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Introducing THE CHAOTIC TRIO! From top to bottom -
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Here to spread the chaos via memes, pranks and all things punny like hardened butter that nobody wants but got no choice to consume mwahahaha

kath's accent challenge
kath's accent challenge

Hello friends! I was tagged (after tagging myself) by @stilesharrystyles, @bbqchipsandhs (btw Kate has the cutest voice just saying), and @daydreamers-disease to do the accent challenge, so here it is. 

And I’m going to tag everyone! Seriously though, if you want to do this, skip the step of tagging yourself like I did and just do it and tag me instead! But I especially tag @giantbandgeeks (I’ve tagged both your blogs so you can’t deny me) and I especially especially tag @littlebird006 who HAS TO DO IT, IT IS MANDATORY

Questions are below:

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mikaistrash  asked:

Hey! Could I request that you write something about MC going on a beach trip with RFA+Saeran and while they're there, MC gets her leg caught in some seaweed while swimming in the deep and RFA+Saeran have to save her?

hello there! tysm for this request, it was really fun to write lol. I hope you like it! (but if you wanted smth different please let me know) ♥

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • this is his chance to prove to you that he’s a manly man.
  • I mean, he took swimming lessons when he was like eight.
  • he went to a swimming club for maybe two or three weeks.
  • except he doesn’t because he’s so smol and tiny.
  • struggles to untangle the seaweed.
  • did something just hit his head? is that even possible??
  • when you’re finally safe and out of the water
  • you notice something red and sticky in his forehead
  • “is that blood? are you okay, yoosung?”
  • “oh my god hOW.”


  • what was that? his baby is in danger?
  • pleasE.
  • has no problem whatsoever saving his princess.
  • and looks stunning while doing it, takes off his shirt for dramatic effect and everything.
  • “I saw a man so beautiful I started crying???”
  • mutters a very confused boy witnessing the scene.
  • frees your leg quite easily and carries you bridal style out of the water.
  • “time for some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, babe.”
  • being in danger when this man is around has to be an actual blessing.


  • do not ever question this lady’s abilities.
  • no wonder the rest of RFA relies on her so much.
  • “oh no, MC, are you stuck?! let me help you, wait a sec.”
  • acts super fast, in the blink of an eye you’re free and safe.
  • wow.
  • she mentioned having a black belt in judo before
  • but she never said anything about hAVING MERMAID GENES??
  • “MC please be more careful next time, you could’ve drowned.”
  • we don’t deserve jaehee kang.


  • “MC, what the—? what’s wrong?”
  • oh.
  • it looks like a scene from a soap opera he watched the other day?
  • and this is the part where he has to save you.
  • if only he weren’t so awkward and composed.
  • that doesn’t mean he’s a bad swimmer, though.
  • does his thing effortlessly and brings you back safe and sound.
  • and yes, he’s carrying you.
  • but he refuses to put you down until you let him say some cheesy lines and give you a passionate kiss.
  • how is it possible for this man to make everything both weird and adorable at the same time? he can’t be real.


  • my boy
  • my bean
  • he would literally die for you.
  • so this should be easy for him, right?
  • ok he’s not that fit but he did undergo physical training at some point.
  • fucking FIGHTS the seaweed.
  • and after making sure that you’re safe 
  • he comes out of the water screaming and covered in seaweed.
  • “they almost got us, MC! but I’m much stronger!! don’t worry I’ll rescue you from these bastards!”
  • boy, what are you doing.
  • “for real though MC don’t do that again, you need to be more careful I was super worried about you.”


  • uhm
  • okay, he hasn’t lost his sight 100% but this is still hard.
  • is taking pictures when it happens.
  • wait just a minute ago you were laughing and splashing water, is everything okay? why are you so quiet now?
  • starts calling your name: no answer.
  • it’s time to Panic
  • honestly asking for help is the wisest thing to do, acting like a hero would only put you in more danger.
  • thank you stranger that had no trouble rescuing you.
  • when you’re back, he holds you tight and apologizes for not being of much help
  • sweet baby boy please there’s no need to apologize.
  • now please let MC breathe.


  • “…has anybody thought of calling the damn lifeguard? no?”
  • “you’re all fucking useless and I hate you.”
  • but saeran, honey, the lifeguard is nowhere to be seen
  • wait what? fuck.
  • he won’t admit it, but things like this actually scare him a little?
  • still, he throws himself into the sea, tries to free your leg because he cares, and gets you out of the deep.
  • “here, put your arm around my shoulders.”
  • he’s quite proud of himself for being useful.
  • blushes and gets all flustered when you thank him aw sweetie.
Either/Or Tag Game

I was tagged by the beautiful @realpassionlife Thank you!

Rules: Answer all the questions, add one question of your own at the end, and then tag 40 people.

1. Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi.
2. Disney or Dreamworks? Disney!
3. Coffee or tea? Tea.
4. Books or movies? Books.
5. Windows or Mac? Windows.
6. DC or Marvel? DC.
7. Xbox or Playstation? Probably Xbox.

8. Dragon Age or Mass Effect? Dragon age, although I don’t play ether.
9. Night owl or early riser? Night owl, but I try to be an early riser.
10. Cards or chess? Cards!
11. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.

