they are like 13 years old

  • Dania said being on #OnceUponATime is a fairytale for her. She’s a fan! (x)
  • Dania had no idea who she was auditioning for originally and showed up in casual clothes (x)
  • When Gabrielle got the call to audition for #OnceUponATime, her 13-year-old daughter freaked out because she’s a big fan! (x)
  • They have only shot the first one and a half episodes so far and the cast hasn’t read beyond the second script (x)
  • Eddy: there will be new characters but no alternate versions of EQ, Hook or Rumple. (x)
  • Henry will eventually fall in love with Cinderella (x)
  • The new Henry is on an epic adventure and will fall in love with Cinderella - a love like his grandparents had. (x)
  • Henry will get himself in trouble and he will reach out to rumple, hook and Regina for help, it’s the new adventure. (x)
    • Henry gets in trouble and the EQ, Hook and Rumple come to his rescue - that’s S7, according to Eddy. (x)
  • “I believe. You believe. We believe.” @DaniaJRamirez says that’s her motto that she thinks works perfectly for ouat (x)
  • There will be an LGBTQ story this year! But they haven’t said more about it. (x)
  • On possible future Captain Swan children, Colin: “I think it would be interesting to see. (x)
  • Colin prefers the guyliner over the leather pants (x)
  • Lana said she took Jared to his first concert and told him she’d teach him to drive when he turns 18. (x)
  • Robert speculates that Mr. Gold’s first name is Barbara - "Babs Gold” (x)
  • Rose Reynolds is our new Alice! (x)
  • Mekia Cox will be playing Tiana!! (x)
  • Adelaide Kane as Drizella! (x)
  • Gabrielle Anwar is Lady Tremaine (x)
  • They always start the new season with a big cast dinner where they hang out and bond (x)
  • Feels like we’re starting over - Colin (x)


When you humor your 13-year-old League of Assassins-raised brother at his second chance at childhood…

Damian: *pretends to pour tea for Alfred the Cat, Batcow, Jerry the Turkey, Goliath, and Jason*

Jason: *facepalms* I don’t know why I agreed to this.

Damian: *glares* Because you like the taste of my imaginary tea.

Jason: Oh, you’re right. *“sips”*

i can’t even believe i have to say this kind of thing. you shouldn’t have to be terrified to post your shit online because “oh my god some 13 year old has a creepypasta cat girl oc omg cringe!! XD” or “look at this person who couldn’t afford a $5000 fursuit let’s humiliate them online LOL”

do you know how many things i’ve done that would be considered “cringy”?? a fuck ton and because i fell into that elitist attitude i made myself miserable for years. make your oc a mary sue, ship your self insert with sans undertale, make your cosplay do whatever makes you happy idc. let yourself have fun. who cares how “good” you are at making things if you’re having fun with it go for it.

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Sometimes I forget that the majority of the SVtFoE fandom on Tumblr is what, teenagers? and thus prone to overreacting to pretty much everything. then clips like the SDCC one come out and I am reminded of reality

honestly same lmfao….these kids lack the general capacity to understand comic con bait….and television bait. i just…i’m so impatient and it’s flooding my archive like…guys. it’s such an adorable moment for these 13 year olds and you’re all ruining it for me

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Ashley just called his 13 year old sister a horrible person and acts like everything's cool? Shit like that why it's hard to buy into. Every single one of those Tommos is really loyal, supportive and protective. If this were real, they would have cussed her out in private to the point where she never commented on their shit again. Or they would have full on blocked. I just can't believe a scenario where they all collectively shrug this girl off for the sake of appearances.

Oh yeah, if you think they wouldn’t have them all blocked by now… 

Looking for internet friends. :)

I’m Sydney I’m 17 years old from the USA, North Carolina. I hope I can find friends who has the same interest ( but if u don’t have the same interest it’s ok we can still be friends)

I like to watch Netflix shows like the 100, supernatural, stranger things and riverdale, 13 reasons why, shameless etc. I also like watching cartoon shows like Steven universe, star vs the forces of evil etc.

I’m a big fan of Disney

I’m really bad at making conversations so sorry if stop talking to you it’s just that idk what to say or how to make a conversation interesting.

my hobbies are playing games like animal crossing or drawing.

I don’t really have any friends in real life so I’m always alone it sucks.

I like to listening to all types of music except country. Some of my favorite singers are Bruno mars, ed sheeran, Pentatonix etc.

I’m an animal lover.

I prefer if you lived in the USA because of time zones.

gender doesn’t really matter to me. Age 16-18

No mean or homophobic people.

I have iMessage, facetime, Skype, Snapchat, kik etc.


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The 12-13 years olds in this fandom can get out of hand. I swear. I'm 13 and these people are acting like 5 year olds. It's just my opinion but they make it seem like all 12-13 year olds in this fandom are immature 5 year olds

The fandom gets so immature

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so, I have a question. and i'm not being snide, this is a real question: what's up with your aversion to swearing?

i swear a lot in real life but on here/youtube there are a lot of younger people following me and it makes uncomfortable?? like yeah it’s stupid because younger kids know swear words and are exposed to them a lot but i don’t wanna contribute to that? so i’m a heck, frick, darn, and shoot kind of person on the internet

okay look bc I’m already seeing some of it. even if the sequel trilogy turns out not so great, can we not repeat the mistakes we/older fans did with the prequels? don’t act pretentious to kids/preteens that love the sequels bc that’s what they grew up with. don’t act like anyone who loves the sequels are fake fans. don’t harass the actors. even if the rest of it turns out not so great, just let people enjoy it. criticize it if you want but please don’t become that 40 year old dude who lectures 13 year olds about why the prequels sucked and they don’t know anything about sw



THE GUYS: Dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab!!


