they are like the definition of soulmates


“Dylan adores Jackson, he supports him and encourages him with his art, Jackson in return encourages Dylan to play more piano. They get each other and I believe they connect on a spiritual level, sure they definitely find each other hot (obviously, lol), but it’s so much more than that. They make such a good couple because although different they are a great match, they listen to each other, they’re there for each other. It’s such an amazing and beautiful relationship. Aaron was more puppy love, and although cute this relationship is healthier, more adult and Dylan treats Jackson way better than Aaron ever did. I don’t use the word soulmates a lot, I don’t know if Dylan and Jackson are, but it kinda seems like it sometimes. I wonder a bit about their future though, because of the long distance thing and Dylan going to college. Even if Jackson ends up moving to NY they will have very different experiences. I hope it’ll work out for them though, I really do. They make such a cute couple, it’s nice to see young people in love.”
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‘  my kink is getting some fuckin sleep.  ’
‘  omg here goes your lil crybaby ass.  ’
‘  the beatles wouldn’t even fucking exist if big time rush hadn’t paved the path for them so shut the fuck up.  ’
‘  don’t start buddy. don’t you dare.  ’
‘  gay rights? true, as a gay, i am always right.  ’
‘  not to vent, but: fuck.  ’
‘  the worst pain is to make small talk with someone you once told everything to.  ’
‘  i think i accidentally break my own heart a lot.  ’
‘  sometimes ‘brb’ stands for ‘be ready bitch’ so you have to be careful.  ’
‘  i want to kiss you in a way that makes you not want to kiss anyone else ever again.  ’
‘  shout out to the people who are still friends with me even though i’m a fucking idiot.  ’
‘  it’s safe to assume that at any given moment i want to go back to bed.  ’
‘  i’m a big fan of anything that will help me chill the fuck out.  ’
‘  i don’t go through people’s pictures on their phone cause i wasn’t raised in the jungle.  ’
‘  i think we, as a people, just need to have a glass of water.  ’
‘  i don’t have enough black clothes.  ’
‘  sweetie, i could sleep for ten years and i’d still be tired.  ’
‘  i would sleep so much better with your arms wrapped around me.  ’
‘  me??? tired??? sleepy??? yes, constantly.  ’
‘  i’m pb&j – petty, bitter, and jealous.  ’
‘  the fact that sloths aren’t extinct somehow proves that if you go at your own pace and mind your own fucking business you too can succeed.  ’
‘  i wish i could be the person i want to be, but i’m too tired.  ’
‘  i always look sleep deprived. is that hot?  ’
‘  just because there’s always room for improvement doesn’t mean you’ll never be good enough.  ’
‘  my heart is a soft and sensitive mess.  ’
‘  all i want is a big garden and no responsibilities.  ’
‘  honestly someone not liking beyonce is a deal breaker and not for any political reasons, but just like you’re probably, definitely really boring.  ’
‘  hey guys, i’m a huge fan of genuine love and affection.  ’
‘  now i’m falling asleep and she’s calling a crab and he’s having a smoke and she’s kissing the crab.  ’
‘  i’ve been ever since i heard ‘lonely’ by akon at 9 years-old.  ’
‘  my new years resolution is to stop.  ’
‘  i’m irritated cause i’m not lovable in a romantic soulmate way.  ’
‘  i hate knowing that people that ruined parts of me still live and function like nothing ever happened.  ’
‘  i know i’m cute, but you can remind me.  ’
‘  hey, just wondering, but are you fucking kidding me????  ’
‘  i can’t wait to be in love with someone who is also deepfuck in love with me and we love each other forever n’ ever.  ’
‘  me? clingy? yes. please don’t leave me.  ’
‘  girlfriend application compatibility question: do you keep your depression pile on the bed or on the floor?  ’
‘  anything heart shaped is automatically 200% better. this is a fact.  ’
‘  today’s agenda: screaming into the abyss.  ’
‘  going from ‘today is a good day’ to ‘i hate my life’ takes me approximately 2.6 seconds.  ’
‘  everyone needs to wash their face and go to bed.  ’
‘  i’m worth so much more than the ways i’ve been treated.  ’
‘  hey, can i claim you guys as dependents on my taxes?  ’
‘  i really just ignore phone calls. like leave a message. i don’t check those either but like  ’
‘  i honestly just want to pack my bags and go travel the world and see and explore everything possible.  ’
‘  remember being little and thinking dandelions were fun or a pretty color or something and every adult in an 80 mile radius wouldn’t let you say that without screaming IT’S A WEED.  ’
‘  why did we just accept catdog?  ’
‘  my ‘stay in bed all day’ game’s too strong.  ’
‘  you deserve to be loved without having to hide the parts of yourself that you think are unlovable.  ’
‘  i always forget that i literally don’t owe anyone anything!  ’
‘  i wonder what it feels like to know what the fuck is going on.  ’
‘  honestly… us girls? us women? we always out here, knowin.  ’
‘  would an alien think i’m pretty?  ’
‘  i love boys, but only as a concept.  ’
‘  why do parents get mad when you sleep in all day? like i’m staying out of trouble and i’m not spending your money like what’s the issue here????  ’
‘  i identify as an inconvenience to the world.  ’
‘  i seriously regret telling anyone, anything, ever lmao  ’
‘  dating me is like dating a five year-old. i need all of your attention and i’m cranky if i haven’t had a nap.  ’
‘  i’m literally tired of myself.  ’
‘  don’t introduce me to ur parents unless you plan on marrying me because they’re going to love me and ask about me for the rest of your life lol  ’
‘  what the hell is a straight person? only straight thing i know about is the edge of my beloved sword.  ’
‘  i highly recommend never having feelings.  ’
‘  self care is going into a cornfield at night to get abducted by aliens.  ’
‘  staying up late with another human is such a weird thing like you get this special bond and a what-is-this feeling  ’
‘  do u ever feel like ur not even friends with ur friends?  ’
‘  um no offense but whom’st’ve going to loveth me?  ’
‘  date a girl who fucks everything up.  ’
‘  not all who mcfreakin wander are mcfreakin lost.  ’
‘  i may legally be an adult but don’t be fooled. i have no idea what i’m doing.  ’
‘  a fun and interesting fact about me is that i’m a fucking idiot.  ’
‘  you can start again anytime!  ’
‘  all you can do is learn your lesson. there’s no point in wishing you had did differently. the past is the past.  ’
‘  i can’t believe an angel like me has to suffer so much.  ’
‘  you’re all so obsessed with love and being loved. what about just going to sleep?  ’
‘  i’m smart, but i do dumb shit anyway.  ’
‘  tbh i never deal with my emotions. i just let them ravage my body and then go to bed and then i wake up and do it all over again.  ’
‘  first of all: i don’t know shit, so jot that down.  ’
‘  i’ll just ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯ my way through life.  ’
‘  i’m tired of things costing money.  ’
‘  don’t you hate it when you’re dead inside and run out of apps to refresh?  ’
‘  who cares? do better, move on.  ’
‘  i don’t need a significant other. just a significant income.  ’
‘  appreciation for everyone who’s ever talked to me bc i’m annoying and dumb.  ’
‘  thnks fr th mntl llnss.  ’
‘  what  hasn’t killed me has just made me overly sensitive and defensive.  ’
‘  i don’t know shit ya’ll!!!!! i’m just out here.  ’
‘  binge-watching is great until you run out of the show and have to start watching it weekly like some sort of medieval peasant.  ’
‘  i’m in the wrong realm and i think everyone can tell.  ’
‘  this might come as a shock but I’m Not Feelin too good my dudes.  ’
‘  i’m alive, but only ironically.  ’
‘  there she goes again being over dramatic and by she, i mean me.  ’
‘  do you ever feel like have tried Too Hard to a friend and now you have become That Obnoxious Weirdo?  ’
‘  lgbt: lasagna! garfield’s beloved treat.  ’
‘  my favorite phrase in the english language is ‘i shit you not.’  ’
‘  i’m a real boring bitch! a snoozer!  ’
‘  i honestly look so good lounging in an oversized t-shirt and no pants. when will someone experience the blessing of domestic living w/ me?  ’
‘  you don’t understand how hard it is to take a selfie when you’re ugly.  ’
‘  you son of a mumford!  ’
‘  hi, i’m here to ruin everything.  ’
‘  you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands. for example, if it’s a skeleton hand then they’re dead.  ’
‘  the year is 2020 and i am found guilty of treason against the united states for vague blogging that i hate someone and donald trump thought it was about him.  ’
‘  everybody calm down, we’re going to be fine! :))) we’ve weathered worse than this! :) :) :) :) really all this panic just seems like a huge overreaction imho   ’
‘  no beta readers. we publish our crap writing like men.  ’
‘  i need $$$$$ not feelings.  ’
‘  ‘idk imma see’ = i ain’t coming, never was coming, never considered it, never gave it a single thought, only remembered cause you asked again.  ’
‘  oops, i don’t care lol  ’
‘  why girls always crop the halo out of their selfies? stop being so modest. we know the truth.  ’
‘  maurice, you’re not gonna fucking believe this,  ’
‘  i always get told i look like a bitch bc i’m always glaring while i walk, but i’m not glaring, i’m squinting. i have sensitive eyes. they’re watering.  ’
‘  concept: it’s 3 am. candle lit room. a record is spinning. you’re kissing me. we have no worries in the world. we’re warm and content.  ’
‘  i need to go into the forest and scream for an hour and a half.  ’
‘  pls kill all men who yell at girls from cars.  ’
‘  life really isn’t what i expected it to be. less quicksand. almost no quicksand to be honest. lots of metaphorical quicksand tho.  ’
‘  i have a question for u: like are u done… like is it over?  ’
‘  we all have that one person who ruins your day by being alive.  ’
‘  we all have that one person who ruins your day by being alive. for me, it’s myself.  ’
‘  whenever i see police i always try not to act suspicious and fail internally even though i never did anything wrong.  ’
‘  new years resolution: less bitter, more glitter.  ’

