bc-its-joe caspar so so so endearing and so so incredibly painful). and lastly, i want to d i e 

Part 5 #1 Newt High school AU: Crash Landing

I opened my eyes to complete darkness and the sound of heavy rain. No thunder or lightning, though. It must have gone on for at least three or four hours, although I can still hear the rain.

I managed to dodge falling rocks, however I wasn’t quick enough to escape the cave and any fallen rubble has blocked the exit. I am completely and utterly trapped.

To calm my nerves, I closed my eyes completely and curled into a ball on the floor. It is only just now that I’ve opened my eyes. I scramble to my knees and feel around in the darkness to try and find some sort of torch. My right arm is burning in pain and I suspect that it caught on something during the commotion. In all honesty, I could care less about my arm. I’m just thankful to be alive and breathing. Not for long, however, if I can’t shift this rock I’ll suffocate on dust and unclean air. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be kept hostage. Not knowing weather you’ll be alive or dead in the next hour…

Still crawling on my hands and knees, somehow I find the supply crate. Blindly, I open it and fumble around it inside. My hand brushes against something solid so I grab it and feel it’s shape. Finally, a torch. Fiddling around, I switch it on and a burst of bright light glares up at me, causing me to stumble backwards slightly. Regaining my balance, I slowly stand up fully. I shine the torch down to the source of the pain on my arm and notice that it’s been grazed in several places just below and above the elbow. Sighing, I slump back against the crate, not caring to waste what little energy I have left from panicking on MORE panicking about my stupid arm. I let out a hoarse cough, my lungs aching from the strain.

My arms the least of my worries.



As soon as (y/n) stormed away, I instantly felt a pang of extreme guilt and sorrow play on my heart strings. I swear that I actually can’t express emotions in the correct manor. Ever. It’s like I’ll say something and mean the opposite. And because I’m a total piece of Klunk, I don’t go after her. I just stand completely still and stare into space.

(y/n), she makes me feel ways that I’m not willing to admit to anyone. It’s been like this for at least two months out of the six I’ve known her. I can’t even admit anything to myself. Last night on the beach with (y/n) all sleepy in my arms, it was something entirely supernatural to me. We’ve obviously had our flirty moments in the past, but to actually stay in close physical contact for an entire nights sleep. That amazes me. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

As I look out into the open patio doors, regret floods into my bloodstream. If I just ADMITTED it…then…no.

Suddenly, heavy rain begins to bounce down from the clouds, thudding onto the ground. Quickly, I slam the outside doors, but not before looking for the location of (y/n). Where did she go? I’m about to run outside, but I feel hands grab my biceps stopping me. Turning, I see Thomas, who pulls me inside and closes the doors for me.

“We all heard the argument…” He says quietly, meeting my eyes.

“Did you see where she left to?” I choke, my voice hoarse.

Thomas shakes his head sympathetically. I’m about to speak again when an ear piercing crack of lightning shoots through the air, illuminating the midday sky which was darkening by the minute.

Before Thomas can stop me, I get up and hurl the back doors open once again.
“(Y/N)?!” I scream her name until it goes sour in my throat. There was no way she could be safe in this storm. I have to protect her. She hates storms. Such a fragile and beautiful creature shouldn’t have to be put through this terror. Lightning is firing in all directions. Just as I’m about to run, more people come to drag me back inside. That’s when I finally let the first tears leak out of my swollen eyes.

“I need to find h-her…and protec-t her…f-f-from the s-s-storm! DO YOU NOT G-GET THAT?!” I stutter within my sobs. Minho pats my back in a miserable attempt to comfort me. “S-she h-hates these bloody s-s-storms…” I murmur with a sniffle.

“Look. (y/n)’s a strong person. She’ll get through this, okay?” Teresa speaks this time.

I nod, not actually believing it though. Teresa guesses this and continues.

“As soon as this lightning clears up, even if it’s still raining, we’ll go out and find her, okay?”

I nod again, this time with a little more meaning. Still, I wish it wasn’t so dangerous outside. I’m worried about her.

