they are for sure bedroom eyes

William Nylander - Part 14

37953 words later, this story comes to a close as well! Thank you to everyone again for being so lovely and supportive and willing to read my garbage! And for everyone who didn’t get annoyed at my very irregular posting schedule… that’s my bad. I have another story I’m working on now, but I’m not sure when I will start posting it but it’s heavily influenced by the fanfic someone wrote to me that I reblogged earlier so if you want a sneak peek, then there it is! 

After nearly five hours of sitting and laughing with Nathan and his boyfriend, whose name I learned was Elliot, I collapse on my bed. Getting to shut my eyes for a mere five minutes before I hear my apartment door open and close. I keep my eyes shut even when I hear him enter my bedroom.

               Maybe if I play dead he’ll kiss me.

               The bed shifts slightly as his weight presses down beside me and I can feel the tickle of his hand as it brushes up my belly, between my breasts and to my neck. Still I keep my eyes closed but heat blooms in my cheeks.

               “I know you’re not sleeping,” Will whispers, his lips grazing my jaw.

               I exaggerate my breathing and he chuckles.

               “Well I’ll be, you are sleeping,” he teases, pressing kisses along my face leaving a blazing trail on my skin. “And you ask me why I call you sleeping beauty every morning,” he whispers again, his lips just barely touching mine.

               I pouted my lips out and his laugh licks my soul.

               “It’s rude to keep a princess waiting,” I whine, my eyes still sealed shut.

               “Heaven forbid I get on the wrong side of a princess,” Will whispers and finally my body sings as he presses a sweet kiss to my lips.

               I flutter my eyes open, surprised at how dark my room is and there he is, grinning at me like a little kid.

               “There’s those eyes,” he says and kisses me again, a little longer and harder this time.

               My body reacts automatically, my hands traveling up his arm to his neck, marveling at the feel of him and I curl into him just slightly. Will breaks my moment of fun by leaning back and quirking an eyebrow at me.

               “Oh no, you aren’t getting out of it that easy,” he admonishes and props himself up on an elbow while rolling to his side.

               “But you said earlier…” I pout and he bites a lip to keep from laughing.

               “We have all night, but believe me when I say that I will stay true to my word,” he says and the way his blue eyes darken into smoldering embers makes my entire body tingle.

               “Then ask what you want so we can get this out of the way,” I sigh and flop my head back down on my mattress in defeat.

               Will is quiet for a moment, trying to figure out how to word his question.

               “So… is Nathan… uh,” he stutters.

               “Gay? Yes, Nathan is gay,” I finish his question and answer it for him.

               Will nods, playing with the sleeve of my shirt. “And you’re the only one who knows?”

               I nod as well. “For now, we talked a long time and it’s obviously only his decision on when and if,” I watch Will’s fingers pull at the loose thread, “but he was very happy when I was talking to him. I think him having Elliot helps. But it will take sometime for him and Jake I think, because there really isn’t a way he can beat around the bush about how he felt, and possibly still feels for him.”

               I roll onto my side, inches between my chest and Will’s and sigh into his shoulder.

               “But he’s the Nathan he wants to be, and that’s the most important part.” I finish and breathe in Will’s comforting aroma.

               “He’s lucky to have a friend like you,” Will says after a few moments, a kiss brushing against the top of my head.

               “Maybe. I’m just happy I have him back. I missed him and he missed me,” I say, leaning my head back to rid myself of the itch from one of Will’s buttons on his shirt.

               “What’s not to miss?” He asks, grinning down at me.

               “Funny you say that when you wouldn’t let me-“

               I’m cut off by the sudden assault of Will’s lips against mine.

               “I don’t wanna hear it,” he murmurs and rolls so I’m hovering above him.

               I cover his mouth with my hand when he tries to talk again.

               “Nope, you said I’d be seeing a lot more of you tonight, not talking a lot more,” I shake my head at him and sit back on his legs to toss my shirt to floor.

               His grin is wicked as he sits up suddenly causing me to fall back onto my back, and it’s still in place when he lays down a top of me.

               “Whatever you say, dear,” he whispers, calling goosebumps to erupt on my skin.


               Five months later

               “You two ready?” A voice calls from downstairs of my parent’s house.

               “Rian, the mirror won’t compliment you no matter how long you stare into it,” I say snidely to my little sister.

               She throws me a withering glare over in the reflection and I snicker.

               “Nice shirt,” she then says and takes me off guard.

               I glance down at the low cut body suit and can’t help but smile.

               “What did you say to the boy this time to possibly affect his game playing abilities?”

               “Nothing that this shirt won’t fix,” I say, a red flush creeping up my cheeks and it’s Rian’s turn to snicker.

               “Girls! Come on!”

               Rian and I scurry down the stairs to our waiting entourage; Jake is deep in conversation with Elliot and Nathan is scowling up at his.

               “Y/N, I’m pretty sure this isn’t something that you can miss now,” he snaps at me and I press my lips together.

               The wives and girlfriends are to be in attendance for tonight’s home opener, a small ceremony taking place before the game in remembrance of one of the Leaf’s all-time greats who passed away during the offseason.

               “I know, I know,” I huff, terrified at the very idea of being on the ice in front of everyone, but it’s for a very good reason which I have to keep telling myself. I take comfort in the fact that many of the other girls have also never had to do anything remotely similar to tonight.

               I grab my slip on top from the back of a couch, I only want to boost Will’s ego, not the entire arenas. I have to run out the door to catch the other’s as they pile into two vehicles, slipping between Nathan and Elliot in the front seat of his sports car that has no backseat.

               Nathan’s arm is warm around my shoulders as we pull into the steady traffic leading to the arena.

               “Lot of things are different from the last time we all did this,” Nathan says, squeezing my shoulder gently.

               “Lots of things,” I agree in a murmur, my eyes instantly going down to the glittering ring on my finger. Not an engagement ring, a promise ring that I had given up trying to refuse after I discovered the receipt on the floor.

               Nathan also looks down at the ring on my finger and then the ring on his own, his not being a promise ring. I bring my hand over his, comparing our fingers side by side, my diamond and his band shimmering in the setting sun. We both grin at each other in giddiness.

               “Still sure I’m best man material?” I ask him, raising an eyebrow and he laughs.

               “As long as you don’t wear that shirt, I think you’re perfect best man material,” he answers and I reflexively try and pull my shirt up, which doesn’t really work with a bodysuit.

               “Oh, you shut up,” I scoff much to his amusement.


               After the pregame ceremonies and digging myself back up from the basement hallways of the arena, I sit down between Rian and Jake at our glass level seats. It hadn’t been my first choice but Elliot had insisted that since it was his first NHL game, he had to get the full effect. Shoving the slip on back into my purse, I glance up just in time to see a puck flying at my face.

               Not flinching, I glare at my boyfriend who is smirking at me from across the ice.

               “Very funny,” I mouth to him and I’m rewarded with another puck pinging off the glass before me.

               “Oh, he’s gonna get some tonight,” Rian snickers beside me and I drop my jaw. “Oh no! I meant you’re going to yell at him… but that probably works too.”

               Trying to destroy the words even as they enter my eyes, I shake my head knowing they will haunt me for the rest of my life.

               “Remind me why I sat with you instead of the others tonight?” I snap at her and instead Jake wraps his arms around me and snuggles me into a hug.

               “Because you love us so damn much,” he says in a high pitched voice, muffled by my shoulder.

               Before I can open my mouth to retort more hands circle around me until I’m being smothering by four people and batting them all away.

               “Why are you so embarrassing?” I huff at all of them, adjusting my shirt and pulling my hair back to where it’s supposed to be.

               “Because now we can embarrass you the entire game in front of your boyfriend and all his friends. It’s great for us,” Rian says through a mouthful of popcorn.

               I shake my head and lean back in my seat as the puck drops at center ice for the beginning of a brand new hockey season.

               “I don’t even blame you for that,” I say and Rian glances at me.

               “Well then who do you blame?” She asks me.

               I nod towards my favorite number flashing past, the puck on his stick.

               “The idiot who hit me with a puck.”


BTS member reaction to y/n having a terrible nightmare and screaming while she’s sleeping.


