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Mirrors (M) | 01

Drabble game request: Jungkook + “Don’t argue. Just do it” + Friends with Benefits au | for @jeonggukes & important banana anon

Character / Genre: Jungkook x reader | FWB!au, smut, angst

Word count: 3,460 words (idk what happened)

Warning: Smut. A little bit of exhibitionism and a much graphic smut. Please read with much caution.

Parts: 01 | 02 (coming soon!)

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Blanket fort

desc: Reader gets caught messing around with Jack & Nash, and Cameron jealously takes her aside to teach her a lesson.

photo creds: loveviral


It had been your idea to set it up, and even though Cam, Nash, and Jack had complained at first, they were actually quite proud of their creation. A huge blanket fort spread out across the width of the large living and dining room. From above, it looked like a patchwork field of different colored blankets strewn just high enough that you could sit on top of your knees. Jack tucked into the last corner of the fort while you threw bundles of fairy lights into the different rooms.

“Catch us!” Called the three boys as they darted under the entrance of the fort.

You giggled, “c’mon guys!”

The fort had been made into a network of various hiding rooms, nooks, and crannies.

“Here I come!” you hollered and dove after the boys.

You squat down and turned through about four empty nooks when suddenly-

“BOOO!” Jack and Nash jumped out from either side of the small space, causing you to yelp out and fall face forward.

You came up cursing, rubbing your forehead and pouting.

“Nawww, we’re sorry,” the boys said in unison, not sounding sorry at all as they both attacked you in hugs.

“Nash-Jack!” you groaned from under their strong arms.

They both pulled you backwards against the wall, Nash pinning you down whilst Jack tickled you.

“Say we win!” said Nash.

You gasped, “N-no!”

“Kay, babe,” Jack said.  Nash held your arms down while Jack poked his tongue out, coming close to your squirming face.

“Ewewewew,” you yelped, feeling him slide his wet tongue across your turned jaw.

“Say it and we’ll stop,” Nash said, moving his hands and beginning to tickle your sides.

You thrashed your legs, and through your fits of giggles, you told them they’d won. 

Nash smirked, “Satisfactory.”

Jack pulled away, “Didn’t think you’d give in so easy.”

“Hey, but where’s Cam-” you opened your mouth, and through the shoulders of the two boys, saw Cameron enter the room, his eyes falling on Nash and Jack.

“Looks like I won,” he spoke flatly.

“Hm, actually I think we did,” teased Jack, eyeing you cheekily.

“Funny,” said Cameron in warning.

Jack and Nash pulled away, smiles fading, “Sorry bro.”

Cameron’s steely glare fell on you, “We were just messing around,” you said, intimidated by his clenched jaw.

He looked you over, “Come with me, (Y/N).”

You didn’t protest, but Nash and Jack threw you an apologetic glance as he pulled you out.

Cameron pulled ahead until he had reached the farthest corner away from the two boys, he dragged you in by your wrist, and snapped around to face you.

“What the fuck was that?” he said, nails digging into your wrists.

You gasped, eyelids fluttering down to your sore skin, and Cameron noticed, releasing you, his eyes softening momentarily.

“They were just-”

“Putting their mouths and hands wherever they wanted,” Cameron cut you off.

You knew what this was about. Cameron was extremely sensitive and wary, & also he could get very overprotective.

“Look, babe, it’s not like that,” you started.

His eyes flicked across your face, his hard chest heaving as he pushed you against the nearest wall.

“That’s exactly what it looked like,” he growled, his voice rising.

Nash and jack went silent from across the room.

Cameron turned his head, his voice a whisper as he brought his plump lips to your earlobe.

“I never want to see their hands on you again.”

You took a deep breath, hurt by his anger, closing your eyes and lamely shaking your head in agreement.

You kept your eyes shut in worry until you felt Cameron’s lips against yours. They were warm and sweet, inviting and calm, but before you could enjoy them, Cameron pulled back.

“And now, you’re going to make them remember who you belong to.”

“Cam,” you whispered, searching his brown lust filled orbs, “Don’t do this,” you pleaded, sensing where he was going.

He pressed his finger to your lips.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to have you writhing under my touch and begging until the only name you can remember is mine. Now, baby, you can try to keep quiet, but I will not stop until they can hear you crying out for me,” he snarled.

You knew nothing you could do would stop Cameron, so you bent your head forward in defeat.

Once more, his lips were on yours, but this time they were fast and hungry. He spent no time sliding his tongue into your mouth, edging it further and further until you produced small satisfactory moans. He moaned against your lips, strong grip holding your face in his hands as your tongues mingled. He breathed out, pulling back and sliding your clothes off in seconds, his fingers snapping off your bra as he dove into your breasts.

“Cameron,” you panted softly, trying to focus on anything but the feeling of his tongue swirling around your nipple.

Hearing his name, he applied more force, his hands massaging your boobs, his tongue giving pleasure, and his teeth nibbling on your tits.

His eyes flicked up to yours, holding your gaze while he brought his tongue sliding down your stomach.

“That’s it baby, say my name,” he cooed.

He trailed wet kisses down to your clothed heat, his mouth closing over the fabric, nails sliding around the lace.

“Stop-teasing-” you managed.

Cameron smirked, his teeth closing around the fabric as he slid off your panties with with a smirk. He placed a hand on each side of your legs, mouth swooping into your pussy. The second his lips made contact, you gasped out,chomping down on your lips to withhold your pleasure. Cameron sucked roughly on your folds as you dripped into his mouth, his hand moving to hold your hips steady while you wrapped your legs tightly around his neck. He breathed against your skin, not giving you a moment to breathe before flicking his tongue across your labia. You squirmed beneath him,

“C-cam!” you moaned needily.

“Louder,” he commanded, his head furrowing back between your thighs as he dipped his tongue inside you. He stuck the entirety of his tongue in you before pulling out slowly, drawing a long groan which you held behind your hand. His free hand came up, rubbing you to the beat of his fast moving tongue which sucked up your moisture. Your hands grabbed him by the hair, roughly pressing him harder into you.

“God, baby, I’m gonna co-” your body shook from the pleasure, legs falling as you twitched, your juices flowing into Cam’s lips. He pulled up, lips stained as he met your gaze, slowly dragging his tongue across his lips.

“Round one,” he stated.

“No,” you panted, eyebrows furrowing, “You know I-” 

Cameron’s eyes held yours, but two of his fingers had squeezed themselves into you, causing you to gasp out in surprise. Nash and Jack went quiet again. Taking the silence, Cameron began mercilessly working his slender fingers inside of you, his eyes dark as he commanded you to look at him while he worked. He pushed his fingers down in a slow motion before rapidly pumping you at such a force that your body shook against his force. You brought your fist into your mouth, his name falling from your lips as you cried out. Not satisfied, he added a third finger, and you bent forward, folding in on your stomach, feeling him curl his fingers inside of you.

“Louder-” he growled, increasing his speed. Your walls began to close around him, his fingers slamming into where you needed them. You fell forward against Cameron’s shoulder, catching the fabric of his shirt between your teeth as you did so, your juices spilling over his fingers.

When you pulled back, your head was sweaty, your hair sticking to your skin, and before you could open your mouth, you could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn’t done.

“Cam, I-I’m done,” you whispered.

“Yes, but you also muffled your screams with my shirt,” he said, a smile playing up on his lips, “and that’s cheating.”

“No, Cam-”

Cameron, tossed off his shirt, threw off his pants, and climbed over you, his perky shaft placed against your entrance.

You drew circles against his rippled chest, and his eyelashes fluttered as he sighed against you. You tilted your head up, allowing his lips to meet yours.

“Come for me baby, just one more time,” he mumbled encouragingly, his gaze holding yours.

