they are kinda flashy :

art by mod justice, effects by mod lars

Hey! So here’s a proper promo for the blog. If you can, please reblog this so other people can see it and maybe throw asks at it. This is an ask blog for a Be More Chill AU! If you wanna know what happens in it besides there being more than one of the main SQUIP, then come check this blog out !! It’ll be great!

edit: this was supposed to be a gif but tumblr broke it

redraw of that one framed picture of them together because i thought it would be fun… it turned out to be more painful than fun but i guess that’s also how these two’s lives are lmao

This is so gross I’m sorry… I had that stupid idea to draw a chibi of Decans if he ever gotten infected by a parasite… I had to design that gross colorful trash… Decans wouldn’t be the best host for a parasite since his soul and body is really damaged but I was kinda curious of how my silly bean would turn out if he was wearing flashy color. I’m kinda proud of the result… Dang… he looks like an exhibitionist, I cri.

Art & Decans© @little-noko

Parasite concept© @feth & @loverofpiggies


Anyways here’s a mermaid au that no one asked for

Bakugou’s color scheme is really different bc i picked the fish based off of characteristics instead of colors

Bakugou is a sea dragon (mythical, obviously) and kirishima is a red dragon betta fish

I noticed somethin about Megs in tfp.

His fighting is actually like… kinda bad? He wastes a lot of energy on being flashy when he’s fighting with a lot of like spins and shit when he literally has no reason to?

And there were a few scenes in Darkness Rising when he was fighting Optimus where he like straight up posed for a few seconds and like… if he didn’t have his foot on Oppy I’m pretty sure OP would’ve decked him.

We all know that tfp Megatron is like super extra but like… when he’s fighting it’s more of a show than anything else and tbh that makes sense since he was trained as a gladiator.

Of course he’s going to be overdramatic and flashy in combat. That’s how he learned how to fight!

And the fact he’s wasting all that energy on being extra and STILL is more than a match for say, Ultra Magnus who is a trained military dude, kinda shows how powerful he really is


oh i only wrote this down to make you press rewind and send a message 

i was young and a menace

yesterday i reached 100 followers and decided to celebrate a little by making a graphic! (i hope you guys appreciate the suffering i went through using pixlr oh my god i really need to invest in photoshop this was so painful)

HP!headcanon - NCT Yuta

 || WIZARDINGBIAS - where your fave bands live in hakho’s hogwarts au ||

Character Headcanons at Hogwarts
↳ NCT Yuta // Yuta Nakamoto // Slytherin

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  • fuck now we’re doing my bias wrecker hell no buckle up errbody this abt to be a wild ass ride
  • now that’s a long ass ride
  • Yuta is a Sly-therin
  • this cunning ass motherfucker needs to calm tf down
  • this is probably gonna be long af
  • more under the cut <3

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I have these two rings, they’re identical, silver and kinda flashy, I decided to paint one of them gold to match my gold jewelry, and as I was painting it i thought “if I date someone I hope they have a similar hand size to me, it’d be nice if I can give them one of these rings so we can match” and i sat there very happy with that thought for like 5 minutes before thinking “that’s usually how people propose” and getting so embarrassed that I choked on my own spit

Hey guys just dropping by and nope I’m not dead(yet) but and keep your snickers up because I’m doing a 2000 followers (thank you so much you guys are amazing) milestone kinda flashy animatic video and yes thats why I havent been active on the blog because i’ve been doing this for the past week and juggling between hangout out with my elder sister who she just got back for a holiday for a week soooo yeah family first so gimme another week of blog inactivity because im putting this animatic to a top priority. THANKS GUYS!