they are getting silly


This is how Mica and I have arranged for scritches. It wasn’t me specifically training this behavior, but a combination of us working together to find something she is comfortable with.

She’ll let absolute strangers pet her like this as long as they do it right. You can see she’s not quite comfortable, though, she’s still alert and looking around. I don’t think she’ll ever be as snuggly or friendly as some cockatiels, but she isn’t mean and she does like scritches. They just have to put on her terms.

I have no idea why she likes to pick the training perch. None of the other birds do it.

  • Sam: She were like the Usain Bolt of grandmas.
  • Robert: Who needs a wheelchair.
  • Debbie: Oh, all right, so she laid it on a bit to stay. It doesn't mean she killed the bloke.
  • Eileen: Why run, then?
  • Charity: Because our family don't gel too well with the law, all right?
  • Cain: Don't encourage her, you...
  • Sam: She won't have hurt no-one.
  • Eileen: Well, my dead dad's managed to spend over 20 grand on his credit card, so excuse me if I don't take your word for it.
  • (...Faith and Eileen start fighting...Robert is leaving in the background...)
  • Aaron: Does anyone else want to play silly beggars or can we get on with this?
  • Charity: Babe, I think you've just lost your groom.
reasons to stay alive

1. discovering yourself (you are worth discovering)
2. how silly people get when they’re sleepy
3. sitting in hammocks
4. long hugs
5. going to the zoo
6. carving pumpkins
7. cute baby animals
8. kissing in the rain
9. singing
10. the smell of baking cookies
11. picnics
12. warm blankets when it’s cold
13. you are so loved
14. octobers
15. staying up all night and sleeping in
16. water balloon fights
17. making babies smile
18. movie marathons
19. foreign cities, languages, people & foods
20. those “this never leaves the room” moments
21. rainbows
22. you will be missed
23. drinking hot chocolate/coffee/tea
24. binge-watching a series
25. slow dances
26. you are never alone
27. meeting new people
28. traveling
29. watermelon in the summer
30. sunsets
31. naps
32. road trips
33. finally understanding what something means
34. late night phone calls
35. listening to rainstorms
36. cuddling
37. climbing trees
38. going for walks
39. doing crazy things with your best friends
40. getting married some day
41. kind comments from others
42. tears of joy
43. drawing
44. cartoons
45. laughing really hard
46. making other people happy
47. sleeping in
48. doing things that would make your parents angry if they knew
49. jumping in puddles
50. getting lost
51. flowers
52. you are needed warm showers
53. fireflies
54. undiscovered forests
55. art
56. really good books
57. finding love of all kinds
58. jumping really high on a trampoline
59. hugging
60. full moons
61. crunchy leaves
62. see yourself recover
63. concerts
64. stargazing
65. kisses
66. secrets and promises
67. autumn leaves
68. knowing all of the lyrics to a song
69. orgasms
70. the smell after rain
71. getting handwritten letters in the mail
72. halloween
73. clean sheets
74. the first snow of the winter
75. petting puppies
76. city lights
77. late night walks
78. building forts
79. smiling in the middle of a kiss
80. people care about you
81. you are important
82. bonfires
83. thunder storms
84. having kids if you want
85. getting hickies
86. sunrises
87. when a baby holds on to one of your fingers with its whole hand
88. going to comic con
89. kind strangers
90. bowties
91. tree houses
92. music
93. solo dance parties in your room
94. new video games
95. long drives
96. being awake when everyone else is asleep
97. eye sex
98. smiling at strangers
99. onesies
100. you could save someone’s life
101. the sky and it’s pretty colours
102. suspenders
103. walks on the beach
104. sitting on rooftops
105. paint fights
106. there will be a time you’ll see that you’re glad you didn’t do it
107. pillow fights
108. lying on grass and watching clouds
109. you matter
110. watching fireworks
111. graduating
112. snow cones
113. bay windows
114. silence that isn’t awkward
115. messy hair
116. when you start smiling and can’t stop

holo snapped of this cute couple spotted at the Bazaar earlier being extra cute. How bizarre

I tried to get a pic from an angle with the confetti coming down but didn’t save for some reason so tumblr, take it away if you’re still doing that



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I loved seeing princess Marco! But... I wanted to see her wearing a different dress?? I know it's silly but I hope we get to see princess Marco wearing a different dress next time :p

I would like to see marco in a different dress but the implications that are there for keeping the dress are AMAZING. Marco KEPT THE DRESS. Marco probably wore it multiple times when we couldn’t see, at least to pose for all the merchandise. Marco loves that dress and that is absolutely amazing and I swear to God this show is threatening to make me cry in the middle of uni.

Shadowhunters 2x08: A Summary

The good things were AMAZING.

The bad things were HORRENDOUS.

As usual, Magnus, Raphael, and Malec made the bad stuff worth it.

(We’re not gonna talk about all of the ships in this episode, but WTF)

I might have suffered from emotional whiplash during this episode from going to “YAS” TO “NO” every single scene, or sometimes even multiple times in one scene.

Also, looks like shit is gonna get real in the last two episodes of 2A is gonna get really crazy, really fast.

I wasn’t supposed to get so invested in this silly show, damn it.

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The thing that annoys me is that they don't understand how blessed we are? He could be a recluse that doesn't like meeting fans, but instead he's this gracious person who lets people disrupt his work. He talks to the fans, takes photos, videos, records messages, participates with silly filters, etc. Almost every day we get cute photos of him with fluffy hair kissing puppies, of him being a dumb boy wearing balaclava, of him being an adorable bf/son/brother/friend. Would they rather have nothing?

this so much,,,, 

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OH MY GOD I JUST READ THE BOYFRIEND!WOOZI I AM CRYING. It'd be marvelous if u could do a Best Friend Mingyu


  • wowowowo how did you end up so lucky
  • i feel like we all this mentality that if mingyu is close to you in any way possible he’ll coddle you and treat you like royalty and cook all these delicious foods whenever he’d get the chance 
  • but it’s mingyu he’s silly clumsy sunshine and puppies personified
  • and let’s face it he secretly does a lot of work and you’re his blissful downtime when things stress him out
  • whenever he’s sick or lazy or just plain misses you, he’ll vegetate on your couch waiting for you to get up and chill with him
  • he’s wrapped the bedsheet around him like a puppy burrito and has claimed territory on your couch 
  • his head’s just popped out all cutely and his lips are jutted out subconsciously but at the same time mingyu knows he needs to be cute af in order to gain your attention and he wants your attention badly
  • “hello bestie best best friend you’re great i love you can you please keep me company im lonely and i wanna watch tv”
  • “no i have a life”
  • “but YOU’RE MY LIFE” 
  • mingyu doesn’t know it (or pretends not to know it) that he’s a killer sweetheart flirt to his own best friend to get what he wants
  • you know what that’s a-okay whatever happens happens and whatever’s meant to be you know that mingyu will always have your back, even if if he just wants to hang around your side all day

Seventeen Headcanons?

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so.. this may sound silly but, how do you get people to send you prompts????

I honestly have no freaking clue.

I think it started because I had two series right in a row (the Christmas and Chanukah ones) that I updated every day for 20 days total – I feel like that builds a readership/letting people know what to expect from your blog, you know? And then I started a series that specifically responds to prompts, which in turn elicited more, so… I guess those things?

And now I have 915 asks in my box and like.

It all sort of spiraled, I guess?

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)

Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game

Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in