And with that he slammed his length inside of you, but sensing your next move, one of his hands grabbed your face, two of his fingers sliding into your mouth and holding your mouth open so that you couldn’t be quiet. He slammed himself against you, balls slapping your ass as you begged out for him. Cameron grunted out a profanity, his dick stretching you wide and filling you up as he increased his pace. 

You screamed out his name, and your voice filled the room, and you knew you’d done it. Cam’s eyes held tight, but you saw him smirk, “What’s my name?” he panted.

And then he crashed into your g spot, his come exploding out inside of you.

“Oh-G-CAMERON!!” You screamed out, your body convulsing. 

You crumpled beneath him, and he pulled out, his breath heavy. He climbed up beside you, arms pulling you against his chest as he littered kisses across your skin.

“I love you,” he said, breath tickling you, “so much.”

You rolled into his chest, his fingers combing through your silky hair when Jack called out.

“Good job bro!”

“Yeah,” came Nash’s voice, “you got yourself a real screamer!”

Cam’s throat rumbled as he laughed out, clutching you to him as you tried to burrow away in embarrassment.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” called Jack from the other side of the room, “you should get in trouble more often!”

Only loud enough that Cameron could hear it, you whispered, “maybe I should.”


1.Every single ‘Blanket Kick’ performance (specially Chile ;)     

2.ISAC (shooting hearts,flying kisses,hugging,chest bumps,carrying Tae like a plush,piggyback ride).        

3.MAMA performance, December 2016 (say woah woah).

4.Taejin calling each other ‘Oppa’ at fansign and doing flower pose with each other..(october 2016)  

5.Incheon Airport hug while forehead touching (July 25, 2015)   

6.Taehyung posting pic of Jin’s bare shoulders’ on Jin BDay.     

7.Taehyung fanboying about Jin at every chance he gets (also fanboying about Jin’s shoulders).    


8.Jin’s accidental confession.

Tae:do you only like food?

Jin:No,I like you too.(bangtan bombs)   


9.Jin being a coala to Taehyung. A lot of clingy moments.    

10.Taehyung being possessive about Jin( everytime he slung his arm around Jin to rub his neck or pull him closer)  

11. Taehyung pushing Jin away from Jungkook when Jin was pretending to give his heart to Kookie.(Fansign Japan, december 2016)   


12. 2016 christmas Vlive where Taehyung was the only one to calm Jin &  squishing Jin’s cheeks to make him look at Tae.          

13.Taehyung giving a rose to Jin & kneeling on the floor while doing so(Japan Fansign December,2016).        

14.Jin calling Taehyung ‘my VV’ (Bangtan Bombs)        

15.Jin said that the member he is the closest to is Taehyung.

16. Both of them love Anime & always watch Anime together Occasionally dramas too,since they have similar hobbies  .

17.They went to a Big Bang concert with Park Bogum (without other bangtan members)

18. Taehyung said that the non-human Jin resembles the most to is a Prince. Jin said Taehyung resembles a young nobleman.

19.The most memorable event at their former dorm for Jin is when Taehyung wanted to shower with him & they did.   

20.Jin back hugged Tae for 1:20 minutes(Bon voyage)

21.Taehyung said that he watched Jin’s Vlive five times because it was very funny​ & Jin looked really handsome even while making funny faces. (Eat Jin+Chim+Kook)

22.Taehyung trying to feed Jin a french fry in bon voyage.

23. Taehyung said he thinks Jin is the most attractive when he sweats.

24.Taehyung calling Jin “Silky Prince’‘.

25. Taehyung fanboying everytime Jin blows a kiss.

26.Seokjin calling Taehyung “Byu” in every single album dedication.

27.Taehyung wiping away frosting from Seokjin’s lips and licking it on Jin’s graduation vlive.(anyone?)

28.Taehyung defending Jin from other members on Christmas special 2016. And asking interviewers when they said many things about JK’s graduation, why didn’t they ask about Seokjin since he also graduated.

29. During spring day,they showed hearts to each other,hugged,stroked the other’s chin many times.

30.In the khulfm for 2017 festa, Taehyung kept staring at Jin like a fanboy and pinched Jin’s cheeks, making Jin laugh cutely. Jin also kinda hugged him twice.

31.On Hello Counselor Jin said that Taehyung sleeps on Jin’s bed every night which is making Jin very frustrated. Later on khul fm, Jin said that Taehyung just puts his stuffs on Jin’s room.(isn’t it cute?)

32.When Jin’s bridge in Fire ends and he blows kisses, Taehyung acts like his heart hurts XD(only in dance practice and dance version)

33. Taehyung to Jin is: the resident of his bed who’s living and sleeping on Jin’s bed

Taehyung wants Jin to see him as: Dongsang number one. (BTS festa 2017 profile written by BTS)

34.During Lost,Taehyung stroked Jin’s chin instead of touching his shoulder when Jin was fidgeting.(concerts,wings tour 2017)

35.Taehyung and Jin wore matching hoodies together for their departure to Korea. They also wore matching pink t shirts and black flannels sometimes.

36.Taehyung posting selca of them together and Jin throwing tantrums at him by replying to his tweets on twitter becuse Jin was sticking his tongue out in the picture.

37.Seokjin telling armies on fancafe to forget the picture Taehyung accidentally uploaded on twitter of himself wearing red glasses, then Jin posting the pic again and telling armies to make edits of it.

38.On a personality test, Taehyung chose Jin and Jimin feom BTS only. Tae chose Jin as Rain meaning the person to whom he always goes to for advice.

39.On allet interview, Jin asked Taehyung if he wants Jin’s sarang(love). On Jin’s b day art Taehyung draw a picture and wrote “Taehyungie’s love beside it.

40.Taehyung holding his hands in front of Jin protectively the whole time while walking out of the airport because the flashes were making jin’s vision blurry.

41.Taehyung said they had to bring Jin at the front since he is the face of the company. Jin replied to Taehyung:”You are my superstar“. (Bangtan Bomb)

42.Taehyung said that both Jin and himself are icecream lovers. So every time Jin wants to eat icecream he will find Taehyung.

I could probably go on forever so please appreciate their love towards each other and don’t stereotype their chemistry in any sort of way. 

Bad Part of Town (TG/AP/RC)

Mark was ecstatic. He had never been to a baseball game, and his father had finally made good on his promise to take Mark into the city to see his first game. In fact, this trip was going to be Mark’s first visit to the big city. He had heard stories about what the city was like, some good and some bad, but they all got him excited for his first big trip to the city. They left for the city a little later than they wanted to and ended up hitting a traffic jam on the way in. Unfortunately, this meant that all the good parking was taken by the time they arrived. They had to park a few blocks away in a private lot, much to his father’s disdain. The lot was in a relatively dangerous part of town, but it was cheap, so the two just decided to get in and out of the baseball stadium as fast as possible.

“Okay, Mark, this part of town is a little sketchy, so just stay close to me and don’t talk to anyone,” his father said. Mark nodded as they parked the car and decided to take a shortcut through some alleyways that led straight to the baseball stadium. As they were walking, Mark overheard a man in baggy clothing shouting something at his father, trying to get his attention.

“Hey, my man, you lookin for a good time? You drop your kid off at the game and come back here, I’ve got some girls in here that’ll get you off in ways you can’t even imagine.”

Mark’s father just ignored him and ushered Mark down the alley faster.

“Don’t listen to him, Mark. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“Yo, man, you’ll be back here. I guarantee it,” the man said with a slimy grin. The two walked faster until they were out of earshot of the sketchy looking man. They were about a block away from the stadium when Mark noticed a pearl bracelet laying on the ground. He bent over and picked it up, staring at the shiny white pearls and thinking that it would make a good gift for his mother. His father didn’t slow down enough for him to put it in his backpack, so he slipped it on his wrist and was about to catch up with his dad. As it slipped over his hand, however, he immediately felt it begin to tighten and send pulses of energy through his body. With a sudden yelp of pain, Mark shot upwards and grew to a mature new height of 5’6. His bones snapped and popped into place as his skeleton shifted, leaving him looking mature, if a bit feminine. His father turned around to tell Mark to keep up, but was taken aback by the sight of his son’s new height.