12. Vans or Converse? Converse.

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash? No idea.
14. Paragon or Renegade? Still no idea.
15. Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars!!!
16. One episode per week or binge watch? Binge.
17. Gandalf or Obi-Wan? Gandalf.
18. Heroes or villains? Heroes.
19. John Williams or Hans Zimmer? Who?
20. Disneyland/World or Six Flags? Disney World.
21. Forest or sea? Forest.
22. Flying or reading minds? Reading minds.
23. Twin Peaks or Northern Exposure? Twin peaks.
24. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? LOTR, I really love them both though!
25. You’re banished to a deserted island, which Benedict Cumberbatch character would you choose to take with you? NONE.
26. Train or cruise ship? Train.

27. Brian Cox or Neil deGrasse Tyson?: No idea?
28. Art museum or science museum? Art.
29. Irish pub or night club? Irish Pubs!
30. Aang or Korra? I love Korra but I grew up with Aang.
31. Swimming in a pool or lake? Lake.
32. Classic music or classic literature? Classic music.
33. Oxford comma or no oxford comma? Oxford comma.
34. Digital or paper books? Paper.

35. Rainy days or Sunny days? Rainy.

36. Fantasy or Science Fiction? Fantasy.
37: Poetry or Prose? Poetry.
38: Music or Lyrics? Music.
39: Kissing or cuddling? Cuddling.

40. Dancing or movies for date night? Movies.

Among all your dreams and goals in life which is something you want to come true? I’d like to do something to help make the world a little better, maybe running an animal rescue or something like that.

my question: If you could live anywhere, where would you pick?

I tag @mrsmoonbeam @thereadingchallengechallenge @bellesbookshelf @cre8iveovadose @bookssentials @victoria-krueger @booksandteasplease @fromprincess2veganess @reigningqueenofbooks and whoever wants todo this.

anonymous asked:

i'm so excited about this i have to tell someone!!! yesterday i went to the movies and as i was coming out i met an old friend i haven't seen since i was like 10 (i'm 19 now) and we were talking and catching up and she gave me a big hug and she was like "if you were gay too this would be the perfect gay moment" and i just BLURTED out "I AM!!" and we were both so excited and happy to have met each other again and come out to each other it was so fun and wonderful, i'm still beaming over it!!!

That’s amazing oh my gosh! That’s super sweet and I’m so delighted for you!! She sounds wonderful as do you!

Much love!
-admin em

Hey, I miss interacting with everyone here so let’s do the “requests” thing again, a bit different tho’. 

I usually try (and fail) to draw everything you guys ask, I won’t be able to do that now, but I still want to know, so just tell me anything if you want to and I’ll try to pick something later and do a smol drawing.

No promises because I don’t trust myself for it right now, but even so I just really love to know what you’re all up to and heck everyone is sort of precious so yeah…

anonymous asked:

I'd just like to say how much I enjoy following your blog. I've seen how toxic the cosplay community can be and it's genuinely refreshing to find someone both talented AND kind. You seem like the kind of person who'd be fun to just hang out with and play video games with. Probably with some chicken nuggets.

Thank you so much!  I try to be kind because you never know who can use it.

As for the cosplay community, I don’t think it’s inherently toxic, I think that there is a very vocal minority that makes it seem that way outwardly.  For every bad experience or shit-talking that has happened to me, I’ve had at least 100 good experiences.  It’s all about how you look at it! :)

Keep up the positivity!  Be excellent to one another, dudes!

anonymous asked:

What's the process you go through to being Gerard's photographer at these events? I think it would be a lot of fun, but I have no idea where to even start to get that opportunity. Any advice?

you were talking about requesting for photo passes for photographing bands,,, i was wondering how you did that?? like did you just contact the tour manager and ask for a pass?

