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Since it’s still femslash february it seems like a perfect moment to point out that I love these two and I really wanna know who the heck they are ?? I’m glad it looks like they’re with us on the fukurodani game too, though~

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hey, how is your sims game so clear? like the screenshots of your sims are so high quality!! i love them so much :p

AH thank you nonners! :D

First of all, lightning in-game is very important! I use the invisible lights from the ‘’BuyDebug on’’ (one small square placed in front of the sim and one big square above the sim) along with this backdrop and 2 lights above the sim on both sides. Sometimes when I want the sim to look brighter, I add the two spots on the sides as well:

Having your simdetail slider on the highest option helps a lot too! And if your graphics card can handle it, you could also use a HQ-mod! I’ve used one in the past, but I’m currently not using one :)

And lastly, photoshop, actions and topaz clean! There are a lot of different ways to edit your pictures and I’ve linked a couple of actions here on my CC finds blog! :)

Oh and here’s a side by side picture of before and after I edited the picture:

I hope this helped! :D

Meghan Markle Gifs

In this pack you will find 063 HQ GIFS of Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane in episodes 14-15 of Suits season 6.

All of the gifs were made by me for roleplaying purposes. Feel free to use them as sidebars, reaction gifs or include them in your gif hunts, but don’t forget to give credit!

DO NOT repost them or edit in any way.

A like or reblog is always appreciated! ♥

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  • what kageyama says: dumbass hinata
  • what kageyama really means: hinata, i am quite socially inept and it's difficult for me to successfully show my feelings and respect for you, largely because of my behavior in junior high and how it affected me. however, you were arguably the first person at karasuno to put your trust into me and that has had a lasting effect on our relationship. i cannot communicate how much i appreciate you and how much you have helped me become a better setter, teammate, and person, but the use of this word is the best i can do. though you make a countless amount of errors and you can sometimes be too energetic, loud, and unnaturally confident, you astound me with your natural reflexes, speed, stamina, and jump. whenever you make a mistake and waste your talent, it makes me upset because i know you are capable of so much more. i have a unique relationship with you, unlike any of our other teammates, because you have truly helped me feel comfortable and realize that i should just accept who i am. i often have strong feelings of dislike towards you, but i love you for who you are and i would never change any aspect of you, even when you fumble a receive or miss a block. you really are one of the dumbest people i have ever met, but i wouldn't change it for the world.

BokuAka Week
Day 3: College
(Based on a true story where I have to painstakingly wake up at 6 to attend an 8 am lecture, but my friend who does a completely different course attends the same lecture just to visit his bae)