“Daddy, what’s happening to- AH!” Mark screamed as his bones continued to shift. His hips flared out while his shoulders caved slightly inwards, giving him a feminine hourglass figure. His father ran over to him, but was unable to do anything. He felt completely helpless as his son transformed before his very eyes. Mark looked at the bracelet on his wrist as dark skin began to spread across his body, stemming from where the pearls were touching his skin. The smooth, brown skin crept along his body, quickly covering his entire body as it grew silky and hairless.

“Stay calm, Mark. I’ll, uh…I’ll call someone to help…um…oh my god,” his father stammered as he continued to watch his son change. He winced as Mark began to grown, his voice becoming more sultry by the second. He looked at his son’s pants as they began to rip and tear, revealing an expanding ass and thighs beneath. Mark’s ass kept growing, and by the time it finished its inflation he knew, for some reason, that it was bigger and more supple than any white girl’s ass could ever be. His jeans had been torn to shreds, and his ass had grown so large that it popped the button off the front and forced the zipper down past his crotch, revealing his shapely new behind to his father.

“Daddy, please, I just wanna go home…” Mark said with an alluring tone. His father was growing more disturbed by Mark’s new voice and tone, but nothing could prepare him for hearing his son moan in ecstasy as his crotch began to invert itself. Mark screamed in a smoky, sultry voice as unimaginable pleasures began to come from between his legs. He didn’t know what was going on down there, but it felt amazing. His stomach gurgled as his organs shifted around, leaving him with a female reproductive system and a hardened layer of abs to protect it. He felt his core muscles tense as he suddenly remembered a variety of sex moves and positions. While these new memories and thoughts disgusted him, he couldn’t help but moan as the new clit between his legs began to moisten. He rubbed a manicured hand over his crotch, reveling in the feelings his new sex was sending through his body while his father continued to watch in horror.

“OH my, oh fuck, Mark, are you okay? Stay calm, we’ll figure this out…” his father said, struggling to think of who to call.

“I’m trying…OW” Mark yelped as his skull began to crack and shift. His father watched his Mark’s face, the last physical remnant of his son, transformed into that of an urban sex goddess. His lips grew red and plump while his eyes grew wide and layered with eyeshadow. Mark shook his head as flowing black locks tumbled down around his head and past his tiny tank-top. He ran a hand through his silky new hair, admiring its texture and remembering how hard he worked in the mornings to get it just wavy enough. He suddenly let out another scream in pleasure as his chest began to expand. His father watched Mark’s chest as two dark nipples began to poke through the white top. They grew larger by the second, pushed forward by two breasts expanding on his son’s chest.

The pleasure was making Mark’s heart race, and soon he was covered in sweat. His skin took on a sexy sheen as the sunlight bounced off of it. He looked down at his new female body, still unsure of what he had become and continually trying to fight off the new urges leaking into his mind. He felt a little off balance with the new weight hanging off his chest, but with a final crack his spine caved in and gave him a sexual, feminine arch.

“Mark? Are you okay?”

“Daddy? What’s, ugh, what happened? Why do I look like…some hoe?” Mark said, surprising both his father and himself. His accent now sounded distinctly urban, but with a sultry and alluring flare.

“I don’t know, but maybe we can go to, uh, the hospital. Maybe they’ll know what to do…”

“Okay, s-shit!” Mark yelped as a belly button piercing materialized in his core. “No! Daddy, make it stop! I keep having these weird thoughts…I can’t fight them!”

“Okay, okay, it’s gonna be fine…” his father trailed off as he watched tattoos appearing on Mark’s body. Mark felt a tingle on his skin as ink appeared beneath the surface. A line of tattoos running down the side of his body began to appear, ending with a Superman logo materializing on his ass. The tingling sensation caused him to remember getting those tattoos. He remembered the tattoo parlor on 7th street that he visited often. The artist there was super hot, and he specifically began to remember the way the tattoo artist grabbed and massaged his ass as he was getting that Superman tattoo. No! This was all wrong! He didn’t know where 7th street was, he had never been to the city! And he was a boy, he had a crush on…a girl…in school, right? No, he remembered dropping out of school and working the streets. He was a…hooker?

“Daddy, I’m remembering all these things…like dancing on poles…and hugging…no, fucking guys…and I give a mean blowjob…and…I remember that I’m a hooker?”

His father was speechless. He didn’t know what to do, or what he did to deserve this.

“No, Mark, no! You’re my son! C’mon, we’re going to the hospital!”

“Wha…” Mark said, beginning to forget who the man in front of him was. “Who are you? You seem so familiar, but…”

“Mark! It’s me! Your father!” he screamed.

The memories of working the streets and fucking countless men were taking over Mark. His pussy began dripping as the memories of sex grew more vivid. He loved this city, because he could make it on the streets on his own. He made bank, and was even able to afford an apartment in the gentrified part of town. That’s how good he…no, she was at her job. She looked at the panicked man in front of her and felt like she should go with him for some reason, but soon her pimp came storming down the alley shouting at the guy.

“Hey, Odessa! Is this mothafucka bothering you?”

Hearing that name awakened something in Mark’s mind. The name Odessa replaced Mark in every sector of his head, leaving him to fully embrace his new life and occupation. Guys were paying thousands of dollars just to touch her body, and she knew that every time she came it would feel better than any orgasm the guys she fucked could feel. Odessa smiled and turned to her pimp, waving him off.

“Nah, nigga, be cool. He just wants some of what I got to offer…” she said in a commanding fashion, turning back to face Mark’s father.

“Aight, aight, but holla if he starts fuckin with you. And you,” he said, looking at Mark’s father, “I told you you’d be back…HA!” He walked back to his post, chuckling as he went.

Odessa leaned in to the terrified man in front of her and whispered, “I don’t know what’s got you shook, honey, but if it makes you feel any better, I can call you daddy.” She planted a kiss on his cheek and traced his jawline with a manicured nail. “First time is free.” She beckoned him to a door in the alleyway, swaying her massive hips and ass with each sensual step. The man followed her, still pale and in shock, wondering if there was any way to get his son back. Odessa, seeing the raging boner pressing up against his pants, had other plans in mind.

Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love - Part 2.

Request:  Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you

Summary: Demons are merciless, demons are ruthless, demons can’t hold nothing dear to them. Yoongi is the leader, the king of the demon world. He is feared as he is respected, no one expected him to bring a human girl as his lover, you. You fell in love and now you are in the midst of adjusting to the demon world, its custums, and its dangers. But everything is worth it if is for him, the demon king that lives between shadows and that would turn hell apart to protect you.

Demon AU. Featuring all BTS.

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Part 1 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9

It wasn’t your first time in Yoongi’s manor, during the time you’d had been together he had brought you here several times, you didn’t remember how many, but in all those times you hadn’t been able to get to know the whole place.

You walked down the hallways watching the art hanging on the walls, beautiful sceneries in some cases, rather grim ones in others. The manor had a nineteen century western ambiance, you could say even more ancient, it had a gothic feel to it, maybe because it was inhabited by demons. Nevertheless it also possessed the modern touch of technology and asian culture. Yoongi, you had learned through time, was actually quite enthusiastic about asian calligraphy, art pieces about it could be found throughout the manor as he’d say that words had power.

