they are in order of release from top to bottom

unacceptable (yet common) behavior seen when going through ishida-sensei’s tag on twitter →

(the order of tweets is from bottom to top)

i can list multiple reasons on why this is completely unacceptable behavior:

1) don’t harass the creator on what they can or can’t do, this should be common sense
2) complain about something that has happened/is possibly implied in a chapter that’s not legally released yet (in other words, directly telling the creator that you illegally read their unreleased work for free)
3) don’t ever make light of suicide, that’s absolutely disgusting and disrespectful
4) don’t speak as if you represent a whole, not all “stans” agree with you or your methods
5) acting like a child will do nothing; do you honestly think the creator is going to take into consideration what you said and make changes to appease you specifically, just because you’re upset?

…and the results for this kind of behavior →

(taken from the account’s header)


what can’t you believe? why are you shocked?

you continuously harassed an individual and made light of suicide. how could you possibly think there won’t be any consequences for that type of behavior.

(also having the creator block you isn’t something to be proud of, so i have no idea why you would place this as your header for everyone to see…)

note: please be a decent human being and stop harassing ishida-sensei on twitter (despite his impossible work schedule, he’s still a human being). everything you tweet to him in english represents the entire western fandom in some aspect, so please take that into consideration before you tweet at him.

this behavior really needs to stop.

A Unholy Trinity: Kylo, Ben and Matt

Three short sexual encounters with the three versions of our favorite man: Kylo Ren, Ben Solo and Matt the Radar Technician

A/N: Wrote this during finals week. You’re welcome. 

Warnings: (NSFW, extreme sexual language, slight bondage, spankings)

Kylo Ren

Preface: Kylo is aggressive and constantly craves being in control of the environment around him. These traits surface greatly during sex with him.

           “I don’t think you want this,” Kylo growls out, dragging the full length of his member along the sopping slit of your pussy. You’re bounded with torn leather straps to the metal structure of his bed, a mewling mess of sweat and longing. You yelp with tears of frustration in your eyes when he slaps at the hood of your clit with the angry red tip of his cock. “I don’t even think you deserve this fucking I was going to give you.” As he begins to walk away, you find your voice, desperate for him to be inside you pounding away, so you plea wholeheartedly.

           “Commander, no! I do, I do want it,” you cry out straining against the ties around you wrists and ankles. Surely he wouldn’t leave you here spread open and ready to be used as he pleased. And it doesn’t seem like he is as he turns back to grab your face roughly in his gloved palm, digging his thumb and index finger into your cheeks. “You want what, princess?” Kylo asks, his dark eyes size you up, your flushed face and pebbling nipples he sucked on earlier. “Tell me how I like it.

           You moisten your dried lips with a pink tongue before giving in, “I want the commander to ravage my tiny pink cunt. I don’t want to walk after! I want him to come all ov-”

           Your mind can barely compute that Kylo Ren has ripped off the straps of leather before he is turning you on your side, his still clothed chest against tucked to your back. He rocks his cock into you, gripping the softness of your thigh as he holds it up to get the best access to your dripping hole. The mixture of your moans and his snarls, the rapid slapping sound of skin make your fucking all the more animalistic. You love every single minute of it.

           From a mirror he has placed in the corner of his room, you can see your tits bouncing and the slickness in which his penis is entering and exiting you. You watch as one corded arm comes around to pinch at your sensitive nipples and the other to rub shamelessly at your clit. Kylo’s breath is scalding on your ear as he demands to know whose pussy is this.

You respond gladly, “Yours commander, this pussy is yours!”

He delivers a slap to your clit with his fingers making you scream, “Say my name!”

“Kylo Ren! This pussy belongs to Kylo Ren,” you scream as your vision erupts into a collection of colors. Your body is left to hum in satisfaction as Kylo comes down from his own high, lazily bucks inside of you a few more times, spreading his seed into every crevice. When he lifts his head above yours and asks in a panted breath, “Whose just came inside of you?”

Your blush prettily, but answer back, “My commander, Kylo Ren did.”

