they are handsome devils!

anonymous asked:

Say a young, cunning, and devilishly handsom paladin happened to meet a pretty young devil girl; copper skin, cute little horns, a clever mind, and a perfect sense of humor. Say they started debating politics and might have hit it off. Say that after spending some time together having some innocent fun on the Prime Material, she invites him to see what her home is like. Then say that, a few hours later, the paladin realizes why the name Glasya sounded familiar. What should this paladin do?

Smack himself in the face repeatedly for actually being foolish enough to actually be in this position you moron. 


RYAN AND JEREMY ARE THE PUREST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD I AM ON CLOUD NINE. Ryan recognized me as soon as he saw me and he opened his arms and was like “bring it here it’s so good to see you again Alison” and I just about died. He was NOT happy about the skinny jeans but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ too bad he’s gonna wear them eventually. I asked them both to do their favorite GTA pose and I knew immediately Jeremy was gonna blow a kiss but Ryan was like “ooh I don’t have a gun though” and I was like “you have fingers for a reason.” IT WAS SO GOOD AND IVE BEEN SO HAPPY ALL DAY I LOVE THEM SO MUCH