Every room in the manor, at least the ones you’d visited, had the right amount of light for it to create shadows out of almost everything, it didn’t matter which hour of the day it was, each room poured shadows that if you had to be honest you were still getting used to. One thing was Yoongi’s shadows and another were these, they created movement, allowing someone who knew how to occult and lurk in plain sight so although you were completely safe in his place, you also knew there were a lot of things to be wary of.

-Miss Y/N-

A voice made you jump, you turned around to find one of the members of Yoongi’s inner circle. He was Hoseok and at first you’d thought he was a butler, because to be fair, he dressed just like one, a black tuxedo and the white dress shirt underneath showing just enough, a bow tie adorning his neck. Out of all the demons you had seen he was the most elegant and proper, him and maybe Jin too.

-Hello- you muttered, feeling a little startled for not hear him coming, you never heard them coming. -You can just call me Y/N, I’ve told you-

He nodded, his orangey silky hair bowing down. -I know Miss, Y/N, Yoongi is waiting for you at the dinning room-

-Alright, you should have told him to just find me himself- that made him chuckle.

-Imagine the outcome of that though- you laughed a little too, Yoongi could be a lazy ass when he was set for it. But as solicitous as Hoseok was you knew he was no butler, although his main job required him to never leave the manor.

Hoseok escorted you until you were in front of the dinning doors which opened at his will, you entered and found Yoongi at the head of the table, a scowl on his face and a meat knife going around his hands.

-About time-

You rolled your eyes and sat beside him, watching as the servants came with the food, walking around Yoongi carefully although not fearful.

-Thank you for waiting- you said despite your eye roll. You knew that if you were around he didn’t eat if you hadn’t eaten.

In front of you you saw what you thought was venison, the herbs making the smoke coming from it to water your mouth, it wasn’t the regular meat you’d eat on a daily basis but here they ate it a lot. You had inquired Yoongi about food before, because it was kind of odd that demons fed the same as humans, Yoongi had explained that they ate because they enjoyed it, but not because of need. Although there was indeed something about it that benefited them. 

The hunting, the killing.

He had let you know that what fed demons was no other thing but power, and there was absolute power in those two activities.

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Better Setter!

A/N: Haikyuu (Bokuto/Akaashi/Kuroo/Kenma) - Lee Kenma + Akaashi - Thanks for the prompt anon! 

This fic got so weird hehehe basically how I had bokuaka + kuroken become bokuakakuroken and it’s one of the wildest and silliest tickle fics I’ve written so far - IS WHAT I THINK AND THAT SAYS A LOT I mean look at all the shit I’ve written. Enjoooyyy  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Summary: A very crazy situation from Kenma’s pov; Bokuto and Kuroo suddenly feel very determined to prove to each other that their setters - boyfriends - are more ticklish than the other. Things escalate, not just a little. (still sfw tho hahahah)

Word Count: 2205

“Look look look! And I go baaamm!” Kenma and Akaashi both exchanged tired glances when they heard Bokuto’s loud voice again. Who thought it was a smart idea to get together at Kuroo’s place and watch the recording of their latest Nekoma VS Fukurodani match? Not them.

“HA! No that, your look was priceless when I almost smashed the ball into your face!” Yeah. The game result was a draw, and since it was a simple practice match their coaches did not see the point in dragging it much longer to determine a winner. A draw. Draw! 

Of course that didn’t satisfy the dork captain duo in the least, and both Kenma and Akaashi ended up getting dragged along so that the captains could ‘see on their own who had won the match’.

“That point wasn’t a point!” Bokuto protested. Both of them sat glued to the screen while Kenma and Akaashi lounged on the big couch, each on one side. Kenma playing his games as always, and Akaashi lazily reading the news on his phone app.

“It was,” Akaashi said, and Kenma nodded, both of them intelligent enough to just be able to hear which part of the match they were at.

“Shut up Akaashi! God – look look! Isn’t Akaashi and my teamwork the greatest?” Bokuto’s snarl at Akaashi was instantly forgotten, and Kenma couldn’t help but snort at this. This couple was so cute.

“Nothing like what Kenma and I are doing. Here, look at that. He’s the best setter ever,” Kuroo said, and Kenma felt a subtle blush heat up his cheeks. 

“Pardon me? I am 200% certain Akaashi’s the best setter.” Oh no. Was this really going where they thought this was going? Akaashi and Kenma exchanged glances again and both sighed. Here goes.

“No, Kenma is a much better setter. No offense, Akaashi,” Kuroo continued. It was Bokuto who took offense though, and he suddenly stood and shouted through the noises that came from the recording.

Akaashi is the best! And he is also the sexiest cutest and most handsome setter in the world!” 

“That’s not relevant Bokuto, but since we’re at it, have you ever seen Kenma’s smooth and silky skin? He is what you could call sexy. Nothing can beat that.” Talk about relevance! Kenma blushed like crazy and could see Akaashi was doing the same.

“Hohoho. Then you haven’t felt what Akaashi’s skin is like. I just have to –” Bokuto made a long swiping move with his finger into the air and closed his eyes with a dreamy smile.

“– do thiiiis and his skin feels so soft and smooth under my touch, and he’ll even share his angelic laugh because you see. Akaashi is very sensitive,” Bokuto continued as if he was promoting something in a commercial video, and Kenma felt embarrassed for Akaashi. Poor Akaashi, why were they…

Sensitive? You should see how ticklish Kenma is man! His laughter will make you pregnant!” Kenma’s face exploded. No fucking way did he say that!

“Kuroo!” he finally yelled, lowering his game and glaring at him while he breathed heavily. Big mistake, since the two only now seemed to realize their bae’s were in the same room, and the smirks that appeared on their faces were anything but reassuring.

“What are they…” Akaashi mumbled, slowly lowering his phone as well.

“You dare say ‘ticklish’ without telling me Akaashi is the champion at being tickled?” Bokuto asked, slowly rising on his feet and walking over to where the setters were sitting.

“Why not let me demonstrate it then?” Kuroo asked, and Kenma swallowed as they started to circle around them. Oh no.

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I love roosters!! Pistachio and Mac always jump on me when I’m out there and start doing the “I have a treat!” noise so they summon all the hens and they all try to fit on my back to find the supposed treat and then start pecking at my shirt and it feels like a slightly painful massage. The big roosters are my favorites because they’re extra jiggly, they’ve got jiggly ears, jiggly wattles, jiggly combs, jiggly manes, jiggly tails, so jiggly!!! They want their wattles and ears rubbed all the time and pile into my lap for the snuggles and when there’s not enough room on my lap they sit on my feet and their bellies are so soft and warm. Pistachio is the most mature, but he’s not the highest ranking so when he calls the ladies to come get a treat the silkie boys will rush over and be like “what do you got little bro?!” and he’ll dash away like “oh shit the big boys!!” and they just look confused because they weren’t trying to challenge him. Roosters are just so good and pure and they get such a bad rap…

Lips of an angel//TVD

Based of the song: Lips of an angel~Hinder.

Warning: Swearing, Smut!!(Kol’s), blood.

