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Hey I see you bein really cute over here,, literally you're just so like,, adorable!! I really like your blog, and honestly!!! Seeing another nb person really helps (I too, am nb) thanks for being you... stay cute!!

ty lil anon! ur cute too!

Now I know in most common scenarios the kids have to split up for college and only get to see each other during holidays and vacations but can we take one moment to consider the fluffy fluff of: The kids not being physically able to be apart so they all end up going to the same college and sharing a cute little apartment in the city?
•It would be a small apartment only consisting of three bedrooms, the kitchen, a living room and O N E bathroom.
•Mike and Will sharing one bedroom, Dustin and Lucas too, and El of course gets her own.
•Lucas through the years remaining faithful to his role as the dad friend who makes a schedule for the chores of the apartment so everyone has responsibilities.
•Even though, most times the boys procrastinate to do them so literally everything falls into his and El’s shoulders
•Mike will some times help too but only when it’s Eleven who’s struggling with the chores.
•The five of them squeeze together in the living room’s couch marathoning movies
•Will somehow ends up making most of the cooking around the place and is literally the only reason these group hasn’t fallen into an endless cycle of take-out fast food.
•Even through the years, some of the stuff Eleven has seen will just simply never let her rest so there’s Mike and Eleven at the kitchen in their PJ’s as 3:00 AM talking about the universe and drinking cocoa from the same mug
•During finals, everyone becomes a coffee-addict except for Dustin who literally only drinks hot chocolate and still manages to be the most cheerful one always.
•The boys sometimes fall asleep at random places such as the kitchen counter, over the living room’s coffee table, or even the hallway’s floor and Eleven always getting a blanket from to closet and draping it over them like the house-wife she is
•Will having Arts Major struggles™
•Their first hallowed together they totally forget to buy candy
•and they’re so emotionally wasted because of school they get super
•They improvise, preparing some Eggos from El’s reserve, put them in bags and call it a day
•Eleven was devastated, she had to give up SEVERAL boxes of Eggos to avoid getting their door egged
•The next day, however, Mike drove all the way downtown to buy her many more.
•Thanksgiving is also a mess
•They almost burn down the building trying to make a proper meal
•They end up eating turkey sandwiches at the gas station at midnight.
•Also, Will being hella exited about decorating the apartment on their first Christmas living there
•"Will, we live in a tiny-ass place, the fuck you wanna buy the biggest tree in the store??“
•Dustin keeping his tradition of making sure Mike and Eleven end up under a Mistletoe at some point every year
•"Dustin?? We’ve been dating for??? Years now???? This isn’t awkward anymore, not even funny.”
•Pretty much, the kids living one happy life as the family they are.
Feel free to add your own!

Castiel taking care of you during your period...

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  • you end up accidentally snapping at him
  • he’s completely confused
  • when you tell him that you are bleeding he tries to heal you – unsuccessfully
  • Cas freaks out even more when he realizes that he can’t heal you
  • having to stop him from zapping you to a hospital
  • explaining to Cas what’s really going on
  • Cas nodding thoughtfully after your explanation and apologizing that his father makes woman endure something like that
  • he offers to take care of you
  • sadly he has no idea what to do, so he asks Sam and Dean for help
  • after 30 minutes he comes back with more than 10 pints of ice cream and 8 chocolate bars
  • Cas taking Dean’s words a bit too literally and thinking you’ll break into tears every single second
  • because of that he’s walking on eggshells around you
  • Cas worriedly glancing at you to check if you’re already crying
  • Castiel doing anything you ask of him
  • it’s really cute how eager he is to help you, but there isn’t much he can do
  • asking Cas to cuddle with you – at first it’s awkward, but soon it’s really comfortable
  • having to explain to Cas that it isn’t okay to tell random people that you are on your period
  • Cas checking up on you every 5 minutes as if you’re on your deathbed
  • Cas always asking you if it’s really okay for you to be walking around
  • Cas offering to carry you because he doesn’t believe your words
  • taking him up on the offer to make him shut up and to make him stop looking at you with this worried big eyes
  • Cas carrying you everywhere
  • Sam and Dean laughing when Cas carries you in the kitchen bridal style
  • glaring at Sam and Dean while Cas is completely nonchalant and continues to carry you back to your room

More doodles of Bucky and his service dog FUBAR!

