they are both so adorable here oh my god

Being a superhero and dating Peter Parker would include...

- him finding out about you by overhearing the television while out to dinner with may

- at the classic thai restaurant on 54th ofc

- he’d be so focused on watching the screen that may would have to snap him out of it since he almost spilled his soup for the third time 

- “she’s so cool’

- basically drooling over you

- spotting you around the city a couple of times

- turns out you’ve been curious about him too

- being a mystery to one another

- peter taking upwards of a million years to gather the courage to talk to you

- you two meeting because you both showed up at the same place to catch some criminals

- “so you’re spider-man?” “asdfghjkl you’re (insert cool superhero name here)”

- peter becoming an actual fanboy

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I’ve been wanting to share my opinion on this for so long, but I was waitong for a HQ image to come out. I’ll talk by groups, let’s get going!

●Takeru & Hikari:
•The hell are you guys even supposed to be? They have like skates on their feet?? And Takeru totally MADE Hikari wear that messy hat.
•At least their Digimon look cute and the headset is lovely, Hikari’s has Tailmon’s ear and Takeru’s has Patamon’s ear/wing whatever.
•Takeru is so gay in this one I mean to me he already is my gay son (sorry Takari shippers) but this just confirmed it to me.
•I love how Hikari’d wearing her typical colors and the whistle, well done 👏

●Koushiro & Jou:
•My second favorite group in here!!! They’re the nerds of the gang, I think being sort of DJs really fit them.
•Jou looks SO GOOD oh my God he turned out to be one handsome lad like you goo Joooooo!
•Koushiro’s wearing purple ans Jou’s wearing grey - which made me notice the fact that they’re all wearing their crest’s colors!!! So cute.
•Gomamon wins me over EVERYTIME.

●Sora, Mimi and PEGGY (Meiko):
•The three of them look ADORABLE.
•Mimi’s bow just fits her so well I love how her hair looks in here. I don’t like how stiff Sora’s hair looks ugh.
•Sora as the singer, tho!!!! Never saw that one coming, I’m living!!!! I guess Mimi and Meiko are the chorists?
•Piyomon’s wearing a tiny hat and that just melted my heart I can’t stop crying!!!
•Meiko isn’t blushing for once and I adore her beret!
•Again, I love how their shirts’ color match with their crests’. I’m guessing Meiko’s crest is sort of wine-ish?
•Meicoomon with those two lollipops is adorable I usually don’t like her but she looks cute in here.

●Taichi & Yamato:
•First things’ first, why the heck is Taichi the singer when in canon his voice’s awful 😂 really, Toei? Did you think we’d forget??
•They both look so handsome but specially Yamato like OH MY GOD ISHIDA, CAN YOU NOT.
•Agumon looks drunk, is he okay?
•Is Gabumon singing as well??? Can this get any weirder? 😂
•Yamato!!! And his bass!!! I can’t stop staring!!!!
•The fact that Taichi kept his goggles on even with the costume on?? I approve.
•Again, Taichi’s wearing slight orange and Yamato slight blue. Very nice detail!

I loved this whole idea, very fun to see :)