Kai Parker:“ Honey why you calling me so late?
It’s kinda hard to talk right now”

You let out a deep sigh as you wondered around your flat, everything felt weird without Kai being there. It was as if it wasn’t your home anymore, like you were a guest in a strangers house. The warm feeling you got every time you entered was now gone and a cold dull feeling replaced it, you needed him. You had to talk to him your heart was racing as your finger hovered over the call button. You took a deep breath as you finally clicked call, your nerves shooting through the roof as you listened to the familiar dial tone. You just wanted to talk, like the mature adults you both..well you were. There was going to be no crying or begging just a nice calm conversation, you quickly mapped out what you were going to say as the phone continued to ring. “Y/N?” Your heart dropped to your stomach as you heard the familiar voice echo from the device, your face paled as you quickly stuttered out a weak hi. So much for being strong, you had only been on the phone for a minute and a lump had already formed in your throat. You listened carefully to the rustling on the other line, your heart hammering like a drum in your chest as you waited for his reply. “Why are you calling so late..are you ok?” your eyes widened at his question quickly checking a clock, your mouth dropped as you read the time 4:30. You never meant to call him at such a crazy time in the morning you just couldn’t help yourself any longer. You were dragged from your thoughts by the sound of your name being called repeatedly, you pulled the phone back to your ear taking a deep breath as tears quickly rolled down your face. As if by magic your whole calm demeanor came crashing down and your plan to not cry or beg went out the window as the words poured out your mouth. “I can’t do this any more, I can’t be with out you..I need you Kai” you sounded broken and defeated as your back slowly slid down the wall, your phone still clutched tightly in your hands as your bum met the cold floor. Sobs racked your body as you listened to Kai let out a soft sigh, you quickly pulled the phone to your ear ready to say something else before the sound of an unfamiliar female voice emitted from the phone. What was left from your already battered heart turned to dust in seconds as you listened to her silky voice call Kai back to bed, your mouth went dry and silent tears rolled down your cheeks. “Listen Y/N you’ll be ok, i’ll call you tomorrow’s kinda hard to talk right now. I still lo-” you quickly hung up the call before you could hear the three words that would only crush you even more, a loud scream left your mouth as you threw your phone across the room watching as the screen shattered. You slowly curled into a ball as more tears flowed down your face, the mental image of Kai and his new girl cosied up in bed stuck in your mind. You whole body shook before you drifted into a restless sleep where your dreams where filled with the memories of you and Kai.

Kol Mikaelson:“It’s really good to hear your voice saying my name
It sounds so sweet”

“Looking gorgeous as usual darling” You felt your face heat up as Kol brushed past you his hand squeezing your arse gently as his beautiful accent filled your ears. You shyly looked back down at the fruit you were currently preparing for a small snack, you could still feel Kol’s presence looming near by watching as you bent over to grab a knife from one of the bottom drawers. His lower lip trapped between his teeth as his eyes darkened with lust, you and Kol weren’t in a relationship nor had you even shared a kiss. You just happened to embrace his flirty nature but today was different, he had waited long enough to feel your lips on his or the sensation of your nails down his back. Using his vampire speed he quickly pulled your body away from the counter and pressed it firmly against the cold wall, his nose bumped yours as his hot breath fanned against your lips. “W-what are you doing” you heart was racing and your breathing was unsteady as he pressed gentle kisses down the soft skin on your neck, drawing soft moans from your lips as he sucked and nipped leaving marks all over. You slowly rolled your hips against his as he continued to suck at your neck earning a low growl from the original as you continued to grind against him, feeling his length harden with each roll of your hips. “Kol..Kol” his name fell from your lips trying to grab his attention, he lazily lifted his head a smirk prominent on his face as his hands traveled down your sides to your hips before slowly stroking your inner thigh. “I love it when you say my name darling..You make it sound so sweet” his voice was like silk as his hand left your thigh and gently popped the button on your jeans, your mind was foggy as you grabbed his chin lifting his gaze to meet yours before crashing your lips onto his. The kiss was heated in seconds his tongue pushing its way into your mouth as his fingers brushed over the lace material of your underwear, causing soft sighs and moans to leave your mouth which Kol quickly smothered with another searing kiss. You quickly pulled away from the passionate make out as Kol’s fingers slipped past the waistband of your panties his rough fingers drawing small circles on your clit, causing you to erupt into loud moans as your hips bucked against his fingers. You grabbed his arm to stop his movements realizing you were still in the Mikaelson kitchen where any of Kol’s siblings could walk in at any minute. “Take me to your room please” you whispered your tone needy and desperate as Kol’s fingers continued to move, he quickly pulled his hand from your under wear before holding you tightly. “As you wish love” he whispered gently into your ear before whisking you off to his room.

Klaus:“Well my girl’s in the next room
Sometimes I wish she was you”

Klaus’s P.O.V~

I felt the familiar sense of guilt bubble in my stomach as i continued to stare at the picture that covered my phone screen. The smile it brought upon my lips heightening the sensation in my gut, I can hear her in the next room casually talking to her friends about how happy she is while i sit in here reminiscing on that summer in London i had spent with my beloved Y/N a few years ago. I know it’s cruel, my heart will never belong to her no matter how many times she preaches to her friends how in love we are. She will never replace my Y/N. Some days i find myself wishing i could wake up and she’d be gone and in her place Y/N would be there beaming at me with her beautiful smile that could light up even the darkest of hearts. I do care about her, but never the same way. I can’t keep pretending that my smile is because of her jokes when in reality it’s from the mental imagine of Y/N’s beautiful face that i have burned into my brain from many years memorizing every small detail, from the small freckles on her nose to the way her forehead wrinkled when she laughed. I think about calling her everyday, just to hear her voice say my name but knowing it won’t hold the same amount of joy and love as it did has always scared me into not picking up the phone and dialing the number i knew off by heart. Would she even pick up? Does she still have my number saved in her phone? I find myself worrying about Y/N a lot more now as well, the thought of someone harming her in any way enough to ignite a fire within me which leads to a killing spree to take my mind off the guilt, the pain and the crippling feeling of loneliness. I know i’ll never have my Y/N back but i just can’t help wishing she was with me instead.

Elijah:“Coming from the lips of an angel
Hearing those words it makes me weak”

“Lijah darling” You shouted in a fake snobby British accent as you strolled into the Mikaelson household, a bottle of champagne in one hand and a card in the other. In a flash Elijah was stood in front of you, dressed smartly in a suit as usual a confused smile graced his face as he looked at the big balloon you had tied around your neck to keep it from floating away whilst your hands were full. “What’s the occasion darling?” his voice was filled with amusement as he watched you battle with the balloon above your head, your grin got larger as you grabbed his hand tightly. “It’s your birthday of course” you giggled loudly clearly excited and slightly tipsy already. Once again a confused smile spread across his face as he took the card from your out stretched hand, “It’s funny, i don’t recall it being my birthday..why i don’t think I’ve celebrated my birthday in over a thousand years” he let out a laugh as you popped open the bottle of  champagne letting out a yell as the loud bang echoed through the house. “I know that silly, that’s why i’m doing this everyone deserves to celebrate being born..especially you” your voice sent shivers down his spine as you pointed the bottle at him “now be a good boy and fetch me two champagne glasses please” he shook his head gently whilst laughing before heading towards the kitchen grabbing the finest champagne flutes he could find in such short notice. He decided to take his time with this task as he heard soft music float through the rooms. He had to calm himself as he walked in the now dimly lit room as he stared at you, your coat discarded and your body clad in a silky red dress with candles lit all around the room. “Happy birthday baby” You whispered gently, he slowly put the glasses down filling them both before bringing them over to you. You small hand wrapped around the stem of the glass whilst your other hand found his, you held it tightly as you stared into his eyes the feeling of love and warmth spread through your body rapidly. You slowly moved to the beat of the music, no words where spoke as you both placed your now empty glasses on a near by table. “Dance with me Lijah” he nodded quickly before pulling you into him, swaying gently to the soft rhythm. “Why would you go to all this trouble darling..just” he paused for a moment as he dipped you keeping you there as he continued to talk “for me” he quickly pulled you back up before settling back into the rhythm. “Because i love you, and like i said everyone deserves to celebrate life especially someone as special as you” you gently pecked his lips. He smiled widely as you continued to dance, “hearing i love you is the best present i could ever receive especially coming from the lips of an angel..I love you to gorgeous”. You continued your dance in a peaceful silence until the song ended and you both refilled your glasses. “i have one question love..where’s the balloon” he mumbled gesturing to your neck, you felt a blush rise on your cheeks as you let out a quiet chuckle “it had to go” you stated before looking towards the ceiling. Elijah followed your gaze where he found the balloon floating high above your heads, he let out a loud laugh before connecting your lips with his in the most passionate kiss of your life.

