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My question pertains to the supposed conflict between body positivity and transitioning. To be specific: I’m a trans guy, pre-everything but keen to transition, and I have a gender-fluid friend who is very much against it. Her viewpoint is that to do so is to succumb to one’s symptoms (dysphoria) rather than to accept oneself in a more ‘natural,’ body-positive way. Do you think having body positivity is mutually exclusive with wanting to transition? Is it exclusive with having dysphoria? Thanks.

I must admit, this is a question I spent some time torturing myself about! In general, I strongly believe avoiding negative emotions is no recipe for success. On the contrary, there is good evidence that mental health and life satisfaction is tied to being able to experience and not run from the difficult feelings as well as the positive ones. In fact, what we tend to find is that the more you avoid a specific emotion, the more in the end you will feel that emotion. For example, if you are afraid of spiders, running away each time you see one will make this fear worse. Instead, if you don’t want to live in fear of spiders, you must experience the fear of hanging out with one. (Find a friendly one, ideally :) )

So was undergoing a physical transition an example of unhealthy emotional avoidance, I asked myself? I didn’t want to be someone who would run from the difficult stuff. And if it was avoidance, wouldn’t logic tell me that it wouldn’t really help with my dysphoria anyway?

Well, we have some research now that answers this question. We find that for people who feel a desire to transition physically (and of course this isn’t all trans people, but for those who do), they see broad mental health benefits from doing so – with decreases in depression, eating disorders, and suicidality, and increases in body satisfaction. Further, they experience these improvements even if it doesn’t change how others perceive their gender, indicating physical transition can improve one’s relationship with their own body regardless of what the world thinks. Given these positive outcomes, I have to conclude that choosing to physically transition is different from choosing to avoid negative emotions.

Finally, I can also personally say that transitioning did not at all end up feeling like “succumbing” to anything, but instead felt like embracing a path that was challenging in its own right, but immensely gratifying in sum. And to be clear, there will always be aspects of my body that I cannot change in the ways I’d like, so gender dysphoria never fully disappeared anyway, but with it so much diminished, I can focus my attention on other more important aspects of life which I value.

You will have to make your own decision about what and when feels right to you. But for many people including myself, body positivity and transition have gone together, and are not at all at odds.

I hope your friend will support you regardless of what you decide is right for you. You know, it wasn’t that long ago that we pressured all trans people to “fully” transition, and I know this still happens in certain spheres. I think it is super important that folks who don’t feel that physical transition is right for them, regardless of the reason, are not judged and still fully affirmed, respected, and celebrated in the trans/nb community. But I similarly I believe it is crucial that we don’t judge those who do have a need to transition for accessing that care. This is not cosmetic surgery we are talking about. This is care that has been life-giving for many.

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Can you do a tutorial on how you do your anatomy in your art plz ٩( 'ω' )و

I don’t think I’m the best person to ask since my anatomy it’s rather simple but I’ll give it a try

Something really important I do when drawing a body it’s trying to reduce everything with simple shapes and, if needed ony then add details and clean everything up. In this particoulary sketch I drew the red part using soft shapes (circles, ovals, curves) and the blue parts using hard shapes (squares, rectangles, trapeses). But it’s no rule, it really depends on what I want the character to look like.

Something I really sruggled (and still do truggle) at was drawing more masculine characters so later on I tried with two differents body schemes. They are just the base of the body, I choose one or another basing me on if I want the character to look more masculine or feminine then I change it to match the character bodytipe. This doesn’t mean you can’t draw a female with the second scheme and vice versa.

Another very userful thing are the movment lines, they are the first thing you should draw when you draw a body. They are basicaly there to give you a more visual feeling of the character pose or bodylanguage.

Hope this help sorry if it isn’t what you expected ^^”