Ben Solo

Preface: Ben Solo, is an adventurous being. Along with an unlimited supply of cockiness from being the only child of the great general Organa, he has a tendency to be ready to fuck anywhere.

“Ben, we’re gonna get caught.”

           It was a whimpered statement, strained and said in your huskiest of tones. But you couldn’t help it when you were sitting legs open, pussy completely exposed, with two of your boyfriend’s thick fingers thrusting inside you. He chuckled lightly in your ear as you moved your hips forward when he retracted his wet digits slightly. “We could,” Ben agreed amused, “but maybe not. There isn’t another meeting till tomorrow anyway.” You groaned as he pulled out his fingers completely, watching over your shoulder as he sucked them into his mouth, his large lips circling them.

           Currently the two of you were in an empty briefing room on the west wing of the resistance base. Ben Solo sat in the general’s large chair with you in his warm lap, your pants ripped off and panties pushed to the side as you straddled his muscular thighs while facing the door that could open any minute.

           He stroked your blushing face sweetly, “but I don’t think you really care anyway. Do you?” Your face turned a deeper red but you didn’t try to deny how turned on you were; no you most certainly did not care. Ben and you had fucked in more dangerous and public places before after all. When Ben gestured for you to stand you did, following his lead as he pulled you into his arms and gently groped your bottom. “How about you suck my cock like a good slut,” he said pulling away with a smirking and returned to a sitting position in the chair. You kneeled obediently, loving the way he sometimes dirty talked you. Before you unbuckled his pants, you took the time to unbutton your silky top, sensually revealing your breasts. You smiled to yourself when you heard him moan at just the sight of them and their hardened tips.

           Once his cock was in your soft hands, throbbing and hard you began firm strokes, giving special attention to the head the way he enjoyed it most. When he reached forward and buried a large hand into your locks you knew immediately he’d gotten impatient and wanted to be inside the moist heat of your mouth.  In seconds you were a mess of tears and saliva, letting Ben’s dick fuck your mouth while you gazed up at him with watery eyes. You stuck out your tongue, allowing him to slap its head against it. Afterwards you rewarded the member with slurping kisses before taking it back inside your mouth.  Ben stopped soon after, desperately lifting you upon a table covered in papers and strategy reports, placing you on your back.

           Ben descended onto you, crushing you to him with your sensitive breasts squished against his brawny chest. You locked your legs around his lithe waist as he impaled your pussy, making you both cry out together. Ben’s pace was quick but powered with confident strokes that had you breathless; you could only pant and hold on as he split you open on his dick beneath him.

Ben nuzzled his face into the side of your neck, sometimes biting or lapping at the salty skin there. He rose once again to grab your hips roughly and use his thump to circle your clit in encouragement to hurry your pleasure. You couldn’t help but bring him down into your embrace for a sloppy kiss, completely memorized by his huge frame hanging over you.

When your climax hit, it was a white hot fire of a feeling. Ben’s was not too far behind as his jerks fell out of style in the last seconds before coming. With his eyes closed and the rest of his senses tuned into the sensation of pure ecstasy, Ben did not have time to hear the approaching footsteps, or your quiet warnings. It was only when the releasing pressure of the automatic sliding door sounded that Ben looked up in horror to see his father, Han, speed walking out the room, yelling “Damnit, Benjamin!”  

Matt the Radar Technician

Preface: Matt is a new employee who knows he’s bad at his job. But is also very aware of how skilled his is with his hands (and mouth) in other areas. The blond makes sure to use these advantages to the best of his abilities.

           Bent over the half-finished panel installation you were working on, you couldn’t help the strained mewl that bubbled out of your mouth. The talented tongue in your cunt had swirled around in just the right spot; you hadn’t been able to stop the sound from leaving. Instantly, the tiny outburst earned you a sharp pain across your bare ass cheek. You swallowed a cry as Matt pulled his face from between your legs his hand still raised from the spanking, “don’t make a sound, beautiful. You just keep working on that installation, and I’ll keep working on this wet pussy.” You nodded, desperate for him to keep going, as was the deal. Matt your awkward and inept co-worker had somehow found out what a sexual deviant you were. How, you had no idea. But an encounter with him at night on the lower decks of the finalizer had told you everything you needed to know.

