they are his greatest strength

Feelings on Lancelot

I’m such Lancelot trash. I really love all these ideas with Lotor using Lance’s emotional vulnerability to his advantage and making him feel desired with compliments while also tearing Lance apart. Because while it’s cruel it’s also genius. I adore the idea of manipulative Lotor playing the good guy to get information and take advantage of one of the most observant members of team Voltron.

But I also raise you the idea of Lotor’s own plan backfiring because he actually starts to develop feelings for the Blue Paladin. He starts to grow to actually care about Lance the more he gets to know him. Lance’s pure heart and kind nature begins to thaw out Lotor’s own and he slowly finds himself conflicted as he begins to want to be good. Lance has this strange thing about him that brings out the best in people and I want it to happen with Lotor. Imagine it leading him to redemption, or sacrificing himself.

Lance being his greatest strength and advantage as well as his greatest weakness.


Happy 24th Birthday, Jung Hoseok! (February 18, 1994)

“I’m really thankful toward J-Hope. It must be difficult (referring to J-Hope being the dance leader) but he’s dependable. Rap Monster is the leader for the team itself, but in terms of dance, J-Hope’s the one who, more than any of the other members, is our greatest strength. He organizes everything on his own.” - Son Sungdeuk

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Okay but


The music was fantastic and emotional. The special effects were breathtaking, and honestly the most wowed I’ve ever been with the visuals in a movie/show/etc. I MEAN HE’S WALKING DOWN THAT STAIRCASE AND EVERY STEP HE TAKES IS JUST ONE STEP AHEAD OF INSTANT DEATH HOW FREAKIN AWESOME IS THAT

But it’s more than that. Beckett was a plotter. He was always in control of the situation. He orchestrated so much pain, death, betrayal, he had a brilliant and tactical mind… but his talents were best suited behind the scenes, pulling the strings of others to fight and charge into battle for him. Once his plots fell through and it came time for him to actually make his move on the battlefield and fight personally, in a situation that looked hopeless and dire, he just broke.

As a fan and a student of psychology, that was so interesting to me. His greatest strength, maneuvering people like chess pawns from behind the scenes, wound up being his greatest weakness. When the time came for him to fight as one of those pawns himself, he froze. He knew his death was coming, and all of that pride and status and ambition just instantly fell apart. You could even see it on his face; his mind was broken long before his body was.

Beckett didn’t just die. He was completely destroyed.

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If you had to correlate the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues with the Flash Protagonists, how would you do it? (And notice that it's /protagonists/ cause I know that Eobard would be perfect for Gluttony)

Barry Allen: Avarice (Greed); Kindness

It should come as no surprise that our favorite time-traveler’s weakness is Avarice or Greed.

Given his heart-of-gold, it should also come as no surprise that Barry’s Kindness is his greatest strength.

Iris West: Envy; Diligence

Iris herself acknowledges her desire to be a speedster and her dislike of being sidelined, as well as on-off pining after Barry; Envy is her weak point.

However, Iris doesn’t sit back and wait for life to happen; her Diligence enables her to combat Envy and be a hero.

Cisco Ramon: Gluttony; Abstinence

The only member of the list to be paired with polar opposites, Cisco’s weakness and strength are at war: Gluttony rules Reverb and Flashpoint Cisco, while Abstinence characterizes Our Cisco. 

However, even Reverb sought help, and as a successful businessman Flashpoint Cisco would have required some restraint, and occasionally Our Cisco falls prey to Gluttony.

Caitlin Snow: Wrath; Liberality

Her alter ego is Killer Frost; need I say more on the Wrath-like quality of Caitlin’s nature?

Resisting that personality is Liberality, or Generosity; as a doctor, Caitlin’s primary role is to help others.

Wally West: Lust; Humility

Wally is our Icarus who fell in love with the Speed Force, and his Lust drove him to make irrational and ultimately disastrous decisions.

Following these experiences and speaking to his core, Wally’s Humility shone.

Jesse Quick: Pride; Chastity

She majored in five subjects and resists being constrained to Harry’s safety precautions after being freed from Zoom, despite Harry’s insistence; Pride is the Jesse’s chip in the armor.

