they are freaking going to be on glee

Mike: I’m freaking out, I have no idea what to get El for Christmas.

Max: When in doubt, go with socks.

Dustin: A pet rock is always good.

Lucas: What about soil?

Will: I agree with Max about socks.

Steve: You see? This is why I don’t have a high-maintenance girlfriend. Or any girlfriend for that matter.

Zach x Reader: “Say You Won’t Let Go” (Epilouge)

I wanna live with you
Even when we’re ghosts
‘Cause you were always there for me when I needed you most

Zach walked the hill he was familiar with by the amount of times he jogged up here only to change his mind and turn back. It was easier then, when he was young but he still managed to pull through it.

He gripped the tulips in his hands tighter as the headstone came into view and a name became clearer as he got nearer. Bringing all his past nightmares and monsters back but the only difference is that this time he was strong enough to face them.

Hannah Baker

“Hey there, valentine.” Zach mumbled but winced, wondering if that was insensitive. He chuckled anyway hoping Hannah would understand that even now he still hasn’t outgrown his bad habit of speaking before thinking.

“I’m, uh … I heard you liked tulips.” he scratched the back of his neck, looking around the cemetery as he propped the violet tulips on the headstone, wiping off the dust that gathered at the top. “I’m sorry for only visiting today. I was,uh …” He swallowed. “I’m sorry.” Zach touched the dusty headstone and closed his eyes to gather some strength and imagine a curly haired beauty with kind eyes and a warm smile listening to him, wherever she was. “I know sorry doesn’t do shit but I really am. I will forever be sorry. I’m sorry for being an entitled idiot and I’m sorry for not being your friend. I could’ve saved you but I was a moron and decided to be an asshole and … I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Hannah.”

Zach stayed silent after that, not really knowing what to say anymore especially since there was nothing but silence that greeted him. That was the ugliest truth of it all, he could be as sorry as he can be but it still won’t change the fact that Hannah was gone. That was death, nothing poetic or beautiful, it’s just … silence. He opened his eyes and was immediately greeted by the sight of the whole town, the town he once cursed now looked so goddamn peaceful and, dare he might say it, beautiful. It was almost uncanny.

He could almost laugh at how harmless it looked now, how small it seemed to become now that everyone seemed to forgot the demons it kept.

Zach sat beside the headstone, overlooking the town. “Great view, huh.” He mumbled finally feeling the breeze all around him. He gave the headstone another glance and fixed the tulips one more time.“I’m married now.” He said just to have something to say but managed a smile at the thought of you. He leaned back and showed the headstone the gold band on his finger. “You know her, she’s (Y/N), I know, crazy, right? Totally out of my league, by the way.” He chuckled because he may not know Hannah very much but he can almost picture out her amused face. “Who knew someone as perfect as her could still love someone like me.”

Zach played with the grass at his feet, picking on some of them every once in a while, enjoying the silence, when his phone buzzed. It was a text from you reminding him to not be late for the family dinner his mom prepared for the both of you.

“That would be my wife.” He said, still giddy about the fact that you are married now. “I gotta go, I’ll pass by before I leave again.” He said, leaning down to pat the headstone again. “I’ll bring my family next time, my daughter Lilly would want to meet her guardian angel, Aunt Hannah.”

'Cause now it’s just you and me till we’re grey and old
Just say you won’t let go

Zach watched as you and your daughter, Lilly Anna Dempsey, played with your 5 month old son, Zyke Austin Dempsey, in the little blanket the maids placed at the shade in your garden.

You were telling your two children a story and even the young Zyke seemed engrossed in listening to your soothing voice, already whipped by his mother even as young as he is. Your story got cut off when you saw Zach looking at you from the front door. You smiled and waved at him making his heart explode from happiness.

Zach once had a dream about having the perfect family when he was young and his life was a mess and it freaked the fuck out of him. Now that he thinks about it he could barely remember anything about that dream but he knows it could’ve never come close to what he is seeing right now.

“Lilly, go fetch your father.”

It was as if everything was in slow motion. The way the morning light hit your eyes making you look unearthly, the glee in his daughter’s smile as she ran towards her father who she already has in the palm of her hands, and the silent breeze that seems to scatter the laughter all around his home; his paradise.

Zach effortlessly picked Lily up and smothered her little face with kisses as soon as she was in his reach. Lily had his straight jet black hair but got everything else from you making Zach thank every god possible. He couldn’t believe you and him brought such an angel to Earth.

“Look, papa,” Lilly said in between her giggles as she tried to show him the flower crown you made for her sitting comfortable in her head.

Zach couldn’t help the smile that was literally tearing his face. “You look beautiful, princess.” He complimented his daughter making her beam with pride.

“Mama made it for me, but she can make one for you too, right mama?” Zach gently placed their daughter in the blanket as he sat beside you giving you a humble peck on the forehead.

“Of course, darling, papa can be pretty too, yeah?”

Lilly nodded enthusiastically, before her attention was caught by her bumbling brother in your arms.

“Are you okay?” You asked Zach and he still wondered how you still couldn’t understand that as long as he was with you everything was perfect.

Words can never express how much he loves you.

He could only shake his head as he kissed your forehead again. He looked at you continuing to appreciate what God has given him. Two beautiful children, the perfect wife, and a home he can live for the rest of his life.

“I’m perfect, angel.” He wrapped his arms around your shoulder. “Like literally the only thing that would make today better would be you telling me you’re pregnant with twins.”

“Zachary!” You scolded him, quickly looking at your daughter who was thankfully to pre-occupied with gathering some wild flowers from your small garden.

“Okay, it doesn’t have to be twins.” He negotiated.

Ever since you had Lilly, Zach has been crazy about seeing you pregnant, it was kind of fucking weird but really fucking adorable the way he would just keep checking on the growth of your bump even if the doctor told him over and over again (literally measuring it) that it was still too early or the way his hands will literally not leave your tummy (extra protection he said) when you’re in the same room or when he talks to your bump when he thinks you’re sleeping (“your mommy is really pretty and you’re daddy’s a beast so you got it good lil’ man” “… she’s like really pretty Zyke you don’t even know”).

“Whaaaaat? Come oooon,” he whined, you gave your maid a grateful smile as she took a sleeping Zyke from you which were immediately replaced by Zach’s head. “Pleeease, babe? Pleeease?” Apparently, you already had a third child.

“You have the weirdest kink.”

“You didn’t say no.”

“I didn’t say y—“

“LILLY! You’re getting another brother!”

You could only watch in disbelief as Lilly screamed in celebration, jumping into Zach’s arms as her father twirled her around, their laughter’s echoing around your garden.

