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Feverish || Dick Grayson x Reader

I’m really sick right now and have been reading dick grayson and peter parker stories to keep me company 。゚(TヮT)゚。

this is the first time i’ve ever written for a dc character, so if it turns out a little “meh”, and is ooc, forgive me.

Warnings: none, tho my style of writing may be a little off since I’m running a lowkey fever while writing this.

**dont repost/plagiarize this story.**


You were so sick; your whole body was aching and you felt the sweat collect all across your feverish body. You moan and bury yourself deeper into your bed, trying to ignore the incessant vibrations coming from your phone.

You knew that it was your boyfriend checking on you, but you were honestly too weak to move. Even the slightest movement such as tilting your head toward your nightstand was enough to make a wave of nausea go through you.

There was a special kind of hell that came with getting sick in the middle of summer. The hot days became nearly unbearable against your flushed skin, and the fact that your air conditioning was practically broken certainly didn’t help with your situation.

Because of this, you were bedridden with the window to your room wide open. The cool and refreshing winds that blew during the night was soothing for you, and you sigh in a deeply content manner at feeling something cold against your heated skin.

Your throat was parched when you groan, forcing yourself to sit up while steadying your shaky body to the best of your abilities. Looking to see the tall glass of water settled on your nightstand, you drink the rest of the warm water, shakily placing the glass back on the table. You could feel your body getting weaker since you hadn’t eaten anything since last night, but this fever was honestly ruining your appetite.

You honestly wanted to cry. It seemed impossible for you to get better, and you wanted desperately for your boyfriend to come and take care of you-

But you didn’t want to burden him, or worse- make him get sick because of you.

This is what prompted you to ignore all of his texts and calls. You knew that you would get over this fever eventually, so long as your body decided to stop hating you.

While you had your face buried within the palm of your hand in hopes of lessening the ache against your temple, you heard a sudden movement coming from your window. Looking toward the source of the sound, you let out a gasp at seeing Nightwing enter your bedroom.

He looks at your haggard form through his mask and gently calls out your name, “Darling, you look awful. Why didn’t you tell me that you were sick?”

“Wha- wha- what? My- my n-name, how you…know it?” Your fever was definitely making your mind feel a little woozy. Why else would you suddenly conjure up image of the hot vigilante of Gotham City in your room?

Despite how you were 75% sure that this was a fever dream, something about Nightwing felt very real to you. When he joins you in your bed, you felt the mattress actually dip down with his added weight as he places his gloved hand on your face, “Ssssh, don’t speak. You sound awful and your whole body is burning up.”

His touch seems to linger on your skin, and you had to slap his hand away before telling him with a slur, “Hands off meeeee!! I have a very handsome boyfrieeend and he could kick your ass!!”

Nightwing was not fazed by your words, seeming to find great amusement in them when he lets out a chuckle, “Oh believe me, I know about you and your boyfriend.”

He finally gets off the bed, running a hand through his jet black hair while you respond, “Good! Because Dick Grayson is a fucking god and I love him so fucking much!!” Just thinking about your boyfriend made tears form against your eyes when you begin to whine to Nightwing, “God, I really wish Dick was here right now so that he could take care of me and spoil meeeeeee. Ugh, I feel so sick!! But at the same time, I don’t wanna be a shitty girlfriend and get HIM sick!!”

Nightwing lets out a tiny chuckle, “Don’t worry babe, that’s why I’m here.” He playfully ruffles your hair before stepping out of your room, seeming to know the way to your kitchen when you heard some noises coming from it.

After waiting for ten minutes, Nightwing finally returns to your room with a tray containing a steaming hot bowl of soup, some medicine, and a glass of water. He sets the tray on the nightstand and holds the bowl of soup, “Here, you need to eat before taking your medicine. I’ll feed you.”

The soup smelled delicious, yet you were hesitant to allow Nightwing to feed you because he wasn’t Dick. “You’re not my boyfriend.”

You could tell that he was rolling his eyes at you, “Well your boyfriend is busy right now and can’t take care of you, so I have to.”

“Don’t talk shit about Dick!”

“I’m not talking shit, I just want you to let me take care of you!”

