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For the person who asked for possessed!Henry. My mail box ate the ask and this spiraled into almost 6000 words but I hope you enjoy it!


“Henry, I want your body.”

Henry looked up from his newspaper he was reading on the porch swing, and at his brother in law, who was hovering nervously nearby. 

“Dipper, I’m flattered, but I’m married to your sister,” he said as gently as possible.

No I need to be in you!”

Henry blushed as red as his hair. “Um, Dipper, I, um, thought, you, um…er…”

Dipper blushed and then burst aflame from the sheer embarrassment. 

“Oh fuck I need…no, I want…no…”

Dipper threw up his hands and screamed in frustration, which rattled the timbers of the Shack. Then he blipped away.

He came back a second later with a sock puppet. More specifically, a sock puppet that looked like Mabel and-

“Oh. Oooooh,” Henry said, understanding dawning on him. 

“Yeah,” Dipper confirmed, hand behind his head and a blush still evident on his face. 

Henry put his paper aside.

“Why do you need me?” Henry asked.

Dipper gave him a pointed look. “Because Mabel isn’t here.” The ‘duh’ was left implicit.

He had a point. Mabel was currently having a spa…girly…weekend thing with Pacifica, Wendy, Grenda, and Candy. They had left with seven bottles of tequila in the trunk of the car, and Henry had been checking the news every day in a five county area to make sure nothing had burnt down or exploded.  And even if Stan hadn’t been on a purchasing trip in Florida, Henry was pretty sure Dipper wouldn’t be asking him anyway.

“But why do you need me? Mabel comes back tomorrow. Can’t it wait?” Henry asked. 

Dipper scowled. “Well, by this time tomorrow half of the town will have been eaten by the wendigo that’s currently prowling in the forest.”

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Sweet Tooth [rei/nagisa]

sorry i haven’t written anything lately. i literally have had so much writers block it’s horrible uhg. i hope this makes up for it, thanks for the prompt anon <3

He’s supposed to triple the recipe, but he only doubles it because no matter how much he wants to believe this bake sale will attract more members, he fails to see how pastries coincide with swimming. Gou’s heart was in the right place when she thought this up, but her mind wasn’t exactly on target. Rei’s still going to indulge her, though, because if anything, it’s helping his culinary skills improve.

“Okay, I’m ready to help!”

Rei looks up when Nagisa enters the kitchen, and the boy’s bangs are pinned back with a couple hair clips (they have strawberries on them; Rei remembers handing them to Nagisa on his birthday, fingers trembling as Nagisa beamed and immediately ripped open the package), and the sleeves of his sweater are rolled up. He also has an apron on, light pink with simple white frills along the edges.

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anonymous asked:

oh my god true story: this morning i was swimming in the pool trynna have a haru moment where i'm ~one with the water~ and i had my eyes closed and then promptly KNOCKED MY TEETH OUT when i slammed into the wall of the pool. now i have a nice chip on my front tooth all bc free! has literally taken over my life. are you happy now hARU ARE U HAPPY

(half an hour, a plate of mackerel, and a heavy dose of mako-prompting later…haru reluctantly apologizes for being “a complete dick” and hopes you’re feeling better.)