gonna answer these two together bc related

so basically you have to be a photographer…as in, you have to have something to show for. no one is gonna let some random person photograph an event or concert bc they just wanna do it. and believe me, i had so many people telling me no or just ignoring my emails altogether bc i just didnt have enough to show for in the beginning. also people will find out if youre serious about photographing the event and know how to act professional or if youre just trying to get close to the band/artist. as a photographer you stay in the background unless asked/told otherwise. so its not a way to get close to anyone. ive seen people try to take advantage of the position and it sucks. im just being honest here, i dont mean to sound mean. i started doing this in 2012 and i was lucky that MSI and Chantal gave me the opportunities to do this even tho i still had to learn. and then over the years you just learn and build a portfolio. and im not gonna lie but it also helps to know people. thats just the truth and i dont mean to sound condescending bc even tho i know a couple of people i still struggle sometimes with others. like i said if you happen to have ulterior motives then people will be able to tell so you have to be honest and professional. and, you have to be credible. you have to have good equipment bc if you show up with a point-and-shoot camera or your iphone no one is gonna take you seriously. and then you just ask. email people and ask. sometimes its the venue, sometimes its the promoter, sometimes its the press/PR person of the band/artist, sometimes the management. if its a smaller band its ok to contact the band directly if theres a way of doing that. and usually its easier to start out with local bands or events because they need people to take photos of their shows and if youre the person who photographs them then they will use those photos. and you also dont need a photo pass for that. and thats a good start. and again, im not trying to sound like an asshole im just being honest but it took me years. i didnt just wake up one morning and thought ‘i wanna photograph Gerard today’ and it happened. it was only possible bc i already had experience and i had something to show for and the people in charge took a look at my photos and saw that i was legit and so they said yes. and the more experience you have the more likely you get to do it again. and, like i said, it helps that Gerard knows who i am. not that he personally asks me to take photos, thats not the case. it also doesnt mean that if he doesnt know you you will never get to do it haha dont get me wrong. but all im saying is that it HELPS. and i guess bc ive done it a couple of times and he knows im legit and he trusts me now he is more comfortable with me being there for hours taking photos of him yknow? BUT honestly if youre serious about it and if you really wanna start photographing events or concerts, nothing should stop you. you just have to know that it doesnt happen overnight. you have to be prepared for a lot of no’s in the beginning but you have to keep trying. anyway…i hope that helps. like i said, if i sounded condescending or anything im SORRY its not my intention but im trying to be as honest as possible and also ive seen quite a lot of people being like ‘oh im just gonna call myself a photographer and that will get me close to Gerard’ and that really pisses me off (and like i said, people will always able to tell if you have motives - not saying you do!!!! not saying that at all! just…thats just the reality, a lot of people do)

anonymous asked:

I really love this "show me your ocs" thing you've started doing!!! Everyone's ocs are so great!!

I’m so happy this has gotten so much traction and gotten so many people engaged! OCs are the best thing and they don’t get nearly enough love. Fan Art is great and always so much fun, but OC stuff is much more personal. You get to see the creator and their imagination on a whole different level and it’s really special to see that sort of stuff and hear the stories.

It’s good to have this sort of thing circulating and have people posting this stuff. Get it out there. Give them so love! And I hope that it’s not just me doing it - i hope more and more folks do this sort of thing and making it a regular fun occurrence on our dash.

Loft Lovin

Barry and Iris wake up after a fun night of Netflix and Chill. Barry is getting ready to head to Star Labs but Iris has the day off…

Iris: BARRRY! Stay home with me today! ( She pulls the sheets over her lower face and sheepishly smiles with her eyes and he pouts wishing he could).

Barry: I know babe but were getting closer to defeating Savitar and I have to keep my mind focused. If I’m here with you it’s just gonna distract me.

Iris: That’s the point Barrry, you’ve been working so hard to save me babe, you’re gonna get overwhelmed! Besides we had so much fun last night.

Barry: It was pretty hot wasn’t it.

Iris: You made my teeth sweat babe. (They laugh out loud).

Barry: I can’t babe. I’m putting my foot down.

Iris: ( She follows him to the door in her slinky silk robe, and stands there thinking “Okay, I tried to be civil”. He opens the door, steps into the hallway, and turns around to blow her a kiss. She drops her robe, smiles, and pushes the door shut. She stands there and starts counting 3, 2, 1. The door swings open.

Barry: Okay, but only a couple hours, cause we really are getting closer to bringing Savitar down.

(She giggles as he scoops her up with one arm and carries her up stairs smacking her on the butt with his free hand).

Barry: You know what you do to me don’t you?

Iris: Indeed I do.

me: *talking to a cis dude who’s clearly at least kind of into me and i’m into him, but he has a boyfriend already so it probably won’t work out, whatever, he’s fun to hang out with and watch cartoons with so i’m just glad we’re buds*

my brain: hey…..

my brain: guess what…….

my brain: he’s the only cis guy who will ever have any genuine attraction to you whatsoever that’s not tarnished by him being a chaser or seeing you as a girl

my brain: but yaknow. keep doing whatever youre doing. whatever

me: *it’s okay because i have coping mechanisms and i can challenge the automatic thoughts i have that i know come from roots of irrationally low self-worth, and i also know there are good people out there in the world and if one guy can be genuinely into me as a guy then statistically there is bound to be another guy who would feel the same :)*

carmineknight  asked:

Hey! I just wanted to tell you I absolutely love your comic (and read it start to finish in one setting yesterday). I'm queer and my partner is nonbinary and it makes me so happy to see such a great and fun story. It's also motivated me a lot to pull my webcomic out of storyboarding hell to actually start doing the first pages! Wishing you all the best and hope to send some cute fanart your way soon <3

Ohmygosh that’s so good to hear!! I wish you all the best with your own webcomic <3333 

anonymous asked:

What's your main blog? Or do you prefer not to share it, which is understandable.

Originally posted by subvictor

I’ll send you a link if you just privately message me/ask off anon. I’d totally link it here, but I’ve been…er, made fun of for it in the past so I can’t do that. Otherwise, I’d be delighted to share. 

‪It’s one thing when over committing makes you constantly late and do subpar work, but you really get the message when it makes you sick and have to miss important or fun times with people you care about.

I hear ya, universe. I don’t know how much more I can scale back, but I’ll keep trying. For now, I’ll be a sad sack staying home on Friday night resting and writing grant applications instead of moshing to the political punk of my friend’s band.