He came back from practice. It was around 3AM, he was about to walk into the shower until he heard a scream. He froze. It was your scream. He whispered, “Jagi?” and ran towards the shared bedroom you two had. You were tugging on your blanket and pulling it. Screaming. HE SCREAMED AS WELL. All he saw was the pain on your face. He sighed of relief since there wasn’t a burglar. His fear was that he had to fight someone. But sat down and gently held your hand. You calmed down and the screaming stopped. After he was sure you were okay, He nudged you awake. “Jagi, Jagi, can you wake up?” He did this a couple of more times. You slowly opened your eyes to see your boyfriend. “Jin? You’re home. It’s late, go shower” He incredulously looked at you. “Jagi, I would, but I heard you screaming in your sleep! I thought there was an intruder in here!!! What happened?” You gave him a soft smile and frowned. “Oppa….I was being chased and egged by so many antis and this girl stabbed me in the thigh with a pencil. OUT OF ALL THINGS, A PENCIL. IT HURT SO MUCH” He looked at you. He couldn’t imagine anyone hurting you. You were too gentle for that. “They got mad at me for dating you. I’m sorry for holding you back.” He pulled you in for a hug. “Jagi, don’t ever say that about yourself. You’ve pushed me farther in my career without even knowing it. I love you so much. I’m sorry you had such a scary dream” You kissed him on the cheek and once he came back from his shower, you two cuddled until you fell back to sleep.


Yoongi was working on his music in the living room. He was outside blasting his music to hear his production, you were already in bed. He knew you had to wake up early for work tomorrow so he stayed outside to work. Otherwise, he would’ve blasted it inside and kept you up with him. He stopped his production for a second and went to go get water. All of a sudden he heard a bloodcurdling shriek. He dropped the glass and ran into the room. “Y/N?!” He searched for you. You were on the bed? He went over to your side. “Y/N WAKE UP” You gasped and you opened your eyes.  “Yoongi? What are you doing here?” He stared at you. You were okay. “You nearly killed me. You screamed” You looked at him confused. You remembered. Your dream. You locked eyes with him. “Yoongi, I had a nightmare.” His gaze softened. “I was pushed off of one of your stages and you ran and you almost had my hand, but I kept dropping. The drop didn’t stop.” He held your hands and pulled your head to his chest. “I’ll stay here until you fall asleep.” Until you knew it, it wasn’t even five minutes in and you were back in dreamland.


Hoseok slid into bed with you ready to go to bed and he was about to close his eyes until you let out a scream. He shot right back up and screamed as well. He searched around the room to see if there was anyone there. He turned to see your face. You sat up gasping. “Jagi, are you okay?” You shook your head. “I saw him again.” He knew exactly who you were talking about. Your ex-boyfriend. “He tried to hurt you. I  couldn’t do anything. I felt like I was paralyzed. I couldn’t even move my hand. All I could do was yell your name and I heard a gunshot and I woke up. I thought A part of me died.” His eyes were teary. He felt so sad. He knew you felt helpless in your nightmare. “Jagi, I’m right here.” He pulled you in and you both laid in the dark with him rubbing circles into your back and stayed  like that until you were both snoring.


You had bid Namjoon goodnight an hour ago after a short argument. He was still angry by the whole situation. He knew you were only being a good girlfriend by telling him sleep early, but it just escalated into yelling and you all of a sudden stopped and said goodnight. You left into the bedroom. He couldn’t think. He quickly put on his shoes to go for a walk. He opened the front door until he heard you scream. He ran into the room. “Y/N? Are you okay?” You kept screaming. He sat you up. He shook you awake. “Y/N!” You opened your eyes. You grabbed onto Namjoon’s shirt. You put your face into it. You were sobbing. “You’re okay.” He looked at you. His heart beating faster. You were so vulnerable. “Y/N-ah, I’m here.” He rubbed your back. “Namjoon, don’t leave me. Please.” All those feelings that lingered from the argument disappeared. He held your shaking body. He heard you say “I love you” before you fell back asleep. He smiled.


Jimin was practicing his choreo until He got a call from a neighbor that heard you scream. It was already midnight. He rushed home. He heard your screaming. He busted into the room. “Jagi?? Are you okay?” He saw you on the bed clutching your blanket and holding it to your ears as if you’ve heard something horrible. He woke you up. “JAGI ARE YOU OKAY?” You were confused. You didn’t know what was happening. All you remember was fangirls chasing you and you felt stuff pelt your body. You were terrified by the anger and the bitterness that left their mouths. “You aren’t good enough for Park Jimin. Why you? He shouldn’t have picked you!” You heard their comments. You were being reminded of how scary fangirls can be. You asked Jimin, “Jiminie, am I hindering you from your work?” He chuckled. “No, of course not. You’re my world. And BTS is too.” You sighed. “I know you had a nightmare. But try to go back to sleep. I’ll be right back after I wash up.” You waited until he came back and he sang you to sleep.


He came through the door, “Jagi, you awake?” He saw your sleeping body on the couch. You were obviously waiting for him to come home after practice. He put his dirty clothes away and stepped into the shower until he heard you scream. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, LET ME GO!” He dashed out the shower with only his boxers on expecting someone to be holding you hostage. He looked around confused. You screamed again. This it was just a shriek. He was frightened by you. He came closer. “Jagi?” He pushed you awake. You opened your eyes and tears were falling down. “TAE!” You wrapped your arms around his neck. “You’re okay” He was more confused now. “What happened?” You told him about your nightmare. You were tied to a chair and you watched your boyfriend be beat up by your ex and you were upset that he got hurt because of you. He gave you soft kisses on your forehead and reminded you that he’s okay and led you to the bedroom to sleep.


Jungkook walked out of the bedroom to get his phone. You fell asleep after talking to him about your day. You didn’t have a great one. He was checking his phone until he heard you scream. He rushed back in and saw you about to roll off the bed. He caught you right before your body even hit the ground. You were fidgeting in his arms and you were punching the air. “Y/N?” He woke you up. “What happened?” You were angry? You looked angry. “Jungkook! This guy was trying to hurt you and he threw a chair at me! And I tried to fight him and wait, why are you carrying me?” He smirked at this. “You nearly rolled off the bed to your death, love.” You looked at the bed. You almost died. That nightmare felt real. The way he was holding the bat and swinging it at you and Jungkook. Not to mention that the chair had hit you. You felt your legs in pain. “I think that nightmare felt a bit too real…” Jungkook let you down gently. “Jagi, I’ll sing you to sleep.” And he did.

Was it just my imagination or...

… this moment between them…  


Just look at Victor’s pervy eyes in the image above. Sure, he says ‘I want to kiss the gold medal’ but then he looks at Yuri with those fucking bedroom eyes in such a fucking playful manner and the whole scene is literally screaming “I want to kiss the hell out of you but now is really not the time. People are watching us.” 

And Yuri totally notices that which he why his eyes suddenly go wider and then he starts laughing. 

I’m aware some people are disappointed that they didn’t kiss here but Victor totally eye-fucked Yuri in this scene and to me this was hotter than any kiss. 


idk if someone’s written on this thing before but im p sure someone has bc GODDAMN WHO WOULDNT

I just?? I love the context of the necktie-pull. I love that it’s because Viktor’s attention was caught by the audience and Yuuri wanted to remind him that “hey, you’re here to watch me, remember?” When he says that the performance has begun (and oh boy, look at those bedroom eyes lmfao), it adds emphasis to the fact that for every performance, ever since the first time he skated for Viktor, Yuuri wants Viktor’s eyes to be on him and only him.

ep 3:

[additional thing: someone made translation notes on this, saying that the actual translation is closer to “Please keep your eyes on me and only me.”]

ep 6: 


I love the consistency of it? I love how it evolved- from a hug to clasped hands + forehead-to-forehead contact, to necktie-pulling….god only knows what we’re getting next. Yuuri went from half-shy, still somewhat embarrassed “Watch me, okay?” to 98% confident & sure “Hey, keep your eyes on me, Viktor.” It’s not just an evolution of their relationship- it’s an evolution of Yuuri himself, as he’s getting more and more comfortable in his skin, enough to be able to tell Viktor that hey, you’re my coach and you’re here for me.

i’m just. so damn proud of my boys. SO DAMN PROUD.


It’s Dralentine’s posting day! This was my gift for the wonderful, INSANELY TALENTED and kind and all around incredible human being, @julietsemophase. I actually could not believe that my gift went to you, like holy shit I screamed. I am so elated to have had you as a giftee! Thank you for bringing such wonderful Drarry literature to our eyes and so many smiles to our faces. <3<3<3<3<3

The Bulletin Board

In Draco’s opinion, the best part of the small flat in which he and Harry lived was the bulletin board next to their front door. Harry had insisted on hanging it up when they moved in, saying Hermione had one in her bedroom when they were younger and it helped to keep life from getting too messy. Draco wasn’t sure what he’d meant by that (Harry was the messiest person he’d ever met), and although he found it tacky and strange (as he found most muggle inventions), Harry put it up on the wall.

Draco wasn’t sure what it was for, exactly, but for some odd reason it seemed to make Harry happy, so he never took it down. For the first couple of weeks, there was a singular picture of Ron and Hermione with a cactus sticker Draco’d won in a claw machine at the pizza parlor for Teddy’s birthday. He finally began to catch on after a bit and the board became the place on which they hung and stuck the things with which their most positive memories were tied.