Vernon x Hufflepuff!Reader
  • You’re a Hufflepuff at hogwarts and it’s almost time for the Gryffyndor vs. Hufflepuff qudditch match, and this year your two houses are the final two (this match decides this year’s winner)
  • And gryffindors are naturally competitive… but y’all hufflepuffs are like “Hey, it’s a game, let’s not get too aggressive here”
  • Because some Gryffindors are taking it too seriously and acting like this is the final battle in a war *cough cough seUNGcheOL*
  • So you’re like “heck yes I know what to do to resolve tensions between our houses”, and you decide that you want to bake a bunch of baked goodies like cookies and brownies and stuff for both the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff houses.
  • Because if your two houses can sit down together and have some sweets then maybe everyone will just chill a little bit
  • You tell Hufflepuff!Seungkwan of this plan and he’s like “First off- yes, because free food, but second off, won’t the Gryffindors think you’re up to something?”
  • Soonyoung: “Yeah what if they think you’re trying to poison them before the match”
  • And of course you’re like “I would nEVeR”, but before you can get too worried, Seungkwan is like “Wait wait, I know just the guy” and runs off
  • And you don’t see Seungkwan again until he marches up to you in the library the next day, dragging some poor kid with him
  • Seungkwan is like “This is Vernon, he’s a Gryffindor. If you two do all the baking together, there’s no reason for your houses not to trust one another”
  • So far the kid that Seungkwan introduced as Vernon has been looking at his feet after taking one glance at you and you were like “wow what did I do to you”
  • But at the mention of you two being together, Vernon is like “!!!”
  • “If it’s too much trouble you really don’t have to help me, I just thought it would be nice…” you tell him, not wanting to burden him
  • “No, it’s fine!” he says quickly, his head snapping up to look at you. “I want to help”
  • Your mood gets 1000x better just at him saying he’ll help because you’re like “mY pLAn wILL wORK, yESSS”
  • Next thing you know, you and Vernon are elbows deep in dough and sugar and icing and it’s. a. Mess.
  • You’re having fun though, like you two are chatting and getting to know one another and talking about your interests and things
  • At first he seemed like he didn’t really wanna talk, but after about 5 minutes of you asking open ended questions that he would HAVE to give a detailed response to, he figured he might as well just talk to you freely
  • The baking was a mess, but an organized mess, because after about 5 hours straight of baking, you two finally finished making all the goodies.
  • After cleaning up, you brought all the baked goods to the dining hall and asked Gryffindor!Mingyu and Hufflepuff!Joshua to get everyone to come
  • Joshua: “What if people don’t want to come?? Should I try and persuade them?”
  • Mingyu: “It’s free food. Literally no one would say no to that”
  • You intentionally put all the baked goods at one table so that the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor kids would have to sit together lmao
  • And this worked, everyone came in, ate together and had a good time. By the end of it, there was no more tension between your houses, and everyone was still looking forward to the match
  • You were so freaking happy that this worked because you hated seeing tensions rise between friends.
  • In all your excitement, you grabbed Vernon’s hands and jumped up and down like “We did it!!”
  • And this boy. He gave you the cutest and most sincere smile.
  • The kind of smile that catches you off guard and makes you think “wow I adore this person”
  • So you’re here thinking “wow I adore this person and i’m holding their hands and what iF I MAKE THIS AWKWARD OH GOD”
  • You shyly let go and smile back at him, pretending like you didn’t almost explode from over thinking things
  • The two of you clean up all the remnants of cookies and brownies that your housemates left behind and then say your goodnights, making your way to your individual dorms
  • Little do you know that you both are thinking the same thing, which is “oh my god they’re so great, what do I dO”
  • You’re like “hey, it’s might be too soon to see if I’ve caught feelings, let’s just be friends first”
  • But Vernon makes this…. difficult
  • It seems like whenever you see him in the hall and wave hello, he doesn’t seem to see you
  • And whenever you walk into the same room as him, he leaves
  • This goes on for a few days until you think about it and are like “oh my god, did he work too hard baking with me?? Did he get sick???”
  • Naturally, your next move is to go to Seungkwan and ask him what’s up with Vernon, and that’s exactly what you do
  • Seungkwan tells you the scoop and is like “yeah he’s been acting pretty weird for the past couple of days. It doesn’t seem like he can concentrate and he’s not talking a lot. Like more that his usual amount of not talking a lot”
  • You’re like “my suspicions are confirmed, he must be feeling sick”
  • You hit the books that night looking up herbal remedies to heal illness and fatigue and end up making a couple of vials of medicines that should work
  • The next day you walk in the library, and Vernon’s looking at some books. If you could even call it looking, he seems pretty spaced out.
  • You approach him and are like “Hey Vernon, I know you’ve been pretty out of it recently, and I talked to Seungkwan-”
  • But before you can even finish he’s like “yOU whAT?! Oh my gosh Seungkwan is the biggest blabbermouth, I shouldn’t have told him that I like you, especially when you two are in the same house and-”
  • Your eyebrows are raised so high they could hit the ceiling because did he just say that he likes you??
  • Vernon: “Seungkwan didn’t say anything about that, did he”
  • You: “Not even a little”
  • Vernon: “Well damn”
  • You’re like 1.) how freaking adorable, this sweet boy just accidentally confessed to me and 2.) I had an original purpose for coming here, maybe I should explain
  • “Well the reason I came to talk to you is because you looked like you weren’t feeling too well so I made some remedies that should help”
  • And he’s like “lol what no I’m fine. The only reason i’ve been out of it is because i’ve been thinking about you”
  • You can’t take any more of his cuteness so you just wrap him up in a hug, to which he shyly wraps his arms around your waist
  • Vernon: “So can I take this as a ‘oh my gosh Vernon of course I like you back, you’re the best’?”
  • “Something along the lines of that”, you say with a huge grin on your face, still in his strong embrace
  • After this adorable accidental confession, the word gets out that you two are now dating, because Jeonghan happened to be “asleep” at a table in the library just close enough to you two to hear everything. Jeonghan told Joshua, who told Soonyoung and Seungkwan… and you can imagine how the word spread from there
  • Seungcheol is the proudest dad and like “LOOK AT MY GROWN BOY, GETTING HIMSELF A SIGNIFICANT OTHER” and Vernon’s like “can you not plz”
  • You two are really compatible because if he doesn’t feel up to being social then you guys will just hang out together and watch movies or sit in the park and people watch. But if you two decide you’re going to, for example, go to the final match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, you two go all out. House colors on all clothing, face paint, little hand made flags, the whole get up.
  • Vernon: “If Gryffindor wins, you owe me a kiss”
  • You: “If Hufflepuff wins, you owe me 100 push ups”
  • Vernon: “hOW is thAT fAIR”
  • And guess who wins?? Hufflepuff.
  • Vernon’s like “please don’t make me do this” and whines enough so that you end up reducing it to ten push ups
  • “Can I still have that kiss though?”
  • “I don’t see why not”

Okay guys! So I just came back from New York, where I went to see Hamilton and let me tell you- oh my god. It surpassed my already high expectations. The cast was SO FREAKING AMAZING! The night I went Jevon McFerrin played A.Ham, Elizabeth Judd & Syndee Winters both played Eliza and the rest of the cast was played by the people who normally play them.

Here we go:

• BRYAN TERRELL CLARK PLAYS WASHINGTON BEAUTIFULLY, I mean- In my opinion, I prefer his Washington over Christopher Jackson’s. It is THAT exceptionally good.
•Elizabeth Judd is gorgeous and so freaking good.
•Alysha Deslorieux is so good. Peggy was adorable and Maria was soooo GREAT.
•Anthony Lee Medina is my new crush. He is so freaking gorgeous and his voice is amazing, he is hilarious and makes a wonderful Laurens.
•Seth Stewart is also so good, he tripped on some words during Lafayette’s rap but jesus- so would I. He was amazing.
•Thayne Jasperson stole my heart, I’m in love.
•I saved the best for last: JEVON MCFERRIN… Literally nothing can put into words how great his Alexander Hamilton was. His voice is similar to Lin’s, he was exceptional and I would 700% go see Hamilton again with him playing Alexander and I’d probably cry happy tears.

