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I sometimes take for granted that I can tell when my cat wants something and what she wants (food is always a good guess), like she meows in front of a door so she probably wants me to open that door for her etc. But sometimes I stop to think about how glad I am that we can communicate despite being different species, and that I can do things for her that make her happy.

Today I was doing something near the bed, and saw her sticking her head under the comforter but not burrowing under it, then looking at me expectantly. And I realized, she wants me to make her a pillow fort. Which I sometimes do, to give her a place to hide in, and some variety as I don’t build one every day lest she get used to it and it stops being new and interesting when it happens. It’s just 3 couch cushions for walls arranged around her blanket with the comforter on top. She loves it, but it’s always been a surprise when she gets one, this time she asked. So I quickly put one together as she watched, and then she immediately crawled in there and curled up for a nap, confirming I read her request correctly.

I just. My cat asked me to build her a pillow fort. I’m so happy.

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Waving Through A Window
  • Waving Through A Window
  • Dear Evan Hansen Cast
  • DEH 1 Saturday December 3, 2016 Last Preview

I was lucky enough to experience Dear Evan Hansen and see this incredible show live at the Last Official Preview on Saturday, December 3, 2016. It is so moving and has such an incredible message. I don’t know how Ben does it. Truly inspiring. #YouWillBeFound

this makes me sound like an actual writer, which i’m not, but i’ve decided my goal for this week is to finish at least one of my many started fics. which, if any, would you guys like to see done?

  • liv gets a school stalker, protective robron ensues
  • wedding dance fic (with added karaoke night)
  • canon divergent rob breakdown at sarah’s grave (based on this post)
  • short romantic drabble

any picks?

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“Don’t get to overconfident Blueberry~ Just because you cannot kill me doesn’t mean someone else can’t~ Don’t get me wrong though! It has nothing to do with your ability. You are simply not the right type for me, sorry to bring your hopes and dreams down~ “  ( ´∀`)ノ~ ♡

“Maybe if you were a pure steel type… But you have that darkness in you, know what I mean?~ You sure would hurt a lot more than others though<3″

“You didn’t really answer my question now did you?~ I answered yours so you have to answer mine to m’kaaay~ So tell me, what was your favorite fight?”

“Was it with a rival? Oh oh or maybe a friend! GASP what about a lover?! A friendly lover rival?! Or a teacher? Tell me~”   o(≧▽≦)o