Pinned in the middle was a photostrip taken in a booth at Hermione and Ron’s wedding with a muggle camera. Draco wasn’t sure how it worked and was still confused to this day as to why the picture wouldn’t move. He didn’t like the way his face was frozen in that stubborn frown before Harry shut him up with the next flash. That night was full of drunken dancing and karaoke, and at one point, Draco had an epic duet with Ron  to a muggle song neither of them knew the words to.

Harry had a knack for finding some of the most humiliating pieces of Draco’s past and pinning them permanently to the board with magic when he wasn’t looking. He’d dug through Draco’s old trunk and found the Pro’s and Con’s list Draco had made regarding his feelings for Harry sometime during fifth or sixth year. He’d also somehow kept the drawing Draco had folded into a paper crane and blown to him like a kiss during their third year in school (the ridicule for that one never truly seemed to end) along with his very own “Potter Stinks” badge he’d acquired during fourth year. They were all big hits during dinner parties with their old schoolmates.

When they first started dating, Harry had insisted on taking Draco to the reptile house to check up on the snakes because he hadn’t been since he was a kid. Draco turned his head for what seemed like five seconds and when he looked back at Harry, he’d gotten a python out of its enclosure and started a . According to Harry, it hadn’t been the first time he’d done it (Draco still had questions about that), and Draco snapped a picture of Harry and the friendly python, deeply entrenched in what seemed to be a simply enthralling conversation, with his disposable camera. The flash had startled the snake and he ended up escaping. The picture was up on the board the day they came back from the developer.

The board next to their door was a shrine of the best things: Pride buttons, a necklace Teddy had given Draco for Christmas, notes left around the house, all little tidbits of the their tangled timeline. Each addition was a new milestone; a reminder that they didn’t need to leave every part of their past behind them, because not every part of their past was full of negativity or hatred, and their future didn’t have to be, either.

How people treat sexual orientation, as explained with furniture.

Heterosexuality is a couch. Nobody even bats an eye if you keep it in the living room for everyone to see–it’s simply expected. I mean, where the hell else would you keep it? Hidden in a bedroom? No, that would be weird.

Homosexuality is a bed. Having a bed in a public room is considered weird and gross–you’re expected to keep it in private bedroom you close the door to before anyone else comes over. Because even though there are a million and one things someone can do sitting on a bed that aren’t sexual (and plenty of ways to have sex on a couch), the first and foremost thing anyone associates beds with is sex.

Bisexuality is a Western-style futon. Sometimes it functions like a couch, sometimes it functions like a bed, but whichever position it’s in at the moment, it’s still a goddamn futon. People who want to use it as a couch give you shit for not having a real couch; people who want to use it as a bed give you shit for not having a real bed. It’s acceptable in your living room, but only if you make extra certain to put it in couch position and hide the sheets before company comes over. Otherwise, you’d better hide it in a guest room.

Asexuality is a table. No matter how many times you tell people it’s not meant to be sat on, dickheads with no manners will try to park their nasty asses on it anyway.

Living with Sherlock Would Involve
  • Looking after him, or rather, making sure he looks after himself.
  • Being his contact with John, because John still wants Sherlock to be okay, even if he doesn’t want to talk to him.
  • Being woken up by Sherlock searching through your clothes, throwing everything on top of you on the bed until he finds a silk scarf, which he takes out with him into the kitchen, slamming your bedroom door behind him.
  • “Oh did I wake you up? My apologies.”
  • Mycroft keeping an eye on you. You get annoyed at him for this until one day he sees you walking home in the pouring rain and picks you up. You say he can come in for tea but he declines and quickly leaves.
  • Sherlock playing the violin very loudly when he wants you to wake up. “Oh good you’re up, read this.” 
  • Locking your bedroom door so Sherlock can’t get in. He quickly picks it so you install several different locks and puzzles to stop him from getting in. It turns into a little bit of a game so you don’t really mind when Sherlock shows up lying at the end of your bed one morning after spending the whole night trying to unlock your door. “I did it.” He says groggily.
  • Playing cards late at night. Sherlock insists on staying awake to wait for news so you stay up with him. Cards is the only way for him to keep you awake and focused (since you’re so competitive) so Sherlock is happy to play card games with you.
  • You invent games, puzzles and tricks to entertain Sherlock because a confused Sherlock is entertainment to you. Sometimes he pretends he knows the answer but won’t tell you (even though he doesn’t know). 
  • Screaming at him when you’ve had enough, when you’re fed up of his attitude because you care about him and he usually acts indifferent. This ensues. 
  • On the days when it’s too much for you and you’re crying and screaming at him to go away, Sherlock stays and tries to comfort you. Even though you appreciate the effort, Mrs Hudson’s tea and biscuits are much more helpful.
  • Sherlock telling you he actually does like having you around, even though you can be “a smug pain” sometimes.
  • “Ditto.”


Being Neighbours with John and Sherlock Would Involve is similar and here

Little Black Box
@alexfierrno @pjosecretsanta2016

In all of the eight years that Will had been dating Nico, he had never been so nervous to ask Nico a simple question.

What if he says no?

Will walked back and forth through the room, glancing every so often at the small black box on his desk. A voice broke through his thoughts.

“Dinner’s at seven, right?”

Will jumped a little, and quickly hid the box in his coat pocket.

“Yeah. It’s six thirty now, so hurry up.”

“Hurry up? You’re the one who’s been sitting in the bedroom for almost half an hour! What are you doing in there, anyway?”

Will quickly opened the door and walked into the kitchen. He hoped that his nervousness didn’t show through in his voice.

“Uh-nothing. Just… getting ready.”

He could tell that Nico was rolling his eyes.


Will heard the clink of the shower turning on, and sighed in relief. He sat down at the table, and pulled out his phone.

(A/N ~ is texting)

~Percy: Hey man, excited for tonight ;) You guys gonna be there?

~Will: Yeah… don’t spoil the surprise just yet. I’m worried though.

~Percy: Worried? If Nico didn’t love you, you two wouldn’t have been together for six years.

~Will: Eight.

~Percy: Right. Anyway, I’m positive he’ll say yes.

~Will: I hope.

~Percy: Gotta go, Annabeth wants something. :(

~Will: Seeya

    “What are you doing?”

Will jumped, and dropped his phone. Nico leaned in next to him.

“Nothing. Just texting Percy.”

Nico looked up at Will, raising his eyebrows.

“Are you alright? You seem kind of… tense.”

Will looked at Nico, losing himself in those dark brown eyes. He closed his eyes for a second, contemplating telling Nico right now. No. Wait for tonight.

“I’m fine. We should probably go, Annabeth and Percy will be waiting.”

Nico kissed Will on the cheek.

“'Course. I’ll go start the car. I call driving!”

Nico ran off through the dining room, grabbing the car keys on the way. Will got up, grabbed his coat from the hanger, and walked out to the garage.

Nico was sitting in the driver’s seat, as usual, even though Will was a much better driver. He leaned over in the car and pushed open the door.

“Your ride, sir.”

Nico grinned. Will loved it when Nico smiled. He seemed so much more… like himself. Will swung himself into the passenger seat.


Will rolled his eyes.

“You know where we’re going.”

Nico pulled out of the driveway.

“Yeah. Percy and Annabeth are going to be there, right?”


The car went silent. Will sat quietly, spinning his fingers together. Nico glanced at him.

“What’s wrong? You seem… nervous.”

He took a deep breath, and tried to calm down.

“Nah, I’m fine. I just haven’t seen Percy in a while. Pretty sure that last time we met, there was a fight.”

Nico laughed.

“You really think he’s going to remember? He can’t even remember my birthday!”

Will laughed, trying to brush the thought away. “I guess my birthday is hard to remember.” Nico’s eyebrows knit. “You remember my birthday, right?” Will turned in his seat, looking at him incredulously.

“You really think I could forget? It’s December 14th.”

Nico looked satisfied.

“Good. You have officially passed the test.”

“Test? What test?”

“The ‘I’m a good boyfriend’ test. You passed with flying colors.”

Will let out a low whistle.

“Didn’t even study for that one.”

Nico grinned, as the car pulled up next to the restaurant.


Will swung open his door, and raced around to the other side, just in time to pull open the driver’s side door for Nico.

“You get to drive, I get to be chivalrous. Also, pretty damn impressive restaurant, huh?”

Nico just nodded.

—- —- —- —-

After plenty of food, jokes, and lots of catching up, the double date was coming to a close. Will’s stomach churned, and he glanced at Percy, who responded with a quick wink.

The little black box in his pocket seemed get heavier and heavier each second.