Tempering her Pride, Jesse leans her shoulder into Chastity, neither overreaching nor underusing her Speed, finding a happier medium than Barry or Wally.

Julian Albert: Sloth; Patience

Julian’s Sloth is largely due to his reluctance to work with Barry, compromising his results for the sake of a grudge.  He’s slower than he could be.

But Patience is on Julian’s side: he can afford to play a long-term game, determining which team to side with and what strategies will play out with the greatest reward.

May I?

: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: F/M
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Relationships: Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Chat Noir/Ladybug


Marinette always knew that Adrien’s capacity for love was both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness. But that wasn’t going to stop her from doing everything in her power to protect his tender heart from the world that sought to destroy it.

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I really hope in Chaol's book SJM gets better at representation and starts doing better with it in her upcoming books/series

UGH. ME TOO. AND Chaol’s novel is gonna be difficult because I assume that everyone or almost everyone in the Southern Continent looks like Nesryn. So. I HIGH KEY want Chaol to get a rude awakening when he realizes he’s the odd man out. And I need him to be able to apply that feeling to his own prejudices and then come the rest of the way through this dynamic change. He’s come pretty far. But I need more. I love Chaol. He’s a damn conservative pretty boy, from a privileged background who never had to question his beliefs. And he is loyal to a fault. And that loyalty is as much his greatest weakness as it is his greatest strength. And I can work with that. Because at the end of the day, he realized that he was not loyal to the king but to Dorian and his country. And he’s trying to figure out this whole magic thing and that the world isn’t fair and I get it. But I need him to and Nesryn really to champion team human. I won’t be angry if he turns out to have some super power (cuz he’s from a race of warrior guardians that protected Adarlan from the mountain people), buuut I’d like for him to be human and have to learn from his prejudices and maybe one day get that farm and the family and the kids and die an old man who helped a bunch of magical immortals save the world. #TeamHuman ugh. How heartbreaking to know that Chaol Westfall can live forever too in the songs and stories about the Great War for Erilea. 💀💔🗑


Dorian returned to Tevinter to take his father’s place in the Magisterium. As rumors flew about the Imperium’s infighting, Dorian was spoken of often as a voice of resistance against corruption. Along with Magister Maevaris Tilani, he formed a group called the Lucerni to restore and redeem Tevinter - a fight many thought hopeless.

Magister Pavus’ allies said that his greatest strength lay in the lover he left in the South, but still conversed with via message crystal. 

Some claimed to have seen the Inquisitor on the streets of Minrathous on rare occasions, sneaking into the heart of Tevinter to aid his amatus.

fic commission for @saenda

Laurent had always prided himself on his good memory, his ability to absorb and retain information, on being prepared for every situation, on keeping a cool head under pressure. They were some of his greatest strengths.

Right now, none of them were working.

Right now all Laurent could think was that Damen was lying in front of him, hovering somewhere just shy of consciousness. Laurent was acutely aware of the sound of Damen’s breathing – ragged, shallow, wet, each one dragging in and out of him – of Damen’s blood, warm and wet and staining his hands, dying both their clothes bright red that was slowly drying to brown.

And if Laurent had ever learned anything about how to treat wounds like this, he’d forgotten.

“Come on,” he muttered, pressing his hands a little harder against the gash in Damen’s side. That much he could remember; apply pressure, slow the bleeding. “Come on, wake up. You’re the soldier, tell me how to help you.” Damen was no physician, but surely he knew how to patch up a wound long enough to get to one. Surely that was a thing most soldiers learned to do.

If it wasn’t, Laurent was making a change to the training regimen the moment they returned home.

He refused to allow his brain to add an ‘if’ to that thought.

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Magister Pavus’s allies said that his greatest strength lay in the lover he left in the South, but still conversed with via message crystal.


Present!76 in Past!Jack’s body

Switcheroo AU blurb from vickjawn’s inbox YOUR TUMBLR ISN’T SHOWING UP IN THE LIST someone else has to write this fic because I have shit to do and god knows I can’t write on a consistent basis so if you wanna write this please do not feel like you shouldn’t just because of this post tbh

here’s some sad gabe. only slightly gay because i suck at romance because aro/ace but believe me they’re gay i ship it.


