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Here Comes Goodbye - Connor McDavid

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Notes: Hola cuties! So, I was listening to some nice Rascal Flatts earlier when I remember I needed to write an angsty McDavid imagine, which voila, led to this. Hope you enjoy!!

Mentions: Steph LaChance

Warnings: Pregnancy, Angst

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: I haven’t decided. I may put off some of the smuts but yeah.

Teaser: Stage one, confusion. Stage two, disbelief. Stage three, anger.

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AOMG + bang yongguk reaction to how they’d act around their crush

request: hi, how are you! i hope everything is going great for you! i was wondering if i can get a headcanon of aomg and/or bap (or just aomg and bang yongguk) of how they would act around their (fit, badass, top) crush, please? thank you so much for the fact that you write for us! :))

notes: for the lovely anon who requested this! originally, this was supposed to be a headcanon mini series written like drabbles or so but i didn’t know whether or not you guys would like that, so i ended up doing it this way instead. i’m super indecisive when it comes to how i write things yikes i’ll probably end up doing the other b.a.p members, but hopefully you guys enjoy this (: happy reading loves xx


· the others suffer from secondhand embarasment whenever he sees you because of his actions

· literally doesn’t how to act or what to say whenever you’re around

· tries to be confident whenever he speaks to you, but ends up stuttering too many times to count

· stares at you longer than he has to

· slightly intimidated by your attitude because he knows that you don’t take shit from anyone

· always talks about how hot you are with the others

· “his muscles are so fucking big, jesus chri—”

· “we get it, jay. jeez

· secretly wishes he was more confident around you

· always laughs at your jokes

· tried to ask you out once and failed


· comes off as super confident when he’s around you when in reality he’s a nervous wreck

· you two are close so whenever you make sexual jokes he doesn’t know how to respond

· like one time you pulled him into you lap and jokingly said, “come sit on daddy’s lap”

· he couldn’t stop blushing and laughing

· can’t be in a room with you by himself for too long

· either he ignores you the entire time accidentally because he doesn’t know what to say

· or he ends up saying random things out of nervousness


· calm and collected around you until one of you makes eye contact with the other and then he becomes a mess

· stares into your eyes or at your lips when you talk so much that he ends up being in a daze and doesn’t hear a word you say

· of course he gets embarrassed when he realizes this and apologizes

· you’re lowkey his inspiration for working out more because he loves how your body looks

· also loves staring at your arms or thighs or back muscles way too much

· especially when you wear tight shirts and jeans

· or sweats so he can look at your dick print

· loves that you’re a badass and you don’t care about the shit anyone has to say about you


· absolutely has no idea how to deal with crushes

· so he ends up asking the others for help

· “just go and talk to him”

· “are you stupid? i can’t just walk up to him and start talking. that’s weird”

· “that’s how you start a conversation”’

· “shut up”

· highkey knows he should just talk to you and get it over with but he’s scared

· loves admiring your body from afar

· can’t handle seeing you shirtless

· like this one time he spilled his juice on you and you took your shirt off and kept it off the whole day

· stuttered his way through an apology after the incident

· wishes he had your badass attitude because he loves it

· but not as much as he loves you seeing you shirtless


· becomes an instant giggling mess whenever you’re around

· also blushes a little too much whenever you two make eye contact

· always tells you corny jokes because he doesn’t know how to talk to you really

· even though you two are friends

· gets flustered whenever you show him affection

· like hugging him and intertwining your hands together and kissing his forehead

· dies a little inside when you backhug him

· and he can feel your hard chest pressed against his back

· tried to ask you out multiple times but backed out last minute every time

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I saw a post like this before but can't find it anymore but how about jealous adopted brother Damian of his sister and Jaime getting ahem a little too close on a mission, or maybe him walking in on them kissing, he just wants to spend time with his big sis but is to proud to admit it 😂

a/n: Yeah so this was written then deleted lmao then rewritten so here you go

original request: Oh!! I’m you can change it from actual/full sister to either half sister or adopted sister. Like she was already Bruce’s kid and the two grew close and act like they real siblings and all. If you still can’t do it then that okay!

black-dceu-imagines answered:

Oh oh can you guys do something with Jaime where the reader is Damian’s older sister and she’s very sweet and stuff and she likes Jaime a lot (he likes her back too) but Damian doesn’t want them to date because he’s scared that she’ll not love him as much anymore? I’m sorry if this is a bit OOC. And you guys can take your time, but please tag me in it if you can? Thanks!!!

a/n: I’m gonna write this kinda in the context of Teen Titans vs Justice League

a/n x2: I’m also so sorry this took so long holy shit also since we don’t have any sense of what Jaime would be like in a relationship I took some creative freedom with this. I feel like he’s someone that once the relationship has 

You sat at the kitchen table in the Titan’s tower as you waited for Damian to be done training, you knew he would be a while so you were just going to chill and watch tv until he was finished. 

“What are you doing here, beautiful?”

