they are definitely cuddling

Imagine The DRV3 boys and reader camping

Kokichi Ouma
- Probably hates camping but you dragged them along
- Complains about the bugs/dirt/everything
- Has you do all the work like putting up the tent, making fires, ect…
- Will pull little pranks like putting spiders down your shirt
- This boi is definitely one for smores
- Would definitely be up for cuddling in the sleeping bag with you

Korekiyo Shinguji
- Probably wouldn’t want to stay over-night, but just a day-hike to enjoy the scenery
- But you make him stay the night
- You both help to put stuff up and to build a fire
- You make smores, but he doesn’t eat any, too sweet (I have a headcannon he dislikes overly sweet food)
- He tells you folklore stories as they cuddle by the fire

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you already know that I'm a potato and I'm 5' 4" and I would hope that you know my name ❤❤❤

I ship you with Philip Hamilton!!

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Reasons why:

  • He literally loves everything about you
  • He loves your glasses
  • Oh my god and your hair
  • He will endlessly shower you in compliments
  • He just can’t get enough of you??
  • If your feeling self-conscious or someone’s got you down, he’s there in an instant
  • If someone says something mean to you in front of him
  • He will go right up and punch that asshole in the face
  • I mean if its a girl he won’t, he’ll just tell them off
  • He knows you deserve the world and he will give it to you- no matter the cost
  • He loves cuddling with you
  • He is definitely the big spoon
  • He just loves holding you tight
  • He never wants to let go
  • He isn’t big on PDA, but he will always hold your hand and kiss your forehead
  • He isn’t too jealous
  • He knows you know about his father
  • He also knows you would never cheat and break his heart
  • Vice versa
  • He will do anything for you, because you are his everything

(this is my personal opinion, it may be different to other people!)

(also ily genna)

BNHA cuddle week day 3: With friends or family

This is from the family AU I’m working on with @chibichibisha in which Katsuki and proto!Katsuki are twins, and Deku and Yamikumo are cousins. We love this AU and have many ideas for it, so expect to see more in the future.

Day 2 : Cuddling somewhere

I’m definitely going off topic for this challenge gaddangit ;-; cuddling in-the-air is also counted as cuddling somewhere right? r-r-right? ;w; //slapped

Welp orz these cuties are from the werewolf-victorian-era-au. I’d figured that since Adrien here is part werewolf, he’s quite strong even as a kid. So he’s able to lift Marinette easily. Or maybe that’s what I think cause I could never lift anyone the same size as I am when I was young ಥ_ಥ

Day : 01│2 │

More Headcanons pt 2:

-Lukas loves it when Philip wears his flannel shirts 

-Lukas may not snore in his sleep but his greedy self does steal ALL the blankets…..sorry Philip

-Philip’s new source of safeness instead of water is in Lukas’ arms or found in the sound of Lukas’ breathing combined with the rise and fall of his chest

-Nightmares are awful for both of them but they will always hold the other through it and talk about it when they feel up to it

-Their first Christmas season together is spent wrapped in a blanket with Gabe and Helen on one couch and them on the other watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas like 100 times

-Don’t even get me started on matching ugly sweaters

-A Rose, Philip, and Lukas study session for finals that turns into a hey lets nap party, and then turns into a big cuddle session with Philip definitely in the middle of Rose and Lukas because “I am cold so I get to be in the middle” “Philip we are all cold it’s WINTER” “Oh don’t give us that face” “Okay fine you get to be in the middle”

-Philip may or may not have the best sad puppy dog face that lets him get anything he wants…..sorry Lukas :/

Jim Gordon has accepted that it is literally impossible to get any of the Batkids’ attention if the K-9 unit is around.

Dating Luke Skywalker Headcanons

(A/N: sorry i can’t seem to be inspired to write anything but headcanons at the moment)

- first off Luke is literally the definition of caring

- He’ll always be concerned on whether you’re okay and will do anything to prevent you from being hurt honestly.

- i believe he would definitely cuddle.

- like he love to cuddle A LOT.

- Not much too much PDA, but handholding and pecks would be expected from you and Luke.

- He would love to mess around with your hair when you two are both relaxing, just enjoying the company of eachother

- “Luke what are you even trying to do?”