don’t you see?
i don’t just want you
i want us

i want the sleepy good morning kisses, before you leave for work
and i’m not even awake enough to kiss back
but i can still feel you there before you’re gone
i want the insecurity, yours and mine
when the anxiety doesn’t let us believe the kind and truthful words we say
but we still say them anyway
i want the waiting, waiting for you to come home
waiting to get off of work so i can text you about my day
waiting for your phone call so i can hear your voice
waiting for you
i want the arguments, knowing everything is going to be okay in the end
because we loved each other more than anything
because we’d never let a little fight come between us
i want the long days
and the even longer nights
i want to make out in the back of your car like horny teenagers
and i want weekly dinner dates like an old married couple
and i want to be in bed by eight pm like old people in love
i want you to tell me when i’m being a bitch
i want to be able to tell you when you’re being a bitch
i want honestly
i want serious talks about our future
and the things we’re afraid of
and the things we’ve never talked about before
i want a best friend
someone i can confide in
someone who builds me up
someone who stays by my side while i put myself back together
i want to be your best friend
someone to cheer you on
someone to support you
someone to hold your hand while you walk through the storm so you won’t be alone
i want it all
the good
the bad
the ugly
the moments we’d rather forget
and the moments we’ll never, ever forget
i want memories that will last us a lifetime
i want a love that could rival the big screen
one that nicholas sparks could only dream about writing
i want everyday to feel like a dream come true
i want
all of you
i want the parts of you that you don’t even want
and i want you to want me
all of me
i want to be fearlessly
and forever
in love with you
—  now what do you want?
(cc, 2017)

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hi! can you recommend me any videos and songs to help me get into monsta x more? thanks 💖


so i made a video compilation list of all their variety shows since NO MERCY and including NO MERCY that you can check out here

i’d also like to add in this cute special clip of theirs for monbebe world lol and alternatively any of their special clips from vlive (indicated with [S]) are great to watch plus their vlive in general is great just look through everything lol

they were also on idol battle likes, and fan heart attack idol tv and weekly idol ~

as for songs if you don’t want to just listen to the audio, they have numerous special clips (SC) and self mv’s (SMV) of their non-title tracks:

honestly (SC) | amen (SC) | perfect girl (SMV) | gone bad (SMV) | unfair love (SMV) | stuck (SC) | white sugar (sweetheart) (SC) | rollercoaster (SMV) | white love (SC) 

then they also did stuff outside monsta x which i particularly like: 

get low - jooheon/mad clown 

이대로도 예뻐 - kihyun/I.M (cover)

0 (young) - mad clown/giriboy/jooyoung ft. wonho, I.M, jooheon, kihyun & seokwon (he was an eliminated trainee from NO MERCY) 

히읗 - Nochang, Junggigo, Vasco ft. hyungwon, shownu, minhyuk, yoonho, and #GUN [pronounced sharp gun] (yoonho and #GUN were eliminated trainees from NO MERCY)

rappin - jooheon (mixtape) 

rhythm - jooheon (mixtape)

flower cafe - jooheon ft. I.M/sam ock

who am i - I.M (mixtape)

love wishes - kihyun/junggigo/mad clown/yu seongwoo/brother su/hyungseong

you were beautiful - yu seungwoo ft crucial star* (where he sings in it)

whatever - yu seungwoo ft. crucial star*

only you (bigbang cover) - kihyun/yu seungwoo

she was so pretty - kihyun (one more step OST)

tiger moth - monsta x (louis shopaholic OST) [acoustic ver.]

madeleine - I.M/brother su ft. j han

do it better - Y-TEEN (monsta x/wjsn)

pillow - soyou (sistar), giriboy ft kihyun

coach me - san e, hyolyn (sistar) ft. jooheon

you call it romance - k.will ft. davichi**

softly - starship planet (monsta x)***

*kihyun starred in the music video(s) and sang a bit

**hyungwon only starred in the music video(s)

i think this is everything in terms of their non-monsta x stuff but i’ll keep this updated if i find anything else !

***added songs

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Percival Graves’ no. 1 piece of advice on how to get your crush to notice you: seductively wipe mustard off her lip

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Woozi scenario please where you get into a huge fight with each other. You ignore each other until it leads to rough make up sex

hope you like what I came up with! 😘 ♥

The whole morning had been a bit tense for you and Jihoon. You were both on the grumpier side and neither seemed to have slept well enough, and everything seemed to tick you off, to the point where you couldn’t hold your tongue as well as you had wanted to.

You were eating breakfast, and you were telling Jihoon about your upcoming event at the university you attended, which would be important for you. He was scrolling something on his phone, which already had you gritting your teeth, but what annoyed you even more were his constant, disinterested “mmh”s and small nods.

It was obvious that he heard you, but he wasn’t listening.

“I was going to ask if you wanted to come with me, but you clearly don’t care, so whatever,” you grumbled and continued eating your cereal with your eyebrows furrowed and anger starting to bubble within you.

It only needed a trigger.


There it was.

Your body tensed all over as you clenched your teeth at the sound that came from your boyfriend, which only further proved that he wasn’t listening to you in the least. You put your spoon down with a clank that finally had Jihoon’s gaze moving from his phone screen to you.

“You know, some boyfriends at least know how to act like they’re listening. You, on the other hand, are not even trying,” you said in annoyance and stood up to take your bowl to the sink, your free hand balling into a tight fist in an attempt to contain the anger you were feeling.

