they are fictional but their love is real

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You would cause “UGH HOW CAN SHE SIDE WITH ToNy StArK of all people?! He is a BAD™ and she still supports him? Problematic!” Discourse. (Not that I agree with any of that. I love Tony!)

real. REAL. with a side of people completely erasing my agency in meta about how i’m in fact Being Manipulated By Tony Stank and that’s why i like him

(if i were a fictional character, what kind of Discourse would i cause?)

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Ramsay Bolton is one of your favourite characters? Would you mind talking about that a little bit? I'm curious.

1) Because I just do

2) Ramsay is big boi

3) I love Theon/Reek. Reek needs Ramsay and Ramsay needs Reek

4) Ramsay is psychologically fascinating

5) Thramsay is psychologically fascinating

6) Love the metas people do on Ramsay and his relationship with his dad and with Theon/Reek

7) Ramsay is entertaining despite being evil whereas Joffrey is annoyingly evil

8) I don’t apply real-life morals to a fictional world. I apply the morals of that world to the characters. I’ll give an example in the vampire diaries it’s normal to kill innocents. Because killing is normal in that world, I won’t hold a black mark against a character for killing someone innocent. If I do hold a black mark it’s not because of any moral reason, it’s because they killed a character I liked.

9) So how I view Ramsay’s crimes in the context of GOT is different to how I’d view them if he was real. I’d probably dislike him if he was real. Ramsay does go a bit further than other characters in GOT, but honestly? Not that much further.

10) Thramsay fanfictions

11) Ramsay is ugly - Don’t ask me why that makes him more endearing to me it just does.

12) A part of me does feel sorry for Ramsay, feels sorry that he’s fucked up, feels sorry that he must not have been raised right, feels sorry that his dad doesn’t love him.

13) Iwan Rheon and his acting

14) ‘Do you love me, Reek?’ ‘Of course my lord.’ See Reek loves Ramsay and so do I :P

15) Ramsay and his relationships is something that can be explored and meta’d. I don’t really meta Ramsay, but I’m more drawn to characters I can analyze, or read other people’s analysis because of their backstory/psychological problems than neurotypical characters.

16) I despise the things Ramsay has done from a real-life perspective. From the moral compass of GOT? I just cringe a little.

17) His pale blue eyes

18) How he sees love which adds to the psychological fascination 

19) The fact that he’s addicted to what Reek provides him, which is fear, worship, and obedience. Which Ramsay sees as love.

20) That he wants “love” but doesn’t want to give it, because he also sees love as being respected, why would he want to give worship, obedience, and respect to those he sees as less than him? This ties in with Ramsay being a narcissist. 

21) His childish temper tantrums

22) The messed up way he forms emotional attachments

23) His delusions. Like telling others his mom and dad met on romantic terms and believing first Reek was a token of his father’s love for him. People have done some good metas on why that was important for Ramsay and for his parents to have met on romantic terms and for his dad to love him. But in a nutshell, it all ties in with Ramsay wanting what he believes to be his birthright. If his father loves him, it means his father respects him, if his father respects him it reinforces Ramsay’s delusions of grandeur, again tying into the narcissism. Now I could be wrong about that. This also is why Ramsay tortured Theon because Theon reminded him too much of aspects of himself he was in denial about.

24) Ramsay Bolton crack videos on YouTube

Thank you, anon for the ask :)

Nineteen Years Later

After dropping the kids off at King’s Cross, Harry and Ginny head back to the taxi with Lily.

“I hope he remembered to pack that new underwear I got him,” Ginny says, fidgeting with the seatbelt. It’s one of the few Muggle contraptions that are still a complete mystery for her; no wizarding form of transportation uses seatbelts. Her daughter helps her, rolling her eyes. “It was lying out on his bed this morning.”

“If he does, we can just owl it to him with a howler screaming, ‘YOU FORGOT YOUR UNDERWEAR!’ A great way to make new friends.” Harry glances at the teeming parking behind him as the cab inches away. “Wonder why King’s Cross was so packed with Muggles today. It’s not usually this crowded.”

Ginny stares at him. “Harry, it’s because of you.”