Well, you placed your hand on your tummy, so much for a surprise.

ANOTHER SERIES DONE! I always get so sad when I finish my series’ because i’m gonna miss writing it and their personalities lmao anywaaaay thank you to those who loved it I hope I did not disappoint love yaaaa 

Let’s Talk About OCD

“I’m so OCD!” is one of those phrases that gets thrown around a lot. “I’m so OCD, it bothers me when a picture is crooked!” “I’m so OCD, all my pens have to be organized!” “Look at these pictures of things slightly out of place, and find out how OCD you are!”

I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. And believe me, if having OCD just meant straightening my desk a lot and cringing at design mistakes, my life would be a whole lot easier.

When people think of obsessive-compulsive orders, they tend to think of younger, female neat freaks, scrubbing their kitchen counters and washing their hands a lot until someone teaches them how to chill out. Even progressive TV show Glee fell into this trap, portraying OCD as a cute personality quirk that ultimately makes the affected character more charming. That’s not the reality for the majority of people with OCD. So let’s look at some facts:

- There are two parts to obsessive-compulsive disorder: obsessions, and compulsions. Obsessions are unwanted, intrusive thoughts that pop into your head constantly, and compulsions are rituals that make those thoughts go away. OCD is not about good housekeeping or hygiene: it’s primarily about making unpleasant, obsessive thoughts go away

- Not everyone with OCD has compulsions. Up to 50-60% of cases of OCD consist of obsessions alone. Sufferers use mental rituals to relieve the obsessive thoughts, making their OCD completely invisible to others.

- Obsessions can be fucking horrifying. While it’s true that some people with OCD fixate on germs, most people with OCD are plagued by constant, intrusive thoughts of bad things happening to their loved ones, or the idea that they themselves might do horrible things to other people. As a child, I was convinced that if I didn’t do things a certain way, my family would be killed in a house fire. It wasn’t quirky, or silly, or cute. All day long, every day, I lived in constant fear that my entire family would fucking burn to death, and it would be all my fault. That’s the reality.

- People with OCD usually understand that their compulsions don’t make sense. People who have OCD have a disorder, but they’re not stupid. Even as a child, I understood that keeping all the doors in the house closed and counting everything off in multiples of five probably had no rational connection to house fires. But that didn’t mean I could stop doing it. Ignoring compulsions generally makes them worse; it’s like an itch deep in your brain that you have to scratch, or those horrible thoughts keep on coming.

- OCD is not a “women’s” disorder. Men and women are equally likely to be affected.

- OCD usually doesn’t show up alone. People with OCD usually have at least one other mental disorder, like major depression, general anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, Autism, or social anxiety disorder. I have OCD, Tourette’s and ADHD; those three disorders have an extremely strong genetic link, and all three tend to run in families together.

- Around 2.3% of the population will be afflicted with OCD at some point in their life. Once OCD develops, the majority of people will have symptoms for the rest of their lives, even with treatment. Going into remission, even briefly, is extremely rare.

- The symptoms of OCD can be so distressing that people with OCD have a higher lifetime risk of suicide than the general population.

- There are treatments available for OCD that can greatly relieve symptoms and allow people with OCD to lead healthy, happy, and productive lives. Despite this, it’s estimated that less than 10% of people with OCD actually receive treatment. The longer you go without treatment after the onset of the disorder, the more difficult it will be to make improvements. 

- OCD can manifest itself in seemingly unusual ways, such as skin-picking or hoarding behavior. 

OCD has been around for at least hundreds, if not thousands of years, and yet we’re only just beginning to really understand how it works. And the good news is, we’re making great strides in treatments! Researchers are working on new drugs, new therapies and new theories about OCD every year, and people with OCD are leading healthier, more functional lives than ever before. And that’s awesome. But there is still enormous stigma attached to this disorder, and it doesn’t help when it’s played off as a joke or a silly personality trait that most people have. 

Take it from those who have lived it - OCD is terrifying, it’s frustrating, and it’s painful. It’s no joke. And we need to stop treating it as one. 

I met Harry Shum Jr. in a mall near my house on Mother’s Day. It was a few years ago and my family had gone out to see the movie Soul Surfer. We were just coming out of the movie when I saw a sign for a meet and greet with Mike Chang from Glee and I was beyond excited because my little mind was like ooh famous person! So I went to go get in line to get Harry’s autograph.

Basically he was the cutest lil bean on the planet and he was super nice and asked me what my name was and thanked me for watching Glee and was giving all of the mothers at the meet and greet flowers. No literally as I was collecting my autograph and leaving he stopped me and gave me a rose and said “Give this to your mom, okay?” and it was so freaking sweet and every time I think about how I met this wonderful man and how now he’s a main character on a popular TV show and is getting recognition for his acting skills and his role and is playing one of my favorite characters of all time and is such an inspiration I get so emotional

33 & 42: I waited (Hoshi)

Words: 1834

Hooray for another Hoshi scenario. I guess you all love our pure baby hamster hahahahah I made this as Playground Blues’ sequel, months after you caught your boyfriend cheating on you. This is requested by @xpunklouisx and @ayyybangtantrash Thank you for requesting!!

The boys waited in the living room for the choreographer to return to the dorm, the older ones sitting on the sofa and the younger ones on the floor. They were supposed to start another movie marathon, spending some quality time until Hoshi had to rush out and find a friend because he just felt like doing it. Along with the newly-cooked popcorn and soda, everyone was frantic on their seats as they held their breath for him. An hour has passed, and their patience was about to be gone as well.

Then the door creaked open and they immediately turned their heads, anticipating the kid who was about to receive pillows on his face. But as they saw him in his dripping clothes, they didn’t bother to do the plan. Hoshi looked apologetic while entering the room, and they couldn’t help but feel worried for the kid.

“So how did the search go, mister I-just-feel-like-it?” Seungkwan asked as he munched on a popcorn or two. Hoshi rubbed the back of his neck and gave a whole-hearted smile.

“Well, I took Y/N to a cafe, and she was crying the whole time. And when we were about to go home, it suddenly rained. We forgot our umbrellas so we had to run under the downpour.”

“Crying the whole time?” Dokyeom said, catching everyone’s attention. “What happened?”

“Do you guys remember that she broke up with her boyfriend? Well earlier, the jerk had the nerve to show up to her door and ask for her forgiveness with a bouquet of roses.”

“And what did she do?”

The boy scoffed. “She took the bouquet and threw it on his face. She told me he tried to kiss her but she did her best to push him away from her. Anyways, I’ll just take a quick shower. I’ll be back.”

