they are both so pretty it's not fair :

am i the only one whos gotten over the fact that jonghyun and samuel didnt make it

its been three days and some of y'all need to chill.

like saying you’re not gonna stan wanna one just because your fave isnt in the final 11 is really immature. sure its not fair but the deed is done. the voting is over. yes, i too was angry when samuel and jonghyun didn’t make it, but the show has helped both of the two out greatly. nu'est’s fancafe has doubled in size from 25K to 50K, their albums ranked really high on MelOn Chart yesterday, and their youtube account recently gained a HUGE amount of subscribers.

and for samuel, a lot of people have realized what he can bring to the table talent wise. he’s improved a lot since the first episode. he’s even getting a debut pretty soon so calm down, he’s gonna be on the stage on day.

and saying that you won’t stan wanna one because your fave is in their is really immature (like I said before), everyone worked hard, those 11 deserve those spots. saying everyone on the lineup is talentless unlike samuel and jonghyun, is very rude. the vocalists in wanna one are very stable, the dancers are very talented, and the rappers can keep a good flow.

if samuel was mixed and that was the reason why knetz did not vote for him, then he would not have made it into the top 20. and it all depends on who catches your eye. at first i thought youngmin wasn’t that good of a rapper, but now he’s one of my favorites since the show ended. Korean fans and International fans have different tastes. when somi won season 1, International fans didn’t see what the hype was all about with somi. saying knetz are “blind to talent, or worship the hell out of white people” is prejudicing them. some knetz voted for samuel, and he made it to the top 20 because they liked either his charms, his talent, or his appearance (charms and looks are two different things).

getting mad about the fact that international fans didn’t get to vote is silly in my opinion. the voting system has always been “national producers”, meaning Korean fans can vote and that has been established since the first season, and international fans didn’t complain about that the first time. yes, they get a world tour, but you don’t even know the countries they’re going to. maybe it’s all going to be in Asia, who knows.

the lineup itself is really good in my opinion. i’m anticipating their debut album. and also that petition (it’s not written well in my opinion) thats going around with like 10K signatures needs to stop its cringy and don’t ever go that far ever again.

Jane the Virgin & How I Met Your Mother

I’ve seen many people commenting that Jane the Virgin “pulled” a How I Met Your Mother and how they’re so upset that this probably means that Jane and Rafael will end up together. While there are some similarities, I don’t think it’s a fair comparison. Yes, in both a spouse died and after some time, the protagonist ends up with a lead character (although we don’t know that for sure). However, that’s pretty much where the similarities end because the writing for both shows was/is so completely different.  

For How I Met Your Mother, its popularity was its own demise. The writers basically told us that they had filmed Ted’s kids’ reactions and the ending scene as early as s3 or s4 (I forget). By doing so, they backed themselves into a tight spot. They had to stick to their original ending, no matter what. Problem was, the show really hit it off after Britney Spear’s cameo and they kept being renewed. This meant that Robin and Ted kept growing and evolving. They changed Robin’s personality to emphasize what made her and Barney a good fit, at the expense of what made her and Ted a good fit. And they had such a build up to Robin and Barney’s relationship and eventual marriage that many fans were really invested in that relationship. Should the viewers still have been it coming when, say, i was Ted that comforted Robin about her inability to have children, maybe? But they didn’t and the last few seasons only made it more painfully obvious that Ted only liked the idea of Robin and he really needed to let her go. And he did. That season they also introduced Ted’s future wife and despite the insane build up, she lived up to most fans’ expectations. I mean I’ve never encountered anyone who dislikes Tracy. But all of this is unraveled IN. THE. LAST. EPISODE. That’s terrible writing. Barney’s, Ted’s and Robin’s growth? Gone. Lily just becomes a stay-at-home-mom (which she always resented) and it’s largely unexplained. And then, after no build up or further proof that Ted and Robin became the type of people in old age that belonged together, they somehow are perfect for each other. Lazy and ineffectual story telling….