“You’re an ass-” A spoon filled with lukewarm broth cuts off your words, and you practically moan at how good the soup tasted against your tongue. It wasn’t too heavy and the warmth felt heavenly against your empty stomach.

No longer arguing with Nightwing, you allow him to feed you, and you end up finishing the soup in just a few minutes. Feeling a bit better with some sustenance in your system, you wipe your moist lips with the back of your hand and look up at Nightwing, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The handsome hero was smiling now when he takes out two pills for you. Holding out the green gel tablets with the glass of water in his other hand, you see Nightwing lift his eyebrow in question, “So can you be a big girl and take these by yourself, or do you need my help?”

You manage to glare at him weakly for teasing you, “I can t-take them!” You hold out a hand to him, making him drop both tablets on your hand. Placing both pills in your mouth, you take the glass of water from his hand and take a big gulp from it-

Only to have both pills come out of your mouth as you choked a bit on the water. Several painful coughs came out of your mouth, causing Nightwing to let out an exasperated sigh at your antics. “You idiot, you’re supposed to take them one at a time.”

He takes the pills and glass of water from you, shocking you when he places the pills in his mouth before drinking the water. Leaning down, he grasps at your chin with his strong hand before suddenly kissing you. Your gasp was all he needed to transfer the pills and copious amount of water into your mouth, helping you swallow the medication when he moves the pills and water down your throat with the tip of his tongue.

With the medication finally in your system, you pull away from the sort of kiss to shyly look at Nightwing with a blush on your face, “Y-You kiss like my boyfriend does.”

His chuckle was filled with an unbidden mirth, “Is that so? Your boyfriend must be quite the lady’s man, then.”

“He is, but he promised me that he was mine and mine alone.” You let out a sleepy yawn, feeling your eyelids turn heavy when you continue, “Shit, Richard’s gonna be so mad at me when I tell him Nightwing kissed me. I gotta be truthful or else he’s gonna break up with me…”

“He won’t be too mad at you. I just helped you take your medicine.” Nightwing then coaxes you to lie down, throwing the blankets around your form before placing a kiss against your forehead, “Now sleep, sweetheart. And get better soon.”

You were close to dozing off when Nightwing stepped toward your window, ready to jump out of it when you hoarsely called out to him, “Nightwing?”

His back stiffens at the sound of your voice, “Yes?”

“You remind me…of Dick Grayson. I love him so much…”

He chuckles and looks back at you, “I love you too, [Name].”

Before you could ask him why he loved you, Nightwing was long gone as he escaped from your room through your window. His words made your cheeks heat up, and you found yourself falling asleep with a smile on your face.

Whether this was all a fever dream or not, you knew that this night would be an unforgettable one for you.


A Bundle Of Joy (Avengers Imagine)

A/N: Heyyyy!!! So this is kinda like my first imagine where there’s like no reader buuuut I guess it’s alright haha, I find this request really really cute tho, but I feel that I didn’t do it much justice to it as I’m not really good at writing baby stuff haha😅 But anyways, enjoy!!

Request: Ok i have an imagine idea where pietro finds an abandoned baby & is like ‘aw u r so cute imma keep ya’ & takes her back & everyone is like tf & piet is like 'can i keep her’ & wanda is like 'hell nah u had a fish for 3 days & it died’ but piet is like 'fuck yall’ & keeps her anyways & is like a father to the baby & everyone is like'aw so cute’ bucky especially likes the baby & just FLUFF with piet & the baby ughh itd just be so damn adorable

It was a good day for a run, the sun was setting, the wind was cooling yet not too cold. But well, to Pietro, every day is a good day for a run to the speedster. He would usually jog past a few blocks before testing his speed, it was a daily thing ever since he and his sister came to live with the Avengers.

Pietro was going to start running when he heard a baby’s cry, making him slow down his jog. He frowned as he scratched his head, trying to see if he was just hearing things or was there really a baby crying. He saw that that no one was doing anything so he decided that it wouldn’t hurt trying to figure out what exactly is that sound.

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anonymous asked:

☾♡ ♥(with s/o)♦☯♒ ☼ ൠ for Monet, Gladius and Mihawk? Kisses~~~

Kisses? Oh my goodness (。♥‿♥。)  

(✿ ♥‿♥) kisses right back ‘atcha darling!