Jihoon frowned and turned to look at you. “What, you want me to act like I listen and then ask about it later because I didn’t catch a thing? Isn’t that dumb?”

The glare you threw at him was venomous. “I don’t fucking know, maybe? But I hate talking about something that’s important to me when it’s obvious you don’t care enough to listen, not even with half an ear.”

Jihoon sighed. “Y/N, please. It’s early in the morning and I’m tired, and–”

You crossed your arms by your chest and quirked an eyebrow. “But I have to be interested and attentive when you talk about your compositions at 6 in the morning and expect me to give detailed feedback?”

“Well, kinda?” Jihoon frowned and thought for a moment. “Why are you comparing my job to your… whatever?”

Resisting the urge to slam your hands into  the counter, you stormed into your bedroom to change your clothes, your steps loud as you went and your voice clear yet audibly pissed. “That whatever is the presentation of my thesis, but thanks for caring, you… ugh!

Jihoon remained silent - he realized how big of a thing that was to you and in general - and returned to drink his coffee, feeling slightly remorseful yet annoyed. You changed your clothes while cursing him under your breath, and fought back the tears of anger and frustration. It was the morning, and the last thing you wanted to do so early was to cry.

You washed your face and did your make-up with gritted teeth and deep breaths that eventually calmed you down a little, although your thoughts continued revolving around just how angry you were, which then again did not calm you down in the least.

“What a prick,” you muttered while grabbing your bag from by your nightstand and making sure it had everything necessary. When you exited the bedroom, all ready to go to your lecture, you saw Jihoon still sitting by the kitchen table, scrolling on his phone with his coffee cup (probably empty by then) still in front of him.

You didn’t trust your tongue enough to speak, so rather than saying anything, you got dressed in silence and left with the door slamming loudly behind you.

At that, Jihoon jolted a little, and took a glance at the door. He sighed and put his phone down, after which he massaged his temples. “This is definitely a Monday.”

When you got home later that day, Jihoon wasn’t there. It annoyed you that he wasn’t, but you also knew that you would’ve been just as annoyed if he _had been there. There was no escaping the feeling.

You tried not to wallow in it, however, and spent most of the day putting the final touches on your thesis. It had been a lot of work and finishing it up was just as tough, but you wanted it to be as good as it possibly could be. After all, it was important.

Jihoon came home closer to the evening, and while the two of you would usually greet each other when you got home, now neither of you said anything. Instead, you continued typing on your laptop and he undressed quietly. You had already eaten and from how he didn’t eat anything but supper, you figured he had eaten somewhere else, too.

While you continued working on your thesis and went on with your evening routine, Jihoon voluntarily grabbed his pillow and blanket from your bed, as well as a sheet from the closet to make himself a bit more comfortable, and brought them all to the living room couch. You watched it with a frown that by now seemed to be permanent on your face in his presence, and clenched your teeth when you started changing into your sleepwear.

What if you had wanted to sleep on the couch for a change? Why did he have to go about and take his things there without saying or asking anything? Then again, wouldn’t you have gotten even more annoyed if he had asked you?

The anger was irrational and you knew it, but at that point you didn’t care. You were angry, and the longer the situation went on, the less you could handle it, and the less you were angry about the initial reason you had gotten upset.

The next day, the tension could’ve been cut with a knife.

You made breakfast together, but without saying anything to each other. He ate by the table, while you ate by the counter, trying to let the tea you drank calm you at least a little, which was quite a difficult task with the source of your anger so painfully close.

Jihoon didn’t have anything until later in the day while you had a day off completely, so the time you had to spend under the same roof, you spent in the bedroom working on your thesis and surfing the internet, listening to music and all that, while he kept himself busy in the living room by fiddling with his phone and reading the newspaper.

When he left, you let out a sigh of relief and moved to work on the kitchen table, since it not only was more comfortable but also made you less sleepy than being in bed.

The day moved forward, and you were glad to notice that the saying “out of sight, out of mind” applied to situations other than the most common one as well, because by evening, you were about as calm as you normally were.

The very moment Jihoon came back in the evening, however, the reality dawned on you  and you could immediately feel your blood pressure rise. You still ignored each other to the best of your abilities, and in all honesty it was almost amusing to notice that since neither of you had eaten before that, you ended up cooking and eating together, although there was absolutely no communication between you.

While eating, you started feeling increasingly annoyed, not so much about the original reason you got upset, but the situation you were in. Ignoring each other was draining and annoying and it put you off that over a day later, Jihoon had yet to apologize.

