they are both small and blonde and cute

Haikyuu!! Hogwarts Headcanons: Karasuno

This is going to be a long one folks! This is the first of a set of headcanons I’m going to be doing for the Haikyuu!! boys. 

Sugawara Koushi - Slytherin
Sawamura Daichi - Gryffindor 
Azumane Asahi - Hufflepuff
Shimizu Kiyoko - Ravenclaw
Nishinoya Yuu - Ravenclaw (Fight me on this I love Ravenclaw Noya)
Tanaka Ryuu - Gryffindor
Ennoshita Chikara - Ravenclaw 
Kageyama Tobio - Gryffindor
Hinata Shouyou - Gryffindor
Tsukishima Kei - Slytherin
Yamaguchi Tadashi - Hufflepuff
Yachi Hitoka - Hufflepuff

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;; Kitten Kuddles ;;

Pairing: PaperHat

Prompt: Could you do a prompt where one of Flug’s experiments accidentally turns him into a kitten or baby bear? And Black Hat starts to step towards him, and Flug is afraid thinking that Black Hat’s going to hurt him since he thinks Black Hat is mad, but Black Hat ends up thinking he’s adorable and hugging and coddling him haha  - anonymous

“Doctor? What was that irritable loud explosion?!”

Demencia came crawling in behind him, on the ceiling, as 5.0.5. entered with a med kit in case the scientist was hurt. All three were shocked as a meow could be heard.

A small bump, beneath the enormous white lab coat, nestled around, making little whimpering noises. BH stepped forward and lifted the snow colored coat from the noise maker.

The kitten with blonde fur and white streaks along its body with the brightest blue eyes BH had ever seen began to whimper even more.

“Did he turn himself into a cat?! He’s so cute!! Look at the little nerd!” Dementia’s voice was utterly annoying but she quieted down when the kitten whimpered again.

BH picked up the kitten and order them both to leave. He ordered 5.0.5. to clean it after he had inspected the room a bit more.

Once he left to his office, blonde kitten nerd in his hands, he entered his office and set the little doctor onto his desk. The kitten was curled up, his tail tucked between its legs in fear.

“Doctor, what did you do to yourself?”

The kitten unfolded its ears and perked up at the softness in his boss’ voice. He mewed quietly and watched the demon’s visible eye soften a bit.

He flinched when the boss’ gloved hands came in contact with his fur again. However, he wasn’t injured. “You’re really furry…” The demon mumbled, taking off his gloves and picking up Flug.

“This isn’t so bad after all…”

Flug widened his eyes when the other held him up above his head. He brought his arms down slowly, Flug’s furry stomach coming in contact with his face.

Seconds passed by before a small mph could be heard. Flug cocked his head to the side as he was pulled away from his boss’ face. He watched the blush darken on the demon’s face and smiled.

He purred and nuzzled his head against his boss’ thumb. A soft sigh of content left the demon’s lips as he brought the kitten against his cheek once again.

“You should do this more often, Doctor… You’re very soft.”

Love Notes - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by teenwxlves

summary: y/n has been receiving love letters, but every letter she get, remains unsigned  yes, a cheesy secret admirer fic.
word count: 4473

y/n dragged her tired feet to her locker, her eyes not even open all the way.  She leaned against the cool metal for a moment, letting her eyes slip shut as she tried to rest for a few moments.

“Sleeping at school is okay by me, but can you at least do it at a desk?” She chuckled when she heard Malia chiding her.  y/n looked over at the werecoyote, smiling at her before putting in her combination.

“I haven’t been getting much sleep” She told her friend.

“Why? The Ghost Riders are gone, I’ve been getting the best night’s sleep” Malia replied.  y/n shrugged a shoulder and lifted the hook once the combo was put in.

“It’s been a week since I sent out college applications” She told her nervously, opening the door to your locker.  “I should be hearing back from them soon” She finished, and Malia could hear the nervous tremor in her best friend’s voice.

“What’s that?” She asked, drawing y/n’s attention away from her anxiety.  The tired girl looked up from the books on her locker shelf, seeing an envelope sitting in her locker.  Her eyes widened, surprised to see her name written on it in perfect cursive script.

“I-I don’t know I didn’t put it there” She stammered, instantly reaching for the envelope.  Her fingers brushed over the neat pretty writing.

“Well? Open it! Maybe you have a secret admirer!” Malia said excitedly.  She’d seen a movie like this once and it was the only romance film she’d ever watch.  y/n grinned at her before nervously and carefully opening the sealed flap of the envelope.  You quickly pulled out a folded sheet of lined paper, reading over the note in a script you didn’t recognize.


I’ve been meaning to get this off my chest for a while now, but I haven’t been able to tell you in person how I truly feel, so I thought I would write you this note.

I’m in love with you, and in the worst way possible.  I’m head over heels, and trust me I don’t look too good in heels.  You’re always on my mind, and when we’re in the same class I can’t even focus on the lesson.

I hope I don’t burden you with this

Yours truly,

“There’s no signature- y/n nobody signed it” Malia said exasperatedly as she took the note from y/n’s hands.

“Yeah… probably because it was a prank Malia” She replied, grabbing the last book she needed and shutting her locker.  Malia gave her a look.

“Really? A prank?” y/n nodded with an awkward smile.

“Yeah, I do” She said, slinging her bag onto her shoulder.  Malia quickly stuffed the letter into y/n’s backpack before she could notice.

“I don’t think someone would go through all that trouble if it was just a prank” Malia said to her, but she just shrugged.  “y/n I really do think that it was written for you to know-”

“There’s Scott and Stiles” y/n cut her off, already heading towards the boys.  Stiles turned, smiling at the both of them, an antsy tap in his feet.  He looked from y/n to Malia, silently asking the coyote his question.

He frowned when she shrugged and shook her head, all unbeknownst to y/n.  

“Hey Stiles” y/n grinned at the boy, and he smiled back at her upon instinct.

“Hey… y/n” He replied, his tone quiet.  Her brows furrowed with worry.

“You alright?” The boy nodded.

“Just not sleeping well” He said, which wasn’t a total lie.

“Yeah me neither” y/n responded.

She hadn’t thought much about the note the rest of the day, until the next morning she found another one had been slipped into her locker.  This time without Malia reading over her shoulder.  She looked around, wondering who could’ve done it and whether they were watching her receive it.  When she didn’t find any eyes on her, she opened up the envelope, and pulled out the letter.


While i had not planned on writing you a second time, i couldn’t help myself because i did not feel like my first note had done any justice.

I didn’t tell you any of the things that i love most about you.

So thus begins the first thing,

I love the way you smile like the heavens have just opened up in front of me.

Yours truly,

y/n’s lips parted, and she covered her open hanging mouth with her fingers.  She’d never heard such flattery towards her, and it made her heart beat faster in her chest, and a pink blush rise on her cheeks.

“Why you all schoolgirl crush-y?” She looked over to see Stiles approach her, leaning against the locker next to hers.  y/n shook her head, a bashful smile on her lips.

“No reason” She lied quickly, and hid the letter into one of the pages of her books.

“Oh really?” Stiles asked, quirking a suspicious brow.  y/n nodded, pulling on a big grin to reassure him.  He shrugged, not wanting to push the subject and waited for her to collect her things so they could go to class.  “You know, you have a very bright smile” He told her, which only made her fluster and mumble a small ‘thank you.

Dearest y/n” Lydia read aloud as she sat across from her friend at the cafe.

“Not so loud!” y/n hissed, and the banshee rolled her eyes, then gestured around the coffee shop  they were currently seated at.

“No one we know is here y/n” She said, looking back to the letter that her human friend had just given to her.  Her brows rose at the beautiful handwriting.  “So you’ve been receiving love notes” She concluded, giving y/n a knowing grin.

“Yeah” The human girl replied sheepishly.  “This is the third one, I’ve gotten one every day”

Dearest y/n” Lydia read aloud again.  “Today I want you to know that I love the way that you laugh when you’re tired

Lydia looked up from the paper, raising her brows at you dramatically.

Yours truly” She finished, and turned it over with a look of confusion on her face.  “Well who’s it from? Where’s the signature?” She asked.

“That’s the thing!” y/n said, taking a drink from her coffee before giving the strawberry blonde a wild look.  “I have no idea, they’ve never signed it, and I can’t even tell who it’s from” She finished her small rant with a sigh, then wrapped both of her hands around her mug.

“Well I think it’s romantic” Lydia said with a loopy grin.

“Of course you do.  You and Malia both because of that stupid movie”

“You love that movie!” Lydia exclaimed.

“Yeah, I did until it started happening to me” y/n said.  “Sure, it’s cute and all but it just makes me want to know who it is that’s sending them to me” Lydia gave her friend half a smile, wishing she could just spill already and stop having to pretend.

“Well it’s gotta be someone you know, right?”

“I don’t know that many people”

“They seem to know enough about you, maybe it’s a friend?” Lydia tried giving her the hint, but y/n didn’t seem to take it.  She just slumped in her seat and sipped from her coffee.

They continued conversation, about Prom coming up and how they needed to go shopping for it before it was too late.  When four o’clock rolled around, Stiles came and picked up y/n.

“I didn’t realize Stiles was your ride, I could’ve driven you home” Lydia offered, but y/n shrugged a shoulder and smiled at Stiles.

“That’s alright.  I like riding in the jeep” She said, making Stiles grin crookedly at her.

“Awe, that’s about the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me” He said, making her laugh and pat his chest before heading to the exit.  When she were far enough away, he looked frantically at Lydia.

“No worries, I didn’t tell her” She said with a wink, and handed him the letter before standing up and putting on her jacket.

“And did she say anything?”

“She’s about as clueless as you are” Lydia told him.  And before he could ask what that meant, she was already walking after y/n.

He took a minute and stood there, looking down at his paper, then realized he was y/n’s ride home and jogged after the girl.

“Hey guys wait!” He called.

“Oh, Lydia gave me this by the way” Stiles said to y/n as she sat on his couch when they got to his house.  She quirked a brow in question before she saw the familiar mysterious note in his hand.

