they are endgame in my heart

I’m more than okay with the dark aria storyline, buuuuut, I’m honestly so heartbroken that she’s going to destroy the nursery. That was going to be such a sweet sentimental moment for emison and it’s going to be wrecked by someone they trust and love. I like dark aria, but it hurts my heart that she could destroy something so sensitive for emison.

ahahah this is terrible cx

anyway, this is for all of you who waited and waited and waited, my amazing stydia fandom. enjoy the details in good lightening ;) this was inspired by the lovely @rememberiloveyou (your edits killed me) and is also dedicated to @stydiaisofficiallycanon @stydiaislove @slowburnotptrash @lydiamartins @tylerposet @stiles-lydia @you-make-me-wander @redstringbanshee @stilesbanshee

Thank all of you for everything you did and still do for the fandom!

Lesbian Island

Lena: You said you were going on a business trip. Where will you be going?

Kara: Oh ya know. I’m going to Lesbian Island. Which reminds me I need someone to go with. You in?

Lena: Where’s Lesbian Island?

Kara: Anywhere with you.

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in football, players don’t say “i love you,” they murder their dearest life partners on the pitch, and i think that’s really beautiful

riarkle + always

1x03: Riley: Farkle, you were out there? Farkle I’m always  out there.

2x19: Lucas: How much are you rooting for her right now? Farkle: As much as always.

2x22: Farkle: I’m always here for you.

2x25: Farkle: I know we should always tell each other the truth.

2x26: Farkle: Riley, I’ve


been your friend.

2x27: Farkle:  Don’t worry Riley, Pluto will always be a planet in my room.

2x28: Riley: Farkle, are we on the same team? Farkle: Always.

3x04: Farkle: Because you’ve always been Riley. That’s your permanent record.

3x18: Riley: Because I love you. And I would always want to know you are. Whoever you are.

3x21: Farkle: I’ve loved you since the first grade. I always will. Wherever you are.

Thoughts on 12x20: Season 12 as a Year Long Lesson in Teaching Dean There is an “I” in Team Free Will.

Oh 12x20. I really loved you for so many reasons. All of the parallels between Max and Dean that made my little bi!dean heart nearly explode. The perfect execution of the cell phone as symbol for Dean’s attempts (mostly thwarted) at honest communication. Yet another episode that directly references a revered part of canon in precisely the right way.

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But something that I especially adored about this episode was how it made good on writing gestures throughout the season.

Because this has been a season of Dean being as emotionally open as we’ve ever seen him - and yet - how desperately he clings onto being part of a team, a member of a family - how deeply he craves consensus.

The episode thus far that we have seen employ “I” statements without shame is in a horrible context - as he slowly loses himself in “Regarding Dean.” This has been as a season that has given me all. the. feels., but Dean’s pep talk to himself in front of the mirror will forever haunt my dean!girl nightmares, waking me from otherwise peaceful slumber at 3 AM as I worry about my boo.

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i forgot how much i love what remains of the homestuck fandom. like we’ve all read the entirety of this god damn webcomic which could literally be considered a fucking epic
and with something that fucking huge you think we’d forget some plot elements or characters or lose interest. no. we remember all these minuscule facts. all of us. collectively.

there are years upon YEARS of jokes pertaining soley to this one piece of literature and none of it ever gets stale. we have annual dates where the fandom comes out of hibernation to celebrate the anniversaries of important events. john egbert was 13 years old when this all began, and as of today he is able to legally drink* and it blows my mind that we’ve seen this kid grow through his entire teenage years

like, the remaining homestuck fandom thats still around right now are the true fans. the ones who’ve been around since act 1-3 began are the elders of the community have seen the rise and fall of it all, including 2011-2012. they get all the jokes that newer people to the fandom wouldn’t have been there for.

how [s] cascade fucking crashed the entire site of newgrounds, hussie got a really really bad computer virus from downloading a folder of shitty wizard pictures, dave strider’s blogspot, hussie’s formspring, msparp, the first few days of the gigapause, the hell that was 2011-2012 homestuck on youtube (aka karkalicious and those voice overs), the crazy fan theories after every single update, sbahj refrances……, vriska (vriska), caliborn’s shitty anime act and that unskippable casio piano cheering sound effect, TRICKSTER MODE, the fucking shipping possibilities handfed to this fandom thanks to the quadrants oh my god, i could go on for ages

the sheer amount of SHIT this fandom has produced and we all forgot about as endgame finally began to draw near and the temporary 2012 craze lost its hype.

hiveswap is still on the backburner after waiting 4+ years for this game and for some reason we’re all still patiently waiting even though the release date has been postponed indefinitely. we’re on par with the invader zim fandom with how resilient to time we are.

we all hate andrew hussie somewhere deep down in our hearts yet we still beg for more content from that clown, and nobody knows why