“H-hey Neeks?”

Nico, smiling as always, turned away from his conversation with Annabeth, who gave Will a quick thumbs up.

Will stood up, his cheeks flushing, watching the growing confusion on Nico’s face.

“I-I’ve just been wanting to say that the past eight years of my life have been the best, and you’ve made me happier than anyone else, even if we had some rough spots. You’ve always been there for me, and I’ve been there for you, and-”

Will knelt down, pulling the box from his pocket.

Nico’s eyes brimmed with tears, and he brought a hand up to his mouth.


His voice was interrupted by the sudden realization that the entire restaurant, customers and staff, were watching them.

The click of the box opening echoed throughout the room, revealing a gorgeous ebony ring, braided with gold, with a heart shaped diamond mounted on the top.

“Nico di Angelo, will you marry me?”

Closer (Reid x Reader)

Originally posted by mentallydatingspencerreid

Title: Closer

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Request: I was wondering if you could make me a Reid x reader smut where Reid is shy out in public about PDA but dominant in the bedroom?

Triggers/Warnings: Explicit Language, Rough Sex

Words: 1,138

A/N: Sure thing hunbuns! Keep those requests coming! Xoxo My first Reid x Reader imagine was pretty successful, so I really hope you enjoy this one too!




You lingered in the elevator, practically hopping up and down, waiting to jump out. You weren’t sure why you were so hyper. You just couldn’t wait to lock eyes with him again. His curly hair perfectly framed his strong jaw line. The feel of his sweet, soft lips. The way he smiled.

You were so lost in thought, daydreaming of your boyfriend Spencer Reid that you were extremely startled when the elevator chimed and the two locking metals doors began to rip apart.

You skipped out and made your way towards the two glass doors, peering in. A broad smile formed on your lips as you yanked the handle of the doors.

With a flip of your hair, you coolly walked across the bustling office, the sharp ring of the phones making you feel a little on edge. Just before he was within your reach, someone jumped in front of you.

“Ah, ah, ah. Sorry babygirl, pretty boy is all mine,” Derek Morgan kidded with you.

You rolled your eyes with a smirk and playfully pushed him aside. Spencer was in the middle of a conversation with Hotch, who for once was kind of smiling. You couldn’t really tell with him.

You didn’t want to interrupt, but Hotch soon abruptly walked away in a hurry, judging by the piercing noise echoing through his office, you could guess his phone was ringing. Perfect timing!

You flounced towards your boyfriend, quickly pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Hey Spence!” you chirped. He look stunned and kind of shy.

“Y/N hey,” he wrapped his arms around you and gently placed a kiss on your forehead. A chuckle from behind you caused him to pull away.

“PDA Reid, PDA!” Derek threw his hands up as if in surrender. Spencer scowled and gripping your arm, not harshly, he pulled you away to the small kitchen.

“Uh- you want some coffee?” he stammered. You pressed your lips together, thinking how adorable he is when he’s shy.

“No thanks babe,” you replied. “Hey…do you want me to go?”

He swiveled towards you, looking almost upset. “No no, Y/N. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I just …get nervous when the team is around and you’re here. I don’t want them to make you…well feel weird and then want to leave. I mean statistics show that when one partner feels - “

You shut him up by cupping his face in your hands and kissing him lightly before pulling away and grinning. He blushed and wrapped his arms around your waist and pulling you closer.

“You’ll pay for that later,” he whispered seductively in your ear. A chill ran throughout your whole body and your muscles went limp. You tried to play it off by slyly responding; “Okay what you’ll spank me?” you winked.

He cocked his head with a devilish smirk and shrugged his shoulders and you held in a gasp and when sneakily pinched your butt.

When you left Quantico later on, you were immensely turned on and could barely wait for Spencer to arrive at your place.


A knock at the door made you jump. You gave your hair one last brush and pulled your T-Shirt back over your head, feeling satisfied with the sexy black lace bra you chose.

Approaching the door, you felt nervous, but confused. You pulled the door open until he was perfectly in picture.

You snickered, “Hey since when do you knock?”

Spencer pulled his messenger bag off his shoulders and threw it somewhere on the floor in your apartment before practically throwing himself onto you.

“Shut up beautiful,” he said breathlessly before his lips collided with yours.

He kicked the door shut and spun you around and pressed you up against it, beginning to tear off your clothes.  He wasted no time in ripping your shirt off your torso and stopping when his eyes landed on your bra.

He raised his eyebrows and that same devilish smile from before appeared, “Damn.” He spoke only before once again locking his lips with yours. His tongue swirled around in your mouth and you were too distracted by the intense makeout session you two were engaged in to notice he had not only taken off your pants, but his own.

You disconnected the kiss and yanked off his shirt as he scooped you up in his arms and hurried into your bedroom, not bothering to shut the door.

He laid you down on the bed; Spencer was dominant, but extremely gentle.

You could feel his buldge rubbing up against your thigh as you continued to kiss him. He grinded into you, starting slow and then speeding up, rolling his hips into yours roughly.

“Oh-oh Spencer please,” you begged him. You wanted him. To feel him inside of you. For him to control you and take you over.

He nibbled on your neck, dressing it in soft kisses and small marks of affection. After what seemed like eternity, his boxers finally hit the floor.

A rush of energy surged through your body. It hurt, having all of him inside of you, thrusting deeper and deeper. A small gasp escaped your lips, causing Spencer to kiss you again, as if telling you to be quiet. He just was too nice to say it.

With each push, you felt like you were going to explode. “Sp-Spence, I’m gonna cu-“ you attempted to speak, but you couldn’t make out the words. He didn’t answer, he just kissed you again and continued fucking you.

You then couldn’t help it and moaned out with pleasure. Your body was full of him and he was all you wanted and needed.

He pulled out and then pulled you on top of him. “Ride me,” he demanded.

You licked your lips, his dominance turning you on even more. You began to bounce up and down on his hard member, groaning each time, your juices making his cock slick. You picked up the pace, riding him faster and faster.

“Fuck Y/N,” Spencer screamed. You felt warmth flow out from your pussy as you released onto his dick. He followed by releasing inside of you, feeling the cum pour into you.

You rolled off him and laid down next to him.

“I’m hungry,” you started laughing. “I’m making pizza, you in?” you reached down and picked up his shirt, buttoning it up.

He got up as well and came up behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek.

“I love you more than anything Y/N.”

Those words made you the happiest girl in the world and they always would.

EXO Reacts to You Calling Them Daddy ‘Accidentally’ (Requested~)

Chen: // Around Others //
*Gets embarrassed and pretends not to hear you*
“What did you say Jagi?”

// Alone //
“So Jagi, who’s your daddy?”

Tao: // Around Others //
*Stares at you until his eyes get so dry it hurts to blink*

// Alone //
*Continues to stare but with dark eyes*
“Can you come over here for daddy?”

Lay: // Around Others //
*Shyly smiles and winks in your direction*
“Hello~” *Waves*

// Alone //
*You’re probably not going to walk for a few days*
“Never tease daddy in front of his friends like that again, you in the bedroom you’re being punished princess.”

Kris: // Around others //
*Makes sure no one is looking so he can make some ‘gestures’ to you, also includes lots of winking and lip biting*
“Just wait until we get home,” he threatens in your ear.

// Alone //
*You should probably hide*
“Jagi when I find you, you’re in big trouble.”

Xiumin: // Around Others //
*Would blush and pretends not to hear you*
“Hm What was that Chanyeol, you need me to come over there? Okay!”

// Alone //
*Yep you’re dead XD*
“Daddy’s going to teach you a lesson about teasing daddy.”

Sehun: // Around Others //
*Turns into a little cocky sh!t*
“ You guys can stop staring, you’re just jealous she called me daddy and not you.”

// Alone //
*Turns into a little cocky sh!t*
“Yeah say it again? Who’s you daddy?”

Kai: // Around Others //
*Blushes and swears he has never heard that before*
“No! I’ve never heard her say that before, Y/N are you feeling okay?”

// Alone //
“What have I told you about teasing daddy in front of the others hm? Bedroom. Now!”

Suho: // Around Others //
*Blushing furiously*
“Jagi….Not in front of the guyssssss.”

// Alone //
*You better watch your back*
“So what did you call me earlier?” he whispered into your ear from behind.

Baekhyun: // Around Others //
*Every ounce of air leaves his body*
“Jagi can we talk in private for a second?”

// Alone //
“You better stop running or it’ll be worse.”

D.O: // Around Others //
*Is a blushing mess*
“J-Jagi hushhhhhh”

// Alone //
*Gets turned on but stil blushes intensly*
“Jagi can you head into the bedroom for a second?”

Chanyeol: // Around Others //
*Blushes but brags about it and shows off*
“Yes baby? You called.”