“I’m tired of this,” you sighed in frustration and put your cutlery down. Jihoon barely even blinked as he continued eating. “Can’t we just talk this through?”

“I’m not the one who started this,” he said sternly and moved his gaze from his food to your eyes, his ones sharp yet tired.

You worried your lower lip between your teeth. “But you caused it.”

“It was a bad morning for both of us, alright?” Jihoon said in exasperation and pushed his plate a bit further from himself, and you did the same to yours.

“Whatever. I just want this to end, it’s fucking annoying to feel annoyed and suffocated in my own home,” you said with a sigh while glaring at Jihoon. One corner of his mouth tugged upwards a little, and you frowned. “Do you find this amusing or something?”

“No, it’s not that,” Jihoon said with a grin that didn’t leave his face even as he continued, “it’s just that you’re pretty damn hot when you’re angry. Did you know that?”

This time you felt blood rush to your cheeks for a very different reason than anger.

“T-that’s not the point,” you stammered, trying to keep your composure. What would it look like if you gave up just because he said something that took you aback? Jihoon shook his head, but the grin remained. A pout formed on your lips, with your frown ever so present on your face. “Anyway, are we done with this?”

Jihoon shrugged slowly. “I guess? I was wrong, you were wrong… you know.”

“I was not wrong,” you said sternly and stood up, your hands pressed to the table as you glared down at Jihoon. He licked his lips.

“Okay, admittedly I was the one wrong, but…” he trailed off and stood up to take a similar position as you had, and brought his face closer to yours. “…I’d like to apologize in a nicer way.”

You frowned, and only understood Jihoon’s words when he smirked.

“Makeup sex? Really?

“The best kind,” Jihoon stated blankly and moved from his side of the table to yours, and placed his hands on your hips. “Come on.”

Not answering, you leaned in for a deep kiss during which you got one hand to Jihoon’s ass and one to his hair, and it almost shocked you just how badly you wanted it - wanted him.

When you pulled back, you panted and stared into Jihoon’s eyes dazedly. “’Come’ where? We don’t need to go anywhere.”

He melted into a grin and leaned in for another heated kiss when he had spoken. “In the kitchen, huh?”

You hummed into the kiss and ran your fingers through his hair while his ran up your upper body underneath the loose T-shirt you were wearing. His touch made you tingle all over and gave you shivers, much like his teeth on your lower lip did. A quiet moan left your lips when he nibbled on your lip and his hands moved higher on your body, until they reached your breasts, which he lightly squeezed through your bra.

“Let’s get this off,” Jihoon muttered under your lips and moved his hands to your back to unhook your bra, while all you could do was nod enthusiastically.

Yes, your bra most definitely needed to come off.

While you exchanged one heated, hungry kiss after another, your clothes came off one by one, and soon you were both fiddling with the waistbands of each other’s pants and desperately trying to get them down your legs.

Once you were only in your panties, Jihoon lightly pushed you against the wall behind you, your warm back contrasting with the cold concrete in a way that had you shivering. His lips were passionate on your neck as he kissed your skin, his lips trailing down while his left hand traveled on your body. He caressed your breast for a moment, massaging and squeezing it just how he knew you liked it, before sliding his hand down your stomach.

You tensed a little when you felt Jihoon’s fingers reach the waistband of your panties, and when he stopped and chuckled, you let out a frustrated sound to urge him to move on.

“Are you getting impatient?” he asked teasingly, giving your chest a few kisses before pulling back, his fingers slowly slipping underneath the fabric of your panties.

“With your cock pressing against my leg, a little, yeah,” you mumbled, frowning a little, although it all changed into a moan when Jihoon’s fingers slid fully into your underwear and dragged along your already slightly wet slit.

He chuckled, his hips slowly grinding against you. “Good, because you’re not the only one.”

You grinned for a second, but soon focused on feeling everything that was going on when you pulled Jihoon into a kiss, full of tongue from the very moment it began, and tangled the fingers of your right hand in his hair while sliding your left hand into his boxers to stroke him from his half-hard state to a full erection.

While you worked your magic on him, Jihoon massaged your clit in gentle circles, occasionally taking some of your anticipation from your entrance to his fingers to make it all that much smoother. Not much later, you were a whimpering mess as his fingers relentlessly drew circles on your clit, unstopping all the way until you were bucking into his hand with trembling legs and stuttering that you were coming.

“That didn’t take long,” Jihoon hummed, his lips pressed to your neck, while you panted, your left hand still somewhat wrapped around his cock, now leaking some pre-cum.

