they are in love with each other


takashi! thats not how you pick up your boyfriend to go to lunch!

the sheith high school au we all need and deserve ♥

they’re that super gross couple thats all lovey dovey, and all of their classmates just dont understand how these two manage to be so shoujo lol

David and I have solidified and intensified our friendship and our working relationship since the series ended, so it really is just going back and choosing to work with somebody, and feeling like we are doing something that only the two of us have the experience of. We’re there for each other, and enjoy that in and of itself. It was something I looked forward to with this series, and something I would potentially look forward to doing again. It’s a nice thing to have in one’s life.

We were shoved down each other’s throats for so many years and we didn’t have a choice. Now, we’re together by choice. That makes a difference. When we look back, I think we remember only the good stuff from the old days. We don’t really focus on the difficulties we had. In retrospect, one thinks back and gets to laugh and go, “Oh, my God. Can you believe that happened?”
That, compounded with the time that our relationship has grown in between – the times we’ve seen each other and been there for each other and supported each other – it’s the first time that we’re going back really feeling like we’re two friends working together. We’re making the decision to work with a friend rather than a stranger or a coworker that you don’t particularly know very well. /Gillian Anderson/

Hey Writers!

Just a friendly reminder to y’all that your stories do not suck and you’re not a terrible writer. Also, don’t think that because you reach a certain age and don’t succeed at a goal that you’re a failure. Things sometimes take time and life can get in the way. Be good to yourselves and everyone else out there!

Some things I love...

1. I love how their individual shots were the opposite of the first picture we saw, like how GG was smizing and CP was grinning and then they switched in the pic together. 

2. I love how in their second picture GG was smiling the same genuine big ass smile as he did the first time. Like has this boy ever smiled this big? Lmao. 

3. I love how comfortable they look with each other. Like they could take pictures all day. How easy it looks, how they just seem to fit. 

4. I love how good they look together!!

5. I love how if you look really close it seems like he pulled her closer in the second pic because there’s less distance between them. 

6. I love that he couldn’t help but grin. 

7. I love that he posted it on his IG. 

8. I love that she liked it. 

9. I love that he used the grinning emoji. 

10. I love all the positive comments and I love how real it looks. There’s a lot of fakeness on his IG wall… so it’s refreshing to see something really genuine and beautiful; friendship, love, respect, adoration… I just love it!

the umbrella threw merle across the room as soon as he touched it but it let taako pick it up… didn’t let magnus use it….it cast scorching ray at kravitz on their date….she only felt safe w taako and wanted to protect him…im in tears

His Sassy Little Minion

So…this morning, he and I got there - to the high school - at the same time. I just made it to his room first ‘cause he had to go sign in and whatnot. He eventually showed up like two minutes before I had to leave. He had stopped to check on a kid who’s on crutches before he made it to his room.

When he made it to his room, he smiled at me as he pulled his keys outta his pocket to unlock the door. He let out a quiet sigh as he walked in. I was right behind him.

“You ok?” I asked.

He looked over his shoulder and grinned at me. “I’m better now that you’re here.”

I grinned and Um sure I was blushing 'cause his grin grew even more. He slipped his duffel bag off his shoulder and slung it under his desk like it was a bowling ball. It had me laughing which had him chuckling.

“Hey. Would you mind going and opening that other door for those heathens?” He smirked at me.

I raised an eyebrow and sucked in a deep breath through my teeth.

“Hmmm…I dunno. That’s a long way to walk for some heathens.” I teased.

He laughed before giving me the puppy dog look. “For me? Will you do it for me? Pretty please?”

I playfully huffed and sighed. “I guess. I can do it for you.”

I licked my lips, just being sassy 'cause we were both teasing each other. He bit his bottom lip and deepened the puppy dog look. I started walking to the other door on the opposite side of the room.

I opened it and realized that the lights were still off. I looked over at Dale; he was grabbing his water jug outta the fridge.

“Hey. You want me to turn the lights?” I asked.

“Yes, please. If you don’t mind. Apparently it’s important or something for the kids to see what they’re actually working on.” He teased.

I laughed and flipped the light switches. He groaned.

“Warn a brother, will ya?” He grunted.

I laughed and walked over to him. He was standing by the sink, about to turn it on. I stood beside him.

“What? Is my favorite boy now a vampire? Count (His last name)? Is that what I need to call you now?” I teased quietly.

He looked at me, stuck his tongue out at me, and stuck his water jug under the sink. I laughed which had him grinning. I looked at the time. He was looking at the water.

“I’ve got to go…” I said.

He sighed sadly. “No. I don’t want you to, but I know you have to.”

I nodded. “Can I…”

Before I could even finish my question, he curled his arm around me and pulled me into him. He didn’t even care that he was filling his water jug up. He just held me close and I tucked my face against his chest as I wrapped my arms around his waist.

“How was work?” He asked, quietly, holding me closer.

I shrugged. “It was ok. It was my last night for this week.”

“Why’s that?”

I explained why. He and I talked about the reason keeping me from work. He eventually had to let go of me.

The water was overflowing from his water jug and a kid was walking up. He lifted his head and looked at me.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, right?” He asked.
I nodded. “Of course. It’s the last day 'fore the weekend.”

He gave me a sweet smile. “True. Ok. I hope you have a great day. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I smiled. “I’ll see you in the morning, too.”

His smile grew even more.

washuu-kichimura-is-my-daddy  asked:

this will be the most sfw thing on this blog but do you have any hc.s for au where washuu would be less weird [almost normal] family but everything is centred around yoshitoki [so no one pays attention to his lil brother], but on the other end for yoshitoki everything is centered around souta ? i just love big bro yoshitoki giving nimunimu all he deserves [while their father keeps telling him to stop wasting time on nimura :U]

Oh I do!! I do 

  • The Washuu are a very large and well known family that brought up most of Tokyo’s best police men and detectives, every child (Chika, Kishou, Rize) plays along, just not Souta (much to the distaste of his father who doesn’t understand why he all of the sudden decides to go against the family’s tradition) 
  • Since they’re all old enough to pick a profession Kishou became a detective, Rize works in forensics but only Souta decided not to follow the family’s tradition and do that he thinks is right for him 
  • Naturally (despite them still loving Souta) the family shut him out, they unwillingly made him an outsider (which his older brother noticed after a while)
  • So while everyone always talked about police business, such as their cases, internal affairs… Chika was the one to break the silence with Souta and ask him about how his studies go (he’s the only one who went to Uni and chose an art major) 
  • Chika fully supports his brother not only financially but also morally, visiting art fairs with him, travelling through Europe and encouraging him when things seemed to be a bit off 


  • One by one the other family members noticed the error in their ways too and started to support Souta as much as they could (they tried their best okay)