they are both so good looking

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Maybe a hc of reddie going to see a horror movie together? 💕❤️

- its their first date and literally both boys are so nervous

- eddie keeps fixing his hair and making sure his breath smells minty fresh

- richie has tried on literally 10 outfits because he can’t decide what to wear and wants to look good

- he ends up being a few minutes late because of this

- at first its awkward, because they were friends the last time they went to the movies and now they’re dating and it seems super weird

- but then richie trips over his own feet and eddie laughs at him and they’re back to normal

- richie pays for everything, which eddie hates

- “i’m trying to be a gentleman”

- “its annoying, stop”

- they sit near the back of the cinema and richie throws his arm around the back of eddie’s chair before the boy has even sat down

- “we are going to just make out, are we? i actually wanna watch this film?”

- “i’ll do my best to restrain myself for you”

- one of the jump scares gets eddie pretty good and richie starts laughing his ass off until literally the next scene scares the shit out of him and he drops his popcorn over himself

- the movie turns out to be kind of shit, so eddie gets bored and leans his head on richie’s shoulder and richie starts blushing in the dark

- eddie reaches out for richie’s hand and he keeps stroking his thumb over his knucles and richie is just grinning like an idiot in the movie theatre

- “she’s gonna die, she keeps making dumb decisions”

- “richie she’s the only one that’s survived so far”

- “so far”

- the last jumpscare of the film freaks eddie out quite badly and he just stuffs his face into richie’s shoulder to hide and richie just silently comforts him

- when its over they walk out holding hands and they keep looking at each other and smiling because they’re both so loved up and they don’t even know it

I just yesterday told the guy I’ve been dating for the last 2 months that I’m an atheist while we were both super high. He is a Christian but he’s not that devout, but you should have seen the way he looked at me. I became an amoral creature right before his eyes. Nevermind the fact that we’ve shared so much together, and he’s known me to be a good moral person. He just totally switched up on me. I feel so so stupid because I never bothered to talk about religion on any of our early dates. I feel like a complete fool for thinking a Christian would love me for who I am when I’ve always been so judged by them. I had actually gotten feelings for this man because our connection was beyond this world religion aside. He refused to talk about this with me even though I can tell it bothers him. He keeps saying he doesn’t know what to say, but all I want to hear is whether or not my atheism is a deal breaker for him so that I don’t waste my time valuing someone who doesn’t see me in the same way. He said he’ll call/text me, and he still kissed me as usual but things just feel different to me. I wish I had kept my identity a secret and feel so stupid for thinking honesty was such a good thing 😔

You know, I thought at first that Reylo was going to be about a guy who admires a girl so much, learns from her and wants to be worthy of her, and deep down he’s still got some good in him, so he changes and redeems himself - and that’s pretty much the classic BatB/P&P story line… 

So with the recent developments, of course there might still be elements of the above, but it looks now like it’s going to be about two individuals who have been deeply hurt in the past, who have abandonment issues - and it’s very possible that in both cases, it’s because of amazing powers that end up being a curse more than a gift. So they come together because: “Hey, we’re both probably freaks, but at least we have each other.” 

You know the quote: “Find someone whose crazy matches your crazy”? That might just be about Reylo. 


@promptoweek Day 1: Favorite Scene ★ Brotherhood

Since we are both pretty busy, the Prompto Week will be a quick sketch/drabble collab between Makiko and me. 

A cute accompanying drabble by @makikoigami  (Gen, Prompto & Noctis bro-ship kinda):

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b99 newest episode recap:

- Holt chilling in Jake and Amys bedroom eating breakfest

- Rosa: I was in prison too, dog.