“Besides Newt, we can’t have you getting electrocuted now can we?” Gally says, attempting to make a joke but failing miserably.
It’s three hours later when the thunder and lightning finally begin stop. I wait five minutes, anxiously, just in case the Lightning isn’t actually over. When I’m one hundred percent sure that it’s safe to leave, I sprint out of the house into the pouring rain. The lightning has stopped, but not the storm.

“NEWT WAIT!” It’s Teresa. I turn to see her in the doorway of the house. “I think I know where she is…”

I pace back to the house, a bubble of hope lingering in my throat, waiting to be popped. “Where?”

“There’s a cave about two hundred-ish metres down the beach to the right. She always goes there when she’s scared, lonely or just plain upset. We were there earlier today, and I can’t imagine her going anywhere else…” Teresa finished her sentence with words I can’t understand and looks up to meet my eager eyes. “I would come with you but I think that this is something that you two need to sort out.”

I nod my head and thank her before taking back off into the downpour. My face and clothes are getting soaked, not that I care in the slightest. Two hundred meters or so down the sands, just like Teresa said, I spot a cave opening going into the cliff rocks. The only problem is, that it’s been closed up with a lot of rubble.

“(Y/N)?!” I scream, my voice cracking slightly. I swear if she’s in there and…I can’t let my train of thought think like that. Stay positive.

I jog up to the rubble and begin to haul it away from the entrance. My train of thought leads me to wonder HOW it actually got there? And is (y/n) actually in there? Is she…alive? I shake my head at the thought, however a hole remains to linger in my heart. A hole that was once filled with memories and happy times with (y/n). Now, those happy times are being slowly destroyed by an eternal sadness, and I know that if anything has happened to her, that growing hole will eventually destroy me to.

Digging deeper and deeper into the fallen rocks with my bear hands, I tear them all behind me. Surely I can’t be that far away now, right?

As if on cue, I reach the other side. My pace quickens as I rip each and every fallen rock, stone, slab of bedrock from the ten ton heap, until there’s a clear doorway into the darkness.

“(y/n)…?” I ask, my voice barely audible as I squint into the shadows of the cave.

Then as if by magic, I see a lifeless, fragile body of a girl so beautiful, crumpled against the cold stone walls.



I could’ve sworn I heard a noise, but I presumed that it was just death coming to welcome me into its arms. I was wrong.

Opening my eyes, I see a dim light. Within that light, there’s a shadow of a tall blonde boy with mesmerising brown eyes. “Newt…?” I whisper. The sight of the boy just makes my stomach flutter. I take a closer look at him and I notice that he is dripping wet with rain. His shaggy hair is even more messed up than usual and I can’t deny that it looks very hot. Also, I have to force myself to look at his face, and not at his shirt which too, is dripping wet. Because of this, it clings to his toned chest, showing it all off. All I want is to feel his touch, tell him how much he means to me, but I could never let him know that.

Instantly, as if reading my mind, he pounces forward and engulfs me in a warm embrace and I almost return. That is until my mind flashes back to what happened earlier. After a minute, I shove him off and storm outside, a twinge of anger erupting inside my gut. The icy rain against my skin feels like bliss.

“(y/n), what…?” Before Newt can finish, I cut him off.

“So what, you think that you can come and act the hero after what you did before? YOU THINK THAT’S OKAY HUH?” I hiss. Before he can speak, I continue. “SERIOUSLY, one minute you’re telling me how ‘good’ I look and telling me that you’ll always be here. The next minute you’re BLANKING ME LIKE A COWARD NEWT! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? YOU THINK THAT’S A BLOODY COOL THING TO DO? BECAUSE IF YOU DO I SWEAR YOU’RE JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER SELFISH DOOCHE BAGS I KNOW.” I have to stop to breathe in a shaky breath. All my anger was flooding out of my system like water flowing from a tap. “doing stuff like that makes you the ultimate coward, you know? Leading me on like I’m some game to you. AND TO THINK I thought we were F-FRIEN-D-DS-S” my last sentence comes out shaky as I continue to lie to myself.

Newt looked directly at me through the rain, his eyes filled with a pain that looked excruciating. We were at least fifteen feet away from each other, but he began to close the gap with two small strides. “Friends?” He questions.