More stuff:

•My mom is in love with Jevon McFerrin and Taran Killam. She got very mad at Alexander when Say No To This came around but she loved Lafayette, thought Jefferson is an asshole and would 100% go hug Eliza during It’s Quiet Uptown.
•I never realized that in The Election of 1800 when Madison says “Please” after Jefferson goes “Can we get back to politics?” he actually says it the way he says it cause he’s crying?? Am I late to the realization or what? Oops
•Hurricane has the most breathtaking staging out of all the songs
•Yorktown is actually very intense.
•I spent nearly $200 on merch
•It was the best night of my life
•I cried when “Alexander Hamilton” began

coming home

okay this is literally the longest scenario on earth so don’t hate me for it please.
i’ve had this idea in my head for literally ever and i finally decided to do something with it.
it’s also my first scenario as well, so please go easy on me you guys ;-;

NCT Jaehyun Scenario
you’re going home to visit you parents after moving to Seoul, and your #nasty boyfriend Jung Jaehyun tags along~
a lil fluffy and a lil #nasty bc well jaehyun is #nasty af
adult content at the end; intended for mature audiences only
word count: 2,884 (again, i’m sorry i legit wrote a book lmao)

“Continue on the following road for 47 miles, then take EXIT 38C onto…”

“Oh, Babe, can you turn off the navigation on my phone please? I know how to get home from here,” you interrupted the annoyingly talkative navigation app.

“Are you sure jagi? It wouldn’t be the first time you said you ‘knew’ how to get us somewhere only to get the both of us lost and…”

Oh my god Jaehyun, that was literally like one time. Can you let me live? It’s not my fault the stupid navigation app didn’t want to cooperate with me. Anyway, driving in America isn’t like driving in Seoul; it’s way easier to drive here.”

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Friends to Lovers with Kun
  • omg i love kun so much i’m so exciteddd
  • lately i’m so soft for him i’m in love 
  • kun’s really underrated, he deserves more love for being such a precious human
  • aLSOOO!!
  • i want to see how much his korean improved!!
  • but anyways let’s start this rn
  • okay so
  • even if i see this baby being a shy and introverted person,
  • if there’s someone who really caugh his attention i’m a 100% sure that he would be brave enough to go and talk to that person
  • so as soon as this lil baby sees you he’s already planning how he should go and talk to you
  • both of you were in a park or something
  • and when he saw you walking towards one of the benches that were in there
  • he copied your action and started walking over there too
  • and he was like (◕‿◕✿) what a coincidence am i right
  • and he didn’t plan to bump into you but oops
  • but it actually made things easier for him
  • because when you accidentaly bump into each other, the book that you had in your hands fell and it started a really interesing topic of conversation
  • “oh, i’m sorry”
  • “no, it’s fine”
  • and both of you made eye contact oH MYY
  • he probably already knows that he has the most beautiful smile in the whole world 
  • so he would smile widely at you and jfc
  • you were shooked by his A++ visuals
  • “i’m really sorry, here’s your book”
  • “what’s your name?”
  • and you tried to sound the more natural as possible but you were already nervous as fuck
  • “i-i’m y/n”
  • he found your stuttering so adorable and he smiled at you with that angelic smile
  • and you were like leT ME LIVE
  • “y/n, is nice to meet other person who enjoys literature”
  • “umm, wait a second here”
  • he came back with drinks for both of you anD ISN’T IT CUTE
  • both of you kept talking the whole day about books and oh my god that’s so adorable
  • you spent the rest of the day and thinking about him and his cute smile and those pretty brown eyes that he has
  • oh, and y’all exchanged numbers that day, so you continued texting each other non stop
  • you got to know him a lot better through text
  • he was so sincere and funny and adorable
  • he’s so perf i want 2cry
  • y’all probably had ur first date one or two days later
  • and it turned out so well!!
  • he talked with you about china and his family a lot
  • he even showed you some pictures of his phone and l o v e d your reactions
  • and you were like woah¿¡¡
  • “wow you’re,, so handsome¡?? like?? so photogenic¿? look at you!¿”
  • “aw that picture is cute”
  • “awwwwEeeE y’all r holding hands!! is he ur boyfie¿ please say yes”
  • lmao
  • and yes, i was talking about sicheng
  • they’re so cute i need to see them together again
  • anyways, what i’m trying to say is that he was so caring and sweet
  • so when he asked you to another date oF COURSE YOU SAID YESSSS
  • and he probably confessed in the third or fourth date
  • and you had feelings for him too
  • he was so respectful and would always hear anything you want to say
  • you could be your true self with him and never feel like he’s judging you
  • and that’s exactly what you needed
  • his confession was really simple but a 100% sincere
  • so u were a couple now aw <3
  • and y’all had the cutest first kiss
  • you feel in love with how soft they were and you were internally dying
  • your heart was beating super fast and when you hugged him you discovered that his were super fast to!!
  • i don’t think he’s a clingy person, but he probably loves cute and inoccent skinship
  • like holding your hand and kissing your cheek
  • and he loves it when you hug him and caress his cheek
  • but he always show you how much he caress about you with those actions and his sweet words
  • he’s just an angel and he would never want to let anything happen to you
  • basically, if you get to date this cutie you’re the luckiest person alive
  • but anyways, the end i guess
Talk nerdy to me

Model who looks and acts really professional at the photo shoot but is actually a huge nerd AU with Percabeth @twopaperairplanesflyingflyin @bronzomatrixx Im not really sure how you do ‘read more’s so sorry about that… 

Annabeth’s third week of working for the new company was going excellently. She’d already photographed and edited two shoots, and the third one seemed like it went perfectly. When she started her fourth one, she felt like something had to go wrong soon.