The truth is that the relationship between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers can literally make or break an entire universe, whether they be best friends or worst enemies, their relationship is such a pivotal point in Every Version of reality. They’re like. THE definition of soulmates. Maybe not always destined to love one another- but destined always to find eachother, wherever they go, whatever the situation. They will always end up coming back to one another.


Belated entry for #MishiMonth2018 Soulmate

I couldn’t really think of one picture to fully capture my thoughts on the concept of soulmates, so instead I busted my butt and made this beast (I definitely did not need to colour it but oh well)

Anyway this soulmate AU is something like “some people have marks on their skin for their soulmates and those who don’t are believed not to have one”, but also it’s the idea that soulmates isn’t something that just comes to you because you wait, but a joint effort between two people who chose to make it work

Sorry for the long comic gosh I did not know it will end up this long

reddie fic recs

hi :) so i recently hit 3k and i thought i would put together a list of my favourite reddie fics to celebrate!! all the fics are linked to ao3 so just click the work title and it’ll take you to the fic! tysm to everyone who has followed me ily all!! (none of the fics belong to me unless stated - if any authors whos fics are on this list wish for them to be removed please message me and i will remove it straight away ty) also let me know if you liked this and i’ll make another fic rec list :) enjoy!!!!

one shots

A Playlist of Richie Tozier Appearances by Donvex (Eddie is a youtuber AU, 2399 words)

Our House, in the Middle of Our House by Tea_Cherry (soulmate AU, 4460 words)

Rude (I’m gonna marry him anyway) by StarshipDancer (established relationship, modern AU, songfic, 5275 words)

Breathless by AddictedToPhan aka @reddie-is-canon (aged up, light smut, 716 words)