// Alone //
*Yep, you’re a gonner bye. Can I come to the funeral?*
“Jagi, daddy’s going to need you to behave alright.”

Back Home - Tom Holland Imagine

Main Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Words: 177


A/N: I wasn’t going to post this, but I decided against my judgment because I thought I needed like a fluffy imagine/one-shot and not something sad. Hope you like it :) Feedback is much appreciated.

Tom was trying to scare you. He had been away for about 4 days filming and had come home early. Tom had his phone out, trying to make sure he caught your reaction to him.

“Okay, Tom Holland here, I’m trying to scare Y/N. She gets scared easily so here goes nothing.” Tom whispers as he walks down the hall. He opens the door of your bedroom slowly, and there you are, staring at him and rolling your eyes. Tom smiled sheepishly. “Heyy.. I’m back a bit early”

“Tom, if you wanted to scare me, don’t tweet about it, and don’t install video camera monitors in our bedroom.” You looked exasperated. Tom laughed.

“Oh well, I tried. Can I have a hug and kiss now?” You laughed and jumped up on Tom, knocking his phone out of his hand.

“I missed you too, Y/N.” Tom said throughout the kisses.

“I know.” The camera was still recording, but Tom made sure to crop the not very silent video footage out before posting.

The End :)

Be a Good Boy (M)

REQUEST: I’d like a scenario w/ jungkook or suga where you are the dominant and ya know, orgasm denial and such. Like them being so into it they almost cry. Wtf is wrong with me honestly



“Jungkook!” you yell in the middle of the hallway announcing your return from work. Quietly tiptoeing up the stairs, you crane your neck to see the living room light off only the dim light of a lamp bringing light in the room with the door slightly ajar.

You quietly make your way to the bedroom door, making sure not to let Jungkook hear you. Soft moans and groans escape through Jungkook’s lips. Your eyes widen when you realize what he is doing. “Y/N.” He moans out softly, a smirk replacing your ‘o’ shaped mouth.

“You called?” You say huskily as you make yourself visible to him.

“Y/N, I can explain!” He says as he quickly pulls his hand out of his pants.

You’d always enjoyed making Jungkook stutter. You had taken his first time and he had been nervous as ever the lights were off in your room and he mumbled apology after apology at how quick he had come but you loved it all the same however You’d never been intimate with Jungkook since he had always been busy with schedules and when you suggested it he put it off due to how tired he was now. Jungkook was the perfect submissive. He didn’t know enough to question anything and he hadn’t a clue what punishment awaited him if he disobeyed you. He was new and innocent and he looked so good when he tried to hide his arousal.

You start to palm him slowly, putting slightly more pressure as he starts to squirm in his seat. You can feel his eyes on you as you start to unbutton his jeans, “Eyes on me baby.”

“What are you d- oh?” He cuts himself off with a moan when you finally wrap your hand around his bare cock. You can’t help but smile in victory when he involuntarily bucks his hips up, putting your hair behind your ear before you lean down.

“Fuck, you can’t- what are you doing Y/N, are you sure you don’t have t-”

“Shut up and relax baby okay?” You say, cutting his rambling off with a stroke of your hand that has him cursing your name.

Keep reading

#shawnsgettingsometonight // SHAWN MENDES

“SHAWN” I called out, closing the front door and dropping my bag on the couch. No reply. 

“Shawn?” I called again heading into the kitchen to see it empty. I walk through to the hallway calling his name again.

“Where are you?”. Opening the bedroom door I see Shawn laying sideways, facing the windows, back to me, on our bed. Slowly, making sure to make no sound I crept over to the bed. 

“Boo,” I say climbing onto Shawn’s body so that I was now lying on top of him. He pulls an earplug out of his ear, twisting slightly so he’s on his back and wraps an arm around my waist.

“Hey, you’re home,” he says pressing a kiss to my forehead.

“I missed you,” I say looking up into his brown eyes. 

“I missed you more,” Shawn says giggling, pushing me gently onto the empty space on the bed and climbing on top of me so the positions were reversed. “So much,”

“Yeah?” I ask pressing my forehead against his. 

“Mhmm,” He mumbles before kissing me softly. It doesn’t last long until he’s gone again, the taste of rich coffee which he was previously drinking, left on my lips. 

“I was on twitter,” Shawn mumbles, kissing me again shortly then pulling back.

“Yeah,” I say when he pulls away.

“I saw something interesting,” he chuckles, kisses me, then lifts his head up again. “You know how last night you went to the chemist to pick up some items?” 

“I did,” I confirm, giving him a weary glance.

“Well, a fan might have seen you in a particular isle, taken a photo, put it up and now the hashtag ‘Shawn’s getting some tonight’ is trending,” 

“I..I” I mumble, not fully comprehending what happened until it hits me. 

“Oh my goodness, this is gold,” I say not being able to stop laughing.

“Y/N” Shawn whines, pouting just the slightest. “Its not funny,” he says nuzzling his head into my neck while I continue to laugh.

“And this trended?” I ask, finally calming down.

“Number 1,” his voice muffled. 

I laugh again. “Well I mean, it could be worse,” I pause and he raises his head, his eyes meeting mine.

“How could this be any worse?” a smirk etched onto his face. 

“At least you ended up getting some,” Shawn groans, putting his head back on my shoulder as I laugh again.

Shawn speaks again, “You wont’t be getting any for the next week,”

I stop laughing.

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Our Colours
  • <p> <b></b> Eren and Levi are at the DIY store, ready to pick the colours for their bedroom walls.<p/><b>Eren:</b> OK. So I wouldn't mind two walls light grey. What colour should we do the rest?<p/><b>Levi:</b> I'm thinking teal green. Deep not light.<p/><b>Eren:</b> Good choice! Let's do this.<p/><b>Levi:</b> Sure.<p/><b>Eren:</b> (stopping in the entrace to the aisle, gaping at the walls of paint tins) Woah. This is crazy.<p/><b>Levi:</b> (continuing to walk) Hey, don't go getting distracted.<p/><b>Eren:</b> Oh-umm. (following more slowly)<p/><b>Levi:</b> (noticing that Eren has ground to a halt in front of tins containing neither green nor grey) Eren, I mean it. We've decided on our colours.<p/><b>Eren:</b> Alright, alright. But look - they do gold glitter varieties!<p/><b>Levi:</b> (muttering an obscenity and grabbing his arm)<p/><b>Eren:</b> Geeze, I was kidding.<p/><b>Levi:</b> (frogmarching Eren to the green paint section. Right. Here we are. All we need to do is choose.<p/><b>Eren:</b> How about 'pistachio whip'? Or is it too light?<p/><b>Levi:</b> Yes it is and sounds a dessert topping.<p/><b>Eren:</b> (chuckling) Do you prefer 'mint macaroon'?<p/><b>Levi:</b> (dumbfounded) Seriously. Who makes this shit up?<p/><b>Eren:</b> Lighten up, Levi. You're full of 'teal tension' today!<p/><b>Levi:</b> (scowling) I swear to God, Eren...<p/><b>Eren:</b> (wrapping his arms around Levi) OK. I'm done. Promise. Now what do you like the look of?<p/><b>Levi:</b> (tearing away from Eren's eyes to examine the varieties of teal, knowing there's little chance of finding what he wants... until.) How about 'turqoise treasure'?<p/><b></b> A few minutes later, Eren picks 'dove grey'.<p/></p>
Joker Imagine : Chains

Because this song exists *click me*

Joker’s P.O.V.

My eyes felt really strange, as if I had slept good, almost too good. I yawned loudly and then opened my blue eyes, hoping to see my lovely bedroom, but I saw a dark floor followed by a dark wall. No furniture, only an empty, dark room. I looked around and then I realized that I was stuck. I was sitting on a chair and I was chained to it, really well too, making sure that I couldn’t do anything. What kind of a crazy fucker would dare to chain me up? I’m the Joker!

I heard a door opening and the clicking of heels from behind. So it was a woman. She came closer and stopped right behind me. I wasn’t scared, I was angry yet excited to see who this woman was. I felt a hand on my shoulder, moving to my neck and then my cheek, rubbing it lightly. ‘’You woke up’’ Her sweet voice spoke, filling the silence. My red lips curved into a smile as I recognized her. It was Y/N, last night’s company, also a hot babe who knew how to kill.

‘’Finally got the guts to ask me out, didn’t expect it to happen this way’’ I chuckled lightly and then watched as she walked in front of me. My eyes widened as I saw her special outfit - purple lingerie with loads of golden details and pearls. The bra cupped her boobs well.  She put her knee on my lap and put her other hand on my shoulder now, looking at me with a mischievous smirk. Damn she was a beauty, hot like the Vegas summer, but as beautiful as a million diamonds. I liked this little madness.