- Charles refering to Jakes eyes as “brown puppies”

- Holt calling Terry “old bald man”

- The Tramps

- “i know you dont drink water” that made me laugh so hard

- “god, youre being so mean…do it more” same 

- “i was watching a video, it was very erotic” Holt still going strong 

- Jake saying “bless you” was so cute and so out of nowhere 

- btw melissa looked 10/10 this episode

- both of my girls did

- Holt saying to Cheddar “you betrayed me, youll explain yourself later. return to my office” i love that man so much 

- handmaids tale so spooky so good 

- Terry accepting so many yoghurts and eating GPS trackers was fun 

- “Hes lived a long live already” dad, youre such a dog

- i had to rewatch the last few minutes 

- “title of your sex tape” my eyes are already wet

- “i promise, this is real” dont mind me, im just drowned in andys face

- “no, no, its okay” said amy holding back tears

- “gross” i love you so much guys, not holding back my tears

- im very emotional im so glad boyle fainted because otherwise i would

- jake calling amys dad, inspite of being terrified of him

- “she dont need no man” i thought hes gonna jump into a song

- i think i only now realized the yogurt metaphor

- fetus amy and jake, wish me more moments like that

- jake looking at amy on april 28th made me wonder if i will ever love someone like that

- im gonna pick myself from the floor, see you next week also YA BORING

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ebrietas daughter of the cosmos from bloodborne? (i suggested her to another terato blog but they said she was too scary) i want her to be my girlfriend.

Ohh I got another ask about her too that I didn’t get round to answering yet (sorry!) Anyway, she looks awesome

I love the wings, and the tentacles that branch off to look like fingers. The whole thing is so otherworldly - nothing about it looks human and it’s totally made up of things designed to chill you, like the way the face splits and those anemone-like structures. It would be amazing for something like this to be gentle with you, lifting you up in those tentacles and cradling you, maybe stroking you softly with those anemones… Good stuff, 13/9, plus I just found another nice picture of it and I can’t choose which is my favourite so have both!


“Poly Dating with SaNayeon pls”

  • So you’re dating both of Twice’s snakes
  • It probably just kinda happened
  • I mean you’re practically already dating them
  • It’s just that none of you actually bring up the matter
  • But someone else does
  • Probably Jihyo or Jeongyeon
  • But they’re joking
  • And you all kinda laugh it off
  • Until you’re alone with them and you realize
  • Well shit you are practically dating them both
  • So what do you guys do about it?
  • Absolutely nothing
  • Seriously nothing changes except for the fact that you’re all in agreement to being in a relationship
  • Dating both of them requires a lot of patience and attention
  • For both of them
  • Because they’ll get all whiney if they feel like you’re paying less or more attention to one of them
  • Honestly don’t be surprised when your clothes start missing
  • Because they’re going to take them
  • And then they’ll send you pictures
  • Asking if they look good
  • Couple items that are extremely obvious
  • You better be up for affection
  • 24/7
  • Hugs, Kisses
  • Just constant contact
  • Because that’s like they’re oxygen
  • They’re clingy and it’s cute
  • Also very possessive
  • Dates are the best thing
  • Because 70% of the time it’s super romantic and adventurous
  • The other 30% is you all cuddling together
  • Like nothing is even playing in the background
  • You’re just laying there together
  • Talking about nonsense
  • Until you all end up falling asleep

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Could I get Pixel and Stephanie making Roboticus a haloween costume?

Sooooo this is my 100th prompt? Counting the sequels I have made for other prompts, it’s my 100th. 

Thank you all so much for your ideas and support! None of these good good stories would exist without you! I appreciate every comment, every reblog, every tag. You’re all amazing! :D

Sportacus stared up at the frankly imposing robot. Roboticus stared unblinkingly down at him. On either side of Roboticus stood Pixel and Stephanie, both looking insanely proud of themselves.

“So,” Sportacus began, stepping away from his robot lookalike, “what did you do to him?”

“Well,” said Stephanie, “we were talking to Robbie about all the cool things he’s gotta have in his lair and he mentioned he still had Roboticus.”

Pixel cut in, “And I was talking about improvements that could be made and Stephanie pointed out Halloween was in a few weeks and we could improve Roboticus’ design while ALSO giving him a costume.”

“Only we couldn’t agree on what costume.”

“I said a character from Nebulous 6000 —”

“And I said an astronaut—”

“And I said a Transformer—”

Sportacus interrupted, “And you settled on… this?” He pointed at the robot.

Beaming Stephanie and Pixel both gestured at Roboticus, “A refrigerator!”

Tall as he was, Roboticus did not seem as intimidating as the last time Sportacus had seen him. His metal chest was covered in magnets of all shapes and colors. A few drawings and a fake report card were held up by a few of the magnets. 

“Do you want some water?” Pixel asked with a grin.