As soon as he left, the urge of watching movies faded and they wanted to know more about the break up. Everyone felt something unusual when they first met your boyfriend. Even Dokyeom and Joshua kept a straight face when you introduced him to them. They all had the same gut feeling, and it proved to be right. Seungkwan leaned on Dokyeom’s legs and balanced the bowl of popcorn between his thighs. “How can I describe Y/N ex-boyfriend? Good for nothing, jerk, player.”

“Not to mention a douchebag. How could he cheat on her?” Dino gulped down a can of soda after he spoke.

“But you know, she knew what she did was for the best. She deserves better,” Vernon replied, grabbing a handful of the snack and popping it inside his mouth one by one. Soon after, Hoshi returned, wearing a red shirt and his hair now damp from the shower. He sat on the floor across the hyungs and chomped on the snacks, grabbing the DVD cases and judging the titles.

“So what movie are we watching?”

“Nothing. We are not going to be jolly idiots and watch movies while Y/N is still hurting right now, alone.” Seungcheol said as they turned to Hoshi’s direction.

“It’s not that easy to move on you know,” Jeonghan inserted.

“It’s hard, but we could help her. It’s been months after the break up. She doesn’t have to be alone.” Joshua replied, eyeing the boys and received their nods.

Hoshi’s voice felt distant to them. “I know Y/N loved him truly. She did everything that she could because she thought he was the one, but he wasn’t. If I only knew this would happen, I could’ve protected her from him.”

“Hoshi, we know that you have feelings for her,” Mingyu said, making him zip his lips. “The times that we played around with Y/N, it was so obvious that you liked her. No, that you loved her.”

“Okay, so I love her. But what can I do? She fell in love with him, not with me. I was only his best friend, nothing more, nothing less. Besides, I might make her feel confused and awkward. Plus, I might hurt her, probably more than her ex-boyfriend did.”

“What are you saying hyung? Snap out of it!” Minghao replied while he poked him on the cheeks.

“Sorry, I just don’t want her to get hurt again, and I’m afraid that I might just do so unintentionally.”

“Hosh, we know that you’re stuck in this situation, but we’re here. We’re ready to help you. We’re in this together, the thirteen of us. So please, help yourself and Y/N to heal her heart. She needs you,” and that was all it took to make Hoshi grab his phone and press your number. His fingers fidgeted nervously as he waited for you to pick up.

“Hello? Y/N?”

“Yes Hoshi? What is it? Oh by the way, thanks for making me laugh earlier. You’re the best,” you replied as he tried to calm himself.

“It’s fine, anything for you. Anyway I wanted to have a movie marathon tomorrow with the boys, but everyone’s going to be busy. I already picked the movies, and it’s such a waste. Are you free tomorrow afternoon to watch the movies with me?”

“Sure, I kind of wanted to do that. Where and what time tomorrow?”

“3 o’ clock, here in the dorm. I’ll pick you up at 2:30.”

“No no, I’ll just go there by myself. See you tomorrow.”

“Okay, see you,” he ended the call, and when he faced the others, they were all grinning up to their ears. “You are freaking me out.”

“So what did she say?” Jun asked.

“She said okay.” Everyone hooted with glee and started to tease him, pushing his figure back and forth. Along with the happiness, Hoshi felt weary for tomorrow. But he had to shake it off since he had to tell you something important.

The night and morning passed within a blink of an eye, and it was finally 3:00 in the afternoon, the time where Hoshi will be confessing his feelings for you. The food was prepared and placed in the middle of the coffee table, the lighting was well, not too bright and not too dim. The boys were in their rooms, anticipating that they’ll be hearing a yes from you. Everything was in place, and he was calm.

But as soon as he saw you in front of him, he just felt like screaming and running around. You looked dashing, maybe more in his eyes, and his heart was beating like crazy. Hoshi did his best not to show you that you made him fall deeper in love as he made sure you were comfortable on your seat. And you felt everything that he felt in that moment. Giddy and nervous like a little kid waiting for his present.

How long are you going to stare at me?” You laughed at the middle of the movie as you noticed that his stare was longer than the usual. He had a caring look all over, and you could almost see hearts forming in his eyes.

Hoshi blinked at your words and coughed, trying to not to meet your eyes. “Sorry sorry, I was just thinking.”

“Thinking about what?”

“About this rom-com movie. The girl, she’s hurt from her ex-boyfriend, but she can still love her best friend.”

“Is it weird? She’s in love with her best friend, what’s wrong with that?” You placed the tip of the water bottle on your lips as you waited for him to answer. His eyes conveyed a certain feeling that you just couldn’t brush off.

“Isn’t she afraid that her best friend might hurt her like how her ex-boyfriend did? Isn’t she worried that she might waste tears on a guy again? Isn’t she afraid to love again because she might not receive the love that she deserves from her best friend? ”

You stared back at him. “No, no she isn’t. She trusts him because she knows he’s worth it. She knows that her best friend can love her more than she could love him. Why? Because she has loved him before her ex-lover came into her life to ruin her. But she didn’t had the chance to be with him, so someone else promised her that he will love her. But he didn’t, and now she’s hurt.”

Hoshi knew that it wasn’t about the stupid movie anymore. Everything that you said came to him like a wave along with the emotions. He was fazed, but he knew that you were talking about you and him.

“But she still loves her best friend. And she’s willing to wait for him, because she loves him,” A tear fell on your cheeks, awakening Hoshi back to his senses. Before, at times like this, he’d never really know what to do. But now, Hoshi took you in his arms, letting you cry on his chest and catching every tear that fell from you eyes. His fingers comforted your head as you continued to sob your feelings to him.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Y/N. I was too numb not to notice your feelings for me. I’m dumb enough to realize that you’ve been in love with me. I’m so sorry. But now I’m ready to tell you that I loved you. That I was afraid that you might not feel the same. That I was afraid that I might hurt you like he did. And that I am still in love with you. ”

“Hoshi, I waited for you.” You looked at him, tears still blurring your sight. He wiped your eyes and kissed your forehead lovingly.

“I’m sorry that I made you wait long enough. Y/N, I love you.”

“I love you too Hosh.”

“Do you trust me that I will not hurt you?”

Your hands tangled themselves with his, not having plans of letting him go. Everything was happening in front of you. The man that you’ve been loving ever since has confessed and all you had to say was yes. “I’ve been trusting you with all of my heart ever since day one Hoshi. I love you.”

“How could you still love me even though I’ve made you wait this long?” Hoshi’s eyes started to water but he wiped it off with the sleeve of his shirt. You smiled and touched his cheeks, warmth flowing through the tip of your fingers.