 You turned around to see Jaime coming down from the stairs in just a tank top and sweats, it looked like he just finished showering by his slightly wet hair. You could feel the blush coming on from just being around him, especially with him not in his usual Blue Beetle suit. You’d been harboring a crush on him for a while but you were too shy to say anything about it, until he asked you out himself a month ago. He was so relieved to find out you felt the same but didn’t understand why you didn’t say anything earlier, in his eyes you were the most beautiful girl ever. You didn’t know what to say, he was a titan and even though you and Damian were just as much kids of Bruce he was his biological son and embraced the vigilante lifestyle way more than you did. 

“Hey, Jaime, I’m just waiting on my brother, how’s it going?” he shrugged and kissed your cheek as he passed you and headed to the fridge “eh, I was okay but I’m feeling a little better now that you’re here” You felt your skin get even hotter if possible and you tried to hide your face even if he couldn’t really see your blush because of you’re brown skin. You were lucky he was rummaging through the fridge and didn’t catch you being bashful, you wouldn’t hear the end of it if he did. 

He came to sit next to you with a bowl of strawberries, putting an arm around your waist.

“Want one?” he held a strawberry out to you and went to take it from him but he moved it back. “No babe I wanna feed you” you rolled your eyes even though a smile made it’s way to your face. “You’re such a romantic, Jaime Reyes” he kissed the spot under your jaw “you know it”. You let him feed you a strawberry then you fed him one but he decided to tease you.

“You know, I’m pretty sure there’s something sweeter I can have a taste of” You wanted to make another comment about how corny he was but his lips were on yours and you were soon lost in the feeling.

His hand was on your waist and the other was on your neck, guiding you into a deeper kiss. Your hands were around his neck, your fingers twirling the hairs on the nape of his neck. You two were so lost in each other you didn’t hear Damian coming down from the steps into the kitchen. 

“[Y/n]” you pulled back from Jaime so fast you almost gave yourself whiplash. There he was, Damian, your little angry brother. He was real sweet once you got to know him, in his own adorable way. You went over to hug him, even spinning him around a little bit. “Jeez, you’re get to big for me to keep doing that huh? Better slow down before you look like dad” you joked but received no kind of response. You looked at Damian’s face again to see him staring at Jaime, with that kind of expression he only had when he was about to to something brash. You put an arm on him “alright let’s head home, Alfred’s waiting” You took about three steps before you heard Jaime call out to you. “Wait! [y/n] I forgot to ask, are you busy on Friday, I was thinking we could go to that new place that opened up downtown?” “Yea sure, I’m f-”

“She’s busy, too busy for you Reyes” Damian cut in and gave him a look, he purposely avoided your gaze. You shook your head “No I’m not, I’ll see you at school Jaime”


After dinner you and Damian decided to play with Titus, you were playing fetch and decided now might be the best time to talk to him. “Why don’t you want me to go out with Jaime? He’s a good person, he’s on your team and well I like him” Damian stood up “Well I don’t like him he’s no good, especially not for you. You’re too good for him” You stood up too “Damian, I love you but I can decide who’s good enough” He started walking away and you followed.

“You don’t get it! If you’re spending all your time with him than what about me? I’m your brother, what if you don’t even love me anymore” he trailed off at the end. You saw the look on his face and hugged him “Dami, don’t ever think like that, I‘m your sister and I’ll always be your sister. Family is a strong bond, I can’t replace you and we’ll be close no matter what. No one can get in the way of that”.

He sighed, only sort of hugging you back but not trying to pull away from your arms either. “Just don’t let his stupid rub off on you” you chuckled, “Jaime is smarter than you think, little brother” he scoffed “You’re blinded by love”.

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Tfln where you're in desperate need of tampons and Harry's already out so you ask him to get some for you (I'm on my period rn and could use this)

Harry / You


-I’m here love
-Not paying attention to my phone. Sorry

-Okay…. this is… embarrassing 

-Hurry.  I’m about to check out.

-This is like….. a step.
-A milestone, if you will.
-We’ve never like… talked about this.
-This is a big deal in this relationship.

-I’m getting in line.
-You’re taking too bloody long.

-I need…. tampons…..

-Thats it?
-You couldn’t just type that?


-Did you think I just assumed you never had a period?


-What tampons do you need?


-Stop acting like this is a big deal, y/n.
-You’re adorable. And you need tampons.
-And if you don’t tell me, I’m gonna get these weird cup looking things.


-Ha ha.  Alright I wont. 
-What do you want, love?


-Come on.


-What on earth do you mean?
-Any decent boyfriend would get you tampons.

-Thats not what my ex said

-You know how I feel about him, love.
-He wasn’t a decent boyfriend, now was he?
-Just proves my point. 
-Tampax pearl?

-…. yes.

-Got it.
-Wish you would’ve just told me love.
-You’re still cute. Even on your period.
-Just wish you didn’t think it was a big deal.