The lockbox by sweetkisses (AU, asexualEddie, growing up, 19063 words - this one is long but so good I would definitely recommend)

Sick and Damned by CieraDarlene (Internalized homophobia, self harm, AU, angst, 3998 words - please read this its amazing and I cried)

Trash Mouth by FreshBrains (aged up, light smut, high school, 1320 words)

You Only Want Me When You Can’t Have Me by areyoureddiekids (kissing, AU, aged up, sort of angst? 1619 words)

i wanna dance with somebody by electraheathens (prom, fluff, 1395 words)

Kissing Your Way by aokicchi (fluff, 6870 words)

He wanted to kiss him by Eddiekaspbraks (first kiss, 1566 words)

you trip me up by ssstrychnine (internalized homophobia, coming out, growing up, kissing, 7416 words)

keeping secrets (has never been so hard) by strangerockandrollers (5 times Eddie and Richie were almost caught making out and one time they were, fluff, 3466 words)

don’t second guess your feelings (they were right from the start)  by daisydirtbag (fluff, aged up, one by one the losers discover Eddie and Richie are more than just friends, 2297 words)

longer fics

ugly moon by weepies aka @oaf (Richie Tozier hasn’t spoken a word to anybody since he came to Derry in the middle of the school year. Until he talks to Eddie Kaspbrak., 15573 words, WIP)

You’ve Got Mail, Eds! by rose02 (Eddie Kasprak and Richie despise each other, it’s just too bad that they’re anonymously best pals on tumblr, 5599 words, WIP)

The Sun Sets In Your Direction by addielouwho (It’s been four years since Richie inexplicably began to distance himself from the rest of the Losers Club and started doing things he’d never thought he’d do. He doesn’t know it, but he’s lost.Maybe Eddie can find him and help heal the wounds that have begun to fester on his soul…, 58299 words, WIP -this is probably my favourite reddie fic, its so good!!)

Breathe into my hands, I’ll cup them like a glass to drink from by killerqueer (but I’m a cheerleader AU, 22480 words, WIP)

Stray Dogs by Seeingredfics (Being a severe hypochondriac with an ADHD ridden homeless kid sleeping in your basement can do some serious damage, as Eddie Kaspbrak was about to find out., 32945 words, WIP)

so emotional by melliesgrant (eddie kaspbrak is crushing on the school’s radio host ‘records tozier’, it’s too bad they’ve never met., 21578 words, WIP - oh my god, go read this…go read this NOW. its amazing)

my fics

You look so good in blue by SarahJayne (fluff, aged up, first date, AU, 1519 words)

It’s Friday I’m in Love by SarahJayne (angst, sad, growing up together, AU, 746 words)

Happy Birthday Eds by SarahJayne (fluff, tiny bit of angst, 1512 words)

Richie loves halloween by SarahJayne (fluff, matching couples costumes, 1422 words)


if it’s meant to be 

for @early-sunsets Merry Christmas, from your Secret Santa!!! MUCH LOVE xoxo 

a soulmates au 
(read on AO3

The mark had been there from the moment she was born.

His showed up when he was three-years-old.

Jyn kept her face hidden in her scarf, despite the fact that the heat was practically simmering off the ground outside in waves. Karaiah was quite possibly the worst planet in the entire galaxy for her to get stranded on with a dangerous ride in and no guarantee out (the captain of the Correlian garbage shuttle masquerading as a ship that she’d hitched a ride on had quite clearly spelled out that if she wasn’t ready to board again in exactly three days time, he was leaving without her). With three suns the heat was oppressive here, the locals having a natural tolerance but leaving any other passer-by, refugee or runaway at serious risk of dying out on the streets. Her less-than-stellar travel companions had naturally left her to fend for herself. Therefore, finding herself in the corner of the cantina wasn’t so much out of a need for pleasure, but an actual necessity.

She had to go home with someone.

She supposed it could be worse. She could be one of those people who the Force apparently liked to fuck with by tattooing their soulmark right across their faces. Jyn didn’t give a shit personally, but a lot of people on this side of the galaxy did, and sat in a bar like this, no one would dare approach anyone who was quite obviously not meant for them. Jyn’s hand reached down absently under the table, rubbing at the spot on her upper right thigh. By the time anyone saw hers, they usually didn’t care if it had any meaning to them or not. Soulmarks were subjective, after all. How many stories came out of the holonet of couples forcing their significant other’s marks to mean something to them, insisting that it was destiny, only to eventually come across the real soulmate decades later? That wasn’t happening for her.

If she had her way, it would never happen at all. 

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I Found You (Loki Laufeyson Soulmate AU)

Summary: (Y/n)’s soulmate tattoo is Loki in Nordic runes and now thinks fate is playing with her and he doesn’t exist because they gave her a mythological god. During the battle of NY (y/n) happens to meet him but what occurs once the battle is over? Her soulmate is the most hated man on the planet.

A/n: So I changed the MCU storyline a bit as well where Clint had met Steve before the battle of New York.

Warnings: There’s some physical harassment from a male co-worker on the reader so possible TRIGGER WARNING, and remember if this happens to you, report it and if nothing is done about it, definitely call the police. (Be safe y’all, we don’t all have Steve Rogers to our rescue)

Part 2 || Masterlist

Gif is not mine, credit to @lokitty

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A young man approached, thanking and taking his coffee from (y/n). She huffed, overtime she called out someone’s name, she always somewhat hoped that her soulmate would mysteriously appear. She’d had her soulmate tattoo since it appeared at age 12, like everybody else, except hers, wasn’t even English. It was in Nordic Runes, something people didn’t use to name their kids. (Y/n) had found out at 16 when she went looking for her soulmate after being teased for her strange tattoo. She was desperate to prove to everyone, her soulmate wasn’t a freak; he/she was unique and deserved love. She, after all, being in foster homes all her life, believed she could give this to them.