The shoot was outside, on the sunny beach in LA. Annabeth was totally in her element. She loved the sun in her hair and how no one cared if she wore ripped jeans shorts to work because it was okay for her to be ‘artsy’ or whatever, when they were photographing outside. And she particularly liked how there was perfect lighting for photos. Even though something had to go wrong eventually, she had a good feeling about this. The main model looked like a Greek god in the water, and everything was exactly what she wanted it to be.  

Until it started raining.  

“Ms Chase, do you want to continue? Even though it’s raining I mean?” Percy Jackson was looking at her with eyes that looked like they matched the stormy sea perfectly. “No, sorry I think we’ll…” Eyes that matched the stormy sea perfectly. “Actually, I want to take some last photos. Maybe the rain isn’t so bad after all.” He raised his eyebrows at her, but didn’t say anything, just went back to his place and doing the poses she wanted him to do. She was thankful that he didn’t have a diva thing going on, like some of the other models she’d met during her work time. She knew some who wouldn’t have been too happy about sidetracking the plan.  

When they were finished, she went up to him and shook his hand. “It was nice working with you, thanks for not minding the rain.” He just smiled at her. “It was my pleasure, Ms. Chase, I hope you got some good photos.” Annabeth couldn’t help but smile, and look into his eyes for a moment longer. This guy really was polite. And also fairly hot. His eyes was gleaming, and his hair was dripping from the rain, and the drops were running down his torso. His hand was still holding hers firmly, and she pulled away, internally scolding herself for noticing these things and being awkward  when he was acting so professional. “I’m sorry, bit distracted.” He smirked, still looking at her with an interrogative expression. She widened her eyes as she realized he’d asked a question. “Ohh. Umm. Yes, I got some good ones in the end, to be honest the rain sort of was the piece that missed. If you know what I mean…?” Oh gods. Had she really just said 'sort of’ and 'if you know what i mean’ while trying to act professional?  He just laughed, and she took that as a yes to her internal question.  

He looked like he was about to say something more, when the rain started drumming even more violently down. It was like someone had decided letting the water down slowly was wasting time and just released it all at once. Her top was almost wet all the way through as she looked up. “You know what, I think we should hurry back.”

By the time they reached her car, they were both so wet there was literally streams of water running down their bodies. She wasn’t entirely sure why he was still with her though. Maybe he wanted a ride back to the office, or maybe to the bus station.  

“Do you want a ride somewhere?” He opened his mouth, as if he was about to say something, then closed it again. Then opened it and managed to talk. “Yeah. No, I like walking in the rain actually, I was just making sure you got back without drowning.” He tugged at his sleeve. “Umm maybe you’d like to have a coffee or something first with me, if you want to warm up, I mean.” He bit his lower lip, and Annabeth couldn’t help but think that he looked really sexy. “I know a place just around the corner, if you want to, I mean. ” He shrugged. Annabeth was the one smirking now. She couldn’t believe the totally professional model who bore a striking resemblance to a Greek god was this awkward with girls.  "Sure, Jackson. If you just give me a moment to put away my stuff.“  His eyes lit up. "Yeah sure, of course.”  

She was sure she’d left a sweater somewhere. But she couldn’t find it as she rummaged through the trunk of her car. She closed it with a loud sigh of defeat. Without something to change to, a coffee wouldn’t really keep her warm for long. “Is there something wrong?” Jackson had noticed. Of course he had. “Noo… it’s fine, I just thought I had an extra sweater somewhere, but let’s just go now… ” He didn’t say anything, just frowned at her, and lead the way to a small café just around the corner.

The first thing she noticed about it was that it was called 'The restaurant at the end of the universe’. The second thing was that the menu included several Star Wars and Doctor Who puns. The third thing she noticed wasn’t about the restaurant, but about the model. Jackson took off his jacket, and under it was a t-shirt with the phrase 'Come to the dark side’. Percy Jackson was a huge freaking dork.

“I must say, that I didn’t really expect this.” Percy looked a bit flustered. Annabeth couldn’t help but grin at him. “But don’t worry. Hmm. I think I want a Darth Chocolate Muffin and a Mustafar chocolate, what about you?”  The corners of his mouth perked up, and he looked at the menu with fake anticipation. “Hmm… I’m not sure… Usually I’d take the hoth latte, but I want something warm, y’know, so maybe I’ll take the Mustafar Chocolate too. And a dark cookie too, man I love those. Like the Darth Chocolate Muffins are good, but nothing beats a dark cookie. Y’know?” Annabeth just looked up at him, struggling not to laugh.  Percy’s neck started to redden as he realized he was rambling. “Umm.. Sorry. I’ll order, in the meantime I have an extra shirt If you wanted to change? Umm.. Do you want it?” He was awkwardly scratching his neck, gazing at the floor. She smiled. “Sure, I’ll be back in five.”


When she came out of the bathroom, wearing Percy’s oversized sweater, he was already sitting at a table with their hot chocolates and snacks. “Hi.” Annabeth tugged at her sleeves, and sat down opposite to him. He looked at her and grinned. “I knew you’d rock that nerdy girl look.” Annabeth blushed. If it was because she had 'talk nerdy to me’ written across her chest, or because of the compliment, she wasn’t entirely sure. Or maybe it was both.  She tried to force away her redness before she answered. “Oh yeah, Jackson? You look more like adorable in that Star Wars shirt.” Oh my gods, that was supposed to be a comeback! Her blood rose in her cheeks again. It seemed like she was worse with cute boys than she remembered.  Percy didn’t say anything, only raised an eyebrow and said; “Just call me Percy, please.” , which only made her even more flustered.  