However, Jane the Virgin (whether it learned from HIMYM’s mistake or the writers are just that much better) is different because the writers had all of this mapped out from the beginning and went through with their plot line despite knowing that Michael was a fan favorite and many people were invested in Michael and Jane’s relationship/marriage. They made the necessary changes for its planned ending by what the showrunner is calling its “midway point”. They may have dragged out Michael dying because they wanted the marriage bliss scenes, but it only added to the larger story map. Jane is a romantic and someone that likes to plan out her whole life. However, the show has reminded us (and Jane) time and time again that life doesn’t work out the way you want it to. The subtle hints to Michael’s death and Jane’s obsession with “happily ever after” were a good thread to make it all fit. Nothing felt like it came out of left field. It all feels grounded in the story. They even gave us a full episode to prepare ourselves for Michael’s death (unlike HIMYM where Tracy dies in the last 5 minutes of the series finale). An episode that reminded us about Michael loving Jane until “his last dying breath” and how memories (and narrators) are unreliable. It’s the writing that definitely distinguishes between the 2 shows. IF they decide to make Jane & Rafael “endgame”, I trust that it won’t feel cheap. Because both of these characters have been through a lot. And, as Raf said about his going to jail, it will be like a “clean slate”. And I think it will be for Jane and Rafael’s relationship as well. If you didn’t like them in the past, don’t let that stop you from watching. Chances are the build up to their possible endgame will be very different to their failed relationship toward the beginning. We will see how Jane (post-Michael’s death) and Rafael (post-everything…) will reconnect in a much more realistic, grounded relationship. If you’re a fan of Michael & Jane, be grateful that it ended with them showing the most perfect and fairytale (yet still realistic) marriage. That won’t be taken from the viewers and Jane. But she and whoever she “end up with” will have a very different dynamic that will make sense of the character growth Jane will go through in the aftermath of Michael’s death. 

Rito/Revali Rant

I’m gonna rant about Revali and the treatment of him and the Rito in Breath of the Wild because I love this asshole and I hate how little information we got about him from the game because I noticed many things that piss me off-
There will not be any spoilers of the main plot below, just general things I’ve noticed throughout the game. 
Please note: This isn’t supposed to be an official thing, just something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while because it just makes me sad. I’m not trying to start any sort of argument or anything, just releasing some thoughts here. 
Also, I have yet to actually get to the Goron part of the game-! So this isn’t an entirely fair “Critique”, but it’s something I’ve noticed so far and blah blah blah here we go-

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Tease - Daniel & Jihoon Au

- Admin Xion

a choose your ending scenario

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genre: fluff with a bit of angst
member: kang daniel and park jihoon
word count: 1201
requested: yes
side note: releasing the endings soon

requested by: loudandweird

akdjkdkd i want to ask for a scenario but i dont know who to choose. Either a Kang Daniel or Park Jihoon scenario with a cheerful and hyper younger girl (99liner haha im same age but still younger than Jihoon) fluffy but a bit of angst? like maybe the girl is annoying at first? if not its okay!! but thank you!!  