- “… i’m attempting at braiding your hair.”

- The braid would be tragic

- Leia becoming basically your best friend and adores you

- Luke would so just be the fluffiest little ball of sunshine

- He would always consider your feelings and make sure to treat you with respect and you would do exactly the same with him.

- honestly, before you and Luke got together, Han and Leia had bets going on when you guys would just get your heads out of your asses and get together.


- Han wins

- When you guys first got together it just felt natural and how you felt like it was unreal.

- You guys would literally be SO CUTE together

Kylo Ren being domestic...

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  • Kylo likes to see you cook
  • He asks about your day, and keeps staring at you as you get the things you’re gonna need to cook
  • He likes to sit on the couch with you (or on the bed) and read a book with you, especially poems books
  • Or just to have a nice chat about random things like future, families, etc
  • One thing important that a lot of people don’t know about him: he knows how to braid his hair
  • It’s something that Leia taught him when he was younger, since he always had that beautiful and flawless hair of his
  • So he teaches you too, so you can braid his hair when you’re feeling nervous or anxious
  • And sometimes he braids your hair as well
  • You, on the other hand, helps him shave
  • Kylo brushes his teeth laughing and playing around with you every single morning
  • There’s always a mess of toothpaste on the sink when you both are done
  • He is definitely a sucker for staying in bed cuddling you when he wakes up in the morning
  • But then you convince him to actually get up and he makes breakfast for you
  • And bro, he makes awesome waffles!!!! (thanks, Leia)
  • Kylo gets a little more organized when he starts to date you, so his quarters are now all cleaned up, with everything on your own place
  • He talks to you about adopting a pet for you
  • “If Hux can have his cat, you can have a pet for you too”
  • And both of you actually adopts a pet

some days i find myself sad, so i go look for comfort, but every time i think about who could comfort me, the goddamn straw hat pirates pop into my head. then, i get even more sad because those fucktruck pirates aren’t even real. i want a refund

Imagine your OTP watching TV at home on a couch. Person A dozes off because they had a long day, and Person B tries to stay awake but ends up falling asleep as well while in Person A’s arms.

Later, Person A wakes up and notices Person B is sleeping. They kiss Person B while they’re asleep. Person A finds themself dozing off again.

just some headcanons about trans dave, davekat, and periods
  • karkat taking notice of dave getting more and more emotional and loud, reaching its peak when he walks in on him yelling at the toaster for incinerating his breakfast.
  • karkat immediately recognizing that dave is upset and needs to be calmed down. completely syncs his moirailegiance vacilitation with dave’s menstrual cycle and pms.
  • dave getting weepy and karkat suggesting they watch sappy, sad romcoms to get some kind of cathartic release.
  • dave doesnt really agree for karkat’s reasoning but is definitely down to curl up on the couch and cuddle with karkat.
  • karkat being a troll and having really high body temp so dave just wraps his arms over his tummy and thinks he’s being stealthy using his boyfriend as a heating pad.
  • karkat totally knows what he’s doing but is just happy that if dave is gonna be crying, vulnerable, and in pain, he feels safe enough doing it in his arms.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> ENFP and ENTJ are having a movie night at INTJ's house. INTJ and ENTJ are sitting in their normal spots, the opposite sides of the couch. For some reason this bothers ENFP...<p/><b>ENFP:</b> You guys seem so disconnected! I mean, you're a couple! Why no cuddles?!?!<p/><b>INTJ:</b> ...*smiles at ENTJ*<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> ...*smiles back*<p/><b>INTJ:</b> Probably because our relationship-<p/><b>ENTJ: Is based off of something much deeper than-<p/><b>INTJ:</b> Physical attraction. It's built on mutual respect and a-<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> Mental connection. We don't have to touch-<p/><b>INTJ:</b> To be-<p/><b>ENTJ and INTJ:</b> Connected...<p/><b>ENFP:</b> ...<p/><b>ENFP:</b> You two!!! Ok...How long have you had that speech planned?<p/><b>INTJ:</b> um... about 3 months.<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> We've just been waiting impatiently for the perfect opportunity to use it!<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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