they are in love with each other

He says robotic hands aren’t good for tying ties. Hinata doesn’t believe him, but he does it for him every morning anyways.


“Fitz, it’s been ten years. We can’t waste anymore time.”

Fitzsimmons Appreciation Week // Day One: Favorite Scene

  • Nobunaga: *gets a paper cut* Ah.
  • Nobunaga: ...
  • MC: It's just a paper cut. Let's wash it and put some salve and it will be fi-
  • Hideyoshi: *choking up* It's all my fault that Lord Nobunaga is bleeding- IS THE DOCTOR HERE YET?!

My babies, my OTP, my Eunhae. Whether they’re fighting or cuddling, it doesn’t matter. Their love brightens my darkest days and always makes me smile. I hope they can do the same for you :)

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 …yeah it’s gay…. 

it’s robbie’s tsundere face and sport’s “0h, Robbie! you did that one thing!” face, usually accompanied by an eye roll…

i love drawing Robbie being tsundere, hahah… I feel like his face is just so open to expression, and that’s pretty gr8, found some new places to put lines that wasn’t on the mouth or eyes.. i didn’t know I could put lines on eyebrows??

Inspired by looking through @gayzytown ’s blog again and @lazy–stars, who’s blog I’ve been looking for for a while

In honor of bts’ success i would like everyone to say something they really love about them

in the grocery store today i was looking at birthday cards and this girl came over and told me that some guy had walked around the aisle like 3 times and i should be careful because it looked like he was following me and then when i was leaving this other woman left at the same time and she waited until i got all my bags in my car and was inside it before driving off, i love both of them so much..


I love these two so much and I will blog about them as much as I want and no-one can stop me!

sure when flowey fucks up your game files and murders ur friends he’s still a loved character but when MONIKA does it shes “a bitch’ and “a horrible’ person


It’s been a while since I posted, so I decided to give you a bit tonight. I’m slightly ahead of the word count, which will be helpful when I am unable to actually update Wednesday and Thursday because of Thanksgiving shenanigans.

I very much hope that this story has some truth in it. Through all the versions, I have learned a little about myself in the process and may have hit upon something new this time. But that is a post for another day. I hope you enjoy this snippet.

Susan walked through to Anthony’s room. He was pacing anxiously. He paused when she walked into the room.

    “It’s been a long day, so—”

    He cut her off with the shake of his head. “We have all night.” He removed his dressing gown and pulled down the blanket. “We’ve done this bit before.”

    She nodded as she made her way to the other side of the bed. “We have.” She draped her dressing gown over the end of the bed and slipped under the blanket. She smiled and removed her nightgown.

    “Oh, so that’s the way it is.” Anthony repeated all her movements.

    Susan grinned. “I’m still wearing knickers.”

    “So am I.” He scooted closer. “The toy is put away. I think perhaps tonight, just slow exploration.”

    “All right.” She turned and draped a leg over his and spread her hand over his chest.

    His heart pounded under her hand.

    “I’m so damn nervous.” He said with a little chuckle.

    “You’re not the only one.” She tangled her hand in Anthony’s hair.