they are full of static and strange counting and beeping

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hey what are numbers stations they sound really soothing

NUMBERS STATIONS! they are both soothing and TERRIFYING because they’re super creepy and nobody entirely knows what all of them are for. (i mean, espionage, yes, that’s the general idea, but some of them dON’T MAKE ANY SENSE.) they sound really unsettling and surreal but are also repetitive and full of soft noise so when the static doesn’t get too shrill i find them INCREDIBLY CALMING. (no, for real, one time i was having a nasty anxiety fit at work and spent my break sitting in the break room doing breathing exercises and listening to numbers stations on my ipod until i felt better.) (also incredibly creepy things… are soothing… to me… shut up…)

here are some recordings of numbers stations! the first one is my favourite i love it so much it was probably programmed specifically for me to control me which is why i love it so much but IT’S SO NICE I CAN’T BRING MYSELF TO CARE this is probably a bad pls don’t let me become a soviet sleeper agent even i don’t know about