they are days photoshop hates me



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do u think you could ever make a walkthrough on how u do portraits? if not that's totally fine too it's just that i'm absolutely fascinated and stunned by your style

This gave me something to do this morning, thanks. This isn’t super in depth cause I don’t even really know how to explain without just saying “learn how to paint in photoshop” but this is just the method that works best for me idk. :) I pretty much exclusively use a hard round brush turning transfer on and off when i need different opacity levels.

(wait for them- the images are gifs- RIP mobile users)

Last year I had some scheduling issues, long story short pretty much everything worked out but I got stuck taking this photoshop class that was an absolute joke. Luckily two of my best friends were in that class so it was bearable, but man so much stupid crap happened in that class. The teacher would look up photoshop tutorials online then read them to us as we all copied his example project on the projector. He had this weird accent and always mispronounced words, he would say “pitcher” instead of picture and “ee-mage” instead of image. He also graded projects by rolling dice and randomly assigning grades.

Because of this, I had no respect for this teacher. I would talk really loudly on purpose, and of course I was with my best friends so we were always laughing anyway, and it pissed our teacher off so much. He was annoyed by all of us but he hated me especially. We would finish assignments within the first ten minutes of class so then we would plug all our keyboards into one computer and play this computer version of super smash bros. I also made a bingo board in photoshop with all the spaces being stupid stuff our teacher always said or did, emailed copies to my friends and we would have it open in a separate tab in photoshop and play it during class each day. One time we had a lockdown drill and our teacher didn’t even make us turn off the computers or hide or anything, and my friends and I were trying so hard not to laugh in this dead quiet, dark room, and not being able to laugh made it even harder to try to stay quiet. We also had to make these projects for our final using some horrible software from the 90’s or something, it was ridiculous because our computers had illustrator installed but did we use the industry standard, professional software? Nope, we used weird old software that even grade schoolers could likely understand, and we had to make our “dream house” using this software. It was basically like a shitty morph between MTV welcome to my crib and a bad powerpoint presentation.

That teacher hates my guts now. I saw him in the hallway before school one time and he said good morning to me in a really angry tone while glaring at me. Another time I came into orchestra late from a doctor’s appointment and he was the substitute. He took one look at me and just started laughing. Lol I hate him but my friends and I have some great memories of all the crap we pulled.

22 Laura Kinney Icons

I just posted 22 new Laura Kinney icons from Logan on my icons page!
(Sorry, no pretty preview image this time, I’ve been laying in bed sick af for three days straight and photoshop hates me booo)

They can be found on my icons page, tagged under ‘new’!
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So yesterday evening, I was casually scrolling through my feed when it started to lag. This is something that never really happens on my computer and especially on Tumblr. After a couple minutes of annoying lag, I click on a meme of Jack screaming, like I'd done so many other times that night. Once he started screaming though, my computer froze, keeping the picture and sound going on a weird loop and crashed. Even after it crashed it still kept the sound playing. Weird stuff is happening, man.

another one jfc! everyone’s been having troubles

i agree about weird stuff happening tho. you know that april fools anti edit i made a couple days ago? obv the jumpscare is from say goodbye; at first photoshop just would NOT cooperate and let me work with them. im assuming it was bc of the update, since once i downloaded the clip without zalgo in the file name it worked. anyway, yesterday i tried to delete them right? my computer won’t fucking let me. says they “can’t be found.” and when i try, it fucking multiplies the first file 

i shit you not. what the fuck you guys

Spent two days and caught on the newest chapter of Boku no Hero Academia!!! Really really love the series, I will definitely start drawing fanart for those precious characters (honestly, I think I love everyone in the manga >w<)

Originally I planned to draw both Bakugou and Izuku, but Izuku’s hair and eyes were very difficult for me to draw so I only did some Bakugou sketches this time.

 Bakugou is awesome and I love and hate (when he’s being an ass or rude lol) him at the same time. I am still getting used to drawing the characters, the BNHA style is very unique and I’m having a hard time drawing the characters’ likeliness in my own style. 

I haven’t drawn fanart in a while and I constantly tweak the way I draw so sorry if they look messier than usual.


These were funnier in my head. This is what happens when one is sick.

I figured I had to draw something with Dad!Thace and Baby!Keith before the theory gets destroyed in Season 2 (3, 4 or 5? Maybe in the last episode of the entire series? LOL) For all we know, Thace could be Keith’s father’s college roommate who still owes him money for refilling his meal card in Galra University.

During winter, my parents were crazy about putting multiple layers of coats on me so I could stay warm but I could not move a lot although my school backpack kept me balanced to prevent any falls. At the end of the school day, I’d return with some other kid’s coat cause of the coat pile in the classroom. I wanted Kid!Keith to go through that :DDD

Please do not edit or repost! :3

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I love how extremely dedicated you are lately. You're a great contribution to the fandom. Keep up the good work!

awww sweet. thanks alot. but it’s actually sick. for 3 days now I’m a wreck. online 24/7. made 2 new creepyship videos, photoshopped 3 pictures, made a bunch of gifs, complained in hundreds of posts. I’m pretty sure my Bowie followers hate me by now.

I’m a** deep in that subject. and I can’t get out…

Zutara Week 1- Dragons

During their bedtime stories, Zuko once again learns that firebending is not just destructive, but can bring joy and light. He makes the fiery dragon dance for Hanabi’s amusement. Katara relishes in reliving their adventures when she tells their daughter about them (and maybe exaggerating just a little bit…)

Sorry, this is super crappy and hurried but I did want to submit something because I really want to participate in ZK week. (The longer I look at it the more I hate it, so I’ll just throw it out there before I chicken out.)

I have sketches for all prompts, but I have a dragon of my own to face this week so I hope I’ll manage to upload them. Probably won’t have access to a scanner or Photoshop in the next few days. In the worst case I’ll just upload a phone picture of my sketch- I’ll work them out later, for now I just want to prove that I do participate!

Prepare for lots of Mom!tara and Dad!ko with my OC steambaby Hanabi, because they give me feels.