“So, you come here often?” she said, changing the topic. “Yeah, now and then. I need to keep up that adorable nerd rep, y'know?” She just rolled her eyes. Dork. “Yeah, well, I can’t say this was what I expected you to be like.” He cocked his head. “What did you expect?” She smiled, gazing 'thoughtfully’ at thin air. “I don’t know exactly. More… glamourous? Not the kind of guy who goes to a café with so many sci-fi references you can’t really miss any? Maybe that you were the kind of guy that goes to parties in the evenings after model jobs to chat up girls, but instead you’re sitting with your photographer in the most nerdy restaurant in town. I just didn’t expect you to be so… dorky.” Amusement flickering in his eyes, Percy said “So you’re basically saying you expected me to actually have a life? Like the kind where you’re social all the time?“  He tilted his head again, looking mockingly philosophical. “Because then my friend, you are wrong. All I do is Netflix and chill. “ He widened his eyes, quickly adding that he meant actual Netflix and chill.  Like literally Netflix and chill. “Good to know, Seaweed Brain. Good to know” Annabeth nodded importantly. Percy blushed, and looked accusingly at her. “Seaweed brain? What kind of nickname is that?“ Annabeth smirked. “An appropriate one, that’s what I think.” He mocked an expression of hurt, his hand on his chest. “I’m so hurt. I have to leave now.” Annabeth gasped, and ran a finger than her cheek. "Oh no.”  Then Percy straightened up. He smiled apologetically. “Umm. I actually have to go now. Dinner with my mom tonight.” Annabeth internally awwwed. “Yeah. Me too. I wanna get back.”

When they were back at her car (Percy had insisted on following her), Annabeth tugged at her sleeves again. “I guess I should give this back now… I forgot at the café…” Percy smiled broadly, his sea green eyes glinting in the sun. “Nah, you can keep it.“ She smiled up at him. “Thanks. I’ll see you around, then.” She stepped closer, and hugged him. Percy just stood there first, but then he put his arms around her, holding her closer. He smiled like sea and fresh air and Percy. She reluctantly let go, and stepped awkwardly back. He gazed at her, all of him smiling, like he’d just gotten a present. “I guess I will.”

It wasn’t before she was in the car, that Annabeth remembered she didn’t have any more photographing with him, and that she probably wouldn’t see him at work. Fuck. She scolded herself for being so disappointed. They’d literally only talked for a few hours, it didn’t matter that much. At least that’s what she told herself. But that didn’t matter much that night when she took of his shirt, and found a note scribbled at the label. Or to be exact, a number. It really didn’t matter what she’d told herself earlier. But he did.  

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Everyone is freaking out over the whole Matt and Ro thing and I'm just here like, "Oh my god! Look at Matt, Steph, and Ro being best friends and all adorable! Best live stream!!!" Of course flirting always flew right over my head so what do I know. 🤷‍♀️ -L

God, mood af no one is talking about how cute Ro and Stephanie were when they were complimenting each other’s alien eggs and the hedgehog looking dragon egg or how both Matt and Steph helped Ro get the icing off her nose and Matt dabbing icing on Stephanie’s nose too like there was a lot of cute moments in the stream too!


Chapter One

Here we go!

Summary: (Rewrite of the Stockholm Syndrome series) Phil wakes up with rope tied round his arms and legs, suspecting a kidnapping – but he’s in his own room. The only person in the house with him is an eighteen-year-old boy he’s been talking to for months online. Phil doesn’t know what he should be doing, or how to be feeling, because Dan wants him to love him and he’s scared this boy might actually make it happen.

WN: (in general: hostage situation, tying up, violence, conflicting sexual scenes but none explicitly non-con, emotional manipulation, some blood and gore)


WN: (specific to each chapter) captor/hostage, tying up, mentions of violence/gore, mentions of almost non-con/conflicting sexual scenes, angst, strong language

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i read a lot about art as well as women’s places in sub-movements and what not so i wanted to compile a little list of notable books i’ve read about the intersection of those things, in case it interests you at all cause it does me. some of these take on an explicitly feminist perspective while others are more objective and “historical”/ devoid of political introspection- both narratives interest me. (if this seems at all crude or without nuance it’s because i’m just a book store clerk and not an academic, lol) :

i’m surely forgetting some- but i hope this was at least a little of interest! 

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Hey! You're literally such a talented writer like ohmygoodness God's blessed you so freakin much like what no fair save some talent for us ! <3 and literally you're the only one I've seen write stuff for Damien like my goodness that man is adorable,speaking of Damien.. I was thinking if you could do a imagine where the group is in the haunted wax figure museum and the reader gets scared and runs to Damien and everyone notices and it's very cute and fluffy and they both blush and stuff and EJFBSN

Oh. My. God. This IS FANTASTIC. I am so excited to write this! !!!??? Thank you so much, you’re the sweetest like, don’t make me blush here, wow. This is awesome, you’re the !!! ♡♡

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Super Soldiers Really Can Get Sick

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Chris Evans x Reader

Request:  I have sent this like twice but may be you lost the messages ): ? I requested a Chris x reader where he gets really sick and you take care of him? A bath scene’d be REALLY OK, Thank you so much!

A/n: I’m sorry that I didn’t get the requests!