Top Left: FUBAR on a walk with his Human and his Human’s Best Guy!

Top Right: Bucky really loves to lie around in the sun (because it’s the opposite of being in cryo or literally and figuratively living in the shadows), but FUBAR is like 80% floof so he prefers to lie around in the shade. This is how they compromise! 

Middle Left: Sometimes Buck isolates himself a little too much and FUBAR can be a good conversation starter. However, Bucky also sometimes gets nervous around people and FUBAR knows this so he’s always On Duty and ready to protect his human! (I couldn’t resist throwing in a cute Kobik Alternate Meeting cameo because I love her relationship with Bucky!)

Middle Right: Buck loves to go to the library to help supplement his journaling and FUBAR is super helpful and holds Buck’s books while he juggles his apartment keys! FUBAR is very poised. 

Bottom: Sometimes Buck gets a lil overwhelmed and cries and that’s okay but sometimes he has trouble stopping so FUBAR will bring his Human his favorite ball and it makes Buck smile a little, which is good! (Loosely based on this beautiful post, originally sent to me by @doveloves!) 


  • Rapmon Stans: He's so smart and thoughtful and handsome, what a good leader! Protect him.
  • Jin Stans: He's so handsome and funny and talented and silly and relentlessly hardworking! Protect him.
  • Yoongi Stans: He works so hard for BTS and loves them so much, even if he's all tsundere about it. Protect him.
  • Hoseok Stans: He's always smiling and working to make everyone else smile too! He's incredibly talented and humble. Protect him.
  • Jimin Stans: Our angel!! He's the kindest, gentlest person in the world and God help anyone who tells him he isn't as beautiful and talented as he is! Protect him.
  • Taehyung Stans: He's so cute and smart and genuine and full of pure wonder at life. Protect him.
  • Jungkook Stans: Look at this fucking asshole. Goddamn rude-ass muscle-pig toddler brat. Literally just launch him into the sun.

Oh my god they’re totally roleplaying the human/alien romance here.

Seriously send help I don’t think I can take this much longer.

I was trying to make a joke but Lapis’ “They’re flirting” line is just too perfect to change it to something else.








Person A:  Asks cute neighbor to borrow an egg literally 5 times a week as an excuse to talk.

Also Person A:  Can’t cook?? 
                          Has too many eggs,,

I have like a SEVERE FASCINATION to chibi, cute, or simplified Warframe styles. They’re just….too divine!! So cute~!

My Mag, Syn (Short for Synergy), and I are VERY shy individuals and I’m always terrified grouping with people.

Which leads me to apologize to anyone that tried to reach me in game to help. I’M LITERALLY FROZEN WITH ANXIETY AND CANNOT FUNCTION IN GAME!!

Dating Obi-Wan Kenobi during the clone wars

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> Both of you trusting the other with your life.

> Giving the other a chocolate box when one of you go for a long time because it’s always nice to have a sugary treat when feeling down on a mission. Obi-Wan loves the cherry-flavored ones.

> Making sure he eats even when the situation is critical or when Anakin is being too reckless for the good of literally everyone. He return the favor by helping you with your own trouble.

> Fighting side by side on some mission and having each other back. (Actually no, you also have each other front and sides and you spend more time protecting the other than yourselves).

> Sneaking out together to see the sunset or the stars as soon as you find the time.

> Him being the cute dork he is and you being who you are. You both learning to know the other as the complex piece of art you respectively are.

> Having trouble not to laugh while he’s unnecessarily sassy and him being even sassier just to make you smile.

> Comforting each other on though times because you don’t have to face them alone if you don’t want to.

> Tender hugs and kisses when you’re alone.

> Meditating and training together and loving it even more as it is a good pretext to spend quality time together.

Let's talk Philip's cute af smile

I went back and binged Eyewitness in honor of tonight’s episode and I noticed something; every time Philip smiles, everyone around him smiles too. It took me a few times to notice it, but no matter who he’s with, when he smiles, they smile too. Philip’s smile is literally contagious.

This sweet, precious boy is from the projects of New York City with a hard past that we don’t know everything about. This boy, much like Lukas, is broken and hurting, but it seems that every time he smiles, he heals just a little bit. His smile is real. It’s easy to tell a fake smile from a real smile in such a broken character and when his cute, precious, adorable and real smile crosses his lips, everyone smiles too.

