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Hmm I think I have more of a fun one! RFA + chubby MC? Since Asian countries usually have a very low overweight population I guess it would be a fun situation haha. Bonus points for their reaction on seeing them for the first time

This one was hella cute. I know, especially in Korea, they have high beauty standards. However, I didn’t want to make it extremely angsty so I decided to take the high road. _へ__(‾◡◝ )>

I also completed Zen’s route yesterday and I’m starting Seven’s route tomorrow. I have a feeling that his route is going to wRECK ME


  • he didn’t paint a grand picture in his head when he first talked to you on the messenger
  • he was just happy a girl was interested in him
  • you, on the other hand, were aware of your extra fluff and you weren’t sure how he would react
  • but when he first laid eyes on you at the party, he was just happy you were there in person
  • this boy man can’t take his hands off of you
  • Zen tries telling Yoosung to stand five feet away from you
  • but your man actually ignores Zen
  • keeps a hand on your waist with only a faint blush warming his cheeks
  • Yoosung how can you handle yourself???
  • how can he be such a man T_T


  • honestly, this girl doesn’t even notice your fluff
  • she was sucked in by your beautiful smile
  • she even touched you a few times and didn’t point it out
  • it was until one of the guests complimented her dress
  • click
  • suddenly Jaehee gets self-conscious of her own body
  • she is rather thin with no real definition besides her chest
  • is she too wispy for you? Are her bones showing through her skin???
  • but she realizes all of your fluff just made you a million times cuter than how she saw you the entire night
  • tosses all of her negative thoughts because if she can love your body, she can love her own


  • when you first stand before him he can’t really contain his smile
  • this man thinks your beautiful no matter what shape you are
  • even though he is conscious of his own body
  • it does catch him off guard
  • but hot damn your chubby body suits you 
  • plus you are more…endowed in certain areas ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • like Yoosung, his hands are always on you
  • his favorite spot is your hip
  • jeez this guy is handsy
  • restrains the BEAST


  • this twig bean can’t quite explain the feeling inside of him when he first sees you
  • you don’t look like the women he would see in the office or at parties
  • how could more meat on your body make you more attractive???
  • he tries to restrain himself from touching your waist or hips
  • because he isn’t sure if you would be comfortable with him touching you
  • but when he does you feel so loved
  • sweetheart Jumin and manly Yoosung?????
  • plus your fluff keeps you nice and toasty so you become this donut’s personal heater during cuddle sessions


  • when he saw you on the cameras he didn’t expect you to have some pudge
  • he wasn’t used to it, but he didn’t hate it
  • in fact, he thought you were cute
  • the more you two talked, and the more he watched you on the security system, the more he wanted to feel your fluff
  • is super excited when you two are able to meet in person
  • goes straight to your sides to tickle you
  • omg not here
  • he can’t quite explain it but he’s just so obsessed with your body

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I am 22, ftm male, pale, black hair and blue eyes. I wear glasses, and im 5'2'. for a date id make it an all day date. i would take ya too get starbucks(or local coffee) and probably hit up all the museums and see if any bands are playing. and treat you to meals too. (for the date thing. and also you sound hella cute tbh)

You seems super cool, also your date ideas are awesome, really. I would date you 😊💙 (and aww thanks)

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~MX Ask Game~ : What other question even matters. 22. (Lol and 16).

22. Kihyun x Minhyuks PPAP or Changkyuns PPAP?

Lmao, okay so kihyun and Minhyuks was super cute and they were hella embarrased, but i gotta pick my boy Changkyun. He didn’t hold back, he dressed up for the part and went all in (pun not intended) while doing his version. I just loved his care-free attitude about it. 

16. Which member would you want as a best friend?

This is so hard, I think that minhyuk primarily would be a good person to lean on in difficult times, and also just a great person to have around because he’s so bright and loving to all the members, But i also want to be best friends with hyungwon, cuz he just seems like he laughs at everything and i do that too, lmaooo, i think hyungwon and I are a lot alike tbh. BUT I ALSO WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH JOOHEON.


Thanks for asking <333