“O-oh thanks” She stuttered, taking the paper and folding it neatly back over the crease that had been previously made when whoever wrote it had tucked it into it’s envelope.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had a secret admirer?” Stiles asked, hopping over the back of the couch to sit with her.  He tried to keep his voice steady and stayed away from making eye contact while he searched for a movie for them to watch.

“It’s not really that big of a deal” y/n shrugged as she spoke quietly.

“You told Lydia” He retorted, and she bit on her bottom lip.

“Yeah but- that’s Lydia’s thing it’s what we talk about” She defended.  He nodded, understanding her argument but he was already three steps ahead.

“Well why can’t we?” He asked.

“Why can’t we…?”

“Why can’t we talk about what you and Lydia talk about?” He reworded.  y/n snorted.

“You want to talk about shoes and boys and shopping and bras?” She asked out of amusement.

“Well, boys and bras don’t sound to bad to talk about” He said, and gave you a wink.  “Especially the bras” She shoved his shoulder with hers and laughed slightly.

“Alright, well, sure” She said.  “Why not?”

“Sweet, now who’s the sucker that’s fallen in love with you?” He asked.  Sucker indeed, he thought to himself.

“I don’t know.  That’s the thing.  It’s never been signed so I have absolutely no idea”

“Ah” Stiles hummed.  “Well that’s romantic”

“It is, it very much is and about the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me, I’m just…”

“You don’t like it?” Stiles asked, a hint of sadness in his tone.

“No, I love it, I really do but every time I read them I just wish it was signed” She sighed.  “I keep thinking I’m gonna get to the end and see a name there, but it’s blank every time”

“Maybe they’re too afraid to sign it?” He offered, which was about as truthful as he could get.

“They aren’t afraid of getting caught stuffing envelopes in my locker” She replied.  Well that’s because it happens early in the morning when no one’s at the school yet, Stiles thought.  “They aren’t afraid of telling me that they’re in love with me- I just don’t get it.  I want to know, you know?”

Stiles shook his head, not understanding what it meant.

“Well imagine you were in my shoes” y/n said, turning to him so she could explain.  “You were getting these beautiful letters and they… they make your day so much better, your week even” He smiled to himself out of pride when she said that.  “Now… now imagine the possibility of it being Lydia sending you them, imagine how you’d feel to find out someone you’d been in love with for so long could just maybe  return your feelings.  But you don’t know for sure if it’s from her or not”

He frowned now, a bad taste in his mouth as she used his old crush as example.  He wasn’t in love with Lydia, he didn’t want Lydia to have feelings for him, he wanted her to have feelings for him.  But he didn’t comment on that.

“And who do you want to be sending you these notes?” He asked softly, and his heart just about burst out of his chest with anticipation.

“Quite frankly, I don’t care who it is” y/n replied, taking him by surprise.  “If they care this much then… then  I got to give them a chance, right?” She asked, and he smiled at her, giving her a nod.  “And who knows, maybe it’s someone I already return the feelings of” She said, then turned her body back to face the tv again.

He couldn’t help but wonder if the last thing she said was true.

y/n was eagerly walking through the school the next morning, more awake and ready for the day than she’s ever been before in the year.

She wanted to read today’s letter as soon as she could.

When she reached her locker she was quickly spinning the dial, and ended up messing up the first two times she tried putting in her combination.  This resulted in her angrily punching at the door, leaving a small dent in the metal.

“Woah there human” Malia chuckled, putting a hand on y/n shoulder.  “Take a breather, you’ve still got ten minutes until class starts, that’s plenty of time to open your locker”

“It’s not that I just want to see if there’s… you know” y/n trailed off, already spinning at the dial again.  Malia chuckled.

“Ah, you wanna know if your lover said anything today” y/n rolled her eyes at her friend, but smiled when her locker finally opened for her.  Both girls excitedly looked inside.

“I’m sure it’s in here” Malia said weakly when they didn’t seem to find it immediately.

“No it’s usually… it’s usually just sitting on top of everything you know cause it gets slipped in through the vents in the locker” y/n’s voice said in a sad tone.

“Maybe it fell? Under your hoodie maybe” Malia lifted it, only to come up empty handed.

“It’s not in here” y/n said, grabbing her History book before closing the locker completely.  “Cause there isn’t one” She held the book close to er chest, and Malia gave her a sad look as they began to walk towards class.  But the coyote cast a confused glance back towards y/n’s locker.

Why hadn’t he written you a note today?

Stiles felt guilt crash over him when he walked into third period Trigonometry.  It was one of the few classes he shared with y/n, and he knew he let her down today.  His suspicions were confirmed when he saw she’d taken the seat in the very back corner of the classroom, her body slouched over as she stared out the window emptily.  She had her bag up on the desk, her arms folded over the top of it as her chin sat over top of them.  

He frowned, and quickly made his way back to sit with her.  At least the desk were set up for two, so it could be just them.

“Hey there sunshine” He said in a careful soft tone.  She turned her head to him slowly, not saying anything at first.

“Morning” Was all she mumbled.

“Why are you frowning? You’re makin the skies all grey and cloudy” Stiles asked, and could see a twitch of her lips, but the ghost of a smile didn’t stay on long.

“Just don’t feel good today” Was all she said before looking back out the window again.  Stiles was sure she’d fall asleep if she kept her head on her bag like that any longer.  But then again, she sorta deserved it.  He really raised her hopes only to crush them completely by not leaving anything in her locker.

“Not sleeping again?” He asked, wincing at his own words.  He was such a terrible person.

“Yeah I guess” She mumbled, closing her eyes and putting her head face down in her arms.

“You don’t sound so sure, what happened?” Stiles asked reaching a hand out and delicately placing it on her back.

“Feelings happened” You muttered bitterly, and if he wasn’t so heartbroken right now, he would’ve laughed.  He loved the way you’d adapted his sarcasm.

“Proceed” He prompted, lowering his voice as the teacher began their lesson.  She sighed, turning her head again to look at him.

“Boys suck.  Should’ve never taken those letters seriously” She told him.

Well, if it heart wasn’t broken already, it was certainly shattered now.

He took his hand off of her as she buried her face into her bag.  He opened up his notebook, seeing the fourth note sitting, hidden between the pages.  He looked over at y/n, who still had her head down.

Stiles swiftly tucked the folded piece of paper into the hem of his khakis, hidden behind his shirt.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back okay?” She only nodded in response.

Stiles gnawed on his laip, placing a hand on her shoulder and giving it a slight squeeze before standing up and heading to the front of the class, asking the teacher for permission before leaving the classroom.

After a few minutes, y/n heard her name being called, and she lifted her head tiredly, blinking her eyes open.

“Miss l/n are you alright?” Her teacher asked.  She looked around her room as she regained her senses.

“Did… did I fell asleep?” She asked, a hint of embarrassment in her tone.

“You did, perhaps you should go to the nurse”

She only nodded, standing and grabbing her things.  She wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to leave class.  At least at the nurse’s office she could sleep and not get into trouble.  y/n left the room without making eye contact with any of her classmates.  She didn’t want to see people laughing at her or asking her questions or anything like it. She just wanted to leave, and rest.

When she closed the door behind her, she took a deep breath, before continuing on her way to the nurse.

Stiles stared down at the paper in his hands, a lined piece of paper without an envelope to be concealed in.  It was a long note, longer than any of the ones he’d written before.  This time, the ending a little different as well.

He’d been standing in front of y/n’s locker for a while now, contemplating what he had wanted to do next.  It seemed like a good idea at first, but now… now it seemed like he could be making the biggest mistake of his life.

He wanted her to know how he felt, he wanted to know whether or not she could ever see him the same way.  The idea of them being something… more just sparked something in him that has never been there before.  It’s what had prompted him to write her the letters in the first place.  In hopes of her realizing it was from him, in hopes of there being proof that his love was requited.

But what if she didn’t feel the same way he did? What if she really only wanted to be friends and was appalled by the fact that he was even interested in her? What if she never spoke to him again?

He took in a deep breath, his hands trembling as he held the paper between his fingers.  He was going to do this.  He had to.

If he didn’t… he’d never know.

Stiles reached up, his hands still shaking as he pushed the paper through the vents of your locker.


He froze in the middle of the act, the paper half way through the opening but still in his hands.  He turned, and his most recently found worst fear was confirmed.  y/n was standing there, in the middle of the empty hallway with a textbook held tightly to her chest and wearing her backpack.  He could see even from ten feet away that there were tears in her eyes.

“y-y/n” He stuttered over your name, staring at you in absolute fear.

“It was you?” She asked in a broken voice.  “You’ve been… been putting those notes in my locker?” He looked from the girl to the paper that he was so close to discreetly leaving for her to find.

“Yeah” He sighed defeatedly.  “Yeah I have”

y/n put a hand over her mouth to hold back the sob that threatened to escape past her lips.  A few tears slipped out onto her cheeks.

“Wh-why would you do that? To mess with me?” She cried, walked over closer to him.  “You think this is funny?” She spoke a little louder, gesturing to er tear covered face.

“What? y/n no, no! Of course not!” Stiles said defensively.  “I wrote you them because I- they’re…. They’re the truth, I meant it” He said.  She was silent, unsure of what to say to him.  “Here- here I’ll prove it to you” He said, taking back the newest note he’d written.  “You told me, last night, that you wanted a name” He said, unfolding the letter, then hesitantly and shakily handing it to her.  She stared at him for a moment, before taking it in her hand and flattening it out over the textbook in her arms.  She looked once more at Stiles, taking in his nervous stature, before beginning to read the note to herself.


This will likely be the last letter I write for you, and also probably the worst because I’m not sure what I’m doing, even as I’m writing it down.  This will either mess everything up in the worst or best way.

I want you to know that no matter what ends up happening, I’ll still be in love with you, and I’m one hundred thousand percent certain that this will never change.

I love how cuddly you are on movie nights when it’s just us, I love how clingy you are when we go to Lydia’s parties because I know you don’t want to go but you’re there to support her, I love how caring you are, how soft hearted you are, I love how smart you are and how you apply yourself as much as you can, even when you find a topic to be difficult you don’t give up.  I love how strong you are, we’ve been through some pretty twisted shit and you’ve managed to come out of it all stronger than ever.

