they are holding their hands


“I tested the connection between Zach Quinto and his boyfriend Miles. I said “I’m gonna try and test your connection, fellas”, let’s see if you guys are really connected, to which they were incredibly intrigued. So I had Miles hold his hand out, and had Zachary hold his hand out, and told Miles to close his eyes. I then took a cigarette and started pouring the content of the cigarette on the back of Zach’s hand, and asked Miles if he could feel it, to which Miles replied “yes”. At this point, you see Chris Pine, and he’s absolutely freaking out. He doesn’t believe what’s happening. And Zach is just speechless at this point. I tell Miles to open his eyes and I go up to him and pour the cigarette on his hand and asked him, “is this what you felt?”, to which he replies, “yes”. And everyone loses their shit”. - Chris Ramsay. 

Headcannon #18

Sangwoo has made bum sing for him, and while bum isn’t the best of singers, Sangwoo still makes him do it to remind himself of yet another thing his mother used to do. She wasn’t the best either.

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How do you initiate hand-holding/kissing when you're on a date with another girl?


My favorite tip: Ask! 

Maybe that seems too bold, or maybe awkward? It might be a little awkward (especially the first few times you do it), I won’t lie, but it’s way less awkward than grabbing someone’s hand or going in for a kiss and them not being into it and trying to pull away from you.

Try saying, “I really like holding hands, would you like to hold hands?” or “Can I hold your hand?” If it’s cold outside be dorky, say “Your hands look so cold, mine are really warm, do you want me to warm them up for you?”

Ask, “Would it be okay if I kissed you?” or start with a compliment, tell them how beautiful/cute/attractive they are, and then ask.

Good luck on your date(s)!


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The literal worst is when people want you to hold their hand through their shopping experience. When they say I'm "not helpful" because I explained how to use a computer system instead of literally doing it for them. I'm sorry, but I don't know your information. If you can't type, tell me, I'll help. But don't tell me, "If I'm spending this much money, someone's going to help me." I was helping, asshole.