  • Sleep

Monet stays up super late just puttering around. You know how you can spend hours literally doing nothing and have no idea how or even what you did?? Yeah, she does that all the time (even though she’d never admit it). When Monet goes to sleep she’ll wear a nightgown and put her hair in a messy braid. Her bed is actually just a giant bird perch. If she’s sleeping with an s/o, she’ll tuck them under her wings and let them rest their head on her chest.

  • Romantic

Monet can dish out flirty comments, but omg she cannot take them back. She’ll throw a compliment at a cutie in a heartbeat, but the minute they compliment her back, she’s all blushes and giggles. When she’s trying to woo somebody, she’ll give leave little gifts lying around. Then she’ll hide and watch their reaction (stalker harpy). Dates with her would be filled with playful flirting and catty remarks (Monet can get a little vicious so be on your toes).

  • Family (with s/o):

If Monet ever had a family, it’d be super interesting. She doesn’t exactly have a motherly instinct despite Sugar and the children (it’s all just an act). She’d only have a child if her s/o asked for one. She’d be the type to see her kid fall and she’d yell “walk it off champ!” (much to her s/o’s horror). She’d have to slowly warm up to the baby. Mommy Monet is super good at reading bed time stories as long as she grabs the right one (no Monet a 500 page novel is not something you read to a child go grab one of the picture books). Seeing her child’s face light up as she read would make her truly happy.

  • Quirks/Hobbies

Sometimes Monet forgets she’s not wearing glasses. She’ll go to push them up her nose, but there’s nothing there so she just kinda pokes herself in the forehead. Law saw her do it one time and she was so flipping embarrassed!!

  • Likes/Dislikes

Monet likes playing with/manipulating others. Messing with the people around her amuses her to no end. 

Monet doesn’t like when the children bug her. Sure she can manipulate them (and she’s damn good at it), but they’re still really annoying. 

  • Cooking/Food

Monet isn’t the best cook ever, but she can make simple dishes. When it comes to eating, she’s really picky. She used to not be, seeing as where she came from, but now that she’s part of the Donquixote family she can afford to choose what she eats (and she takes full advantage of that). She’s real big into fruit and veggies (and not that big into meat). 

  • Appearance

Monet isn’t vain, but she definitely takes pride in her appearance. Daily hygiene is super important to her. Her morning ritual takes about 3 hours (much to Caesar’s displeasure). Sometimes she has bad hair days (there’s like one hair out of place calm down) and it ruins her whole day.

  • Random

Monet is a giant people watcher. Back when she worked at the palace she could just watch everyone for hours on end. How other people go about their daily lives is just entirely fascinating to her. And she’ll never complain when there’s a bit of drama (she feeds off that crap).

Gladius (he’s totally super hot under that mask I just know it)

  • Sleep

Gladius gets super cranky if he doesn’t get his beauty sleep (lol he’s always cranky tho). Going to sleep is one of the very few times he doesn’t wear his mask. He’ll usually wear a bro tank and his boxers (he doesn’t get hot all that easily but come on man it’s Dressrosa). He’s totally fine just sleeping by himself. If he has an s/o, it’s up to them to cuddle (he’s not all that insistent on it, if you want it, you gotta get it). He’s like a chicken in that he goes to bed and wakes up with the sun (incoming rooster jokes from Diamante).

  • Romantic

Romance is a foreign concept to him. He sees couples out and about hanging onto each other and he’s the type of person to go “eww get your feelings away from me nobody wants to see that shit”. Once he finally falls in love with somebody, he won’t feel quite as harsh about it (but he still thinks PDA is hecka grody). Don’t expect much from the emotionally-constipated baby. He’ll take you out to dinner and stuff, albeit reluctantly (so you’re definitely going to have to take control of the relationship).

  • Family (with s/o):

The fact that he actually has a legit biological family just freaking blows his mind! He always thought his life would be centered around the Donquixote family. Also, somebody fell in love with him? And he loves them?? (woah bro) At first he wouldn’t know how to act having another family. As time went on he’d grow more and more attached to his family (might cause some problems with Doflamingo later on). 