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ooc. the game really emphasizes chrom's focus on friendship bonds making people stronger and his unconditional trust in others despite caution or -- in some cases -- common sense. ( all of m!robin and chrom's supports, for example. ) to my knowledge though, the game itself never shows this biting chrom in the ass and him actually having that trust betrayed. do you think this would change him? how does it inform the chrom of lucina's future, where he /was/ betrayed?

ooooooo good question!

it’s true though? he’s built up constantly to be so foolish over being so trusting, but the only real instance, or one worth mentioning at least, of him getting truly ~betrayed~ is of course with robi/yn

and like i get that that’s the narrative of awakening? Chrom’s greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. his closest friend houses his greatest enemy. his faith and bonds transcends fate. but like, even there, it’s not robi/yn who betrays him. it’s grima using robi/yn’s body

and of course he has that line that has always really spoken volumes to me about his character

“This is not your fault”

even as chrom’s dying, he doesn’t blame robi/yn (i’m just gonna start using robin to be synonymous for either/or) he doesn’t blame them or spite them. and the thing that kills me the most is that he isn’t even selfish in those last moments. he doesn’t say like “i’ll be okay” or “i don’t blame you” or “don’t worry about me” or anything like that? he puts robin’s feelings first, ‘this isn’t your fault’

i think in the afterlife of a doomed future, he would only blame himself. that he wasn’t strong enough to protect robin from grima. that he just failed as a soldier. not that his faith was betrayed.

but i’ve read plenty of grimadark metas and fanfiction :v

one theory/au is robin is ~actually grima all along~ and is kinda just manipulating the situation

and uh. gonna cut again for possible mention of mental/psychological abuse

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send me a character & I’ll answer the following about them!: Takakage Kobayakawa :3, also out of curiosity: Oichi and Yukimura? (two of my favs xD)

           send me a character & I’ll answer the following about them!                        ALWAYS ACCEPTING

1. Takakage

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life - MY SON
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff - He is the entire Ravenclaw aesthetic fight me on this.
best quality: His….. everything???????? Okay though in seriousness What I love about Takakage is his unflinching loyalty. It is his greatest strength and also his greatest weakness, but the dedication and love he has for his family is something that makes me smile no matter what.
worst quality: Shoulda been a better adopted parent to Hideaki.

Also both Kanbei and Hanbei because I am literal garbage.

brotp them with: Takakage isn’t really the “bro” type. But hes definitely good platonic friends with all of Hisahide’s kids.
needs to stay away from:
Dying. Getting hurt. Suffering. Hideaki.
misc. thoughts:

Takakage is so so interesting historically and there’s really no way my brain can put into coherent words how much he means to me. Takakage is a loyal and kind individual, literally the sweetest man alive. And yet, AND YET, historically he was the one Terumoto sent out to do his executions for him? He is unflinchingly loyal and like his father will do whatever it takes for the success of the Mori clan. Not to mention his respect and love for his father even despite knowing the kind of low level stuff that Motonari pulls? And how moral Takakage is himself, protecting all his people and aiming to win battles with as few lives lost as possible. He is just… so so precious!

Not to mention this is the dork who starts having a panic attack if you take his books away from him. What a loser. I love him.


2. Oichi                        

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life (I must confess I only really know about Oichi from Pokemon Conquest?)
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff (best guess?)
best quality: She’s very sweet. It must take a lot to remain sane and altruistic when your brother is literally fucking japan up. I thought she was really really cute in Conquest!
worst quality: I get really cringy at her relationship with Naomasa but thats because lovey-dovey stuff in general makes me squirm so its not really anything against her.
ship them with: No one really
brotp them with: Again, not sure
needs to stay away from:
Nobunaga? Like? Far far away? Please?
misc. thoughts:

Oichi is one of those characters that, because Ive not had chance to play the games all that much yet (curse real life), Ive not yet gotten to know very well. She’s super cute in Pokemon Conquest but Im sure theres much more to her than that.