Pixel pulled a handle on Roboticus’ torso and half of him swung open. Inside were a few water bottles and some fruit. Pixel tossed Sportacus a bottle. It was ice cold.

Sportacus let his jaw hang open, “This is amazing!”


Marching up to the small group was Robbie. “I said you could dress him up! Not ruin him!” He ran his hands over the robot’s chest, a horrified look on his face. He aimed a piercing glare at Stephanie and Pixel.

“They were just having fun!” Sportacus said, stepping between Robbie and the kids. “It’s just for Halloween, Robbie.”

“They turned a powerful robot that almost outran YOU into a kitchen appliance!”

“Calm down—”

“I will not calm down! Do you know how long this will take to fix?! These brats can’t just—”

Before Robbie could rant any further, Sportacus had handed Stephanie his water and hoisted the other man into the air.


“You two did excellent work,” Sportacus said brightly to the kids, ignoring the squirming Robbie in his arms. The two high fived as Sportacus walked away, Robbie still bellowing insults. Roboticus picked up a magnet Robbie had knocked off and stuck in back onto his chest.

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You want something catastrophic? You make Ford the Doctor's companion. The insanity would be unstoppable.



Do we go Classic or 9-13?

I think I could see a younger portal Ford bungling around with the Second Doctor… and I could sense an interesting dynamic with potentially the Fifth Doctor and an older Ford, bc ol’ Fivey tended to be “the kindly uncle” type to his companions which would be hiLARIOUS outwardly because Ford physically looks much older than Five, even though in reality this Doctor is already a few hundred years old.

I might imagine Nine and Ford getting along… although depending on how early in Nine’s timestream they met, their sacrificial-hardened-hero shtick might clash so who knows…

I get the sense that Ten and Ford in particular would both be so headstrong that they’d knock heads often. Not sure if that’d be a good match up. Although they’d definitely make the universe explode by both being the “pretty boy” type.

I have utterly no idea if Ford and Eleven would get along. Although- Ford might appreciate his sense of wonder about the universe, so there’s that.

Honestly, I can most imagine Twelve and Ford getting on well, Ford being near his 2012 age at this point. The reasons why are honestly… all for traits every Doctor has in some amount but I think Twelve has a balance of them that would most compliment Ford’s? Just the right mix of sarcastic humor, intelligence, fierce protectiveness, and wonder. I’m sure they’d both go off on some sort of crazy excited tangent on some alien creature they’d both encountered and Clara would roll her eyes.

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as someone who has fallen maddly head over heals, looking at them like they are the aruaua borealis in love with both of my best friends, give them all the love you have for them but shove it in a platonic box and know that even just being their friend is a blessing from the universe bc wow they are so wonderful and amazing and they chose you to be their friend and just being able to sleep next to them sometimes or have long calls makes everything so much more worth it

oh goodness this is adorable.

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Today with US Sans, maybe?

(Poor US Sans is beeing choosen very often for some suffering lmao)

Day 18 -  Humans and monsters have a lot of similarities. For example, they both scream when being stabbed in the chest.

He just had to get the grocery shopping done, and then he could go home and finally try out that new puzzle game he got for himself. Sans was pretty excited, it was an interesting looking game with a top-hatted gentleman on the cover, and apparently very good.

“Ey you little bastard, give me your fucking money or I slash you right across that creepy face of yours”, Sans jumped away in surprise, so lost in thoughts he didn’t notice the man walking towards him. He was pointing a knife at Sans with a shaking hand, apparently as nervous about the entire situation as Sans himself was.

“HUMAN…I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU ARE..UHM…WHY YOU ARE DOING THIS BUT..UHM…”, Sans started to sweat, his 1 HP was barely nothing, even with his high defense, he could die so easily through this knife.

“I KNOW YOU CAN FIND SOME OTHER WAY TO GET MONEY IF YOU NEED IT…THE MAGNIFICIENT SANS COULD EVEN HElp….help you….”, Sans was backing away with every word, his voice wavering. He had faith in himself, but not enough for something like this.

The man was grinding his teeth, fidgeting with his knife, getting more agitated with every second until he suddenly lunged at Sans, the smaller dodging somehow at first, but the second stab went right in his chest.