You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known, and you continue to prove it to me every day.

Even when I came back from wherever it was the Riders kept me, and I’d never seen you cry so much, but all I could think about when I ran to you was how breathtaking you looked.  After being away for so long I was afraid that I’d forget what you’d looked like.

I hope I never have to worry about that again.

Yours truly, Mieczyslaw.

She took in a heavy breath as she finished reading it, looking up at him quickly.  She was still crying, but a different kind of tears.

“You mean all of this?” She asked quietly, and Stiles nodded, staring down at his feet.

“Yeah… yeah I was up all night trying to figure out how to put it on paper” He told her in a mumble.  “And look I know that you were expecting someone better but-”

y/n cut him off, rushing forward and capturing his lips in a soft kiss.  Stiles instantly cupped her face in his large hands, his eyes squeezing shut as he kissed her as lovingly as he could.

When she moved for a second kiss, he let go of her, fumbling to grab onto her textbook and his letter, and threw it to the ground so he could wrap his arms around her and kiss her properly.  She giggled against him, her fingers latching around the nape of his neck to deepen the kiss.  Stiles moved her so her back was pressed against the row of lockers, never once pulling away from her.

She smelled like coffee and she tasted like it too, and it was intoxicating to feel her velvety lips against his.

“Stiles?” She mumbled, parting from him briefly.

“Yeah?” He asked, closing his eyes and running the tip of his nose over the bridge of hers

“I love you too” She told him.  “You could’ve just asked me out like a normal human being” He chuckled bitterly.

“Yeah, because I’m a normal human being” He said, making her peck his lips quickly.

“Well lucky for you, I happen to like all your quirks” She said.  He was about to reply when the bell rang, signaling the end of the period.  But neither of them moved or tried to go to their next class.

“Then how about… tomorrow night I take you out on a real date?” He asked, and she smiled brightly at him, nodding her head in agreement.

“That would be lovely” She said, making him smile back before kissing her longingly.

“Well fucking finally!” Lydia said excitedly, and both Stiles and y/n jumped apart from each other, seeing the whole pack standing there.  “Did you finally tell her?” She asked Stiles.

“What you- you knew?” y/n asked in disbelief.

“Uh.. we all did” Malia said, and Scott and Kira nodded along with her.

“I can’t believe you didn’t know” Scott said to you.  “Stiles can’t hide things to save his life.  He’s been pining after you for like… what… ten years?” Stiles’ eyes widened and he gave his best friend a look before feeling embarrassment creep through his chest.

“Aww, really?” y/n asked, her fingers curling around the collar of his hoodie.  He avoided her eyes, still completely humiliated.  But she smiled big at him and pressed her lips against his, thinking it was the sweetest thing ever.

“Okay gross I’m already over it” Malia gagged, grabbing onto Kira’s hand then walking off.  Lydia gave Scott a dreamy look, and he returned it.  The both of them proud of their best friends confessing to each other at long last.

“They’ll make such cute babies” She mused as her and the alpha began to walk away.

Stiles choked, pulling back from the kiss upon hearing the banshee’s last comment, and making y/n laugh.

“Come on, walk me to class loverboy” She said, picking up the textbook and paper he’d thrown to the ground.  Stiles took her hand, watching as he intertwined his fingers between hers.

And that moment, walking through the hallways with her hand in his, simply taking her to class, was a milestone in his life.

i sat down and wrote this all so fast i stg when i thought of it i just had to get it all out

xoxo ~ jordie

Reader is the medic on set of Homecoming and Tom purposely gets hurt to see her.

A/N: I got really unmotivated at the end and rushed to finish it and i hate it so sorry. feel free to request things.

You watched as the new blood made their way towards you, a skip in their step. You couldn’t help but grin at their excitement that you would soon watch wither away from the hard work and never ending hours.

“So, that’s the new Spider-Man?” Your partner elbowed you and laughed. You shrugged your shoulders and smiled back. “He looks like he’s five.”

“We look like we’re five compared to everyone else back at headquarters.” You and your partner we’re the youngest on the force. Only a year out of the Paramedic program. You were lucky enough to get selected to work on the new Spider-Man movie set for the sex few months, though you were pretty sure it was because nobody took two twenty year olds seriously out in the field.

“Ladies,” James, Sony’s human resources director who had brought you and your partner on, lead the group of young faces to your small tent in the back of the studio. “This is our newest star, Tom Holland.” He beamed, definitely over exaggerating to make a good impression. Tom stood a few inches taller than you, his brown curly hair bouncing as he nodded a shy ‘hello’ to you. You offered a hand shake instead.

“This is (Y/N),” James introduced you with a hand on your shoulder,” and Kat. These are the studios Paramedics, they will be assisting with the movie. So any scrapes of bruises come right to these angels, they keep upstairs happy and lawsuit free.” He looked at the man standing next to Tom this time, who you assumed was Tom’s manager. James introduced you next to Toms PA, Harrison, who tom quickly corrected as his best friend.

Just as they were about to walk off James’s phone buzzed in his pocket, he pointed the boys to the snack table before answering his phone running off. You took this as your cue to go back to your table where Kat had already gotten comfortable and wait out the rest of the day.

“Hey, wait, aren’t you a little young to be a Paramedic?” Tom asked, his accent surprising you. You gave a small chuckle before turning back to face him.

“Aren’t you a little old to still not have hit puberty? You’re playing a fifteen year old at what, twenty one? I wouldn’t criticize me age, bud.” You crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow at the now smiling star.

“Fair enough.” He laughed. “I just think it’s really cool, is all. I’m glad we’ll be in young, spry hands.”

“Yeah, Tom is accident prone.” The blonde one that was introduced as Harrison nudged his friend earning his a small glare.

“No I’m not.” Tom defended. “I am the most graceful person you’ll ever meet.”

“Uh huh.” Harrison glanced over his shoulder to the fast approaching James. “Well, time to go, I’m sure we’ll see you around, (Y/N), and you too Kat. Good to meet both of you.”

“Yeah, good meeting you.” Tom smiled at you one last time before leaving.

“He’s cute.” Kat called from behind you, not looking up from her phone. “And his net worth is like five million dollars. One of us should totally marry him.”

“Yeah, good luck with that.” You laughed.

Filming had finally started on set sending new faces your way every day. You had met all of the cast by now, hearing the same lines over and over again by the HR rep about lawsuits and liabilities. You smiled through it all, getting acquainted with Laura, Jacob and Tony.

It was a quiet job, safety was Marvel and Sony’s number one concern. Rigging was triple checked each day, there was no stair too high or fall too deep. You found that you spent most of your time reading or playing on your phone.

So it wasn’t a surprise that Harrison found your feet up and eyes closed in your ambulance the first time they needed you.

“Uh, (Y/N)?” Harrison knocked on the door, stirring you from your dream. You whipped the sleep out of your eyes quickly and jumped out of the vehicle.

“What’s up?” You asked.

“Kat needs you,” He pointed towards the studio. “Tom hurt himself.”

“I thought he said he was the most graceful man I’d meet?” You laughed, walking to your medic tent.

“He’s full of shit.”

You walked up to Kat shining her small flashlight into Toms brown eyes. He was sitting on the cot in his Peter Parker outfit that fit him loosely. When she spotted you the flashlight turned off causing him to blink a few times before looking at you making you notice the red bump already forming on his forehead.

“What happened?” You asked Kat.

“I fell and hit my head on a prop.” Tom answered for her. You looked at him and rolled your eyes.

“What happened to that grace?” You grabbed the ice pack that Kat retrieved from the freezer and gently applied it to his injury.

“It was a graceful fall.” He smiled up at you making your heart skip a beat. He looked so innocent while playing Peter.

“There are like, six cameras that could show you otherwise.” Harrison spoke behind you.

“Fuck off.” Your new patient mumbled.

You sat with him while everyone else went on with their business, following the protocols enforced by the studio. Check for concussion, palpate the cervical spine, and check for any other injury. Tom asked you questions as you went.

“Well, I think you’ll live.” You tapped on your phone, messaging Harrison that Tom could go back to work now that the swelling had gone down.

“Are you sure? It was looking pretty rough there for a while.”

“As long as you don’t get your ass kicked by anymore props, you should be fine.” You took one last look at his forehead, your hand running over it and then through his hair causing his eyes to flutter shut.

“I’ll try my best.” He laughed and stood up, giving a quick stretch. His toned muscle peaked under his shirt reminding you he wasn’t the innocent fifteen year old he played.

“I don’t want to see you back here, Holland.” You warned as Harrison talked up.

“No promises, darling.”


Week after week Tom had kept showing up with small bruises and cuts that could be fixed with a simple band aide but to avoid lawsuits you had to sit with him, sometimes for hours, making sure he was okay. You weren’t complaining, he was great company. You were both fans of Marvel, Tobi was your favorite Spider-Man and Tom couldn’t be mad because he was his too. You both enjoyed the same music and you often found yourselves killing time by singing to your favorite songs. He even attempted to show you how to do a backflip once but he had slipped making him stay an extra hour in the tent with you.

“I have never met someone as clumsy as you, Tom.” You smiled, putting as icepack over his bleeding nose.

“I’m usually not this bad, I swear.” He laughed and leaned his head back to attempt to stop the bleeding.

“Uh, what are you doing?” You tilted his head forward again, your hand brushing the back of his neck. He looked at you confused.

“My mum always told me to put your head back to stop the bleeding.”

“I mean, sure, if you want to drown in your own blood. Is your mom a trained paramedic?” You raisned an eyebrow in question.


“The head down, Holland.”

There was a long silence as you filled out the paperwork that came with treating a patient. Admittedly, Tom felt bad that he had to watch you fill out what seemed to be like the most boring piece of paper every time he ended up in the medic tent. And admittedly, he ended up here on purpose.

The first time was an accident, he wasn’t watching where he was going, but he loved the way your fingers grazed his skin carefully as you examined him. He loved the way your face looked as you were concentrated on him and only him. He loved the way your hand ran through his hair. And most of all he loved the way you talked to him like he was a pain in the ass, because he was, but no one else other than Harrison had the guts to tell him that.