She knew he/she had to be unique because her soulmates tattoo was, but turns out her tattoo comes from the mythology section rather than in real life. Loki, God of Mischief was her fucking ‘soulmate.’ The fates had tricked her and gave her hope for her other half. Now, (y/n) knew who her soulmate was destined to be, she also knew this was a way of the fates telling her she didn’t have another half. It was just (y/n), the only person in the world to seemingly have this problem. The small runic tattoo behind her ear slightly burned as it had been doing quite often recently. She didn’t even want to tattoo anymore, constantly reminded that she was on her own and the chances of someone having the same problem or having no tattoo at all were extremely slim. There’s no known procedure either to remove it without it killing the person; as far as (y/n) knew.

(Y/n) had seen many soulmates meet in this cafe, both accidentally thinking it was their drink and reaching for it. Just one look at each other and they knew. Tattoos were just a second confirmation. In some way, (y/n) envied them but she reminded herself that she didn’t need that sickly gooey stuff that fickle minded people had between them. (Y/n) had taken care of herself just fine and don’t need anyone to feel like she was someone.

(Y/n) sighed, wishing her thoughts away - this ten-hour split shift was absolutely killing her. Her feet hurt, she’d encountered many rude customers today and she was stuck working with the most ignorant person she’d ever met. Luke. He was the definition of an asshole who didn’t know how to treat a lady; that no meant no. She should know, the many times he’d done something inappropriate in the workplace to her was astounding and even though she reported it, he’d never been fired or even suspended. But, she needed this job and couldn’t afford to lose it because of some jerk, she had no one to turn to, no family and no friends. Well, one sort of friend, a regular who came in for his daily coffee. His name was Clint and he was the only person she’d had a proper conversation to since she’d moved to this hell hole.

“Hey sugar, you busy this Friday?” Luke asked now that the line had disappeared.

“Just for you? Always.” Smirking slightly at her comeback, (y/n) felt someone grab her backside. “Of course you are, sweetheart, found that soulmate of yours yet? Of course, you haven’t, yours is probably in the ditch, a freak.” Wide-eyed and very close to tearing the man’s throat out for daring touching her and say anything about her non-existent soulmate. Of course, some part of her still believed it was possible, she quickly squished this hope. “I’ll give you five minutes to remove your hand from my girlfriend before I kick your ass seven ways to kingdom come.” Hearing the gruff and loud tone, Luke quickly moved his hand and looked up into the blue eyes of a very tall and buff man. “Look, man, no problem. I didn’t know she had a boyfriend, let alone one that isn’t her soulmate.”

“Yet, if she didn’t I’d still kick your ass. Especially if I was her soulmate. Didn’t your momma ever teach you it’s not nice to touch girls without their permission or did she take one look at you and realise what a pig you were? Must be a real shame that you have to force yourself on a girl to even get them to consider you. You’re poor soulmate.” (Y/n) broke out into a manic grin and with one hand on her hip, she turned to laugh right in Luke’s face. The guy stood there shell-shocked, unable to form a word. His face shone bright red as the blue-eyed man’s speech caught a lot of customers attention and they were all waiting for the situation to explode. Luke, shaking his head, all but ran to the back area to avoid everyone’s gazes.

Laughing, (y/n) turned to the tall man. “I haven’t seen Luke look like that since… well never. But thank you, not even my manager could do anything.” The blonde haired man smiled down brightly at her, “no problem ma’am, sorry about the uh, girlfriend suggestion.”

“It’s no problem, really. Thank you for actually saying something. Not a lot of people usually do. They just act like it’s not there.” (Y/N) wasn’t going to cry at all, in fact, she felt the hate fire lick her insides like poison. Yearning to combust like an explosion.

“Steve did you order… oh, I see you’ve met (y/n).”

“Clint! I didn’t think you’d be coming in today. You’re late for your appointment with the coffee doctor. Your friend here just became my hero.” Clint looking between Steve’s puppy eyes to (y/n) unusually brightened face, “Is he now? Want to join us today (y/n)? C’mon, go on your break.”

“I could use one after that incident, just let me grab our usuals. What can I get for you, Steve?” Hearing his name, Steve was woken out of his stupor. “Uh, I’ll have the same as Clint’s having.” “No problem, just give me five. These are on the house, boyfriend.” Steve broke out into a somewhat shy smile, hand rubbing his neck. Clint just looks between the two, wondering what the hell just went on.

Sitting down at the table, (y/n) bought her coffee to her lips and sighed in content. Being able to sit down for the first time today felt like heaven on (y/n)’s feet. “So how have you been (y/n)?” Clint asked sweetly. “Still soul-less? Still wasting your pretty face in a place like this?”

“Ha.Ha. Yes, soul mate-less. Unfortunately, not all of us get the chance to put their pretty face to use, we have to make a living in this economy.”

“Haha, yeah I can imagine. I still can’t believe that asshole is bothering you, I’ve threatened him so many times.”

“Yeah, well you’re as menacing as a newborn pup, Clint. I think he’ll leave me alone now though. He thinks Mr Hero over here is my boyfriend.”

“I can’t believe the audacity of that punk., touching’ a lady like that” Steve finally intervenes, the Brooklyn accent slipping through his deep voice.

Clint looked slightly nervous as (y/n) inspected Steve, she was extremely intelligent and it didn’t take long for her to figure out who he was from his language, stance and attitude. “Clint, why the hell is Captain America here. No offence, but whoever he goes trouble is never far behind. Or so the stories go.” Clint smirked at (y/n) and then Steve, who was gobsmacked that she had worked it out so easily.

“Well, he needed to get some air, he’s been cooped up too long.”

After half an hour, (Y/n) said goodbye to Mr America and fly-boy then decided to clock off early. Her manager wouldn’t notice anyway and she wasn’t in the mood for Luke.


