they are hella cute

I had a dream last night that there was an alternate version of 5/4 and it was 2D and Murdoc singing it, and in the music video that went with it they were sharing a mic and they looked so passionate about it but I couldn’t take it seriously because Murdoc was just shouting “SHE TURNED MY DAD ON.”


have a couple of selfies I took ten days ago and that I said I’d post but never actually posted

(I have whiskers because of youtubers in this pic, don’t question it)

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Camila and Lauren were singing "que bailes conmingo hoy" together today at soundcheck it was cute! Also Camila looked hella smiley today and I couldn't be happier!!


About this week’s episode

-Yumoto being so excited to spend new year with his friends (aka his new family)
-Ryuu carrying Wom-san and wiping snow away from him.
-The twins being so damn cute again, seriously, holding hands while knitting? Have mercy on me please.
-The twins confirmed as aliens coming from Andromeda
-The twins new years resolution, like, guys! seriously?
-En and Ryuu’s friendship!!
-Aki scaring Dadacha, guys, let your Dad rest a bit will you?
-IGLOO MAKER NARU!! IGLOO MAKER NARU!! Young Io making igloo and being hella cute.
-Did Atushi whispered his wish in En’s ear?

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Kuramochi when he fall in love with his best friend from childhood and he see his/her after long time

Anonymous asked: Wishing you a good luck with this wonderful blog! Even though you only have a bit of writing up, I can see that this is probably going to go far! Would you mind if I requested some Kuramochi; maybe somehow involving his laugh? Thank you in advance, and an extra good luck! ouo

okay so these two prompts are super freaking cute and I feel like they just belong together!! So I combined them!!  I think any partner of Kuramochi would secretly have the biggest thing for his laugh !!! It’s just so him, y’know?

I hope you enjoy this! I’ve had it drafted for the longest time bc I just didn’t know how to end it, so I hope this is okay! ~Admin Tress

also ft. the spiderman kiss (partially at least) bc that’s hella freaking cute

~Admin Tress

“‘Mochi,” they said suddenly, looking up at him from where they had their head in his lap, “I love your laugh.”

Kuramochi stopped attacking pixelated monsters long enough to glance down at them, a questioning look in his eyes. “Really? You’re weird, [Name].”

His childhood friend sat up, closing the book they had been reading so they could look him in the eye. “Maybe.” Pause. “But I mean it.”

The screen went black, signalling that his character had just died. With a sigh, he switched off the console, looking up to find [Name] staring at him with an unusually serious expression.

It was…strange? Nerve-wracking? To be on the receiving end of their scrutiny. For some reason it made his palms sweaty and the room suddenly get 10 degrees warmer. Heat prickled uncomfortably on the back of his neck, like when he knew he had failed a test and Kataoka was arising from the depths of hell to give him the most humiliating scolding yet.

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Firstly I just found this blog and you guys seem so damn awesome! Okay so I'm bi and out and there is this adorable girl in my friendship group who is also bi. Both parties that we have both been to we kissed!! And after the second party which was last week we've been chatting everyday and I'm seeing her tommorow and I'm hella nervy but also like she's so so cute and we have loads in common! Like so do you guys have any advice for me?? Thanks!

In all seriousness, i’m super excited for you! You’ll probably just need the confidence part though, also bring mints in case u smooch again lol

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Did you watch/read One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Kuroko' Basket or Haikyuu ? If so do you have any ship in those fandom ? :)

Never got into One Piece, but Sabo and Koala look hella cute together.

Naruto, yep, I got into it, but lost interest after Sasuke formed Team Taka.

Bleach was okay, but stopped after Soul Society Arc. Hueco Mundo seemed so damn complicated and long that I didn’t bother.

I started with Kuroko no Basuke anime and read the manga after Season 2.

HaiKyuu!!, yup, I read that too.

Ship list:


NaruHina, SasuSaku, SaiIno, sometimes ShikaIno


IchiRuki, GinRan

Kuroko no Basuke:

JunRiko, AoMomo, AkaFuri


OiKiyo, DaiYui, TsukiYachi, sometimes KuroYachi