“So, uh,” You broke the silence. “What does your mom do?”

“She’s a photographer. She’s damn good too.” He pulled out his phone and slid through her Instagram. You leaned over his shoulder, so close he could feel the warmth of your body. He tried his hardest not to breath you in but that was just another thing he came to love about you.

“What about your mom? What does she do?” He tried to focus on anything in the room other than you.

“Oh, I don’t have one. My dad is a carpenter though.” You smiled, going back to the paperwork in front of you.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know.” Tom mumbled sheepishly.

“Oh, no, she’s not dead or anything.” You shook your head, “She just left when I was young.”

“So no siblings then?” He leaned back, making sure to keep his head tilted down so you wouldn’t scold him.

“An older brother. What about you?” You couldn’t focus on your paperwork anymore so you discarded in on the table and made yourself comfortable next to him.

“Four younger siblings. In fact, I bet Paddy would love to play with the sirens on your ambulance when my family comes to visit next week.”

“Tom, an ambulance is not a toy.” You frowned at him. “It’s a complicated piece of machinery. You don’t just play with the sirens. They’re for emergencies. I can’t believe you don’t take my job seriously.” Tom’s eyes grew wide, afraid he offended you. He sat up next to you, beginning to apologize.

“I’m just fucking with you, calm down.” You laughed. “Of course we can play with them.” You moved his hand, taking away the bloody rag and icepack. “Looks like you’re done bleeding. You should go get cleaned up and go back to work before you get in trouble. Again.” You hopped off the cot and Tom’s heart sank, already missing your warmth next to him.

“Oh, yeah.” He mumbled.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, I’m guessing. You know, when I worked in the field I had quite a few reoccurring patients but you are definitely my most frequent.” Tom winced at the word patient, reminding himself that this was just a job for you.

“I’ll try to be more careful tomorrow.”


Tom sat on his hotel couch, thankful it was much more comfortable then the cot he constantly found himself on. He fiddled with the cold beer in his hand while Harrison played with his phone, both of them ignoring the TV in front of them. Usually Tom would be focused on the latest cooking competition but tonight, Harrison noticed, his mind was somewhere else.

“You okay, mate?” He turned down Gordon Ramsey’s voice. Tom nodded but Harrison wasn’t having it. He threw his phone at his friend, finally getting his attention.

“What the fuck. That hurt.” Tom rubbed his arm.

“What’s wrong?” Harrison asked again. Tom sighed, rolling his head back in defeat.

“It’s (Y/N).” He pushed the beer up to his lips and took a drink. He enjoyed how the liquid made his head feel and how it could get her out of his head for just a little while. Usually.

“What about her?” Harrison’s brows furrowed.

“She only thinks of me as a patient. She’s only nice to me because it’s her job. I don’t know why I made myself believe she could actually like me. She’s so smart and I’m so, I don’t know.”

“You’re Spider-Man.” Harrisons knee knocked against Toms, “You’re Tom- Fucking- Holland.”


Tom stood in front of your apartment door hesitating but he knew Harrison would kill him if he came home without asking you out, so he knocked.

You looked through your peephole, confused at the view.

“Tom?” You asked opening the door.

“I’m hurt.” He blurted out causing you to instinctively look him up and down. He didn’t look injured, if anything he looked better than usual.

“What? Come in, where are you hurt?” You started running your hands over him carefully as soon as he entered your living room, you could feel him tense up under you. “Why didn’t you go to the hospital, what’s wrong?”

“No, uh, it’s my lips.” He muttered. You looked at him confused. It was now that he was realizing this was the first time he had seen you out of your uniform. You were in sweats and a large tee-shirt, probably all ready for bed but you were still so beautiful.

“What?” You asked again.

“I need you to kiss them better.” Your brain was still in medical mode but you quickly realized what he had said and you could feel the blush spreading across your face. “That sounded a lot better in my head” He admitted. You bit your lip holding back a laugh. You closed the gap between you two and pressed your lips gently against his. When you broke apart you ran your thumb over his lip and smiled.

“I think you’ll live.” You whispered.

I Am An Alpha Ch 18: The Things We Can’t Avoid

“That was absolutely amazing!” I’m grinning ear to ear as Luhan helps me out of his car. I don’t even care about the massive building behind me at the moment, I just rush up to Kris who had driven in another car and basically beg, “Hyung can I ride with you next time?”

He chuckles, “Of course little wolf but you are offending Luhan hyung.”

I look over my shoulder at Luhan, who is not pouting as he holds the door open for Kyungsoo, Baekhyun and Jongdae to climb out of the back seat.

“Sorry Hyung but Kris hyung drives faster!”

Luhan scoffs, “I would have driven faster if I didn’t have Kyungsoo in the back growling in my ear anytime I went slightly above the speed limit. Kid is such a worry wart, he has her sitting in the front seat with his one arm resting on her shoulders and his other hand holding the door closed even though I already locked the doors.”

“You already poisoned her this morning, I wasn’t going to let her fall out of a moving car too,” Kyungsoo snaps.

“How was your first car ride?” Yixing asks me coming to stand by my side.

“It was so much fun, I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole like with out riding in one.”

“Enough car talk, lets get her inside the building, it’s freezing out here,” Suho decides, taking my hand and leading me past his brothers. I stare at our interlocked hands and realize this is the first time we’ve touched. Warm tingles spread from my fingertips to my toes, I find myself smiling at our connection, gripping his large hand tighter. I take a moment to do a mental checklist of who I’ve at least touched or  I’ve had some kind of moment with, Suho, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun are the only ones who don’t come to mind. With that in my head I pull Suho’s arm a bit so I can wrap our arms together, bringing our whole bodies closer together.


He raises his brows, “Yes?”

“We have never really talked,” I note.

He nods, “You haven’t been with us very long, I don’t want to overwhelm you and scare you away.”

“Don’t you want to be close to me though?” My hold on him loosens a bit, something he quickly notices and brings his free hand up to keep me from letting go completely.

“Of course I do! I just don’t want to be like Jongin and almost attack you.”

“You seem pretty in control of yourself,” I muse, “Maybe you’re just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

That makes him laugh, a beautiful smile spreads across his face and I’m awe struck at such and amazing sight. My cheeks get a pink hue across them, my heart flutters. God they are beautiful.

“How do you feel about being out in public for the first time?” Suho asks, I blink a few times before glancing around. I basically jump into his arms, clinging to him for dear life, where the hell did all of these people come from? Lost in my own thought I didn’t even notice our change in back drop, from a parking garage, Luhan explained to me what they are, to a massive building filled with more people than I’ve ever seen in one place. “Are you okay?” He worries rubbing my back softly.

“So many people!” My eyes are as wide as can be as I try to take in as much a possible. There are so many different smells, human, wolf, something else, my mind is set into overdrive as I try to figure everything out. Someone bumps into us, out of habit I growl at the stranger, earning a confused look from the man.  My heart is beating quickly in my chest making it hard for me to breath. Suho’s hand runs up my neck and tangles in my hair, pushing me towards the crook of his neck. I hesitantly obey, afraid to take my eyes off of the on lookers who are slowly starting to stare.

“What’s wrong?” Kris is quickly standing over us.

“I think there might be too many things going on for her. We need to get her out of here before she lashes out or something.”

“The Executive lounge is on the top floor, should we take her there?” Jongdae suggests.

They must all agree because the next thing I know we are moving. I feel like we are blur, rushing through the corridors or halls or whatever they are called. I wait for more strange smells to find their way to me but all I can smell right now is Suho. It’s much different than from what I was expecting, something more like Minseok’s or Yixing’s, but he smells like a rainy day.

“Insoo,” Suho calls softly, running his fingers up and down my back. I hesitantly release him and realize that we are sitting down, my thighs straddling his hips. Concern is carved into his handsome face.

“I’m sorry Insoo I didn’t think this through,” Kris is kneeling next to us. “I should have known it would be too much, going from the woods to a shopping mall is a massive step. I’m an idiot.”

“Hyung it’s okay, I should have thought about it more. I haven’t been in public before, I should have told you that.”

“This wasn’t our greatest idea,” Luhan admits, “We should have definitely taken baby steps.”

“What should we do now though?” Tao questions.

Kris sighs, “You and Sehun go get her a few pairs of shoes to start out with. Kyungsoo and Jongin, you guys are on pajamas. Chan and Baek you guys are on actual clothes, jeans and shirts should be good to start. Jongdae and Yixing, other necessities like toothbrush, hair ties, and other things girls need. Luhan and Minseok hyung you guys are the most mature so you guys buy her underwear. I’m going to check in on a few things here in the offices, while Suho you stay here and watch over her, okay?”

“Yes Alpha,” Everyone responds together.

“Great, go.”

The ten men rush to the door dogs rushing for food, barely able to squeeze through the doorway. I finally look around our new setting, it’s a decent sized room with two couches and a TV. One wall I realize is completely made of glass looking over the very busy area I’m assuming we were moments ago, how in the world did they get up here so fast.

“Little wolf,” Kris is standing next to me, stroking my head.

I look back at him, “Hm?”

“I’m going to do some work, you will be fine here with Suho right? Cause if not I can stay and let him go.”

Suho nods, though I can tell he doesn’t want to, “I won’t take offense, you are much more comfortable with Kris and this is a very stressful situation for you, I’ll understand.”

Without hesitation I say, “I want Suho to stay, you can do your work.”

“Are you sure?” Kris asks once more.

Suho glares at him, “She said it’s fine, now go.”

I can see how hesitant the older is to just leave but I give him one last smile and wave as he closes the door. A chuckle escapes my lips at his sad child like face.

“You two are so close already,” Suho notes as he places his hands on my hips. “I’m so jealous.”

“Well Hyung what could I do to make you feel closer to me?”

He hums for a minute, “Well there is one thing.”

I cock my head.

“Call me Oppa,” He requests quietly.

“Oppa?” The word sounds foreign on my lips but I notice Suho perking up.

“I just want you to call me it once, please?”

“Suho oppa!” I smile at him, enjoying the way his eyes light up.

“It’s just so cute when you do it,” He is grinning ear to ear.

“Do you not like that I call you hyung?”

