they are fictional but their love is real

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Welcome to PHU (@welcometophu) is a web serial about the students who go to the fictional liberal arts school of Pine Hills University, and the folks around them. It’s about magic, and love, and football, and music, and taekwondo, and just about anything else that college students might get involved in. And magic. Did we mention the magic? Because in this world, ten years ago, the public found out that magic is real, and ever since then, more and more Talents have become public in the world, and Pine Hills University happens to be one of the schools that welcomes these magical students with open arms.

All I wanted to do was bring to life the things I can’t have in real life

Heh….when no one else is around, he is. You can think I’m nuts, I am, call me stupid, call me dramatic, whatever….I just know that my imagination helps me a hell of a lot, I know Bonnie is a robotic rabbit that kills, and that’s why I giggle at myself for loving him sometimes, because it’s a bit random for me to depend on him, someone who isn’t real- let alone human, for emotional support. He makes me happy when I’m at my worst, and when I’m alone, when there’s no one else, he’ll always be there, no matter what, if I could I’d thank him, I know it’s probably strange to be THAT emotionally invested in a fictional character, but thinking of him helps…..more than you think…..

The best thing that’s happened within the past seven days was me getting Yoosung’s good ending in Mystic Messenger cuz holy fuck I love this boy?? I know I shouldn’t but oh my god if he was real I’d have fallen even faster and been an even bigger mess and yeah… *adds Yoosung Kim to the list of fictional boys that I love*

And no he’s not my wallpaper or anything I’m not that bad

…okay no he is shut up

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But just imagine if Niall flew to London for the weekend to end things with... Celine? David? Conor? All of the above? And now he has gone back to LA to make a fresh start with Harry, who, with the film wrapping this week, will finally be able to give Niall the love and attention he deserves. (Fictional Narry feelings are all I have left, because real life Narry is a desert of despair).

…… who’s gonna take one for the team and write the fic

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u know when str8 authors write str8 novels where love is illegal or smth and the main ~forbidden~ romance is between a cis white boy and a cis white girl… i can’t imagine what that must be Like, i honestly can’t. to not be allowed to be with the one you love?? to be called unnatural bc you love someone???? to be persecuted and looked down on in society bc of love?? thats certainly never happened to any real demographic in history, right……..its a completely original, fictional concept…….white cishet romance… tragic…….bc it is Forbidden……….

Imagine your OTP (based on real life situation)

*me hanging out with crush*

Me: “I love it when I read some fem slash fan fictions.”


Me: *narrows eyes* “Holy fuck.”


Dating Captain Boomerang (George Harkness) May Include…


  • Lets be honest, George is a total dork
  • He likes to put on this “tough guy” act
  • But
  • He’s a dork
  • He has collections of unicorns (preferably pink)
  • He’s also probably a brony
      • He loves unicorns
      • So I mean
      • His favorite MLP character is a tie between Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie
  • He loves comics 
      • I think it’s canon that Marvel comics are real in DC and DC comics are real in Marvel??
      • If not, it’s my own headcanon
      • And George has millions
      • He has a whole book case just for comics
      • And unicorns


  • Again with the dorkish ways
  • He’s a total fangirl (er fanboy)
  • The two of you can have hours and hours of conversations concerning fictional worlds
  • He really puts his walls down for you

“Tough Guy”

  • Something that took a while to understand was his “Tough Guy” attitude
      • I mean, he’s a thief and an assassin so
      • He’d always be this “macho man” around you
      • Like he was trying to prove a pointIt was annoying, to say the least
      • But then there would be those small slip ups and cracks
      • Soon you realized that underneath all that
      • He was actually a really cool guy
  • He still acts that way around youMostly around other people to show that “he’s the man"While it’s just you two then he only does it as a mocking, teasing, and joking way


  • His: Princess, Sweetheart, My Lil’ Roo, Hot stuff, Pretty Gal.
  • Yours: Kangaroo man, Boomerang hoe, Dork, Honeybun, Babe.


  • Whether you, the reader, has an accent or not
  • You always have a hard time understanding what he’s saying
  • His accent is so thick
  • He has to repeat himself so many times just so you can understand what he’s saying
  • It got so bad that one time you made him write everything he wanted to say down


  • He doesn’t like PDA
  • It makes him feel…awkward and anxious
  • The most affection the two of you share in public is teasing
      • “Stop throwing those things at me, bro”
      • “But bro ur so cute”
      • “bro”
      • “bro”
      • IdkI
      • ’m so tired
  • He loves calling you “Lil’ Roo” in public
  • Cuz ur his lil’ kangeroo
  • You call him Boomerang hoe in public btw


  • He doesn’t like when people touch, speak, flirt, or do anything with what’s his
  • He gets jealous v easily
  • It’s mostly because he’s an easily anxious guy
      • (I have a head canon that he has anxiety tbh lol anxiety twins)
  • He loves you and he honestly doesn’t know what he’d do without you

“I love you”

  • He said it first
      • Like, the two of you were just doing your own thing and he just goes “I love you”
      • And ur like “W-What”
      • And it took you a moment, but you said it back
      • With a huge smile
      • “I love you, you dork”
  • The two of you say it before and after missions
  • It’s a tradition
  • Like for good luck
  • Also so if anything happens, the last thing you two said was “I love you”

That’s all I’ve got lol

DATE: AUG. 10 2016
NOTES: Now that I’ve gotten this done, time to pack! Someone please kill me

How to create immersive worlds

This idea of immersion is a bit subjective. What exactly immersive means? Describing a place exactly how it is? Giving your readers the general feeling of that environment? Or a combination of aesthetics and narrative?

In one thing I’m sure… immersive worlds are fictional places we would love to visit in real life. And, maybe, this is the answer: Real life.

