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Decided to binge-watch all of Underverse so far and it’s even more magical than I remembered it being :’) I still get that hyped-want-to-scream feeling in my chest with every episode :D Definitely want to draw something for the Underversary, just not sure what yet…

Dorothy Day, one of the most important American Catholic leaders of the 20th century, had an unexpected past. Her early years included a bohemian lifestyle in New York, an abortion, and a child born out of wedlock. She later co-founded the Catholic Worker Movement, a pacifist, faith-based movement for social change that still exists today. Day led the Catholic Worker Movement from its beginnings in the Great Depression through the Vietnam War era. Day fed thousands of people, wrote newspaper columns, novels and plays, was arrested several times in protests, chain-smoked for years, and at times lived on farms as part of an agrarian, back-to-the-land strand of the Catholic Worker movement. She died in 1980 and is now a candidate for sainthood in the Church. 

A new biography that illuminates Day’s activism and her complex personal life comes from someone who knows both well. Writer Kate Hennessy is Day’s youngest granddaughter, and she relied on family letters and diaries, interviews, and her own memories for her new book, Dorothy Day: The World Will be Saved by Beauty.

An ‘Intimate Portrait’ Of Dorothy Day, The Catholic Activist With A Bohemian Past

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How much does your personal style matter if you want to become an animator (or storyboard artist) - and how much should and can you be able to adapt?

Hi Anon–your personal style matters a bit, but your ability to adapt to other styles is very important!
I can only speak from my own experiences, but hopefully they help… 

Every artist tends to have their strengths and weaknesses–in storyboarding maybe someone excels in action-packed sequences, and maybe another person excels in writing super hilarious scenes, and maybe another is great at grand, cinematic boarding. Some people can do all of it, and those people are amazing!!

But I’d say if your personal style is more of an action-packed “Avatar” style, you’re going to be more helpful on an action show than, say, a preschool show. Or if you’re really good at cinematic boards, maybe a super ‘toony, flat show wouldn’t be in your wheelhouse.  

If you’re able to adapt between all genres of animation (from action to comedy to pre-school), you will be very valuable as a storyboard artist. Be one of those people who can do all of it.

Also, sometimes your writing style matters as much as your drawing style.
I work on a board-driven show, which means storyboard artists get to visually interpret the outline that the writers provide and also have the freedom to add gags, dialog and other story-related ideas, if they feel the ideas plus the story. So on our show, it’s more important that you can “write” in the style of the show than draw in the style. Sometimes in the boards Star doesn’t get drawn on-model, but that doesn’t matter if the stories are well-written. Plus, we have a great team of revisionists that help get our drawings on-model and ready to ship overseas, thanks revisionists!!


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There were countless Princess Leia posters at the march today, young girls walking around in her iconic buns. I think this is the importance of film. Because if a character stands among protesters at a march of resistance and unity and hope, it means something. Art has power and we need it now more than ever, I just wish Carrie Fisher could see all she’s inspired.

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love can really save people, and i’m not talking about romantic love. i’m talking about platonic, wholesome, unselfish love that demands nothing in return other than that person’s safety, happiness, and well-being. love for the sake of love. i think this kind of love is wonderful.

reading one star reviews of books you hated on goodreads just to stew in your bitterness is such a happy cozy feeling