He shakes his head quickly, “I’m happy with whatever you call me as long as I can hear your voice. But it was nice to hear at least once from you…”

“I’m sorry, I would do it but in all honesty I never consider it because the only people I’ve ever called oppa are my brothers. They were murdered the night of the raid and ever sense it just doesn’t sound right,” I admit quietly.

Any kind of happy emotion falls from his face, “I am so sorry! If I had known I would have never asked for such a thing, I’m such an idiot! I’m so sorry.”

I wrap my arms around him and pull him into a tight hug, “How could you have known? It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“There is so much about you that we don’t know, so many painful stories.”

“Lots of them aren’t painful anymore, because I wouldn’t be where I am now with the family I have.”

He nods.

Our nice moment is ruined by my stomach gurgling and a sudden pain spreading through my midsection. I clutch my stomach for a minute, waiting for the pain to pass but it only dulls slightly.

“Are you okay?” Suho worries.

I shake my head, “It must be Luhan’s breakfast settling in.”

“Ah fuck, they told me about that, here you sit here,” He scoots me off his lap and on to the couch as he rushes to the door. “I’ll be back with something to calm your stomach, don’t move!” Just like that he is gone. I try to sit there patiently but the groaning in my stomach is telling me to find someplace to empty the contents of my stomach. It slowly makes its way up my throat and suddenly I’m on my feet rushing out of the room for a way outside or to anywhere that they can’t see me. I rush out of nice area they had taken me into, ending up in a pretty empty hall. I see a sign for restrooms cross some kind of bridge or arch or something and run to it. A bad vibe hangs over my shoulder for a moment  as I run down the hall but stops when I reach the restroom door that I bust into. Inside I find the first toilet and throw up everything I’ve eaten the last three days. It only takes a few heaves to actually empty my stomach, I just dry heave for a few more minutes because my body gives me no other option.

“Are you okay?” A soft voice wonders from behind me.

I spit one last time before wiping my mouth off with a piece of toilet paper, “Do I sound like I’m okay?” It comes out more aggressive than I meant to but I’m upset by my now empty stomach.

“I guess not, sorry,” The small voice apologizes.

I close my eyes for a minute with a sigh, “No, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. I’m okay, thank you for asking.” Namjoon’s manners lesson finally becomes useful.

“I think you ran into the wrong bathroom,” Another voice pipes in. I turn around confused, two little omega girls are staring at me with wide eyes. We are about the same height but that is the only thing we have in common. They have long flowing hair that is blonde and some kind of red. Both are wearing pastel colored dresses and cute little heeled shoes, cute outfits that match their baby faces. Their hands are intertwined, a little fear in their eyes, like I would attack them but looking down I understand why. Under Minseok’s clothes my small figure is covered, my hood is up and I’m wearing shoes much to big for me, I do look a bit boyish.

I’m about to correct them when the taller of the two takes a step closer to me, “Oppa, can you help us?” I blink at her for a moment, me, Oppa?

The other nods, “There is this scary alpha creeping in the hall and we can’t leave.”

“I know you are an omega too but maybe you can scare him off since you are a boy. Oppa please!”

“That must have been the bad vibe I got when I rushed in,” I realize.

“He hasn’t come in because he likes toying with us,” The shorter sniffles.

“It’s okay don’t cry, I’ll see what I can do and pray that my mates don’t see me,” I cringe at the thought of what they would do if they saw me fighting again. “Speaking of which,” I pause, “You both smell of other alphas, where are your mates?”

“We told them we could at least go to the bathroom on our own but of course we can’t even do that,” The taller looks down at her shoes ashamed.

“Don’t worry,” I pat her head, “I’ll protect you from the big bag alpha.” Even though I’m smiling at these sweet little omega my heart pings as I think of my past. “You guys wait here, I’ll see if I can get rid of him, okay?”

They nod before giving a quiet fighting.

With a sigh I walk to the exit and down the hall from where I came I see the alpha that they were talking about. The hallway reeks of his pheromones, letting those girls inside know that he’s out here and he’s waiting for them. A snarl rumbles in my chest at the old tricks he’s playing. Soldiers used to do this to omegas that were trying to hide in the villages we were raiding. The alpha pushes away from the wall he was leaning on and swaggers my way, his head cocked to the side in amusement.

“Was that a growl I heard from you, Omega?” He muses.

“It was,” I snap, “What the hell are you doing slinking around mated omegas?”

“I don’t think that is any of your business. I’m not looking for any little boys to fuck so scram,” He gestures for me to pass.

“I’m not going anywhere without those little omegas so fuck off.”

He laughs, “I’d watch that mouth of yours, unless you want me to find it something else to do.”

“Don’t you have something better you could be doing?”

“Not anymore,” He wraps his arm around my shoulders, “I found exactly what I want to be doing. I’ve never knotted a male omega, I guess there is a first time for everything.” I cringe at his words, placing my hand over his, I lift it over my head and twist it behind his back, sending him to his knees. He cries out as the bones in his arms crack, “You are breaking my arm!”

“I am.”

“Stop! Stop! Please!”

I sigh, “You act so tough but can’t even handle some broken bones. If you going to pretend to be the big bad wolf at least know how to act like one, you whiny bitch. Are you done harassing girls?”

“Yes!” He seethes as he tries to pull away form me with no luck.

“I swear to go if I see you doing this again I’ll rip your knot right off, got it?”

He nods frantically.

“Good,” I push him to the ground, expecting him to run away but flips on to his feet and crouches down ready to attack.

I sigh, ready for him to jump at me but when two more alphas join us in the hall the man freezes. It’s two alphas I don’t know but their scents are familiar enough for me to assume that they are the two omegas mates.

“Shit,” The alpha snarls as he pushes past the other two and escapes down the hall. I look to the new comers with an awkward smile, not really sure how to interact with people. They just look confused about whatever could have happened in front of them.

“Oppa!” The two girls rush out of the restroom and I assume they are running to their mates but they basically tackle me to the ground. “Thank you!”

“Rose, Lisa, what the hell is going on?” One of the alphas asks.

“Mino oppa!” The blonde pops up and beams at her mate.

“Who is this? Get off of him, you shouldn’t jump on strange wolves,” The other scolds, pulling the red head off me. Blondie is pulled up next, I sit up leaning back on my hands, not really expecting the jealous looking alphas to let their mates touch me again.

“This is the Oppa that saved us from the scary alpha,” Red responds, pouting at her mate.

“We are the ones that scared him away,” Mino clarifies.

I roll my eyes but Blondie defends me, “He had him screaming before you showed up.”

Mino is going to snap back before a horrifying growl echoes through the hall. We all sink down as the pheromones of twelve pissed alphas surrounds us. The four wolves near me are on their knees with their heads down. I scan the four before looking to my mates, trying to figure out who they are mad at.

Kris is in the front, looking like he is about ready to murder someone. I smile at him awkwardly, “Hey Kris hyung.”

Goodbye & Hello - Winchesters x reader

Warnings: Sad, swearing, kinda cute ( if you squint)

Dean x reader , Sam x Reader

Before :

    The three of you were losing this fight. In all the years you’ve been with the boys, you’ve never been this terrified that all of you weren’t going to make it out of this battle . You try to pick yourself off the ground, but the deep Claw wounds down your side stop you. You watch as the boys are taking just as bad of a beating from this pack of wolves . There was only suppose to be 5, but the pack was larger , there were 15 of them and only three of you . The three of you managed to take down 10, the last five are the issue .

  You finally get up , pulling your backup gun from your ankle and shooting two of the 5 in the heart with the silver bullets . Sam takes down another , leaving two left . One is holding Deans arms back, while the other goes to claw out his heart . You use all your strength , launching yourself to tackle the one Infront of him to the ground . As you do, Dean breaks from the others hold , moving out of the way while Sam plunges his knife into it . The last monster stands , his hand flying to your neck and lifting you with him . You struggle to breath as he applies more pressure to his grip, squeezing your airway almost completely shut. He hears Dean approach him from behind, he drops you to go after Dean before he can stab him . You fall to your knees, gasping for air . The black spots disappear from your vision , making the sight In front of you scarily clear . There is  another wolf, one that must of been hiding until the perfect moment, appear behind dean; with one of the boys guns . You’re off the floor in a second , bolting towards Dean, pushing him out of the way . You hear the sound of the gun being fired 3 times , and felt three different bursts of pain jolt through your body .

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You hear another shot , looking up you see the wolfs body hit the ground . Your legs give out, sending you backward into sams arms . “ Y/n hold on , we are going to get you out of here!” Sam tries to reassure you . You look down, seeing blood soak through multiple spots on your shirt .

 You send him a lazy smile , “It’ll be okay Sammy.” You slur , the blood loss and pain hitting you like a train .

“ Y/n hold on or I swear to god .” dean threatens . You feel pressure being applied to your wounds, but you know it wont stop what’s going to happen . You slowly place your hands over Deans on you abdomen,

“ I wouldn’t do anything different. I love both of you.” You say quietly as you watch the tears fall From their eyes . Dean leans down , gently kissing you. You’ve waited years for this moment, and of course it would happen now.

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 You let out a dry laugh, “ I waited years , and you do this now? Great timing Winchester.” You don’t get to hear his response , you slowly close your eyes , thinking it’ll be for a moment ; only it wasn’t . Your world faded out, and that was the last time you saw your boys ; well while you were alive at least .


  You stare across the table , locking eyes with you he grinning Winchester in front of you .

  “ See something you like Sweetheart?” You roll you eyes , kicking him under the table . He winces, giving you a ‘wtf’ look.

“ Behave yourself Dean . ” you warn .

  “ if you two are done , we’d like to eat our dinner without your gross , weird foreplay. ” Sam states , his infamous bitchface firmly set over his features .

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  “ Sam let them be, just because you aren’t that cute with me doesn’t mean you have to rag on your brother.” Jess says as she follows you she follows your example , kicking Sam from her spot across from him. Thank Goodness for this girl . You let out a small giggle along with her , clinking your wine glass with hers .

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  “ you boys better treat your girls right , I raised you better than to do them wrong.” Their father warns , making both sons mumble in response . You watch as Mary enters the kitchen leaning down to kiss Johns cheek. Her long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders . These boys really got the best combination of genes .