Skeletons were lucky to have so much empty space between their ribs and bones, but of course, the knife still nicked a rib good, sending a sharp pain trough Sans chest, making yelp out in pain, falling back on the floor in a failed attempt to dodge.

He felt marrow trickle down his bones and sog through his shirt, saw the man drop the knife and lunged at him, search through his pockets, while Sans tried to calm his breathing and push him off him. 

The man finally found Sans wallet, dropping the skeleton on the ground and running away, Sans turning over on his stomach, one hand on his damaged rib, trying to get up on all fours, his arms shaking from blood loss.

He fell back onto the ground, smacking his head good on the asphalt, hearing somebody yell for an ambulance before he blacked out.

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How is it that you not only write perfectly, but that you're really good with a pen in your hand as well? I mean, I love to read and look at your creations, but how do you do it?? I'm like happy if I get some semi-decent stuff out in writing, but you're really smashing both things!

Oh man…you are so sweet!  Umm, I don’t know…?
I’ve always lived inside stories and words.  I moved a lot my entire life, and characters were my only constant friends.  In the days before cell phones/tablets/laptops (I’m talking the 80s/90s), I had books to keep me company during cross-country drives. 
And life was shit, so I’d escape to worlds I could control.  I “wrote fanfiction” in my head long before I knew such a thing existed (and in those days, it only existed in the form of ‘zines…actual physical publications).  So, creating entire worlds kinda comes naturally to me. 
After high school, I went to community college for a few years and majored in theater.  Working on/back stage for almost 20yrs gave me a lot of experience not only in character creation/understanding, but also in character actions.  It taught me to stay aware of what all characters were doing, and why they did it. Writing a story that I’ve already worked out in my head is like staging and directing a play for me. 
Art…well, I did art in high school all four years.  The first two years, I took the standard “one period” Art I & II.  But my last two years, I had the option of taking a double-period art class.  I loved it, but I was never very good.  I have a few pieces that I’m still proud of, but art has always been more of a struggle for me than words. 
I’ve only worked on art a few times over the years, and it was usually painting.  Faces were NEVER my forte!  But I’m forcing myself to keep at it.  I can see myself improving with each piece.  One day, when I’m not completely self-conscious, I may post some of my disaster-sketches that look like they were done by a cubist/surrealist!  LMAO!! 
I want to create stories and art for people to enjoy.  And I hope to one day be able to support myself (or at least my work) through art/writing via commissions and/or patreon.  I created a patreon, but I get too nervous to promote it bc I fear I’m not “good enough” yet.  So, I snuck it into the “website” icon on my blog…ssshhhh…

ANYWAY…I’m sure this rambling life-story wasn’t what you expected!  That’s what happens when I answer things when I’m barely awake and still on my first cup of coffee!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words!  Then mean a LOT.  Seriously, I’ve been stressed over whether my readers would be upset that I’ve been focused on art this month instead of writing. 
I’M SORRY READERS!!!  I’ve outlined the new chapter in detail…it’s just a matter of sitting down and WRITING THE DAMN THING!!  Life’s been a bit hectic…

if you see this, post a snippet from a wip

“I could teach you.”

“Teach me?”

“I’ve been told I am a good teacher.”

“By who?”

“The DA.”

“Fifteen-year-olds who hadn’t had a single good Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in their lives? I wouldn’t take their word for it.”

“Lupin was good.” The words fell out of Harry’s mouth before he could stop himself, and they both snapped their gazes up to the ceiling, towards where Teddy’s room was located.

“I supposed,” Draco said and looked down again, “that in retrospective, he wasn’t so bad, after all.”

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Does Debby hate the clique? Lmao I've seen people saying stuff like that and I don't know what to believe

I’ve never seen proof myself but but there’s people who swear she does and someone told me there’s a video of her mocking the clique where she says “you saved my life” then rolls her eyes and points to something that says extra. But when I asked her to link me this so called video she said “google it yourself” which I did countless times and can not find it or any evidence of it. But honestly look at the way a good portion of the clique treats her I wouldn’t blame her if she did hate the clique and I always think of how stressful that must be if or when they are/were in a relationship for something (the clique) that means so much to Josh to be so mean to someone he cares about so much like that must just fuck with both their heads and put a strain between them in way.