3. Yukimura      - HIRO PLEASE DON’T HATE ME     

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life (Im so sorry… I just find Yukimura to be kinda overrated? Blame me for coming into the fandom waaaay too late to get to know him before he was Koei’s cash cow sorry ;; also christ the first thing i saw him in was the anime? God I actually don’t know how I remained in this fandom seeing as that was my first exposure to it)
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff (he got that griffindor aesthetic tho)
best quality: He is very determined. He is filled with that determination. Also Western Army is Best-ern? Army WEST FTW
worst quality: He has become Koei’s cash cow now.
ship them with: No one really? I am not much of a shipper
brotp them with: Mitsunari
needs to stay away from:
The Eastern Army
misc. thoughts:

Yeah… uh… I don’t know a lot about the Sanadas and my impression of Yukimura is horribly skewed. He has a good character and I think that had I come into the fandom before samurai warriors 4 I would have liked him a lot more than I do now? But perhaps thats just me. I find I like a lot of the characters around Yukimura (Mitsunari, Kunoichi, Kai) but he himself…. kinda goes flat with me? I don’t think he is in any way bad, just doesnt do it for me?

(Themes: )

Gender: Agender (He/Him)
Sexuality: Pansexual/Panromantic
Height: 8'3"
Info: Bowie is a ruthless Homeworld gem that craves violence. He’ll be quick to start fights in many situations and is rarely merciful. He doesn’t have his own gem weapon, but he has been known to collect large weapons like swords and axes. He often uses these in battle, but his greatest strength is that he can fire a deadly beam from his gem.

I am -NOT- open for fusion requests at this time, but if you want to you can draw fusions with any of my gems as long as you link back to me!

30 Days of Animorphs

Day 3: Favorite morph

The tiger.

It’s pretty obvious (and incredibly awesome) that all of the kids’ morphs reflect strongly on their personalities.  The bald eagle and the elephant are both big, loud, rough, and able to do a lot of damage but without much room for finesse.  The gorilla contains both the sweet gentle kid who Eva thinks will never make it in the world and the ruthless force of destruction capable of murdering his own mother to get what he wants.  The red-tailed hawk reflects not only Tobias’s desire for freedom so extreme it gets in the way of his responsibilities but also the beautiful dangerous far-sight he inherited from Elfangor.  The wolf and the horse are both about endurance, about sticking by one’s guns and refusing to tire no matter how long the bitter march goes on.  Ax rarely morphs both because his conservatism is simultaneously his greatest strength and his greatest weakness, and because he is simultaneously delicate and dangerous, simultaneously beautiful and inhuman.  

It’s not just the use of the animals themselves that makes this motif of analogies so clever; it’s the very specific way that the animals are described.  The characters make the meanings of the animal shapes; it’s not a one-to-one comparison.  One could easily imagine that if it was Marco who used the wolf as a battle morph the narration would focus on a wolf’s fierce loyalty and unwillingness to fight alone instead of its untiring endurance.  If Jake used the gorilla morph the series would probably mention the silverback’s concern with protecting his own rather than emphasizing the gorilla’s slow-burning fuse connected to a nuclear bomb.  David morphing a lion is a sign of his tendency to be more concerned with style than substance; James morphing a lion is a sign of his instinctive comprehension of patient leadership.  

This massive metaphor/framing device/commentary/character motif not only forms a huge part of the backbone of the series, it also continues to evolve as the characters themselves evolve.  Jake first uses the blindly destructive rhino the first time he uses the total war tactics (“getting out of checkmate by throwing the whole chessboard across the room,” as Rachel describes it in #22) that will later get him branded “Napoleon junior” and “Yeerk-Killer” (#16, #53).  Marco starts using David’s cobra as a battle morph as the sweet kid falls away and the cold-blooded tactical mind comes to the fore.  Rachel’s grizzly morph harkens back to the original meaning of the word “berserker” to refer to a warrior who fights with blind ferocity while wearing the skin of the bear.  Tobias uses hork-bajir shape more than any of the others and also becomes the only one who morphs a taxxon, an andalite, or a Nartec, paralleling the story of how he (as he puts it) gets in touch with his alien heritage—and, in the process, becomes ever more cut off from ordinary life on earth.