Its been a week since (y/n) had coffee with the guys and she finally has a day off. It was boring though, with no one to call or hang out, (y/n) decided she was going to go for a walk. Putting her headphones in she ignored the rest of the world and headed straight for the small park a couple blocks down. She could see the kids playing on the almost abandoned street and smiled lightly, heading for the small gate to the park. As (y/n)’s hand touched the gate, an Earth tumbling rumble shifted the ground. Thinking it was an earthquake, (y/n) yelled for the kids to get inside. As she did so a giant portal opened up in the sky and ugly green beings began pouring through.

“No fucking way…” Suddenly her tattoo roared to life and began burning like never before. It was like someone was branding her. A loud sound, like a hurricane, came through her ears and when the pain became too much (y/n) screamed; clamping her hands over her ears. When the ringing stopped, she found herself on a different street, in the heat of the invasion.


It had been an hour of (y/n) running around the streets trying to get people to safety. Something within her told her this is what she should be doing, not cowering away. She had managed to grab an aliens weapon from the ground and began shooting at anyone that wasn’t human. “Go, get into the subway!” (Y/n) yelled as people instinctively listened and piled down the stairs to the underground. Shooting a couple of the aliens in the head, others began to approach her, seeing her as a big threat. A giant arm flew out of nowhere and smacked her in the gut. This caused (y/n) to go flying a couple meters. Landing on her side, she heard (and felt) a crack from multiple places. Coughing (y/n) tried to sit up, but the pain was almost unbearable.

(Y/n) opened her eyes and in front of her stood a horrific scene, a boy was cornered, only a meter from her, by four aliens, with guns all aimed at him. Why aim so much at a child?

“No…” she whispered, trying to get up. “Hey!” (Y/n) yelled louder, however in the heat of battle sounded like a whisper. Pushing herself up using her arms, (y/n) felt her left arm was broken, possibly some of her ribs and there was blood dripping down her face. “STOP!”

Again, she yelled but this time they decided to ignore her. Standing up to her full height, (y/n) yelled to her full ability, “I SAID STOP!” Some green flash came over her and the aliens faced their new candidate only to see their master that’s leading this battle. Loki. “Leave him alone. You want to pick on someone, pick on me.” To say the Chitauri were confused were an understatement. They just left the scene, deciding to let their master deal with the child but not without them slightly being confused.

“Hey, are you alright?” (Y/n) came over to the boy, placing a hand on his shoulder. “You… you just … and then you…” Thinking the boy was too in shock to talk, (y/n) led him to the subway stairs. “Go down there and stay, its too dangerous up here.” The boy only nodded and (y/n) stood, not knowing where to head next. She didn’t have time to think why the aliens decided to leave bother and the child unscathed.  When a very strange over noise was heard over her, (y/n)’s world stopped. “Shit.”



Flying throughout the buildings, even destroying some in the process, Loki couldn’t have felt more successful. The invasion was going as planned and it shouldn’t be too long until he conquered this small part of the world. The next step- the whole world. It would be easy if the were this feeble, scrambling for shelter everywhere on this dull planet.  Further on Loki asked the Chitauri driving to stop in mid-air, hearing the calls of a woman over the crowd. Not wanting to miss out on the torture here, Loki looked down to find the woman was not screaming in pain but rather in encouragement. She was shouting to the mortals to get underground.

Loki laughed mockingly as if it made a difference where they scuttled to. Suddenly a Chitauri used his arm to send the woman flying and something in Loki shifted like his heart had missed a couple beats as the woman landed. Taking deep breaths, Loki stood from his seat with wide eyes and a hand over his heart. His breathing was not returning to normal and the girl was barely moving.

What is this? Loki thought.

The woman sat up and was looking at a boy being surrounded by his soldiers, she began yelling feebly. They ignored her until she stalked towards them.

“I SAID STOP!” Very familiar to Loki, a green lining overtook her body and suddenly… she was Loki. A manic grin overtook Loki’s face, this woman seemed to possess similar if not the same abilities as himself.  When the Chitauri left, the girl changed back and directed the boy underground.

“Lower us to the ground.” His heart thumped heatedly for the first time in a long while.


(Y/n)’s P.O.V

The hover noise contained one of the aliens and a very attractive man.

“Hello, petal.”

(Y/n)’s eyes widened, her tattoo burning like it did before; except this time she was prepared. “I am Loki, of Asgard. Now, who in all the realms, are you?”

(Y/n)’s breathing hitched and she couldn’t stop some form of emotional tears forming in her eyes.

“It’s you…”

Part 2


@eliza-hamilton-helpless @purelittleblueberry @yoinkpeter @iamwarrenspeace

@fuck-my-marvel @jahanana @feelmyroarrrr

in a world where you have your true love tattooed on one wrist and your sworn enemy on the other, and you dont know which is which...

-k so her wrists are obviously kai and levana
-and when she was little she thought Kai was some terrible person she would loathe bc true love could mean romantic love or platonic love or familial love and Aunt Levana would never hurt her!!! Right???
-So she would follow around Levana, trying to spend as much time with her as possible, bc she knew her and Aunt Levana would have the most incredible aunt-niece relationship ever.
-hahaha but post-almost being burned alive, Peony is obsessed with Cinder’s wrists bc Kai!!! Like the prince!!!!!!
-meanwhile Pearl and Adri scornfully remind her that Kai is a common name, its probably some peasant
-and Cinder tries her best to stay impartial. Her gloves not only hide her cyborg hand but her tattoos as well, and she actually forgets about them for a long period of time….
-and then she meets the prince. And oh shit. Ohhhh shitttt
-cinder isnt the best at romantic interaction, and she cant tell if that was flirting?? He probably hates her, shes a cyborg…
-and the mission to figure out whats on his wrists begins
-but why is he always wearing long sleeves??
-and the night of the ball, she finally sees one of his wrists! and it says levana. Oh dear
-so all of a sudden shes in jail and kai and levana are getting married and her place is quite clear…but why is levana the other name on her wrist?
-so what keeps cinder going, all throughout scarlet and cress, is that they have to be soulmates. Theres no other way.