After dinner you and Dean volunteer to do dishes; well you do, Dean groaned as the words left your mouth . You place the last dish into the washer, as get it closed a pair or arms encircle your waist .

“ well hello beautiful .” Rolling your eyes as Deans lame line , you decide to turn in his arms ,

“ your getting awfully lame Dean Winchester.” You taunt as you wrap your arms around his neck , right as your lips are about to touch his , a voice interrupts ,

  “ Y/n.” What the hell?

  You look over Deans shoulder , seeing The familiar face of Chuck Shirley .

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“ Chuck? What are you -”

  “ I’m here to bring you home .” Your face scrunched in confusion

“I am home? ”

“ you’re in heaven Y/n . It’s time for you to come back down .” Dean is gone from your arms , the kitchen you were just in fades to black ; leaving you staring wide eyed at Chuck .

“ how the hell are you doing this ? A prophet can’t possibly do this!”

  “ that isn’t something to worry about right now, you’ll get an explanation soon .” This isn’t the same , shy, set doubting Chuck you met before ; he’s more confident now , oozing more power than before . In a blink of your eyes , you’re in an unfamiliar kitchen . It’s very plain , metal pots and pans hanging above a shabby wooden counter . A simple stove and slightly small kitchen table are also present in the room .

  “ chuck where the hell -” you stop when Chuck is no where in sight . Sighing you lean against the counter , dropping your face into your hands ; three minutes ago you were with the man you love , the family you adored in a perfect world .Now your sitting in a strange kitchen , confused and crying , wondering what the hell you were just placed into . You hear a door open the fall shut, and a pair of deep voices echoing down the hall .

Deans POV

   I rip the tapped note from the metal door , sending Sam a questioning look. I begin reading it out loud ,

I know I haven’t exactly Been around , but you two seem to have things under control . Well, as under control as you can manage . Hopefully this gift will help, and also make your days and faith in me a little brighter . - Chuck .

  “Does he think he can just pop in whenever he wants ?” I grumble , crumpling the note in my hands.

“ Dude, he’s God. I think he can do whatever the hell he wants” Sam says with a grinds he continues and walks in front of me .

  “ what kind of gift -” sams voice trails off & he stops dead in his tracks ; making me run right into his back .

“ warn me before you do that, your like a freaking brick wall.” I rub my forehead that smacked into his back, stepping around him only to have my eyes nearly pop out of by head . Both of us are staring at the girl in front of us ; the girl that we watched die years ago . Her beautiful long (y/c/h) is the same as I remember , falling around her in loose waves . Her eyes are glazed over, tears rolling down her pink cheeks . Her lip is caught between her teeth , and I can tell she is barely holding herself together . Sams speaks before I do, any and all words getting stuck in my throat .

“ y/n?”

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BEAUTIFUL GIRL - Part 2 - (supergirl) kara danvers x f!reader

A Supergirl Soulmate AU in which soul-marks are situated on the wrist and are the nickname of your soulmate. They appear at some point of a person’s life.
You and Kara get to know each other in the months following your meeting. And as Kara tries and fails many times to discover your soul-mark, your relationship blossoms. Will Kara finally reveal that you are her soulmate?
|[ 1,612 words ]|

Part 1 | 2 | 3 

WARNINGS: female x female, mentions of homophobia

  • Y/N = your name
  • Y/L/N = your last name
  • Y/NN = your nickname
  • y/e/c = your eye color
  • y/h/c = your hair color

Here’s the second part to Beautiful Girl, finally. x3
I hesitated between keeping the third view POV or switching to the second person (the reader’s POV). But, I decided on the third to change things a little from the usual second person.
I’m not that proud of the ending, but I guess you’ll have to do with that. (I just think I could have done better.)
Anyway, I have an idea for a third part that I’ll post as soon as I finish writing it.

◢ ◣◥ ◤ ◢ ◣◥ ◤ ◢ ◣◥ ◤

*Kinda important note: just roll with the fact that your wristband is made of lead for the sake of the plot. xP*


 Kara and Y/N had gotten closer over the few months following their meeting. They became good friends fast and enjoyed greatly each other’s company.

 Currently, Kara and Y/N were having a sleepover at the blonde’s apartment. Alex was supposed to come as well but had to cancel because of a last-minute work emergency.

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Eye Contact with Evan Hansen

Warnings: Swearing (this is me)
Word Count: 992
Summary: It was the first day of Senior year of high school and you were walking through the hallway when you bump into someone and knock them to the ground. What happens when it’s the anxious Evan Hansen, and what happens when you make eye contact with him for the very first time?


First day of the last year of high school and you were ready for it to be over already. You hated this place and wanted to burn it to the ground—almost everyone here only cared for themselves, like all high schools, and you were virtually friendless. Groaning to yourself, you growl out a dark, “Get the fuck out of my you stupid bimbo!” With that, you had shoved a scantily clad girl out of your way. “And you’re a freshman, of course,” you groaned and looked back at her. “You aren’t cool, cover your implants.”

As you shove your way through the bustling hallway, you smack into someone’s chest. “Ow! Watch were you’re go—” you shouted but then stopped. You had knocked someone on there ass and you laughed to yourself as you out-stretched your hand to him. “Whoa, sorry dude. I thought you were some skank I knocked over,” you apologized, then smiled. The guy on the floor was wearing a blue polo and you were surprised at who looked up at you, hesitantly taking your hand.

It was Evan Hansen. When your eyes met, everything seemed to stop for the anxious boy. All he was aware of was that you had pulled him up from the ground. For one, he was surprised that you were actually making sure he was all right; secondly, he was caught in the warm kindness that radiated from your smile. There was also a certain warmth he could see as he looked nervously into your (e/c) orbs. You seemed like a very kind and warm person, and something in him wanted to know you better.

You looked at Evan and your heart seemingly skipped a beat. He was so cute and had an innocent, pure aura around him. Evan’s tuft of dirty blonde hair made you smile. His deep brown eyes reminded you of chocolate, and you noted to yourself that if you kept looking into them that you would get lost. Both of his hands fiddled with the hem of his shirt, a nervous habit you noted. The small, highly nervous smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Something in you wanted to get to know him better. Opening your mouth, you asked him three questions and waited for him to answer.

He noticed the way you fidgeted with your (h/c) hair, seemingly waiting for something. “Wh-what? Sorry, did you ask me something?” he asked nervously. You nodded and he continued, “Oh… I’m sorry but could you repeat what you said? Umm, please?”

“I asked if you were okay, since I did knock you on your ass. Then I asked you how you broke your arm, and what your name is,” you repeated your questions, shifting on your feet.

Evan gulped. So many questions, he thought to himself. “Y-yes, I’m fine, thanks for asking.  As for how I broke my arm, I was, umm, climbing a tree and lost my grip. M-my name is Evan Hansen… yours? I mean, you don’t have to tell me your name or anything, don’t think you need to tell me. I-I’m sorry…” he spoke anxiously.

You smiled sweetly. “Sorry about your fall, Evan. Also, I know you’re not forcing me to tell you my name, I want to tell you,” you said before rubbing the back of your neck. “Hi, my name is (y/n) (y/l/n), pleasure to meet you. Hey, maybe we could be friends.” You spoke with a warm smile. Maybe this ball of visible anxiety could be your first friend and you could help him with said anxiety, but you weren’t totally sold on that idea. After all, not only was he a ball of anxiety, you had just knocked him on his ass.

“M-may-maybe…” stammered Evan nervously. His hands were rolling and unrolling the hem of his polo as he bit his lip, seemingly thinking of something. After a moment of thinking, he stammered again, “I-I should get to class!”

“Me too, where you going?” you asked.

Evan looked at you and said, “I-I’m going to Math with Mrs. Hoff… y-you?”

At that, your face lit up and you said almost excitedly, “Me too! Wanna walk together? You’re free to say no, I can see that you are anxious as all hell.”

Taking a minute to consider your offer, Evan still played nervously with his shirt. His voice came, full of anxiety and was quick, “Sure, we can; it’s not like it bothers me any. I’m sure you make, umm, wonderful company, (y/n). A-anyways… we should start walking or else we’ll be late.”

You smiled at the ball of anxiety. “Yeah, we should, Evan. Also, you don’t have to speak so quickly around me, y’know,” you said with a smile chuckle. “I mean, I completely understand that your anxiety causes you to speak fast, but you shouldn’t have a reason to be anxious around me. Well, if we become friends you won’t, at least.”

“S-sorry!” squeaked Evan.

“No, please, don’t worry about it, Hansen. It’s no big deal, really. I was just saying.”

Evan looked like he was going to have an anxiety attack. He hadn’t really met a girl like you before. You were so sweet and caring towards him even though you had just met him. You weren’t even sure if you two would even be friends after this, but you were still acknowledging him, talking to him and just over all being a chill person. “O-okay…” he stuttered as you two walked into your Math class.

“Hey, we’re here! Wanna sit near each other?” you asked.

“S-sure…” Evan nervously said, still nervously playing with his shirt.

You smiled and said, “Cool. Looks like we will have plenty of time to get to know each other, yeah?”

A nervous laugh left Evan’s mouth as he said, “Y-yeah… seems like it…”

This is gonna be like a series, so this is the first one. First time doing something with Evan x Reader, honestly, so hopefully you like it guys! Love y’all!

Pocky Game

Link on AO3: here
Boku no Hero Academia | Bakugou x Kirishima

Content Warnings: mmmm PG-13

They were playing the goddamn pocky game. They were playing it during their break and they were all being a bunch of wimps in Bakugou’s opinion. Everybody had chickened out at the last minute. Most all at the same time. Not one person had been bold enough to keep going, to teeter the line. It was such an easy game of chicken to win! Why didn’t anyone have the goddamn balls?!

All of them were laughing, embarrassed and red faced – all having a ball yet no one had fucking won the game yet. Bakugou grit his teeth in annoyance at the circle of people having a good fucking time being losers. Finally, the blonde couldn’t stand it anymore. Someone had to fucking win and of course it would be him. Angrily he got up from his seat and stomped over into the circle, plopping down onto an empty chair and yanking on Kirishima’s shirt to him.