Stefan:Honey why are you crying? Is everything okay?”

You let out a loud shout as you stared at the dead bodies in front of you, you never wanted to kill anyone but the thirst was driving you mad and you just couldn’t stop. You had tears streaming down your cheeks, your clothes and face were covered in blood, if anyone saw you right now they would think you were the victim of murder not that you were the murderer. You continued to sob as you stumbled down the street, draining anyone who came towards you even the kind people who asked if you needed help or an ambulance. You had spiraled into this as soon as Stefan met Elena and stopped making time for you, you didn’t really have a grasp on control but Stefan had promised to show you how and be there for you every step of the way but he had broke that promise and now look at you a cold blooded murderer with a rising list of victims. Your mouth watered as you cornered a small teenage boy more tears flowing down your face as he begged for his life, you listened to his pleas but none of them was louder than the hunger which quickly led to you jumping on the boy and draining him of life. Your whole body shook as you leaped away from him before taking off down the street, you had one destination in mind and you didn’t give a fuck who was there. Your feet pounded beneath you as you stormed to the front door, your knuckles banging against the hard wood till it drew blood. “Please..please answer” you whispered weakly as your ears picked up voices and foot steps in the distance, you knew you could just walk in you had been invited many times but due to yours and Stefan’s time apart you no longer felt comfortable just waltzing in especially in your current state or the fact that a very clueless and human Elena could be in there right now. You were just about to leave and pounce on the fast approaching couple but the door was quickly threw open and a very concerned Stefan stood in front of you his eyes taking in your bloody clothes and face, teary eyes and smudged eyeliner. His bottom lip quivered as he pulled your body into his “I couldn’t stop Stefan, i tried..i tried so hard” your sobs shook your body as Stefan squeezed you tightly hushing you whilst reassuring you that everything will be ok soon. “I killed so many people, where were you? i had no one” your voice was hoarse and weak as you looked into Stefan’s now teary eyes. “I’m so sorry Y/N..i don’t know what’s been going on lately with me, but i’m here now and i’m going to help” you didn’t know if you could trust him anymore but at the moment you couldn’t afford not to so with a small sniffle and a soft thank you,you continued to cuddle into his arms as silent tears fell down your face. 

Damon:And does he know you’re talking to me
Will it start a fight”

“Hiya beautiful” Damon’s smug voice echoed through the phone as i sat on my backyard staring at the starry sky above me, i couldn’t help calling him the cute texts i had been receiving all day had made my heart ache and a strong need to hear the voice of my extremely sexy ex had developed fast. “Hi, it’s been so long since we’ve spoke” i whispered back careful not to wake my sleeping boyfriend, i know it probably looks bad that i’m hiding away in my yard whilst talking to my ex who i still harbored very strong feelings for but i needed this. I needed to hear his voice, i couldn’t help but feel the overwhelming need for him. “I know, I’ve missed you Y/N..quite a lot actually” i felt my heart speed up this is all i wanted to hear, i wanted to know he felt how i felt and he still needed me as much as i needed him. “I miss you much” i still kept my voice hushed as i peered around me making sure my boyfriend hadn’t suddenly woke and decided to join me out here. “Does he know that..Does he even know you’re talking to me..Or would that just start a fight” i could sense the hostility in Damon’s tone as he spoke causing a soft sigh to leave my mouth. “Don’t be like that Damon, Don’t ruin a perfect conversation please” you whimpered quietly, flinching at the loud scoff that emitted from the device. “How can i not bring it up Y/N..he get’s to kiss and hug the only girl I’ve ever loved and ever will love when all i get is a phone call..I know you still love me Y/N” you rubbed your eyes tiredly a grunt leaving your lips at the drastic change the conversation had made in a couple of minutes. “Of course I still love you Damon, i won’t ever stop” you picked up your voice a bit to put your point across but still keeping the volume relatively low, you heard a loud sigh and a quiet sniff “Does he know that though Y/N..Does that poor guy know I’m the reason you laugh at your phone not the funny cat video’s you claim are the reason..Does he know that it’s my face you picture when you’re moaning under him..Does that poor bastard know that every time you say you love him you’re waiting to tell me the exact same thing” his voice gradually got higher till he was shouting down the phone causing hot tears to run down your face, he was right you didn’t deserve either of them. You let out a quiet whimper and a sniffle as you wiped the tears, taking deep breaths to stop the tears before you started sobbing. You quickly brought the phone back to your ear “You’re right Damon..He deserves to know, and you deserve some one who will be able to talk to you with out having to whisper..I’m sorry, i’ll talk to you later” and with that you hung up quickly turning your phone off in case he tried to call you back. You let the tears flow again as you dropped to the floor cradling your head between your knee’s as you rocked your body gently, “Y/N..babe are you out here?” You wiped your face quickly before pulling yourself off the floor and making your way towards your concerned looking boyfriend. You let out a shaky breath before falling into his open arms, he quickly closed you in warm embrace. You snuggled closer into his body as he tightened his arms around you. Damon was right even as your boyfriend whispered reassuring things and kissed your hair gently all you could picture was the bright blue eyes and all the hugs you had shared with Damon. You needed him back.

That took sooooo long!! Sorry Klaus’s is so short compared to the rest i just had a complete block on what to write, other than that i hope you guys enjoy this one since it is my first ever preference (I think). I know i missed a few characters but i ran out of lyrics in the song and my brain was melting lol. Much love xox.

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Sorry: Tom Holland x Black Reader

Lemonade oneshot

Pray You Catch Me

Hold Up

Don’t Hurt Your Self

Sorry, I ain’t sorry
Sorry, I ain’t sorry
I ain’t sorry, nigga, nah
Sorry, I ain’t sorry
Sorry, I ain’t sorry
I ain’t sorry

It had been a month after you confronted tom about cheating. He was hurt and was trying everything to get back on your good side, “Love do you need anything?”

“No.” You answered and turned back to your phone and started laughing loudly. You got dressed up and slipped on your heels. “W-where are you going?”He asked. “Out.” You got in your friend’s car and drove off, the feeling of the warm breeze hitting your face. 

After crying your eyes out a few weeks ago, you felt relieved. You were carefree and doing your own thing. While you would never do Tom how he did you, you were enjoying yourself with your friends and focusing on you. Your phone rang and you laughed, “Look girl.” You showed your phone to your friend and she laughed. “Decline.” She pressed the red button and turned up the radio. 

He trying to roll me up, I ain’t picking up
Headed to the club, I ain’t thinking ‘bout you

You swayed into the club, “You want a drink?” You friend asked. “You know I can’t drink.” You said. “Girl you’re only what? Like a month? You’ll be fine just take these two and that’ll be it.” You smiled and took the two shots, clapping. 

Me and my ladies sip my D'USSÉ cup
I don’t give a fuck, chucking my deuces up

You felt your phone vibrate and you read his text: I miss you. Have fun, see you later love.

You rolled your eyes and texted him back: Suck my dick! Cut the bullshit. I’m not a fucking cheater like you. Don’t wait up. 

Suck on my balls, pause, I had enough
I ain’t thinking 'bout you
I ain’t thinking 'bout

He saw your text and tears brimmed his eyes, he was trying to make an effort. He called you and left a teary message. After leaving the first venue you listened to the message, “I’m so sorry that I hurt you love. I never meant to do this! I just need you to hear me out.” You deleted the message and continued on with your night.  

Now you want to say you’re sorry
Now you want to call me crying
Now you gotta see me wilding
Now I’m the one that’s lying
And I don’t feel bad about it
It’s exactly what you get
Stop interrupting my grinding
(You interrupting my grinding)
I ain’t thinking 'bout you

 After a few more hours of fun with your girls you decided to call it a quits. You walked in the house, “Tom!” You called out. You realized that he was going and you texted him, Where are you?