           Matt had discovered how willing you were for a dick or finger to pump you to completion that he had jumped at the chance to make a deal with you. He had promised the most incredible head, as long as you would do all his work for him, allowing the blond to keep his job.   It was an offer your needy body couldn’t refuse.

           At that moment Matt released a humming sound as his plump lips closed around your clit and you fought not to make a peep like he had ordered of you. Your fingers trembling as you tried to hold onto the screw driver you were using as he started to lap at the full length of your slit, from top to bottom, all the while massaging you tender rear end. Oh you wished he would just sink that fat cock you knew he had into your pulsing little hole. When Matt slide the first inch of a finger inside you, again you disobeyed, squeaking in reaction to the cold sensation. Unfortunately, you had also dropped the panel, which landed with a clang. This time he delivered a spanking to both sides in punishment before standing up and pressing his chest onto your bent form.

“What did I tell you?” He whispers as his hands reached for the roundness of your tits, poking against your shirt. “You said to be quiet and finish the panel, and you’d let me come,” you whisper back, mouth open in pleasure as he tugs on your nipples.

“Exactly, you’re failing to do even that,” Matt complains while pushing the outlining of his cock against your ass. “Now that I’ve tasted this hot pink cunt, I wanna fuck it to. But now until you finish my work for me, remember that was our deal?” You nodded again as he kissed you hotly with his tongue invading your mouth, leaving the taste of your own juices. When he goes back to work on the glistening folds between your thighs, you set back to working on the tech with shaky fingers. In fifteen minutes you successfully get the job done and Matt takes instant notice

“Good girl,” he purrs in praise, “now we can get to the real fun.” He finishes by standing up and keeping you bent over. In seconds he’s balls deep with a tight hold on your hair in one sweaty palm. “Yes, your even tighter than I thought,” Matt growls. He ruts into you like a boy during his third or fourth time, slightly experienced but in need of a few pointers. And while they’re decent, you know your pussy is craving a certain skilled roughness.

           You crane your head back and let your body thrust back into him; enjoying the stinging of the slaps he continues giving your ass. But it’s not enough and you groan out, “Let me ride you.”  In moment’s you’re on top as he lies on the floor, stretching your clenching hole around the large size of his manhood. He reaches up with large wiry fingers to cup your tits as they bounce roughly with your fucking.

           “Don’t be quiet anymore, show me how much of a needy little bitch you are,” he demands and you throw your head back, releasing all the pent of moans you had. You vagina is spasming and leaking fluid all the way down his balls and you’re so close, but not just there yet. Matt sees the struggle and grips you before standing up. His strong form is able to bounce your whole frame onto his aching dick. Your force in unison with his brings about a tidal wave of pleasure and you are pushed off the edge and soon so is he.

When Matt set you down he smirks in the hazy aftermath, gripping you close commenting, “We’re going to be doing this a lot more often.” And you ask what he means, the blond shrugs and replies, “I just have a feeling Kylo Ren will be destroying a lot more panels in the future.”    

anonymous asked:

hi!!!! can i request a bts reaction to their S/O being a dance teacher, and they get jealous of the person their s/o is giving dance lessons to? Like, the dance is really up close and almost like a couples dance? real life scenario lmao

omg that sounds like a stressful situation – please enjoy these reactions! It’s safe to say that I think all of BTS would trust their partner, it’s just the student that would be the problem…

Kim Seokjin

He trusts you, but he will always go to the lessons just to make sure your student doesn’t get too comfortable. He will occasionally give some glances, and if it went too far he would just say something along the lines of:

Aish, I thought they told you they were with me? I know which one of us they would rather have anyway… Mr Worldwide Handsome over here.”

Originally posted by samwol

Min Yoongi

Depending on his mood, he would either sit and stare like Jin, only speaking up if he needed to, or just try and distance the two of you as much as possible.

No, no, that’s wrong. I’ll show you how it goes.” *takes your hand*

Ah, only a genius like Min Suga could perform so perfectly alongside his partner~”

Originally posted by hoe4bts

Jung Hoseok

Do not touch his baby. Every time your student looked even a little bit comfortable he would shoot up and tell you that the whole piece was wrong – of course, only his parts were wrong.