The idea of this broken boy being so genuinely happy that he can’t help but smile and making other people smile makes me smile.

When he tells his mom about Lukas, he has this small smile and his mom lights up.

Philip tells Helen and Gabe he’s gay and Helen asked if he had a boyfriend and he got all shy and bashful with his goofy happy grin, she smiles brightly too.

And when he’s around Lukas…. dear God don’t get me started. There are many times when Lukas smiles because Philip smiles but what made me notice his smile was contagious was the barn scene from last episode. The moment when Lukas says he doesn’t want a girlfriend and Philip’s grin slowly makes its way onto his face, you can see Lukas starting to grin right back. Why that made me think of this and not the others, I don’t know, but it did.

Philip’s smile is so damn cute and real that it makes everyone else smile and it’s the best thing about this show. His smile makes me smile because knowing that this boy is smiling out of genuine happiness and he’s so overwhelmed with joy that he can’t fight the smile is the cutest damn thought I’ve ever had about this show and it’s great and his smile deserves an award.

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Would you do RFA + Saeran and Vanderwood's reactions to MC having hiccups in their presence for the first time? If you can't do all the characters that's okay! I totally understand if you don't!! :D

Samantha: Oooooo Elise-

Elise: Shut up I don’t like them.

Samantha: But-

Elise: I will tase you.


  • He was busy playing LOLOL
  • When he suddenly heard a squeak
  • Turning around he sees you covering your mouth as another squeak comes out
  • Do you have
  • Do you have hiccups
  • This boy knows how you feel
  • His hiccups are the worst too
  • So he does everything to help you get rid of them
  • Only for him to get the hiccups when you get rid of them.


  • Oh my god.
  • Did you just hiccup.
  • That is..
  • Literally this albino can’t handle it
  • You’re too cute
  • He hugs you when you pout due to him saying it’s adorable
  • Oh god you’re just so cute.


  • He has never had the hiccups
  • So when you get them,
  • He thinks you’re dying or something.
  • “MC I’ll call the doctor-”
  • “NO JUMIN.”
  • After explaining what the hiccups are, he looks up cures for the hiccups
  • Doesn’t get many of the methods
  • “Eat a spoon of sugar? Won’t that make them worse?”


  • Loves it.
  • Gives him an excuse to scare you.
  • “Did I get rid of your hiccups?”
  • He asks
  • Standing in your closet dressed as Rika
  • You punch him in the face.
  • God he’s an idiot
  • But he’s your idiot.


  • This smol cinnamon is really confused
  • Like he’s never really had hiccups before
  • After you tell him what they are, he tries to help you get rid of them
  • Secretly thinks they are cute.


  • The two of you were watching TV
  • When you suddenly start hiccuping.
  • They are completely caught off guard
  • Like the show is at this really serious moment
  • And when one character opens their mouth
  • All they heard was “Hic!”
  • They look at you and realize you made the sound
  • Will make you some tea and try to help get rid of them.
  • Somehow manages to make them worse
  • Ends up getting them too.
  • You both sit there hiccuping
  • You’re trying not to laugh while they sit there pouting.
Haikyuu As:

Things I’ve Heard High Schoolers Say; Karasuno First Years Edition

Shouyou Hinata - *a bubbly freshman introducing themselves* Hi! Nice to meet you! I like your shoes!!!!!!!!!! *grins so hard it looks like their face is gonna fall off*

Tobio Kageyama - *a crowd of football players literally in the middle of the hallway* ahhHHHHHHH

Kei Tsukishima - *is a freshman* I fucking hate freshmen

Tadashi Yamaguchi - I’m lost and my friend is being a douche, please help 

Hitoka Yachi - I have too much anxiety for this, I request an excused absence

ikon vs periods

Hanbin I think would probably take it too seriously? like he’d read a wikihow article and show up with literally everything they mentioned could help. 

Jinhwan and Donghyuk both have big sisters/Mom’s only in their lives so I think they’d be really chill and cute about it. They’d support without making a big fuss.

Yunhyeong would probably just think like “okay you’re really sick” and make you soup and baby you and he’d be a little annoying X'D 

Junhoe has a sister too so I think he’d ask her and get her advice and try to play it off just really chill but he’d lowkey [highkey] be super careful all day to make sure he wasn’t annoying. 