- since u cant chose
- you were in class playing around with some paper since your class had free time
- you had finished all of your work and all of your future work as well
- making paper airplanes, suddenly, someone grabs it
- you stopped your sentence when you saw the same familiar duo
- they both stuck their tongues out as your veins boiled
- you tapped your foot
- they’ve been annoying you since 2nd grade
- you always thought that they should just date each other
- but for some reason
- they always pick on you in particular
- you rolled your eyes as they bickered over the paper airplane
- “gIMMIE IT,” jihoon whined as daniel rose it in the air
- “nO,” daniel replied like a child
- the door opened as they instantly dASHED into the seats and acted like nothing happened at all
- mr.joon did notice, but decided to ignore it since he couldn’t be bothered
- “remember, tomorrow is going to be our camping trip to make sure you all have packed everything and be at school on time for the bus,” he spoke as he cleared his throat right after
- everyone agreed as the bell rung
- you arrived
- tired as heck
- and you were sitting on the bus with no one beside you thankfully
- jihoon and daniel sat across from you as you noticed daniels cold expression
- “yo loser,” you teased
- they both looked to your direction as daniel rose an eyebrow
- “whats with the face?” you asked
- “tired, and i have a huge headache,” he claims as he slowly begins to close his eyes. jihoon chuckles as you notice jihoon’s eye sags
- “jiho-” and just as you spoke up, jihoon’s head fell onto daniel’s shoulder as daniel also fell asleep
- “my biggest mood and ship ever,” you mumbled as you slightly chuckled
- later on
- jihoon soon woke up, being confused as fuck as daniel woke up
- they notice that their heads were sleeping on each other
- “aHHHH MY BOOBS” daniel yelled as he covered them
- “YOU HAVE NONE” jihoon yelled back
- daniel looked down and saw how he didnt
- “aHHHHH” daniel yelled
- “god im surrounded by idiots,” you said as you rolled your eyes
- “YOU’RE THE IDIOT” they both said at the same time
- the bus soon arrived at the campsite when everyone pushed and shoved to get out of the bus
- calmly, you entered with your luggage as you saw how big the building was in the middle of the forest
- excited, you rushed in to quickly claim a room before someone else did
- as you saw a door around a nice area, you opened it to soon reveal that jihoon and daniel were inside
- the room was nice and large with 3 beds
- modern designs all over with huge closets
- you definitely wanted this room
- the only problem was
- them
- “get out,” you all said in synced
- “nO YOU GET OUT” you yelled at them as they yelled the same thing to you back
- bickering aroused as you all raised your voices at each other on how much you all want this room without having to involve with one another when suddenly a teacher enters the room
- “SHADDUP” he yelled as you all flinch
- jihoon began cackling as you all looked at him
- “but then, when we go out, i guess you can say we came out of the closet afterwards,” he said as he bursted out laughing
- daniel, having the same sense of humour chuckled as you questioned your life and the mess you’ve gotten yourself into
- time skip woosh
- you decided to roam around
- hanging out in some of your friends dorms and sorta sad you didnt join
- coming in day was mainly like a free day to roam around and get to know the place
- as you entered the main lobby, you saw jihoon’s body flying onto the floor as you gawked your eyes in shock
- you quickly approached the situation as jihoon got on his feet and aggressively push daniel into the wall
- a crowd slowly started to form as their fighting wouldn’t stop
- “GET OFF ME YOU FUCKER” daniel yells as he throws a punch in jihoons face
- jihoon doesn’t reply back simply cause his cheek hurts too much to even open his mouth to do so
- without thinking twice, you approached the fight as you pried apart jihoon from daniel as suddenly daniel accidentally swings a fist at your face as you lose sight of things and pass out onto the cold floor
- you woke up in the dorm as jihoon was sitting there in the lower bunk bed looking gloomy with his bruises on his face and arms
- you glanced over to the mirror hanging on the wall as you noticed a small bruise on your cheek as you recalled what happened
- “oh, are you okay?” he asks softly
- you nod as you scratch your head in confusion
- “we got into a fight over something stupid, i forgot what it was, i’m sorry,” jihoon mumbles as he scratches the back of his neck staring blankly at the floory
- “issokay, its none of you idiots faults,” you said as you pet jihoon on the head softly, messes up his hair
- you soon exit the room, trying to find daniel as you came across him in a somewhat dark hallway
- sitting there by himself
- “fuckmylife,” he mumbles
- you approach him as you took a seat right beside him
- “imsorry,” he murmurs
- “i didnt mean too i just-”
- “it’s fine you idiot,” you spoke
- you sat there sitting on the floor blankly as a small smile appeared on his face
- “what?” you asked
- “you know its not fair when someone can simply just look so pretty sitting there,” he says with a small smirk
- you roll your eyes
- “whatta flirt,” you spoke as you walked off to the dorms
- walking into your dorm,
- jihoon was on his phone as you creeped up behind him
- “bOO” you both said at the same time as you jumped back since you didnt expect him to notice you creeping in
- “hAH I WIN” jihoon says as he sticks his tongue out
- “THATS UNFAIR” you yell back like a child
- jihoon laughs as he lays back down onto his bed
- you notice the scars and bruises still on his face
- he didnt bandage them up yet
- you walked over to the corner of the room where thE MAGIC FIRST AID KIT APPEARED WOOOOW
- jihoon, noticing what you’re doing, turn off his phone as he sat up on his bed again
- “dude im fine,” he speaks
- “who said i was doing this for u? im doing it for daniel idiot,” you replied
- “oh…” he replies
- “justkidding idiot,” you teased as you were able to make him slightly laugh
- coming close to his face, you focused extremely hard on treating his wounds as jihoon blankly stares at you
- [soon to be release] daniel or jihoon


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Can you give me some Valdangelo headcanons? I'm feeling pretty miserable and gross today, and those two goof balls make me happy

yeah im havin a Real Bad Day 2 anon so i got ur back. valdangelo also fills me with joy so this is self indulgent as hell, lets contemplate on a good ol’ domestic as hell relationship for these two