“Yes, Newt. FRIENDS. Hey, do you want to know WHY I moved to the USA, THE LAND OF DREAMS? Yes, my dad DID get a business deal over here, but he had to apply for that because life in England was VERY BAD FOR ME. I got IGNORED and BLANKED and you know what? EVEN THEN I HAD NO FRIENDS. You could go as far as to say that I was BULLIED!” I begin trembling, but not from the rain. “I never told you because I thought that it would put you off of me, BUT it seams I’ve already taken care of that. You can’t even stand the sight of me.” I laugh sarcastically. “And to think Newt…” I stop myself before I continue to confess what should not ever be confessed.

Then, Newt began to talk. “(y/n), do you want to know WHY I’ve been avoiding you? Why I’ve flirted with you countless times, why I’ve taken you out at midnight just to watch the stars? BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT YOU IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE.” I’m about to object, but he holds a finger up asking me to let him finish. Newts face, rosy cheeked and soaked. “Every time I tell you to ‘put on your seatbelt’, ‘be safe’, ‘eat something’ or just a simple ‘goodnight, love’ is me admitting feelings hidden inside me that I didn’t even know I was capable of feeling. Lying to myself and you, I confess, all this time. But you know WHAT? No more lies! I’m done with lying
(y/n) and I’m sorry that I have done for so long, okay? I miss you when your not with me, I yearn to feel your touch.” He takes another step closer. “You want to know why, why I’ve REALLY been avoiding you?” Another step. “Because (y/n),” two more steps. “I am deeply, madly, completely head-over-heals in love with you.” He stops walking, out of breath, dead in front of me. I meet his eyes.

“You know what, Newt?” I whisper. “I don’t think that I could’ve said it better myself.”

Quick as a flash, I jump up into Newts arms, pull his face down to mine and kiss him gently. Pulling back, the sadness and fury in his eyes have gone. He’s smiling a more genuine grin than what I’ve ever seen before. Suddenly, Newt picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He carries me towards the cave and presses me against an outside wall. His lips attack mine eagerly, rain water splashing against our skin.

Running my hands through Newts sodden hair, he moves us inside the cave and pushes us against another wall. He places his warm hands on my hips, rolling my shirt slightly so that he can rub my waist gently. Newt begins to kiss all over my face, whispering affectionate words to me in-between every touch of his lips. Then, he moves his mouth close to my ear, just like in gym class.

“You look even better today, (y/n). Your shirts practically see through too…”

I grin helplessly at the comment. “Your such a flirt. And yours is too…” I whisper as I begin to kiss his jaw. Newt doesn’t want that though. He moves his lips onto mine again and bites my lip, continuing to kiss me. Smiling a very wide smile, I tug on his hair before tracing his shirt hem with the tips of my fingers. He instantly breaks the kiss for no less than a second and whips off the shirt, throwing it to the side. Once again, my hands find his chest and I begin to brush my fingers over it. He grunts lightly, making me feel dizzy.

Newt was just about to start kissing my neck when we heard laughter. We pull away sharply and look to see our beloved friends standing by the cave entrance, crying with laughter, but also blushing.

“Looks like you two found each other alright!” Minho cries, leaning on Gally and Thomas for support. I flush a deep shade of red.

“How long were you standing there?” Newt asks quietly.

“Long enough!” Gally splutters, stumbling around from laughter.

Teresa gives me a smirk and a wink before dragging the boys away again. I look over at Newt sheepishly, who is still shirtless.

He sits down and gestures for me to join him. Leaning against Newt feels more right than anything I’ve ever known. We’re both still dripping wet from the rain, but we don’t care. We just put our arms around each other and enjoy being here together for a while. Newt is the first one to speak.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me the real reason why you moved here?” He asks, pressing his lips to my forehead.

“It was the past, and I didn’t have the best past.” I sigh and bury my head into the crook of his neck. “My past isn’t something I talk about to anyone, really.”

He nods and squeezes me tighter into him. The warmth radiating between us is undeniably heavenly.

“We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.” He murmurs.

