they are incredible

The greater good

Vanoss: LUUKE???

Cartoonz: what???

Vanoss: where’s my owl mask????

Cartoonz: what?????

Vanoss: where. Is. My. Owl mask????

Cartoonz: uh, I put it away.

Vanoss: where????

Cartoonz: why do you need to know???

Vanoss: I need it!!!!

Cartoonz: no way! Don’t you dare go on another one of those heists things!!!

Vanoss: the subscribers are in danger!!!

Cartoonz: my evening is in danger!!

Vanoss: you gotta peice of coal stuck in your head or something, devil breath??? We’re talking about the greater good!!!

Cartoonz: ‘greater good’? I am your BOY friend! I’M the greatest good you’re EVER gonna get!

Vanoss: …

I can’t stop thinking about emmerdale, honestly. I’m so happy they are getting the praise they so well deserve from tonight’s shock death opposed to the negativity surrounding it at the moment. I still can’t find the words for how heart wrenching, emotionally draining and poignantly important both the portrayal and the performances were by all (especially natalie, wow, the last scene gave me goosebumps). you know soaps hold so much power when they leave an impact like that, you know you’re blessed to have such an amazingly talented cast when the acting is so world class it makes you want to hold your loved ones extra close and appreciate the purity in life

connor is just… unbelievable to watch. he’s such a special player. i love his speed and his height and his reach. watching him set up all these insane plays always leaves me speechless. like i feel so fortunate to be able to be here now, to presently watch the Connor McDavid Era unfold before me. what a nice thing. what a brilliant, talented young hockey player.


IT’S   IN   MY   HONEY,   IT’S   IN   MY   MILK.

@fatedswords replied to your post:

/thank god it isn’t just me who thinks it looks terrible lmao


Yuri has a knack of wearing sone pretty butt-ugly clothes. Though he does have some nice outfits. But just thinking back to his spa outfit and that summer Hawaiian shirt where he has his hair pushed back, I’m just….. “Yuri, why”

By this point though, I find his ugly outfits pretty hilarious. Especially this one.

Someone: Oakie, why do you always mention that you’re autistic when you meet new people?

Me: I dunno…..

Me, internally: because I’m an incredibly intense person who comes off as frightening and loud and have no real social skills or idea what is/isn’t appropriate to say and i feel like if people know then they’ll be kinder and give me a chance instead of writing me off as obnoxious and rude