Genre: Fluff, Family, friendship, Romance

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Graphic context, nudity, swearing, FLUFF, illness

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines


It was so unexpected that you jumped your book that you were reading falling to the floor and a strained chuckle sounding form beside you. You looked up and frowned in concern.

“Sorry, did I scare you with-with-ACHOO!”

There in front of you stood your best friend, borderline lover, Chris Evans. His usually shimmering eyes were shimmering with tears, nose red, cheeks slightly darkened, hair disheveled, and his posture slumping. He was shivering and you got up, gesturing him to sit down and he did so slowly, seeming to look in pain.

“What’s wrong, meatball?”

“My head hurts, my throat hurt, my whole self hurts. I was throwing up last night and now I’m cold.”

He coughed and you sighed, grabbing blankets and replied, gently brushing his hair out of his eyes.

“You poor thing. Here, I’ll make you some tea and soup then you’re gonna get a cold bath because you are burning up. Let me take your temperature and we’ll go from there. And medicine.”

Chris nodded and whispered, snuggling into the blankets you had laid over him.

“Ok. Thank you, (y/n). You are such a sweetheart.”

You smiled kindly.

“Anything for my friend.”

You stood up and walked to the bathroom, searching for the thermometer. You were concerned. Chris had said at dinner that he didn’t feel good and you didn’t know whether it was food poisoning but you didn’t want to make Chris worried or anything. Stress was the last thing this guy needed. Walking out with the cough syrup, Excedrin, a couple of cold washcloths, Tums, and the thermometer, you were ready to help Chris out with his cold. He was on the couch, groaning as he held his head and I closed all of the blinds after setting everything down. I turned off the TV, closed the curtain, shut off any other lights, and smiled at Chris when he whispered.

“What would I do without you, sweetheart?”

“Well, you’re life would be boring, you would be dying currently, and you would be lonely.”

He chuckled slightly and responded.

“Well, I can’t disagree with you there, (nickname).”

You chuckled and instructed, holding the thermometer.

“I need you to turn your ear my way and then I’m gonna use the thermometer you put under your tongue just to make sure it’s all accurate.”

He nodded and did as told, you gently putting the ear thermometer in and felt your eyes widen a bit at the temp. 102.3 degrees. You took it out and Chris complained.

“It feels weird.”

“Yeah, and your temperature’s weird too. Jesus. 102.3.”

Chris grinned.

“Hey, I’m finally Johnny Storm.”

“More like Johnny About-to-die.”

Chris opened his baby blues to glare at you and you stuck the oral thermometer in his mouth, Chris huffing and you waited until the thing beeped, showing a two degree difference.

“Yeah, even though you’re brain is already mush, your brain is gonna melt if it goes up any higher. Sit up, I’m gonna give you some medication.”

Chris groaned and made a disgusted face when I poured a spoonful of cough syrup.

“I hate that shit. Tastes like fucking ass.”

“How would you know what ass tastes like?”

“You know how you can taste a smell sometimes?”

I rolled my eyes but nodded, Chris slightly grimacing when I held up the spoon.

“I spend enough time with you to know that you smell like that.”

I glared at Chris and he gave a shit eating grin.

“Little shit.”

“You love me anyways, sweetheart.”

“Open up, jack ass.”

He did as told and shivered when he tasted the medicine, his facing scrunching up and you took the time to take a picture, cherishing your fast reflexes. You grinned at Chris’s horrified face and you posted on Instagram.

Looks like Super Soldiers CAN get sick. Poor Chrissy.

#I’msavingAmerica #Thisguyissuchababy #lookathischubbycheeks! #whatameatball #timetogetthisguyintoanveryamericanbath

Chris glared at you and you grinned, saying.

“Don’t worry; everyone was waiting for a new pic anyway.”

“You are so cruel to me.”

“Nah, I just love watching Sebastian and Robert tease you.”

He rolled his eyes and you pulled him up, him holding onto you for support as you started escorting him to the bathroom.

“It’s time for your bath.”

“God, you sound like my mother.”

“That’s a good thing. Means I’m doing my job right.”

He looked at me weird and I frowned, asking while looking to the side then back at him.


“Are you staying in here with me?”

“Well, duh! I don’t want you to pass out in the bathtub and drown on me! Bucky isn’t here to save you this time.”

“But you are.”

I grinned and shrugged.

“Well, I am better than Weiner Soldier, so.”

Chris chuckled and you helped him get his shirt off. Chris teased.

“You’re just staying in here just so you can check me out.”

“If I wanted to check you out, I would have already. I think sebby’s cuter anyway.”

Chris gawked as he got in, you looking away and blushing.

“I cannot believe you chose Winter over America.”

You chuckled and Chris flat out moaned when he got under the water, sighing.

“I feel so much better. Thank you, really.”

He gave you a smile and you blushed, looking down, and rubbing the back of your neck.

“Nah, it’s nothing, really. Just…helping out a friend.”

Chris smiled at you fondly and you checked your Instagram, grinning when you saw comments on it already.


Ha-ha, Mini Me has come to save the day!

Aw, he looks so grossed out by the cough syrup! I feel his pain. Shit is N-A-S-T-Y!

Oh my god, I can’t stop laughing. His face!


You told Chris, watching while keeping your eyes on his face so your eyes didn’t wander onto forbidden grounds.

“Everyone send their get well soon wishes and their laughter. I must say though, you’re pretty adorable when you scrunch your face up like that.”

Chris smiled and scrunched up his nose, making you both laugh and Chris sighed, moving around a bit.

“How long do I have to stay in here?”

“Till I say so.”