You swallowed hard and nodded, trying to find some support with your hand that was in his hair. “I really needed that.”

“Clearly,” Jihoon said quietly and kissed you by your ear before dragging his wet, slick fingers from your panties to suck them clean with an appreciative sigh leaving his lips. You watched in awe, your pussy tingling at the hot sight, and licked your lips when Jihoon opened his eyes that he had shut and stared into yours. “As pretty as those panties are, they need to go.”

He fell to his knees before you had managed to even nod, and swiftly pulled your panties down, then pried your legs apart enough to give you a quick, long lick with which he caught most of your release that was pooling between your lower lips. You moaned and your hips bucked against Jihoon’s face, although he stood up without another lick, which made you pout.

“Tease,” you grunted, looking at him with a frustrated expression, to which he replied with a grin.

“You love it,” he mumbled and pulled you into a kiss, during which he moved you to the kitchen counter. He broke the kiss and got rid of his boxers, slowly grinding against your lower abdomen as he spoke. “Do you want to sit on the counter, or do you–”

“…Want you to fuck me from the back, yes,” you replied before Jihoon had even managed to get that far, and you grinned at his slightly amazed expression. You raised your eyebrows meaningfully. “I think you know what that means.”

Thinking back to every single time you had had sex with him fucking you from behind and how you had always asked him to be rough, Jihoon’s Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat and his cock twitched a little at the memories. He didn’t trust his voice enough to speak, and resorted to just nodding at you.

You stole one last hungry kiss from Jihoon, although when his hand cupped your breast, you hardly wanted to turn away, especially when he started rubbing your nipple. Eventually you forced yourself to break free and turn around, however, but were glad to notice that Jihoon’s hand found your breast again in an instant.

“Can’t keep your hands off of them,” you said in amusement, and sighed contently when Jihoon moved his cock so that it was between your legs. For a while, he merely thrust forward so that his shaft was rubbing against you, easily sliding between your lower lips - something he greatly enjoyed, and it would’ve been a lie if you had said you didn’t, too.

“Have I ever?” he chuckled and pressed his lips to your shoulder, kissing it while his breathing grew heavier with every thrust forward. With his cock so close to you and being everything you wanted and needed in that moment, you got whiny and looked back at Jihoon with a pout, which made him grin and smack your ass almost playfully, which elicited a moan from you.

“Your pouts aren’t working, baby. But luckily for you…” he said, his voice lowering to a whisper as he leaned forward to whisper by your ear, “I really need to be inside of you.”

You had barely had enough time to register the amount of satisfaction that his words would mean when he was already guiding himself to your entrance and pushing in slowly, filling you to the brim when he bottomed out with the sound of your long, slightly muffled moan echoing in his ears.

God, you feel good,” Jihoon said, breathing heavily and running his hands on your ass as he accustomed to your tight, wet heat surrounding him and even clenching around him every now and then.

Instead of replying, you wiggled your hips a little in a silent plea for Jihoon to start moving, but he did none of that. He continued massaging your breasts but kept his hips still, although it didn’t take long for him to start first rolling them slowly and then add shallow thrusting to it.

From there on, however, all your wishes and needs were fulfilled when he pulled almost all the way out, only to slide back in fast and hard, his hips slamming into yours with a loud smack of your ass.

“Fuck,” you breathed, your hands clenching into fists when Jihoon began thrusting at a relentless pace, his cock rubbing you in all the right places as it moved inside of you, and his fingers teasing your nipples in a way that nearly had your breath hitching.

Once done with that, Jihoon took your breasts snugly into his hands and fucked you with a nice twist of his hips, which had you gasping for air. Almost too soon, he moved one of his hands away from your chest, and right when you were about to whine about that, you felt him gather your hair into his hand and tug at it, roughly enough for you to enjoy it but lightly enough for it to not be unpleasant. You whimpered, and Jihoon held back a grunt when he felt you clench around him.

“Good girl,” he hummed appreciatively, and while keeping the hold of your hair tight, brought his other hand away from your chest, too, to deliver a sharp spank to your ass. The moan that left your lips was much like music to his ears, and had him thrusting even harder into you as he chased his orgasm.

You were unable to remain quiet at all anymore, not with how sensitive you were and how good it felt to have your hair pulled while Jihoon fucked you just as hard as you needed him to, not to mention the occasional spanks that only drove you further into madness.