Immersive worlds are amazing, because they look so real and functioning that one could easily live there, work, eat, sleep, make friends, have a family there. One could live and die in that fictional world.

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Can you achieve that level of immersion? Yes, of course. Here are three important characteristics of immersive worlds:

1. Functional:

Realistic worlds have systems, like government, economy, justice, diplomacy, military, police force, rules, religion, culture, society, education, healthcare, energy, water and food supply, public transportation, housing, technology, media… Even if you are creating an anarchic city or a post apocalyptic survivor bunker, systems still need to exist (not necessarily good or fair).

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2. Routine:

Create a routine for your characters within this fictional world. They must eat, they must take a shower, they must work, they must learn. Routine is natural for everyone, we all live in routines. If readers can recognize the routine of characters, a natural empathy will pull them into the story. It’s also important to give your characters a place of their own, a place to sleep, a place to work, a place for shopping and a place for fun.

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3. Senses:

Create a sensory experience. Explore the five senses. Let the reader see, smell, touch, hear, and taste. Describe your environment using the five senses. This will pull your reader right into the scene, not as a far away spectator, but as a living part of that world. Let us see the colors, and feel the wind, and hear the birds, and taste the food, and smell the protagonist’s perfume.

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Try applying these three characteristics to your fictional world.


I love things that allow me to escape. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is the ultimate escape, isn’t it? Actually, my taste in this industry has been very much about that theme: escaping into a different world. It is maybe why I have been doing historical fiction, because it is a totally different world to the one we inhabit now. I like to be transported. I go to the cinema to be transported, taken away from my own life for two hours. Same with theater, so I suppose that is a recurring theme.

I’m so fucking SICK of seeing movies and Tv shows where a woman and a man spend like 8 seconds in the same scene and just like that people ship it, or it’s already plausible that they could be a couple. Like they could have the most forced chemistry in the universe and people would still look at them and say that it’s “true love” or some bullshit like that
And yet, two people of the same gender with realistic build up, crazy chemistry and an actual basis for a fucking relationship are passed off as some delusion of messed up fans
I’m not even talking about MY ships here, it’s just complete insanity that people are apparently sooooo accepting of LGBTQIA people in the real world but what? Fictional, realistic, not-your-stereotypical-camp-gay-friend characters are just waaaaay too over the line for people??? Lmao what?
“Me work mate’s gay but nah I don’t like to watch that sort of stuff”
Is the world still so set against anything non-heterosexual that we can’t even admit to the idea of a gay character without calling it “shoving it down my throat”? Are we really still that fucked up?
Let’s talk about how some people think Harley and Joker are an amazing couple just for a sec (I’m talking just the movie) people literally favour two psychopaths in an abusive relationship over two people who are the same sex. Lmao ok.
I’m just so ANGRY about this and so sad and I thought it was just a johnlock thing but it’s not and I’m tired of it I’m tired of queer baiting and of fans being accused of “trivialising” LGBTQIA representation because actual LGBTQIA people just want some fucking proof that we EXIST away from our own communities jfc is it so much to ask that you don’t sweep us under the rug or pass us off as moronic and delusional
I’m not trying to shit all over other people’s ships, ship whoever you want I don’t care, it’s just really devastating that even though I will gladly grant that right to anyone, I’ll still get made fun of for wanting to believe that some writer out there is finally going to make it happen one day, and that it’ll be glorious
The difference is that in the meantime I have to wait until someone deigns to validate my ideas and my sexuality while you can live soundly in the knowledge that if a man and woman share a screen it’s almost guaranteed that something can or will happen (with the exception of family members ofc)
In closing, I am tired and bitter about this world

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Did u see that Instagram video a while ago "have u ever seen a pregnant lady float"? I can see Nathan walking out in the backyard seeing y/n trying to float in their backyard pool and smiling and laughing. Then y/n would make him help her float

omg i could totally see that. 

You’d be desperately set on floating because if Nathan can make the impossible happen by breaking world records and getting medals why can’t you do one simple thing like float? You’d maybe spend upwards to an hour just trying to float and talking to yourself about how it shouldn’t be that hard. Nathan would come home from practice and silently sneak up on you because you would be so focused on just doing this one easy thing, and to anyone else you’d look crazy but Nathan just laughs and when you see him you blush kind of embarrassed. But then Nathan comments on how he thinks your doing it all wrong, and you say “why don’t you get in here and show me then” and you’d kind of have this attitude, “like it’s not that easy.” So he’d get in a try to help you and you’d spend like another half hour in there, him trying to help you and wondering why it’s not working, “you must be defective” he would joke so you’d hit him. But then he’d say “i have an idea” and he would just hold your back as you lay in the water trying to float and you both kind of laugh bc it’s like ugh good enough for government work ugh GOSH lol 

I’m going to tell you a story about love, about people I notice in my daily life. It starts in a city, it doesn’t really matter which one… please imagine it is yours. It’s a stroll through my mind and some of it may seem random, but know it’s about him and it’s about her it’s about you and it’s about me….it’s about what I feel and what I see. Some will be fiction and some will be heartbreakingly real. I hope you enjoy.
—  A.R. Asher

you were an illusion
from the beginning
reminiscent of a dream
but in reality a nightmare
created from serenity

a field of lilacs
all in my head

and I believed myself

but the real you
soon became clear to me
when I really looked
and your eyes were not
green but a black hole
that dared to pull me in
if I saw you any longer

—  Leigh, day 330

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Question do you know of JaxBlade at all he also Does workouts based on Fictional Characters as well and Loves DBZ and One Punch Man I feel like you two would be Bros haha check him out if you got the chance


My Number 1 Disciple JaxBlade?!

This guy right here?! 

Yeah. I’m familiar with him.