they are freaking CUTE

  • Me:I'll just wait for their cute selfie from SMTOWN in Osaka--
  • Chanyeol:Posts a vid about making a strawberry shake (Baek's fave fruit)
  • Baekhyun:Dyes his hair grey just like Yeol's
  • Baekhyun:Goes with Yeol at the grocery
  • Baekhyun:Becomes a camera man for Yeol
  • Baekhyun:Goes with Yeol at a school to serve sandwiches and "lecture" the students
  • Chanyeol:Posts a vid about his awesome billiard skills
  • Chanyeol:Posts a one-man bad vid performing CMB's Intro
  • Chanyeol:Posts a video about him and Baek with a helmet disguise and make the middle school girls have no chill
  • Me:
  • Everyone:
  • Me:O-kay... No selfie then...

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Remember that moment when it was so quiet that Harry yelled Louis name over the stage and Louis responded with Oi oi? Before Louis even says anything back Niall mouths oi oi, as if HL usually does this or that it is Louis normal respons. So freaking cute, can't stop smiling when I see that clip.

It’s ONE OF MY FAVORITES. It’s actually one of the very first things I saw on Youtube when I fell down this god forsaken rabbit hole. I love it much. :)

Ahhhhhhh this is so awful im so embarrassed but it’s like 2:30am and I was holding a flash light up trying to draw, and I didn’t even have my pencil crayons w me so I used nail polish for the hair lmao :/ but your hair is super cool so I decided to go for an alien theme I guess?? Anyways, I’m sorry that this is super lame ahaha but yea!!!
(Also I love ur necklace wtf)

Niggas wonder why I don’t fuck them

8/10 times this is how my dating life goes …
Them: you are perfect you are so smart funny you kinda cute and you a freak but I can’t be with someone who has an special child

And special was the nicest word I’ve been given I typically retarded or retard

So me and him gonna rock forever
Taking cruises to Jamaica and exploring the world just me and my baby man

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Steph/Tony hc: Tony loves talking about how great Steph is during interviews. (He has Steph's okay as long as there are no bedroom details). One of his favorite stories to tell is the time he literally held her flower while she took care of a very unlucky mugger. Steph finds his enthusiasm ridiculous and endearing.

Also! Steph can literally sweep Tony off his feet, and does so frequently. They both find this to be quite the turn on.

This is so freaking cute how dare you???

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Remi I swear, you're freaking cute and sweet




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*Dot facedesks* Why am I the lonely one here?! *she sighed* Well I'm out of ideas... You're freaking cute, your tentacles look awesome, and yet I get denied?! Ugh... It's hard for a hybrid these days... *she pouts* (Rp starter)

Hey it’s not that your a hybrid.Its that rosemary got to me before you.If there is any thing I can do to help just name it….THAT DOSEN’T INVOLVE ME BREAKING UP WITH HER!

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They look so freaking cute together!😍😍😍 Damn they spend a lot of time together! I wonder if they ever get sick of each other?!?😂 I mean I love my best friend but if I was always with her like Ash and Ali are always together I would get so tired of her haha!😂

Dude, I can’t even hang out with my family for that many days that they’ve been hanging out together. They must be really close gal pals.

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you should cosplay Cat Noir! you would look amazing and freaking cute

He’s definitely on the dream list and he would be a good project, but I just wish my hips weren’t so wide–it would make life a lot easier. ;u;9

I’m probably going to do some studying on how to make body suits…I know they use them in movies to change an actor’s body shape sometimes!