‘’You doubted me Joker’’ She spoke again, making me smile even wider. ‘’I couldn’t believe that such an angel could harm a soul’’ I teased this girl and then tugged my chains. ‘’Ah ah ah!Don’t do that’’ She warned me and grabbed my jaw, looking deep in my eyes with her E/C ones. Her pupils were large so it was very obvious that she was turned on, taken over by lust. ‘’Do what?’’ I asked innocently and moved my hands smoothly, making no sound anymore.

‘’Oh quit it J’’She nearly giggled as she saw my ‘innocence’. Suddenly this dream woman sat down on my lap, pressing against my crotch that was only clothed by my blue boxers. Her arms draped around my neck and her eyes, oh her eyes were drilled to look at mine.Damn these chains holding me back from touching her. Little did she know what I could do. ‘’Getting horny J?’’ She purred softly, touching my chest with her hand, gently raking my skin, but not harshly. ‘’I want to show you that I’m capable of taking control’’ Y/N whispered close to my face, making me want to kiss her.

‘’How?’’ I smirked, wanting to tease her before getting into action. Her finger touched my lip and she made a very innocent face, pouty lips and big eyes. ‘’Just watch me proving you..’’ Y/N stopped and then smiled again. Her lips were painted dark red, looking very sexy on her.She leaned closer to my ear, pressing her chest against mine in process. ‘’..wrong’’ Y/N finished her sentence. Although that sounded really hot right now, I had to show her who the real boss was.

‘’I’d love to see that another time darling’’ I admitted warmly, seeing how she seemed confused for a split second. ‘’Another time?’’ Y/N raised her eyebrow and tilted her head. How adorable. Suddenly I grabbed her wrists tightly and held her on place. ‘’Did you know that I know chains very well? I can get out of anything, handcuffs, ropes, chains you name it’’ I told  her darkly, my voice getting raspier. I stood up, still holding her and I licked my lips.

‘’Tell me pretty, there must be a bed somewhere, right?’’ I wanted to know so I could show her. Y/N tried to pull her wrists away, but I pushed her against a wall and towered above her, looking straight down to her pretty face. ‘’Oops’’ She smiled nervously and gulped. ‘’Oops, yeah oops. You fucked up and I’m going to punish you for that’’ I promised her darkly, being very sure of my own words.

/Part 2??? Or not?

Jokers Daughter Imagine: Where’s Harley When We Need Her Sequel

Request: (anon) I really loved “Where’s Harley when we need her”! Can you maybe write a second part where Joker&Harley are really battling with the fact that their daughter is growing up? I think J&H as parents are just cute 😀

I sure can! Thank you for the compliment and the request


“Puddin ya see blood all the time I don’t unders-”

“I SAID IT’S JUST DIFFERENT OKAY!” the Joker yelled at Harley as he paced back and forth in their bedroom.

“Well Pud don’t yell you’ll wake her up, she’s needs sleep during the first time.” Harley said rolling her eyes at how he was blowing this up.

The Joker put his finger tips over his mouth and squealed like a school girl making Harley giggle. He walked over to her and hugged her swaying her back and forth. It wasn’t the blood he actually had a problem with, it was what it meant. He didn’t think he’d be so affected by what his daughter said. He wanted her to grow up even less than she herself did. He didn’t want his world to change. It had already changed rapidly when Harley came to him and when their daughter was born. He had gotten used to and loved his clown family. He wanted everything to be in his control. Harley could feel his heart racing as she snuggled against his chest. He ran her fingers down his spine feeling his goosebumps rise up.

“So whatcha really worked up about?” She swung her head up hitting his chin with her pigtails making him smirk.

“What does this mean? I know you gave me the whole “womanhood” speech… his bottom lip quivered when he said the word.

“Oh it’s nothin to be grossed out about now. It means she gets hips and boobs like me and she starts to think more mature and ya know wants to probably experience things and-”

“What things?” The joker held Harley out in front of him by her shoulders causing her to stop her thoughts suddenly

“uhh… well when I was her age I started to want to go out and stuff and I started to learn who I wanted to be and.”

The Joker released her from his grasp and threw himself onto their bed and kicked his feet. Harley laugh echoed throughout the house at his theatrical performance. She hoped on his back teased his neck with her lips making him squirm in pleasure. 

“No time for that right now Harls this is serious.” his muffled voice said with his face buried in the sheets. 

“Whatta ya mean serious?” The Joker twisted around under her and Harley ran her fingers through his hair and along his face.

“YOU KNOW!” he grabbed her hands to stop her. “No boys. No moving out. No missions. She’s still a little girl and she’s not going to be hurt. She stays with us forever.” he said in a serious tone. Harley could never take him seriously no matter how much he tried. She fell more in love with him when he acted like this. All frantic over his girl. She bit her bottom lip and let out a faint ha ha before climbing off of him. She walked over to her mirror and sat down. The Joker shot up and gave her a furrowed brow. 

“Ha ha? what ha ha? That’s my thing Harley.” She ignored him as she brushed her hair. The Queen decided to have a little fun with her King.

“Ya know that girl doesn’t do a damn thing anyone tells her to. If she wants to go out with a boy we can’t stop her.” She looked at the Joker’s reflection in the mirror as his eyes scanned the floor and he twirled his between his fingers. He always did that when he was nervous or confused. Just like her with her pigtails.

“Like hell we can’t.” He said before jumping off the bed and leaving the bedroom. 

You were all cozy in your bed finally getting some sleep away from the new pain in your abdomen. Your nerves were also finally calm after talking to your father, and especially when your mother came home. Whatever aunt Ivy gave her was working wonders. You were surprised your father was so understanding and remained calm about it all. Suddenly the door kicked open causing you and your covers to go up in the air. The clown prince marched in the doorway and stood at the foot of your bed.

“WHEN HAVE I EVER ASKED FOR RENT HUH?” He threw his hands up in the air waiting for your response. So much for calm.

Uh daddy I uh… what the hell?”

“You know you don’t have to pay rent princess! What I told you is the truth. You’re still my little girl.” He crawled next to you in bed and just laid their staring at you. 

“I know daddy I didn’t forget what happened an hour ago.” you said with as much sass as you could muster up and rubbed your eyes. 

“GOOD! Cause I mean it. Your mother made me realize I wasn’t as comfortable with this as I thought.” You rolled your eyes at him knowing your mother was teasing him. She loved it even more than you. You giggled to yourself and rolled over to go back to sleep. “Don’t roll your eyes at me young lady! I mean it. No moving out. No going out. And no going out with boy. Marriage is off the table ya know” he scolded you.

Is he serious you thought you thought to yourself. You turned your head so you could see the green hair out of the corner of your eye. “I’ll do what I want. When I want. And with who I want.” you turned fully to see his furious face. It was more furious than you thought those words would make him. 

“Oh I’m sorry… I just thought you knew that you were mine and I’m not going to share you.” he gave you a grin and you got heated back at him. You were still tired and knew you couldn’t solve this. So got out of bed and walked out of your bedroom down the hallway.

The Joker sat there shocked you left. Oh no no no no he thought You blew it you stupid clown shes leaving shes leaving and shes never coming back shes fix it fix it. He leaped of your bed and ran out of your bedroom. “HARLEY!” he screamed down the hallway back to his room and stopped in his tracks when he saw you curled up in his bed. “Oh…”

“What puddin?” she smirked at him

“I thought she uh… uh..” He looked to you cuddled in his bed.

“Uh uh uh uh wha” Harley mocked him giggling. He looked at her giving up on what he was going to say and jumped into bed with you.

“Don’t listen to your mother she’s crazier than me.” He wrapped his arms around you. “And don’t run away from me.” You snuggled into his warm embrace and shushed him thinking of how silly the whole thing was.

“Daddy, mommy is just trying to toy with you. I’m not going anywhere okay. Especially not today.” you squeezed your arms around his chest and let let out a huge sigh. He didn’t have to know then and there that you already had plans for the weekend.

“Harley why do you have to play those mind games with me huh?” 

“Old habits die hard Puddin” she said as she walked over to the edge of the bed sitting next to him. She poked his chest “Now could you do your girls a favor and make us some tea? We’re in the same boat here ya know.” Normally the clown prince would yell for Frost, but he didn’t want to make his girls more upset than he already did.

He walked out following his Queens orders. He thought to himself about how you probably thought it was all a joke. Normally everything he did was, when it came to you there was no punchline. If anything or anyone thought they could touch you they would see the most horrible side of him.

Your mother took his spot next to you and nuzzled her nose on yours. You loved the feminine touch she had and rested your forehead against hers. She planted tiny kisses on your lips before moving them to your ear.