  • Quirks/Hobbies

Gladius is actually a pretty chill guy. Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but it’s only outside sources that tick him off. If it was just him, he’d be the chillest dude ever. The rest of the family is what sets him off (hehe sets him off). Also, let it be known Oda-sensei said his penis could explode. Do what you will with that  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

  • Likes/Dislikes

He likes nice, calm evenings with a cup of tea, a good book, and maybe some nice background music. He also enjoys having a drink or two with Doflamingo and their nightly chats. When it’s just him and his young master he feels like he’s getting special treatment.

Really loud and annoying people. Anyone who angers Doflamingo. And toys. He just doesn’t like the toy people. He thinks they’re all idiots.

  • Cooking/Food

Have you ever seen a bowl of cake batter blow up? Would you like to see a bowl of cake batter blow up? Just hit up Gladius. The poor baby can’t even boil water.

  • Appearance

To walk around in Dressrosa’s temperatures wearing that, you gotta have a serious sense of fashion. Gladius takes pride in his choice of fashion, and he flaunts it like all the time. “Steampunk is hella cool, so I must be too, right.”-actual quote I swear

  • Random

Family game night always gets intense when Gladius is there. He gets super competitive over the simplest games. Sometimes family game night even gets a little…explosive hehe.

Mihawk (Presiding Chairman of the Hot Dad League)

  • Sleep

Sleep is super important to him. Sleep is what gets you ready for the next day (and slicing up stuff). DO NOT DISTURB WHILE NAPPING!! Y’all all saw what happened!! Mihawk will wear a robe to bed, just boxers underneath. He never ever comes out of his room in it (unless it’s an emergency and it was only that one time Perona screamed and it turned out she just scared herself; next time she screamed he just ignored her). Mihawk’s bed only has two pillows, he thinks decorative pillows are annoying and they only get in his way. If he has an s/o, they’ll be held in his protective arms throughout the night. If he wakes up and he doesn’t feel them there, he’ll probably go searching for them (super protective hawk).

  • Romantic

LITERALLY THE MOST ROMANTIC MAN EVER!! You would never guess it by looking at him and how he is, but if he met the right person he would woo the frick out of them, lemme tell ya. The first time he ever spoke to you, he’d take your hand, lean down, and place a kiss on it, all while looking deeply into your eyes (hypnotizing oh man). Late night chats by the fireside with wine. Fancy dinners at expensive restaurants (he actually just prefers cooking with you in the castle, but he’ll go out if you want to). Slicing giant ships in half. Midnight strolls on the beach. (one of those is not like the others, one of those is super violent and may cause potential deaths) He puts the “man” in romance.

  • Family (with s/o)

A family was never in his plans, but if he ever had one, you can bet they’d be his main priority. His fatherly affections would be reserved, but he’d still be a good dad (don’t expect lots of kisses and hugs). His child(ren) would definitely learn how to defend themselves at an early age. If he had a son, he’d make sure they would be there to defend their other parent in case of his absence. His s/o might not like that he’s away on business a lot, but that makes him coming home all the more special (and he definitely makes up for being gone that night *wink wonk*).

  • Quirks/Hobbies

Mihawk enjoys playing guitar in his spare time. He even sings too. He’d never play around anyone (except his s/o on occasion), it’s one of his personal hobbies. When they were younger, Shanks would always bug him to play for him. When he finally conned him into doing it, Shanks would sing along (off key of course).

  • Likes/Dislikes

Mihawk loves having time to just relax with himself and have a nice glass of wine. He’s very introspective and also enjoys watching what is going on in the world. He keeps an eye on up and coming pirates (he doesn’t think of them as a threat) but it’s always good to be knowledgeable about a potential enemy.

He can’t stand it when weak little pissbabies come after him trying to take him on. There’s a clear difference in power levels here (do you want to die that badly?). 

  • Cooking/Food

Mihawk’s been living in that castle all alone for a good long while. He definitely knows how to take care of himself. Once he got the hang of things, he started experimenting with various recipes and now he’s actually a really good cook. Some of the meals might be a little weird, but they’re still super good (and there will be wine of course). He really enjoys cooking for/with his s/o. It’s a simple domestic way to bond with them that he’d never thought he would ever experience (he also thinks they’re super cute when they’re working with their hands). 