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Camp Qween (Trixya) - Matilda

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic. It’s a teenager/camp AU with lots of queens, but is definitely about Trixya. Let me know if you like it! I’m excited to write more! I also have a drag queen blog goodnightcourtney Thanks!

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Move together. A Yousana AU - Chapter 4

Summary,  Chapter 1,  Chapter 2,  Chapter 3 

Read it also on ao3

“Good afternoon Sana, Yousef. It’s nice to see you here again.”

“Yeah, we’ve got used to your coffee by now. I’ll have a black coffee and Sana…vanilla latte as always, right?”, Yousef says and looks over to Sana who’s standing right next to him.

Sana looks at him and raises her eyebrows in a surprised manner. She didn’t think he payed any attention to her coffee order. Apparently she was wrong.

“Yes, please.”

Actually, Sana shouldn’t be that surprised about Yousef knowing how she likes her coffee. In the past two months they’ve been going to that coffee shop almost every day. It started spontaneously, Sana was craving a nice vanilla latte and casually mentioned it to Fariha, who told her that she had been talking to Yousef about a new coffee shop that had just opened down the corner. What Sana didn’t expect was that her friend would call Yousef right in that moment and ask him if he still wanted to get that coffee they had been talking about. It ended with Sana and Yousef going to the coffee shop, just the two of them together, after Fariha had changed her mind last minute to work on her lines in the studio. Since that day, Sana and Yousef would go in their afternoon break, have a coffee together, and then walk back to the set just in time to start filming again.

“Wow, look at that. The first day he wrote ‘Joseph’ instead of ‘Yousef’ and now he finally knows your name. I’d say he’s improving!”, Sana says with a smirk before taking a sip of her sweet coffee.

Yousef and Sana both look at the curly-haired barista, standing behind the counter on the other end of the room. Laughing, Yousef puts down his cup on the table and turns to Sana.

“Well, I mean, we’ve been coming here everyday. Also, I’m still kind of offended about that. Do I look like a Joseph to you?”, Yousef says, shaking his head as if his name being Joseph is completely impossible.

“Trust me, you don’t want to know what you look like to me”, Sana tries to be serious but as soon as she sees Yousef’s reaction she bursts out laughing. He has his eyes narrowed at her and dramatically leans back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Oh? What do I look like to you then? Enlighten me, please!”, he says, raising his eyebrows and silently challenging Sana.

“Maybe one day I’ll tell you…Right now your coffee is getting cold and we have to be back in five minutes”

@SanaBakkoush_fan: ‘Sana Bakkoush and co-star Yousef Acar take a break from filming to have coffee together’


“Have I ever told you that I worked in a coffee shop once?”

Yousef widens his eyes and raises his eyebrows at Sana’s words. If there’s something that he didn’t expect was one, Sana telling him a fact about her life and two, Sana working in a coffee shop when her coffee knowledge was limited to knowing the difference between a latte and a vanilla latte.

“You did?”

Sana laughs at his surprised tone but nods.

“Yeah, but only for like two weeks. I was so bad at it.” Remembering those two weeks is something Sana doesn’t like to do but looking back on it now she can laugh.

“Wow, I didn’t know that there was something Sana Bakkoush can’t do.” Yousef says jokingly but there’s truth in that sentence. He has not seen anything Sana couldn’t do in the time they were working together.

Sana raises one eyebrow at him and shrugs.

“I could do it, if I wanted to”

“Sure”, Yousef comments, obviously not believing her, or at least enjoying teasing her.

@YAcarfans: ‘Yousef has been seen spending time with actress Sana Bakkoush in between takes’


One thing Sana definitely likes most about LA is the weather. It’s almost always sunny and there is no really cold time. LA winter is nothing compared to the cold season in Oslo. So getting coffee in the winter and still being able to feel her fingers while walking out into the ‘winter air’ is very much appreciated by Sana.

Not that she can walk very far from the coffee shop because a girl comes running towards them. At first Sana thinks that she just desperately wants a coffee but when the blonde girl stops right in front of Yousef and her, Sana understands.

“Oh my God. Sana Bakkoush. I mean,… I just… would you maybe take a picture with me?”, the girl speaks so fast that Sana almost can’t understand a word. It helps that the girl holds out her phone.

“Of course!”, Sana says with a smile, “So what’s your name?”, she asks while the girl finds her place next to Sana.

“Katie. I’m Katie.”, she says, already hugging Sana to her side. She’s small but pretty strong, Sana thinks. The girl looks at Sana with wide eyes: “And you’re Sana Bakkoush.”, her gaze wanders towards Yousef who has been watching this scene in front of him with an amused smile.

“Oh God, and you’re Yousef Acar!”

When Katie turns to him, looking really excited with a big smile on her lips, Yousef feels a little overwhelmed. Seeing someone be so happy about seeing him is really nice but contrary to Sana, he’s not used to it.

“Me?…Well, yeah…hi!” Yousef is not really used to get recognized by people on the street, especially not in LA. Yes, he may be a famous model in Norway but this is the first time a fan notices him in the american city.

“Can you maybe get in the picture too? My friend loves you, she’ll be so jealous when I show it to her!” She smiles widely at him, she really seems very excited about provoking her friend’s jealousy.

Yousef laughs and quickly steps on the other side of Katie, giving the camera his best smile.

“You’re such a good model!” that makes Yousef blush a little, he’s definitely not used to that kind of comments

“And he’s not that bad of an actor either, you should totally see our movie when it premieres!”, Sana comments smilingly. Seeing Yousef unsure how to act around a fan is really .. well, cute. He blushed and stumbled over his own words.

“Are you kidding? My friend and I have been following the status of that movie since it was announced. We can’t wait to watch it!” Katie can barely stand still. She’s standing between two of the most talked about people right now and it turns out they’re both really nice. How lucky can a fan be?

“I’m really glad to hear that…Do you maybe want me to sign you something for your friend? I mean…if you want.” Yousef is uncertain, maybe that sounds a little bit egocentric? All he wants is to make that girl’s friend happy, and since apparently she likes him that much the least he can do is do something for her.

“You would? Yes please!” She takes a piece of paper and a pen from her bag and hands them to Yousef with trembling hands, she still can’t believe that she’s meeting two of her favorite people in the world “Her name is Maria!”

“To Maria, I really hope that you like the movie. Thank you for following my work, it means a lot to me. Love, Yousef Acar” he says as he writes it down on the paper “P.S.: Sana Bakkoush is also here and would like to sign this too.”

Yousef glances over to Sana while writing and saying that and can see her smile at him, as well.

This time Sana takes the paper from him and smiles while writing.

“Sana Bakkoush here. Thank you for your support, Maria. You should know that you were the first person your friend Katie thought about as soon as she saw us, you’re lucky to have a friend like her as I’m sure she is to have a friend like you. Always remember that friendship is above all. Love, Sana Bakkoush”

Yousef follows what Sana is writing and when she draws a small heart behind her signature he can’t stop himself from smiling. As if the text she wrote for Katie and Maria is not cute enough she had to take it to another level. His eyes follow as Sana gives the paper to the blonde girl and hugs her one more time.

@Katie.16: ‘I ran into Yousef Acar and Sana Bakkoush today!! I took a photo with them and they signed a paper for my friend.’

@Maria2002: ‘@Katie.16 They both signed it and added some cute messages and even a heart! They’re so great’

@Katie.16: ‘@Maria2002 You should’ve seen them. They were so cute to me and just together ♥’


“ ‘You should’ve seen them. They were so cute to me and just together’ and a heart emoji. Sana Bakkoush, is there something you need to tell me?”

Sana looks up from the prop phone she’s holding. For some reason, she can never get used  to those. They’re taking a two minute break in between takes of an emotional scene with Sana’s character Dounia and her sister. Fariha is holding her actual phone in her hand and reading something off Twitter, which she then shows Sana.

Sana steps closer and reads the Tweet herself and looks back up to her co-star.

“Oh, that must be a girl Yousef and I met the other day outside the coffee shop during a break.”, Sana casually mentions and starts smiling when remembering that encounter. It was really sweet.

“Yeah, you two have been taking a lot of breaks together lately.”, Fariha comments with a distinctive tone, trying to imply something.

“Well, you were the one that told us to go to that shop in the first place. You know you can tag along every time you want.”

Fariha grins at her friend, who she thinks is trying to play down what she’s thinking.

“I wouldn’t want to intrude.”, Fariha says. When Sana doesn’t seem to pick up on her change of tone, she feels like rolling her eyes. Her friend usually is very quick to understand.

“Why would you be intruding?”

Sighing Fariha throws up her hands and shakes her head at Sana.

“Sana. I’m trying to be subtle here but you’re clearly not getting it. Are you or are you not dating Yousef?”

Dating Yousef? Sana is so surprised by this question that she can’t do anything but stare at her friend for a few seconds. When she snaps out of it Sana quickly answers.

“What?! Yousef? Yousef and me? Dating? No, no, no, no. I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’re just friends. Maybe not even that…we’re colleagues, co-stars. Co-stars that have coffee together”

“Co-stars that have coffee together and ‘are so cute’. Are you sure there’s nothing between you two?” Fariha is not letting it go this fast. Let’s just say, not being the only one detecting something more than friendship between Sana and Yousef made her a bit happy.

“Positive. There’s nothing between us. You know I wouldn’t date a co-star, that’d get messy.” No, she’s not dating Yousef. She’s not dating anyone right now. Especially not a co-star.

“So…you’re not dating Yousef because he’s a co-star?” Fariha grins, thinking she’s being very clever with this approach.

“I know what you’re playing, Fariha. No, I’m not dating Yousef because I don’t like him like that, co-star or not.”, Sana says in a tone that suggests that this should be the last of this conversation.

“Okay girl, if you say so…”


There’s one thing Sana and Yousef clearly agree on. Being late is not something they enjoy. They actually really can’t stand it. But sometimes, well sometimes you forget about the time. This only happens when the conversation you’re having is so interesting that you don’t notice for how long you’ve been talking.