“Those books about you. The Muggles love them. They came here because they knew we’d be here today.”

“I don’t understand,” Harry says. “The Muggles think those books are fiction. Why would they come all the way out here if they don’t believe I’m real?”

Ginny lays her hand on his arm, and the twinkle in her eyes reminds him of someone he knew long ago. “Well, as someone wise once said, just because it’s happening inside their heads doesn’t mean it’s not real.”

Anne: “I went looking for my ideals outside of myself. I discovered it’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it. The dreams dearest to my heart are right here.”

Gilbert: “Well, I hope you keep on dreaming. It’ll be three years before I finish medical school. Even then, there won’t be any diamond sunbursts or marble halls.”

Anne: “I don’t want sunbursts or marble halls. I just want you.”

fuck it im stealing this post from marauders4ever (here’s why fuck her) here’s a post by our iconic tara posted on the 27th of august this year (2017)

I guess nobody remembered that I was on FictionPress, too.

So, hi. I’m the girl you all knew as Tara. My account really was hacked (twice!), once in 2006 and again in 2009. As of 2017, Support still doesn’t answer my requests to regain it, although I can’t say I blame them. They’re probably scared I’ll flood their site with poorly written sex scenes again.

I’m lucky the hackers never migrated to this account, considering it had the exact same login credentials. (They’ve since been changed, don’t worry.)

I’ll let the account’s creation date speak as to whether it’s legitimate or not.

Thank you all so, so much for keeping My Immortal alive over the years. You fill my heart with so much love. (Preppy moment, oops.)

That’s about all I have to say for now.

Because I’ve received several messages asking this, and predict I may receive more, I’ll answer it here. No, I am not Lani Sarem. Really bad fiction simply tends to read the same. No, I’m not on Facebook. Or Deviantart. Or MySpace. Or Youtube. (Etc.) I am on Tumblr. But I use my real name there, and it’s not Tara.

I knew what true love would feel like. Or maybe sound like and look like. I’ve read about it in books all my life, I’ve watched it in movies. And I was expecting something just like what I read. And then last night you said something. It wasn’t anything like those books. It wasn’t romantic or poetic or anything. But those words were dripping with love, and those words were full of feelings, real, true, heartfelt feelings. And I fell for you all over again. I thought I know how to love, but you inspire me still. I can’t say I’ve fallen in love, but one thing is sure, I’ve found love in you. I’d read about men like you, and love like ours, but that was fiction. I didn’t know it can exist, or yes maybe I hoped it can, but I didn’t entirely believe in it. But yes it does. And all I can be is thankful to have no one, but you in my life. But it breaks my heart to know I am not yours to keep, neither are you mine to be. And all I wish is that you find someone you truly deserve and someone who’s worth you. Because you are the kind of person who’d love the f*ck outta her, and that is also what you deserve in return. I am grateful, that the universe let your soul stop by, even if it was just for a short while.
—  nidhibhasin 

“It doesn’t happen every day, when you’re acting, that “magic” on set, but it did that day. And I think part of it was because the camera was circling around us, and it was really just Tatiana and I connecting, and every take was different, but it was the- the fiction making reality. The scene, it- it felt… real. There was something- our connection as actors and as characters just sort of… [pause] yeah, just, on fire. And so, that was one of the most beautiful, and intense, and magical moments of my career.” - Evelyne Brochu

“The combination of Helen Shaver’s direction and insight; our camera operator Sean’s energy; and the privacy we got to have in that scene, where the camera is swirling around us…it just felt so right. It was internal, it was private, and it was felt as opposed to looked at. Felt very empowering to explore the love of these two women this way.” - Tatiana Maslany

This is for you..

This is for you.

This is for the crazy idiots like me who are called nerds.

Who hardly talk to anyone.

Who use their headphones not only to listen to music but also to avoid people.

Who sit in a corner of a room filled with people.

Who always have their phones on silent modes.

Whose notes are filled with plot ideas.

Whose back pages of books are the places where the quotes are scribbled.

Who are often mistaken as rude or arrogant cause they don’t talk much.

Who think reality is stupid.

Who find escape in words.

Who love to stay alone.

Who think.

Who read.