Your second orgasm was building within you steadily, and when you could tell that Jihoon was close to his as well, you brought one of your slightly shaky hands between your legs and began rubbing circles into your swollen, hypersensitive clit. The moment your fingers met the bundle of nerves, you clenched around Jihoon, and he grunted as he thrust deep into you.

Shit,” you whimpered when you felt your orgasm start to approach you fast, and as it began washing over you, your lips were parted in a silent scream and your back arched. Jihoon watched you in awe as he continued thrusting into you, riding you through your orgasm while his own one hit him soon after, with his lips pressed to your shoulder blade and both of his hands pressed down on the kitchen counter, one of them covering yours as he squeezed it.

A few moments passed with the two of you just standing still, pressed into each other while panting, and neither of you dared to move.

Jihoon tried to catch his breath enough to speak. “Are we… good?”

You turned to look at him a little, and smiled weakly. “We’re just fine.”

He gave you a smile back and leaned forward enough to give you a peck on your temple. “I’m really sorry about yesterday morning, okay? If you still want me to join you at the presentation, I’d really like to come.”

With the tension of the past few days washing over you, you found yourself almost tear-eyed at his words. He pulled out of you and you turned around in an instant, wrapping your arms around Jihoon’s neck as you nodded.

“Of course I still want you to. I love you,” you said quietly and hid your face in Jihoon’s shoulder. You braced yourself for just a hum or something, but were surprised to hear a rare choice of words from your boyfriend.

“I love you, too,” he said just as quietly, and you took in every word carefully.

When you felt tears escaping your eyes, you sniffled with a chuckle. “Actually, never mind. I hate you.”

Jihoon chuckled and held you tightly, and as he whispered the three words you honestly got to hear all too rarely over and over again, you only held him tighter.

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Im working on a “Tattoo Collection,” here is one of the items, it has 10 swatches so far. I’ll show some other items as they get more finished lol. Its gonna take me a little while to complete everything cause college ; ___ ;  I wanted to make some fun and dangerous items.

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is it bad if i choose to draw in a more cartoon-ish style and not in a realistic style? people are always saying to draw realistically or "its not art" and it discourages me to draw. it also doesn't help that i can't draw very proportionately and i don't like my art because its terrible...

Well I guess most of my drawings aren’t art then if that’s true 

Which.. it’s not.

As I say whenever I talk about style, drawing in more than one style is a crucial and very good skill as an artist. It is good to be able to draw realistically AND to caricature people!

Also if you want to draw with more accurate proportions, break everything down into lines and basic shapes FIRST before adding any detail. Don’t draw the body in different parts at different stages - draw the WHOLE thing very rough, then again slightly cleaner, then again more with detail - making multiple passes of the entire drawing until you get the desired detail.

Part of me wants to start a separate blog that minutely categorizes every single reylo fic on ao3, and also keeps an alphabetized index. It would take an IMMENSE amount of work, but I did something similar with an original historical dressmaking blog I ran (everything was divided into clothing type, decade, fashion era, etc.) so I know how to *do* it…..I’ve just never done it with nearly 3,000 things.

And it would mean reading everything. EVERYTHING. To know which categories they go in.

BUT- would this be something you guys might find useful? Maybe we could start a small group and get cracking on something like this. The only real work would be setting up the index page, which I could do. The hard part would be reading everything and making sure it gets tagged correctly once it gets posted to the blog (so the index pulls it up properly).


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Hello! Is there anything that you all wish to see more of concerning trans body positivity and representation in media formats such as book, TV, movies, etc? What are some stereotypes/ideas that the media commonly misportrays that you want to change, or tropes/themes you want to eradicate or introduce? (Lastly, thank you for everything you all do across your respective job fields!!)

I see a lot of infighting within the trans community and find this to be really problematic – the focus becomes who has the bigger platform and this takes away from the issues and from the opportunity to diversity representation. The truth is that there is enough room at the table for everyone. We all deserve to see ourselves represented. It is also important to be that person who takes up space. If you don’t see yourself represented don’t wait for permission or an invitation – participate in whatever way you feel called to. That is what it means to be an activist and a leader. Your perspective might not be popular, but it is so valuable to have diverse representation of voices and images and thoughts. That being said I’d also love to see more opportunities offered to a broader representation of trans voices. I’d love to see the media celebrating different kinds of bodies and gender expression. I’d like to see the media not continually uplifting one trans experience over others. The beauty of the trans community is that we are so very diverse on every level -  we are not just femme, not just masculine, not just any one thing – we are multifaceted and intersectional – and this is what needs to be recognized now more than ever.

Annoyed. As usual.