“If you even think about leaving or if anyone touches you I’ll do worse than daddy could even begin to imagine.” The soft smile never left her face as she whispered the words in your ear. Your eye brows shot up and you followed her as she rested her head back against yours and closed her eyes to sleep.

What a pair you thought before joining her in dreamland.


I think loads of us are poorly right now.  I am.  My SO gave me his disgusting cold and I just…….anyway this is a sequel to sick!Bitty and Jack who is trying to avoid catching it.


Bitty sighs at Jack’s scowl, only his eyes and nose poking out from the heavy duvet.  He feels a little guilty, but only because he hates seeing Jack suffering.  It wasn’t his fault the kid at the market sneezed in his face and infected him with the cold–and both he and Jack had done everything to prevent Jack from coming down.

But it was a bad one.  Infecty and gross and contagious.  Jack made it through the string of away games, and came home with a red nose, sleepy eyes, and a huge frown.

“Oh dear,” Bitty had said as Jack shuffled past him–no hug–and disrobed in the bedroom.

He’d put on his old Habs t-shirt and gym shorts with paint stains which was a sure sign he was poorly.

Bitty quickly set off to make tea and soup.

Now, stood at the end of the bed, he squares his shoulders against Jack’s accusing glower.  “Now now, it’s not like I did it on purpose, sweetheart.”

Jack merely sniffs in response.

When its’ clear that’s all he’s getting, Bitty slides into the bed, props the tray across Jack’s thighs, and holds on to it as Jack eases himself up into a sitting position.

“This’ll help.  And it’s being hand delivered which is even better than tea by Roomba.”

At that, the corners of Jack’s mouth twitches.  “I’m never living that down, am I?”

“Maybe, if you outlive me.  But I’m younger’n you, mister, so…”

Jack stares, then laughs, which turns into a wheeze, which turns into a cough and his glower is back, but it’s a bit softer than before.  “I feel disgusting.”

“I know, baby,” Bitty says.  He nuzzles against Jack’s side as Jack starts with the soup, then onto the tea.  He only manages a third of each before the tray is shoved onto the bedside table, and he puts an arm round Bitty.

“I’m surprised you’re not paying me back for you know…avoiding you,” Jack says, and it’s obvious he’s trying to make it sound like a chirp, but he fails.  His sickness is making his insecurity flare up to the surface, and Bitty holds him tighter.

“Sweetpea, I know why you couldn’t cuddle me, and honestly I was fine.  Really.  I really am sorry you caught this.  It’s terrible.”

“I feel terrible,” Jack admits.  He holds on just a little tighter, like he thinks maybe Bitty will change his mind and deny him the cuddles he wants so badly.  Bitty doesn’t pull away.  He manoeuvres them under the covers, tucking them tight round Jack’s aching body, and kisses his temple.

“I’m not going anywhere, sweetheart.”

Jack smiles.  The soup and tea warm him, and the meds he swallowed half an hour before are starting to work.  A fog settles over and his eyes close.  The last thing he’s aware of is Bitty’s soft breath against his neck, and firm arm round his middle.  He still feels gross, but he no longer feels alone.

Above the Crawlspace

I blinked awake, squinting up at the light overhead. For a moment I couldn’t remember what had happened but when my eyes finally adjusted and the haze in my mind dissipated, I remembered. I remembered William coming at me before my vision went black. I was sure he would have killed me but here I was. I was alive and…God, I was in Anne’s house in a spare bedroom. I was sure of it.

Taking in a breath, I moved my limbs and was surprised as well as relieved to feel they weren’t tied down. That didn’t mean the door wouldn’t be locked. I didn’t go to it immediately though, I stayed where I was just to make sure Anne wouldn’t be coming by soon. I couldn’t be too careful.

I must have waited an hour before getting up and trying the door. It wasn’t locked. I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. I’d seen William and I know what he did. Why would she want me alive and able to roam free? Maybe this was a tease. Maybe she was giving me the illusion of freedom and I’d get downstairs to see she’d boarded up the windows and locked the front door and she’d have the key to it on her at all times. Christ, this was a nightmare. I shouldn’t have kept digging.

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Undercover - Part 2 of 2

Summary: ‘we’re undercover for a mission pretending to be a newly-wed couple and they’re keeping a close eye on us 24/7. i’m even pretty sure they got cameras in our bedroom, so we need to pretend to cuddle up and have sex at night but i’m actually really liking this, you’re really warm and omg i’m actually getting turned on by your fake moaning, help.’   - not my idea i would link everyone to the original creator but i believe they deactivated
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings:  Violence? Almost nudity, near death experience, guns.
Word Count: 2,213
Author’s Note: Sorry this is late!! I hope it’s worth it! I may do an epilogue if you guys want that. Maybe. ALso tags are being an absolute dick wipe so I’m sorry if it hasn’t tagged you properly.


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Auston Matthews - Part 25

Though I’m not entirely sure he wants to, Auston spends the rest of the afternoon helping me put together my bedroom, closet and bathroom. I let him take a break after he makes a small noise in the back of his throat when I ask him to move the shelf he just finished organizing to the other side of my closet. He’s currently napping on my bed with both my dogs sprawled out beside him, the traitors. I eye them a moment, Auston has his sweatshirt back on and the hood pulled up over his eyes though I can see his lips parting slightly every time he breathes.

My stomach growls and I still need to get groceries before the day is over. I glance at the clock and see it’s nearly seven already. I quietly wake the two dogs and usher them out of my room before going back to my bed, climbing on it gently so I don’t wake him that way.

“Auston,” I murmur, putting my hand on his stomach and pressing slightly. “Wake up,” I whisper but I know I’m being too quiet and gentle.

“Hey,” I say a little louder this time and he twitches though he doesn’t wake. I sigh and curse how cute he looks sleeping and I don’t have it in my heart to shake him awake. I sit back on my heels and eye him a moment, straying down to his pants and a wicked idea comes to mind. I lay beside him on my side and place my hand on his thigh, not bothering to being so gentle this time, his eyes remain closed. Slowly running my hand along his thigh I kiss his lips softly, he stirs slightly beneath me, no, beneath my hand.

“Auston,” I whisper again, my lips brushing his jaw. I push down a bit harder with my hand and make quick work of his button and zipper just as he had me. This time when he moves below me his hood tips back and reveals his brown eyes fluttering open lazily. “Hi,” I grin down at me him and he eyes me a moment before rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.

“What do you want now,” he mutters though he smirks up at me.

“I want a lot of things,” I reply, my fingers resting just inside his jeans.

“Name one thing in particular right now,” Auston says, putting his hands back behind his head.

“Ben and Jerry’s,” I say, giving him a serious look.

“I don’t think that’s the top of your list right now…”

“You didn’t say top, you just said ‘one thing’” I remind him and flex my fingers, his body responds automatically and I smirk.

Auston doesn’t say anything more though his eyes narrow and he breathes in deeply. I stop my movements and my breathing comes to a halt. That look… In a split second I’m suddenly beneath him and his mouth is on mine. Though I don’t think Auston realized how close to the end of the bed I was because the moment he shifts his weight over me, we tumble to the floor. We stare at each other in shock for a moment, a tangle of limbs and burst out laughing.

“Suppose there are worse ways to wake up,” Auston says, and I remember one of the first nights I spent in Toronto and saying those exact words to him.

I laugh again and climb off of him, helping him back to his feet.

“You can stay here if you want but I need to get myself some groceries,” I move to my closet and drag out a clean set of clothes. I hesitate a moment, eyeing Auston who is still watching me. “Turn around or go out in the hallway,” I shoo him with my hands.

“Really?” Auston asks raising his eyebrows.

“Yes, really!” I snap, my cheeks flushing.

“Y/N, I’ve seen you in a bathing suit, I don’t see how this is much different,” he says seriously and I consider it for a moment.

“That’s different,” I start. “Bathing suits aren’t an intimate item of clothing.” I walk towards him, placing my hand on his chest and forcing him backwards out of my room and into the hallways. “Be down in a minute,” I blow him a kiss and close the door on his annoying smirk.

I meet him downstairs in the living room where Auston is being terrorized by my two dogs bouncing around him.

“Coming with?” I ask him, grabbing my coat and purse from the foyer.

“Of course,” he says and I grin.

Grocery shopping with Auston is much like taking a small child, I remind him on more than once occasion that I’m shopping for me, though he pouts enough when I tell him to put a thing of muffins back that I set it back in my cart, much to his excitement. By the time we get to the checkout line I think that over the half the items in my cart are what Auston convinced me to get. Although he does make up for it by loading everything into the trunk of my car, again by carrying everything inside for me as I get set on organizing.