“When will you say so?”


He grinned and you chuckled, winking.  Guess Super Solders really can get sick.


Signs I associate with each other
  • Aries and Scorpio: You are like opposites, Scorpio is darkness and Aries is lightness but something about you two is so perfectly right.
  • Cancer and Pisces: Both the sweetest signs of the zodiac and emotional beauties, you both have that dreamy feel that I just can't get over
  • Capricorn and Virgo: The "intelligent push everyone as far as they can" duo that I adore.
  • Sagittarius and Aquarius: Both free and wild souls ruling the world and living their lives without fear of what others think of them.
  • Leo and Libra: The sassy sassers, the bomb duo, the "oh my god here they come" cuties, seriously one of a kind set of two.
  • Taurus and Gemini: The signs that really could careless what is going and would rather have NOTHING to do with the drama but somehow always gets dragged in as the one to fix the issue.

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#60 with Ashton please

60 - ‘we’re going to have the cutest babies ever!’

At this point in your life, you couldn’t be happier. You had just married the love of your life and thankfully, you had managed to conceive twins without any complications whatsoever.  

Today, you were out with Ashton buying all the essentials you would need for when the twins came in just 4 short months. And specifically, you wanted to shop for matching outfits for them. A girl and a boy, you and Ashton took both sides of the baby store you were in and picking out outfits left and right.

“Look babe, they have flannels for boy babies!” He said excitedly, holding up one that comically matched the one he was wearing at the moment.

You rolled your eyes. “I am not putting my little boy in a flannel, Ash. When he’s 15? Sure, but not right out of the womb.”

He jutted out his bottom lip into a pout. “Please Y/N?”

“Oh my god, look at how cute this onesie is! And it matches this little onesie for her little brother!” You said, getting distracted by the twin set you found while Ashton slyly slipped two flannels into your cart so that the twins could match identically.

“That’s so fucking adorable.” He said, looking at the clothes.

A woman nearby looked at Ashton in disgust at his use of language around the child propped up on her hip. “There are kids here!” She exclaimed as she walked off.

You looked at Ashton and you both simultaneously burst out laughing. “ ‘There are kids here.’ Big deal.” You mocked, continuing to laugh at the woman’s scolding.

“Oh my god what about these!” Ashton exclaimed, spotting something across the store. He picked up two fuzzy onesies, whose hoods had little ears on top and a little tail on the bum. “We need to get these.”

Excitedly, you joined Ashton and grabbed another one. “We’re going to have the cutest babies ever!” You said, pecking Ashton’s lips quickly.

“It’s all because of you, babe.”

Send me a boy and a number from this list!

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Nine and Rose, featuring the word Adore. =D

“Oh my god,” Rose groaned as she tried her ice cream. “Oh, my god.”

“Told you,” Jack smirked.

She let out another groan and sighed. “Ok, this might be as good as sex.”

The Doctor, from where he was calmly eating his own, raised his eyebrows. “Dunno what you two are so worked up about. No way this is better than sex.”

They both gaped at him, then Jack smirked. “Prove it.”

“Still haven’t bought me that drink,” the Doctor reminded him. “And before you ask, there’s no alcohol here." 

"Pity,” Jack said, then grinned at a couple who were obviously checking him out. They smirked at him and Jack quickly made his excuses.

Rose laughed, then turned to the Doctor. “How can you tell, though, that’s it’s better than sex? You’re as sexual as a monk.”

“I’ve had sex!” He said, affronted. “Just because you haven’t had the pleasure of dancing with me doesn’t mean I’m a virgin.”

Rose shrugged. “As I recall, it took you a while to remember how to do that.” Suddenly she looked distressed. “Wait. You mean you’ve had sex during the time we’ve known each other?”

He immediately took her hand. “Before, Rose. Years and years ago. Don’t remember her name, actually,” he admitted.

“Then it wasn’t very good,” Rose said matter-of-factly. “You’d remember her otherwise.”

“The point, is that while you clearly adore this ice cream, it’s nothing like sex.” The Doctor finished. 

Rose regarded him, then said slowly, “Sex in general, or sex with you?”

He smirked. “Why don’t you find out?”

“Oh god,” Rose said, again, and this time it was much more pleasant.


Two hours later the Doctor was wanting to murder Jack, because the ex-time agent had failed to mention that the ice cream was also an aphrodisiac. But as he looked at the sleeping blonde beside him, the Doctor decided that, so long as she didn’t regret it when she woke, he wouldn’t either. He smiled and curled around her a little tighter.


“Down here, LOVE is shared trough little, white… Friendliness Pellets.”

So I had the Idea for this and I thought it would fit with your story so i made this^^ I hope you like it.


((I hope you don’t mind I broke it up into smaller parts so that it would be easier to see!))

OH MY GOD. This is so super adorable!! Aaahhh! They both look so cute! I grinned so wide while reading it! Asriel is such a cute dork! And this fits so well with our Chara! <3 I love this! I’m just filled with adorableness! Thank you so very much for the fanart!!

* Tem!Frisk falls out of a lampshade, looking confused a moment before pelting love at you!

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Oh my God what if Derek hasn't seen porn since he was a teenager? What if all of the crap has just killed any interest he had and he's so confused by how casual Stiles is about it like "I thought watching porn was supposed to be that thing that people do but don't talk about?" but sure enough here they are on the couch and Derek gets so embarrassed that he just spends nearly the entire time covering his eyes and Stiles thinks it's both tragic and adorable

How I see this playing out-

Derek: Stiles, I am not watching this with you!

Stiles: I think it’s too late to turn back now.