-It’s not gross.  Its normal.
-And I adore you.
-I’m in line now.  Tampons and ice cream are in the cart.


-And cuddles are coming your way.
-Be prepared 

-God you’re cute….

-Back at ya, bug.

Katsuki Bakugou

  • Bakugou is pretty much a daredevil and HE LOVES THE ADRENALINE RUSH. So if they both get on a ride, Bakugou will purposely scare them by rocking the seats. Anything like that. “Bakugou, don’t you dare- AHHHH!!!” - “>:D Haha, this is so much fun.”
  • He also hogs the snacks while they’re there or usually eats them all. So he would have to pay more for s'o. “Fuck off, this is my food!” - “You’re gonna let me starve…?” - “…Fuck. Fine I’ll get more. Jeez.“
  • He does his best to win those big stuffed bear animals for them too. Seeing them all giggly about it makes him want to play more.
  • He carries the bags whenever they’re shopping too and yes, he will get pretty irritable about it since it can be so heavy. He isn’t a coat hanger!
  • S'o can’t even win against Bakugou. And he gets so overly cocky about it, so it seems they may lay off the games for awhile. Also, Bakugou gets pretty pissed if he doesn’t get his prize either. They pretend they don’t know him.
  • ME: Goddammit sound.
  • LX 1: What? Are we saying sound blows?
  • ME: No no. We're all one department, like a family.
  • LX 2: Well, as a family, we have a right and excuse to say "sound blows"
Fix Your Attitude: Chapter 3

Read it on AO3.

Part 2 is here.

Part 4 is here.

Summary:  Kylo Ren’s had enough of your shenanigans, gosh dernit. One more strike and you’re out. 

Words: 1421

Warnings: VERY MILD sexual content.

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: Short chapter this time, y’all. Part of me has no idea where this is going, so, enjoy the ride with me!

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Star Trek coffee shop AU

Sorry it’s so late :/ Here’s my entry for @imagine-jim-bones-and-spock

-The entreprise is a little café on a university campus (Starfleet’s a well known university where people from all backgrounds go)

- Jim, Spock, Bones, Uhura and Sulu work in there and it’s where they first met

- Spock opens the shop in the morning. He’s very effective in rush hours and is able to remember all the little details of someone’s order which impress both his colleagues and clients. He, more often than not,  takes his break with Mccoy since he’s the one who got to wake the earliest since his classes start sooner and last longer than anyone else in their little group. Spock found out really quickly that nobody can speak to Bones before his first cup of coffee so he makes sure that a cup is always ready for him.

- Uhura is next just in time for dinner. She’ s always really busy but always smiles and writes the name of each clients on their cup with a sweet comment. She hums quietly while working which makes everybody in a good mood. She passes her break sitting next to a window studying or speaking with people changing languages depending on who she’ s speaking with.

- Jim owns the wheel for the afternoon where, oh surprise, the proportion of female customers increases. He passes his whole shift flirting with the exception of his break which he spends with Spock talking passionally about whatever he discovered today or whatever prank he was able to do without getting caught. He keeps a change of clothes just in case ‘cause he seems to always stain the ones he works with.

- Sulu is in charge for the evening. He’s also the one that creates all events that the little café owns. He always remembers what the regulars want. He’s the one who found the catchphrase of the café: to boldly go where no man has gone before ( Jim loves it and has made a banderole that hangs proudly above the counter). He takes his break with his boyfriend hugging in the small sofa where his favorite plants are.

- Bones takes the night shift. Almost no one is there so, it’s calm and sleepy. He’s the one (with Uhura) that designed how the café would look so that everybody could be confortable. He takes his break with Jim relating their day and exchanging advices and scolds and when coffee is replaced by bourbon, they both keep silent and enjoy each other’s compagny.

-There are unwritten rules in the café and most of them involve Jim in a stubble or not so stubble way. Bones and Spock make sure they all get respected.

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Tadashi and Hiro used brow filler to kill everyone with their brow game

Idk, I wanna see it, but at the same time I feel like the Hamada bros are just gifted with having their eyebrows on fleek. Either way, they are killing us with their eyebrow game. 

I mean wow

Aaaand where do you suppose Hiro indirectly learned it from?

they even raise the same eyebrow omg

Arrow 3x14 - The Return

Well. There was a lot of ‘returning’ in that episode, wasn’t there? Clever writers and their clever titles…

I always knew that I would love this episode, purely because it was their annual 'flashback-in-a-bottle’ episode - probably the closest thing to a bottle episode that this show has done or will do - and because I may be one of the few people who’s always loved these episodes historically. Plus, there’s the whole: island + Queen siblings + Slade Wilson. What better combo is there?!

Let’s take a minute to reflect on the Slade Wilson of it all first, shall we? Can we please keep him?! Seriously, I never knew how much I missed Slade until I saw him again. Come back, Slade, all is forgiven. You know I love a man who keeps his promises. ;)

Let’s get straight into this, shall we?

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