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While I adore Sunless Sea, I have no clue what’s going on in Fallen London. I started a Fallen London account because I liked Sunless Sea, and I have no idea what stories I’m doing or what following the prison escape. I constantly feel like I’m missing something, and then I blow through all my actions for the day trying to figure out where my plot even went. I think I’m solving some crimes? But I’m also now wanted because I keep clicking cards that can’t be discarded and my only option is to stuff my face with rose clippings? Maybe I clicked too fast through certain screens early on and missed something? I don’t know, but I am very confused.


anonymous requested: Hi, could I please request a one shot where the reader is smart like Tony Stark, and pretty, but self conscious because she is taller than average and Steve has a crush on her and ends up getting fed up with her constantly saying she isn’t pretty, too tall, etc and sorta scolds her and inadvertently admits he likes her? Then fluff? I am just self conscious about my height and stuff, but if it’s too much you can delete this

Author’s note: This was adorable and I’m so in love with this request - I’ve always wanted to be taller, and so this made me so happy to write. Hope you enjoy! Also, this took me like 2 hours for some reason…  ( update, i still can’t do titles )

Steve Rogers x Reader

Working at the Avengers base was amazing. You were constantly surrounded by superheroes, your job was to help design suits and technology to help save the world and keep it safe, and somehow you had managed to become friends with the Avengers. You were a main technician, and you’d helped develop many things like enhance Falcon’s wings, upgrade the War Machine suit, and even keep Captain America’s shield in top shape. But you couldn’t escape the same kind of things that girls everywhere worried about - your looks. Even though you were almost as smart as Tony Stark (don’t tell him you said that), and quite pretty, you were taller than most of your coworkers, male and female.

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