I think I should demonstrate how it actually goes! Oh, would you look at the time, I guess you don’t get to take my advice today. Maybe I’ll reteach it next lesson.” It’s safe to say that it is easy to tell when he is jealous

But, there is another side to him: J-Nope. Again, like Yoongi, it really depends on his mood and whether or not he just wants to confront it.

Originally posted by yoongichii

Kim Namjoon

Touchy af. If he goes to the lesson with you, you can guarantee you two will walk in with his hand around your waist, marking his territory. If your student dares to step over the boundary, Namjoon will be more than happy to confront them.

Excuse me, don’t you think you’re going too far? Let me remind you that this is my partner who is teaching you…”

Originally posted by trash-for-bangtan

Park Jimin

He would stay kinda quiet, giving death glances and only death glances. It is as if his very jealous alter ago was released and ChimChim just… disappeared.

After the lesson, he would just drag you to the side:

Don’t you think your student is getting a bit… touchy?”

Originally posted by sosjimin

Kim Taehyung

Not so subtle signs of conveying the fact that you belong to Taehyung and Taehyung only. Back hugs, pecks on the cheek, anything that would make your student understand that they were at the bottom of the pecking order.

Woah, that move was impressive! *hugs you from behind and kisses the top of your head*”

Originally posted by samwol

Jeon Jungkook

Initially, he would be so confused on what to do, and would kind of just… sit there unsure of what to do about the situation. But, as soon as he was finished with the whole thing, he dragged you away and said that the lesson was over.

Class over; oh… we have important business to discuss. Nothing you should poke your nose into.”

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I’ve been posting about my love of Japanese fast food chain MOS Burger since I started this blog, so it seems fitting that today, on Eataku’s Fifth Anniversary, MOS announced their biggest burger yet… the Tokyo Tower Burger! (Click above for a larger image.)

Starting this Friday, March 13th, you’ll be able to get your hands on this 14-layer behemoth burger exclusively at the new MOS location opening in the Tokyo Tower food court!

From top to bottom, the ingredients on the Tokyo Tower Burger are…



Hot Chili Sauce

Chopped Onion


Burger Patty

Thick-cut Tomato

Hot Chili Sauce

Onion Ring


Chopped Onion

Pastrami bacon

Burger Patty


If you order the Tokyo Tower Cheeseburger, as seen above on the right, you also get two slices of cheese on your top burger patty, bringing your total to 16 layers!

The Tokyo Tower Burger costs 800 yen, or about $8.00, while the Cheeseburger runs 860 yen, or $8.50.

I know where I’m headed next time I land in Tokyo!

Image courtesy of today’s MOS Burger press release.

Utapri Maji Love Live 5th Stage 2016-01-17 Day 2 Report - Part 3: Shining Theatre! + First Part of Starish

Part 1 about the Flower Displays and Drop Boxes here
Part 2 about the Concert Opening and Quartet Night here

Part 3 is finally here!! Sorry for the wait and thanks for your patience!

So the senpais never sang their second song, I really wanted to hear Mune No Kodou :(

After the Shining Dancers’ intro, the screen played the PVs for Shinning Theatre, which actually made me scared! It seemed like they were just advertising it and won’t sing them ((((;゚Д゚))))))) I wanted to hear Bloody Shadows so bad!!! AHHHHHH
And I also thought as well if they do do it then Shoutan will be next from the order they released them, Shoutan performed so much already! He needs to rest! And I’d rather see him later 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。

After the PVs they played the longer trailer for Polaris and then I seen Kiiyan rise up from the bottom of the stage. Ahh, they changed the order that’s good, all the senpais can rest ヽ(;▽;)ノ
I’ve only managed to listened to this song a few times before the concert, but it’s so good!!!

Mamo was at the top left and Toriumi was at the top right side.

Their outfits are actually nice! And not tacky! I know we all feared what they’ll look like from Tenka Muteki during 4th Stage haha XD well I did anyway~

This performance felt so long XD
It was so good though and I was pumped!
They were on risers which went up and moved from on side to another.