I’m surprised at how easy and comfortable it is being with Auston all day. I pause at the sink, rinsing the plates we used for dinner before placing them in the dishwasher. Auston notices and eyes me warily.

“What’s wrong?” He asks.

“I just realized, I haven’t been sad or lonely for a second since my parents left me yesterday,” I say softly, turning and looking at him. “I was so sure that I wouldn’t even be able to function…” I smile up at Auston. “Maybe this was supposed to be my home all along.”

“Only one way to find out,” Auston says, nodding towards my backyard. “Ask your star.”

I blink at him, surprised he even remembered the conversation we had a week ago over the phone. I had been babbling about a meteor shower that was supposed to happen and somehow had gotten on the topic of the story my dad told me about Polaris. He gives me soft smile and takes the plate from my hand.

“Go on,” he pushes me gently towards the backdoor.

I listen and grab his sweatshirt that was still resting on the couch where I left it last night. Pulling it over my head and stuffing my feet into my boots, I step out into the bitter cold of a Toronto winter. My eyes take a moment to adjust to the darkness, though when I can finally make out the stars in the distant sky my breath leaves my body. Being slightly away from the lights of the city had been high of my list of requirements for a home, standing here in the backyard I remembered why.

There’s thousands of twinkling lights above me, my trained eyes immediately fly across the sky, finding different sequences and constellations. When they finally fall upon Polaris I tilt my head slightly in consideration.

Auston looks up at me from the couch when I clamber back inside, kicking my boots to the side. He’s lying across my couch, head propped up on an armrest, watching the Habs and Bruins game.

“So?” He asks, watching me as I make my way over to the couch, perching on the edge by his hips.

“I learned one thing for sure,” I nod at him and he raises his eyebrows.

“What’s that?”

“To wear gloves when I go outside,” I say and before he can pull away or flinch, I put my hand against the sliver of his exposed stomach.

Auston lets out a hiss and tries to jerk away from me but his back is already against the couch. So he reaches down and pulls my hand free of his stomach while I erupt into a fit of giggles. Rolling his eyes at me he brings my hand to his mouth, kissing my knuckles.

“You aren’t going to tell me, are you?” Auston muses and I wink.


I go to stand back up but he holds my hand tight.

“Where are you going?” Auston asks, tugging me back down onto the couch.

“Um, I was going to go sit over there,” I nod my head at the chair beside the couch.

“No stay here, Mitch and the other’s will be here soon,” Auston says. Earlier Mitch had been snapping both me and Auston and yelling at me because Auston wasn’t playing COD with him. So to calm him down I told him he could come over, he then invited all the others who play COD online together.

“And when they get here, I can’t do this,” he pulls me down so I’m lying next to him and kisses me, his hand on my neck. I respond and hook my leg over his, though this isn’t one of our steamy make out sessions, I just don’t want to fall off the couch.

Almost immediately lights flash across the wall behind us and my dogs start barking that someone is here.

Auston lets out an annoyed sigh against my lips as I laugh.

“To be continued,” I wink at him and get to my feet, setting off to wrangle my hounds.

Thirty minutes later there’s boys everywhere and I have suddenly become the mother to seven grown men. They all brought their own food, and some for Auston and I wish we both already ate but we don’t tell them that, so there is a mess of food on my coffee table and one of my dogs already stole someone’s biscuit.

Morgan and Mitch are arguing over by the T.V, trying to get their game system that they decided my house needed set up. I had asked them why I would need it and they all had looked at me like I was an idiot.

“So we can play here…” Morgan had said slowly like I needed time to process his words.

“Did I say you could play here?” I had retorted and a silence had fallen over the room, they looked at each other like they hadn’t considered it. Auston then looked up at me from his place on the couch.

“Can we play here?” He asked and a wave of heads turned to look at me, my face flushed.

“Yes, you can play here,” I muttered and I had busied myself with forcing a paper towel into Mitch’s hand, he already have spilled something down the front of his shirt and he was sitting on my favorite rug. Like I said, literally a mother to seven man boys.

“And so Auston can play here when he’s shack-,“ Will starts and I throw a dagger look at him.

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence,” I say to him and he smirks.

“I wasn’t going to say anything,” he says shoving a forkful of food into his mouth, all the while grinning at me.

I glance at the clock and see it’s nearly 10:30 already.

“Isn’t it past your bedtimes?’ I ask the room and Morgan pipes up.

“Hold up, I’m older than you. You adopted Mitch and Will when you started dating Auston so you can only boss them around.”

My face reddens at the word “dating” is that what we are doing? Auston and I hadn’t talked about it and it’s not like he asked me to be his girlfriend. Though we did say we were exclusive. My mind whirls a thousand miles an hour and Morgan frowns at me.

“Uh I was just kidding…” he says slowly and I realize I must look offended or something.

“Oh no, I was too, I just… uh…” I look anywhere but at Auston.

“Are you not dating? Did I make something awkward?” Morgan asks, his eyes flashing between Auston and I and I want to fall into the floor and disappear.

“I uh…” I stutter. “I’m going to take a…” I point to the stairs and back towards them, trying to keep my face calm and clear before turning and bolting up them. Feeling Auston’s eyes on me the entire way.

Mitch POV

Everyone stares at Y/N’s retreating back as she scrambles up the stairs.

“Nice one, Morgan,” I snap at him. “First time you meet her and you pissed her off already. New record,” I lean back against the couch as I finally get the system working on Y/N’s T.V.

“I didn’t mean to!” Morgan retorts and looks at Auston.

“Are you not dating? I honestly thought you were,” he tries to defend himself, his eyes flashing to the stairs again.

“Well, I mean… I think so,” Auston stammers, looking at me like it’s a question.

“What do you mean you think so?” I ask him, and the controller is ripped from my hands by Zach, who has little interest in the current conversation.

“I guess we never said it but I thought we were…”

“Dumbass,” Morgan says and I nod in agreement.

“Doesn’t look like she thinks that, Matts,” I say, taking the controller back from Zach while he isn’t looking.

Auston looks a little lost at what he’s supposed to do, his face clearly showing his confusion. I hear the water turn on upstairs, which I assume means Y/N is taking a shower.

“Good luck, buddy,” is all I say to him. Auston rubs his face with his hand which is what he usually does when he’s stressed.

Though he stands and makes his way to the stairs, but not before hitting Morgan over the head with the back of his hand as he passes by.


I take my time in the shower, letting all the hot water rinse away the stress and tears that I’ve shed the last few days while moving. By the time I turn off the water my bathroom is steamed up and my skin is a slight pink. I wrap myself in a towel and step out into my bedroom, I’m halfway to my closet before I realize there is someone sitting on my bed.

Squealing, I clutch the towel even tighter around myself. Auston looks up from where he had been staring at the floor and meets my eyes. To my surprise his gaze never falls down to my towel.

“What are you doing?” I finally manage to get out, my heart calming down against my ribs.

“I wanted to talk to you about what Morgan said,” he says simply, looking back down at his hands and I’m guessing it’s so he doesn’t let his gaze slip to my towel.

“While I’m naked?” I ask, one of my hands darting down to my leg to make sure the towel is actually covering all of me.

“That was an unexpected bonus,” Auston admits, his eyes flashing to me for just a moment and my cheeks warm.

I glance at my closet but I don’t want to wait Auston wait any longer to say what he wants, he looks like his head might explode. Hesitantly, I make my way to the bed and after being positive that I can sit modestly, I lower myself down next to him.

“So talk,” I say.

Auston shifts next to me, looking comfortable.

“I was under the impression that we were…” he starts and I think I hear embarrassment in his voice. “I thought that we were, you know… together…” he rubs the back of his head.

“I was under the impression that you can only say you’re with someone is if you actually ask them,” I say right back.

Auston shifts again next to me and looks at me at a loss of words. I wait, not saying anything.

“Right now?” He asks incredulously.

“Ask me,” I whisper.

“Wanna be my girlfriend?’ he asks awkwardly and I erupt into a fit of giggles.

“Mitch is going to hate me now,” I say through my giggles and he rolls his eyes at me.

“I’m taking that as a yes,” he says and then his eyes flash down to my legs and I realize my movement from laughing made my towel slide up, exposing the tops of my thighs. I quickly reach down and pull my towel back down.

“Look at that, I call you my girlfriend and you’re already naked,” he smirks at me and I swat his arm.

“I may be naked but your best friends are downstairs. So, you go back down there and I’ll be down in a few minutes,” I tap his nose with my finger and stand up.

“But…” Auston starts and I cut him off with a quick kiss.

“Later,” I whisper against his lips.

Auston pouts for a moment before standing and shuffling to the doorway, giving me one last longing look before closing the door behind him. I wait until I hear the top stair creak before jumping around my room like a giddy high school girl.