-hes got Cinder/Levana
-and when hes a little kid and hasnt met either, he always kinda hopes cinder is the true love because the name just sounds so much…warmer
-then the whole arranged marriage starts happening and kai’s like…idk bout this…but the wrists dont lie…
-but then he meets cinder and its just!!! marry me!!!
-and then he realizes it…one of these girls is his sworn enemy…
-shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
-but things seem to solve themselves when Cinder is arrested and becomes known as a terrorist
-except levanas definitely not his soulmate? Bc most soulmates dont want to kill you…
-and so its an internal battle because besides the wrists he knows both have glamours powerful enough to control his feelings
-some nights he lays in his bed and just kinda cries bc he doesnt know whats real anymore
-but when they kidnap kai from the wedding and theres finally some time to talk to cinder, she shows him her wrists
-and theyre like “either its u and me or we re fighting to the death over levanas affection”
-so that becomes an inside joke of theirs, and kais always like “hahaha im winning” leading up to his marriage w levana
-but they act like in love idiots throughout winter bc they now theyre soulmates

Thats kaider for yall, imma do the other ships on other posts to avoid longness

Hiraeth (M)

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
  • Genre: Soulmate/College Au, Light Angst, Fluff, Soft Smut
  • Words: 18K
  • Description: We are always yearning for someone, even if that person may not exist in this tangible realm. 
  • A/N: To whomever stumbles upon this piece of my heart, I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay :)
  • Warnings: Mildly Explicit Sexual Content


Apparently everyone had one.

And everyone would have the name of their destined other half inscribed on the tender skin of their inner wrist when they turned 18.

Everyone…minus you.

It had remained the sole most exciting thing about turning 18 ever since you learned about the exhilarating phenomenon, something you had been looking forward to more than the pile of presents you knew you would be receiving on said day, more than the “surprise party” you knew your friends would be throwing you, and more than being the center of attention for a solid few hours like all the other birthdays you’ve experienced in your life so far.

It was supposed to be one of the few things in life that are guaranteed, analogous to a type of promise which does not revolve around uncertainty or a surefire plan that is carried out without fail, an occurrence not influenced by outside forces and has been written in the stars since the beginning of time. Its assurance is assumed, which is also why its ultimate letdown was able to spur so much damage.

Because on your 18th birthday, in place of the sparkling letters of the name you could practically feel on your tongue, painted in the vibrant colors of your most beautiful dreams, you are instead left with a black horizontal line-  dull, ominous, and utterly frightening.

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xx-thedarklord-xx  asked:

Oh! You are doing prompts? I know you can do angst because your soulmate story hurt my heart multiple times. *Sniffles* This is probably silly and I only had a few moments to think of it. But.. what about Draco making a list. Like, 'The 8 reasons I hate you.' Maybe they had a break up and definitely need to get back together. Each number on the list gets progressively weaker until he just admits that he hates that he misses him.. or some shit.

It shouldn’t have surprised Draco that Pansy found a way to break into his flat.  Her abrupt entrance did startle him, but not enough to move him from his place on the sofa.  

“It looks like a fucking crypt in here.  Have you died?” Pansy asked, dropping her things on side table.  She pushed Draco’s feet from the sofa so she had a place to sit.

“Piss off,” Draco mumbled, “I told you I would need some space.”

“Yes, you did, but you’re being an insufferable drama queen.  No one has seen you in weeks.  You skipped my Yule party last week and I’m still furious.”

“You didn’t invite me,” Draco said.

“I never invite anyone!  You know that!  But you’ve always been there.”


“Really Draco?”

“I don’t know what you want me to say.”

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Black Coffee (ONE)

pairing: bucky barnes x reader

word count: 1k

warnings: moderate swearing + angry reader

summary: ‘ soulmate au where you can taste the things they are eating or drinking, particularly black coffee.

a/n: i apologize for the fact that bucky is not in this part but he’s definitely in the next one so looK FORWARD TO THAT!! AND IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TAGGED PLS ASK ME!!! also i have a christmas one-shot that’s gonna be published sometime this week :-))

Originally posted by butteryplanet

That slightly bitter taste that’s also smokey — snapping at the back of your throat. It’s so bitter that it makes you wince in your seat. The strong taste has coated your tongue, the roof of your mouth, and throat.

And you despised it.

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anonymous asked:

Soulmate AU where your soulmark doesn't only symbolise your soulmate, but also how you'll realise that they are your soulmate. (because unlike the romace novels it isn't always "bond" at first sight, sometimes it takes YEARS to discover what was there all along). Now imagine Stiles so obsessed with his very-much everlasting state of virginity because of his bite mark on his chest and HELLO what else could that mean. (part 2 in the next ask)

Part 2: Or imagine derek trying everything to get rid of his mark, because the bullet shaped mark was the reason his young naive self approached the argents, and KATE, in the first place. And we all know how that went.

The water was cold as it splashed on his face – cold and refreshing – and his hands stayed pressed against his face for a long minute, his eyes closed and a tired sigh leaving him. Slowly, Derek dropped his hands from his face and grabbed the edges of the sink. He hesitated before finally lifting his gaze to the mirror in front of him.

His eyes, blank with a hint of sadness and bags heavy underneath them, found the bullet shaped mark slightly to the left of the center of his chest immediately.

Derek had been five when his mom had sat him down and told him about soulmates and soulmarks for the first time. And because of his soulmark, it had also been when he was told of hunters and how he needed to be careful. More careful than any of his siblings and any of his friends.

He had been five and hadn’t listened. He hadn’t listened when he was thirteen either, nor when he was sixteen and approached the woman he thought he was his soulmate.

It had been years – long and painful years – and he had yet to forgive himself for that. He doubted he ever would,and looking at his soulmark made him feel sick to his stomach.