“Earnest Hemingway, nice.” I chuckle and he just laughs, grabbing one of my hands.

“I honestly don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner.” He says knowingly. I agree with him and close my eyes slowly.

“I don’t think you know just how much I love you, Newt.” I murmur, looking directly up at him.

“As long as it’s there, that’s all I need to know” He hums, kissing me one more time.


A/N: and we’re done! I hope you guys didn’t mind the change of POV, I just thought it would make it more effective :) THANK YOU TO ANYONE WHO HAS READ MY STORY AND LIKED IT I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU. please message me what you thought of the outcome. Also, please request any imagines that you want now, because I’m all ears :)
PS: I’m sorry this is a tad later than normal, thank you for being patient :)))

Fists & Knives - Chapter 13


“Well I hate you too!”

“I’ve only known you a day and you already make me want to hurl myself off a cliff!”

“Go for it!”

“You are the rudest man I have ever met in my whole life! MY WHOLE LIFE.”

“Well maybe if you weren’t such a bitch then-“

As soon as I heard a crash, I leapt out of my bed, tossing my hair up into a ponytail as I skipped up the stairs two at a time.  When I slid into the kitchen, Harry was crouched on the ground covering his head beside one of my frying pans laying on the ground beside him.  Maria was standing on the other side of the kitchen, her fists clenched and her knees locked like she was about to pounce on Harry.

Not having noticed me, Harry stood up slowly, clutching the dented pan in his hand, ready to sling it back at her.  I shrieked.

“STOP fucking throwing my pans! Who the fuck do you think you two are!?”

Harry jumped at the sound of my voice and dropped the pan on the ground again, making all three of us leap back and cover our ears.  I growled, scooped the pan off of the ground, observed the new dents and scratches, and glared from Harry to Maria and back again. 

Maria almost looked worried for a second, but Harry glared right back at me. “You didn’t have to come in here and scare the shit out of me-“

“I didn’t exactly sneak in here.  You were too busy about to throw a fucking pan at this girl-“

Maria gasped. “I am a woman.  Not a girl.”

My eyes widened as I cocked my head at Maria.  I guess I’m never going to try and defend her again.  Her lack of gratitude made my body tense and I nearly threw the pan at her myself.  I knew Harry could sense it too, because he started laughing.

“Relax, Kennedy, she’s harmless,” Harry muttered.

“She could have knocked you out,“ I said, holding up the pan in his face.

“But she didn’t.”

“She threw my pan.”

Harry laughed. “It’s just a pan.”

I gritted my teeth. “Do you know how expensive this pan is?”

Harry shrugged and walked to the fridge, pulled out some milk, and drank straight from the jug. “I’ll replace it,” he said nonchalantly, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand.  Maria grimaced.  Harry noticed.  “Or maybe Maria here can replace it, since she threw the pan first!” He shouted in her face.  She punched him in the chest and he laughed.  I was about to tell her that Harry was immune to punches, but she didn’t seem to want my help.  Then I almost laughed myself.  She reminded me of myself the day I met Harry, so irritated with Harry’s overall presence in the room.  At least she knew who she was getting involved with before she agreed to come into this hell-hole, unlike me.

I turned and started to go back to my room, tired of watching Maria and Harry have a glaring contest, when suddenly, Maria called to me.  “Servant, I want breakfast.”

“WOOOAHH,” I laughed darkly.  “Come again?  Did you call me servant?”

“Kennedy, just ignore it,” Harry said, turning away from Maria to face me.

Ignore it??  “I’m not making breakfast for that snobby girl,” I told Harry, emphasizing the last word.  Maria over-exaggerated a gasp.

Harry growled. “Just make her breakfast.”

I crossed my arms. “No.”

“How do you let your servant talk to you like that??” Maria asked, surprised.

Harry laughed. “You think that’s bad? Yesterday, she called me a ‘fuckface sack of shit.’  Isn’t that right, K?”

I rolled my eyes at the both of them.  This was ridiculous.  “I’m not a servant.  I’m not making you breakfast.  It’s Sunday anyway.  I don’t work on Sundays.”