I went out with Harrison. I’ll be back in an hour. He lied. You rolled your eyes knowing that he was probably with the hotel with her. 

You waited up for him and checked your phone, 2 hours had passed and you were livid. You looked at your wedding ring in regret and contemplated taking it off. 

Looking at my watch, he shoulda been home
Today I regret the night I put that ring on
He always got them fucking excuses
I pray to the Lord you reveal what his truth is

You rubbed your stomach and cried. You took out a piece of paper, wrote a note, and then packed your things. You wiped your tears and figured you’d rather cry now than let him see you cry.

I left a note in the hallway
By the time you read it, I’ll be far away
I’m far away
But I ain’t fucking with nobody
Let’s have a toast to the good life
Suicide before you see this tear fall down my eyes

You called your friends back up again and they immediately came back to help you pack. After packing the car, you quickly took a finally sweep through the house and observed the now broken home. You walked past the huge mirror in your bedroom and noticed that some of your features had changed and he never noticed. You looked at your stomach and tried to calm yourself down. 

Me and my baby, we gon’ be alright
We gon’ live a good life 

You followed your friend back to her house and settled in there. “Um Y/N!” SHe said. “Yeah?”

“We’re getting ready to go-” She said. “Go where?” Her and the rest of your friends were quite until your cousin spoke up. “To the hotel to tear his ass up.”

You shrugged, “At this point I don’t even care.” They nodded and headed out the door. 

Big homie better grow up
Me and my whoadies 'bout to stroll up
I see them boppers in the corner
They sneaking out the back door

You stayed in the house, all by yourself. You knew what she had lookde like, she was pretty but not that pretty. You went through her social media outlets and tried to see what she had that you didn’t? Was it her skin? Her average smile? She definitely didn’t share the features you had and you don’t know of that’s what hurt the most. You imagined him making love to her and him running his hair easily through her silky straight hair. 

He better call Becky with the good hair
He better call Becky with the good hair

If I Could Do It All Over Again

Masterpost: {x}

Part: 4/16

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: cussing, mentions of death, mentions of drinking, mentions of PTSD

Word Count: 3,538

Dedication: @jeffersonwiki , one of my favorite people. 

Tags: @bunny-yams , @ufo-pearl , @sullkid700 , @aswimmerlife , @nefarism , @mishaisakitten, @embershine0521, @tellchickfilaimqueer , @woahtherebuddyfriend , @gum-and-chips , @tinymugs , @waitwhat-24601 , @hell-yes-puns-and-ships, @jeffersonwiki, @burr-ito, @thedisneyderp

The ride home was completely silent. Eliza was too lost in her head, thinking about the charming stranger she waltzed with all night. As much as she wanted to pull her attention away from his graceful movements and beautiful smile, she couldn’t. She tried so hard to think of the relationship, the absolutely wonderful relationship she had with Tench. It was near impossible.

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teased | edward nygma x reader

“was it even regret, anymore?”

reader gender: female

words: 4362

warnings: trauma, substance abuse, paranoia, PTSD, minor violence, minor blood, Edward is still Mean and Green

notes: hey there again, everyone. once more - for your ease of reading, i’ve split this chapter into another two parts… because it was almost at 10,000 words. :////’ sorry i suck so much. but i’m nearing the end… i think. expect another part within the next week or so.

also available on: AO3

For [Y/N], personally, the following weeks were filled with inactivity. She continued on her previous schedule as she’d been doing since her friend was killed, only making sure to at least sometimes talk with the people outside of her apartment. There were some good films that she saw in theatre, though she spent the whole time snogging her girlfriend, and had only assumed that the movies were “good”. There were some sports games she cheered on, some museums she visited, some books she rented - but nothing felt normal. The manic woman was beginning to realize that she’d likely never feel that way again.

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I’m calling blizzard out how DARE you give Junkrat silky smooth™ Venus™ Cherry Shaving Cream hairless legs let natural beauty show you MONSTERS

Late Night Text

My phone buzzed and flashed on the nightstand, awakening me.

I groggily rolled over and checked on it. From Heinrich. He was this cute German I met downtown a few months ago, with a voice like thunder and a body like a god. Always looking for a tight ass to impale, too.

Hey stud ;), it read.

Hello to you dude,, kinda late?? I replied.

Yeah :P you down to meet up?

I slapped my hand to my forehead. What was it with this guy? This is like the third time this week he’s asked me over.

Eh… Idk I got a lot to do tomorrow. I typed out.

He sent me a pic, captioned You sure? About to head home ;)

Fuck, I was instantly horny. He had a nice pump from the gym and he always smelled like heaven when he was sweaty.

Argh,you convinced me.. but don’t you dare shower :) I replied. Well, time to get ready.

I put on a pair of sweatpants and left my apartment. I just hoped Samuel was awake at this hour. Or else I’d have to break in through the fire escape again. I left my apartment and went down the hall and knocked on his door. I heard someone moving around behind the door, but no one had answered yet. I knocked again, “Hold up, one second!” I heard him call from behind the door.

He opened the door, still pulling up a pair of black briefs. He was cut like a statue, his blond hair shaggy. Honestly he’s one of the hottest guys I know and one of my favorite guys to use. Plenty of guys had ultra huge and sensitive dicks, others had irresistible faces, but no one has a bod like Samuel.

“Hey, Samuel,” I began, paling in comparison to him with my very average, slightly pudgy frame. I’m not terrible looking, like I’ve had a few lays in my days without using my gift, but I cannot hold a candle to people like Samuel.

“Look, man, call me Sam, Samuel is too formal for me,” we both chuckled, his large pecs bouncing with each laugh. But, God, I love calling him Samuel. It has a silky connotation to it.

“Ok, well, SAM, I hate to bother you at this time of the night, but I’m making a cake for my niece’s birthday tomorrow, I’ve been putting it off all day, and I realized I don’t have any eggs,” I lied. A classic lie, but an effective one. “Do you by chance have any I can borrow?”

“None you can borrow, but I have plenty you can have!” he answered with a smile. The dumb brute always thought he was so clever.

I chuckled, “Yeah, that would be awesome!”

He gestured me in and turned around. I could tell he was walking funny, maybe because of the several nights this week I had taken him out. I started shelling off my sweatpants. I followed him into his kitchen, as I slowly began to make my transformation, my body becoming more and more liquid-like. We arrived at his refrigerator and he opened it and bended down, sticking a hand in the waistband of his pants to scratch his round, firm ass. “Alright, buddy, how many did you say you needed?”

I took my opportunity and plunged into the opened waistband in his pants and snaked my way into his asshole. I could hear him hollering as the entirety of my liquified body slurped its way into him. I could feel my body moving through his, filling up every corner and crevice. He shot up and shuddered, his cock as hard as a rock in his briefs. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as I made my final adjustments. His body, now my body, swelled and shifted as it made room for me, then finally settled down. I opened my eyes and stood several inches taller than I was a moment ago. I stretched and flexed. I loved the rush of possession, it’s better than any drug, and I can tell by Sammy’s big ole pulsing fuckstick that he likes it too. I ran my hands through my hair, smelling his hands. They smelled like dick. I went into his bathroom to wash my hands, noticing several porno mags on the floor, with massive fresh globs of cum sticking to the page. So that’s why he smells the way he does. I chuckled and washed his hands. At least I’d be able to last longer with Heinrich. 