  • Appearance

Mihawk’s appearance is important to him. He’s not one to dress gaudily (*cough* Doflamingo *cough*) but he definitely has to dress for his status. Being who he is, he’s a legend and he dresses accordingly. He’s super good with swords, ergo he’s super good with razors, thus the facial hair. It’s one of his defining features and he takes pride in it. 

  • Random

He may not say it, but he actually enjoys Perona and Zoro living with him. They give him a nice distraction from his usual boredom (and loneliness). He especially enjoys it when they’re all in the same room doing their own thing. Perona will be sewing, Zoro will be cleaning a sword, and Mihawk will be reading (then somebody says something and the two children of the household will start fussing at each other and Perona starts throwing jabs at Zoro and Zoro starts yelling and then Mihawk questions why he allows them to live there).

This is quite unbelievable that two of my blogs have reached over 2500 followers already throughout 4 /or 3/ years of existence. I wonder if there were actually people who still didn’t know that Feliks and Sigurd are written by the same person, namely - me. On occasion of Fel reaching 2500 and Sig - 2700 followers, I’ve decided to make a follow forever as a tribute to my lovely watchers, partners and friends, since this seems to be quite a nice opportunity to do so. Let’s get it started, then.

For starters, I want to begin with a special bunch of people whom I’m talking to every day and who make my experience here most enjoyable.

sokissuvilkais / srdceevropy: Edy, my lovely nerd, my ultimate RP partner, my plotting master, queen of AU settings, I have yet to smack you for all sad headcanons you come up with. You’re undoubtedly my best friend and I will RP with you everywhere, on each account I have, until Hell freezes over. Period. I really want to thank you for all development my muses have gone through thanks to interactions with yours. It wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for you. I know you’re busy and I respect that. But I’m so glad whenever our muses get to interact, be it here or on Skype. All things considered, I love you so much, bun, and don’t forget that you really are amazing and everything you’re doing.

alleenzaligmakend / udachy: Ceci, alias grandweeb, my actual sugar daddy. We’ve known each other for so long as well and I must say I’m delighted to be able to call myself your friend and RP partner. I love dynamics between our muses and relations they form. It’s funny how divergent are relations between Lotte & Sigurd and Nata & Sigurd. This is what amuses me the most. You have a huge understanding and passion for your muses and that’s what I love in people the most. But please let’s not RP at 5 am anymore.

neschimbator: Andi, I’m sorry, but I refuse to let go of Andu. You’re my precious Andu I’ve followed around 3–? years ago and ever since we’ve started talking. I still remember ridiculous RP shenanigans from years ago we might not be especially proud of, but still laugh at every now and then. You’re doing fantastic job at your character and you’re a great person, even with this short temper of yours ♥

leigaz: Lex bby, I wish you were more active on here, since I absolutely adore your Hun and you yourself, you’re such a cutie. You’re also my source of fun facts from Switzerland and bless you for that.

lagelanden: (Leonie your icon with floor pattern I s2g) Leonie! You are also a huge bun and I wish you were around more often, although I enjoy our casual conversations on Skype as well, you’re a great friend to have and nerd about games or hamsters or just casual things.

Here’s to my most bias list, but of course there’s more, many more people I would like to single out!

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noorasaietre  asked:


  • Who’s shy about their first kiss: aelin bc the only other person she’s ever kissed is sam and she lowkey doesn’t know what to expect and he’s just so gentle with her bc he saw the uncertainty in her eyes
  • Who would have to call the other, because they know that the other is bad at getting out of bed in the morning: dorian definitely dorian. aelin can be really lazy in the morning and will keep going back to sleep despite dorian shaking her shoulder, or in one instance, pouring a bucket of water on her (suffice to say a small nick at his ear reminds him never to do that again)
  • Who has to force the other to eat breakfast: aelin bc dorian just wants to get out and do stuff and “gods dorian, how can you say that food isn’t important?” a horrified aelin gasps
  • If one would want a dog and the other would want a cat, who would get what they wanted: they’re both dog people. it’s a bigger problem finding places to keep the dogs (bc they want to keep the canines in their rooms and not outside, despite having an entire kennel outside the castle)
  • Who hangs up first late at night: aelin bc for some reason dorian refuses to hang up on her and once they had a whole argument about it and she tried to wait him out but ended up falling asleep
  • Who reads fanfiction about them: they take turns reading to each other?? bc they find it amusing listening to how people describe them and stuff
  • Who writes fanfiction about them: nah they don’t write
  • Who catches the other when they fall: dorian bc on the bad days aelin loses herself in her grief or self-hatred and will work herself to exhaustion and refuse to eat or sleep or anything and dorian will just keep an eye on her and always be there when she finally reaches her limits and collapses (he wipes away the tears that leak out of her tightly shut eyes, gently stroking her clenched fists)
  • Who makes hearts of the dough when they make bread: aelin bc she can be such a nerd sometimes
  • Who eats their food cold, because the other was too impatient for the microwave oven to be done: dorian bc aelin’s so hungry all the time and “all it takes is five minutes to heat up the spaghetti, aelin” “that’s five minutes too late i want to eat now”
  • Who drags the other to watch their favourite band: aelin
  • Who gets jealous of the other liking the band too much: dorian
  • Who gets mad at the other the easiest: aelin bc their personalities are kinda like their powers; aelin can have a fiery temper that flares up easily (although she often hides it, just not with dorian) while it takes a lot to rile dorian up 
  • Who kisses the other’s cheek to cheer them up: dorian, and not just to cheer her up. he likes to kiss her whenever he can and smirk at the slight blush that rises up on her cheeks and the glare she sends his way
  • When eating out, who wants to stay just a little bit longer though they’re done eating: dorian bc they have busy lives and sometimes he just wants to spend time alone with her (aelin never complains)
  • Who listens to the same song over and over, and annoys the other with it: aelin 
  • Who has a hard time opening the jam-glass: dorian has horrible luck with opening things. it’s a source of amusement and mockery to aelin “not everyone’s a trained macho assassin capable of doing just about everything, firebrain” “stop being such a weak loser, icebreath”
  • Who doesn’t tell the other that they love them often, but shows it with small gestures instead: aelin bc she struggles a lot with the concept of love, a product of her childhood and upbringing. she doesn’t believe that anyone actually loves her (something dorian’s working to dispell) and as such thinks it unfair of her to tell dorian that she loves him bc “what’s love, dorian?”. she does try to make up for it with her actions though, through quiet offers to finish up his paperwork when he’s beyond exhausted to making sure he eats 3 square meals a day no matter what. dorian gets it tho (and it just makes him fall even deeper in love with her)


anonymous asked:

I just really like seeing people's take on Bethyl in an elevator. Can you write that for me?

The elevator creaked and groaned beneath Beth’s feet as it made its way up to her floor. She bit back a squeal of terror as it shook and she stumbled a little in the small space, bumping into the man who leaned against the wall in the corner, looking uncomfortable. Beth choked out an apology and he nodded in awknowledgement. She was terrified of the old contraption, only having taken it to avoid Zachary, the creepy asshat who never stopped hitting on her.

Suddenly, the elevator stopped. She stared at the dial at the top of the door, stuck between the fourth and fifth floor. She moved forwards to press the bright red ‘call for help’ button.

“Hello?” A voice came from the speaker above, making her jump.

“The elevator’s stuck.” Beth said in response.

“I’ll call maintenance.” The speaker-voice said. “Larry’s real busy, though, so it may take a while. How many are in there?”

“Two.” Beth squeaked.

“Larry says he’ll be over to take a look in half an hour. Y’all hang tight, y’hear?”

Beth’s breaths came out in shorter, quicker pants and her eyes widen. She knew this was a bad idea. She knew it. The elevator was broken. She be stuck in there forever. They wouldn’t be able to fix it. Maybe, it’d drop the fifty feet into the basement. Or maybe-

“Hey.” A rough voice coughed from the corner. Her eyes swiveled from where they were glued to the floor number over towards the man she bumped into before. He cleared his throat. “What’s your name?”

She was bewildered he was talking to her. Beth knew him, or well, knew of him. He definitely wasn’t known for his conversational skills, that was for sure.