As I was leaving the kitchen, I heard a swift smack as Harry was slapped across the face. 

“The hell was that for??” Harry shouted, curling his hands into fists and stepping dangerously close to Maria.

“Can’t you control your servants?? Make that bitch cook me breakfast!” Maria screamed.

Fed up, I lunged at her.  “I am not a servant!!”

I struggled to get past Harry and reach Maria, but Harry caught my waist mid-lunge and carried me to the other side of the kitchen.  Maria continued to swat the air anyways.  I screamed at Harry and beat his arm with my fist as Maria started to spit rapid Portuguese at me.  Finally, Louis appeared in the living room, his hair a complete mess from having just woken up.

“What the hell is going on in here??” He bellowed, his voice echoing around the house.  Immediately, the three of us froze.

“Harry told me to fuck off when I told him to wake this servant girl to make me breakfast,” Maria said in one breath.  “He told me that I shouldn’t dress like such a slut, too,” she continued, pinching her extra-short, pink pajama shorts between two long fingernails.  I could see the corner of Louis’ lip twitch as he tried not to laugh.  He and I knew that this was typical Harry.  I wondered if Louis ever laughed at me when I was just starting here and getting flustered with Harry too.

“Then he tried to throw a pan at me, Louis,” Maria continued, her lip beginning to quiver.  Harry and I groaned simultaneously.  Tears?  Seriously?  “He could have hurt me.  And this servant was so mean to me, she called me snobby and Harry wouldn’t even get her under control and I just-“ She covered her face with her hands and sobbed once. 

Louis sighed and glowered at the two of us as Harry still restrained me with his arm.  “Really?” Louis mouthed. 

Harry shrugged and let me go.  “Maria threw the pan at me first, mate.”

Louis shook his head.  “Jesus, Harry, you can’t just throw it back-“ 

“I am done.  I am out of here.  Forget your publicity, I want out,” Maria interrupted Louis.  She shoved her way between Harry and myself, sending us both in different directions and causing me to bump my back on the counter.  I groaned in pain.

“No, no, no, no, no, Maria-“ Louis became frantic as he jumped in front of Maria.  She was about two inches taller than he was, so it looked funny as she gazed down at him with her hands on her hips. “Maria, please listen.  Don’t do this.  We need you.  Right guys?” Louis asked, shooting a nasty glare at the two of us.  I shook my head, but Harry nodded reluctantly. 

“Harry is rude,” she stated matter-of-factly.

Louis nodded quickly.  “He really is.  Harry, stop being a little shit to your girlfriend.”

Harry grumbled just loud enough for me to hear before saying, “I’m sorry, Maria.  I just had a rough sleep last night.”

Satisfied with his apology, Maria eyed me. “That girl is atrocious.”

“She is,” Louis agreed. “She really is.  Why are you so atrocious, servant girl?”

I glared at Louis and started to snap back at him, but Harry grabbed the back of my arm and pinched hard.  I remained silent.  There was no way in hell I was apologizing.

“Why is it that Louis can control the servant girl but Harry cannot?” Maria asked slowly, watching me for a reaction.  I lowered my glare at her and, again, started to respond, but Harry pulled me by my arm backwards.

“I’ll go address her attitude with her and then she’ll come fix you breakfast,” he promised, dragging me from the kitchen and pulling me downstairs into my room.

“Harry, what the-“

He threw me into the wall and slapped his hand over my mouth.  “Listen to me,” he started quietly.  His movements were rough and malicious, but his voice was calm and almost pleading.  “We need her.  We do.  I mean, I need her.  This publicity is important.  You don’t understand.”

I rolled my eyes and slumped against the wall.

Harry shook his head. “I’m serious, K.  Whatever publicity you get in the culinary world isn’t the same as the publicity in the boxing world.”

I squirmed until Harry uncovered my mouth. “Harry, that woman is a monster.  I don’t do well with demanding bitches.”

Harry chuckled. “I don’t either, K.  Which is why we have to work together.”

“Oh, God,” I said under my breath, shaking my head.

“I’m serious,” Harry said, tilting his head to catch my eyes.  “If I start to mouth off to her, stop me.  If you start to mouth off, I’m going to stop you.”

