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halfadams    Dear Pretty Little Liars,

Let’s be honest, we’ve had a complicated and pretty long relationship. I’ve known you almost as long as I’ve known @sleepinthegardn (I got the pleasure a few months earlier than you). In that time we’ve definitely had some laughs. you’ve afforded us opportunities I could never have imagined, introduced me to some of the finest cast and crew I’ve ever met and you let me play darts with @ianmharding for an episode while discussing the nuances of the word “statutory”. All good memories. But sometimes we didn’t see eye to eye. Like the countless mornings that @sleepinthegardn had to slink away before sunrise or the painful Sunday nights when she’d have to board a plane and cross the 2516 miles back to your loving arms. We’ve had to share her for so long and the arrangement has been pretty painful because, let’s face it, who would ever want to let her go?

But here we are. The last day. She’s still yours for 13 more hours (maybe more…probably more) and she’s still 2516 miles away from me but today…today I’m not angry. Today I’m not jealous. Today I’m pretty grateful. Because in the last 8 years I’ve watched Troian live and learn and grow more than most people get the chance to in a lifetime. You’ve challenged her, pushed her, asked more of her than she even knew she had and then gave us the gift of being able to celebrate her.
So after a lot of years of swearing at you under my breath I realize now I should be thanking you. Thanking and congratulating you. Because after 7 seasons, 160 episodes and a number of tweets that mathematicians have yet to discover a number to express - you are breathing the rarest of air. You’ve been a best friend and shared experience for millions of young people (and more than a few older ones) and entertained and inspired and terrified a generation with every buried body and surprise text message. @imarleneking you built something that changed countless lives, employed hundreds and will live on long after we’re all gone. You win. Everything.

So #PLL I wish you well and I’m sorry for any disagreements - we both meant well. But now I’m gonna take Troian’s hand back and follow wherever it leads.
pjA  [x]


Andrei: Just trust me, and it should all work out.

Artyom (making a face): …..

Andrei (excitedly): You ever had the pleasure of summoning a zombie, Poopy?

Artyom: Can’t say I have, to be fair.

Andrei (somewhat incredulously): You haven’t lived!  AN INSTANT FRIEND!

Andrei: A shuffly little miracle of fun and excitement! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ 

Artyom: ….

Corwin (of the scene in front of him): Gorgeous flowers!  Mm-hmm!

Andrei: I mean sure they kinda wanna gum your forearms a little…

Corwin (still to himself): Nice marble.  This person must have been rich!

Andrei: But I mean they’re so polite!

Artyom: ….

Corwin: ….

Andrei: They smell a little though.


Andrei (pleasantly): Like, a lot.  But you get used to it.  Wanna try?

Artyom: ….

Artyom (chipper): I don’t see the harm in raising just ONE dead guy as a test.  There’s no one here besides us that matters, right?

Corwin: !

Corwin: HEY!

Artyom (sneering): Like I said….

Corwin (shrieking): Dah!  D:

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The Yule Ball (Sirius)

Lily looked sadly at you. ‘Don’t look at me like that.’ You laughed, throwing a pillow in her general direction. ‘You’re kidding right?’ She said, catching the pillow. ‘No.’ you said seriously but still smiling. Lily threw the pillow back, a little bit harder this time as it hit you square in the face. ‘Hey!’ You laughed. 
‘Y/n!’ Lily groaned, ‘There is absolutely no way that you are abandoning me.’ Lily said dramatically, making you laugh even more. ‘I’m not abandoning you, Lil! You’ll be with James all night long, you won’t even notice that I’ll be gone.’ You said. Lily fell back on her bed, her head landing perfectly on her pillow. ‘Uggggh! She cried, ‘I need you there.’ She said, sitting back up. ‘You’re my best friend, we have to do this together! Besides,’ You threw the pillow and she caught it, holding it against her chest for a second, ‘I won’t be with James the whole night! We’ll have a few dances together, sure, but after that when the band comes out I need my girl with me!’ She threw the pillow. 
‘Marlene will be there! Same with Alice and Florence and Mary and Narcissa…’ You trailed off, ‘I could go on.’ Lily groaned again, 
‘But I don’t care about them, I care about you!’ Lily paused, ‘Okay that was an exaggeration, of course I love those girls but you’re my best friend.’ Lily said sadly. ‘Go with Sirius!’ She insisted for the millionth time. 
‘No.’ You laughed, ‘He’s probably already got a date, anyway.’ 
‘What if he didn’t?’ Lily said. You shrugged, 
‘This is Sirius we’re talking about.’ You said, a hint of sadness in your voice. ‘He’ll have been asked loads of times already. He’s probably already got someone.’ 
‘Please just come.’ Lily frowned.
‘I’m sorry, Lil.’ You threw the pillow. ‘But I’m not going.’ 

Sirius walked into the library and walked very quickly to your usual table and sat down between you and Remus. ‘Oh lord here they come.’ Giggles and laughing was heard echoing throughout the corridors outside the library. ‘Still?’ Remus said. Sirius nodded. Suddenly a gaggle of girls from the year below burst into the library excitedly. ‘Okay I give up.’ You said, ‘Why have these girls been following you for the past week? Did you slip them a love potion?’ Sirius rolled his eyes, ‘No. They want me to ask them to the yule ball.’ He said. You laughed before realising that he was serious. ‘Oh my gosh.’ You said, rather loudly. The group of girls heard and turned towards you and then all squealed once they saw Sirius. ‘Oh now you’ve done it.’ Sirius groaned. Suddenly an idea popped into your head. It was crazy but before you had time to think it through you just went for it. ‘I have an idea, Sirius, but for it to work you have to just go with it.’ You said. ‘Wha-’ Sirius started but as the group of girls got closer and closer you didn’t have time to explain. 
You flicked Sirius an apologetic look before grabbing his face and pressing your lips to his and kissing him in a passionate motion. You heard the giggling and chatting of the girls die down as they all filed off and out of the library much to Madame Pince’s joy, and broke away from the kiss. Sirius touched his lips very gently with the tip of his finger, his cheeks flushed. ‘Did you just…?’ He seemed dazed and confused but you just sat back in your chair and picked up your pen. ‘They’re gone. It worked.’ You said, continuing to write like nothing had happened. Sirius looked to Remus who looked just as shocked.
‘Um.’ Remus swallowed, ‘I’m going to go put my stuff back in my room. I’ll see you guys at lunch.’ He swiftly got up and left. You said goodbye to Remus and then looked to Sirius who’s mouth was still agape. ‘Oh come on, Sirius!’ You said, ‘I was just helping a friend out, stop being so dramatic.’
‘Right.’ He said, closing his mouth. ‘Thanks.’ You smiled, 
‘No problem.’ You continued to write your essay but you could feel Sirius’ eyes burning into the side of your head. ‘Oh my gosh, what?’ You said, looking at him. 
‘Are you going to the ball?’ He asked. You shook your head, 
‘Would you, if someone asked you?’ He asked and you had a feeling you knew where this was going. 
‘Depends who asked…’ You said, chewing on the end of your pen. Sirius raised his eyebrows. ‘What if I asked you?’ He said slowly, and you grinned. 
‘Why don’t you find out?’ You said. Sirius smiled slightly, 
‘Do you want to go to the ball with me, y/n?’ Sirius asked. You thought about Lily and you thought about dancing with Sirius and of course dancing with all your friends to a live band and you couldn’t help but smile. 

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You. Don’t. Send. Your. Mentally. Ill. Child. Away. Because. You. Can’t. Deal. With. Him.

I am sick and tired of seeing the “Han and Leia deserved a better child than Ben” shit on this site, no, hell fucking no. Being mentally ill doesn’t make you a burden on your parents, being mentally ill doesn’t mean your parents deserved a better kid, this shit is fucking harmful and it needs to stop right now.