  • Their apartment is modest but comfortable. They live in brooklyn, 1 hour from camp and a good subway ride from the Jacksons. 2 bedrooms, tho they both sleep in Nico’s room technically because Leo’s room is full of half finished projects and a few spare skeletons that Nico couldnt fit in his closet. Leo’s room is basically storage. They have a cactus, its doing OKAY at the moment but its life is tenuous at best. They have a small kitchen, and a smaller bathroom, which is usually full of scattered bandaids and medical supplies, when someone comes home injured or something explodes. They could probably afford somewhere better, what with Nico’s father and all, but theyre happy in the neighborhood, and their place is just big enough for them
  • Hades pays a majority of their bills, a gift to his son as a thanks for “not being anything like his older brother, you know the one that killed a whole bunch of people and also tried to take over europe”. Thanks to that, they hardly ever have to worry about money, unless a monster breaks down the door or one of Leo’s inventions puts a whole in the ceiling again. which, to be fair, happens pretty often.
  • Neither of them care much about cleaning, but their appartment is surprisingly tidy most of the time. This is thanks to Piper and Hazel, who would literally kill them both if they chose to live in squaler as they are so inclined. of course, their appartment isnt perfect, a couple bones and machine parts laying around, their bookshelf is a mess of ancient tomes and how-to and diy books. but its Good Enough, its home and its perfect
  • Theyre actually great friends with their neighbor, a very old hispanic woman and her cats, thanks to Leo who just loves to chat up everyone. Her name is Rosa and she keeps asking when theyre going to get married and if they want her to cook for them
  • Leo does a majority of the cooking, because Nico is lazy and will live off fast food if the option presents itself. Leo actually isnt a huge fan of fast food, its pretty much all he ate when he was on the road, and he likes a good home cooked meal because it reminds him of simpler times with his mom. Nico helps in the kitchen of course, and by ‘helps’ i mean he sits on the counter and complains about how long it takes to make good rice.
  • Neither Nico nor Leo got a proper education, what with being runaways and all. Nico doesn’t care much, he doesnt feel like he needs it, but Leo is more than a little self conscious about sounding stupid when he talks to his friends, most of whom went to school or were educated in some way. They spend a lot of time reading and studying together, Leo wants them to go to college in new rome together some day, after they get GEDs
  • They could never keep a normal pet because neither of them are “good with organics”, so instead they have a resurrected dog that Nico just brought home one day without asking. Leo was really creeped out at first, because well, you can see its ribs and also all the rest of its bones. But 3 months later “Muerto” is a member of the family and neither of them could imagine life without the lil scamp. also sometimes he loses body parts in the apartment and it becomes a fun old game of “where the fuck is the dog’s leg”
  • neither of them ever fucking sleep, so odds are if certain friends show up injured at their door at 4am, yeah theyre up and ready to help fight whatever monster is down the block at the moment.
  • Nico still has to disappear for days at a time, which at first really terrified Leo. But now he always leaves notes explaining on the fridge. These notes range from actually telling Leo why he left and what he’s doing to vauge doodles of a large monster he probably intends to fight, or some weird artifact his father sent him to retrieve.
  • They spend a lot of time away from home, Nico takes them on trips all over, because Leo has always wanted to see the world and Nico just likes seeing him smile. they only go away for a few days at a time tho, because even tho Muerto doesnt need to eat, the cactus Leo is desperately trying to keep alive in their living room will inevitably die if theyre gone for longer then about a week.
[Why I Love] - Chpt. 20


Negan x Addison

A/N: As always, I love and appreciate hearing all of your comments and feedback! This chapter does develop the plot, but there is no Negan (it’s my first chapter without him!) Don’t worry, he is central with this piece. – I’m posting two challenge pieces after this and then I’m going to start pumping out requests – I’m sorry it takes me like seven million years to get around to my requests. I’m horrible. please let me know if you would like to be on or off tag lists! xx 

Chapter 19 || Masterlist 

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The cafeteria was buzzing by the time I made it downstairs for breakfast. The first person I ran into was Brie, who was trying to manage the kitchen at its busiest hour. Apparently news of my little runaround circulated throughout the Sanctuary, and she had her fair share of questions about my encounter with the Bandits. 

“Did you kill one of them, or did Negan kill both?! That part of the story is pretty fuzzy. Is it true he made Carson check you out for an hour? I mean, those bruises do look pretty awful. So, that Bandit did almost choke you to death…” 

I couldn’t keep up with her frantic conversation. I’m sure the rush of the hour was pumping enough adrenaline in her veins to drive her nonstop chatter. 

Thankfully, Vincent intervened halfway through her short interrogation. 

“Addison!”, he announced, cutting off Brie from asking me anything else. “You’ll have to excuse our little slice of Brie here, it’s her first day on the job and she is running solely on caffeine” 

The sound of pots and pans clashing against one another prompted Brie to snap upright and quickly dash behind the kitchen doors. 