I laughed sarcastically.  “That probably mean’s I’m going to start mouthing off to you more.”

Harry grinned. “I can handle it.  Maria can’t.” Harry stopped and watched me. “Louis is here to keep the peace.  If Maria leaves, Louis is fired too.  Consider that, will you?”

I glanced up the stairs.  I felt Harry tug on a piece of my hair as I studied each step and thought about the situation.  “Please, K?  Just work with me.  This is important,” Harry breathed. 

God, he knew how to manipulate me.  Each day left me confused, wondering if he liked me or hated me or wanted to kiss me or throw a pan at me… Now that Maria was here too with her attitude, I was stuck in a world of drama that I had never experienced before.  I rolled my head against the wall to meet Harry’s green eyes, silently begging for me to work with him. 

“I better be getting a raise for this,” I mumbled, cocking an eyebrow.

Harry’s dimples showed as he grinned at me. “I would want one too if I had to work with someone like that,” he said, motioning up the stairs toward Maria. “How much do you want?”

“Fifty million,” I said without hesitation.

“Done,” Harry joked, shaking my hand.

“Perfect.  Just toss the check down the stairs this afternoon and I’ll do anything Maria commands.  No sassing back.”

Harry shook his head. “Oh no, no check.  You get fifty million dollars in dimes.”

I laughed. “Why dimes?”

“You never specified that you wanted a check when we shook on it.”

I shoved Harry’s chest and chuckled. “You ass…”

“HarRY!! WHERE IS THE SERVANT GIRL?”  Maria called from the top of the steps.  The warm feeling from all of the joking Harry and I were doing left me immediately and my face fell.

“Yeah, I’m definitely serious about that fifty mil,” I whispered. 

Harry laughed and walked to my suitcase.  He picked up my red bandana, which was laying on top of the bag, and handed it to me.  “We’ll talk about it.”

For the next few days, I cooked for Louis, Harry, and Maria.  Louis ate meals with me and, occasionally, Harry would as well (when he wasn’t being a pain in the ass), but Maria would demand that the food be brought to her at the poolside, where she spent most of her days by herself on her phone.  She would tell me what she wanted to eat, I would make it, and she would eat it.   She never complained about the food and actually left me a tip of about twenty dollars after every meal, but I still didn’t like her. 

It was so interesting to watch Harry and Maria.  They barely interacted at home.  I figured it was mainly because Harry just knew he would snap at her, so he remained completely silent instead.  The two of them would be picked up by Garfield at certain times on certain days to go out in public.  Harry explained to me that they would go out, walk down a few streets that Arnold routed out for them, and the disappear into a café or some restaurant.  They would sit for an hour or two, both of them usually just staring at their phones, walk back the same route, and then come home.  Arnold called the paparazzi each time Harry and Maria went out and would get paid to tell where Harry and Maria would be.  It was astonishing to watch the television, especially channels like E!, and hear what they had to say about "Haria”, but for the most part, I tried not to watch.  I won’t hesitate to admit that I was as jealous as ever.

On Thursday afternoon when Maria and Harry were out, Niall came to the house.  I heard his voice from my room as he talked to Louis in the kitchen.

“She’s here?”

“She’s always here during the week.”

“Oh, can I talk to her?”

Louis laughed. “Got a crush, Horan?”

Niall chuckled.  “I just want to talk to her, Tommo.”

“You better be careful.  Harry is oddly protective of her.”

When I came upstairs, Niall pulled me into a hug and kissed me gently on the cheek.  “How about that PB&J?”

I giggled and pulled away from him.  I could feel the blood rising in my cheeks.  It had been so long since I flirted or actually even felt wanted by any guy that even a simple kiss on the cheek made me giddy.  Niall was cute.  His blue eyes were so gorgeous.  I didn’t understand what it was about all these rich people around me having amazing eyes.  I guess if you had money, you had a better outlook on life so your eyes sparkled a little more.  “You don’t want something a little more special than PB&J?”  I asked.

Louis nodded at Niall. “Trust me, mate.  You’ll want something more special.”