Derek: Wait, what is he doing? IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

Stiles: Oh trust me, it’s possible.

*five minutes later*

(Not my gifs.)

*He Asks You To Be His Girlfriend*

*bing bing* you look over at your phone and see a message from Luke,
it says “Helllooo! Y/N!!! Can i come over for a bit I’m bored?? and the guys decided to go out…without me… xxx” You grabbed your phone to reply back to Luke when suddenly you heard a knock at the front door, you got up off the couch and walked to the front door to see who it was and sure enough it was, Luke. “I knew you were going to say yes anyway so i thought i should just rock up and save you from texting me back!” he said as he smiled cheekily at you, “what if i had company Luke?” you playfully glared at him, “I would chill out with you and your ‘company’! So you gonna let me in or not sugar plum?” he replied jokingly. You moved to the side and let him through the door closing it behind him and watched as he walked over to your couch and sat on it, he looked at you with the *are-you-gonna-sit-down-with-me-or-what look* and so with that you walked over to the couch and sat next to him, “what brings you here hemmings?” you asked “I came to ask you a really serious question…” you looked at him confused but let him continue “you know how we have been talking to eachother for over 5 months yeah?” “yees…go on” “and I’m pretty sure we can both see that it has been getting really serious lately, and i ummm i just want to know if umm you’ll be my girlfriend?” your heart nearly bursted into a thousand little pieces because he was so adorably awkward, “yes! oh my god! I’ve been waiting for you to ask me!” you said with a little giggle at the end. Now heres the thing when you get excited no one can stop you, not even yourself and right then and there you grabbed either side of his face and just kissed him, you pulled back with a suprised look on your face and saw that he had the same look on his face aswell “I’m so sorry! i didnt mean to, you know when i get really excited i cant control myself and it wa-“ “y/n! its fine! i liked it..” and with that he put his finger under your chin to tilt your head up to meet with his lips again and that was the start of a very long story with the love of your life, Lucas Robert Hemmings.


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Hey! Hope you feel better! Can I have an imagine where you and Stiles are together. And you both make cookies together for the pack because they dared you in truth or dare.

thank you love! this is such a cute idea. i love it! sorry if it’s a bit short, i tried to make this one sweet and simple, because that how i would imagine a relationship with stiles. here you go!!

“Okay…Stiles, truth or dare?” Scott asked. We were having a pack bonding night here at my boyfriend’s house. “Hm.. I don’t know. Babe, what do you think?” Stiles asked me. Oh my god, he’s so adorable. He doesn’t care whether I tell him to do truth or dare, he just wants to hear my voice. It’s like one in the morning and everyone’s tired, so we all have sleepy voices.

“Well, I mean, truth could be something really embarrassing, so you have nothing to lose there,” I paused and laughed at my own joke, and Stiles started laughing too. I think the rest of the pack is getting tired of our “mushy-gushy love stuffs” (that’s what Malia called it, at least)

“Oh, yikes, well I guess I’ll choose dare. Alright, dare me, Scotty wotty do dah!” Scott rolled his eyes when Stiles called him that, but then smirked at the thought of the dare he was going to give Stiles. “Alright Stiles, I’ve got the perfect dare for you. You, and {Y/N}, have to bake cookies for the rest of the pack!” Everyone laughed, including me. This was going to be so fun!

“Guys, just think of it as like a punishment for being so lovey dovey around the rest of us!” Malia laughed.

“Alright, alright. C’mon, {Y/N}, let’s go make some cookies!” Stiles giggled and grabbed my hand, pulling me into the kitchen. Once we both stepped into the kitchen, we looked each other in the eye and said, “how do we bake cookies?” We both slipped into fits of laughter, and decided to start searching for a cooking book. Finally, after a while of searching, we found a good recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I read him the ingredients, and he got them out of various cabinets in the kitchen.

“Okie dokie, so first, we need some-” I got cut off in the middle of my sentence when I got hit on the cheek with flour.  “What was it we need, sweetie? Some, flour, perhaps?” I gave him the most intimidating look I could muster and said, “it’s on, Stilinski,” and grabbed the bucket of flour. This would be a bad idea, knowing Mr. Stilinski would make us clean it up, but I jumped up (because I wasn’t tall enough) and dumped the entire bucket of flour on his head.

“Wha- hey! No fair!” He pouted like a little kid who got told they couldn’t get a new toy. Then, he got an idea. “Heyy, babe! C’mon! Give me hug. I love youu!!” He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into a big hug, getting me covered in flour as well. “Stiles- get off” I mumbled, but there was no way he was letting me go. And that was just the way I liked it.

“Babe, I am so lucky to have you. I love you.”

“I love you too, baby” 

  • Cullen learning to dance, in secret, before the Empress’ ball because he knows it will be a chance to dance with Lavellan
  • Cullen rubbing the tips of Lavellan’s ears when they’re cold, chuckling as she shudders and squeaks at the touch
  • Lavellan stealing Cullen’s overcoat and wrapping it around the both of them as they lay in bed, using the fluff as a pillow
  • Cullen and Lavellan touching noses
  • Lavellan fitting perfectly in the curves and angles of Cullen’s sleeping body, her face in the crook of his neck and his arms holding her close
  • Cullen sneaking glances at Lavellan at the war table, trying to be subtle but not realizing Leliana and Josephine have caught every adoring look
  • Lavellan whispering elvhen things to him in the dark, giggling when Cullen asks what they mean for the hundredth time and finally telling him “I love you, my heart.” Cullen does not know what to say and presses his nose into her hair, silently thanking both his and her gods that they were brought together