“I think she’s handling it pretty well”, Vincent cooly pointed out. 

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salytierra  asked:

Hello! I have a question for you as an Irish Ambassador. What human names would be most acceptable for an Ireland character (female). A few that are old but popular today, maybe? And nice! (I've used Fionna a couple of times before, but idk if it's adequate) :'D thanks in advance <3

Ooooooh I love these kinds of questions!! ^^ I’m really big on researching names, their meanings, and their origins, so you’ve come to the right place! 

To briefly comment on the name you were using before, the correct spelling of it would be Fiona. It’s not a bad choice at all, it is pretty popular in Ireland! However the origins of the name are pretty muddy. ;w; The form “Fiona” is actually Scottish, it was invented by the Scottish poet James Macpherson in the 18th century. The name means “white, fair”. There is the Irish name “Fíona” which apparently derives its meaning from “vine” and is completely unrelated to “Fiona”?? The origins of this name are pretty strange and it certainly doesn’t help all the mess James Macpherson left behind, so… Fiona is a good name if you don’t question the name’s origins. ^^;

Other Irish names I could propose that are both old and are still pretty popular today:

Áine - means “radiance, brilliance”. It’s also a name that is carried by the Irish goddess of summer and wealth.

Aisling - means “dream, vision” or “visionary dream”. Hmm this one falls into a strange category because the word itself is pretty old but it only recently made the transition into being given as a name to girls in the 20th century? However the name has been used to refer to Ireland in an Irish poem, so I think it can be used. ^^    

Aoife - means “beauty” or “radiance”. The name was carried by a woman warrior character from the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology.  

Brighid - (other forms include Brigid or Bríd) means "exalted one”. Oh this name, I certainly recommend it! It’s a name that was carried by a pre-Christian goddess and also by a pretty badass Irish saint! You may recognize the English form of this name, which is “Bridget”. This name was popular enough to go beyond Ireland and evolve into other forms of the name. 

Caitlín - possibly means “pure”. This name isn’t native to Ireland, it evolved from the Old French name “Kateline” which came from the English name “Catherine” which ultimately descended from the Ancient Greek name “Aikaterine”. 

Catríona -  this name is like Caitlín, except this one is thought to have directly evolved from “Catherine”.

Deirdre - Ooooh this is another name that I strongly recommend. The meaning of the name is unfortunately not known, but it is a very old name that was carried by arguably the most famous heroine of Irish mythology. Her story is pretty tragic but I suppose it’s her resolute personality that has left a noticeable impact. The name is associated with sorrow and sacrifice, even the character was known by her epithet “Deirdre of the Sorrows”. 

Fionnuala - means “fair-shouldered” but could be interpreted to mean “fair headed”. Although this name was very popular in medieval Ireland, I’m not entirely sure of its status today. (present yes, but popular?) I guess I’m just mentioning it because I happen to really like this name. ^^ It can also be shortened to “Nuala”. 

Gráinne -  meaning is not too certain but it could possibly mean “grain”. This name was also carried by a character from Irish mythology, this time from the Fenian Cycle!  

Máire -  a popular Irish name that evolved from the name “Mary”. This name could possibly mean either “beloved” or “bitter, rebellious”, depending on its origins.  

Máiréad - (other forms include Mairead or Mairéad) is believed to mean “pearl”. This name is the Irish variation of the English name “Margaret”. The name itself is of Persian origin.  

Méabh - means “she who intoxicates”. This name was famously carried by the Queen of Connacht, a character from the Ulster Cycle. This character is thought to be possibly an older character meant to be the representation of the kingdom of Connacht. (maybe even Ireland?) However all of this is speculation based on some aspects of the queen character. ;w; The English form of the name “Maeve” seems to be a bit more popular than the native spelling. 

Niamh - means “bright”. This is just a very pretty name and I highly recommend it! 

Nóra - means “honour”. Most likely derived from the Latin name “Honora”.   

Róisín - means “little rose”. This is a cute name and a historical figure named “Róisin Dubh” (black little rose) would later have her name used as a pseudonym for Ireland. (in a time where it was made illegal to utter the native name of Ireland) 

Síle - This name is popular but its origins are not well-known. Most sources will claim it was derived from the name “Cecilia” however a few sources claim that it can be translated to “Cecilia” but otherwise it has a native origin. I guess I would trust the sources claiming it came from Cecilia as I haven’t found much evidence of it being native.   