Niall grinned at me. “Hit me with your best shot.”

Louis sat with Niall on the kitchen bar as I baked some salmon with lemon and basil.  Louis mainly stayed on his phone as Niall and I talked about where I had worked before and why I got fired.  Niall seemed amused that I would throw knives at people when I didn’t like what they were doing or when they wouldn’t listen.  “Ever thrown a knife at Harry?” He joked.


Both Louis and Niall’s faces fell. “Wait, you have?”  Louis asked, chuckling slightly.

I nodded. 

Niall’s eyes were wide. “Didja hit ‘em?”

I giggled. “Does it look like it?  I wasn’t really aiming for him… just near him… near his head…”

Both of the boys burst into laughter.  “Maybe that’s why he keeps you around.  You make his heart race with excitement,” Louis said.  My stomach flipped.

We continued to talk about restaurants as I sautéed peppers, mushrooms, and onions.  Niall knew all of the places I had ever worked and all of the places I wanted to work, plus more.  He could even name specific dishes from each restaurant that were his favorites.

“You like food, don’t you?” I asked, adorning each plate with cilantro and some of the bell-pepper mix.  I had to admit, talking to someone who had just as much appreciation for food as I did was a little bit of a turn-on.

Niall licked his lips as I slid the steaming plate of food to him. “Damn right, I love food.  I’ll have to take you to a restaurant you’ve never been to one of these days.”

“Like a date?” Louis pushed, his eyes beginning to twinkle.  I got the sudden feeling that he was one of those people who liked to play matchmaker.

Niall laughed and blushed, looking back down at his food and shoving a large bite of salmon into his mouth.  “Well-“

The front door flung open as Harry and Maria entered the house, bickering and interrupting Niall. “I told you, she only wanted my picture.  She probably didn’t even know who you were.”

Maria gasped. “There are a lot of people who know exactly who I am!”

“Well that woman on the street wasn’t one of them!”

Maria huffed and stomped to her room, slamming the door behind her.  I could already hear her shouting in Portuguese to someone on her phone.  Harry rolled his eyes and walked to where we were.

“What was that about?” Louis asked.

Harry nodded at Niall, silently acknowledging him before explaining, “She and I were in the city, this woman approached us, asked for a picture with me, started to leave, and Maria went into hysterics about how the woman should have asked for her picture too.  This woman didn’t even know who Maria was and next thing you know, the chick is cursing out this woman in Spanish.”

“Portuguese,” I corrected.  Harry snarled.

“What are you eating?” He asked Niall and Lou, ignoring me.

“K made us food.”

Harry narrowed his eyes at Niall. “She doesn’t like to be called K.”

“Harry, it doesn’t matter-“ I started.

“But you told me-“

“It doesn’t matter!” I blurted.  It didn’t make sense to me that he would snap at people for shortening my name, yet he called me K all the time.  It was about to drive me insane.  Harry glared at me and looked at Niall and Louis before starting to strip off his jacket and shirt, a sign I had come to recognize that meant he was about to go to the gym and take all of his unnecessary anger out on the punching bag.  Little fights like these were constant between the two of us, but I had learned to just get over it like Harry did.  Tomorrow, we would probably be fine.  Back to being friends.  Lustful, flirty friends.

The next day, Harry burst into the house after another “date” with Maria and rushed to find Louis and I in the backyard.  I tore out of the pool when I saw him and threw my jeans and tee-shirt over my wet bathing suit just before Maria rounded the corner of the glass wall and looked at me. “I hope you weren’t in the pool,” she said to me.

I shook my head. “I wasn’t,” I lied.  The water from my bathing suit started to seep into my tee and jeans. 

Maria raised an eyebrow.  “The pool is for us, not you, servant girl.”

As she turned and walked to her room, I rolled my eyes and flicked her off.

Louis laughed from the side of the pool, resting his head on his arms.

“Don’t laugh,” I said, shoving him back into the water with my foot.  “This is hard for me.”

“It’s hard for all of us,” Harry groaned. “But guys, listen.  Arnold said I can fight again!”

