they are joking dont get mad


okay but if i were jeremy this wouldve unfortunately been my first thought, and there wouldve been no musical at all

this is so lame

Just finished Castlevania.

  • The choice to make Simon a blonde pretty boy was daring, but made for a funny character.
  • The show doesn’t focus enough on Simon, the Belmont family, or Dracula. 
  • Too much focus on a side character named Captain N? WTF?
  • Tons of cameos from other video games. Donkey Kong, Link, Mega Man. Don’t know how they pulled it off the licensing must’ve been a nightmare
  • Sound effects were taken mostly from Super Mario Bros.

Despite the radical retelling of the source material, Castlevania isn’t a bad show. 

5 out of 5 Lankey Kongs

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So sorry to bother but what exactly is choro discourse

Ppl: i dont like choromatsu lol

Intellectual™: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Choromatsu. His humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Choromatsu’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily fromNarodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Choromatsu truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Choromatsu’s existencial catchphrase “NYAAA CHAAAN YOURE SO CUUUTE,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as matsu staff’s genius unfolds itself on their computer screens. What fools… how I pity them. 😂 And yes by the way, I DO have a Choromatsu tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for Choromatsu’s eyes only-


they just remind me of Spongebob and Patrick, it suits pretty well

Ink by @comyet

Error by @loverofpiggies

(i guess idea might be a little inspired by @puffrisk (??))

the white people going around saying “michael chu’s tweets arent necessarily canon” all fail to realize that theyre wasting their breath claiming that theyre allies to nonwhite fans if theyre this out of sorts about a tweet by the literal lore writer of this game talking about indigenous mccree

“i LOVE nonwhite mccree, BUT-” you dont love nonwhite mccree and youre trying to look smart by playing the devils advocate but this is a brown video game character and youre really going this hard to shut down ethnic headcanons. take a nap and get mad about something else that doesnt directly tell fans of color that theyre wrong about something this superficial lol

another dumb thing going on! ppl thinking about dropping bts for the girls being in the video. and these ppl arent just straight girls mad abt their bias being around a girl.

if you are straight girl mad ur bias is around another girl, grow up! they dont know you and you cant control them. being possessive is ugly 😪

to the people mad about these characters being girls rather than boys for the sake of proving bts are Gay/bi icons, uhhhhhhh get ur head out of ur asshole? first, it’s not even confirmed if these girls will play love interests in the plot. second, BTS has never stated hyyh/wings is gay like tjdjrodja that was Us stans! they arent queerbaiting you just gotta realize bts as bi/gay icons is indeed a joke! it’s ok for us queer ppl to joke or make theories like that but you being upset over this proves you see as more than that and youre actually trying to force gayness onto them. please stop ur making us look dumb. third, if you say bts are bi icons but ur upset abt the thought of them being romantic with a girl… ur biphobic? finally, there are even straight ppl being upset abt this bc their stupid ship. Ahem. Stop fetishizing (asian) gay relationships 🗣🗣🗣

