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How to watch Marvel’s movies in order

Captain America the first avenger : 2h04min.

Iron man 1 : 2h06min

Iron man 2 : 2h04min

Incredible Hulk : 2h15min

Thor 1 : 1h55min

Avengers assemble : 2h23min

Iron man 3 : 2h10min

Thor the dark world : 1h52min

Captain America, winter soldier : 2h16min

Gardian of the galaxy 1 : 2h02min

Gardian of the galaxy 2 : 2h18min

Avengers, age of ultron : 2h22min

Ant man : 1h58min

Captain America, civil war : 2h28min

Doctor strange : 1h55min

Spiderman,homecoming : 2h13min

Thor, Ragnarok : 2h10min

It would take you 1day 12hours and 31 minutes :)

Some Positives to think about going into 2018

I know a lot of people are sad about the way things went in 2017

And while we’re probably most likely gonna have negatives in 2018 let’s look at some of the Positives coming up

Deadpool 2

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The Incredibles 2

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Boku no Hero Academia Season 3

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Wreck-It-Ralph 2:Ralph Breaks the Internet

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Pacific Rim: Uprising

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Black Panther

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Avengers: Infinity War

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Han Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse

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If anyone has any other Positives to look forward to in 2018 Please feel free to Post! I want to see more Enthusiastism 🙋

First Look at Incredibles 2.

No, your eyes aren’t duping you — this is indeed a first glimpse at Incredibles 2, which, despite 14 years having passed in the real world, will find the superpowered Parr family exactly where you last saw them way back in 2004, only much sharper and slicker.

“Incredibles 2 picks up, literally, where the first film left off, with Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl battling The Underminer, while Violet and Dash are stuck with babysitting Jack-Jack,” says writer-director Brad Bird, who has kept plot details about the highly-secretive sequel to his Pixar blockbuster under tight wraps. Save for a brief tease at Disney’s D23 fan expo this summer, “that’s all we’re saying for now,” Bird continues, “but rest assured, there are a lot more superheroics in store for our ‘family dynamic.’”

Being a story of superheroes, secrets have always been part of the DNA of The Incredibles. Identities, however, are out — original voice cast members Craig T. Nelson (Mr. Incredible/Bob), Holly Hunter (Elastigirl/Helen), Samuel L. Jackson (Frozone/Lucius), and Sarah Vowell (Violet) are all returning for the June 15, 2018 sequel, with newcomer Huck Milner now stepping in to voice speedy pre-teen Dash.

On the plot front, a chain of events in Incredibles 2 sends Elastigirl into the center of the action while Mr. Incredible, at home in the family’s sleek new hideout headquarters, must contend with baby Jack-Jack’s burgeoning new powers, as revealed in November’s record-breaking teaser trailer.

“Helen’s appetite for adventure comes to the fore,” says Hunter. “Whereas before, she was driven to become Mrs. Incredible out of necessity, where she went into it to save her husband, I think this time she really meets her own ambition head-on. The ambition of being an adventure is something that we get to explore.”

For Hunter, recording the first Incredibles film was a mysterious, abstract experience, as it can often be in the lengthy, fluid process of feature animation; after seeing the “stunning” end result, the Oscar winner was more than eager to fall back into the mystery again, especially as Bird’s sequel story revealed itself over time. “It’s always interesting when you have a storyteller who can take off the way that Brad can, and in a way, I feel that his storytelling abilities acquired a different kind of lift-off with this movie,” says the actress. “This time was so much fun because I know Brad so much better, and the way the story unfolded for me in the recording sessions has been kind of stratospheric. Brad’s imagination veers off into intensely funny stuff, and I find that so fresh. And of course, that also includes the character development of Helen throughout this second movie. It just feels really rich, and like… this guy is a true feminist.”

Helen/Elastigirl’s journey is, as Hunter puts it, “full-fledged,” filling in certain blanks about the super-mom’s life that Hunter relished uncovering, including “a real incredible sense of competitiveness and ambition. She throws down the gauntlet in this one. It’s so much fun to see a woman luxuriating in those two arenas, because women have for so many generations been brought up to not be ambitious or to not be competitive, and it’s fun to see Helen basking in those two arenas in much the same way that we give men license to do.”

What’s also exciting is seeing Mrs. Incredible (who, let’s add, deserved far more cred for being a game-changing movie superhero back in 2004) reappear onscreen at a time when female icons like Wonder Woman and Battle of the Sexes’ Billie Jean King are still reverberating in cinemas. “It feels like women are reasserting their strength in different ways,” says Hunter. “I just think it’s beautiful that Incredibles 2 is allowing Mrs. Incredible to reveal all these other different colors of who she is.”

Make no mistake, though: Red is definitely her color.



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