This principle even applies to the series’s villains.  Visser Three always, always chooses the loudest flashiest alien shape he can find because he genuinely doesn’t understand how to use morphing as a scalpel rather than a sledgehammer.  Tom’s yeerk morphs a king cobra because they are the only snakes that kill and eat other snakes—just as the yeerk sells out his entire species for a shot at revenge and power.  Efflit 1318 (the controller who kills Rachel) morphs a polar bear as a ghostly shadow-self of Rachel’s own grizzly bear, emphasized in the way those hairs Ax finds are described as “colorless” and “hollow” (#54).  

But all that goes even one step further with Jake.  

Jake’s favorite morphs—the tiger and the peregrine falcon—aren’t just character commentary; they’re foreshadowing.  The connection between a small, fast bird and everyone’s favorite “dumb jock playing General Patton” isn’t immediately obvious the way it is with Rachel’s wildly destructive nature being embodied in the grizzly bear (#35).  It only becomes evident any time Jake has been flying around in falcon morph for a while… and starts to wear out.  He moves the fastest of any of the Animorphs in bird morph—and has the least ability to maintain that speed.  When traveling over short distances he kicks the butts of the rest of the team at 200+ miles an hour, and when he needs to get clear across town as fast as possible Marco rapidly outstrips him and he’s left flapping himself half to death when he runs out of steam (#31).  

The tiger is the same way; the narration emphasizes again and again that it is lightning-fast but a sprinter, not a marathon runner (#6).  Jake almost gets killed by the veleek because he can only keep dodging it at crazy speeds for a few minutes before he tires (MM1).  He doesn’t succeed in stopping Tom’s yeerk from taking the morphing cube before Cassie gets there because, after fighting Visser Three for just a few minutes, he barely has enough energy left to keep up with a human moving on foot (#50).  Like Jake, the tiger is big and loud and flashy—the others use all that orange fur as a beacon when stuck in the Arctic, and the “pants-wetting” roar as their battle cry (#25).  And, like Jake, the tiger responds to threats quickly but wears out just as fast.  

Jake’s entire character arc, from his first battle to his final collapse, is spelled out right from the first and second books with the peregrine falcon and the tiger.  He figures out within minutes of meeting his first alien how he needs to protect his friends (drawing the hork-bajir-controllers toward him and Rachel because they’re the fastest runners, creating a diversion to let the others get away, making snap judgments about whether he can trust Tobias as the only unknown element in the group), and his ability to make rapid decisive moves continues to be his greatest strength throughout the series.  No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy, which is why the team needs Jake there to change and discard and reinvent plans with nanosecond timing.  He’s there to notice everything, run through rapid-fire possibilities, and make the snap judgments that will get them all home alive.  And Jake does it.  

For a while, that is.

Jake burns his candle at both ends, even more so than Tobias or Rachel.  He stops doing his homework.  Stops socializing with friends.  Stops sleeping regularly.  Stops eating regular meals.  His brain becomes a dark disturbing landscape of chewing on his guilt over the last battle even as he worries his way through the next one.  He never, ever turns off the warrior the way that even Rachel sometimes does.  It’s not like he has much of a choice in the matter—out of the six of them he is the only one who has the enemy living inside his home, who has to stagger home from a battle at the end of the day only to be greeted by a yeerk asking why he was out so late and whether that’s blood on his leg, who can’t even have nightmares in peace without wondering if his PTSD is going to be the thing that gives them all away (#41).  Of course he burns out.  Of course it’s spectacularly awful when he does.

Maybe Jake more-or-less keeps it together through the end of the final battle, at least enough that he succeeds in winning the war.  But the truth is that he falls apart after they lose his parents, and he never really puts himself back together again.  He’s done.  Used up.  Worn out.  He spent the last two and a half years moving at 200 miles an hour, and he doesn’t have anything else left in him.  And he never really recovers.  The only thing that ever succeeds in making him happy again is the chance to go kill himself (and half his friends) in some heroic fashion so that he can finally have some peace.  His epic battle plan during the last three books is ultimately effective—they do win the war—but it’s a hell of a lot messier than anything he ever came up with before, and results in literally tens of thousands of casualties.  Including a lot of innocent humans caught in the crossfire.  Including his own cousin and his own brother.  He gets out of checkmate, but he has to smash the entire chessboard in order to do it.