MUTASIM: Yes, we love…* Today, it’s the 18th of May, so we’re going to have a, boom, 17th of May special.

ELIAS: What are you doing?


ELIAS: You know this is my Youtube channel, right? And then you come with this 17th of May stuff..

MUTASIM: Look, look, look how tired this guy is and I’m like fresh.

MIKAEL: He has a bowtie.

MUTASIM: Bowtie! I got this, understand?

MIKAEL: [Singing]

ELIAS: But what’s the thing with the 17th of May? Why do we celebrate the 17th of May?

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Falsettos is so important?????????????? its really disappointing to know that there's a bunch of straight 13 year olds who like to fetishize gay characters that only watch falsettos because its a 'Gay Musical'. ppl dont realize how IMportant this show is????? it changed my life????? falsettos tells a story SO POWERFUL that goes way beyond just two homosexual men. its LITERALLY about 'growing up, getting older, living on a lover's shoulder, learning love is not a crime' and its SO AMAZING??? i feel like its ironic because all the characters are merely children EXCEPT for jason and its about these adults who are just.... GROWINF UP??? um??? marvin matures A lot? marvin and whizzer's relationship?????? TURNS INTO SOMETHING HEALTHY?? it teaches that love isnt just sex and passion and anyone!!! CAN BE A FAMILY!!! when marvin Finally learns how to love his boyfriend and son and his Whole tight knit family properly he loses something??? it makes whizzer's death super important?? whizzer's death is SO IMPORTANT STOP SAYING THAT WHIZZER SHOULDNT HAVE DIED. :( . these characters r Jewish and i hate when ppl write/draw/make headcanons of them celebrating christian/other holidays (why do they do that??????) it really puts into perspective how unfortunate the AIDs outbreak was and AIDs is Not a joke so dont call whizzer aids boy?? this musical about Marvin's ex wife and boyfriend and son and therapist and neighbors is so valuable and I just? Plz respect falsettos why cant ppl respect falsettos ! :(

Ok so time to be a bit dramatic.

I started drawing (like characters and scenes from books and fan art - I’ve technically been drawing since I was a kid) when I read the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series. All I wanted to do was to draw my favorite characters. Percy Jackson also started my love for books and fantasy in general. This was 7 grade. I was 12.

Skipping to 8 grade. 13 years old. My anime phase. I call it a phase bc it burned bright then died down. Not only did I stop reading books for a few months, but my art style also went to: anime. My art teacher actually told me to get out of the anime; that is wouldn’t do me good as an aspiring illustrator. But I ignored her, thinking I could make my own way without help from better artists.

Summer going into 9 grade, 14 years old (a few months after 8 grade ended) I read The Mortal Instruments series. I read those books in under a month along with The Infernal Devices series. It broke me out of my anime stage. I started to find my own style while drawing the characters. It not only shaped my art, but it brought me back into the world of literature that I didn’t realized I had left behind.

Now. 15 years old. Going into my sophomore year of high school. One year later from reading TMI/TID/TDA. My art has improved. Clary and Jace still mean as much to me now as they did then if not more.

If you would have told me when I was 12 that when I was 15, that The Shadowhunter Chronicles would replace PJO/HOO as my all time favorite series, I would’ve called you a liar. If you would’ve shown me I would be drawing this three years later - I would’ve laughed in your face.

But it’s true. This is real. This is me. My art. My passion. Books do change people. But only if you let them.

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

If someone proudly puts “homophobe” in their blog description or URL, you know that they are.. what’s the kindest word to choose here… assholes. 

If I see a negative comment on my posts or a angry message by someone who made the conscious decision to put “homophobic and proud of it” or similar things in their blog description, it’s obvious I do not need to care about whatever they have to say - they already proved that they are not only ignorant but willingly, purposefully want to disrespect, scare and hurt people like me. 

The word “homophobe” is connected to violence. It’s not a cute thing to call yourself. Even if the person is likely just a 13-year-old with too much free time who wants to be edgy, the connection is there. And that’s why it’ll never be funny or cute or “harmless tumblr discourse” to describe yourself as ”homophobic and proud of it”. 

If you call yourself homophobic on your blog, I have no way to know if you are a “I ship my favorite character in a hetero relationship and am upset that other people say he is gay” homophobe or a “I will assault you if I see you holding hands with your wife in public” homophobe. 

The same applies 100% to anyone who calls themselves “aphobic and proud” or “transphobic and proud” or “biphobic and proud”. Their hate is not suddenly any more acceptable because it’s directed at a less widely-known identity.  

Yes, this includes gay people who call themselves aphobic. As an adult in a gay relationship, I’m appalled to see young gay people throw around words that have negative, violent connotations. Our community can do better than that. 

It’s hard to end this letter on a sweet, positive note but I do want to tell you that if seeing blogs who say such things hurts you, you’re not alone. If they scare you, you are not alone. You’re not being silly or taking it too serious or overreacting. 

Please know that I’ll never stand with those people. My blog will always be a safe space for all people in the lgbt+ community. Exclusion is an alien concept here. I say “lgbt+” for a reason. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom