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the i knew you were trouble version she plays at that show in paris is one of my faves.

that whole show was awesome.. one of my favorites. and her backup singers really smashed it too, just really amazing. I am currently listening to the entire thing. On this song………. “a new notch in your belt is all i’ll ever be” is a great part in this version, the way she makes a fist. 

Let’s all enjoy Trouble:

  • You: Season three Zuko
  • Me, an intellectual: Season two Zuko

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tina wouldn't be a good mother or aunt tbh. she's too cold and standoffish...I don't know why you write her as being a good mother or aunt because she really wouldn't be


Tina would be a wonderful auntie and an amazing mother too - just because a woman is a career girl, it doesn’t mean she’d make an awful aunt/mother.

  • She’d be the mother who worries that the kids aren’t eating enough/getting their homework done.
  • She’d be the aunt/mother who makes hot cocoa for both her own children and Queenie’s.
  • She’d be the mother who worries she’s not good enough because she loves the children so much.
  • She’s the mother who works long hours to make sure there’s enough money for food on the table and things for the kids - and also because there’s a war and she wants to make sure she’s doing her bit to protect them.
  • Tina is the mother who is unsure of being a parent, it’s not what she thought she wanted at first, but she loves her children and gives with all of her heart and soul.
  • With Queenie’s children, she adores them and would do anything to protect them
  • Newt might be “the fun” parent in some ways, bringing the kids down into the case and all that, but Tina is the working parent who works for her family’s well-being/safety.

To add, watch her scenes with Credence. Watch them over and over again. She LOVES that boy and I won’t hear otherwise - I honestly think you can see some of her maternal instinct there in her scenes with Credence when she’s trying to protect him. It’s a subtler version of Newt with his creatures to be honest.

A good mother/aunt does NOT equal being a “stay-at-home-overly-warm-housewife” type of woman.

I think Tina would be a wonderful mother/auntie and I dare you all to fight me on this.

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Alec's reaction to Magnus magic was hysterical though. He was just like whoopsie, better lean sideways. I'm excited they don't show him intimidated though! Even though he probably couldn't defend himself against general magic on longer distances, right?

Anonymous said: Alec’s face in that gif when he dodges the magic though it’s like “yeah, okay, okay, I deserved that.” I’m crying.

HONESTLY LMAO he just kind of leaned to the side it was great. I’m sure Alec can defend himself just fine tbh; it’s magic, but he’s a Shadowhunter and an archer at that so long distance fighting is his specialty. Plus, he certainly knows how to duck.

Alec knows he deserved it tho for sure ajfowaj tbh I am loving that they’re already a bit like a married couple. I mean, a very powerful married couple, but still one. Like, can you imagine tho with all their powers how their bickering might go?

  • Alec drawing a silence rune on Magnus’s phone when it keeps ringing off the hook while they’re trying to make out
  • Alec’s keyboard suddenly typing WE WERE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE FOR DINNER AN HOUR AGO DARLING and he looks up and Magnus is there, casually leaning against the door frame studying his nails but Alec can see the smirk on his lips
  • Magnus plinking Alec with a little ball of magic, like the warlock version of throwing crumpled paper at someone
  • Alec glamouring a file Magnus has been going through all night so that it just says NO on all 50 pages; Magnus gets the message and comes to bed finally (Alec casually goes, How’s your research? and gets nicely pinned by a warlock for his trouble.)

I just really like the idea of the way they interact being amplified because of they’re both supernatural beings. And maybe to mortals looking in it seems a little bit startling, but to them it’s perfectly normal. Those are my favorite sort of details because these two aren’t human and I love being reminded of that. I hope we see them use their powers in petty and domestic ways alike, not just for saving the world.


He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it


“I always get happy when the sun’s out, shining. I’ve always had a thing about that. Like, I hate it when it’s like raining. But when the sun’s out, I can’t help but be like smiling.” x

Happy Birthday, Alexander David Turner - January 6th 1986

k but can we talk about how freakin precious it was whenever Newt referred to himself as ‘mummy’ when he was trying to calm the creatures down  

Part 2 

Ahhh thank you again//// im kinda flattered you would ask me for tips;;;;; Well colouring is really VERSATILE and so many possibilities!!! So there’s no right or wrong way to colour//// Here is just some stuff on how I colour, hope it helps!!!

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do u have any bts smut recommendations?

I clearly mostly read Hoseok and Jimin smut but it cool…. (right?) (I’ve probably only read this smut for Jungkook, but hiraeth has some?)

@btssmutgalore forbidden- Hoseok
@seokvie hopeless- Jimin
@btsxyou things I love about you- Namjoon
@hobibliophile hot blooded- Jin
@jiminniemouse crave- Yoongi
@jungblue control- Jimin
@pantaemonium studio night- Hoseok
@seokvie nothing better- Jungkook
@syugatae until next time- Jimin
@versigny not a little difference- Taehyung