they are both small and blonde and cute

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Neji x Katey for the babu meme bc why not? XD

 || If They Had A Kid… (Meme) ||


Name: Aimi Mayakashi.
Gender: Female.

General appearance: Aimi has messy blonde hair, the texture more reminiscent of her father but the color undoubtedly inherited from her mother. She has a fair complexion and very round cheeks, often smiling and curiously looking around with her wide dark blue eyes. She is a small child and grows to be shorter than both her mother and father. 

Personality: Aimi is cheerful and gentle, a kind little girl who likes to make friends and play with other children. She does, however, tend to lie quite a bit about everything. One can never get the truth from her, a fact that worries Katey. She keeps many mundane secrets to herself - for example, she’ll lie to her parents about her friends’ names, how her day at school went, and if she is hungry or not.

Special Talents: Aimi can draw the most darling stick figures you’ve ever seen. She also generously uses the red crayon… Aimi has a talent for drawing childishly macabre scenes that one might not expect from someone with her sunny disposition. It is as though she doesn’t understand the violence that she is drawing, presenting her drawings to her parents with a wide smile and giggle.

Who they like better: Aimi is drawn to her father more than her mother.  If she were given the choice of who she would rather spend her day with, she would choose Neji.
Who they take after more: Her personality is heavily based on the values and morals that Katey taught her, so Aimi more openly reflects her mother to strangers. Katey made sure to take the reins when it came to raising their daughter, instilling kindness, a helpful attitude, and friendly nature in Aimi.
Personal headcanon: Aimi eventually grows old enough to acknowledge and reject her mother’s values and turns more towards Neji’s nihilistic philosophies. 
Face Claim: … some little female from Medaka Box…

Compelling evidence...

That @mother-of-dragonns and @kittielargo are the same person:

-keep strange pets (small humans or chickens)

-lightening fast replies

-both tolerate Tas

-RP gorgeous blonde characters

-fun people to be around

-both keep weird hours

-don’t stay in group chats (HIGHLY suspicious, maybe they’re afraid I’ll add the other one in and they will slip up and I’ll find out they’re the same)

-will RP really weird shit with me

-is cute

-sends lots of cute selfies (but selfies can be faked maybe one is catfishing me)

-both went to ‘make people look pretty’ school

-dislike of foods that are ubiquitously loved

-no proof they are not the same person check and mate.

So this is adorable

So one of my coworkers, Valerie, is a cutie for many reasons. She’s a small blonde middle-aged woman with utterly stunning hair she does in varieties of intricate braids, looks like the cutest little viking wife in the world. She’s been doing Ren Faires most of her life and goes to Dragoncon every weekend with her husband and son for their anniversary.

Anyway, before I left for Katsucon, she asked me about Homestuck- Elisa and I both enjoy it and talk about updates, etc. I gave her my 2-sentence schpiel, and she wanted to hear more. I talked with her about how it’s a lot of jokes about programming language early on and kind of an homage to point/click adventure games and RPGs. She told me she’d love to read it, and then I left for Katsu.

Well, apparently while I was gone she was home sick for a few days.

Now she’s almost caught up. She came to me with this like… devilish grin and told me, “Lilly, I’ve been reading Homestuck.”

I asked how far she was, and she said, “Well, we just picked up another 4 kids.” And I thought she meant the first four trolls, but she said, “Oh, no, Roxy and Dirk and everyone. I recognized Mutie on your car.”


She’s like, “I think I can catch up in the next two days!!”

Her favorite troll is Karkat and she says she wants to bring him home and feed him soup. She’s just met Meenah and Aranea. She already has her suspicions about Aranea, clever girl.

Also: “I like Terezi!! She’s adorable and smart and licks things. I like that in a girl.” Good eye, Valerie, Good eye.

Stiles was becoming alarmingly acquainted with the small hospital rooms. He wished it was from himself, and not the strawberry blonde who deserved none of what she had been getting as of late. Two times this month Lydia had been subjected to something that sent her here, and both times, it terrified Stiles. He had lost his mom here, and he wasn’t ready to lose another he loved.

He stepped into the frame of the room, looking in. His eyes landed on Lydia, the strong woman who looked so fragile. It tore up his heart. He proceeded forward slowly, as if any gust of wind he generated with his movement would turn her to dust. His eyes moved across her lifeless looking body, stopping on the blood soaked bandage at her neck. He felt rage race through him. His body shook with anger.

“You don’t deserve this, Lydia.” He said, the ferocity in his voice surprising him. He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath, his exhale shaky. “I’m so sorry, Lydia.”

Stiles sat down in the chair by the bed, and although it was uncomfortable, he didn’t care. He just wanted to be sitting next to Lydia. He took her hand in his, his eyes welling with tears. He was beginning to lose hope. He couldn’t be so lucky twice.

“Lydia, if you die, I will continue to love you long after you’ve left this world. Please, just don’t go yet. I’m not ready to exist in this world without you.” He whispered, his voice wavering. He waited for a response, but all he could hear was Lydia’s steady breathing. A small sob escaped his lips, but he choked back the rest. It pained him to sit in the quiet room, and he couldn’t do it any longer. Blinking back tears, he stood from the chair. Before he turned to leave, he bent down so his lips were hovering just above Lydia’s head. “I love you so much.” He said, finally closing the gap, placing a kiss on her forehead. “I’m sorry I can’t protect you.” He added as he turned to leave.

Stiles felt something grab a hold of his arm, so he swung back towards the bed to see Lydia, wide eyed. He felt his face go hot with embarrassment, but quickly was replaced with relief.

“Lydia!” He breathed, pulling her into a tight hug. He was so overcome with joy.

“Stiles, my neck.” Lydia muttered, making him pull back. Instead of letting go, he moved his hands up to her face.

“Oh, Lydia.” He said. That’s all he could muster.

“Did you mean it?” Lydia asked, not breaking their gaze. Stiles shook his head. Lydia smiled, looking down at her hands, her face a deep shade of pink. “Stiles..” She finally said, meeting his gaze once more.

“What is it, Lydia?” He said, a hint of panic running through his body. All she did was look at him. She was expressionless.

“I-” She paused. “I love you, too. So much.” Stiles felt his heart begin to flutter, and all he could think to do was kiss her. Lydia grabbed ahold of his flannel, pulling him closer, her other arm wrapped around his neck.

When they finally broke apart, Stiles rested his head against Lydia’s, unsure of how he got so lucky. Lydia placed a quick kiss on his lips.

“Go kick Sebastian’s ass.” She finally said.