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anonymous asked:

I need a reddie soulmate au where all the losers have soulmarks except Eddie and Richie, but they still like each other so much and one day when Eddies sad about not having a soulmark Richie draws something on Eddie and draws the same thing on himself and as I wrote this I actually started tearing up WOW

imma do some headcanons!! y’all ready??


-everyones SAID to be born with a soulmark. a little tattoo (heh) somewhere on your body that matches identical to someone elses

-some people, however, are born soulmate-less. meaning that they have no tattoo and are destined to fall out of love for the rest of their lives

-richie and eddie don’t have soulmate marks

-however they are veRy gay for each other (but they dont admit it)

-one day eddie sees stan and bill being a cute couple and he just gets sad

-bc he knows he’ll never have that and he just :((((

-richie immediately notices

-he pounces on eddie like “whats wrong?”

-eddie mumbles that its stupid

-richie assures him nothing hes upset about is stupid

-eddie explains his feelings. how he wants to be in a relationship like them and how he has no soulmate and its just not fair.

-richie stays silent for a moment before pulling a black permanant marker out of his bag

-“richie wtf are you doing”

-richie draws a small heart on his thumb.

-he takes eddie’s hand and draws the same thing

-eddie most definitely tears up

-eddies liked richie for a couple years and this is just the icing on the cake

-eddie quietly mumbles that he likes richie but he hopes he doesnt hear

-oh boyo …. he hears

-“awe, you like me, eds?”

-“shut up richie”

-“why would i do that when i gotta tell you i like you back?”

-they start dating

-even if they arent “soulmates”, they love each other and want to stay together and they’re trying their hardest

-one day, they get into a fight and eddie storms out of richie’s house

-richie chases him down, apologies, and everything is okay. they didnt break up, they discussed what happened and fixed the problem

-richie wakes up the next morning to a scream

-he jumps out of bed and hes like “WHTA HAPPENING are yOU OKAY”

-eddie holds out his hand and theres a small heart on his thumb

-“it wont come off i dont unDERSTAND”

-richie lifts up his hand and he has the same one

-they both realize it at the same time and smile so big

-they proved the laws of the universe wrong. so wrong, the universe made them soulmates.


  • @prettychritty requested: Can I please get a fluffy soulmate au with got7 Jackson, like where their soulmate’s first word is written on their wrist? And he’s an idol and you’re a fan and you guys meet at a fanmeet? Sorry if it seems confusing 😅 Thank you 💕

ardently, adjective

having, expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling; passionate; fervent: ardent love.

Pairing: Jackson Wang x Reader

Genre: Fluff + Soulmate AU

Word Count: 2.42k

Authors Note: I have no idea how this is gonna be, but i hope you like it lmao… i really hope i made it so fluffy that you feel like cringing but still enjoy it o’ dearest one, please enjoy it.

It had been three years since the words appeared on your skin. The more you looked and got accustomed to it, the more you felt an overwhelming flush of emotion. You weren’t on the hunt for your soulmate, if anything, you were pretty passive to the whole idea but it made you feel some kind of way knowing someone was out there for you. 

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His Artwork

So this is a Human/College/Soulmate AU because…. I dunno. It made sense to me. Here we go!

(Idea from @thomassandersownsmysoul)

Premise: Anything your soul mates write on their skin appears on your own

Pairings: LAMP/CALM, polysanders

Tags: @twentyoneparades-to-panic-at @celiawhatsherlastname @de-is-me @authordreaming13 @introverts-assemble @lilylunalovegood2002 @musicwitchthomas @spoooky-bird

Virgil laid back on his bed, his arms out and his legs spread, clad in only a pair of basketball shorts. It was late Saturday morning, and this was what he normally did during that time. He knew any moment now… There it was. A little tickle on his forearm, it felt like.. butterfly kisses, if he had to describe it. He lifted his right arm, seeing words appearing there.

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A Single Voice Above The Noise

Anyone ask for another soulmate AU? No? Well, have one anyway. In this one soulmates share a telepathic link.

Summary: Stan doesn’t have a soulmate. That is fine. He doesn’t need one. Or so he thought until he suddenly hears a voice in his head that is not his own

Meanwhile Richie and Eddie can’t wait to meet each other and just have to make do with what they’ve got

Word Count: 17692 (I know it got long)

Pairing: Stan/Bill & Richie/Eddie

Some people heard voices in their head and Stan had a hard time understanding how these people were not on medication or in therapy. No… hearing voices was considered a good thing, desirable. Well, voices, plural, might not be. But hearing your soulmate talking to you was normal. At least that’s what people said, Stan had never experience it and he was honestly pretty glad about that. Sometimes he wondered if he should try it, but the day he gave in and tried to communicate telepathically with someone who probably wasn’t even real, he’d lose all self-respect. It’s not that Stan didn’t believe in soulmates, and he somehow also believed in the voices thing, because his friend Eddie heard a voice, and he didn’t think Eddie was crazy. But Stan didn’t believe that hearing a voice would be good for him and he didn’t believe there was a soulmate for him. That’s normal too, not everyone had one.

He was in his mid-twenties, if he had a soulmate, he’d have heard him by now, right? Eddie said, he’s heard the voice for years now. Stan didn’t know how he dealt with it, because there’s no rules to the voices and everything needed to have rules, everything needed to follow a certain path. So no, Stan was not envious of the people hearing voices. He was quite happy that he didn’t, but if everyone could stop pitying him every time he said so, that would be great.


I’ve told you not to call me that.

You never like any of my names for you.

Because they’re awful!

If I knew your name, I could personalize them for you.

Richie immediately regretted saying that, he knew what was going to happen next and sure…

My name is… And then silence.

Richie groaned. He had wanted to tell him about band practice, but now his soulmate was gone. This always happened when either of them tried to be a bit more specific. At first, he had thought his soulmate was a fucking tease, always shutting up when they tried to arrange a meeting or whatever.