“Something just told me to wait. So I did, and now I’m with you, and you’re with me.”

“Thank you Y/N, thank you. I won’t let you down,” and he locked you in his arms again, making you feel the sparks and the butterflies inside you flutter. You thanked the heavens that finally, your best friend wasn’t your best friend anymore, but was now your lover. And Hoshi did the same.

In the corner of Hoshi’s sight, the boys sat on the stairs and they liked what they saw. Everyone was wearing a grin, including Joshua and Dokyeom. They were satisfied at the sight of you two hugging like there was no tomorrow, and to them, everything was going to be okay for the two of you.
I Can Hear The Things That You're Dreaming About - LadySerendipitous - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: General Audiences
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Relationships: Adrien Agreste & Alya Césaire & Marinette Dupain-Cheng & Nino Lahiffe
Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Adrien Agreste
Additional Tags: Identity Reveal, Sleep talking, pretty much pre relationship ot4
Series: Part 20 of Révéler Moi

Adrien’s sleep talking tendencies become his greatest weakness.

(So I’m sick in bed and thought I’d write a reveal fic!)

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RFA + V and Saeran go to the Amusement park with MC (Like a Date ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ))

This is sooooo cuuuuuute.

~I was seriously just imagining this the other day. Maybe our brains linked?? I’ll write this as a carnival/fair sort of thing because das cute.

◉ Yoosung

  • Loves the Renaissance Fair. He will buy a sword or chain mail don’t try and stop him ok
  • Will also insist that you guys wear matching shirts so that he can find you in the crowd
  • Likes the game where you fish for the ducks in the pond
  • And you get the prize based on the number on the bottom of the duck
  • It’s a game for children
  • But he’s right there fishing with 5 year olds
  • And gets jealous if they get a good prize
    • “Oooooh! So lucky!!”
  • Not a fan of the rides
  • He likes the games
  • Tries his best to win you a BIG stuffed animal !!!
  • He’s so good!!!
  • With you cheering him on he finally gets it and now you’re walking around with a giant teddy bear, like, it’s bigger than you omg so cute

◉ Jumin

  • He’s never heard of these things before?
  • But if you want to go…
  • His only stipulation is that you have body guards tailing you
  • Actually really likes rides and roller coasters ????
  • You have to peel him away from them to look at other stuff
  • He asks if you’re hungry so you go to get food
    • “Why is everything on a stick, MC? This is strange.”
  • You get a corn dog and omg he freaks out he thinks it’s the cutest thing watching you eat a corn dog on a stick
    • “I like this concept. I’ll have to talk to the chef, I wonder what else we can put on a stick?”
  • You guys are walking by the ring toss booth and
  • OMG
    • “Juuuuminnnn!!!! It’s so cuuuute!”
    • “You are absolutely right, MC. I’ll get it for you!”
  • He goes to the booth worker
    • “How much for that kitten?”
    • “Uhhh……you have to win it???”
    • “Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a monetary exchange for such a thing? I have cash, so give me the cat.”
    • “That’s not how it works, dude.”
  • Okay now he’s annoyed.
  • But your eyes sparkled so brightly when you saw it!!!!
  • He had to get it for you
  • Rolled up his sleeves and started tossing the rings to the bottles
  • He wasn’t doing too good at first but he was determined
    • “You can do it JuJuBee!”
  • You’re just standing next to him cheering him on
  • FINALLY he gets it!
  • You thank him with a kiss
  • Your happiness makes it all worth it

◉ Zen

  • He loves these things!
  • He will take bites of your food and kiss you
  • Puts his jacket on you because he doesn’t want you getting cold
  • Takes so many photos and selfies of you guys
    • “About to win my babe some prizes!”
  • Has his arm around you the whole time, he doesn’t want some random guys to get any ideas or approach you
  • You’re walking by that strong man game
  • the one where you hit the base with a hammer and try to ring the bell
    • “I work out all the time. Watch me, MC. This will be a piece of cake.”
  • Grabs the hammer and slams it down
  • It goes high but doesn’t hit the bell
    • “That was just a warm up shot…I’ll get it this time.”
  • Doesn’t hit the bell
    • “What the hell?”
  • Hits it again
  • And again
  • and again.
  • You have to pull him away from the game and he’s crying
    • I swear I’m strong…stupid game, must be rigged…”
    • I know you’re strong. There, there…” //pat pat

◉ Jaehee

  • You guys are just running around trying to see everything
  • You really like watching people play the games !
  • You’re holding hands walking around
  • When you see it
    • “Oh, Jaeheeeee! I want one?!”
    • “Are you going to carry a fish around for the rest of our date??”
  • You’re just nodding furiously with puppy dog eyes
  • She’s weak
    • “Alright…”
  • She kisses you
  • But to win, you have to bring the hammer down and ring the bell
    • “Wanna give it a go, sweetie?” the game operator is smug
  • She grabs that hammer and slams it down
  • Bell rings instantly OMG
  • Game operator is just
  • stunned
  • mouth open
    • “The fish please.”
  • She wraps her arm around you and you walk away
  • You’re bouncing around with glee at your new friend

◉ Saeyoung

  • He just
  • Wants to eat all the food
  • You guys go on a ride first thing
  • But as it starts moving Saeyoung yells
    • “WE’RE ALL GUNNA DIE!!!!!”
  • You are promptly banned from the rides.
  • He’s so freaking good at carnival games?????
  • Within 15 minutes your hands are full of stuffed animals and prizes like, you can’t hold any more
    • “Saeyoung I think I have enough…”
    • “Oh? Alright then…time for food!”
  • He’s eating everything
  • OBSESSED with funnel cakes
  • You help him with half of one but you can’t keep up
  • He’s tried every topping and now he’s doubling back to eat his favorite, the one with strawberries on top
  • You have to literally stop him from eating
  • On the way home he cries because his stomach hurts and he cuddles all of your prize stuffed animals for comfort

◉ V

  • He doesn’t usually like to be in such crowded places because of his sight
  • But he made an exception for your date 
  • As long as you keep him close and help guide him, he’s fine
  • He wanted to go on a ride with you so badly
  • You chose some spinny cups
  • Bad idea
  • Poor guy
  • He didn’t throw up but you spent 5 minutes after the ride patting his back while he tried to stop his brain from spinning
    • “How about we just stick to some games, V…”
  • You sat down at the water gun game
  • Where you shoot the water at the target
  • And whoever keeps the steadiest hand wins
  • He couldn’t see but he liked to do the same stuff a normal couple would, so he took a seat next to you and you both smiled at each other
  • and
  • How the hell
    • “Congrats to our winner! Which prize would you like, sir?” the booth operator asked V
    • “Whatever this gorgeous lady next to me desires.”

