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Relax (Destiel)

Cas helps Dean sleep after hunts by humming to him and cuddling him..

Pairing: Dean x Castiel

Warnings: So fluffy it is actually sickening, cute asf, literally just fluffy

Word count: 258

I really really really REALLY enjoyed writing this

Also a failed drabble

There was nothing Castiel loved more than watching Dean rest. When he dragged himself back to the bunker after a hunt, drowning in fatigue and was ready to collapse into bed, Cas was already there, waiting.

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I wanna start using bronzer but I'm really scared. I don't really wear any makeup other than eye makeup, highlighter, and the glossier skin tiny. I'm looking for something super easy to apply(so I couldn't mess it up and look horrible) that looks really natural

Nars Laguna is my favorite! I really enjoy the Laura Mercier 03 Baked Bronzer, very subtle. If you have money to spend the Tom Ford ones…. to die for. I surprisingly like the Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer, I always get asked what I’m wearing at work when I use it. 
Just remember less is more, use a big fluffy brush so it gives a diffused look. <3

OH and cream: Chanel Soleil De Tan is gorgeous, so natural. You can use it under the skin tint if you’re worried about it being too dark.


Colour palettes featuring At least, Brown, Pink, White/Cream, Red and so on. Just light fluffy colours. I was bored and I had nothing else to do, asides leveling it makes me sleepy and I got night class in a few hours I’m about to leave home. Goodbye Home, you were always so cold to me; and even the House heater doesn’t even help one bit.

  • Jin: Will come and sit on your keyboard while you're trying to do stuff cos he thinks he's far more interesting to look at than whatever that boring shit on your screen is. Plus he's hungry. Always hungry.
  • Suga: Never moves. Like ever. Sometimes you have to poke him just to make sure he's still alive. And then after you've poked him he'll hiss at you. But he loves you deep down, probably because you bought him a fluffy bed.
  • J-Hope: Pounces on your head every morning to wake you up cos he loves you and wants the first thing you see in the morning to be his furry belly.
  • Rap Monster: Walks across the table to get to you and knocks off a) your coffee cup, b) your laptop, c) your entire collection of glass figurines, d) all of the above.
  • Jimin: Will be constantly rubbing against you. Like as soon as you get home he just suddenly appears and rubs against your legs. It's rare for you to get out the house without fur all over you.
  • V: Always chasing stuff. Legit, if it moves, he chases it. Butterflies, spiders, dogs, pokemon, anything. Also eats whatever he manages to catch. So hide your other pets...
  • Jungkook: That crazy ass kitten that just runs around everywhere. Will legit try to run vertically up your walls, so keep him supervised at all times. And watch out for him randomly hiding underneath your legs when he gets freaked out by another cat, especially if it's female.

“imagine Corvo being the Emperor and Outsider is still his lover after 15 years of him being on the throne. :“) Imagine Corvo teaching him to ballroom dance.”

For @kingxdandy

a little winter Shiro doodle to help calm my nerves

little spoon

To save money while attending college in NYC, Stiles and Derek decide to rent one tiny apartment together. With one bed.

*whispers* I have no idea if any of this is realistic. Don’t judge me.

You guys know by now that practically everything I write is so so fluffy, but this is just like, a whole other level. A little over 4k words of enemies-to-lovers, bed-sharing, & cuddling. ;)  


The thing is, Stiles is pretty sure he can’t afford to breathe the air in New York City, let alone rent an apartment there. But it’s also been his lifelong dream to go to NYU, same as his mom, and he’s just gotten his acceptance letter in the mail along with a hefty scholarship offer. So he has a bit of a conundrum on his hands.

Enter Derek, who has a (relatively) dirt cheap apartment in Queens.

Okay, so Derek calls it an “apartment.” Stiles calls it an “attic closet.”

It’s nothing but a narrow bed, a foot or so of walking space between that and the wall, and a lone shelf by the door to hold the microwave and all of Derek’s possessions that can’t fit under the bed. There’s not even enough room to open the door all the way; the edge of the door hits the edge of the bed, and then you have to shimmy into the room.

The sad thing is that Stiles can’t even afford that.

He can, however, afford half of it.

“So you’re going to share a bed,” Scott says, looking concerned.

“Yes,” Stiles says.

“No,” Derek says at the same time.

Scott looks more concerned.

Stiles sighs. “Okay, so it’s like this. Derek’s going to be doing the whole normal person schedule, up at the buttcrack of dawn” (Derek rolls his eyes) “and out working and studying and stuff all day and back in bed asleep by 11 pm, and I’m going to be taking all evening classes and working the night shift!”

“We won’t actually ever be in the same place at the same time,” Derek clarifies. “He gets it during the day; I get it at night.”

“Because we can’t stand each other,” Stiles adds, in case Scott is thinking of getting his hopes up that this whole roommates thing is going to be some kind of bromance.

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