I’m very frustrated by the way writers handle things. (I’m looking at you Jule Bag) From what I recall, Kai hasn’t killed any of Bonnie’s family members. (He has roughed up Damon and Elena and a bit everyone else but, who hasn’t?) And even in pure anger, he still didn’t kill anyone really close to her because she mattered. Fucking Damon, the one with the “redemption arc” has done way more fucked up shit to her and her friends, he killed Tyler Lockwood hello??? He has treated her like shit so many times and even wanted her dead at one point. Stefan killed her boyfriend as of recent. BUT EVERYTHING THEY HAVE DONE WILL JUST BE OVERLOOKED!

Bonnie has and will forgive them. Even though the both of them have straight up butchered hundreds and hundreds of people it’s all fine and dandy because their “humanity” was turned off (by choice, mind you). Meanwhile Kai, who has a confirmed mental illness, is deemed as the worst one out of all of them. WHAT. THE. FUCK? (Of course this isn’t me trying to excuse shit, this is just me trying to understand pros and cons that these shit writers try to make us understand and let me tell you, it ain’t working)

Julie Dulie can be all “But he killed his family. He murdered his pregnant sister. He’s a terrible person.” Hoe, I swear to the all mighty God, that you don’t make a lick of sense. The only character you treat well is Damon. Sit down. You’re not low. If bonkai can’t happen because of the reasons you show us, then neither should your other ones. You’re a hypocrite and you need to practice your writing before you tackle a popular show because your writing is shit.

Bambam Imagine - Confession

A/N - A little imagine requested by a lovely anon~ It’s not too long but I hope you all enjoy it anyway!

I noticed there hasn’t been many requests for Bam Bam scenarios. Could you maybe do one where Bam Bam confesses to a girl but gets friend zoned. Not the typical fluff scenario but I thought this could be fun! 

Today was the day. Bambam was finally going to confess his feelings to her. The months they had known each other and been friends, he had always wanted more. She was amazing in every way imaginable to him and he just knew he had to have her. Despite having such strong feelings towards her, he was nervous. What if she turned him down while laughing at him? He had to convince himself that wouldn’t happen and that everything would go well. He checked his phone, seeing that it was almost time to go out and see her. They had arranged to go out for coffee and Bambam planned to use that rare time alone to confess. 

 When he arrived at the coffee shop they agreed to meet at, he could see (Y/N) already sat down. Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, he made his way over to her. 
“Hey, (Y/N),” he greeted as he sat down opposite her. 
“Hi, Bambam. I waited for you before getting coffee. Want me to grab something for you?" 
"I’ll pay,” he said, wanting to seem gentlemanly for offering to pay. He was really trying hard to impress her. 
“You sure?" 
"Yeah, come on. Get whatever you want and I’ll buy." 
"Well okay, I’m not one to turn down free coffee,” she replied laughing. Once they had received their drinks and a large slice of cake to share, Bambam decided to flirt a little to test the water and see if he could figure out if (Y/N) liked him back. He would make little compliments and remarks that could have been taken as someone making conversation but also as someone trying to be a little suggestive and more than friends. He only hoped she picked up on the latter. 

After quite some time chatting and drinking coffee, Bambam took the leap of faith and decided it was the right time to tell her how he felt.
“(Y/N), I’ve wanted to say this for a while but haven’t had the courage to yet. But I’m just going to come out and say it." 
"Um okay. What is it, Bam?" 
"I like you. As in, I like you as more than a friend. I’d really love it if we could maybe go out on a date sometime.." 
"Bam, that’s really sweet." 
"So what do you say?" 
"I can’t, Bam. I’m really sorry and I appreciate the fact that you had the courage to confess but I just don’t see you like that." 
"Oh, okay..that’s fine..” Bambam started fiddling with his coffee cup, feeling awkward all of a sudden. Y/N reached her hand over you gently and soothingly touch his. 
“I really hope we can still be friends, Bam." 
"Yeah, me too. Can we pretend this didn’t happen? I don’t really want the guys making fun of me for getting turned down." 
"Of course,” she replied laughing softly. “No letting this change our friendship either, okay?" 
"Got it,” he responded as he smiled at her, feeling better about the whole affair. Even if he couldn’t have her in the way he truly wanted, being friends was enough. More than enough. He’d make the most of their friendship and would treat her right, in the hopes that maybe she would change her mind in the future.