Siobhan - means “God is gracious”. Another personal favourite of mine, this name is derived from the Anglo-Norman name “Jehane” or “Jehanne”. It is cognate to the English name “Joan”. Ultimately the name is of Hebrew origin, the most famous name to derive from it being “John”. 

Sinéad - means “God forgave/God gratified”. Another name of Hebrew origin, it was introduced to Ireland by the French name “Jeanette” and is related to the English name “Janet”. 

Sorcha - means “bright, radiant”. I like that in Irish, we have the word “dorcha” which means “darkness” and the name “Sorcha” stands as the complete opposite of it. (also it’s an example of the d/s dichotomy in Irish, where words that start with a “d” will have a word with the complete opposite meaning start with a “s”.) 

Hope this was helpful!! I hope it’ll help you choose a name for your Ireland OC. ^^

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Do you love hogyu like I do My friend Dosent think they're actually close with each other and that its all for show But I think otherwise I wanted to know your opinion on their relationship ?

oh my gosh anon, i LOVE Hogyu!!! honestly i do see your friends point, they are pretty different personality-wise, like i would say sunggyu is pretty confident and upfront whereas hoya is more shy and reserved. they dont really seem like they would get on that well (and i think in the early years they didnt) but nowadays though i think they have definitely come closer as friends. 

i definitely believe their “on screen” relationship is different to their “off screen” relationship. i think on screen they act a lot more like the “bickering brothers” we love to see, whereas i think hoya is a lot more respectful of sunggyu as a hyung when hes not on camera. im sure he crosses the line often with his mocking of sunggyu and im sure sunggyu says things about it off screen. in reality/variety shows however, i think they are both aware of their “comedic value” role and play off each other very well.


i think thats what makes sunggyu such a good leader, the fact he can take jokes made about him so well (it also makes him a popular variety show guest). 

i think the fact they can make fun of each other comfortably shows that they have a true friendship. a lot of people assume its just hoya mocking sunggyu but sunggyu gives his fair share back when he wants to and especially to hoya.




i do believe that their “bickering brother” relationship is also down to their pretty competitive personalities. hoya is kinda placed on this pedestal as this “all rounder” perfectionist … ever since the whole loser gyu thing, they have a lot of brotherly competition about them, constantly trying to outdo each other.


and this video

i think another indication of their real life friendship is that there are a lot of moments where they are caught on camera when it obviously isn't “for show”. for example, they are frequently seen sitting together or chatting at the airport, 

and finally, the fact that sunggyu talked about hoyas ankle injury on infinite showtime shows it is something of concern for sunggyu. he singled out hoya as one of the members that he wanted to comfort during that time, saying how hoya felt like he was going through hell because he couldnt dance. its pretty clear that hoya has expressed these frustrations to sunggyu personally. i truly believe that sunggyu cares about hoya (and his other members) on a more personal level than just one of a “good leader.”


i hope this reply was what you were looking for, if you have any other comments or questions please let me know :) 

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I saw your list of aus the other day and I have a Hamliza au where they are just best friends. And they made a pact that if they reach a certain age without having kids, they would have one together cause they both wanted one. And they go through with it. And they slowly fall in love while she's pregnant and when Philip is born. And Alex totally proposes using cute baby Philip. Sorry for telling you this, but I don't know anyone else who ships Hamliza, haha, and I just wanted to tell someone.


Wow, okay, yes I am so on board with this because I love the whole idea of Alex being one of the few people Eliza trusts so why would she go to anyone else when she decides she wants to have a kid? And Alex has wanted the family he never got growing up so its good by him and they’re best friends, they understand each other, they can totally do this. I also like the idea of something similar but maybe they have like a drunken one night stand and Eliza ends up pregnant but they’re good friends so they just decide to roll with it??

And the slow burn of Alex falling in love with her and her in love with him and both of them denying it because its just hormones, right? and its way too much to put on the other person, its not fair, they cant possibly…But it just gets worse as Alex is so attentive and sweet to Eliza and just takes care of her so well and showers her with affection and he looks at her like she’s some kind of goddess because wow, she’s so clever and pretty and smart and kind and a good hugger, why dud I never realise this? 

Also concept: Alex is literally on the verge of telling Eliza he loves her, like its right on the tip of his tongue, he’s about to blurt it…and then Eliza’s water breaks. And they have something else they need to deal with first

Seriously, give me more of this AU, its my new favourite thing, thanks so much for blessing me with this!!!

“You both should feel honored.”
“Right, very honored,” I said. “Always wanted to be possessed!”

