they are exactly like that

Okay so like can we acknowledge the fact that The Doctor met an emporer made of algae once and that he fancied him???? like thank you Doctor Who for casually dropping that bit of information but like exCUSE ME GIVE ME BACKSTORY PLEASE

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What kills me about Snaggleton is that he reninds me of the old hannah-barbara cartoons so i always imagine him in those scenes (like the infamous long tongued character having their tongue pulled down and it shoots up and rolls in their mouth like old-school blinds on a window scene)

excuse the crappy animation but omg this is probably my favorite message ive gotten abt snag……. wa.… ..thank you kind anon,,,


One of the many details I love about the Outlander novels is how they put a very human face on what would otherwise be dry historical events. And teach us small facts that truly transport us to the eighteenth century - not just the details of daily life, but of politics. And we see that things were just as complicated - and contradictory - then as they are now.

I’d heard Bree and Roger arguing the point—why any of the Highlanders, who had suffered so much under English rule, should have fought on the English side, as many of them eventually would.  

      “Because,” Roger had said patiently, “they had something to lose, and damn little to gain. And—of all people—they knew exactly what it was like to fight against the English. Ye think folk who lived through Cumberland’s cleansing of the Highlands, made it to America, and rebuilt their lives from nothing were eager to live through all that again ?”  

      “But surely they’ll want to fight for freedom,” Bree had protested. He looked at her cynically.  

      “They have freedom, a great deal more than they’ve ever seen in Scotland. They risk losing it in the event of a war—and they know that very well. And then, of course,” he’d added, “nearly all of them have sworn an oath of loyalty to the Crown. They’d not break it lightly, surely not for something that looked like one more wild-eyed—and doubtless short-lived—political upheaval.”

– Drums of Autumn


As they got to the house Teddy felt a sense of arriving at home which was strange because the house was nothing but weeds and uncut grass. It was pretty run down, but he could see that with work it would turn into a beautiful family home. 

“ So this place has been on the market for months, there’s nothing wrong with it its just that people find it hard to imagine a home since it needs to much work, you know.” 

“ Really” Teddy said surprised. 

“ I can see a family home immediately, I guess if you cut the grass a bit you’d be able to imagine it more?” 

“ Well for whatever reason noone i have ever shown this house has taken much of a liking to it.” 

Teddy couldn’t believe it the house was perfect exactly what he had imagined and more.. “ Look I really like this house, and I would like to buy it but i need to bring my girlfriend and see what she thinks? I’m coming back here next week and i will tell you if i want to buy it then is that okay?” He did want to buy it right there, but he wanted to get Kaia’s opinion on it before he bought it. 

“ Of course, I don’t think it will be going anywhere” she laughed. 

when you buy something used, please clean it energetically. also do that with “gifts” from people you don’t fully trust.

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There's nothing wrong with people believing it's a fly, but people have found an almost identical design of a bee. The antennas match, the furry legs match, the body shape matches. If he intended to get a fly, he got one that looks exactly like a bee.

It doesn’t matter what it actually is if it looks like a bee that’s the point lmao

You can see a fly or a dog or the face of X*nder in that tattoo for all I care but just the fact that there is a possibility of it being a bee should tell you something cause you may think they’re tired of these evil Larries and their crazy theories after all this time and all the coincidences surrounding their tattos but H is out there with a huge monster on his arm which seems to look a lot like those animals which are out there making honey.

after all the fandom, i guess you could say, buzz about him getting a bee tattoo this isn’t a coincidence it’s the dagger all over again

Since Darkiplier is canonically manipulative, I’m really attached to the idea of him using Antisepticeye for his own gain under the guise of becoming close friends with a shared goal. Although I’m not exactly sure how the story would end. Most likely with one of them brutally murdering the other.

Which one would depend on whether Anti fell for Dark’s manipulation, forming a good relationship with him only to get stabbed in the back (in this case, Anti dies), or if he’s smarter than that, or simply has no qualms about suddenly cutting ties with people he previously liked (in this case, Dark dies).

They’re both good options.

@thefancyspin replied to your post “ep 3 in s3: we were introduced to sonja by then, we knew of isak’s…”

right?? even though we have now met sana’s mum, and brother, and everything’s been laid out - I still feel so in the dark?? how?? sana?? helloooo??

exactly!!!!!!!!!! like …………… sana’s always been the observant one, and i guess that 100% true for her being observant towards others, and stuff that is happening in their life. but as for herself? she’s so oblivious to it all right now? not doubting anything. and i know this is biased because “well, of course WE know there’s drama, she doesn’t”, but ……………… 3 eps in …. things are FAR FAR too chill? and …. it just feels like there’s SOMETHING ….. hidden. that we don’t know about. and that if that comes out. it’s gonna reek havoc. 

I really love Ariana Grande but I can’t watch that girl on YouTube that tries to look and speak exactly like her anymore because it weirds me out. But to each his own!!!!