I scooped my old sweatpants off the floor then made my way back to my old room. I grabbed a shirt and a pair pants from my place from the collection of Samuel’s belongings I keep with me for situations such as this, grabbed my phone and earphones, then started walking to Heinrich’s condo. On my way out of the door of my apartment complex, I passed a group of couples. They noticed me come out and I winked at them, noticing that both the guys and the girls in the group swooned. I smiled widely to myself. FUCK, I loved using Samuel! 

As I was in the elevator on the way up to his floor, I got a text from Heinrich.

U comin? Been a while! it read.

I pulled out my phone and took a selfie in the elevator mirror:

Patience, my friend. Almost there, I relied. I’m glad I went out tonight.

*Jordan Parrish*  Sheriff's Daughter

girl X Jordan Parrish

Plot: Mia is saved from being erased from everyone’s lives by the hellhound

Word count: 1,452

A/N: I wasn’t really in the mood of writing, but I bring you a Parrish Imagine.

Every time I walked into the police station, I felt something was different. It started a few weeks ago, but I thought nothing of it. I just kept pushing the feeling away until Lydia Martin came to me with the name, Stiles. 

I’ve only know that name as grandpa’s, but other than that. I’ve never heard it, well as least I don’t think I have. 


I turned my head and Smiled instantly when I saw Jordan. Our relation is a little complicated, We’re together, But we’re not publicly together. He’s scared for my dad’s reaction when we tell him. He all ways tries to keep it professional when he’s around. He fail miserably.  

“Parrish, up to no good, I see.” I comment as we meet in the center of the station. At this moment all I could think about was how good he looked in his uniform. The fabric was tighter against his skin, Showing off his whole figure. 

Who tolled you?” he teased with a playful smile, God that smile is my weakness. I giggled slightly and my smile grew on its own. “Think you’re so funny, don’t you?” My voice was smooth as I saw him struggle under my dull blue eyes. 

“Well you do, Don’t you?” He smirked knowing I laughed at anything he said. 

“Stop!” I seethed through a laugh as I hit his chest playfully, “Anyways hows work?” I asked curiously as I changed the subject. “Actually I was just going through some old file, Before you disturbed me.” He pointed towards me. 

I shrugged, “Well I guess my dad could use my company anyway.” I teased as I started walking away. “No, I was joking.” He chuckled as he grabbed my hand and pulled me back. “I know, Jordan.” I giggled joining into his laugh.

“But did you find the file from when I got arrested?” I asked. His expression changed from a beautiful smile to shocked. It’s cute how he looked like a deer in headlights. 

“There is no way the sheriff’s daughter got arrested.” Jordan stated as he crossed his arms over his chest, challenging me. 

“I’m guessing that’s a no than, but, yeah I was a rebel a while back.” I said nodding my head. “I mean you could as my dad.” I said. 

“I’ll take your word for it, but do carry on.” He nodded encouraging for me to continue. “You know what is actually isn’t that important.” I smirked, I’ll tell him one of these years. 

“Parrish!” A silky male voice called, I turned around after seeing Jordan looking over my shoulder. Coming towards us was Scott’s little pack, I knew them through Scott. I just can’t remember how I knew him, Weird

“We were interrupting something, weren’t we?” Mason ask squinting his eyes at the both of us. 

“No.” Jordan said,

“Yes.” I said.

We said the two words in sync, Jordan glanced at me with furrowed eyebrows. “M’ Kay.” Corey said awkwardly sensing some little tension. “I was just leaving, Bye guys. Jordan.” I said Jordan’s name flatly.

“Mia.” Jordan responded. 

I woke up to a an ice cold breeze blowing over my skin. My eyes shot open from the sudden shot of cold. I shuffled into the warm body next to me, cuddling into his sides. We’re wrapped in silky smooth red blankets, almost naked from earlier in the night.

Loud thunder lightened up the dark room for a split second. The first that came to mind was the wild hunt. I shivered and tried to get rid of the paranoid feeling deep inside. I rested my head higher on Jordan’s chest closing my eyes, trying to go back to sleep. 

It wasn’t easy sneaking around with Jordan with my parents living in the same town. My dad is his boss and he was starting to build a relationship with my mom. Stiles-wait whose Stiles? 

That name keeps popping up like a sixth sense. 

The sound of boots clunking on wood got louder. I was almost a sleep when I heard the sound, my eyes snapped back open. I thought I was just being paranoid, but it feels as if somebody else was in Jordan’s house with us

The right thing to do was to shake Jordan awake, instead I crawled out of bed. I cringed when my feet gingerly touched the floor. I ignored it and carried on walking out of the room in only my royal blue lingerie 

The right thing to was to shake Jordan wake, but instead I got out of bed. I cringed when my feet touched the cold floor, Ignored it and began walking out only wearing my blue lingerie.

I saw it.

The wild hunt.

A cowboy hat and boots, long hair and a trench coat going to his calve. No face, just a mask. A whip and gun held in his holster. My breathe got caught in my throat as I slowly made my way backwards. I was terrified feeling it run in my bones. To shocked to say anything or too even yell for Jordan.  

He moved with a fast pace towards me as I made my way backwards. deeper into the hallway. brown and dead leave blew everywhere from the powerful wind. Lighting flashed through the house, I jumped. 

I back up to the closet door at the end of the hallway. I had nowhere to go, I couldn’t do anything to stop him. I’ll be gone, no one would remember me. 

JORDAN!” The yell came out as a straggled cry, I felt so weak. I was weak and I hated it with everything inside me. I felt to heat before I saw it. 

he’s naked when he came into view, Jordan’s whole body is on fire as his eyes glowed a bright orange. He wasnt Jordan anymore, he’s the hellhound, my hellhound. He looked at me against the closet fear running in my blue eyes. Breathing heavily, probably hearing my pounding heart. 

He growled as I felt it vibrate through my body, he was looking right at the ghost rider. Making him stop and turn his attention towards him. The hellhound roared this time, shaking the ground under my feet. He took fast steps to the ghost rider, walking with stronger power.

“Jordan!” I screamed, scared for his well being. Blood rushed through my veins and all I could do was stand here. The hellhound ignored my cry this time and continued with him. 

The ghost rider disappeared with green and blue dust, taking the wind, leaves, and lighting with him. I took a deep breath and sighing in relief, I was still here and Jordan was still alive.

What if he wasn’t? I don’t want to think about it, it already hurt as if someone drew a knife through my heart. 

I watched Jordan as His back became fire-less and ashy. His shoulders moved up and down from breathing heavily. He stayed there for a few seconds before he turned around to look at me with his now brown eyes. Fear hosting behind his eyes, I didn’t think when I ran to him.

He caught me holding me tight against his extremely hot body. I didn’t care all I cared was  Jordan was here with me and know. My breathing started to slow while I wanted this moment to last forever.

I didn’t know how long we stayed there in each other arms. Could have been seconds, minutes, or even hours before Jordan spoke up. “Are you okay?” He whispered pulling me away.

“When I’m with you I couldn’t be better.” I lightly smiled trying to change to scene of mood. Jordan didn’t smile only scowled at me, “How are you so calm, I could of lost you.” He raised his voice at me.

“Jordan I-” I said a little taken back, but he cut me off.

“If you didn’t call for him, you’d be gone, our memories would be gone. I wouldn’t  remember you at all.” Jordan burst out. 

I sighed, “What would be so back about being gone?” I asked, Knowing I had feeling for him, why would me care if I was gone anyways.

“Well, because I love you and I think I might just lose myself without you.” He said rubbing the back on his neck. I smiled, “I think we should tell them now.” I stated. 

“Why?” He asked clueless-ly. 

“Because I didn’t call for the hellhoud, I called for you, Jordan.” I smiled up at him. 

“What?” He asked happily before pulling me closer and connecting our lips. I loved being so close to him, it felt like nothing was better than this. There was nothing better than this. 

We pulled apart slowly as his hands still held onto my waist, “Besides I love you too, Jordan Parrish.”