they are doing it right

  • Someone: I'm tired.
  • Lady Macbeth: TIRED?! 👎👎 I NEVER sleep. 🙅💤🙅 SLEEP = DEATH. 💀 DEATH = WEAKNESS. 💀😪💀😪💀 While you're out there sleeping 😒👀 I'm out there GRINDING 💪💪💪 DAY AND NIGHT. 🌞💯💁🌟🌛 The only thing I'm TIRED 👿 of is NOT BEING QUEEN. 🙏💎👑 #scotlandstrong #humbleandblessed

anonymous asked:

you forgot the fact he blames everyone but himself for his mistakes. like when he guilt tripped clarke into thinking it was her fault he murdered an army because she left him alone

I mean…that was part of the gaslighting but yes, he never takes responsibility for anything. Ever. What part of any of this are we making up? I’m confused…

i honestly have never gotten out of bed so fast in my life,,,,,,, i feel like my house could be on fire and i still wouldn’t have gotten up as i fast as i did when my phone went off with notifs that he finally uploaded the pics

URL change PSA from Lefty

Guess what happens when @amidtheflowers comes to visit you?  She makes you change your tumblr url to match your AO3 account.  (she also brought me so much desi food, so pretty much she can do whatever she wants) 

Anyway, here’s the deal.  I’m gonna be leftennant from now on.  Not leftylain, but leftennant.  Nobody freak out.  It’s still me.  Just to prove it, I’ll post a goat or something once it’s changed. ;D

Omg we ate so much food, though.  Like.  So much food?  A truly stupid amount of food, and I ate a ladoo and a pink rasgulla. So yeah.  She is allowed to change my url now.  Which she is going to do.  Even though I am very nervous about it.  This might require another rasgulla…