◉ Saeran

  • All the sweets!
  • He’s eating so many treats the whole time
  • He’s got cotton candy and he blushes he thinks it’s so cute when you lean in and eat some as he’s holding it
  • Sometimes he’ll pull it away super fast and replaces it with his lips, kissing you
  • You’re holding hands walking around when you stop
  • You’re just staring at this cute teddy bear stuffed animal its so adorable!
  • Saeran notices you staring
    • “You want that?”
    • Mmhm…”
    • “Alright.”
  • It’s a dart game where you throw them to pop the balloons
  • The booth guy puts the darts down and starts explaining the rules
  • But
  • omg
  • Before he can even finish his sentence theres just a
  • The darts went whizzing through the air and past his head barely grazing it and he turned around to see all the balloons demolished
  • His hands are shaking as he holds out the teddy bear to Saeran
    • “Here you go babe. Let’s go to the ferris wheel next?”
  • The booth guy is sweatin as you walk away
  • You go up in the ferris wheel and it stops with you on top
    • “It’s so pretty up here!”
    • “It is,” he smiles at you. “I paid the guy to give us 5 minutes up here.”
  • He kisses you

Ok, so today I saw Amélie the musical in LA (cause I live out here) and it was very good. But we are here for the story.

So, I went with a friend and we are hard core theatre geeks and go to an arts school and everything. Anyway, we are heading into the theatre and I’m talking to her and she suddenly stops responding. After about 15 seconds she whispers “it’s Darren fucking Criss”. Of course I immediately look around and she points him out. We both freaked out because we love him and OMG STARKID AND HEDWIG AND GLEE. So he was in line for tacos and we didn’t want to bother him when he was about to eat but we couldn’t miss this chance. We went up to him and said we were fans and we’re seeing the show (he was too) and how we were so excited to see Phillipa Soo and Adam Chanler-Baret. He then called us “hardcore theatre kids” and we died cause we just got called that BY SOMEONE IN THE INDUSTRY. Ok. Then we mentioned our school and it seemed like he recognized it. We then split off (unfortunately no pictures with him but we saw him later and I took a pic of him from the back lol ^).

We then saw the show and afterwards went to the stage door to meet everyone. We met the girl who was little Amélie and she seemed kinda familiar and I found out about an hour ago that she is LILLA CRAWFORD’S sister (Annie in Annie and Little Red in the movie version of Into the Woods). We met the rest of the cast including ADAM CHANLER-BARET (Henry in Next to Normal) and PHILLIPA (Eliza from Hamilton) and got pictures with Adam but not really Phillipa cause she was in a rush but this was probably one of the best days of my life. (Pictures up top)

Class 1×2

Episode 2 everyone!!!I’m excited!!!Let’s begin!!!

1)Ram’s leg is AWESOME

2)Why did Ram looked like Captain America for a brief moment?


4)Coach sucks

5)Ohhhh shower.Glee flashbacks




9)Is the coach the bad guy?I really hope he is.I really hope he dies.I really really hope he dies.

10)It’s the coach.GUYS IT’S THE COACH


12)“The coach with the drafon tattoo” how original!


14)I feel so bad about everyone

15)COACH YOU SUCK!My son deserves better

16)Ram be kinder to Charlie

17)Ram is going through a lot right now.I feel awful

18)Yeah coach Dawson he quit on you.


20)No!Smoking is bad Ram!

21)Ram and the cleaning lady are awesome



24)Why does Ram have all these horrible ideas?I don’t want to see him getting killed

25)If by the end of this episode,I still want to become a doctor,it is probably be meant to be


27)Yes,Tanya’s right!YOU’RE A HERO BEAN!!!


29)A coach isn’t really a teacher


31)“This is getting out of control"YA THINK?!



34)Poor Ram :-(

35)I think I have started to like how sassy Miss Quill is

36)She’s awesome

37)Tanya :-( Give everyone here a hug!

38)Eye glaring between Paul and Miss Quill is hilarious

39)It’s so funny.She exploded

40)I like you too miss Quill!


42)April and folk music

43)Charlie is such a smol innocent bean

44)Oh look!It’s Coach McIdiot

45)Oh my God the line appeared


47)Anger is in Inside Out

48)Yes he is a dick



51)Of course you’re in control…wait no


53)Tanya is only 14 and she’s helping Ram so much,I mean I can’t believe how mature she is and she is pretty much doing a better job than a psychologist

54)Tanya can hack things?This is going to be Aos all over again,won’t it?


56)“No Matteusz?“I’ve been asking the same thing for the entire episode

57)Quill has suddenly become my favourite person–

58)Wait what?!





63)"I’ve got a plan"I’m scared.Ram never has a plan

64)RIP Glasses


66)"Do you want to be wrong or to be right?"This is a trick question,isn’t it?

67)"You’re not afraid”

These were my thoughts and I’m proud

68)Wait what do you mean by “I need to make it to attack you”?

69)Yes,I want to talk about miss Quill kissing a robot



72)Dragon blood sounds cool

73)Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

74)You definetly have it under control


76)Leave the dragon alone EVIL COACH



79)I can imagine a chair out of Coach in the Dragon’s lair and I love it XD

80)Ram you’re awesome!I want you to decorate my room!

81)Please don’t die.Please don’t die.Please don’t die.Please don’t die




85)We kill them if they are evil!


87)April is too precious

88)I want to know about the robot

89)Ram is having a death wish and I don’t like it

90)Tanya please slap some sense into him…or talk.I would prefer a slap but okay

91)April playing the violin is perfect

92)Wait,what’s with her dad?


94)Yes it is a physical thing!

95)Please don’t talk to your dad.He will freak out

96)He did talk to him


98)Wow he was…calm about this.I personally would have freaked out.


100)Who are the Governors?Isn’t that in the Walking Dead?

101)The next episode will probably be  inspired by my Glee Fanfic Nine,won’t it?


103)For a moment I thought it was the tentacle monster called Brendon Urie


105)What…the fuck….is going on?!

6 Months,

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- doesn’t he look precious in that gif, a true king

- but moving on,,

- ok so you guys have been dating for a while about half a year or so

- you LOVE history and animals so much

- like you could talk about it for HOURS day in day out

- but dongmin doesn’t mind because he knows how much you care about history and animals just as he does when it comes to music

- everyone has their passion and you’re just so happens to be art and animals

- you loved the smell of old books and the sounds that it made as you turned the pages

- or the sound of Dongmin humming in the background as you read a book

- so for your 6th month anniversary

- i feel like he’s the type of be “happy 1 month babe,” kinda guy but that’s cute so who cares right??