The tiger form is incredibly powerful, both strong enough to take on a hork-bajir and fast enough to dodge an andalite.  It’s adaptive, able to climb and swim as well as running.  Its fearlessness as a predator is encoded into its brilliant orange color scheme and voice that can paralyze prey with fear.  And it cannot run for a long time, cannot survive the level of damage that an elephant or a gorilla can, and it will lose any fight it does not win in the first 60 seconds.  In other words: Jake Berenson in a nutshell.  We just don’t know how apropos that comparison is until the final book in the series.  


KND Top 10 Favorite Characters

#4) Nigel Uno (Numbuh 1)

The Leader, the daredevil, the workaholic bald british kid Nigel Uno himself. What can I say, this kid is awesome. The show couldn’t have had a better leader and main protagonist as Numbuh 1. It was so easy to fall in love with this character. You can really see in everything that he does, that he loves the Kids Next Door, he loves his family, but especially he loves his friends in Sector V. It’s his passion for the Kids Next Door that I believe made him stand out the most and the right pick for being the human operative for the Galactic Kids Next Door (G:KND). Sure Chad has just as much skill as Nigel, but he doesn’t have the same amount as passion. That passion and love for the KND is his greatest strength and weakness. His workaholic attitude is what drove him and Lizzie (Numbuh Vine) to breakup and now that same passion for the KND is weighing on his decision to “destroy the earth” based on the promo for the possible G:KND. Despite his flaws, Numbuh 1 is a dynamic character, and if CN greenlights G:KND I can’t wait to see him again, and his space adventures. 

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Nathan Ross 27 and 28 for the angst questions, please?

hehe ^_^ Sure!!! :P

#27 - What would be the worst way to die, in your character’s opinion?

O_o lol Ask me a bigger plot-spoiler, why don’t you? :P Okay, without giving too much away I can say this … the worst way Nate can imagine to die is to lose himself. To simply cease to exist.

Death of the body doesn’t matter to him. It’s the death of his mind, the loss of his soul. The loss of what makes him … him.

#28 - What is your characters greatest strength?

His ability to fly, tbh. He can take full-falcon form … unlike the werewolves who can manage only partial-shifts (which is what we see in the show).

While in his human shape, though, he maintains the falcon’s keen eyesight able to see great distances, where the werewolves’ senses revolve more around hearing and scent.

Currently Reading: The Martian, Andy Weir

Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars. Now, he’s sure he’ll be the first person to die there.

After a dust storm nearly kills him and forces his crew to evacuate the planet while thinking him dead, Mark finds himself stranded on Mars’ surface, completely alone, with no way to signal Earth that he’s alive — and even if he could get word out, his supplies would be gone years before a rescue could arrive.

Chances are, though, he won’t have time to starve to death. The damaged machinery, unforgiving environment or plain-old “human error” are much more likely to kill him first. But Mark’s not ready to quit. Armed with nothing but his ingenuity and his engineering skills — and a gallows sense of humor that proves to be his greatest source of strength – he embarks on a dogged quest to stay alive, using his botany expertise to grow food and even hatching a mad plan to contact NASA back on Earth.

As he overcomes one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after the next, Mark begins to let himself believe he might make it off the planet alive – but Mars has plenty of surprises in store for him yet.

Grounded in real, present-day science from the first page to the last, yet propelled by a brilliantly ingenious plot that surprises the reader again and again, The Martian is a truly remarkable thriller: an impossible-to-put-down suspense novel that manages to read like a real-life survival tale. Less


          {♠} —; Stealth and camouflage. Those were Nata’s greatest strengths as part of the Wolfdog unit. His experiences to survive lead him to develop sneaky ways to attack people, but of course hew as never formally trained in this art. Everything was self-taught, and as he was practically forced to participate in this school, he had to at the very least adjust this lifestyle in order to keep up with the demand with his desire to gain strength. Thus, he enlisted in a class that would improve upon his strengths.

          {♠} —; He sat at the back, kicking his feet up on his table. Reluctant to believe however that this class would be of any actual use to him, he’d turn to the student closest to him. She looked like she’d been here far longer than he had been, and despite his asocial behaviors he knew that if he needed information it was better to just ask. 

          {♠} —; “Hey. You. Did this class ever actually teach you anything?”