they are in love with each other

We are made to be together because you can handle me like nobody else.
—  Poets Love Her

My thoughts are absolutely with the family during this time, but I want to be sure you know my thoughts are with all of you too. Don’t feel ashamed or frustrated or whatever if you are emotionally affected by this. Whether we have met him or not, it felt like he was someone we knew, even in a small way, and it is natural to feel that loss.

Please take care of yourself. In whatever way is best for you. It’s okay to feel the way you do and you know best what you need. Look after yourself. You’re important and need care as well. I love you, and if you need it, this is me sending you the warmest hug. Once you’re done, send it on to their family and it will be like a mental wave of love being sent to them. Hopefully when they most need it they can feel our support that way too.

You ever just think about this scene from Kill la Kill, where Ryuko falls unconscious and Senketsu can’t hold her or carry her but ties his arm into a knot just so he can bring her to safety? And how Senketsu pushes himself so hard to pull Ryuko along, because even if concept art implies he works out and wants so much to be strong, he still can only do so much with the body he was given?

Because I do and oh gosh he loves her so damn much.

NEWS FLASH: My girlfriend Era is the greatest and she was so smooth today and said “Speaking of lesbians, can I hold your hand?” and held on even when I forewarned her that they might get sweaty. We hugged a lot and walked in the night and had deep and heavy conversations and I got to rub her back and basically I’m blessed

Fic Rec: Ripples and Currents of Memory - Pre Game Theory, Augus, Fae Tales

Have you ever wanted to read a really awesome interstitial about how Augus went from completely unstable villain in the Shadows and Light universe, to someone who was very nearly sane again by the time Gwyn began visiting him in his cell in Game Theory?

DarkMK has written an awesome fic called Ripples and Currents of Memory that explores Augus’ six months in the cell before Gwyn came, and you should all go read it. :D

Ripples and Currents of Memory by DarkMK

(Teen and up / no warnings / 2600~).

I was watching 7x01 the other day and owen has literally no guy friends to be his best man and ends up asking mark because he’s there

but on 12x24 when he’s marrying amelia, april is obviously his best man and there isn’t even a question it’s just something so natural that he’d ask her to do it and I think that’s beautiful

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Goku and Chi-Chi for the rating ships thing.

i don’t know them enough | wtf | why | NOTP | tolerable | they’re okay | platOTP | ••cute•• | awww | ••babies•• | hot | ♥️♥️I will go down with this ship♥️♥️ | OTP