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anonymous asked:

"your soulmate’s hair color is the color of your eyes. the color of your eyes also changes to match the color of their hair if they dye it" is just begging to be an andreil prompt

Here you go! This was really interesting to write, I hope you like it!

For as long as he can remember, people have never wanted to look Andrew in the eyes. Some people’s eyes don’t ever change, other than the natural shifting of childhood, but Andrew’s have been through quite a colorful journey.

Andrew was born with the colorless eyes of those whose soulmate hasn’t been born yet. It’s fairly commonplace, but with his light coloring, some foster families say the blankness is unsettling. He’s a little over a year old when his eyes change to an auburn color. The fiery color is rare, but not unheard of and shouldn’t have been outside of any family’s expectation. But again, combined with Andrew’s serious face, even as a child, few people wanted to look. Which was fine with Andrew. He was safest when he was invisible.

He’s eleven when his eyes begin rapidly changing, first brown, then gold, then black-all manner of colors. It’s strange, but for nine years, he’s free of the red that reminds him how utterly visible his soulmate must be. He’d much rather have the luxury of pretending his soulmate could be anyone. It made it easier to ignore.

He’s had nine blissful years of thinking very little of his soulmate. He’s with the Foxes and he’s not happy, but he’s in a better place than he’s been in his life. Until Neil Josten and his lies and his questions and the way he can play Andrew like a fiddle. And then Thanksgiving happens and he’s definitely not thinking about soulmates.

He gets out of the “hospital” and he wants to tell himself that Neil’s new hair color is the last thing he notices, but he’s always been stupidly aware of Neil, so it’s one of the first.

When he gets back to the dorm, he looks at himself in the mirror for the first time in two months and he wants to put his fist through the glass when he sees those auburn eyes staring back at him.

Neil is somewhat thankful that his soulmate’s hair is light, because it makes covering up the color with contacts easier. The best option of course would be if he didn’t have a soulmate at all, but since he did, at least they were consistent. And it keeps him from looking exactly like his father, so there’s another benefit. Sometimes he feels bad for how strange his soulmate must think he is, but it’s not like they’ll ever meet, so Neil doesn’t think about it.

By the time he gets to the Foxes, he hasn’t thought about his soulmate for a long time. Until Nicky tells him that Andrew’s figured it out about the contacts. He lets Andrew hold his chin and inspect his eyes and thinks he sees a flicker of interest, but quickly dismisses the thought. Neil knows he will be dead soon and things like soulmates don’t matter when you’re not a real person.

He does note that Andrew’s eyes are not colorless. He wonders what person out there is made for Andrew.

They’ve been…whatever they are to each other for over a year now, but the fact that their eye colors link up has gone unspoken for that time. Neil knows it can’t have escaped Andrew’s notice, but he also knows that bringing it up could stop their progress in its track. He never wants to force Andrew into something, destiny or not.

They’re on the rooftop one night though and Andrew is holding his face with no apparent desire to kiss him or do anything but look and Neil says, “Are you thinking about my eyes?”

“Yes,” Andrew says because they’ve been through too much to lie to each other.

“So you know.”

Andrew rolls his eyes. “Of course I know.”

When it doesn’t look like Andrew’s going to leave or deflect, Neil smirks and asks, “Do you want a different color? We can go get some hair dye.”

Andrew considers that. He’s always had an uneasy relationship with his eyes. But he also knows that his having auburn eyes makes the color mean something to Neil other than his father, so he answers, “No. I think I’ll keep these for a while.”

Neil lets himself be pushed down onto the concrete, smiling the whole way.

written on our veins (pt.1)

next part

You and Hoseok are sick of spending the holidays soulmate-less while your friends enjoy Christmas as couples… tired of waiting for fate to make a move, you decide to take matters into your own hands. ❞

prompts: “Wake me up when winter’s over.” + “We’re not going to spend the holidays alone and sad. I won’t allow that!”

➳ pairing: hoseok x reader

➳ word count: 19.4k

➳ genre: fluff, angst, soulmate au

➳ warnings: implied smut, mentions of alcohol

➳ part of the ‘cold days, warm hearts’ collab

author’s note: sorry that this took so long to be posted… and sorry that it’s completely self-indulgent… merry Christmas!

Jung Hoseok greets everyone with a kiss. Just to make sure they aren’t the one. While others might go in with a handshake, Hoseok prefers to tug strangers in for a press of his lips, only to pull back and check for the writing on the wrist that indicates you’ve discovered your soulmate.

You, on the other hand, have never kissed anyone. Not even Hoseok.

He did try to kiss you when you first met, your best friend, Mina, introducing him as a friend of her soulmate. You had stepped towards him to say hello with your hand outstretched, and he took that as an open invitation for his ‘soulmate check’, pulling you past the small distance that anyone with a sense of personal space would know to leave free. You only just managed to duck out of his way, leaving his lips to graze your cheek. He had quickly apologised after that, and tried to explain that it was just his way of speeding up destiny’s swirling indecision – keeping the soulmate-less waiting, hoping life would be merciful to them, and drop a lover into their open arms. But that doesn’t seem to be how the world works. There must be some secret that you’re missing. Do you have to slip a bribe to fate under the table of the universe, praying it’ll match you with someone nice?

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;grey zone (m)

pairing— kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings— angst, smut, fluff
words— 10,481

:: summary— you and Jin used to date, but things ended pretty quickly, realising that maybe you guys weren’t meant to be. Over the past couple of months, he’s had to watch you with another guy, knowing it wasn’t right. However, what can he do when he’s stuck in a grey zone… he knows he too, isn’t right for you, but all he wants is to hold you…?

inspired bygrey zone, but I was listening to clairvoyant on repeat a lot too. 

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it’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you

summary: it’s hard for eddie to find his soulmate when the only indicator is a song in your head (but richie finds a way)

warnings: kissing, excessive amount of the song africa by toto (fr only because all of yall love it so much and i wanna please yall), and a very cheesy ending!!

read on ao3 here

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