I miss skam so much, I started watching riverdale and everything is so… fake in that show. I am not saying it’s a bad show but I rather watch shows and movies that are more realistic, and skam set the bar so high! The characters are like the people we know from school. They dress like we do, don’t always have clear skin or the perfct model body. They’re real and that’s what makes the show so special. I wish there were more shows like this and I just want to see the trailer for season 4 now, I miss them all so much

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How would you characterize your (awesome!) mob boss Nick? He seems real charming in a dangerous sort of way.

well i guess when im starting to draw him, i think of like, a cool mobster in my head and imagine him doing stuff, witty lines and all. theres the whole “i dont even care about this situation that much” air that i give him to make him seem Powerful and Important, which often makes people feel threatened or inferior. mob boss nick isnt so much a Bad Guy as a guy doing Bad Things and he’ll play nice if you let him have the power he wants in a situation, or at least make him feel like hes the one in charge. hes still loyal and honest, but he can find loopholes in everything and will exploit them to give him the upper hand (since regular nick is caring and selfless, mob boss nick a bit more ruthless and uncaring). hmm i dont know, thats just my vague interpretation of him?


Once again I am gonna have to call out on the SS fandom for their immaturity. Honestly I didn’t want to rant on this but screw it!

To those of you complaining about chapter 10, I am gonna be very blunt, you have become just as bad as the NS and SNS fandom! Immature, petty, childish and self-entitled! Of course you just had to make everything about Sasuke and Sakura!

With Sasuke’s dialogue to Naruto, I don’t see what the big deal is other than few changes. Same with Sarada acting flustered when Boruto said he will protect her. I don’t see anything too different other than a bit more flustered than in the movie.

As for the SS part, I can understand some were upset but to me this outrage is not only unreasonable but also complete BS!
First, you claim that SP apparently hates SS, Sasuke and Sakura but of course compare Ikemoto’s panels with the movie scenes that were animated by the same studio you accused them of having a bias against SS (though Kishi was involved in the movie but that’s besides the point). Do you guys realise how unhinged and hypocritical you sound? You criticise SP for not following Kishi’s manga but of course criticise Ikemoto and Kodachi for not following the movie scenes which again, animated by the same studio whom you criticised for not sticking to source material. Again BS!
Secondly, few chapters ago they also left out the part where Naruto asked Hinata to check Boruto’s arm with her Byakugan but where was the outrage on that? Same with the Uzumaki Family scene in this chapter which was reduced so no outrage on that? Or does this only apply to SS? Talk about double standards! Everything is about SS!
Thirdly, Ikemoto was drawing according to Kodachi’s script, not to mention the number of new content there so there was not enough panel space to include this.

Just because it is not Kishi drawing or writing this, doesn’t mean they have to do exactly like Kishi did. I mean this is the same fandom that insulted Ikemoto’s art style just because it doesn’t look exactly like Kishi’s.

I keep saying this again and again! If you didn’t like how SP handles the anime don’t watch it! If you don’t like how Ikemoto and Kodoachi handles the Boruto manga don’t read it! Simple as that! I honestly don’t understand why continue following if it doesn’t go your way?

This is one of the reasons why I took a break from tumblr!

Anyways, sorry for my rant but with all honesty, I have lost what little hope I had left for the Naruto fandom, especially the western fandom!

I come back to Tumblr after a considerable amount of absence only to see this shit

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hey!! im charlie! im 17 and ftm! [he/him   pre everything]

i’ve been bullied for my weight all my life, and i’m trying to learn to love the body im in despite wht others have to say! but dysphoria is…so bad…. n all my trans pals are v thin and have no idea what its like to be fat & trans. anyway i want to meet more transboys my age who are also chubby and know how i feel!!! plz message me at any time i am gay., lonely and love to talk

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how would Gladion and Hau feel about a seamstress s/o who sews them new clothes frequently?

I’ve been wanting to learn how to sew. Mostly for cosplay reasons.

-Gladion once knew how to crochet, thanks to Wicke. He tried to see if that was like anything you knew, but realized he had basically forgotten everything. Even picking up a sewing needle didn’t bring back any memories, like riding a bike. 

-One day, Gladion sheepishly asked you to teach him to sew, after your gifts you’d made. He’d already received a hat, a sweater, and even some footies from you, and he wanted to repay the favor. After some time, a lot of effort, and more than a few band-aids, he made you a small little finger glove. It was pretty sheepish, but he poured his heart into it.

-Hau adores every single one of the gifts you make for him. He always tries to wear them constantly, so they get worn out quickly. He just wants to show you how much he appreciates you doing this.

-He actually asked you, once, if there was any way you could make matching woolen hats. Not for just the two of you, however: he wanted to give one to his Raichu, so that the three of you could be, in his words, “Styling like no other!”

~Mod Sun