- 6 months is a LONG time so he wanted to do something extra special

- so you had been waiting for this one exhibition for AGES and when you found out the tickets had sold out

- you were GUTTED

- you nearly cried since the exhibition was a rarity

- and when i say rarity, it comes every 6 years

- but what you didn’t know was that Dongmin had brought them for your anniversary

- so when he saw that the local museum was hosting a special exhibition, one of your favourite historical eras

- he brought a pair for the both of you

- and he couldn’t wait to go with you

- the look on your face was priceless when you found out

- *audience aww in sync* how cute right??

- as you went around, your eyes were flickering to different sections, your words fast as you tried to explain what was happening to poor Dongmin who looked a little confused

- but nevertheless he held your hand, allowing you to drag him wherever you wanted

- “we’ve got somewhere else to go as well,”

- obviously you were confused because you were happy at just being at the exhibition

- “i got us tickets to the *drum roll please* AQUARIUM”

- when i tell you, you FREAKED out and JUMPED on the poor boy in GLEE

- that’s EXACTLY what you did

- bless him, he nearly fell over and he was a bit embarrassed because everyone was staring and he went a little red


- “I feel bad that I didn’t get you anything”

- “and that’s ok baby, as long as you’re by my side and you love me like i love you, that’s all i need,”

- HELLA cheese BUT you love it

- “the two of you look perfect together, you guys remind me of my wife and i when we were younger,”

- and like Dongmin’s blushing HARDER than ever like can i just protect him with my life please


- “that’s the missus, i’ll be off,”

- obviously, you guys are embarrassed but something about that felt right to hear

- although it had only been 6 months, you knew it would be a lifetime

A thing I really can’t get in Muggleborn Headcanons is why should every single one of them follow the same TV show/film.

Like, I just imagine some Muggleborn Ravenclaw girls talking about Sherlock and immediately a Muggleborn Slytherin boy shows up and looks them dead in the eyes and mutters “Supernatural, girls. Supernatural.” and just walks away like nothing happened. And one of the girls has a crush on him so she asks him to tell her about “this Supernatural thing” and the boy’s eyes shine in excitement.

Or a little first year Muggleborn Hufflepuff girl screaming when she sees a sixth year girl walking around the Common Room in sweatpants and an Avenger’s shirt and shouting “The X-Men are better!” and the other one just smirking while quoting Tony’s Stark jokes every now and then and dressing up as The Black Widow for Halloween and the two eventually becoming friends and having film marathons during summer breaks.

And I can definitely imagine two Muggleborn Gryffindor boys arguing over who is the best diva in Glee and you can hear shouts of “KURT FREAKING HUMMEL DRESSED UP AS DAMNED LADY GAGA IS THE BEST THING EVER” and “DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME RACHEL IS NOT A DIVA, SHE IS THE FREAKING DIVA-QUEEN” and then the Head Boy comes in screaming “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE, FOR MELIN’S SAKE DON’T YOU TWO BLOODY IDIOTS KNOW THAT THE ONLY REAL DIVA IS SUE SYLVESTER” and both boys just going completely silent and nodding with their heads down.

anonymous asked:

Could you please do one in which you are Blaine's twin sister and you meet and start to date Sebastian and you have to face the glee club about it and their doubts because he is still mean to them (at the end he transfers from Dalton and they are the new glee power couple and it's very fluffy and happy) --thanks

Slowly getting back into the swing of things :)

“Blaine! Have you seen my shoes!” I called through the house, shrugging my jacket over my shoulders and tucking my phone in my back pocket. 

“They’re at the door!” he responded, poking his head out his door and giving me a confused smile. “Where ya off to?”
“Just meeting a friend at the Lima Bean,” I grinned, a slight blush spreading across my cheeks. “Probably won’t be back till dinner.”
“Are you meeting a boy?” he teased, puckering his lips and making obnoxious kiss noises.
“Grow up,” I rolled my eyes, shoving his head back into his room as I passed him, laughing when he fell on the floor. He scrambled up and ran to catch up with me, slinging an arm over my shoulder as I made my way to the front door.
“I deserve to know who my younger sister is meeting and whether or not she will be making an appearance on 16 and pregnant,” he poked my side annoyingly, making me scoff.
“First of all, we are like 3 minutes apart and I’m pretty sure I’m more mature than you ever will be,” I slapped his hand away from my side, rolling my eyes when he began to pout. “Secondly, I’m 17, so I can’t technically be on that show.”
“That’s comforting,” he huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. “Look just text me every hour or so, just so I can be sure you’re alive and whoever this person is hasn’t stuffed you into their boot and driven you to a drug house to rape you.”
“You’ve been watching wayyyyy too much criminal minds,” I laughed, finally spotting my favourite pair of boots and slipping them on my feet, wiggling my toes around. “If the parents ask, I’m out with Olivia.”
“Yeh yeh whatever,” he waved me off, knowing the drill. “Stay safe, use protection.”

“Y/N! Over here!” a voice called, making me look through the crowds of people. I managed to spot Sebastian sitting in our usual seat, my drink already waiting across from him. I sprinted to where he sat, sliding into my seat and taking a long sip from my drink.
“Good lord, I’ve missed you,” I sighed, staring lovingly at my drink.
“Gee thanks, love you too,” Seb sarcastically rolled his eyes, making me giggle.
“I suppose I missed you aswell,” I teased, arching over and poking his cheek playfully.
“Good to know you missed you’re boyfriend as much as you missed your favourite drink,” he chuckled, batting my hands away gently. “So how has it been down a hell?”
“Don’t be rude,” I stuck my tongue out. “It’s only public school, pretty sure there’s no comparison better that and hell.”
“Whatever floats your boat,” he shrugged, resting his elbows on the table and balancing his chin on his knuckles. “But seriously, is the glee club treating you good?”
“Everything’s fine,” I shrugged, mimicking his position. “Blaine’s been on my ass about meeting up with you but apart from that, everything’s fine.”
“Wait,” his eyes widened, face going slack. “Blaine knows we’re dating? What the hell I thought we were suppose to keep it a secret!”
“Calm your man boobs geez,” I laughed, patting his cheek softly. “He doesn’t know anything, he just knows I meet up with someone every so often. He would never think it was you so don’t worry.”
“When are we gonna start telling people?” he raised a brow, cocking his head slightly.
“When you start being nice to the glee club,” I shot back, making him whine childishly.
“Hey, I can’t help it if they are annoying little shits,” he held his hands up in defence, yelping loudly when I kicked his shin. “Plus,” he paused, screwing up his face slightly. “Being nice sucks.”