Remembering their first day filming together and how their dynamic changed throughout the weeks they’ve been co-stars was one aspect of that long conversation that brought the two of them into this situation. Now they’re both panting by the time they reach the studio. As expected, everyone is already there, sitting in front of the screen, waiting for them.

“Sorry we’re late. We were…”, Yousef tries to say while trying to breath properly after running all the way from the coffee shop to the studio.

“Yeah, I can imagine what you were doing. Just save the details for the tabloids.”, their cast mate Mike says with a dirty grin, making two people in the room laugh.

“Sana, Yousef, the fact that we’re done filming doesn’t mean you’re allowed to be late. We’re all waiting for you to watch the bloopers together.” Ben, the director of the movie, says like a parent telling off his children in a somewhat loving way.

Sana and Yousef share a quick look.

“Sorry” Sana says in a low voice as she finds her sit next to Fariha.

Yousef sits right next to her but he’s too focused on his own embarrassment for being late to hear what Fariha has to say to Sana.

Fariha jabs Sana’s side lightly and smirks at her.

“See? I’m not the only one that thinks there’s something between you two.”

Sana doesn’t even look at her friend. She’s embarrassed enough for now, she doesn’t need more reason to blush.

“The video is about to start.”, she whisper-shouts.

“Suddenly, you’re so interested in the video.”

It’s obvious that people really were just waiting for Sana and Yousef because as soon as they sit down the lights are dimmed and the video starts playing.

The first two blooper scenes are of Mike forgetting his line in a intense scene which makes everyone laugh because Mike himself can’t stop laughing.

Then, the first scene Sana and Yousef ever shot together comes up. Well, it’s actually their sixth take, after Yousef’s five attempts to say his line. In that sixth take he finally managed to say it but then he had smiled at Sana and she had ended up smiling too, messing the scene.

“Okay, that wasn’t my fault!” Sana defends herself as everyone laughs, “It’s Yousef’s fault.”

“What? How?”

“You have a funny face. You made me laugh.”

Yousef is about to answer to that with a snarky comment but then the afore-mentioned five takes with him not being able to say his lines appear on the screen, causing everyone to laugh once again.

“See? The boy doesn’t have that many scenes and he still manages to mess it up”

“Yeah? And whose fault is that?”

Sana and Yousef hold each other’s gazes and don’t look away. If this was two months ago they would be glaring at each other. Right now, though, they’re just smiling knowingly. Yousef rhetorical question is probably understood differently by everyone else in the room compared to Sana. Those smiles make clear to both of them that they’re the only ones who know how Yousef really meant it. Neither of them has any negative feelings concerning that. Not anymore.

To be very honest, Yousef had forgotten about his scenes being cut because of Sana asking for it. He still doesn’t know why that happened but after they started filming, and he got to know the cast and especially Sana better, he just let go of it.  


“Sana, Yousef, thank you for joining us.”

Sana and Yousef enter the writers’ room. They had met in the parking lot and quickly figured out that neither of them know why exactly they are here. Both of them got a call from their agent to come to the set and meet them now. A week after they wrapped filming.

Their agents, the writers and producers of the movie and two people Sana only notices from meetings for the promotion tour are looking back and forth between Sana and Yousef.

“Is there something wrong?” Sana asks. She’s been in a lot of movies before and she’s never had a meeting like this, with such short notice, unless it was because there had been a problem.

“No, quite the opposite, actually.”

“Ever since the beginning of the filming we’ve been really interested in seeing people’s reaction about the cast. It’s important that the public likes you.”, Robert, the head of the publicity- team for the movie says.

“Exactly. And the thing is that everyone loves you, both of you.”, Sana’s agent Agnes says, not really looking at either of the actors in the room.

“That’s a good thing, right?” Yousef has no clue to where this conversation is going.

“Yes, it is. But it could also be a bad thing if people are disappointed later…I don’t know if you’re following me.”, one of the writers says but Yousef was too distracted by Agnes’ ambiguous look to see which one it was.

“I know I’m not” Yousef admits and looks at Sana who seems as clueless as he is.

“Me neither, what is going on?” She’s starting to get nervous. Why don’t they just tell what this is about?

“Okay, I’m going to go straight to the point. People are starting to think that you’re a couple.”, Bendikt, Yousef’s agent says quickly.

Immediately Sana and Yousef look at each other. With wide eyes Sana turns to her agent while Yousef, looking overwhelmed by this, keeps his gaze on his agent. Why would they order them to come here to only talk about rumours?

“A couple?”, Yousef exclaims. What exactly is he supposed to say or do now? Rumours are not a new thing in Hollywood but he’s confused as to why he’s here now.

“Yes…so we have to ask, are you a couple?”

“No, no, of course not. We’re just friends.”, Sana answers growing irritated. She had heard this from Fariha more than once but that’s completely different from hearing the producer of your next big movie ask you that.

“Well, that’s going to be a problem.” A blonde man Yousef has never seen before comments. It takes everything in him to not glare at that man.

“Huh? Now I’m definitely lost- Do you want us to hate each other…?” Yousef looks at his agent who is clearly avoiding his gaze. He knew acting would be different from modeling but right now he’s not understanding anything.

“No, in contrary, actually.”, one of the people staring at them says. Yousef is not even sure who that is. “We think that since people like you two together so much and we’re about to start the promotion of the movie…maybe it’d be a good idea to let people think what they’re already thinking”

“It would help promote the movie and it’d only be until it’s all over. It could even beneficiate both of you. I’m sure you would get some really good offers.”, the oldest writer says, “And it wouldn’t hurt when more people go to see the movie because of this.”

“I still don’t understand. What are you saying?” Sana asks, she’s starting to lose her patience.

“Sana, Yousef…we need you to pretend that you’re dating”

Office Sweet

In which Ludwig, the boss of a designing firm, falls in love with his newly hired intern.  

Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3

I’m so sorry that I updated this so late, but I explained in my last posts that I went through quite the turmoil this last month, and it is still not done as my family is moving to my grandmothers due to economic problems. Still, after finishing most of my classes and only dealing with a couple of last projects from one class, I finally had some time to edit and write. I hope you enjoy this long last chapter, once again sorry for the lateness and I hope that you continue to be patient for the rest of my works. Enjoy!

                                                   Chapter 4

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Jaime/Reader - Cute

Imagine a small moment during a thunder storm with Jaime Lannister and his toddler daugher Myrcella.

(To the requester who wanted something Jaime and cute.)

(Word Count: 1,600)

(Warnings: SMALL mention of abuse in the beginning…NOT DONE BY JAIME)

You hadn’t been afraid of thunder storms since you were a little girl. The boom and the crack would send you flying from your bed, down the hall, and into bed with your single Mother who would softly sing sweet lullabies to you until you drifted off to sleep. As a teenager, you would flinch and hate going out when it was raining but the fear was far less.

But then as a young adult you got your first boyfriend and he made you feel safe and loved. Until the night he had too much to drink and he came home and struck you. It was a onetime thing? Right. No. No it wasn’t. It would be another month before he would do it again, and only another after that where it began to happen even when he was sober. All feelings of safety flew out the window, and now you were afraid of storms and the man who was supposed to love you more than anything else in the world.

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Lawlicht fanfic: Talk Dirty To Me

Okay now without further ado, lets start the fic ~ >w> HOPE YA LIKE IT ^/////^

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anonymous asked:

fluff friday prompt!! julian x reader where julian keeps stealing all the blankets ☺️☺️

it’s super short I’m sorry. Most of these will be fairly small, but still full of cuteness!

Theif In The Night

A shiver ran through you as the open window brought in a chilly night’s breeze. Stirring from your sleep you noticed the lack of covers that had previously been on your legs. You groaned, rolling to the other side to find your boyfriend comfortably warm under both blankets. Reaching out you grabbed at yours, tugging it out from under him roughly. The jerk of the fabric jolted him awake, his blonde hair messy and eyes squinting towards the clock that read 1:47 AM.

“Why in the hell are you waking me up this early? Or this late..?” He grumbled in his sleepy-voice, rubbing his eyes. Sitting up in bed you crossed your arms over your chest and pouted. “This is the third night you’ve been a blanket thief, Julian.” You stated flatly, pout returning after you finished speaking. Julian chuckled, pulling the blankets off of himself to throw them around you, along with his arms. He half tackled you back down into the comfort of your shared bed, arms tightly around your waist and his chin nuzzling the crook of your neck.

“There. Now I can steal the blankets and share them simul–” he yawned mid word, causing you to finally giggle at how cute his nose looked all scrunched up. “Simultaneously.” The word came out mumbled, as his eyes slowly but surely drifted closed again. Your smile stayed painted on your lips as you cuddled against his warm frame, slowly drifting off, but not before making a mental note to rip his blankets away in the morning as payback. //

| The College Kid’s Apartment | Yoosung x MC (Reader)

i’ve patched this together during spare moments on the Google Keep app and its surprisingly long oops. i hope you like it though!!

Rating: NSFW, but not too terribly descriptive during shenanigans. Some spoilers ??

Est. Reading Time: 35 minutes (7,268 words)

Pairing: Yoosung x Female MC

Summary: A few months after the events in Yoosung’s Route (but before After Ending), Yoosung takes MC to his place for some much needed alone time. MC stays way later that originally planned and accidentally ends up staying the night. Neither know that the other is still a virgin. There is so much fluff, you could fall into it.

There’s a lot of cute build up. I have added a cut where the nsfw begins so you can ignore that bit if you want to or skip right to it

It was quite warm outside. As you and Yoosung walked away from the college campus, you fanned yourself to combat the temperature. Noticing this, he began energetically fanning you as well, trying to cool down your reddening complexion. You laughed.

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Character(s): all of the main ones + scholar
Plot: In a world where vampires are a very real threat, Scholar accidentally finds out the identity of one.
Warnings: Scholar is a girl

Note: this is purely fan work so none of the characters belong to me, just like their personalities may or may not be canon, i don’t know. 

(this is just a quick scenario i made because sudden inspiration came to me. it’s not complete and it’s not going to be continued unless you guys want more, then i’d gladly write a full fanfic out of it ^^ thanks for the amazing help, @ellliebean! @mcldrabblesforyou i believe you like to be tagged on things like this? :0)

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