I had my light stick set to purple as I like Mamo and Tokiya more than the rest, but I felt bad since Kiiyan was right in front of me. Sorry Kiiyan (/ _ ; )

This song really is so long! I don’t remember it being this long when I listened to it, they must have extended it XD

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okay guise theres something really weird with Exo's pairing teaser pictures...

So, Luhan x Kai picture was released first,

as you can see, the concept is quite simple: left side,white tux and right side,b&w. Both have mirrors.

Then, Sehun x Tao picture was released after,

Again, same concept, White tux, b&w, mirrors.

Okay now, it starts to get fishy because of this post (credit to the users)


From top, you see Kai’s symbol lined with Luhan’s symbol. The first teaser picture came out as them. From bottom, you see Sehun’s symbol lined with Tao’s symbol. They came out in second.

If you follow the order (assuming its real),

Kyungsoo and Chen are suppose to be next, then it will be Chanyeol and Kris and so on….



Kyungsoo suppose to come out with Chen, not Yixing. And Yixing suppose to come out with Baekhyun, nOT KYUNGSOO.

And okay, LAY, is not wearing a tux, and doesnt have a mirror. As i see it, its just a second individual shot of the main comeback pic. Also, Kyungsoo is suppose to be on the right, not left……………..


Sm is really on to something (or maybe its just me………….)

Deity of the Evening Moon, Tsukuyomi [G-FC01/002 (GR)]

Stride (Released when both players’ vanguards are grade 3 or greater!)-Stride Step-[Choose one or more cards with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater from your hand, and discard them] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down.
[ACT]:[1/Turn] [Choose a face down card named “Deity of the Evening Moon, Tsukuyomi” from your G Zone, and turn it face up & Choose a card with “Tsukuyomi” from your hand, put it to soul] If you have a heart with “Tsukuyomi” in its name, look at five cards from the top of your deck, search for two cards, put them into your hand, and put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.

This is all the Light Novels and Manga that have been released in English. Well to my knowledge anyway. From top left to bottom right the order goes: SAO LN Vol 1: Aincrad, SAO LN Vol 2: Aincrad, SAO LN Vol 3: Fairy Dance, SAO LN Vol 4: Fairy Dance, SAO Manga: Aincrad, SAO Manga: Fairy Dance Part 1, SAO Manga: Fairy Dance Part 2, SAO Manga: Fairy Dance Part 3, SAO Progressive LN Vol 1, SAO Progressive Manga Vol 1 and SAO Progressive Manga Vol 2. ^~^

Vulnerable - Ch. 1 (collab with Haiju)

Happy 10th Dannyversary! I can’t believe I’ve been in this fandom for a decade, geez. Have some angst.

Pain slid across his chest—blood, warm and thick, soaked into his T-shirt. Danny’s mouth parted in a silent scream. Claws slammed him into the concrete on either side of him. Curling his fingers into a crack in the floor, Danny arched himself upwards, pushing the ghost back. Its jaws snapped shut inches from his face.

He yanked up one knee close to his chest. His ribs protested the movement, but he ignored it and kicked out hard. His foot landed somewhere solid behind the slashing claws and limbs. Satisfaction flushed through him as the ghost yelped in pain. It toppled backward, thrashing like a cockroach that had been stomped on.

Danny dove for the thermos that had been knocked out of his hands just seconds before. His outstretched fingers were only inches away when its tail lashed into his back. His skull smacked painfully against the cement.

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Thoughts part 2.

I want to see the same support for black women that we give for black men wrongfully murdered by the police. It’s 2015 and we can’t sit here and pick and choose who and when we want to be responsive to wrongful deaths of POC. In a world ruled by black celebrities, I wish one stood up and organized a structure to properly release the black frustration. As usual, there is no point in protesting etc. without a clear solution and I hope, once again, someone with power comes up with one. This requires an effort from all over, from top to bottom, from the streets to the blogs. But most importantly, it requires order and structure to work efficiently.

Hopefully there’s a real change coming.