“Alright dweebs, sit down and shut up!” Santana yelled, walking through the open door of the choir room, making me roll my eyes. “Did you just roll your eyes at me thing 2?”
“Seriously, I have a name,” I sighed in annoyance, throwing my hands up in the air. Artie gently pat my knee, nodding his head in understanding.
“I don’t care what your name is sass-quatch,” she sassed, pointing an accusing finger at me. “Because I know your dirty little secret?”
“And what might that be?” I challenged, crossing my arms over my chest and cocking my head, gesturing for her to go on.
“You’re seeing that evil little chipmunk behind our backs,” she glared, mimicking my position.
“Hold up, you and Sebastian?” Blaine’s head whipped around from where he was sat infront of me, giving me an incredulous look. “Since when!”
“First of all, that is hardly a dirty little secret. Secondly, I don’t remember being told that I had to share my entire life with this club, so technically I wasn’t keeping anything, just being private. And thirdly, Blaine, who the fuck did you think I was going out to see? Use that big brain of yours,” I flicked his forehead, chuckling softly when he began to pout.
“How do you and Sebastian even know each other?” Kurt screwed his face up at the name, making me roll my eyes.
“Blaine and I go shopping all the time. We were bound to run into the chipmunk eventually,” I flicked my hair over my shoulder. “Are we done with the questions?”
“Are you telling him our secrets?” Rachel suddenly piped up, making me roll my eyes at her accusation.
“No Berry, I’m not,” I sighed, staring at her. “We have more important things to do with our mouths that talk about our extra curricular activities.”
“TMI!” Blaine squealed, covering his eyes and leaning against Kurt.
“I don’t get it,” Brittany mumbled, Santana leaning over and whispering in her ear. “Oh my god!”
“Alright, enough about Y/N’s sex life!” Finn clapped, gaining the attention of the slightly freaked out virgins in the room.
“Wait one more thing,” Rachel interrupted her boyfriend, turning back around to face me again. “Try and get your boyfriend to stop being rude to us, because it’s getting really annoying.”
“I’m sure I can bribe him in some way or another,” I nodded, already thinking of ways to make him stop.
“Good god I can never look at you the same again,” Blaine cried, furiously shaking his head to get rid of the images in his head.

“Alright everyone, we have a new student joining us,” Mr Schue announced, making everyone turn to face the front in confusion.
“At this time of year?” I whispered to Blaine, my brother only shrugging in response.
“This is Sebastian,” Mr Schue opened the classroom door, Seb walking in and smiling slightly at everyone.
“No fucking way,” I heard Puck mutter from behind me, kicking my chair slightly. I stared up at my boyfriend that was standing in the doorway, slightly freaked out as to why he was here. With a quick glance around the room, most of the girls were either swooning, drooling or waving flirtatiously, the others being the glee members who were simply staring at Sebastian.
“Go take a seat next to Y/N Mr Smythe,” Mr Schue grinned, gesturing in my direction. Sebastian’s smile only got wider, sauntering over to where I was and sliding into the seat next to me, turning to face me.
“Hey babe,” he chucked at my expression, leaning over and pressing a kiss to my cheek.
“What the hell are you doing here?” I whispered, coming out of my state of shock. He simply shrugged, resting his cheek on his palm and grinning sheepishly at me.
“Figured that you missed me too much,” he teased. “Plus it’s not like I need a good education anyway, I’ve already got a good job waiting for me.”
“Wait, does that mean you’re joining glee?” Blaine asked from next to me, leaning over so he could talk to Sebastian.
“If you guys would have me then sure,” he shrugged.
“Great,” Puck groaned from behind me, making us all turn around in confusion. “Another fucking power couple.”

Hope you enjoyed this little one shot :) Next story up will be a Barry one :D 

[inside Blaine’s brain] did he just say? I can’t believe. The world is closing in. The sky is falling. My love has moved on without me. My love? But I’m still with Dave, I can’t possibly. Crap, I can. I do. I love him. I never stopped and I never will. He’s everything I’ve dreamt about since he came back home. Everything I’ve always dreamt about. But he caused me pain. He broke my heart without warning, without a chance for me to change his mind. I dropped out of school and he said nothing. I moved back to Ohio and he didn’t care. He was gone. It hasn’t stopped raining since that day. But he came back for me, right? Did I misinterpret that? I couldn’t let him back into my life  so easily and crush Dave. I grew up, I matured, I got over Kurt, I thought. I went through therapy! I stopped playing music without his voice to sing the lyrics. I clawed my way out of a dark hole tooth and nail all by myself and I was proud of myself. I came back to Dalton, became a teacher, found music again, felt happy. Dave helped me out of my depression, but he was still Kurt’s high school tormentor. The pain in his eyes when I broke the news. I thought I would feel triumphant but he killed me to see him on the verge of breaking down, and it took everything in me not to run back into his arms. I should have taken him back instantly, the moment he changed his mind again. I should have broken it off with Dave in the bar right then and there. Because now Kurt moved on. He forgot. He has a boyfriend now, who I hate, whoever he is. He forgot about us. He forgot about Baby It’s Cold outside. He doesn’t love me anymore. I missed my chance.  I love him and, I thought that kiss… Good God that kiss… I should have forgotten about the competition and punish him with my lips right then and there. We should have talked about what happened, but I was waiting for him to apologize but then there was the creature in the elevator… I screwed up again. I had a chance. This is the nail in the coffin… What am I going to  [end of the longest second of his life] “I’m kidding!” oh. That’s good. Good thing I didn’t freak out.

hakuouki-or-hakuoki  asked:

How would the boys react to their s/o going into labor? Who would panic and who would be pretty calm about it? Thanks in advance! I love your blog! <3

Mod S again! I don’t think I’ve done one like this, so I’ll take it on. C: It’ll be Code: Realize Guys React to Their Partner Going into Labor. I included some gifs as well. 

As always, please let us know if this needs anything! Thanks for being so nice; we love all the support we get from our followers! Stay safe and well, dear. <3 

Arséne Lupin: Lupin is mostly calm, but he’s worried enough for his partner that he has to take a couple minute to himself to take a breath. He’s excited to be a dad, but worried about his partner being hurt during labor. Lupin absolutely hides that from his partner though; he wants them to be okay. 

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Abraham Van Helsing: Van is in the freak out category. As soon as he realizes what is going on, he’s taking every planned step out and rushing to find the doctor who will deliver the baby. Van tries to get everyone involved to move quickly. He’s determined but scared. 