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tbh if that's true then that makes him look like an asshole. like it's her bday the least he could do was to visit/congratulate her even as colleagues? if he made her come to him it's just..... most of the positive press he gets is from her and she already established herself. her individual ig posts get like 2 millions likes (i'd say she's on the same level as kendall with popularity minus the negative pepsi press). in gp's mind she's a hard working lucky girl, and z is a fake edgy wannabe 1)

2) he is just not doing enough to rehabilitate his image. g*gi knows they’re worth more as a couple so she’s gonna keep this up until someone bigger comes along, but i still think it’s unprofessional of him to put in like no effort when he’s benefitting from her too. i also recall he said he didn’t send taylor anything on her bday during idwlf* promo.. you know what i mean? the least he can do is send flowers, they had the collab out. idk i don’t like this at all

You seem like a Gigith stan, nahhht gonna lie. Ok, so a little Business Hoe 101 here.  I’m going to assume, judging by how awkward Zayn and Gigith’s body language is, they are not friends.  Zayn and Gigith’s arrangement is purely business, and you can work with people that you don’t necessarily personally get on with. Because of that, that means that the Zigi contract is likely compromised of negotiated give and takes. Both of them have valuable separate brands, and even the social media promo you see from Gigith? That shit’s negotiated. 

 It doesn’t look like Zayn went to her birthday party, but Zayn’s a pretty decent dude, so I’m going to assume he at least wished her a happy birthday if he actually saw her on it. Its a fair reminder Zayn also currently has an instagram post labeling her his “Everything,” so I’m not sure what more you actually wanted for him to do for a work colleague on their birthday. 

 I’ll be honest with you, its questionable whether or not Zayn and Gigith took those photos on her actual birthday, or whether he’s even in New York. Nobody has actually seen Zayn in real time since he shot his music video around April 7 or 8, and we have no idea when he actually got the tattoo in Southampton. 

That aside, I think you’re giving way more credit to Gigith’s career then you are to Zayn’s. Gigith’s relationship to Zayn did a lot to catapult Gigith into the GP’s mind, just like its also benefitted Zayn in some ways. As far as social engagement, Gigith’s average likes are closer to 1.5 million, which is pretty much the same as Zayn’s (and actually, while Gigith has more followers, Zayn has better social engagement).  Additionally, Yolanda and Gigith hit pay dirt with Zigi. I’m hard pressed to think of a comparable celebrity  who’s current promotional situation would have allowed Gigith to inadvertently highjack 90% of everything he does and I’m almost positive that at least Yolanda is aware of that. 

Lastly, the whole “Zayn isn’t doing enough to rehabilitate his image” is assuming that Zayn actually has control of that, whichhhhh I don’t think he much does. Zayn has a 360 degree record deal, is still with Syco as far as we know,  and with that, the contract he signed pretty much gives the label control of how his image is portrayed (never mind the fact that I don’t believe Zayn is the one behind his social media channels - he has two social media managers that do that).  

Belle – Libra

Belle’s story is one that contrasts beauty in all its forms, with lessons about inner and outer beauty. Gaston is beautiful on the outside, but horrid on the inside. The Beast is ugly on the outside, but kind and gentle on the inside. Belle stands out as the only character that is beautiful in both her body and her soul. But while the townsfolk may recognize her for her fair and pretty face, she is so much more than that. She is a curious intellectual, a woman who thinks for herself, a woman who insists one being equal to her lover and not submissive to them. She is a Libra woman, in other words. And it is only once the beast learns kindness and to respect her, she begins to fall in love.

“She really is a funny girl …. A beauty, but a funny girl …”

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Okay, so I have experianced my fair share of fandoms and "ship wars" in my days as a fangirl, and I have always encountered some kind assholes from both/all sides of the argument. But when it comes to Reylo shippers(I'm sure there are SOME assholes out there), I can honestly say I have never to this day encountered a single petty ass motherfuckin Reylo shipper, and it's wonderful! Everyone is so nice and understanding and fucking respectful and it makes me proud to be a Reylo shipper<3

We do have a pretty darn good group ‘round these parts, I must say. :)


now I have two antique chemises (that both cost under $40, so at least there’s that) and neither of them will work for the dress I’m making

So I have to make a damn chemise anyway

this all could have been avoided if I had made a damn chemise in the first place

kids, always make the damn chemise 

// I was so involved in writing her bio I forgot to put my input;; Now I don’t have much to saw other than that basic ref I did of her really bothered me so I felt motivated to make a pretty one for her instead. Now you can enjoy a better looking reference and I don’t have to use that other drawing if I want to get art for her;;;; Hope you like her <3