Louis pushed himself up onto the wall and high-fived Harry. “YES, lad.  I’ll get on setting you up a fight.  Anyone in particular you want to punch?”

Harry dragged two of the white wicker chairs to the poolside for him and myself and sat down in one while he thought.  “What about Sammie?”  He asked as I got comfortable.

“Sammie Suasso?” Louis confirmed.


“He’s good for a first fight back.”

“Well get him then.”

“You know he hates fighting you.”

“Because he always loses.”


I listened to Harry and Louis discuss the fight.  Finally, Harry looked over at me. “You’ll come, yeah?”

I shrugged. “Not like I have other plans.”

Harry tried not to look too excited as he leaned back in his chair.

“She can’t come,” Maria stated, walking back into the yard from the house.  She had changed into her gold, stringy bathing-suit and proceeded to lay her towel out right in the middle of the three of us.  “You can’t be seen with me and her at the same time,” she told Harry as she sprawled her tan body out on the ground.

Harry’s face fell. “The paps did get a few pictures of you from when we went to lunch last Saturday,” he explained to me.  “If they were to see me with you again while I’m ‘dating’ Maria, shit might hit the fan.”

I frowned, partially in confusion but mainly with disappointment.  “You can’t just explain to them that-“  I was about to say I’m your friend, but Maria narrowed her eyes at me.  “-I’m your… servant?”

“God, no,” Louis blurted.  “That wouldn’t be any better.”

“She can’t come at all then,” Maria smirked, shifting her body all around so that she was comfortable. 

We all sat in silence for a moment listening to the breeze roll through the hedges and trees until Louis kicked his feet in the water excitedly.

“She’ll come as my guest!  Or we could surely get Niall to take her,” Louis suggested, winking at me. “Easy fix.”

Maria snarled and rolled onto her back, basically sticking her butt in Louis’ face.  He laughed triumphantly and dove backward into the pool.  Harry cocked his head at me and smiled.  However, the earlier excitement that showed in his face was gone, and I was wondering if it wasn’t because of the thought of me going to a fight with Niall, even if it was to watch Harry.  I tried to read his expression, but he didn’t give me much of an opportunity to before he stood up and disappeared into the house.

I had known Harry for almost a month.  I think it was about time I got to see him beat the shit out of someone. 

A bad dream

My love Ang requested (a long time ago, I’m so sorry babe) a Scott imagine:

Things you said after it was over

I’m a hoe for angst so here it is babe, I hope you like it <3 (I will probably get assassinated for this one…) Prompt from this post.

Originally posted by narkolepsii

If you bleed, I bleed the same
If you’re scared, I’m on my way
Cold sheets, but where’s my love?

It started after Senior Scribe - a tradition that had been going on for a long time now - when all the new seniors gathered to the library to write their names into a shelf, a lasting mark that they were all there once. They all laughed together, talking about the future that seemed so bright. Scott watched them all with pride swelling up his heart: this is how it was meant to be - Scott, his pack and his girl.

Before that day they were inseparable. She became a human member of his pack, a natural progression of events that lead to him lying in bed at night, his arm wrapped around her small waist, thinking how much he would sacrifice to keep her safe.

The day after Senior scribe something changed. He knew it from the moment he opened his eyes in the morning and couldn’t find her in bed next to him. She left a note, saying she forgot school books and that she’d meet him in school later. It was strange, but he dismissed the feeling that something was off. She just forgot some books.

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Baby Army

*Serves crack fanfic to the masses* I’ve always thought of Jellal as awkward and weird…

Pairings: NaLu, Gruvia, Jerza

Summary: “I need an army of babies Lucy. Now.” When Natsu decides that subtlety doesn’t cut it.

“Dude. Is it just me or is Jellal making his way to our table?”

“Uh gee, flame-brain, I wouldn’t know but he seems to be approaching with great speed,” Gray drawled out sarcastically before giving his frienemy a funny look, “Are you sweating?”

“Smile. Just smile and wave politely. Things go weird when Jellal comes along.”

“Things go weird when you try to be polite, doofus. More like, we’ve got four empty seats surrounding us so he probably wants in on the bromance.”

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