they are helping me through this moment of my life im so so greatful

auroraenchante  asked:

i feel so empty b! why is it! im ready to love life but i feel like im seeing everything through like a car window or something. :( love you b hope ny is treating you well

I love you!! Thank you for the sweet wishes :’)

Find your “muse” if that makes sense. I know I sorta say this all the time, but finding that one thing that can bring you happiness even in the most shitty moments, can help a ton. That thing for me is music. So whenever I’m feeling down about literally everything, I make a playlist and put my phone on airplane mode and go for a walk. It’s a great time to just clear my head and really reflect on all that is going around me. Sometimes when life is such a routine, it’s easy to lose the fun and spark in what life can bring. So take a journal and some good music and put the feelings out there!! I’m always here :)