Ume Dorroppu (Team LVI_)

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Thanks for your post about shipping real people. I mostly ship Varchie but like Bughead too, and hell I even love SH but the SH shippers? Like bragging about "figuring out" Cole was in a sneaky photo of Lili's and then being proud they got it "before she deleted it" as if she's not deleting it because those fans are making her uncomfortable to have her relationship scrutinized.. Don't they see it? I don't understand

I know exactly what you mean. I think in the case of SH, they both clearly are keeping it private since they haven’t confirmed anything. Its not even a matter of ‘well, they are terrible at keeping their relationship a secret so it’s fair game’. That really doesn’t matter. And even Cole, even though I’m not a stan, he speaks a lot about fanaticism, and I think it’s pretty evident that he doesn’t agree with it. Even his cameraduels account (idk if i got the username right?). Like him ‘exposing’ fans taking pictures of him. It’s all in good fun, i know, and its suppose to be humorous. But it also reveals this huge problem of people not respecting someone else’s privacy, and Cole is a smart dude and I’m pretty sure that’s another thing he wants to express with that camera duel account. It’s the threat of ‘take pictures of me and I’ll do the same thing back at you’. And to stress this one more time, I don’t think he does it in a malicious way. he’s using humor as a tool, and I really respect that. And I think he’s a super nice guy, and he’s also very clever. 

I honestly just don’t like when people take it too far. There is nothing wrong with enjoying and rooting for them. Its just the overanalyzing that makes me uncomfortable because it feels like people don’t respect their privacy and their private live =/ it just seems shitty that they are being watched and studied 24/7 by their fans. I think we should give celebrities a right to a private life - they deserve the right to go to the corner store without getting mobbed, ya know? They decide what they want to share with us (aka, on social media) but we really shouldn’t demand more than what they are willing to give.

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Guzma when his s/o gets hurt while out with him and can't walk to a medical centre? What's our boi gonna do?

o shit

- he’s going to panic a little at first, depending on how badly you’re hurt. since you can’t actually get to a medical center, let’s assume the damage is…pretty bad
- its not like he hasn’t been hurt badly before either. he’s had his fair share of beatings, both from his gang days and from other things, so he knows how to take care of you temporarily…but its no substitute for an actual doctor
- he probably brings you to the nearest care faculty possible, which is probably a pokemon center? nurse joy isnt qualified to take care of humans per-say, but the nearest hospital is too far away for you to handle. guzma has to beg a little for her to take you in
- a lot of the medical supplies they have is meant for pokemon, who have high pain tolerance and are usually fainted during any sort of healing procedures…so things are going to hurt as nurse joy fixes you up
- yall have to stay there overnight, guzma has to wait in the waiting room :( he’s too anxious to sleep in the room joy gives him
- when you finally are able to at least walk, joy discharges you and guzma almost immediately tries to get you to go to an actual human doctor, just to be safe
- (although in reality, nurse joy did a really good job on you, you dont actually need to go)
- yall probably go home in the end, where guzma (bc hes dramatic and kind of protective) forces you on bedrest until he confirms you’re ok…(if you try to get up, he or a grunt he still has hanging around will stop u lmao)
- plz just stay in bed hes worried af…

@sonnywortzik oh i’ve seen sherlock before! i never finished the series because of…obvious reasons. T had never seen it and didn’t really know anything about it and i remember thinking parts of it (Andrew Scott) was genuinely very good before the fandom (and the writers) ruined it so i figured i’d revisit it

so far i have a lot of Thoughts which mostly boil down to “this show goes from Very Good to pretty mediocre and if i was totally ignorant of both its fandom and it’s creators i’d probably like it fair enough and then move on”

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Vampire, Pumpkin (seems like a dumb question actually), Broomstick

👻Vampire: What is your favorite supernatural creature? It might actually be vampires my favorite way to relax is to read a young adult paranormal romance about vampires or werewolves. OH wait are faires supernatural? If so then fairies/faeries.

🎃Pumpkin: What is your favorite season? Haha its actually not a dumb question! Autumn and Winter are pretty tied! I love both of them soooo much for so many reasons. Here my shameless plug for my Christmas blog hearthosesleighbells 

👻Broomstick: What exciting places have you traveled to? I am so grateful to have been able to travel a lot while growing up. Some of my favorites are Prague, Ireland, and Paris! 

Thank so so much for asking! 🎃 🍂