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Capitalism requires:

  • a group of workers whose labor is being directly exploited for profit
  • a group of unwaged supporting workers, who fulfill a variety of necessary social functions and who are required to maintain the existence of workers whose labor is more directly exploited (not always but traditionally and normatively expected to be women doing feminine coded work such as child care or housework)
  • a group of unemployed workers in reserve to use as threatened replacements (see: reserve army of labor)
  • a group of stigmatized poor people and former workers who are used as examples of how the others will be punished if they stop being useful to exploit their labor or are too disobedient/deviant towards the capitalist system

Unless you fix the system, you can’t eliminate poverty, you can just shift which individuals or groups fall into which section (and which fall into the bourgeoisie/ruling class) and their relative status to each other within those categories.  Capitalism doesn’t just cause poverty indirectly or as a side effect, it’s a necessity to maintain the ability to exploit workers.  

I’m a Metamorphmagus

“You know, I don’t think purple’s really my color,” she said pensively, tugging at a lock of spiky hair. “D'you think it makes me look a bit peaky?”

“Er – ” said Harry, looking up at her over the top of Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland.

“Yeah, it does,” said Tonks decisively. 

She screwed up her eyes in a strained expression as though she were struggling to remember something. A second later, her hair had turned bubble-gum pink.

“Ah. There we go.”



Usually when I take a day off it’s for something sensible and practical, and it’s often for someone else.

Today I took a day off just for fun that was all for me. And it was AWESOME!!

(Big thanks to my buddy John who works at Wizards for inviting me to visit, and also a big thanks to Alison Luhrs for taking the time to meet me while I was there!!)

anonymous asked:

It strikes me that these types have a very "essentialist" view of learning. That the earlier you learn something, the more essential and fundamentally true it is because "even KIDS know that!" Higher levels of education aren't viewed as a nuanced revision of more basic knowledge, but as stuff that builds on and always doubles down on the absolute truth of what was taught earlier. So nuance is seen to them as "confusion" about stuff they've "understood" since they were kids.

lmao its like when dude bros argue with me about there being multiple infinities, because they don’t know dick about squat. or they think that you cant divide any number by zero and we’ve been fucking doing it a long ass time. “you can’t do that i was taught in school even kids know that” yeah but people who actually study math know that it’s not fucking true bye.


it͢'̧s̨ ̷g̨ood ͝to̵ ͢be b͞ack҉.
( antisepticeye )
 it͢'̧s̨ ̷g̨ood ͝to̵ ͢be b͞ack҉.

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,̡,͜ ̷but d̵on't͏ f̢r̀et. im ̵s̛ti͡l̛l ͟h͝eré, ̨a͡ś al͠ways.̡ i̢ ͝p̶r̛o͠mi͟se ̵t͘o̶ ha͝ve ҉p͟la̷ns in ̀store͞ fo͝r͠ áll̕ thos͝e͘ ̕wh͘o h̡ave for̡g͟ott̕en,͜, ̕o͠r rath́er̕,̕,̡ ͟háve̴ bet҉ra͢ye͡d̛ me͝.̛
d́o̢ y̕o͡u t̨hi͝nk̴ jo̸in҉i̧ng͡ h͡is si͝d͠e i͘s͏n’t ́punish͏abl͠e?͘ ͡,, y͟o̧u͝ ͏p͘o͏or̸ cr̵èature͡s,͢, yo͞u thi͜nk̕ śo ͟h̷i͟gh͞ly ̢of̴ ̛yo͘urs͘elf̨ ̕a̵s͜ to̡ ͟hi͢d̀e͝ yo͟u͢r͏ ̵fe͜a͞r̀. ̵i͡ c̨ań ͢p̕r͢a҉cti҉ca͝ll͝y ̵t͟as̢t̢e it͝.̧ ̀

͡,,́ ̕k͘eèp͏ ̴t̷his ̛áll͜ ͘in m̛in͠d ̷my ̴ado͘ŕable ͟li͘tt̢l̷e͟ ̷fans,͝,̷ ͟t̨h̡at ̧if̸ you ͠d͠o st̴ep҉ ͜out̴ o͢f l̢i̷n͝e͞,, ͢


Hi @markiplier. I know there’s a very small chance you’ll find this in your sea of notifications, but this message also goes out to the community as a whole so I’m okay with that.

At the risk of making this sound like it’s about myself, I’m in an emotional position similar to yours. I feel stuck more often than I feel mobile; I have all kinds of big ideas for writing projects and new songs and even YouTube videos for a channel I haven’t even created yet, but then I end up just spinning my wheels and never finishing them; sometimes not even starting them because I’m too afraid. This feeling of stagnation even pushed me to move cities. It’s scary and weird and it doesn’t feel fixable.

But I assure you, this community that you, me, and millions of other people have created helps with that every step of the way. You saved several of us–myself included–and the fact that we saved you too just makes this all the more magical. And even though your success makes you feel windblown and complacent, I can assure you that there is still forward momentum in all of us. You and Jack and several others inspired the idea for the only book I’ve ever finished–and this community has supported it every step of the way, from the time it went online to the day I took it down! I can’t wait to see it on shelves!

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart–Mark, Jack, this lovely group of people that I’ve been a part of for almost three years now. I’ll probably never meet any of you, but you guys have been some of the closest friends I’ve ever had.

Thank you so much.

Since I’ve hit 7000 followers yesterday, I thought it was time for a long overdue Follow Forever ♥ (I can’t follow people on this blog but you know the drill!)  Anyways, I’m sure I forgot a lot of people because this is kind of spontaneous but I love you all!  // Favorites are bolded 😍

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