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Impey Barbicane: Impey’s in the freak out category, but he’s freaking out in an excited way. He’s so thrilled to finally become a father that he’s jumping up and down with glee. His partner has to reign him in to get him to remember the process of labor. He coaches his partner the entire way. 

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Victor Frankenstein: As a doctor, Victor is calm. As a future father, he’s terrified. So he’s got a calm face, but he’s shaking all over. He tries his best to hide his nervousness in front of his partner, though, as he’s not only supporting them, but helping to deliver the baby as well. 

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Saint Germain: Saint Germain is also mostly calm. He wants his child and his partner to be safe, though. So he takes some time during the process to find a quiet place to pray for the safety of his family. He does his best to hide it and stay with his partner while in labor. 

I don’t know if Fox or PR are just incredibly stupid, but during Glee if they had just shown Darren and Chris as friends, or just standing next to each other like they had many pictures of Naya and Heather and other cast members (Jenna and Kevin, Kevin and Amber, Amber and Mark etc.) nobody would be so hyped up with something going on.

However, the fact that, even before people started full on believing in CrissColfer, they had to keep things secret and private whilst showing they were still working together a lot, that there was a lot cut, that they spent hours together filming, that they wished each other happy birthdays and other special events without anything being shown to their fans, that they attended events together and were friends with the same people on Twitter. 

Like, seriously, the fact that this was all going on and nothing was seen on camera and they had to do things like put people between them or not put footage in the final Glee episode (locker photos anyone) didn’t mean that we’d think nothing was happening, it made it see like you were lying to us and covering it up.

They claim that they did it because of the CrissColfer believers, but fact is that they started it a long time before that. When Darren said, “I knew we could never be seen in public again,” WTF did that mean, tons of on-screen couples not in off-screen relationships are seen together and that is more natural. 

You wanted to show that Chris and Darren had a friendly relationship which they both claim to have, show them together because either there is something going on, or Fox and/or PR are freaking nuts and complete idiots.

I don't want to leave.

You were staying at a hotel with you best friend Sebastian. You had sort of developed feelings for him, but you never told anyone. Mostly because everybody hated him. It was the week of regionals so you decided to go into his hotel room and watch him practice.

Sebastian had given you a spare keycard. You carefully slid open the door only to find him passed out on the bed. He was exhausted. Some how he ended up watching cheers. It just so happened to be your favorite tv show. you decided it wouldn’t be weird if you climbed in on the other side of the bed and watched tv whilst listening to Sebastian’s soft breathing. 30 minutes passed by and you had eventually drifted off to sleep. about 4 hours later you woke up. You were carefully wrapped up in a blanket and Sebastian’s blazer. “Hey, beautiful.” You heard a voice say. “Uh… Hi.” You said groggily, sitting up. “Did you get enough sleep?” You asked Sebastian. “Me? Yeah. What about you?” “Yeah.” You simply stated. “One question Sebastian?” “What is it y/n?” “Why am I wrapped up in your blazer?” “You were shaking in your sleep so I figured you were cold and I wrapped it around you but you wouldn’t stop.” He explained handing you a cup of coffee and climbing back into the bed. “So did I stop at all?” You asked curiously. “Not until I went like this.” Sebastian said pulling you closer to him your head on his heart. You started to fall asleep again when you heard a huge bang at the door. “Hey Sebastian open up!” It was Kurt. oh shit You thought. You jumped out of the bed and hid in the closet. Sebastian opened the door carefully. “Hey, glee club freaks how’s it going?!” Sebastian slyly said. “Sebastian, we are looking for y/n.” “I don’t know where she’s at.” “You know she deserves more than you, you’re so low my dead grandmother is more above ground than you.” “Whatever.” Sebastian replied closing the door in Kurts face. “You know you’re gonna have to leave right?” Sebastian said placing a kiss on your neck. “Yeah… But…” “No buts.” “ I don’t want to leave. If I leave you know damn well what’ll happen. I’ll be dead. can’t I just stay here tonight?!” “Fine.” Let’s just say you and Sebastian spent that whole night cuddling and watching movies. ************************************ A/N: sorry this is so terrible, but your blog means a lot to me so here ya go love❣ xx ~Kaitlyn 💕 @imaginesxyou (I forgot the other account you had sorry 😁😁)

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200 days Glee hiatus challenge->Day 10: Favourite Glee related memory.

Every Klaine/Crisscolfer riot!

It was funny as hell to freak out together about them!

I miss these moments with all of my heart!

@miladyaryastark asked: gendry and arya reunion headcanons? :) 

Y’all probably wanted serious, heartfelt headcanons, so I’m sorry for…*gestures to headcanons* this….

  • I feel like their reunion would be a mixture of “I can’t believe you were gone for so long” and also “I really freaking missed you.”
    • Like? I think Gendry will be more affectionate and smiley while Arya is clearly emotional about it, but she’s still mad because he’s the one who chose to stay instead of going with her. 
    • That being said, after she yells at him, she still gives him a huge hug and admits that she missed him as well. 
  • She’s still rather young, but as she gets older and more mature, she and Gendry start acting a little bit different. They’re still super teasy with each other, but it’s a little bit flirty now. 
    • Listen. That wrestling scene in the books? Yeah, that’s happening in any canon I don’t even care, this is totally happening with older them and it’s great
    • Gendry will make little flirty comments with her about how he’d only ever want to be with a lady and Arya will start stammering and Gendry will laugh only to get a bitter “shut up” in response. 
    • On the real though Gendry doesn’t think he’s good enough for Arya as she’s a “lady”, but Arya more or less tells him that it doesn’t matter - she doesn’t care about his status, Bran is ruling Winterfell, Jon is dealing with his Targaryen heritage, and Sansa has already rejected roles by staying at Winterfell and helping Bran. Literally no one is going to stop her from being with who she wants, which Arya points out to Gendry with glee. 
  • He gets introduced to Sansa and Jon and honestly? Jon and Gendry are so freaking awkward around each other lmfao. 
    • Their conversations are just them trying to make small talk, 10 seconds of silence, and them just walking away from one another.
    • Sansa and him have decent conversations though. 
  • Arya asks Gendry to row her somewhere. Gendry responds by burning the boat that he rowed in with. 
    • “Well that wasn’t what I expected. I wanted to go rowing-” “No. More. Rowing.” 
  • My ideal reunion scene tbh: 
    • “Arya, I’ve been rowing for almost three years, and I couldn’t stop thinking of y-WHY DID YOU KICK ME?” “THAT’S FOR GOING OFF WITH THE RED WOMAN, ASSHOLE.”