they are doing it right

I have no idea if I am censored or not with the new settings (probably) but if I am that means only those who are either logged in, follow me, and/or have safe mod off can see my posts right? But who else was looking at my post anyway? Like I do not really expected anymore to stumble across my posts in the sims tags. I am not all that worried when maybe I should be? IDK what’s going honestly. 


I have this big issue with Mr Damon Albarn because his fucking 90s ass decided to go this far:

The way he pronounces “police” (thick accent here) THE WAY HE FUCKING INVOLVES HIS TONGUE AND ALSO HIS DELICIOUS PINK BOTTOM LIP???? WTF and the stare™ and as if he couldn’t get any worse look at his fucking coat and the way HE IS HOLDING THE ZIPPER WITH HIS FINGERS???? Delete his ass (but look at Graham’s puppy eyes tho)

present me: I am going to create something! I have so many ideas! so many things i could do! endless possibility!

the me from 2 minutes in the future watching, chuckling derisively while slogging through the blue hellswamp of will this dumbass EVER learn

Me: Opens Persuasion AU document. I AM GOING TO DO THIS. I AM GOING TO UPDATE THIS.

Also me: Stares at shirtless Diego pictures. Folds laundry that has been sitting in a basket for 12 days.

Man when will tumblrs constant attack of Everything ever Cease


Team Mira and Team Zios