they are freaking CUTE


something cute today tho was sitting paying cards against humanity w/some people and this new guy sits down and the guy on the other end of the table goes “hey…YOU’RE CUTE” and new guy is like “what. what.” and the other one just turns away like nothing ever happened?? omg


Okayyyyy this episode is KILLIN ME WITH THE STYDIA TENSION!!!!! Wtf how can I cope?!? When they get together I think I might just break down, cry and then jump around laughing and crying and everything oh my finally you realised Lydia! Stiles saved you!! You didn’t know him and that’s why you didn’t like him but now you know him and you like him more than a friend because he’s cute and you never knew it and he’s sarcastic and adorable and you two are gonna make adorable Stydia babies go be adorable forever goodbye!

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(for the artist) I saw u sinning in the host of drawpile.... I SAW U LIL ONE ♥ AND IT'S WAS FREAKING CUTE ♥♥


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What if it's Aaron being a mess and he's drunk and tries to kiss Robert and Robert pushes him back gently and Aaron's all "I thought you wanted this?" And Robert tells him he wants it more than anything but he wants Aaron sober and ready and Aaron just nods and then they have a heart to heart and they cuddle and it's really sweet and romantic and we all DIE?! HUH?! WHAT ABOUT THAT?! Ahem....I hope you're okay 😘 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Awww how seriously freaking cute would it be if Aaron was a drunk mess and Robert was trying to look after him (remember when Robert was drunk and Aaron looked after him ;D) and suddenly Aaron his clumsily falling over, nearly falling off the couch, and Robert catches him but their faces are oh so close all of a sudden, and their eyes just lock and Robert knows he should look away but then before he can do anything Aaron’s lips are on his. Robert’s heart just flutters and his stomach does a somersault and for just a brief moment his eyes drop closed and he lets himself relish the whisper of a touch but then he pulls himself together bc he knows Aaron is drunk and he doesn’t want to take advantage of him. So Robert pulls back and Aaron is all confused and slightly hurt.

But then they talk and have a real heart to heart where a few tears are shed and Robert brush a stray tear away from Aaron’s face and Aaron looks up at him with slightly unfocused, red-rimmed tearful blue eyes and says “How can you possibly love someone as broken as me?” and Robert’s chest just tightens bc of how lost Aaron sounds and he just pulls him into his arms and whispers against his dark gel free hair “You’re not broken. You’re strong and brave. And I love you all the more for it.” And then Robert just press a kiss to Aaron’s head and Aaron curls up in Robert’s arms!!

I’m okay hun just really excited! I feel like a complete idiot LOL…hope you’re okay my love?? <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Daisuga baby freaking out if one of them leaves the nursery too early after putting them down to sleep so one of them has to rush back in. On some nights the little one can't even fall asleep without them near so Suga just takes the baby from Daichi. Who was doing his best to wipe it's tears, and brings them both back in to their bedroom, saying that it wouldn't hurt to sleep together for the night.

Daichi hasn’t had to tiptoe around his own house in a while. He also hasn’t been awake this early in the morning in a long time, but…

Well, things change when kids are in the picture.

He slips back into bed. Suga looks like he’s dead to the world, the sheets tucked up to his ear, eyes firmly closed, and he doesn’t even budge when Daichi curls one arm around his waist. He’s happily on his own way back to sleep, when the baby monitor crackles, and little cries come to life.

Suga groans. Daichi doesn’t even have the energy to. He gets out of bed again, back into the nursery, and scoops his daughter out of her crib.

He arranges her against his chest, rocking the both of them slowly, as he paces around the nursery. She’s having trouble settling down this time, as her little wails don’t calm. Even the music box she usually likes to listen to isn’t doing it for her tonight.

“Someone’s acting like a baby,” Suga says, as he comes up behind Daichi. He only has one eye open, and his hair’s a wreck, but he takes the baby from Daichi anyway.

“She’s having troubles tonight,” Daichi says, too tired to protest.

“Oh, it’s a hard life when all you want to do is hang out with your cool parents 24/7, but your dad won’t even let you. Isn’t that right, honey?”

She only wails. Suga smiles down at her, blissfully unaffected, and takes her out of the nursery.

“She’ll be alright sleeping with us tonight, won’t she, Daichi?” he asks. Daichi only nods, already dozing off while standing up. The baby quiets right down, when Suga eases himself into bed, and settles her in next to him. Daichi falls asleep before he even knows it.

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