they are just scenery shots


Assassin’s Creed Origins + Scenery

Haha…if you haven’t checked out Lili’s instastories (@lilireinhart) these past few days, you’re missing out on tons of hilarious stuff. She hung out with Camila at the beginning of the week in her crib, then grocery shopping with her friend Nick, then back to back with two red-headed Mads aka Mad Hill and Madelaine Petch. Lili and Madelaine visited the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in LA today and had so much fun like children playing with the musical stairs xD…plus she and Mads were sitting behind a couple….and lol!! just see for yourself. plus some of the scenery shots where Cole is in Spain…

A Shared Passion

Okay well I don’t know how it happened. I got an idea, ran with it and somehow I wrote 13 pages worth of I DON’T EVEN KNOW.

But its fine. So I hope you enjoy, I’m sorry its so long, and I’m gonna put in under a read more because its so long. Let me know how it is guys.

RIP me.

Prompto x Reader (Gender Mutual)


Word Count: 3,888

    To everyone who knows Prompto Argentum, they know he’s a photo fanatic. The boy loves photography and isn’t afraid to show it when pulling out his camera to get the best shots; although, sometimes not during the most convenient or safe moments.
     But that doesn’t stop him.
     It was this particular time that the boys were coming back from a particular fight, that had almost went south. If not for Ignis’s quick thinking, one of them could have gotten hurt. Which put most of them in a somber mood. But not Prompto. He was just happy to be alive and that his friends were okay.
    Driving along in the car to a certain rest stop near by, because none of the Chocobros really had the energy to camp and were close enough to one, Prompto called them to a stop because they were about to pass by a certain landmark that the photographer of the group just had to get a shot of. Ignis pulled over on the side of the rode to stop, and told him to hurry, while the others waited in the car. So he grabbed his camera and off he went to said landmark.
    Although he didn’t expect to run into you.

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Watch the SOTT video be just shots of the scenery n omnious shots of harry flying from a distance or shots of him from his back n harry never showing his face in the video lol

he’s exactly the kind of dramatic hoe who’d pull that shit

Bigbang:  Significant other is a famous vlogger

Original Request:  “BigBang reactions to his gf being a famous vlogger?”


Sunshine boy would be supportive of you and your content.  He would often appear in the background of your videos but wouldn’t make himself the center of attention, feeling that he should leave you to do as you wish, as they were your videos, not his.  This doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t take any part, however, if he did appear in the filming, he would show that he was more than enthusiastic to be there.

*Him appearing in a vlog, featuring the two of you on a casual date*

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Little Seunghyun:

Whenever you were filming, Seungri would be sure to be around.  He would most likely be right next to you in a lot of your videos, getting an equal amount of attention as you.  Of course, his extra personality would shine through, but he would understand that these videos were your moments, not his.

*Stealing the camera briefly to film part of your vlog*

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Jiyong would be the one to most likely help you shoot the perfect shots, whether it be scenery, or just a regular day hanging out with him in the YG building.  If you needed to use your hands for something but still wanted to film, Jiyong would become the camera man, maybe throwing out some suggestions of how to make the vlog more entertaining.

*Helping out with the camera work while you’re doing something off screen*

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Big Seunghyun:

He would casually appear in the videos with you.  Not as much as Seungri, but he would still show up on camera during some points.  Like Seungri, he would understand that this was your content, not his.  Having some filming experience himself, he could give you tips that he acquired while observing his own directors during his own projects.

*Bein’ a dork for the camera*

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This human embodiment of joy would be more than enthusiastic about your content and how it brought fame upon you.  He would love how much other people loved you and your videos.  When you turned the camera his way, he would smile brightly and give an energetic greeting.  

*Filming his beautiful face for your vlog*

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Overwatch Tumblrs
  • Mei: Cute animals and scenery, tries to answer every "science side of Tumblr" question, posts selfies with the ❄️ emoji over it
  • McCree: Runs a film blog but every film is before 1985, occasional personal post deleted 5 minutes later
  • Tracer: Weird British memes and Rugby, hops from fandom to fandom, late at night reblogs cropped porn gifs
  • Winston: Every post is three pages long, no reblogs, follows five people
  • Pharah: Lots of pics of guns and swords, gets into fights with Lúcio, constantly changes urls
  • Zarya: lots and lots of workout vids, very popular but has like 20 call out posts over robo racism
  • Junkrat: only post vaguely unnerving single sentence text posts, people think he's a bot
  • Symmetra: aesthetic blog, vapor wave and city skylines
  • D.Va: gamer garbage, constantly talks about her clan, reblogs enough pretty girls people are wondering
  • Bastion: just nature and scenery shots, reblogs robot rights links and videos
  • Lúcio: non-stop talking about politics, occasionally posts a demo of a new track
  • Mercy: runs an inspirational blog with a bunch of quotes, also runs a more popular NSFW blog
  • Trobjörn: lots of beefy dudes melting metal, posts complicated blueprints with just the word "thoughts?"
  • Hanzo: Made three posts and gave up,
  • Reaper: "Welcome to my twisted mind!" Leto Joker gifs and trolls Mei all the time