Bf! Ten

  • Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul
  • It took you a week to get his name right
  • And now you can’t get it out of your head
  • You met Ten at a concert, oblivious that this event was going to change your life
  • Because now Ten isn’t just your life, he is your future, your shining star, the only reason you wake up in the morning
  • You were so excited to see Ed Sheeran, it wasn’t the first time but this time you took an extra hour getting ready, making sure your hair looked perfect for the event and that you outfit was classy and sexy
  • You had not expected this gorgeous human to be there so as you goofed around with your friends and sipped on your drink, he just stared at you
  • It was just a glance at first and then several glances until he was gawking at you, his gaze refusing to detach themselves from you
  • As the lights went dim and the stage lit up you excitedly jumped and he giggled at you, marvelled by your captivating beauty
  • You turned around to find the source of the laughter and there he was, with his friends smiling brightly at you. You blushed and looked away, not used to such attention
  • During the whole concert you both sneaked glances at one another until ‘Thinking Out Loud’ came on and instead of focusing on the performer you both looked at each other. It was like time stood still or something, you couldn’t seem to look away
  • He waited for you outside the arena, looking everywhere to find you and then smiled when he saw you approaching, looking lost and delving for someone and then your eyes met
  • You both exchanged numbers and let me tell you, you weren’t able to sleep that night. You kept on smiling at his cute gestures and how shy and smiley he was
  • Your first date was in a coffee shop and it was such a laugh. Both of you clicked so well and he held your hand so tight and kissed your cheek as you left
  • He became your life before you even knew it and you grew more in love with him as time passed
  • He loves the fact that you’re shorter than him (if you are) and hugs you really tight
  • And his hugs are a mixture of cold and warmth and love and he smells like heavy musk and you often find his scent on your clothes
  • His kisses are really soft and pure and he holds you by the hips and brings you as close as he can, wanting to hold more of you and attempting to make both of your bodies one
  • Texts you a lot and his texts are always so excited and cute with so many emojis and memes
  • Has the ugliest picture of you as his screen saver
  • takes a lot of pictures of you while eating, sleeping, studying
  • He just loves your face when you’re doing something important, oblivious of how you look
  • He takes so many selfies with you when you go on a date
  • Loves having you sit on his lap, but loves it more when he sits on yours
  • Plays with your hair and comments on how soft it is and asks for the name of your shampoo
  • rests his head on your shoulder and holds you by the waist and dozes off
  • Like a child
  • gets worried when you’re sick and brings you all the healthy soups and medicines even if they’re irrelevant 
  • “ten this is birth control, are you hinting at something”
  • makes sexual jokes without meaning to
  • Like if you dont want to eat something he’ll be like “Im gonna shove it down your throat!” “Oh wait no sorry i didnt mean it like that”
  • playfully smacks your bum and acts all cute when you get mad at him
  • Back hugs you a lot and sniffs your hair
  • “Ten I can’t reach the container, can you get it for me?” “HA SHORTY” *Calls Johnny for help*
  • Johnny is your best friend and y’all are the best buddies and he’s always hanging around with Ten
  • But sometimes you feel like a third wheel and get really quiet and Ten immediately notices it and includes you more
  • going out for smoothies late at night
  • cute movie dates
  • going for shopping together and him giving you fashion advice
  • “Of course you need me, I’m the ultimate fashion icon”
  • aesthetic couple pictures at expensive af stores
  • exchanging couple rings and him being so cute about it
  • he acts like you’re already engaged
  • couple piercings and he held your hand while you were getting the needle pierced into your cartilage
  • “see it wasn’t that bad” *drying away your tears”
  • holding your hand everywhere you go and then plants a kiss on your cheeks randomly
  • looks away as if it wasn’t him and you smack him cuz its too public to be sneaking kisses
  • holds your hand under the table when you’re out with your friends
  • “How do I look today Ten?”
  • “Not like me”
  • catches you off guard by suddenly speaking to you in english and gets all smug about it
  • hanging out in his practice room and watching him dance
  • and then joining him and him just staring at your ass the whole time
  • still can’t believe you’re dating him
  • has you as ‘my girl’ in his phone
  • doesn’t get jealous easily and is friendly with all your guy friends
  • always so cheery around you
  • whenever you’re having a bad day, he’s always there to cheer you up
  • so sensitive and cries often 
  • especially when you two fight
  • apologises after ten minutes of fight (see what i did there?)
  • works rlly hard but always makes time for you because he loves you
  • so cringy it hurts
  • wants to be next to you 24/7
  • “Ten I’m going to the bathroom”
  • “But stillll”
  • kinky
  • knows ur weaknesses and loves to exploit them
  • like touching you when he’s not supposed to be
  • running his hand ghostly over your thighs and then grabbing them gently and giving you a lustful look
  • but then if he’s horny he can also be clingy and petty
  • rough in bed, has a daddy kink, and loves it when you yell out his name
  • “errr babe, why am I not “king of thailand on ur phone”
  • calling you baby really slowly and then smiling bright
  • so cute you want to kiss him all the time
  • listening to ed sheeran to relax
  • laying on the grass and star gazing with your head on his chest and him gently stroking your hair
  • and sometimes he sings as well and often finds you sleeping in his arms
  • warm cuddling sessions which results in you not wanting to leave the bed in the morning
  • couple shoes
  • couple bracelets
  • couple lock screens
  • has a picture of you in his dorm room
  • talks about you all the time and his family knows everything about you
  • going on a trip to thailand and exploring the culture with him
  • “bet you cant take all that spice”
  • eating competitions
  • kissing competitions
  • You both end up in a laughing mess
  • you were glad you went to that concert that day
  • cuz Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul is your everything

A/N: I was listening to Thinking Out Loud while writing this and I think Ten fits the song perfectly??

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so ace people joking about how they dont get aids is simple stupid shit and we shouldnt get mad that they always demonize us for being "overly sexual" for holdin hands and not tagging gay pda. ok. alright.

no, i said quit demonizing everyone who is asexual just because some of them say scummy shit. boy u must be really desperate for drama :^0 you alright there bud?

ngl im pretty tired of white people making me feel ugly for not having big cartoon eyes that r the color of the Ocean (bonus if they ChAnge Colors According To Mood) or some dumb ass white shit bc monolids are pretty rad too and its taken me so long to not hate them and i still hate them a little but its a work in progress nd white people should stop equating small eyes to ugly or whatever or call us squinty chinky etc etc or comment abt how they look “asian” in a photo bc theyre squinting bc its offensive and its racist and its constantly being brushed aside bc its socially acceptable to mock e asians and our eyes and its just seen as a joke and if i get mad abt it im too serious or sensitive and i shouldnt have to deal w this and neither shld my e asian pals so

moral of the story shove your boba straw up your ass if you think its ok to make fun of our ethnic features but you eat up any shit from e asian cultures thats deemed as Aesthetic or whatever like anime or kpop or pocky your crusty ass bought at walmart bc at the end of the day you rly dont give a shit abt e asian people then

Older Brother Mark

Requests: Heyyoo!! Can you do an older brother! Mark sometime :3

i dont feel bad lmao how about twin mark or twin chenle or twin renjun or twin jaemin - shinyeol-ie

  • guess who’s back with writing again after a month’s/or less of hiatus!!
  • okay not officially back yet but
  • i’ll be slowly getting back! so the ‘hiatus from writing’ will still be there in my bio/askbox but feel free to request still,, i’ll remove it once i post regularly again!
  • i wanted to write today because so many things have been on my mind lately and im a mess so i had to let it all go so im here writing!
  • so why not start it off with the person i love most in the world, margarie!!!
  • with an older brother! au
  • i did one with jeno & jaemin
  • enough of my nonsense, let’s start

  • how do we describe him

  • he can be the sweetest, most caring & most protective brother one could ever ask for
  • but at moments you feel like punching yourself because he’s like clueless 24/7 and he asks for you help with everything
  • back then when both of yall were 12, your parents had to leave the country for a business trip for a few days
  • and for some reason they trusted the both of you to stay at home and not cause any trouble
  • “mark, take good care of your sister we’ll be back soon”
  • “yes of course, dont worry!!”
  • two hours after they leave, he disappears into the kitchen for fifteen minutes
  • you hear a slight shout from him
  • then you see him going into your room with an embarrassed smile and giggle
  • “uhh, i may or may not have burnt our noodles-”
  • “god mark they’re INSTANT noodles, who in the world burns their instant noodles-”
  • “you cant blame me, i tried-”
  • “yeah sure, let’s just call in”
  • but he’s always there to help you out in school?
  • would lend you his notes even if you didnt ask
  • and would also specially find you at your classroom so he could pass you the lunch he packed for you
  • “mom asked me to give you this”
  • “mom? her sandwiches arent that-”
  • “shush fine it’s from me, tell mom i’ll be coming back late today, hanging out with the boys”
  • and like always, mr absolutely capable has tons of people around that admire him
  • your friends fangirl to you and often tell you how lucky you are he’s your brother
  • and they would always find ways to talk to him
  • or make you introduce him to them
  • your guy friends would try to hit you up so they could make friends with him
  • and you’re so used to it you dont even bother doing anything anymore
  • “he’s busy, he’s always busy, dont ask me”
  • would probably barge into your room in the middle of the night
  • to ask you for ideas for lyrics
  • or to tell you random and weird facts that he probably read online
  • or even just suggesting to watch a movie together because he was bored
  • never gets pissed & mad at you
  • in your whole life, probably only once or twice??
  • because he’s an angel
  • and they were over matters where he was concerned for you, so you couldn’t blame him for getting mad
  • like that one time he found out you skipped school just because you werent feeling your best and he got all worried after he heard from his classmate
  • he left school early just to find you
  • and thank goodness he found you at your favourite park just staring blankly
  • then he shouted at you for not telling him and making him worry, saying how he’s upset and scared that you had gotten in trouble
  • but as soon as he saw you cry
  • he’d soften and apologise for shouting
  • and become the sweetest brother ever!! he’d let you cry on his shoulders and listen to your problems
  • he even offered to treat you to your favourite ice cream?? aw
  • always complaining about the boys to you
  • mainly the dreamies
  • especially hyuck & chenle
  • on how they always tease him and make fun of him
  • and when you finally met them, you joined their squad™
  • hyuck & you would always plan pranks together and enjoy laughing at mark’s reactions
  • while the other members take care of you
  • “MARGARIE’S SISTER AYE” -jaehyoons
  • “Y/N ah, did you eat well today? do you want to stay for dinner?” -taeyong mom
  • “omg Y/N’s as cute as our mark!!” -mark’s number 1 fan, doyoung
  • very overprotective
  • like that one day he found out you were dating jaemin
  • (you couldn’t help it this boy was making your heart pump so quickly as if it was popping out of your chest)
  • “HYUNG CALM DOWN, we’ve been dating for 2 months already-”
  • “TWO? TWO??? oh my god i cant believe this, i feel so… betrayed”
  • “mark you’re overreacting”
  • “as if you’re against jaemin” “or are you omg”
  • “YOU COULD’VE PICKED JENO OR RENJUN BUT- jaemin? Y/N i dont know what to say”
  • “hyung am i that bad”
  • “no you’re not, it’s okay this is too much for me, i’ll talk to you all tomorrow”
  • 2 hours later you receive a text from him
  • “got to be honest here,, i fully support you and jaemin, this kid will take good care of you. i trust that and i trust him. i’m happy for you all”
  • and you get another text from jaemin
  • “babe!! hyung just came into my room and gave me a long talk, on all the things you like, your habits and all wow. he looks really happy about this matter though-much different to his reaction just now, is this a good sign?”
  • eventually he often brings you two out for lunch
  • and is always interested to hear stories or interesting things that happen between you two
  • aside from all that
  • he’s really supportive!
  • everything you do he’d give you positive feedback and give you encouraging words if you need it
  • because after all you both are siblings/twins, you have the same personality and he understands how you feel deeply so he tries his best to motivate you while he can
  • makes really bad jokes all the time
  • but you still laugh because hey, at least he’s trying
  • and he gets all giggly and confident after that
  • hypes you up A LOT
  • which is why hyuck always teases him about
  • “hyung you never do that to me”
  • “you’re not my sister”
  • “oh”
  • “kidding dont be mad”
  • “sorry cant talk right now”
  • all in all
  • he’s always bringing you happiness
  • and he’s also there to be your pillar of support
  • dotes on you a lot!!
  • even though you cant see it because he doesnt express himself well
  • but you know he cares and loves you
  • so you love and cherish him as a brother too!!

This is more of a mild screw you coworkers and a mild what the hell to management

So we just had a bunch of new hires at work for the summer that got kept on to help out while some of us go to class during the week. Well a lot of them are late teens to early 20s and in their ‘im smarter and above things’ stage at the moment. I remember going through this stage as well but like days I want to pop them one.

Let say dude #1 takes my jokes too seriously along with gal #1. I like to make jokes that there’s a 'ghost’ in the theater when stuff goes missing or the lights and sound go wonky as a tee hee because the soundbooth is purgatory and I gotta make jokes to survive. All my current coworkers go along with it because Im the weird one and are like oh you! But Dude #1 is like 'ghosts arent real’ dead serious and Gal starts mouthing off that ghosts and aliens are real and you’re arrogant to believe were alone in the world. And I’m like guys chill it’s a joke?

Then dude #2 has been around for a bit we get along ok but he likes to try to pick fights with me about politics or feminism when he has no idea wtf hes talking about. Normally I dont bite but when I do I summon all the I’m dead inside what else you got? Until he gets mad and or scared and backs down. He hasn’t done it in a while since the last time I genuinely got mad at him and scared him.

Some day he’ll grow out of it *if hes as smart as he thinks he is* but dude #3 is the oldest out of all of us picked up on this too and we both tag team to knock him down when he’s being a little shit.

THEN theres Gal….shes taking over an art project I do teaching kids kids arts and crafts while I go to school that day and she 'doesnt like art’ or 'care for kids’ and I worked hard to get that art progran where it is and she better step up….plus she went out of her way to tell me her taste in musics better than mine????

Ontop of that, its an arts department of parks and rec and NONE OF THE NEW HIRES LIKES ART OR MUSICALS….or dance…or kids…even the more senior people in my department cant even draw. I was moved there from an art center to this theater and IM the ONLY artist here? And Gal is mad because I stuck her with something she doesnt like…..I’m worried about my regular customers

Like why is my boss still hiring people with no artistic abilities for the ART DEPARTMENT? I had to learn how to use the light and sound equipment in the theater so you little shits can learn how to draw a damn butterfly

TLDR; management still actively continues to hire people with no artistic skills including a few arrongant kids and still I remain the only artist in this arts department

~ still not gay ~

Word Count: 2 800

Genre: chat fic, coming out, coming to terms with sexuality, humour

Pairing(s): phan, tiny mention of kickthestickz

Warnings: swearing, so many spelling/grammar mistakes (all on purpose as it’s a chat fic), mentioned homophobia, sexual humour (not a lot)


crabstickzzz has added PJ to the chat.
PJ: what?
dannyboy: chris and co. think im gay

A/N Shout out to the (formerly) ~ still not gay ~ chat, thanks for not believing I was straight. (Loosely based off my own unconventional coming out.)

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