“Beth Greene.” She said shakily after a few beats. She fought to focus on him rather than their situation, but her eyes kept drifting up to those numbers, and her breathing fought to steady itself. “Yours?”

“Daryl Dixon.” He replied with that deeper, soothing voice of his. She’d never heard anything like it. It was soft and kind, but with a gruffness to it, like if you struck the wrong cord it could become rough and intimidating in a second.

“Nice alliteration.” Beth murmured. “Daryl Dixon. Its sweet.”

He humphed for a moment, looking her up and down. His gaze warmed her head to toe. For a moment she didn’t think he was going to reply, or maybe he thought she was stupid. Maybe she’d said the wrong thing. Maybe-

“Not as sweet as Beth Greene.” Daryl said quietly. She stared at him for a moment, really taking him in. He was still leaning against the wall in the corner, hands stuffed into his pockets. His dark, shaggy hair fell into those shocking blue eyes that he usually kept glued to the floor. She didn’t know why. They were the best eyes she’d ever seen in all of her nineteen years. He was dressed in the only type of attire she’d ever seen him in, ripped and greasy blue jeans on bottom and a cut off shirt with that vest on top. The vest with the angel wings she admired so much.

Beth looked down, suddenly self conscious of the sweet yellow sun dress and cow girl boots she’d slipped into that morning. Suddenly, she felt childish with her hair pulled back into her signature braid infused pony tail. She nearly forgot he was waiting for her to respond.

“Oh.” Was all she settled on. Beth let her eyes draw back up to the numbers above the door, the arrow that was fixated between the two floors, the source of all of her current inner turmoil. She told herself to stay calm. She tried to will her breathing to stay steady, and her heart rate not to pick up, but it was futile. Her anxiety and panic was welling back up within her and her breathing came back in pants.

Suddenly Daryl was standing in front of her, taking hold of her chin and gently tilting her face up so that she would meet his eyes.

“Come on now, girl.” Daryl murmured. “You breathe with me okay? In and out, in and out, jus’ like that.”

Beth followed the near stranger’s lead, her hand straying from the clenched ball it was at her side up to rest on him, feeling the rise and fall of his chest, and the pounding of his own heart. Now that was bewildering. Why was he so nervous?

“Good, Beth, keep breathing.” Daryl said softly. “‘S okay. In and out.“

She followed his lead for a while, and listened to the gentle tone his rough voice took.

After a while, when she’d finally got a hold of herself, lead out of the fog by this man’s voice, a small giggle escaped her, once she was calm enough to let her previous thoughts catch up to her.

"What’s so funny?” He asked, his voice slightly irritated, but she could tell he was more amused than not.

“Thought I was the one having a nervous break down.” Beth said quietly. “Why’s your heart racing faster than mine, Mr. Dixon?”

“Just ain’t so used to being so close to such a pretty girl, Ms. Greene.” Daryl responded. Beth’s surprise was mirrored on his own face.

“You think I’m pretty?” She asked, tilting her head and looking up at him. She started noticing more about him, like the fact he was a head taller than her, and the smooth curve of his jaw, which was covered in stubble.

She noticed the way his ears tinged red from where they peaked out from under his hair, matching the faint red on her own cheeks. He nodded jerkily before the elevator lurched upwards and she once again fell into him, though this time she laughed, and he chuckled a little strained.

The bell dinged and they both stepped off the elevator awkwardly.

“I’ll walk you to your place.” Daryl offered and Beth nodded with a smile. Really, they lived just across the hall from each other, but Beth still found the offer sweet. They arrived at her door and she looked up at him in a beat of silence.

“You wanna-”

“I was wondering-”

They laughed again, easier this time, and looked one another in the eye, blue on gorgeous blue.

“You wanna go out some time?” Daryl tried again.

Beth grinned. “As long as we don’t go anywhere near an elevator.”

“Deal.” He agreed with a smile. They seemed so much easier to come by with this girl. They arranged the date and time, quickly exchanging numbers despite the fact they were only feet away.

“See ya, Mr. Dixon.” Beth smiled softly as she opened her door and stepped in.

“Good night, Ms. Greene.” Daryl replied doing the same. He waited until she closed her own door so that her dazzling smile was the last thing he saw before he closed his own.