Chanwoo since he only has a brother and has that feeling of being a kid would be the typical /grossed out/ but text iKON later and try to make up for it after making you feel embarrassed about it 

Bobby would be extra silly and try to make you laugh. He’d hate to see you unhappy and just try to be /extra there/ for. He’d also have no problem walking with you to the store to buy pads and stuff (but wouldn’t go alone)


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I had an ice skating lesson today and my teacher had this other experienced skater brace me to help me figure out how to turn while moving and LITERALLY the FIRST THING that pops into my head is that exact Klance® Scene™ from ur fic and she was cute too so I was sweatin


i can’t believe this gay shit happened irl i thought that scene was unrealistic but daMN THERE YOU GO

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Can I have a head canon about papa Josuke and his s/o with their twins(boy and girl)?

Yes, yes, yes! I’ll be more than happy to do this request for you. Twins are wonderful and Josuke would be a wonderful father in my opinion.

- Papa Josuke when the twins were first born was such a mess omfg he literally didn’t know what the heck he was doing and he was panicking so much. Thank god s/o is there to help too otherwise he’d have so much trouble all on his own
- “Is this how you do a diaper?” “No, Josuke, it doesn’t go on the head”
- Josuke loves dressing his son in clothes that match/compliment his. And then he dresses his daughter in clothes that match s/o’s and it’s honestly the most adorable sight to behold. The family is so cute ahhhhhhh
- He’ll spend so much time bonding with the kids and babysitting them so s/o can have a break from looking after them. He’ll entertain them by using Crazy Diamond to make it look like things are floating around the kids’ heads seeing as they’re too young to have discovered if they have stands yet. The children think it’s absolutely hilarious
- Josuke would grow up so much and mature as a person as he and s/o raise their twins. Of course he’s still a little childish but he’s also a responsible adult who adores his twins and thinks the world of them
- S/o and Josuke will work together very well as they raise their children and they always to make sure that any arguments are done away from the kids so it doesn’t upset them
- They’ll take it in turns to do chores and shopping whilst also having quality time with the twins. Josuke will probably take the children shopping with him some days whilst other days he’d go on his own. Every parent needs time away from their kids sometimes
- If his children turn out to be stand users, he’ll support them and try to teach them and to talk to them about it the best he can with help from Jotaro and the rest of his friends that are stand users
- Josuke will be so eager to be the one to take the twins to school and pick them up at the end of the day EVERY day but he reluctantly will agree to take it in turns with s/o
- All the mothers in the playground think it’s so damn cute and adorable that he’s so good with kids but he’d just be really modest and say that he wouldn’t be as good if s/o wasn’t there with him too
- He and his partner will support each other just as much as they support their kids
- Josuke will be very overprotective of both children, especially his daughter, as they grow older. He’ll be that parent that questions the motives of any of his children’s boy/girlfriends
- “What are your intentions with my little girl/boy? Huh?” “Daaaaaad please stop this”

I never realised how much I loved the ideea of papa Josuke with twins until just now so thank you for the request! I wanna draw the twins so badly asdfghjkl

~Careless Chippo


Moonsun in a nutshell

literally all i want in season two of crazy ex-girlfriend is for darryl to have another party and for white josh to help him get ready for it, so they can do “having a few people over (reprise)” together

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Hi! Could i get some parental headcanons for Fujitora, Pell and Wiper please? Im sorry if you have already done them 😦 Thanks!!

But of course


  • I don’t know if I made a list about which op characters would be top notch parents but Fuji belongs there
  • knows literally all things about babies, he doesn’t need help, he’s a perfect natural born dad
  • totally makes grimaces at his kid and generally moves heaven and hell to make it giggle or smile
  • loves walking around with the sleeping baby on his arms, their little snor is just too cute


  • another totally sweet loving dad
  • loves his baby sooooooo much
  • Pell’s baby is a goddamn sweetheart, super quiet and cute and only cries if it really needs something
  • Pell also gets a lot of tips from Cobra, like how to properly hold the kid and how to not mess up or get everything dirty when trying to feed the nugget


  • LORD help this awkward man
  • Wiper would be an excellent dad no doubt
  • he would teach his kid the right things, be super overprotective and love them to the moon and back but he cannot handle babies
  • the shandian village knows about Wiper’s kid and teases him and goes all awwww at the new dad