Who write.

Who love fictional characters more than real people.

Who always have a story in their mind.

Who haven’t even held a hand of a guy, but write cutest romance.

Who don’t tell their parents that they write.

Who are waiting for someone special.

Who believe in true love.

Who ignore the world with a book.

Who block everyone when they are sad.

Who smile like they haven’t been crying last night.

Who lead the world of their own imagination.

Who are introverts and crazy.

Who are in their own little bubble which is so big..

This is for all of you!


Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: One-Shot

Warnings: Some language and explicit sexual content. But overall, just pure fluff. :) 

Word Count: 1,370

Summary: You’ve got some explicit rules for watching Marvel movies with Tom, specifically ones that he’s in. But he has other plans.

A/N: Fun fluff that popped into my head while watching the Avengers a few days ago. Enjoy ;) (Not my gif!)

Originally posted by hiddelstonwife

“What are the rules?” You ask, shoving a handful of popcorn in your mouth as you plopped on the couch.

“Darling, I hardly think this is necessary.” Tom argued, dimming the lights from across the room. 

 “Ah, ah. Rules, Hiddleston.”

 Tom sighed. “No quoting the movie during the movie. No explaining how a scene was made during the movie. No watching of Y/N’s face during my favorite scenes to gauge a reaction.” 

 “Aaandddd…?” You sung out, reaching for another handful of popcorn. 

 “No talking during the movie.” Tom grumbled, finally getting comfortable next to you on the couch. You grinned. 

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“The actress and American Cinematheque honoree pulls off the “toughest act” in show business.The toughest act in show business is how to maintain your core central living self while submitting yourself to not only the (sometimes) alien persona of a fictional character but to the relentless forensics that is modern showbiz promotional flogging.Amy has cannily managed this better than most, partly because of her unflagging, good-natured work ethic, but mostly because of a level-headed, uninflated sense of herself, her priorities and what is real and what is bullshit. She has a geiger counter of a bullshit meter, and for such a polite person is not afraid to hold it up to the bloated face of this business and let us all hear the ticking as loud as she does. She won’t perform what is not real, and she won’t say what is not true.I have seen her hold back so as not to hurt feelings, and I have seen her curtail her tongue when it could (should?) give a lashing, but she makes her point as much with what she doesn’t as what she does say.She is a sturdy girl, and a woman of many imaginative gifts: The combo should take her to as long, long, long a career as she can stand to give us.“ - Meryl Streep

“To act with her was to forget everything I was trying to do. I was lost. Lost in her eyes, lost in her talent.” - Tom Hanks on working with Amy Adams.

Jake Gyllenhaal calls Amy Adams’’s work, “a mind-bending study on versatility. She’s a vessel for truth. She’s a wonderful person- full of grace. Tonight, we honor a unicorn. A virtuoso talent with serious chops.”

“She’s so EFFING talented. Growing up with her movies filled me with so much. You see everything. I am so lucky to have been seen by you. You’re so far from regular.” - Kristen Stewart

“She broke our hearts with authenticity and humanity. ARRIVAL owes every bit of its success to Amy. She wrote soul to the movie. She’s an angel to me.” - Denis Villeneuve

“I thought the director had caught lightning in a bottle- the lightning was Amy Adams. She saw something no one else had seen. You’re one of the most spectacular actors of this generation.” - Chris Messina

“That woman looking sweet and innoncent over there…turns into a beast when she gets anywhere near a karaoke machine. This side of Amy still frightens me to this day.”  - Justin Timberlake

“She somehow maintains that incredible vulnerability. I thank you, Amy, for being such an incredible colleague. Like a lot of moviegoers, I love Amy Adams.” - Natalie Portman

“The fact that you’re still searching for meaning and for significance is a great inspiration to me.” - Michael Shannon

;lit me up (m)

pairing— kim namjoon x reader, author! namjoon
genre/warnings— smut, slight angst, romance
words— 9,222

:: summary— you find yourself becoming captivated by a mysterious, handsome author, but you may have bitten off more than you can chew…

note— extracts taken from the bts highlight reels, found here and the serendipity lyrics, found here. Inspired by the song found here.

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