Liminal spaces — Malaysia

So @fightingfish and I came up with this discussion about liminal spaces in Malaysia, like. And we kind of realized a few things:

  • Unlike in the US, hypermarkets like Tesco and Giant aren’t exactly liminal spaces, because the employees stamp their own identity and personality in these spaces. Maybe in some poorly-visited areas of the hypermarket? But not at the cash areas, the produce areas, or that serve foods.
  • That being said, probably some hardware large hardware stores, some art supplies stores used for wedding supplies.
  • University Malaya Medical Centre, specifically some corridors.
  • Not mosques, especially some mosques like Masjid Bulat Seksyen 14 have given me the opposite of liminality. But suraus, the Muslim equivalent of chapels, yes. Unless that surau is made a community center, where there’s daycare, or teaching.
  • Large parts of schools during school holidays, except the places where they do extracurricular activities.
  • Large parts of Kuala Lumpur during Chinese New Year, and to be fair, Hari Raya 😂  (less of this these days, though, because we’re seeing people who’ve lived and consider Kuala Lumpur their home for generations).
  • Oil palm plantations, some service roads, or, basically places where you’d go if you were a horny couple and didn’t have a place to have sex.
  • Highway stops and R&Rs, almost with no exception. Yeah, even the large ones like the Restoran Jejantas.
  • Overhead pedestrian crossings, especially across train tracks.
  • Most of Publika outside of the heavily trafficked areas and the art installations.
  • Some public parks (an example would have been parks like Taman Aman. Interestingly enough, Taman Jaya during the time Pokémon Go actually had its liminality banished due to the large numbers of people trooping through the park to get a Pikachu, but… I don’t know? It certainly felt surreal gaming there).
  • Old rural train stations (a famous example would have been depicted in Lat’s Mat Som, i.e. Stesen Keretapi Tanjung Malim).

Actually, that last example is instructive, in which that scene, the punks who were with Mat Som called the train stop itself “tempat jin bertandang” (i.e. the place where spirits dwell / hang out).

Anyway. That’s some of what I’ve got. Let’s talk more about these places, @keiyoshi, @horusporus, @grrraknil, @maybethings, @anneemay, @radio-charlie, @mindscalpel, @were-cow, @melissaeliias, @jhameia, @pekorosu, other Malaysians?

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What is your fave fic, your fave fic that you've written and your fave gifset ;)

Oh wow, that is a very tough question. I don’t have ONE fave fic, but I do love “Fickle Fortune” by @robronalways a lot, also the deaf Au fics by @sapphicsugden or “What lies underneath” a teacher/Parent AU by @escapingreality51

And the favorite fic I’ve written? Well, I stil have a lot of love for “100 ways to say I love you” because it has been such a big part of my life and my start in this fandom. But I also really like “Kick” because I felt like it actually turned out exactly how I wanted it to. And I’ve written a fic “proposal” back in May 2016 where Aaron proposed to Robert, I don’t think many people liked it, but I do ;)

My favorite gifset is this one, because it just shows their relationship so well and I just fall in love with the boys all over again whenever I look at it.

But I love a lot of gifsets. The gifmakers in this fandom are incredibly talented and creative.

Anonymous Asks will be turned off.

I’m sorry I’m turning off the anonymous ask option again. Because every time I give y'all the anonymous option, the same brat pops up again (probably the same kid that hated levlani) and kills my drive to draw Collie by demanding more shit from me I don’t get paid to do. It’s like, they know exactly when I’m ready to post more collie and then drop a “Why don’t you post collie anymore you’re all about this other character now blah fucking blah.” And then it just destroys my Collie drive and I don’t draw her for a while. So that person seems to only act tough behind the anonymous shield and I don’t feel like dealing with their shit. So I apologize for this, you can blame the kid that was blowing up my ask with that shit.

I just want to relieve a little stress before I go to bed but one of my housemates is in the living room which shares a wall with my room and like I’m not exactly sure how loud this thing is but I’m willing to bet that it’s at least slightly audible from the next room over unless my housemate is wearing headphones. so really my question here is how much shame do I have

activity psa

hello yes im sorry I’ve been so inactive lately, ballet is getting very busy and school is getting busier with the last quarter coming to a close and like. with Alice in Wonderland performances coming in exactly a month as well as our end of year showcase (which I have a main part in) I’m just a ball of anxiety ahahahahhaa hahaha

im also just a straight up ball (i just accidentally typed that as “ballet” I’m such a nerd) of emotions lately cause I’m graduating next year and one of my good friends is graduating this year, and I’m realizing some of the people I’m seeing now I’m never gonna see again so :/ im just yeah. exhausted with everything going on and don’t really have time for putting my energy into roleplaying.

i know my presence is not really “missed” persay but I still feel like I owe some sort of explanation so that you guys don’t think I’m just bored and/or lazy, or even losing my love for tolkien. i assure you guys that I miss being more active here and that I still love you all and i wish that I could be more active like before. unfortunately though, you all know what it’s like being 17 and having to go through the end of junior year and beginning to make decisions about your immediate future and the stress that comes with it… so yeah. when ballet and school are out im gonna have quite a while before the SFB summer intensive begins though so !! I’m gonna have literally nothing to do then cause I have no social life so yeah